Coolio Talks Hip-Hop Cooking and "Gangsta's Paradise" Folklore While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Stepping into the hot seat for First We Feast's second annual L.A. Week, the legendary Compton MC brings some veteran cockiness to Hot Ones, the Internet's most dangerous interview show. Watch the "black Rachael Ray" take on some of the wildest hot sauces in the world while remembering his Rock N' Jock days and opening up about Tupac, Kendrick Lamar, and Action Bronson.

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Season 2
Episode 5

First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect. Click here to purchase Hot Ones hot sauces: bit.ly/2ja8sx2



7 Mar 2016




Yük bağlantısı.....


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finbarstud 21 saatler önce
Man is a Legend!
jake_od 2 gün önce
someone so irrelevant has to do a move like that to try to claw back into the limelight
Ivaylo Stoyanov
Ivaylo Stoyanov 2 gün önce
Forever love man, one of the greatest.
Rock Steady
Rock Steady 2 gün önce
Coolio: Dat shit waz hot Ha haaaa. 🤣 Classic what a legend
HaremKing 6 gün önce
Coolio the man that died but lived
Oroku Saki
Oroku Saki 6 gün önce
coolio sucks
miranda johnson
miranda johnson 7 gün önce
I can respect the juggalo culture... one love
Hami Shahsavan
Hami Shahsavan 8 gün önce
Respect AF to Coolio! That last one I don't care if he was just cocky or knew what was waiting man respect! 😂
thexbigxgreen 8 gün önce
The editing has come a long way since season 2 lol
William Mayes
William Mayes 9 gün önce
Love Coolio and Ddaammnn!! He rolled through that shit like nothing until that last one 😂. I couldn't do that
Dylan Jacobson
Dylan Jacobson 10 gün önce
I can see why you haven't heard from him in a while.. what a dunk.. only person to have more sauce then chicken on the last one
Mr. Cortez
Mr. Cortez 12 gün önce
Got the chills when he said the song wrote itself. Damn I think he passed out or something as well.
Charles Straubing
Charles Straubing 13 gün önce
John P
John P 15 gün önce
first album momma would let me get
drhoads08 16 gün önce
I thought Sean had to do what the guest does but his last dab was vastly inferior. lmao...
Raja Samra
Raja Samra 17 gün önce
And Khaled still quit after the 3rd wing😂😂
Bobby C
Bobby C 17 gün önce
that last dab tho! Coolio is a HOT SOSS BOSS
Boredblackbelt 18 gün önce
Sean, not the cockiest move, the most gangsta move ever seen on hot ones.
Karamo Sellah
Karamo Sellah 19 gün önce
BrawlerTM 21 gün önce
Had he played that shit with Da Bomb, I think he would be dead haha
Unfinished Project
Unfinished Project 21 gün önce
A St
A St 24 gün önce
Did we ever get treach?
Steve Skelton
Steve Skelton 24 gün önce
No wonder his hair quit growing
OG cloo
OG cloo 28 gün önce
4:33-4:37 sometimes come back to this video for this clip specifically lol
Sparsh Vaishnav MT20
Sparsh Vaishnav MT20 28 gün önce
12:34 The moment y'all here for😂
rice salad
rice salad 29 gün önce
Coolio, man card received.
kurt cocaine 1991
kurt cocaine 1991 Aylar önce
13:42 dat shit is hot his face made me crack up af 😂
Mike Ezell
Mike Ezell Aylar önce
What happened with Snoop at the Compton Hotel?!
TommyVercetti Aylar önce
12:33 🐐
Heru Dewantara
Heru Dewantara Aylar önce
Gangsta paradise is ur legacy...
David Tatti
David Tatti Aylar önce
Seans face at 13:16 is prizeless! One of the best episodes of all seasons.
John Wardrop
John Wardrop Aylar önce
Great show Sean! Just not a fan of the guest
Real Talk
Real Talk Aylar önce
Coolios the fckn man
Josef Koutane
Josef Koutane Aylar önce
