Cordae - Parables Remix FT. Eminem [Official Audio]

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Cordae - Parables Remix FT. Eminem [Official Audio]
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12 Oca 2022




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Better Chapter
Better Chapter 4 aylar önce
The 🐐 will never fail us.
Big DEELO Gün önce
@OutMyWriteMind it's em, he's the goat, I mean Cordae's pretty good, but fuck no he's not the goat, but yeah pretty sure they were talkin bout em
Ænigmakil X
Ænigmakil X 2 gün önce
@El Player I wasn't born in the 2000s and I'm more into hip-hop with an emcee who doesn't slur or mumble. And whilst this isn't music related, a person's character does help my opinion on them, and Wayne's constant disrespect toward black people is embarrassing. I have no respect for him besides the fact that his top five contained old school legends such as Biggie. At least I can say he is a fan of proper hip-hop even if he doesn't embody that himself.
El Player
El Player 5 gün önce
@Ænigmakil X Lil Wayne is the Goat debate me!!!!!
El Player
El Player 5 gün önce
@Ænigmakil X bro I just saw your reply I tell you right now don’t debate me unless your in for a long run, Lil Wayne is the greatest of all time our debate starts now common!!!
MasFace 4 aylar önce
This is incredible.
just a random guy with some internet access
Coudge b
Coudge b 4 aylar önce
It really is🔥
Whisky and Sports
Whisky and Sports 4 aylar önce
Em writes like he’s the riddler now, it doesn’t sound like much at face value, he makes you unlock all the codes and then you’re like wow, this guys a genius.
Ok 10 gün önce
@Star Wrek🌎☄: Your Mom's Generation he become worst riddler Hhaha don't hype him up
QuakoVide0 10 gün önce
@Jerry Davey facts
Will Domijan
Will Domijan 23 gün önce
@EatMySalt He can be both the most streamed artist and still speaking to the socially conscious, js. Those two things aren't mutually exclusive are they?
Akademia Ducha
Akademia Ducha 24 gün önce
Sean 24 gün önce
Mate he's literally the greatest lyricist music has ever seen how he's writing
dizzy2dope17 4 aylar önce
Thank God not everyone from this Era is on the Mumble Rap wave. Cordae keep doing your shit.
The Anti Anime Association
the Mumble Rap era had been over for years bro.......
Stephen Nipitella
Stephen Nipitella Aylar önce
Alan Mccomb
Alan Mccomb Aylar önce
Think the mumble died out not many left
Sjk137 SJ
Sjk137 SJ 2 aylar önce
I get what is trying to be said here. There are definitely lazy new artists and there are some good new artists too. Dont act like all the rap music from eminems era was good tho, lazy or untalented people have existed since the dawn of time
Nicholas Notaro
Nicholas Notaro 4 aylar önce
I know Eminem is a huge fan of J cole, and this is the first time I’ve heard Cordae but he gives me J cole vibes. Lovin it
EnergizƎr 16 gün önce
@hipkidd nope not even close. Cole is a fan of Eminem. You can see Cole's flow similar to Em's 2000-2002s
hipkidd 17 gün önce
@EnergizƎr yeah, Em is a fan of Cole
Hafizur Mahdi
Hafizur Mahdi 22 gün önce
What? J.Cole is Eminem fan
EnergizƎr 26 gün önce
Eminem a huge fan of Cole? Maybe Cole is a huge fan of Em...
J0RG3 LABRA 2 aylar önce
Same bruh Cordae is the future
Raman Bawa
Raman Bawa 4 aylar önce
It's so good to see Em giving young talent features they deserve
Robert jr Snow
Robert jr Snow Gün önce
The young guy gave eminem a ft actually but it's cool to see him on other people's shit that's for sure
GUNIT* R*F*C*#1 15 gün önce
OK 😂😂 C done good but mm made it the ss show again. 3 songs in one. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Sean 24 gün önce
Broo well said it's just real music good for everyone
Wi7ness Aylar önce
This Cordae's track tho 🤯
Saucekilla 21
Saucekilla 21 Aylar önce
Cuz he probably wishes he reached out to juice before he died to record with him cuz juice was on some new level shit too
Don Vito
Don Vito 3 aylar önce
3:05 to 3:20 .... that flow, the pockets.. can't get over how good he's getting with that wordbending. It just sounds so good. Cordae sounds amazing on this. Fire
VidsK Aylar önce
Im stingy
VG 2 aylar önce
Radoslav G
Radoslav G 3 aylar önce
[Intro: Cordae] Gotta ride with 'em, ride with 'em Ride with 'em, roll with the, whoa, whoa, whoa Tell 'em, "Ride with 'em," we could ride with 'em Ride with 'em, whoa, we could, whoa, whoa, whoa I tell the odd, gotcha, odd, getcha, woo, what Check it out, nigga, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa Nigga, I need, we could fight with 'em, ride Yeah, uh, yeah [Verse 1: Cordae] Done seen some shit within my lifetime, my light shine bright Protect yo' energy from poison when the python strike My first mistake was doin' robberies on Niken bikes Watch my movеs and I'ma show you what a icon like Y'all let bygones bе bygones, right? Nigga, fuck yo' truce, bust yo' move And if that nigga touch your shoes You better blast on 'em and on my mama, nigga I'ma get that cash on 'em, hunnid on the dash on 'em Swerve, born from