Cooper Rush, Cowboys defeat Commanders in Week 4, move to 3-1 on the season | NFL | SPEAK

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2 Eki 2022




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SPEAK 3 aylar önce
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Tim Stubbs
Tim Stubbs 3 aylar önce
Show sucks! Better takes get deleted! Hater!
DaddyGamer 3 aylar önce
Love your show. Love all 4 of you. But, please don't endorse "Drip-clueless". That petulant, immature, jealous child, is a clown. He doesn't represent the media well. He insults people with nicknames and it's not entertaining. It's a testament to how pathetic and miserable he is and how desperately he wishes he was an athlete. Love the way you 4 stick to the facts and discuss the performances (good or bad) without insulting the person
jamaine smith
jamaine smith 3 aylar önce
Love how Philly beats the commanders they are the best team in the league But the cowboys beat them with a backup QB by basically the same margin and now “it’s the commanders” 🤷🏽‍♂️
Bet On black
Bet On black 3 aylar önce
Philly fans don’t start the complaining for love. We all know your undefeated
DC4L 3 aylar önce
Man fr! I find it funny! They claim Eagles are the best team by beating the lions,vikings,commanders and jags but dallas beat the bengals giants and commanders with a BACKUP QB and according to everyone with a bad offensive line, no weapons and bad coaching yet we havent beaten anybody lmao
KnightBreed 3 aylar önce
Cooper is executing and no one can take that away from him. He has put in the time to perfect his profession while not having a guaranteed path to perform it. So that dedication is seriously impressive. I hope this translates into him getting a real chance somewhere.
M M 3 aylar önce
Keep in mind he didn't have a run game. 60yds on 30 carries its horrible
KnightBreed 3 aylar önce
@J P I think you need to find the comment where some is saying that Cooper was better. This comment was about being happy for Cooper's future as an individual.
J P 3 aylar önce
Teams are daring him to throw by stacking the box. He is making his plays but he’s not better then Dak
John Mendoza
John Mendoza 3 aylar önce
Im glad we kept him through out the years. He knows the offense. And i hope we can keep him after this season
Ian Good
Ian Good 3 aylar önce
We had him off and on since 2017 til this off season get it straight. And Dak is QB1
Ian Good
Ian Good 3 aylar önce
We didn’t keep him we had to get him back off the waiver wires lmao!!!!! Giants had him
Kirk Bowie
Kirk Bowie 3 aylar önce
Cooper Rush looks good because he has been in this offensive system for years. He knows the offense like the back of his hand.
Blakmelle 3 aylar önce
AND he's accurate.
Primitive Sports
Primitive Sports 3 aylar önce
@Kony Montana Yes, he has. 5 years to be exact.
Kony Montana
Kony Montana 3 aylar önce
I had no idea
Kony Montana
Kony Montana 3 aylar önce
For years??
Brandon Glynn
Brandon Glynn 3 aylar önce
Cooper rush has been there for 6 seasons he plays every preseason game. Also this is Noah Brown first season really getting a lot of reps Also he would get a lot reps in practice with Rush do to depth chart and even scout team.
Bart Wiley
Bart Wiley 3 aylar önce
Coopers play is keeping the defense off the field we're deep on defense to me it's allowing the defense to stay fresh COWBOYS
athen chan
athen chan 3 aylar önce
The problem is they keep comparing Cooper to other bench players in order to overhype him. If you’re saying he’s a starter, let’s start comparing him to other starters 🤯.
Andrew Hamill
Andrew Hamill 3 aylar önce
Ok he’s top 4 in qbr this year… compared to all starters
Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith 3 aylar önce
@Dw9983 no he wouldn't.
Ghost 3 aylar önce
@dono be da best So an inefficient run game still screws the defense up? They also didn’t have many runs either. Zeke actually ran the ball better against the buccaneers then he did against Washington. You are just grasping at straws to make lame excuses to defend Dak.
Ghost 3 aylar önce
@dono be da best So if they were negated by penalty then your point is moot. They were ugly? Have you ever saw a beautiful pick? These weren’t even off ball penalties the receivers he threw too were the ones interfered with. It’s not like he threw a pic trying to throw to lamb but Noah brown was held them yeah you could say he got bailed out.
TacoABeast 83
TacoABeast 83 3 aylar önce
@TRvidr Facts...Its no diss to Dak...But Dak has never been the best decision maker...
Westlee James
Westlee James 3 aylar önce
This Defense is giving up 1....I repeat 1 TD a game 😲😲😲...now that's wild 😳
YuYaKuZa 3 aylar önce
More impressive: The defense, More Pivotal and needed, due to his small amount of turnovers and his throwing accuracy making him capable to control the ball not putting his d in a bad situation: Cooper Rush
MikeyMike 3 aylar önce
Cooper Rush and Noah Brown have a great connection because they’ve been on the Practice Squad/Scout team together the past 3 years. Rush has a confidence and trust in Brown. I can’t wait for the Rams and Eagles the next 2 weeks, that will be the true measuring stick.
theGorn68 3 aylar önce
When not injured, Brown has been on the active roster last few years as a 4th/5th WR and special teams player. He's NEVER been on the Practice Squad for Dallas his whole time. He's always been on either the 53 man roster(Active or Inactive) or has spent a season on IR or PUP.