Dave Chappelle reboot: When keepin it real goes wrong: In this episode Dave reenacts the Trump administration as well as the Biden administration plus a parody of rapper Coolio's terribly HOT time on Hot Ones. Betta not bring yo kiiidddss!
Adam Porter
Adam Porter Aylar önce
Oh my God that fucking ice cube at the end
Adam Porter
Adam Porter Aylar önce
Everytime I take him seriously I see the hair
Nazareno Fornari
Nazareno Fornari Aylar önce
The makeshift nylon karunagappally wrap because craftsman interstingly last over a domineering gander. sordid, jolly bank
4hunnid20 Aylar önce
Lol Coolio crazy. I died when he took his cap off
Karen Burt
Karen Burt Aylar önce
This is the first episode I watch now I'm hooked
no name who
no name who Aylar önce
I literally have to go to the toilet while watching this
foxtrot889 Aylar önce
I only ever heard about this one being talked about when they said "they haven't heard from coolio in a while." I thought that meant he took it particularly badly, but holy shit. The sauce isn't as hot as the stuff they use these days, but essentially drinking THAT much of the higher heat sauces? Major props. That was stupid in the best of ways. lol I'm impressed with how well he handled even that.
Stephen Holland
Stephen Holland Aylar önce
Sean saying I’m really proud of you almost made me cry
76oldboy Aylar önce
S: how you wanna be remembered? C: OOOOOOOOOOOH!
Claw Masters
Claw Masters Aylar önce
Listening to him tell shit the real way especially how he reacted with Weird Al did his version. That is respect. He knows now he fucked up and over reacted. Much Respect to this man.
Antonio Henriquez
Antonio Henriquez Aylar önce
Coolio is a legend.
Heaven Studios
Heaven Studios Aylar önce
Watched this like 10x and I just realized how much of a real one the woman with him his. That's A REAL WOOOOMAAAN taking care of her man. Mad respect.
Chanica Bing - Lex
Chanica Bing - Lex Aylar önce
I wanna see Snoop!
pigsy e
pigsy e Aylar önce
Ha! what a spoon! a liar will ALWAYS give you too much information...girth and width, same thing baby
Mark A
Mark A Aylar önce
Money can't buy sense! But a decent guy I think!
Randomwrath! Aylar önce
Gordon: have you ever killed anybody? Sean: ...we haven't heard from Coolio in awhile
Darren Fuerst
Darren Fuerst 2 aylar önce
That man is nutz
Eric Fallabel
Eric Fallabel 2 aylar önce
I forgot that Coolio was not the same as LL Cool J
T T 2 aylar önce
I love you Coolio.
Jaded Monk
Jaded Monk 2 aylar önce
@13:00 That's just straight up insanity. After that little maneuver, Coolio's butthole becomes the🐉's nostril. So, he didn't disappeared. Coolio simply vaporized
Reidlos Toof
Reidlos Toof 2 aylar önce
Truly beyond insanity.
Karamo Sellah
Karamo Sellah 2 aylar önce
harpersneil 2 aylar önce
Where are the feminists when this man is talking about "bad Ho's"?
Nick S
Nick S 2 aylar önce
Coolio is my kind of guy. Hes a " hold my beer" kind of guy.
Taeao RTKC
Taeao RTKC 2 aylar önce
Sean 🤣
Tom Riddle
Tom Riddle 2 aylar önce
Hence forth he shall be named Hottio
Tom Riddle
Tom Riddle 2 aylar önce
Ahh at least was humble if nothing else eh lol.
G M 2 aylar önce
"Everyone who comes on the show says something like that. And it comes back." Facts.
h uh
h uh 2 aylar önce
this needs more views
Cia Artin
Cia Artin 2 aylar önce
I had to evaluate the video to see the events that led up to Coolio's "dissappearance." Word on the street is that they haven't heard from him in a while. Better call in Sipowitz or maybe Sean and Gus.
Mackenzie Minor
Mackenzie Minor 2 aylar önce
What a cool dude.
Emaly Bondoc
Emaly Bondoc 2 aylar önce
I see you season 2. Editing skills got a little better.
mick smith
mick smith 2 aylar önce
is coolio half reindeer?
Charles Antoine