the trench, you from the 'burbs Nigga, fuck the early bird, nigga I'ma get this motherfuckin' chicken And if a nigga ever got a problem, nigga We can fuckin' solve it, on my mama, nigga I just been itchin' to prove myself I just pray throughout the struggle I don't lose myself Glock, no safety, Plaxico, I might shoot myself They catchin' bullets like two Odells, and, nigga, you gon' tell But listen [Chorus: Cordae] I can tell you 'bout the time was goin' hard up in the paint And I can tell you shit that other niggas can't, lemme tell you I can tell you 'bout the time I had to drop a nigga rank And I can tell you shit I did up off the drank, lemme tell you I can tell you 'bout the time I signed a deal for twenty bands And used that shit to get my brother out the can, lemme tell you I can tell you 'bout the time I had a penny and a plan I can tell you shit, but you won't understand, lemme tell you, nigga [Verse 2: Cordae] First and foremost, for every door that's opened, a door close Beat a nigga, take his Bordeauxs, upgrade my wardrobe And Lord knows livin' like this, it leads a short road A dead end, or prison time, where we was headin' Instead, when I got bread, broke it with brethren Eyes open, leave the house, move like a veteran Made a couple dollars from come-ups, my niggas flexin' Nigga got a problem, then I can make some corrections Okay, cool, still with the same niggas since grade school Give a fuck about your Shade Room when I had made room For everybody on that late moon, and word to Rae Sremm' Had to bring the motherfuckin' swang on 'em And I ain't even wanna have to blank on 'em That Lam' truck got a full tank on 'em But, a nigga better not look at me wrong It's certain shit that I can't say on this song, but let me tell you, nigga [Chorus: Cordae & Eminem] I can tell you 'bout the time was goin' hard up in the paint And I can tell you shit that other niggas can't, lemme tell you I can tell you 'bout the time I had to drop a nigga rank And I can tell you shit I did up off the drank, lemme tell you I can tell you 'bout the time I signed a deal for twenty bands And used that shit to get my brother out the can, lemme tell you I can tell you 'bout the time I had a penny and a plan (Yeah-yeah, yeah, yeah) I can tell you shit, but you won't understand, lemme tell you, nigga [Verse 3: Eminem] I done seen some shit within my lifetime, at one time I Can still remember just how bad I used to want '5 mics' My biggest dream was just to make it into Unsigned Hype It's so hard for me to fathom this was once my life Shit'll make you wanna cop out like a plea deal So I treat a beat like it's Tekashi, spit on that bitch like Meek Mill My addiction got me weak-willed I'm relapsing, I think I can't seem to stop eating Beat Pills And Doctor D-R-E he still keeps on giving me refills Send 'em at me, bullets hit indiscriminately Women and men and little kids senior citizens till the Sig is empty Whipped Gen-Z into a frenzy, but no give, is in me, I'm stingy And that is the motherfuckin' difference between them and me And that's the reason I'm, in my Louis Vuitton Gorier than Eva Long This rap shit, is somethin' that you'll never see me at, like senior prom What I mean's the bar's, higher than Cheech and Chong When you give them each a bong I call my Stan's a, fan club 'cause whoever it's unleashed upon Fuckin' beats up on, like police batons Y'all are window shoppers, bunch a Peeping Toms Still got that bullseye on my back, red dot on my head Yeah, blood on my hands for some of the rhymes that I've said Police squad on the task Got 'em hot on my trail, like my stepfather with the belt, I got S.W.A.T on my ass I was painfully shy, now I'm proud of myself Like Obama's kids, I came outta my shell (Michelle) And I can promise this On my mama, shit, no daughters, bitch That every single word'll be true so with out further adieu It's return of the ruthless more murderous than Mook is so what you're gonna do's think I'm allergic when I point this motherfuckin burner at 'chu I throw shade it'll be curtains for you Pray for the verse to get through, birth of a new Worser me who's determined to do Permanent damage with the words that I threw, bird's-eye view I'm referred to as Zeus Circlin' you like I'm a vulture features are tournaments, I turn 'em into Turning me loose is like verbal abuse, language hurtful to use cursin' at you Made a couple of mistakes that occurred in my youth, jumped a hurdle or two word but I'm through With tellin' you about the food stamps and the government cheese And how we used to get school lunches for free Already told ya, 'bout the holes up in my Pony shoes and Rustler jeans When it was Mother, lil' brother and me I told you 'bout, being kicked out 20 degrees, no money to eat 'Bout the thrift stores and being piss poor, the Christmases Ma had gifts for us, when bro and me discovered that she Was wrappin' shit up around the house, to stick it under the tree Damn
Billy Cruz
Billy Cruz 4 gün önce
W😲😲😲😲😲W..👏Amazing👏Riiiite Oooon..!!xx!!