David Craven
David Craven 3 aylar önce
I've been a fan of the Cowboys since 1974 I've seen the best and I've seen the worst. I'm a big fan of of Dak and I'm not going to take anything from him. That being said I thought Cooper last year was fantastic. Driving the cowboys to beat the Vikings I said where this guy come from?. He's a natural watch him as he's poised under center he's relaxed he's not thinking he's doing. He gets the ball out quick and hits his target's and he's just starting and he's going to better! He should be starting the man's talented. Undrafted Rookie comes out and wins 4 games? I'm not necessarily saying he needs to be our starter, but he sure looks good doing it I've seen all the greats from the years past. Meredith, Staubac, White, Aikman, Romo, Prescott, I feel like Prescott is gun-shy from that injury to his leg. But that's just my opinion cause I really like Dak and like to see him come back and show us who he is. To be elite you have to beat the elite. No matter win lose or draw I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan 4 life!!! And that will never change!!! Go Cowboys!!!!
Frank Atwood
Frank Atwood 3 aylar önce
Well said dc4l since 1978
Enigma 3 aylar önce
Cooper Rush has impressed highly , but Dak's tweet has me excited for his return. It seems the light has turned on for Dak from watching and helping Cooper , so Dallas now has 2 great QB's from my perspective.
Glock2201 3 aylar önce
They have 2 quality backups. They just call one a starter and paid him too much.
Robert Glasper
Robert Glasper 3 aylar önce
The bigger story and the only story everyone should be consideringYes actually the way Cowboys defense is playing. Everything Cooper Rush is doing simply excellent I am the one who gives credit when credit is honestly do right on to mr. Cooper, but let’s keep things in its Proper perspective DAK Prescott, is the leader. That’s a fact .👍🏾💎👍 I love the winning I pray that you continue.🙏🏾
Glock2201 3 aylar önce
I hear so much how Dak is a leader but where is the leadership when they need it most? It is Dak pouting on the sideline.
Robert Glasper
Robert Glasper 3 aylar önce
@Goatin Aroun all of this is good I’m truly glad that everyone has an opinion but it just don’t matter. Don’t forget just remember that you’ll opinion do not matter Not at All 👍🏾🧐
Goatin Aroun
Goatin Aroun 3 aylar önce
Dak isn’t that guy lol y’all defending him like he’s won something
Drew’s World
Drew’s World 3 aylar önce
Lmao dak has a losing record against playoff teams 😂 I’m sorry but watching dak run the offense makes me sick 3 n out every time it’s ridiculous. Let me guess he has 4,000 yards blah blah empty calories is what you call that they get blown out then the other team brings in back ups he racks his yards up an still get blown out tired of it I’m a cowboy fan for life definitely shouldn’t have paid dak no shot lol
Pacmante919 3 aylar önce
Wut big game has dak won in 6 years
Third Blackie Boy
Third Blackie Boy 3 aylar önce
Cooper Rush is THE feel good story right now! When we witnessed week one there was problems across the board with this TEAM including Dak the OC the coach the Jones' ECT! So many fans basically said it's a wrap! So for them.. the TEAM the OC the coach and the Jones' to turn this ship around.. it'd take more than Cooper Rush. Don't get me wrong.. I am amazed by how composed he truly is. Yes.. the offense is watered down.. yes.. the running game was going ( maybe not yards Sunday.. but attempts ) the defense keeps improving the kicker has only missed one field goal from 59 yards out. It's almost like so many things that could go wrong.. didn't! Back to this run game.. when the team attempts 30 rushes.. it slows the game down keeps the defense honest opens up passing lanes and keeps the defense fresher. To me that was their biggest weakness looking back! The OC and or Dak would abandon the run completely and end up in shoot outs with the teams that were better than average. Why? Because Dallas Cowboys defense couldn't stop them from marching down the field. Be it being gashed by explosive plays running or busted coverage between the 20's. Almost like they played teams soft and the game plan was horrible. Mix in leadership leading the league in penalties and a QB that was forced to play always backed up behind the sticks! I can't be the only one that watched these games .. I'm sure most of you did as well.. and it was on the whole lot of them.. not just Dak :) BTW... How bout them COWBOYS ❤️
Third Blackie Boy
Third Blackie Boy 3 aylar önce
@M M honestly.. the whole team fell apart against the Broncos.. the Broncos jumped all over the Cowboys often and early! The 49ers game could've went differently if the defense had an answer for Deebo.. they also took it to the Cowboys physically. Who doesn't lose to the Kansas City Chiefs especially with their offense. I was surprised that they held them to 19. Don't forget.. they led the league in penalties! That doesn't work well against decent teams. Either way.. they lost! The offense the defense the special teams the OC the head coach the Jones' and unfortunately the fans too! I will say.. ever since his leg injury their game plan changed dramatically. He's limited to the pocket and he's not designed to throw 40-50 times a game. What frustrates me is them running a pass first offense and abandoning the run completely! Which puts the defense in a huge bind.. even when they score field goals. I always loved watching Dallas running the ball.. a lot of great running backs came through their door.
M M 3 aylar önce
I saw dak have adequate time in the pocket and struggle. This isn't the only time. They had the number 1 offense last season. What did dak do against the broncos, chiefs, 49ers. This isn't a 1 time bad game. Its a recurring theme.
Gregory Myles
Gregory Myles 3 aylar önce
I've been saying all that, to ad nausem! 👍🏾👍🏾
jjwiggs 3 aylar önce
We have not dominated on offense. I like it better when the media doubts us. I'm just enjoying a win... one at a time.