Charles Antoine 2 aylar önce
The man
SoJeph 2 aylar önce
"I picked up a pen and I started writing, now here is some real folklore about Gangsta's Paradise, I never picked up my pen"
Scorpio 2 aylar önce
5:05 who is the guy wearing the M on the right?
Dexter Thompson
Dexter Thompson 2 aylar önce
Jesus fucking christ!!! This is fucking time I will not ever get back. RIDICULOUS! PATHETIC...... ...
Tone Montana11
Tone Montana11 2 aylar önce
He is the Hot ones Champ lol
DaBig Baby
DaBig Baby 2 aylar önce
funny how i got directed to this nearly perfect performance by coolio,from gordon ramsey's episode🤣coolio makes him look like a bitch
V's bare tummy & Suga's tongue technology7
I'm happy he admitted that. Weird al is a comedic genius. To me him spoofing a song should be like a badge of honour to the artist being spoofed.
Stiven Gross
Stiven Gross 2 aylar önce
I literally spend 20 some minutes looking through the comments and I was not disappointed by a single one. Thank you all for making me laugh and making my day.
Jagorim_Jarg 2 aylar önce
RIP Coolio
GZA 2 aylar önce
"How do you want to be remembered" was such a perfect question after dabbing the last wing like that 💀
Nicolas Soto Ayala
Nicolas Soto Ayala 2 aylar önce
6:14 after watching the whole thing I just love to come back to this
Jason Latorre
Jason Latorre 2 aylar önce
Coolio is a Hot Ones GOAT
Arnold Swaggerson
Arnold Swaggerson 2 aylar önce
13:03 Half life citizen scream
Mayte_J 2 aylar önce
Coolio is a class act!
coolin 710
coolin 710 2 aylar önce
bruhhhhh when he took his hat off
Anonymous 2 aylar önce
That was a mature thing for Coolio to admit that he was wrong to get mad at Weird Al for making a spoof of Gangsta's Paradise and that it made him look dumb for being so vocal about it and that Prince and Michael Jackson have way more talent than he does.
lowbaider 2 aylar önce
he was cool....before he passed out !!
Kobbie Melo
Kobbie Melo 2 aylar önce
Sean malfunctions from 12:30
Ironic Channel Name
Ironic Channel Name 2 aylar önce
He seems like a humble guy
Teerboyd 2 aylar önce
Coolio taking his hat off revealing his antler fade was one of the biggest plot twists ever
Laucha Gutiérrez
Laucha Gutiérrez 2 aylar önce
haha I thought the same thing
sparrow madein88
sparrow madein88 2 aylar önce
Bob Aldridge
Bob Aldridge 2 aylar önce
I'm glad Coolio made it to middle age.
Rhythmicons 2 aylar önce
I saw Coolio at the University of Arkansas Monticello. He told everybody to stand, and a couple of white dudes didn't stand in the front row. He got mad "Yall must not know who the fuck I is!" Had a good time.
Anon Emouse
Anon Emouse 2 aylar önce
What a fucking legend
Mullie Rattie
Mullie Rattie 2 aylar önce
The wide-eyed twilight unintentionally untidy because cougar univariably cross modulo a woozy syrup. puzzled, crazy sunday
CptnJCFG 2 aylar önce
I always come back to this episode every couple of years. It's timeless magic!
Krissie P
Krissie P 3 aylar önce
I need to see Coolio in a hot wings or hot pepper competition!! 🔥🌶🔥🍗🔥🌶🔥🍗🔥Whoo!
elbeachu2 3 aylar önce
Cool Arrows Gold!
Cool Arrows Gold! 3 aylar önce
"Waiting for one to be hot" lolol "Im only sweating cuz a the lights bro"! ooolololooolol
Glenn Heard
Glenn Heard 3 aylar önce
The tan crib behaviourally scold because verse ethnically hate midst a thundering bumper. pink, whole crown
Matthew Brandsma
Matthew Brandsma 3 aylar önce
James Nelson
James Nelson 3 aylar önce
They don't call him Coolio for nothin'!!!
MJS The Collecter
MJS The Collecter 3 aylar önce
This ending gives me like Willy Wonka vibes Coolio didn’t listen to the warning and now he’s dead
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