Rahul Leo Jain
Rahul Leo Jain 16 gün önce
Thank u
Type O
Type O Aylar önce
Thank you
doire aintu
doire aintu 4 aylar önce
No doubt! Have to give this track a Salute. Cordae deserve it! & Em still a G. O. A. T 🙌🏽
Psycho Pompous
Psycho Pompous 2 aylar önce
*The G.O.A.T. You can't have more than one greatest.
Bianca H
Bianca H 26 gün önce
Thank you Eminem for introducing me to Cordae and Joyner. Their flow and cadence are smooth. Eminem flowed like water on this. So nice, loving this song
Nate No
Nate No 3 aylar önce
Eminem has always been the biggest hip hop head in the game. You think you know under ground but Eminem knows this dude plus 10 others you never heard of that are sick af.
Sean Pederson
Sean Pederson 22 gün önce
@Tar0t I’m sayin how you underground when you’ve been a XXL freshman not that everyone who has just instantly tops the charts or anything but they had the every opportunity after getting pretty much the biggest mainstream push any unknown artist could get…maybe not anymore but even in the 2010’s plus think about all the names that have made that list in the past…Kanye, Game, Kevin Gates, Future, Uzi, Big Sean, X, J Cole, Kendrick, DaBaby, A Boogie, Wiz, Chief Keef, Kodak, Travis, Meek, Nippsey….I could go all day! But regardless all that I haven’t even mentioned the whole YBN shit! Say what you want about how they came up on the internet or whatever but there’s no denying that they had good run while they was getting all kinds of love and recognition from their generation and even more the younger ones behind them plus they got hella publicity good and bad from like Jay being with black chyna, them beefin with old school gangsta rappers I think didn’t one of them not know Tupac or something stupid but then Cordae had love for old school and he started collaborating with older artists then Eminem has made a couple songs with him now so if that’s underground these days then my generations underground was like from a different galaxy or some shit 🤦‍♂️ 😵
Bianca H
Bianca H 26 gün önce
@Tar0t I never heard of him until he was on a song with Eminem, I think its the same for a lot of people. He's good, I'm liking it
Nate No
Nate No 2 aylar önce
@Tar0t well, he's not mainstream. Halfway underground. Some hip hop heads know but the general public doesnt.
Tar0t 2 aylar önce
can u call cordae underground?👀
Kial Lanness
Kial Lanness 3 aylar önce
Cordae is a lyricist, Em had to have noticed someone as inclined with lyricism and literature to have agreed to have featured on this. He respects talent.
Mercernary Aylar önce
@The Anti Anime Association you literally said all artists ask people to redo their verse.
The Anti Anime Association
@Mercernary did I say all artists ask every other artist to redo every verse on every song? Clearly Cordea didn't because he was fine with Ems verse. But if you knew a thing or two you would know artists ask other artists do redo verses all the time.
Mercernary Aylar önce
@The Anti Anime Association did Cordae ask Em to redo his verse? Lol
The Anti Anime Association
@Mercernary all artists ask people to redo their verses
Mercernary 2 aylar önce
He told Cordae to redo his original verse on this lol. Love that he’s just straight up with him, the final product is sick.
KINGJAY Gaming Aylar önce
dammmn eminem flowing like water. his trap flow make beat fast and his flow slows like don toliver but it sounds very good
Killian Aylar önce
That's when I turn my headphones off and say I'm leaving it on a good note bc that shit was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤯💣💥🧨
Bianca H
Bianca H 26 gün önce
I love that feeling
Hamza Ghazi
Hamza Ghazi 3 aylar önce
wow the flows of Em are so great. He can be fast and slow without cutting the beat, Cordae is a discovery for me. Nice job
NotADemon Aylar önce
@Cruisehr28 ok
Hypespirit Aylar önce
@Cruisehr28 ok
Cruisehr28 Aylar önce
He sometimes unnecessarily switches it up too much. I just hated that Michelle Obama bar tho that was corny.
cqvio doli
cqvio doli 4 aylar önce
Straight FIRE. Untouched, they sound great together. This gonna be played outed on my playlist in a good way.
Teddy Brosevelt
Teddy Brosevelt 4 aylar önce
😂 to lazy to fix outed when you copied
Allan 4 aylar önce
Lazar Cooper
Lazar Cooper 4 aylar önce
I need more of this music please. Was almost done with hip hop/rap
Agnied Sarkar
Agnied Sarkar Aylar önce
@InsanityCA hopsin lmao
InsanityCA 2 aylar önce
Tech Nine, Jid, Token, Rittz, Hopsin, Dizzy Wright,
shaftybb 3 aylar önce
Give it a little more time they new generation will bring it back!!