PHS_Pcutta 3 aylar önce
I still miss Wiley 😢
C R 3 aylar önce
@Christopher Johnson yea
Arturo Alvarado
Arturo Alvarado 3 aylar önce
To shreds you say?
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson 3 aylar önce
@C R huh?
C R 3 aylar önce
@Mballa he died
Mballa 3 aylar önce
What happen to him?
Darryl Smith
Darryl Smith 3 aylar önce
The Eagles are going to run into a buzzsaw called the Cowboys defense, Hurts will be running for his life.
Frank Palafos
Frank Palafos 3 aylar önce
Cooper Rush has provided a balance for the team and the defense is fresh when they come in.
Courtney YOUNG
Courtney YOUNG 3 aylar önce
I Have to admit Rush is getting the ball out faster and that eliminates all the holding calls that’s the bottom line..
Kram 3 aylar önce
I didn’t think about this, but on the contrary I think the line has been blocking so much better, hopefully that time in the pocket carries over when dak comes back.
tucsonbandit 3 aylar önce
say it
DaGreat 3 aylar önce
that is a fact 💯
CowboysNation808 3 aylar önce
Barnabas Talon
Barnabas Talon 3 aylar önce
Matthew Benjamin
Matthew Benjamin 3 aylar önce
David, I think this is a hard choice, but Dallas D held the Bucs to 19 points and I'm starting to wonder that if Rush was playing (and running this offense) in that game, do you think we would have scored only 3 points?
dredhead172002 3 aylar önce
They're running the ball and playing defense. It's amazing what happens when you start playing balanced football.
kingofdeadlift 3 aylar önce
I think I can give Kellen Moore some credit for his scheming - especially against the Commanders. I think defense is most impressive. If not for penalties against the Cowboys offense though, Cooper Rush would have been well over 300 yards for the game.
Pretty Lady
Pretty Lady 3 aylar önce
Cooper Rush throws a better ball than Dak Prescott. He's been incredibly accurate and calm under pressure.
Tay Moula
Tay Moula 3 aylar önce
Facts dak either over throws or under throws receivers, rush putting that ball right on the money
Spruced Moose
Spruced Moose 3 aylar önce
That is an absolute fact. In three games Rush has hit his receivers in stride more times than Dak did all of last season.
Tony Ellis
Tony Ellis 3 aylar önce
That's why starters should play preseasons game. It keeps you in a rythme with your game play. Teams need to stop worrying about players getting hurt, because they can start the first game and get hurt, so you might as well let them play and get those reps .
Goatin Aroun
Goatin Aroun 3 aylar önce
@Bryant excuses
Gsentinel 3 aylar önce
Bryant 3 aylar önce
I agree with this completely. Dad was rusty the first game against Tampa for this reason. Just give the starters reps in the preseason and get them ready to go.
Jimbo Coonass
Jimbo Coonass 3 aylar önce
Cooper Rush doesn't play like a back up QB, he plays more like a starting QB. His awareness in the pocket is incredible and knows when to pull the trigger without making mistakes. That's awesome !
randy marsh
randy marsh 3 aylar önce
He threw two terrible ints in the Washington game. He just got lucky there were penalities on those plays that didn't effect the outcome.
TacoABeast 83
TacoABeast 83 3 aylar önce
@Victor Vasconcellos Its about System...Cooper Rush fits well in this system
Victor Vasconcellos
Victor Vasconcellos 3 aylar önce
Easy to play like a starting QB if you're coming from the bench with nothing to lose. The moment you give him the keys to the car he'll crash it. He belongs in the Foles/Fitzpatrick category of backups. Which to be honest, is the best kind of back ups available. Unfortunately it's very hard to keep them because they're always drawing attention from QB needy teams that will give them a shot.
Kevondrick Bailey
Kevondrick Bailey 3 aylar önce
No new friends
Chris Dantzler
Chris Dantzler 3 aylar önce
When it comes to Dak… all honesty don’t mess with the mojo. If Rush continues to perform good and we are winning, let your investment get 100 percent. Nothing less. That’s physically and mentally.
2Faces Of Evil
2Faces Of Evil 3 aylar önce
Being a cowboys fan for 30 years, it’s true cooper rush is getting better way better.
allin yofeelings
allin yofeelings 3 aylar önce
Yeah with the quick release effective run game we won't have to worry about Donald wrecking the game
2Faces Of Evil
2Faces Of Evil 3 aylar önce
@allin yofeelings I agree way faster release, Cooper Rush beats Rams next week I called it now
allin yofeelings
allin yofeelings 3 aylar önce
And that huge contract has them blind to what rush can do but maybe it will heat up Dak seat and force him to play better cause if he comes back and loses 2 in a row I find it hard not to go back to rush after the bye week
allin yofeelings
allin yofeelings 3 aylar önce
Yeah hard to see if he's just getting by in the system but they have had him handcuffed they let him go in the commander game and he stepped up would like to see them let him go fully cause he has deadly accuracy even on the deep ball to cede that got batted had he jumped for the pass I think he comes down with it cause it was that close Dak don't have that he can put it in thw area code and rush does have a faster release.
2Faces Of Evil
2Faces Of Evil 3 aylar önce
@allin yofeelings idk why they didn’t see Cooper rush arm talent over Daks ?? I just love Cooper rush style better more of a pocket passer takes chances not afraid to throw down field and Dak holds on to the ball way. longer and gets hurt now , idk bro it’s a tough decision or The organizations coming to maybe they made a mistake with dak??
Tulley&Me 3 aylar önce
A good quarterback will always give credit to the team. A good quarterback will never take credit for the win… only for a loss. Cooper is better for the team. Get over it.
Youtuber 3 aylar önce
This guy is obviously too emotionally connected to Dak to admit that he could potentially lose his job. Dak isn’t a top-tier qb! If Cooper has a deep playoff run then he’ll get the job. He only needs to playoff wins to surpass what Dak I’ve done in 7 years lol
Ghost 3 aylar önce
Rush won’t get the chance Dak will get the start when he returns because they invested too much into him.
TJ Ellis
TJ Ellis 3 aylar önce
What elevated Noah Brown was that they lost two receivers ahead of him on the depth chart plus Gallup missed time and Washington has been injured all season. He's never had a chance to do much but block.
Ghost 3 aylar önce
@Bryant Brown and Rush has a good rapport together but Rush completed more passes to lamb?
Ghost 3 aylar önce
That’s not going to elevate you what type of logic is that?
Bryant 3 aylar önce
He's also not a dynamic guy. Brown is a good solid WR that has developed nicely. And he has a good rapport with Rush since they ran scout team stuff since they both came into the league 6 years ago together. But Brown is not a "special" WR. He's good. He's solid. That's it.
Niko Peligro
Niko Peligro 3 aylar önce
I was almost ready to accept a tank season after week 1.
Riv3ra 3 aylar önce
Man that’s exactly how I was feeling. But that defense is insane
phillip vance
phillip vance 3 aylar önce
It’s fun that Daks rookie year that he wasn’t putting the ball down field but rush is doing the same thing but it’s okay because he’s not Dak…
Ghost 3 aylar önce
With the best line in football and a bull at runningback
Da-Kid-C4 3 aylar önce
Thank you for stating the absolute truth!!!
Matthew Benjamin
Matthew Benjamin 3 aylar önce
Timestamp 8:45 this is a great point Acho! When has Dak ever made his receivers better or elevated them? Hasn't the issue always been that Dak has needed extremely talented receivers to make him look better? I've been saying this for years now, Dak is not good at reading defenses, at presnap determination, or at accuracy. He's a good leader and great fighter that gives you 110% effort, which is fine if you're a defensive lineman, but a QB has to be more than that. The only scenario in which I believe Dak can take the Cowboys to the Super Bowl, or heck even just deep in the playoffs is if he has a OC that runs the offense to his strengths (run-heavy, RPO, play-action game); the problem with even that scenario is that Dak has lost his ability to truly be a run threat, which was the only elevating skill he brought to the offense.
sleepymalosgv 3 aylar önce
Even the might have been interceptions if you look at the replays he threw on purpose because he saw the penalties against his receivers
ThaReal 3 aylar önce
The money is the only reason dak will get his job right back. We were 1-5 when he trashed his ankle. People were in a hurry to get him back. I personally would like to see how Cooper does against the rams and eagles. Dak dominates subpar teams in the regular season. Never seen dak win a high stakes game. Besides.... you're only as good as your last performance; right?
Gsentinel 3 aylar önce
Don't forget, Tom Brady came in for Drew Bredsoe a million years ago when he was injured and the rest is History. 2:04 Yes The Dallas Defense has been phenomenal but that's just something to ponder.
Czarcastic 145
Czarcastic 145 3 aylar önce
Settling for FGs instead of TDs is going to bite us in the backside no matter how good our defense is. The score should have been 33.
Gorrealla Monsoon
Gorrealla Monsoon 3 aylar önce
@Ghost we were smoking them 24-0 by the third quarter in that game what are you talking about!!! I was there where were you?
Ghost 3 aylar önce
@Gorrealla Monsoon The first game against Washington last year we won by 7 with Amari Cooper, much Gallup and Ceedee Lamb knock it off and that was because of four field goals and late clutch turnovers
Cynthia Daw
Cynthia Daw 3 aylar önce
I think Rush gives something to the Cowboys that Dak dosent. I think Rush gives a fresh perspective for the boys and their responding to it!! Coqboys running game was stopped but he can throw it good and take them down field. We know Dak lost the first game. Rush hasnt!! We dont need high score necessarily. We need balance and cutting down on penalties. Rush is just does something better and he is making no mistakes hardly. Year after year I've seen Dak play. He's not gonna carrie the Cowboys to the promise land. He chokes under pressure.ive seen enough of Dak. But Rush is just giving Dallas a chance. I'm liking him. He sees what Dak cant see!! Hey, Cowboys are winning and Rush is just making it work!! Thatll work for me!! Also hes not a fumbler!!
Goatin Aroun
Goatin Aroun 3 aylar önce
@Reggie Cromer lol sure
Mrgodumbwiththedeuce 3 aylar önce
@RoboGreek He also is top 4 in wins since being drafted lmaoo. U pulled like 1/12 if his career games. Stop reaching
Rob Chuk
Rob Chuk 3 aylar önce
I take back what I said about Steve Young. He's right, Dak could learn from Cooper Rush
Skelter 3 aylar önce
Diggs was a BEAST against Washington
Kevin Weymouth
Kevin Weymouth 3 aylar önce
Rush is doing a great job but he has been very lucky on multiple interceptions that were either dropped or called back because of a penalty. He has made some clutch drives but special teams and defense is the main reason for the wins.