Jonathan LeMieux
Jonathan LeMieux 4 aylar önce
It’s nice to see these two get down together on a track! 💯💯🔥🔥
Niggalodeon 4 aylar önce
Buddy Rowe
Buddy Rowe 11 gün önce
U made my day
Brian Korir
Brian Korir 29 gün önce
Nope he didnt
Cruisehr28 Aylar önce
Na that Michelle Obama bar was corny af and that fast rap he keeps doing with that choppy flow is not it.
JJ 3 aylar önce
@FZPROf cordae has some energy, eminem has that monotone voice
Tim Santi
Tim Santi 4 aylar önce
Nice to see the up and coming bring back real rap real hip hop. Em is untouchable.
BRANDON ENGLISH 3 aylar önce
this the best I've heard Em in a LONG TIME. a few bar pronunciations were still exaggerated but it truly got better towards the end and his last like 8 bars were so amazing, personal, and digestible
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown 4 aylar önce
I've been an Eminem fan since I was 14 back in 99' and while this feature was dope I really wish he didn't try to squeeze in so many double and triple time flows into almost everything he does nowadays. I understand he challenges himself to be better everytime but a slower, less frenetic flow would've sufficed on this. Cordae, as usual killed it and is the future of hip hop. He's one of the few younger artists I support to the fullest and he will continue to bring more awareness to the youth about how important it is to take your craft seriously and not rap a bunch of bullshit just to do it.
itanimulli 3 aylar önce
@Cameron Dosing Eminem fell off because yall yes men stans love everything
Cameron Dosing
Cameron Dosing 3 aylar önce
@itanimulli speak for yourself 😂
Cardi B
Cardi B 4 aylar önce
It’s because after getting so much hate from revival, he found a sound that everybody loved when dropping “Kamikaze”. He’s just keeps using this same sound since it works, he might be afraid of slowing it down again due to potential criticism
XxXFlyingArmBarXxX 3 aylar önce
Em sees cordaes talent. Glad the legend is putting in that work with the young generation. Pure 🔥
Lord Drewcifer
Lord Drewcifer 4 aylar önce
Eminem is always delivering. But this man Cordae is definitely a student of the game. Love him
Lamz FAZZA 2 aylar önce
@RIKy4life i liked cordae his verse on elevate was dope
Lamz FAZZA 2 aylar önce
@RIKy4life it's cause he replied to a j.cole disstrack aimed at lil pump so he was prolly salty bout that.
Mark Stewart
Mark Stewart 3 aylar önce
@Jeffco Esk8 he carried eminem om this song to me cordaes verse was way better
Jeffco Esk8
Jeffco Esk8 3 aylar önce
@Mark Stewart cordae would carry alot of rappers at this point
aola wili
aola wili 4 aylar önce
Love how Eminem continues to work with newcomers. It's crazy to think Eminem is going into his 4th decade and still has it.
chol bu rap
chol bu rap 4 aylar önce
foda bros :)
chol bu rap
chol bu rap 4 aylar önce
@Kahel tlgd né bro kkkk
Kahel 4 aylar önce
Você por aqui Chol Bu! 👀
imposter kybe
imposter kybe 2 aylar önce
Heard this shit on the radio on an Uber and both of us were vibin CZ this shit str8 fire🔥
yeet 4 aylar önce
Hip hop here. Just gave the new guy my first listen and I'm a fan. Hip hop ain't dead, there are young lyricists who are legit! A new golden age is coming
CADZ Crew 4 aylar önce
This was nuts!! 🥶💯
John Webster
John Webster 4 aylar önce
Yeah good stuff. Issue is if you aren't rapping about the same stuff girls, sec etc people don't want to hear it.just think cardi b got a diamond certification and all she does is rap about sex. Same as pop music relationships..not much to music these days just some are better at putting verses etc together than others. People are afraid of change. That is issue Eminem has he raps about so many things people feel like he does too much. Slim shady was the same couple of topics. Eminem is everything literally even topics you don't expect to sound verse etc wise. Eminem said he chose to do that not to be like everybody else. Stand out. Music now you heard one you heard them all.
Florida $avage
Florida $avage 4 aylar önce
no it wasnt
John Webster
John Webster 4 aylar önce
"I came out of my shell"(Michelle) lol
Mark Mareane
Mark Mareane 4 aylar önce
incredible storytelling will always outshine mumble rap !
Sid Shahi
Sid Shahi Aylar önce
The beat gets so intense towards the end perfectly engineered
Harvey Robinson
Harvey Robinson 4 aylar önce
It's good to see eminem working with the new generation of rappers and still don't get how em gets so much hate
Slim To The Shady
Slim To The Shady 10 gün önce
I've heard this song like 10 times and it's addicting
Iamdchairman 4 aylar önce
22 years into his career and Eminem is still killing verses
Filthy Hilthy
Filthy Hilthy 3 aylar önce
@na ra bornana
na ra
na ra 3 aylar önce
I don't understand why people hate em here. He give boost to cordae career and you hating on him? Plus if you think current eminem is shit, please educate yourself and watch real hip-hop head breaking em shit. I'm sure you'll be embarrassed for what you said here. And please don't reply
Filthy Hilthy
Filthy Hilthy 3 aylar önce
I’m sorry, but Eminem didn’t kill anything
Lethal Dota
Lethal Dota 4 aylar önce
Love him or hate him, but you cannot deny that Eminem is one of the rappers.