Bob Armstrong
Bob Armstrong 3 aylar önce
When Cooper Rush keeps winning his stock goes way up. When Zak returns, 100% or not, he better win. He's not going anywhere with his $89 million dead-cap hit contract, but the fans JUST WANT TO WIN BABY!
Raun Chi
Raun Chi 3 aylar önce
Cooper Rush is getting paid for what he's done, this year, whether in Dallas or somewhere else. His minimum pay day is 5m from here, forward. I could easily see a team like the Panthers giving him 10-15 as a starter contract
GEE VILSAINT 3 aylar önce
In Rush we trust 🤣
Mysterio 6996
Mysterio 6996 3 aylar önce
Look folks , Lets face it , Dak is an overpayed Jameis Winston with a few more TDs , and some costly turn overs that get Head Coaches Fired . Brady joined Tampa , replaced Turn Over Machine Winston , then Brady threw for more TDs and reduced the Turnovers . The Result ? SB 55 Winner . The Cowboys are winning because Rush Hour ain't no Turnover Machine giving the Ball to the other team like Dak does constantly . That gives a Boost of Morale to the O Line . The Cowboys Defense is playing so well because they know they will be playing with leads instead of being behind in the entire game like Dak was puting them in . Rush Hour should stay in til he loses . If Rush Hour beats the Rams he should stay the Starting QB permanently .
Jedi Ramon
Jedi Ramon 3 aylar önce
Cooper rush has been more impressive just because of expectations and where rush was as a player
caper087 3 aylar önce
Shady right… what happens if dak comes back and loses that first game , wow the fans be Wildin 😂
2Faces Of Evil
2Faces Of Evil 3 aylar önce
@AaronS 85 well said , I was done with dak after last years 49ers game, Cooper would of won that game
AaronS 85
AaronS 85 3 aylar önce
@2Faces Of Evil same i think hes got that contract over his head and its too much for him to live up too I personally dont think hes worth half that id ride with rush till the wheels fall off ive seen 4 for a few years now im ready for a change
2Faces Of Evil
2Faces Of Evil 3 aylar önce
I don’t believe dak can beat the rams or eagles he’s washed
x the FACELESSx 3 aylar önce
I’m a cowboy fan but I only watched this cause Joy was on beautiful and talking about football ❤
Stephen Fragoso
Stephen Fragoso 3 aylar önce
MATT MAN 3 aylar önce
@T Swagga ☹️
T Swagga
T Swagga 3 aylar önce
Her rack😊
Alex Chavez
Alex Chavez 3 aylar önce
Cooper Rush, although he may not score every day, is that he is moving it and killing time to allow his D to get a breather and have energy to keep attacking on their next rotation.
Drew’s World
Drew’s World 3 aylar önce
Dak goes 3 n out everytime doesn’t give the defense a break cooper rush keeps them off the field. Cooper might not be a better athlete but a better QB in general. He’s a game manager makes the right plays scans the field dak doesn’t 🤷🏽‍♂️
Tenshiii_- 3 aylar önce
I love seeing Joy on TV.
Ewolf5150 3 aylar önce
Maybe 5 years ago…..
D N 3 aylar önce
@imthatboy Irvin is pure entertainment. Acho is African American studies hack masquerading as the James Baldwin of sports punditry.
Trojan Hell
Trojan Hell 3 aylar önce
She’s unbearable frankly …
The Interested Observer
@imthatboy hahahaha Irv is a national treasure of bat-s**t-crazery, protect him at all costs
imthatboy 3 aylar önce
@D N What bro? 😂 Stop it. If anybody is unbearable on TV, it’s Michael Irvin.
Redemption Faith TV
Redemption Faith TV 3 aylar önce
It’s good start to be 3-0 BUT IT’S ONLY 3 games!!!! Don’t over react folks. I think and hope he will go as far as the line will block for him. He’s learning to be a good qb
Kendal Greene
Kendal Greene 3 aylar önce
If Dallas can beat the Rams then we might have a argument..... so right now this is just a feel good story
Jesus Camero
Jesus Camero 3 aylar önce
I just want to add in all the gossip and the hype and all the drama . We were the highest scoring offense with Dak last year and no playoff win . Then week 1 with new line and WR TE and so on Dak looked lost . Cooper Rush steps in and makes things more like he has been a starter before with the same new team . So why not stay with Cooper until Dak is fully and I mean fully healthy and see if he can elevate this team more ???
A-ron 3 aylar önce
Yo David, after you left the Break I was wondering where exactly you were working at if we would ever see you. Well I guess you made it bigger and that's was up bro keep up the good work
FlyBirdGang🦅💚 3 aylar önce
How did shady even get this job 😭😭😭
MRMANIFICENT1K 3 aylar önce
😂ex players gotta eat too😂
Robby X
Robby X 3 aylar önce
Cooper rush can be a Jimmy G for the cowboys . Cowboy fans should appreciate that more than having Dak
Aven Miller
Aven Miller 3 aylar önce
The defense is good but rush brung us back after we fell behind 7. He’s done it 3 games straight
Ricardo Barajas
Ricardo Barajas 3 aylar önce
I just want to say that Dave said in one of the Dallas cowboys podcast that Dak was greater than mahomes Allen and the guy from San Diego
Jiggz Vegas
Jiggz Vegas 3 aylar önce
It’s feels like they don’t really want Dak back, Cowboys fans prey that Dak can even finish a season forget about winning. Who wants that when you can have a pretty good QB that can finish a season. Not that it’s Daks fault that he gets hurt too often but it is still a problem.
Rick Medrano
Rick Medrano 3 aylar önce
The defense played good in week 1 also and dak couldn't put points on the board. So it's both sides now getting it done. The defense knows they have help from the offense now.
eudy Maverick Mentor
eudy Maverick Mentor 3 aylar önce
@Ghost Sacked at 9:01 3rd Quarter by Devin White, Sacked at 3:18 3rd Quarter by Anthony Nelson. Your like talking to a bag of hair.
eudy Maverick Mentor
eudy Maverick Mentor 3 aylar önce
@Ghost I don't count a scrambling QB as part of the running game. It's not fair to compare Cooper Rush to Dak Prescott in running ability. Cooper Rush looks like Tom Brady running. Get a clue.
eudy Maverick Mentor
eudy Maverick Mentor 3 aylar önce
@Ghost They did when Dallas played them. Pay attention.
Ghost 3 aylar önce
@eudy Maverick Mentor Another stat you lied about sacks. Dak was only sacked once on a corner blitz
Ghost 3 aylar önce
@eudy Maverick Mentor Also why are you lying? Cowboys had 60 yards rushing
Jeff Sanford
Jeff Sanford 3 aylar önce
Rush has played well, but I think he looked like a backup against Washington outside a one or two throws. He got very lucky with two INTs getting called back by penalties that arguably had nothing to do with the play. In the 4 games that Rush has won, the defense has given up 14.75 points per game. He is not a QB that can win if the defense gives up more than 30. He's a great backup, but he won't ever be a solid starter for very long. He's basically Jimmy G
T.P.A. 3 aylar önce
production, production, production!!!!!!! Let's see what he can do next week
J HIXX 3 aylar önce
Whenever Dak comes back he's going to be rusty and out of sink he's only played 3 1/2 qrts and wasn't very good compared to Rush full 3 games including preseason games Dak don't take what the defense gives him and holds on the ball to long Rush is more accurate
C bass
C bass 3 aylar önce
Dak is the 10th most accurate QB overall currently in the league. Deep Ball ranked 5th. Zone coverage ranked 4th. His deadliest is under pressure ranked at #2. And that’s as of 9/6/2022. And all the while since his leg injury I wouldn’t say he’s as mobile now, in college the man blew away the closest competition in completions, yards and Touchdowns. Y’all saying start rush over Dak rush better this better that. Cooper rush has been a backup for like 8 years for a reason. You don’t pay a QB 40$ million a year to sit on the bench. Words like no trade clause should resonate a little more with some of you. Takes a team to achieve what you expect Dak to do by himself.
Joshua Pryor
Joshua Pryor 3 aylar önce
Dak put on Noah Brown. Hes caught a pass from Dak the last 2 seasons. Wasnt on the active roster most of the games
Ghost 3 aylar önce
Brown been with the Cowboys just as long as Dak has though. To say he was inactive most games is a flat out lie.
Micah Hull
Micah Hull 3 aylar önce
What made their defence look good was Washington offence line looked so bad!
Jonathan 3 aylar önce
Who would need Cooper? I can see him starting at another team
Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho 3 aylar önce
seriously we need to find out if this dude can win BIG games and the next 2 would be good to see
Lyle Kopp
Lyle Kopp 3 aylar önce
Yeah cooper rush does keep it simple. He converts pretty good on 3rd down. It would be sweet if he continued this level of play. It’ll be cool if he goes 7-0
teampenn2007 3 aylar önce
Good job, Dave!
Boneruler23 3 aylar önce
So Cooper Rush puts up game manager stats against bad teams that Dak has dominated his entire career, now people switch tunes and Cooper Rush is this great QB...
Mad Man
Mad Man 3 aylar önce
@Sport Savant i watch him play. He is definitely a game manager. There is no problem with that. It's a successful style of play. Brady got away with being a game manager for years.
Rgt underworld Rgt777
Rgt underworld Rgt777 3 aylar önce
@Ghost No. Just No 1) Defense Is better this yr then last, except in getting turnovers. Which Will come 2) Game 1 This yr was their worst performance of the season thus far. Even tho it was by no means a bad performance. Dak was terrible in game 1. No doubt So was Lamb, Every WR, and Schultz and the OL. Everyone stunk on Offense. Everyone. You saw the game. Why are you Just focusing on Dak tho?🤔. As I previously stated, Dak, playing with a defensive unit playing this well? Takes us to a much higher level. Because we scored much more pts over his career than we are now w Rush. That's Not a knock on a back up QB who is not losing games So w a QB that creates more explosive plays and score more points? It feeds into what our defense does best. Rush tht passer, pressure tht QB, thus creating More turnovers. W Cooper? 13 pts vs Vikings with 2 min left 17 pts vs Bengals with 1 min left 13 pts vs Giants with 9 min left 12 pts vs Washington, 10 min left That ain't exactly lighting sht up is it? NO That's playing Not to lose, letting tht defense keep you in games and try to win at the end. Again, w a back up, that's how you do it. So stop talking this dumb sht, go look at Dak's career completion %, Dak's career pts per game. Realize your wrong and shut dafuggup. Cuz you lack the character to admit your wrong. No amount of common sense, look at tht numbers, based on the production on the field, will ever be enough to stop the hate. So have at it. I do hate, that dckheads like YOU, only hang losses on the coach, and the QB Why is it that nooooobody else owns losses but those 2?