Alexandria Tiffany
Alexandria Tiffany 4 aylar önce
Cordae and Em go in soo hard on this right here, straight up BANGER! hE AINT LIKE all them goofies who just be usin that *AUTHENTICVIEWS* to go big on YT.. smh seem like anyone can go big on YT these days..
Kyle Goodfield
Kyle Goodfield 3 aylar önce
catch them goofies outside how bout that right?
Leonardo Da Vinchii
Leonardo Da Vinchii 2 aylar önce
Em's Co-production is untouchable 🔥
Hustler 4 aylar önce
This beat grows & slaps like a volcanic eruption.
TheInfamyX 4 aylar önce
Cordae makes the point that hip hop's not dead and is being catered in by our youth. I'm here for it.
Timmy Ggz tv
Timmy Ggz tv 4 aylar önce
Simon 4 aylar önce
@Plus Sign what tf are you even talking about are you implying Cole is the best? Cuz if you are you ain’t even close
King Koopa
King Koopa 4 aylar önce
So many rappers would have never made it if they didn't do a feature with Eminem. N that's facts. Eminem still always raps last in every song he's featured on, because no rapper wants to/or can top what Eminem spits. Folks hate the fact the best lyricist ever is a white man. What's sad is he's put on for black folks so much. He lost millions of fans when he dissed Trump. He supports everything about black people and raps about it in every song. Yet black folks still hate him. It's actually fake hate, most of y'all are capping. Respect the 🐐. You can't always have all the smoke
King Koopa
King Koopa 4 aylar önce
Rap now is 🗑️. There's literally only maybe 10 rappers that put out real rap. Tired of hearing about money, using drugs, thots and cars. Nobody tells stories in their songs anymore like Pac, Biggie, Wu-Tang and all the other OGs of rap. The OGs hate what the rap game has become
Lane Frost
Lane Frost 3 aylar önce
Man, I never even listened to Cordae before this but his verse is 🔥🔥🔥 ima have to check him out
Troy Revier
Troy Revier 3 aylar önce
DAMN, imagine if Em & Cordae did a whole album together.
Brandon Magee
Brandon Magee Aylar önce
Another legend in the making. Keep it up 💯🙏
Nithin 3 aylar önce
The first time me and my friends heard it, we didn't like it much. But then the song grew up on us and now it's ok our all time favorite list
Illuminot_tee 4 aylar önce
This man respects the art form that’s hip hop and he will be greatly rewarded for it
Baller Brim
Baller Brim 4 aylar önce
Fact .
Nikolay_AK48 4 aylar önce
Not been listening to new "hip hop" but Cordae is a real rapper...great verses, great to hear the lyrics. I used to get Government Cheese and EU Stew, nostalgic 🧀
Nikolay_AK48 3 aylar önce
@Cardi B I will definitely...
Cardi B
Cardi B 4 aylar önce
U need to listen to Lil Durk and YB. You’re missing out on great music
nijuo joing
nijuo joing 4 aylar önce
Cordae is so dope, from going to rapping over Eminem beats when nobody knew him, to a couple years later doing records with Em. Congrats
Yaksh Redhu
Yaksh Redhu 4 aylar önce
Admittedly, it's the Eminem feature that properly exposed me to Cordae. Yeah I knew him from his response to Cole preaching to younger artists on KOD and from that one interview between Royce and Crook I think. Not quite blown away yet, but I'm definitely intrigued. Looking forward to see his talent grow.
Stings N' Bytes
Stings N' Bytes 2 aylar önce
Listen to Cordae's last album The Lost Boy. It's a masterpiece
ItZ Beach
ItZ Beach 4 aylar önce
@Switchey yup smooth brain
Switchey 4 aylar önce
@ItZ Beach no they just dont make sense with the message of the song stan. When Cordae is rapping in depth about his upstart you got this dude jittering about dr dre and his refills 😂😂🤣 Eminem is the dawg but this verse is dog shit
ItZ Beach
ItZ Beach 4 aylar önce
@Switchey the bars are to complicated for you
youcef Hhh
youcef Hhh 4 aylar önce
@Switchey yeah thats what i said before a few listens i catched bars and the things hes telling its totally not normal give it another listen with the lyrics
Vagabond ☯️
Vagabond ☯️ 2 aylar önce
I appreciate Em cos of what he did when he was coming up, I definitely went livid with Kamikaze thinking we got Em back. Like when I was a kid, he was the big star, everyone was about his behavior it was great. It's like, the person he is and I definitely know how fame can bring about attention for an introvert, I wouldn't appreciate it myself I want to stay in my zone. I want Em to succeed, and I hope he doesn't use his status to bring others down. G code - Mean what you say, and be what you are. There's not anything wrong with being sad, there's even sad boi rappers nowadays and I feel like this is my one shot. Try to make yourself be expressing whats in your heart, and don't be hiding who you are if it there's nothing wrong with it. Hope Em can find back or even beyond Slim Shady. Much love.