Ghost 3 aylar önce
@Rgt underworld Rgt777 So the defense just got good in game two? If anything the defense played their best game one. Constant three and outs and Brady was only able to score one TD
RoRoOnTheGoGo 3 aylar önce
@Sports 101 🏈🏀 Stafford was on the Lions for how many years? With trash teams? Herbert and Murray just came in the league. My team is the cowboys I don’t care about no other QB. We are talking about Dak. Cooper move the chains, Dak is Mr. 3 & out. I don’t know who’s worse Dak fans or Romo fans. No one player is bigger than the team. Whoever is helping our team win, that’s who I’m going with.
Sports 101 🏈🏀
Sports 101 🏈🏀 3 aylar önce
Like literally the reigning super bowl QB is 11-72 against 500 teams and daks win percentage against 500 teams is 42% Rodgers is only a 45% so
Accumulator 3 aylar önce
As a cowboys fan I say let Rush finish the season, I’ve seen Daks ceiling and I’m getting tired of watching him beat up on sorry teams and laying an egg against decent teams. Rush looks better right now.
Gonzalo Rodriguez III
Gonzalo Rodriguez III 3 aylar önce
Rush beat up on sorry teams that Dak would of put 30 on
Gerardo Alas
Gerardo Alas 3 aylar önce
Idk if im wrong but the cowboys arent the best ranked defense at the moment. I think they are only 5th and the run game was bearly there. Now I would rather have Dak, but cooper is doing great.
Ryan Nicholson
Ryan Nicholson 3 aylar önce
Helman is ABSOLUTELY right!!! Let's get real 😂 do some really simple analysis and you'll see 👀 top Defense= WINS. Don't believe me, look at all the Superbowl champions and tell me who didn't have a top 10 defense??? ... I'll wait. I like Cooper, but the shade is unreal
William Bougart
William Bougart 3 aylar önce
Have Cooper play for Washington. its the Dallas o line that makes qbs good
Caitlin Vergason
Caitlin Vergason 3 aylar önce
Eagles guys would love to see Rush start over Dak
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis 3 aylar önce
The play book should be relatively open for rush lol. He been on this roster since 2017…. Also… Level of competition doesn’t matter I guess. But when it’s Dak starting level of competition matters. Kirk Cousin horrible during prime time Bengals were a bad team when we played and Rush didn’t play well that game either. Daniel Jones 0-8 in printing before Dallas played them. Washington was without their star on defense and Wentz was the most sacked QB. Great job rush. But he beat teams he is supposed to beat. It’s about time the cowboys have a QB who can win a few games.
Laquan Wilson
Laquan Wilson 3 aylar önce
Love what Rush is doing but Moore is not calling the game the same way he called it for Dak . With Dak he trying to air it out only 15 to 20 run plays called with Rush he's calling more run plays which is opening up the play action to take shots down the field . Let him call the game the same way For Dak the way he's calling it for Rush guarantee to you Dak will have 3-4 TD passes in that game cause the play action will open for him giving more time in the pocket
Brenda Joyce
Brenda Joyce 3 aylar önce
@James Clark everyone who sees Dak for the barely above average QB he is,is delusional to y'all, cause y'all allergic to the truth
Ghost 3 aylar önce
@James Clark Did you not watch the flipping buccaneers game Dak was way off the mark Lamb trying to reach back to catch a pass thrown behind him on every slant throw.
James Clark
James Clark 3 aylar önce
@Brenda Joyce everything you just said is absolutely delusional
Lord King 83
Lord King 83 3 aylar önce
@Brenda Joyce we've literally watched Dak dime guys in stride and Cooper every game has had bad throws with great 1's, So whats the difference? Maybe just maybe yall should go back to being a fan and quit thinking like you have some stake in a multi billion dollar company. Rush has been here in the league for years, and he's just this year minus the 1 game last season dak was out, is being a slid backup outta 6 years now, but Daks the 1 who's no good right? When has Cooper ever won us a playoff game, when has he ever won more than 4 games in 6 years? Daks won our division 3 outta 6 years. He won at least 1 playoff game. But a backup would win us the bowl, right...?🤡
Oldazzrapper with skills
A good quarterback should audible to the run plays on 1st down. Be a leader.....
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 3 aylar önce
Dak is overrated, yeah he can run but he's very inaccurate and misses receivers constantly. Cooper is a better passer than Prescott and he should be starting.
Temp Temp
Temp Temp 3 aylar önce
This show needs Wiley, they need someone that can match Acho energy and keep him on his toes.
Blakmelle 3 aylar önce
It's the play of The Posse. That defense has kept the opposing teams' scores low enuff for Rush n the offense to score just enuff to win.
Youtuber 3 aylar önce
You got two donuts and two former players disagreeing on a quarterback who hasn’t had a turnover and 3-0. Both players played for our hated rivals, one of which being one of the best backs of our generation. If you don’t think the NFL partners who endorse and pay millions to Dak don’t have a hand in the media downplaying Cooper, you’re oblivious and blind. The millionaires are speaking their mind, the ones that depend on the check are abiding to orders and the agenda.
Grandelusion 3 aylar önce
Lmao Dak hung like 35 on all these teams last year and people just said "bUt tHeIr bAd tEaMs". We were even losing games where Dak put up 28- 35 points and people still blamed him. The difference now is that when your defense doesn't allow a team to put up even 20 points, you don't have to do anything crazy at QB to win games. Cooper Rush has yet to be down 2-3 scores late in a game yet. When Dak is in that position he almost always wins. Dude is hanging out at the top of the list for 4th qtr comebacks and game winning drives, as well as completion percentage (last year he was 4th behind Rogers). I think rush is great, and I think they should leave him in til he loses, but he's not even close to as good as Dak right now.
Tay Bob
Tay Bob 3 aylar önce
Th defense is incredible but the defense isn’t scoring points for the cowboys it’s Cooper rush and he’s smart with the football he’s not turning the ball over … even with the 3-0 start he will nvr get the respect as a back up …. He needs a lil more credit IMO
Ghost 3 aylar önce
My question is what is the defense doing differently now than in game one?
Gonzalo Rodriguez III
Gonzalo Rodriguez III 3 aylar önce
Yall really think Dak would of lost to these teams?
Jose Villalobos
Jose Villalobos 3 aylar önce
Keep Cooper Rush playing , and also be ready for him to make a mistake, but keep him starting. He is only going to get better as the season continues.
John Perez
John Perez 3 aylar önce
We'll said
John Perez
John Perez 3 aylar önce
We'll said
Cheez69 3 aylar önce
When I hear Acho’s sports takes I just remember.. Pat McAfee has more professional tackles. 🫠
Mr. Roboto
Mr. Roboto 3 aylar önce
I'm waiting to get on the rush band wagon until after the next two weeks. Rams and eagles won't be easy games.
SLATT 00 3 aylar önce
Is we forgetting the cowboys an the eagles have the easiest schedules in the nfl season let’s relax please
Daniel Nettles
Daniel Nettles 3 aylar önce
Dalton was a second rounder green was the first pick that year
kenneth banks
kenneth banks 3 aylar önce
No longer a fact. Niners defense has had a 19 point high. I originally said "not a fact" but didn't think time of segment niners did not play and were at 3 games not 4.
Temujin vang
Temujin vang 3 aylar önce
I just got more respect for shady McCoy..He's speaking truth about Cooper Rush..
You already know who It is
I can see the panthers taking cooper next year
David Beltran
David Beltran 3 aylar önce
It’s hard to say if Rush is a starter I hope he is as a Cowboys fan. But what’s FACT is he is better then Dak. Point blank
Corey Sanders
Corey Sanders 3 aylar önce
Cee Dee Lamb actually gets the ball with CR
Jay H
Jay H 3 aylar önce
I think Dak is slightly above average QB but to act like bc Cooper Rush won 4 games against mediocre teams he’s better than someone who has DOMINATED those exact same teams his whole career is just crazy 🥴did y’all forget Dak won his first 10 out of 11 games against far better teams?
Gorrealla Monsoon
Gorrealla Monsoon 3 aylar önce
@Brenda Joyce Dak was a rookie who just stepped into a system vs Rush who has been in the same system since he came in the league. Never mind that this is the same offense that was number 1 last year. Rush doesn’t need anyones respect because he’s doing what a good back up is suppose to do, lean on the run game, make a handful of good throws and rely on a very good defense.
Brenda Joyce
Brenda Joyce 3 aylar önce
The only thing your describing is a QB who's had more opportunities,see y'all make it seem like Dak wasn't barely averaging 200 yards passing before Coop, y'all make it seem like Dak stepped on the field an put up numbers, which he didn't, y'all forget that, Dak was in the league 2 1/2 years and he only had 4 300 Yard passing games,look it up,but now the standard is, Rush has to put up huge numbers,in order to earn your respect,the only difference from what Rush is doing now and what Dak did his rookie year is, Dak had the best running game in football and Rush has a top 3 defense,they both put up similar numbers in there first 4 starts, Rush numbers might be better,oh yeah Dak had the best o line in football also,we all know that are o line is nowhere near being the best in the league
Gorrealla Monsoon
Gorrealla Monsoon 3 aylar önce
@Jonathan Aragon did u hate him because he replaced Romo or because he’s the Qb for the Cowboys?
Jonathan Aragon
Jonathan Aragon 3 aylar önce
@The Interested Observer nope. I have hated dak since day 1. Dudes the most overrated qb I've ever seen
The Interested Observer
what have you done for me lately? NFL not for long, week to week league, go with the hot hand. All popular football cliches. Recency bias. Dak has to come back and win otherwise, this boy is winning even if he is not as good a player
Kirston Brown
Kirston Brown 3 aylar önce
To move forward with cooper over dak it would take balls from the owner and coach bill had the balls to sit drew Bledsoe after injury and it payed off maybe light just came for cooper rush who knows
skimonkey 3 aylar önce
Cooper will get exposed! 1. This happens all the time when nobody shows and have a good run. Then he sucks! 2. The opponents are just horrible this year! However, the Cowboys' defense is LEGIT!
Exodus UMG
Exodus UMG 3 aylar önce
Don’t forget rush would of had 2ints if it wasn’t for defensive penalties that negated those Ints.
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