Лазар Величковић
Eminem, nearly 50 years old, still sounds like an 25-30 year old man. His voice is so unique. Props to Cordae as well. Hip-hop ain't dead.
King Dong
King Dong 4 aylar önce
Eminem is a corny rapper
Michael Tsang
Michael Tsang 4 aylar önce
Eminem still got it
NxSlxtt Zye
NxSlxtt Zye 4 aylar önce
@Asad Farooque I mean pop smoke had a deep voice and he was like 20 right?
NxSlxtt Zye
NxSlxtt Zye 4 aylar önce
@Asad Farooque I mean pop smoke had a deep voice and he was like 20 right?
Pittsburgh Girl
Pittsburgh Girl 4 aylar önce
@Star Wrek🌎☄: Your Mom's Generation 💗🤝💗😊💗🤝💗
_ Rodriguez
_ Rodriguez 26 gün önce
He’s so creative with everything that he does⚡️🤍
Anthony Mobberley
Anthony Mobberley 3 aylar önce
Eminem is the greatest of All Time.
Cruisehr28 Aylar önce
Na but he's top 10
Mez 3 aylar önce
Who remembers when Cordae did that “My Name Is” remix by Em. And now they doing tracks together. Cordae came a long way 🔥
Jimmy Octane
Jimmy Octane 2 aylar önce
2:44 When Em does that quick flow shit its like he doesn't have anything to say, like he doesn't want us to hear. The 1st & last 10 seconds of his verse were the real Shady. The man had depth.
Joini50 4 aylar önce
The beat is sick! The song is dope af 👌🔥🙌
Jake Fellows
Jake Fellows 3 aylar önce
This song goes hard straight fire g keep up the good work brother respect 2022 nz still smoking g
Lady Caprice Vito
Lady Caprice Vito 4 aylar önce
Shit goes so hard dayummmmm killing the flow
elado Elado
elado Elado 2 aylar önce
Eminem never fails me 🔥🔥🔥
Steve Ramsey
Steve Ramsey 4 aylar önce
Em gave him a gem of a verse and still showing he’s legitimately relavant at almost 50
Matthew Sanders
Matthew Sanders 4 aylar önce
@J2x original comment, great job!! It is what it is, truth. You’re one of them little stubborn, go against the grain, I wanna be different to stand out, argue for attention clowns can kick rocks.
Winston Barendse
Winston Barendse 4 aylar önce
@A Review From Marco I'm telling you what your race is not. A fair estimate given that your surname sounds Spanish.
A Review From Marco
A Review From Marco 4 aylar önce
@Winston Barendse how u gon tell me my race
Shizzy Mac
Shizzy Mac 4 aylar önce
@Winston Barendse someone always gotta make it about race smh 🤦🏻‍♂️
Candice Aquino
Candice Aquino 4 aylar önce
You are incredible, you may line up with the OGs 👏 , you r voice sounds alike with J. Cole, and I also love your music influences like Em, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Nas, Jay-Z and 2Pac, you hit that bro, keep doing more music and inspire the young generation Z to rap with a sense and put a heart on rap music. God bless you.
Fat Boyy Jr
Fat Boyy Jr 3 aylar önce
I thought cordae was just another mumble rapper but this go hard #Respect
Coudge b
Coudge b 4 aylar önce
ριикιєριє 4 aylar önce
This is definitely a banger 🔥💯
Denilson Desouza
Denilson Desouza 4 aylar önce
I will never get tired of listening to this masterpiece
KU12T333OU$ 4 aylar önce
Yet you probably didn't listen to the rest of the album...
Prince Si
Prince Si 4 aylar önce
@Austin Clay the original been out
dOCTOR sPOCK 4 aylar önce
I’m allergic when I turn this burner ah choo!!! At you” but he really sneezed 🤧 “ahh choo” because he’s allergic. Now that’s a masterpiece bar. Idk about cordaes early bird gets the chicken 🐔 dinner bar 🍗 🍽
dOCTOR sPOCK 4 aylar önce
Cordae said to blast someone for stepping on your shoes 😂 I don’t want to spend my life in jail for a pair of kicks. He also said something about he wanted to be the early bird that got the chicken 🐔. The early bird gets the worm 🐛 to eat. I was going to say that’s not even a bar. But I guess he means he don’t want to eat a worm but would rather eat a whole chicken dinner instead. So I guess it’s a bar now that I think about it.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 4 aylar önce
That Eminem line "_Like Obama's kids I came out of my shell( which is like Mitchell)_" That word play was fire, i was literally mind-blown 🤯🤯🔥🔥🔥
Chic Stw
Chic Stw 4 aylar önce
Em gives love to actual talent 👏
Colton Anthony
Colton Anthony 20 gün önce
bars bars bars, keep it goin💯IMO got em in this one…
Kahel 4 aylar önce
Pois é..não é o melhor verso do Eminem mas dá pro gasto 🤷‍♂️🇧🇷🔥
Gasparzinho 3 aylar önce
@Mister Jaay Exatamente! O cara é simplesmente um gênio e não é qualquer um que consegue enxergar isso
Mister Jaay
Mister Jaay 4 aylar önce
@Gasparzinho Mas concordará que Eminem não tem um único estilo de fluxo lírico. O homem deixa cair combinações de sílabas simples /complexas Rimas em versos 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️Se não gostas muito do hip hop, não vais conseguir entender nada. É por isso que kahel não podia entender.
Gasparzinho 4 aylar önce
@Mister Jaay Cara, foi como o próprio Em mencionou na Chloraseptic Remix: (But, Nowadays, every flow, every cadence sound the same) "Hoje em dia, todo flow, toda cadência parecem as mesmas" e é fato. Geral acostumou com o mesmo sempre. Também tem uma parte em Walkthrough com Grip que ele fala: (I don't use autotune, all I do is spit and this shit just bother's you) "Eu não uso autotune, eu só rimo e isso entedia vocês" e mais uma vez ele acertou! Se tu reparar, todo mundo que fala do Eminem, são as pessoas que NUNCA leram a letra dele e tentaram pegar as referências, porque tem MUITAS! Mas a preguiça de ler entrelinhas e estudar o flow do cara é muito grande e criticar é mais fácil. Fazer igual ou melhor ninguém quer (e nem conseguiria também, porque não dá pra chegar no nível do Eminem mais...)
Yvette burks
Yvette burks 4 aylar önce
Lil Tjow
Lil Tjow 4 aylar önce
@Mister Jaay só achei que você ia citar Racionais Mc's, Eduardo Taddeo ou Sabotage... não dizendo que são melhores , mas seria um grande desrespeito, lendas
j3ff music
j3ff music 4 aylar önce
It’s crazy how cordae already has 2 songs with Eminem. Crazy talent!
bubbly 2 aylar önce
@kimmo mac theres a difference between cordae remixing the song, and hopping on the remix. If he remixed the song, that would mean that he remixed it independenantly, but if he got on the remix thats different
Travis k !!!!!
Travis k !!!!! 3 aylar önce
@kimmo mac you make no sense
kimmo mac
kimmo mac 3 aylar önce
@Travis k !!!!! you’re a Saints fan, ya need all the spiritual you can get lmfao.
j3ff music
j3ff music 4 aylar önce
@Psycho Logical yeah but cordae did good too
Real Slick
Real Slick 4 aylar önce
Rap Games Edward Nugma
SL41N GhostFace
SL41N GhostFace 4 aylar önce
I have faith in cordae a student, mastering a professional rappers lyrics and word play💖
Thank God we have a new youngster that actually spits bars!
🔥SMOKEY🔥 3 aylar önce
He obliterated that beat 🔥💯🔥
Lady Caprice Vito
Lady Caprice Vito 4 aylar önce
Shout out to the G.O.A.T AND THIS UNDERDOG , HES definitely going places - CORDAE
blaine swalley
blaine swalley 4 aylar önce
This sounds like old school rap. Love it
g99_b 3 aylar önce
@elione1 cringe
Nique-N-Pink 3 aylar önce
Cordae has a ole soul 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dylan Softley
Dylan Softley 4 aylar önce
I guess… not really tho
elione1 4 aylar önce
Because niether em nore cordae will settle for those ass beats everyone is banging, probably because it's nonsense and it sets the tone to cover up shitty lryics.. Both of these brothers definitely deserve more than they are handed, they're flows delivery and beats set the tone for a lryical slaughter... End quote.
Sher Jawan
Sher Jawan 4 aylar önce
The production quality on this is tight 👌
Soundhealex. Radio
Soundhealex. Radio 3 aylar önce
This is #HIPHOPMUSIC 🔊🔥🔊🔥🔊🔥🔊🔥🔊
Jaxson Hill
Jaxson Hill 4 aylar önce
Been a while since I’ve gotten chills from listening to a song
TheGeneral1132 4 aylar önce
This beat is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jamilyn 4 aylar önce
Both of them just killed this beat in their own unique ways
Madhu Balan
Madhu Balan 4 aylar önce
@James Doakes just look at what you said at the beginning and how you're changing and manipulating each and everything just to make your observations right and you called it observation when didnt observe anything correctly it's non sense to speak to you because you wont accept that you did wrong and even i wont give up until you accept that you're wrong 😂
James Doakes
James Doakes 4 aylar önce
@Madhu Balan narcissist because of an observation? Interesting take on narcissist. Though you did get that part right, what you deem it to be isn’t…lucky guess
Nighhhts 4 aylar önce
@James Doakes Yeah, Em’s cadence isn’t all that versatile. His delivery can sometimes be corny or wack as well. It’s ironic, because back in the day, Em’s cadence was super interesting and enjoyable, and his delivery was the greatest. Now, in terms of cadence, I have to go with Wayne (greatest cadence in Hip-Hop) and Kendrick (2nd best cadence). And delivery, I have to go with Wayne and Nas, that is in terms of bars and execution of songs. In terms of pure bars, Wayne is the greatest, in my opinion.
Madhu Balan
Madhu Balan 4 aylar önce
@James Doakes just a narcissistic thing 😂 that you're doing thing funny to watch man keep it going
liamhalpin2010 2 aylar önce
This young man could be the future!
CONTENT DAILY 3 aylar önce
Love from india , 🇮🇳 em you killed it and thanks for presenting this new dope artist!!
DANNY D 4 aylar önce
Cordae & Eminem Always 🔥
Darla Harrelson
Darla Harrelson 3 aylar önce
I really love this man Eminem
Anthony DeShaun
Anthony DeShaun 4 aylar önce
They both came with it, Cordae was himself on another level and Em did what he has been known to do for years! 🔥 collaboration fellas!! And I need to find this instrumental! And I’m out gotta hop on Apple Music and listen to the rest!
brady 4 aylar önce
@Snazzy Paradise did you even listen to his verse? He was mad! If you can't appreciate this then music is not for you just go back to Iggy Azalea I won't care.🤷
Vincent VanGrope
Vincent VanGrope 4 aylar önce
The ones saying em verse was trash, probably had the bars go over their heads too. I'm an intelligent guy and it took me 5 full playthroughs of his verse to get most of his bars and double entendres and I probably still didn't connect the dots with all of them. What I love about ems brain is that listening to his verses is like playing a find the object in a picture game. He got shit hidden all over in those lines.
x Midge
x Midge 4 aylar önce
@Bothered Rain Frog from
x Midge
x Midge 4 aylar önce
@Bothered Rain Frog from
Callisto 3 aylar önce
Em is saving the hiphop industry.
Ruben G
Ruben G 3 aylar önce
This is some good stuff man
tanyah teemarz
tanyah teemarz 4 aylar önce
cordae is slowly becoming a big deal in this rap game. much respect CORDAE🙏 #respect
Nique-N-Pink 3 aylar önce
This speaks volumes when you get Eminem to do a feature🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dee &Kidz
Dee &Kidz 4 aylar önce
Straight FIRE. Untouched, they sound great together. This gonna be played outed on my playlist in a good way. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Brad a.k.a Don Jon 😤
Man.. this shit really is what I needed right now.... great Collab
Wow, I'm not really a fan of any of these rappers now adays, but cordae sounding strong. This is real rap lyrical magic. It has to be if you're on a record with shady
rheathesecond 3 aylar önce
Crazy these dudes are born 25 years apart. Cordae totally grew up listening to Eminem.
D Tatah
D Tatah 4 aylar önce
Great song. Congrats on the collab.👍
Richard Ouellette
Richard Ouellette 4 aylar önce
Anytime a new em song or verse drops I immediately stop whatever I'm doing and sit down and press play its like being a kid on Christmas when Santa clause just came and you cant wait to see what he brought. Cordae is a beast too!!
Calmsoul Sounds
Calmsoul Sounds 4 aylar önce
Cordae is a GOAT, Check out the album review right here trvid.com/video/video-rSZHB_Q-ceU.html
aglor mike
aglor mike 4 aylar önce
Facts. I can see why he sang Venom. He's really influenced us 👏🏽👏🏽
better dayz
better dayz 4 aylar önce
Same here..definitely dont add it to watch later list
Himaryous 4 aylar önce
Fantastic. I loved both verses. The early bird line caught me off guard. I thought he'd say "F the early bird, I'm the early plane" or something but instead he said "I'm getting the chicken" in contrast with the worm, which he didn't even say. Slick.
venomon 3 aylar önce
1.8M views that’s it? This shit deserves more recognition.
The Bruce Bruce Vargas
Waited for this colabo since YBN days of mixtape vibes. Lovin watching the growth. Get'em "C" !
senni bgon
senni bgon 4 aylar önce
you cant wait to see what he brought. Cordae is a beast too!!
Andre L.S
Andre L.S 4 aylar önce
Let's take Cordae to 10m views. This the '22 energy we need 🔥
Demi Baby
Demi Baby 9 gün önce
Yall DSing
RALF 3 aylar önce
If there will be music video of this song i am sure it will get atleast 50 million views
Jose Carlos
Jose Carlos 4 aylar önce
Amazing song, amazing album young goat
Donald Pump - "Make America Lift Again"
Fucking master piece - love it 🔥
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