Controversial Football Moments.. 

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1 Eki 2023




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@sachinpatare5887 2 aylar önce
Japan's goal decision was correct..not a VAR mistake by any means
@MUFC1933 Aylar önce
As a MUFC fan I’m hearing some things about LFC lately that actually has me convinced there actually is a vendetta against them.
@chai1513 2 aylar önce
Even when there are so many cameras recording the game from different angles, the refs make shit decisions and then everyone has to agree with him or else they get a yellow card. Absolutely disgraceful
@BaileyD2 2 aylar önce
Are you ok? Some of these were before VAR- the referee has one view to see something and it’s not about disagreeing, it’s about dissent. If they start dissenting (usually aggressively swearing) you’re obviously get booked. How many times has a referee turned round and gone ‘ah Ronaldo, you promise you didn’t dive? Ok I’ll reverse the yellow card and give you a pen’ 🤦‍♂️😂
@chai1513 2 aylar önce
@@BaileyD2 I am of course talking about the incidents happening after VAR. There have been many incidents where a referee has made a bad decision and when players have asked for VAR, they have refused to check it.
@LunarEclipse1919 2 aylar önce
@@chai1513 refs can't check var for every minor foul, it's reserved for game-deciding events like penalties or red cards
@chai1513 2 aylar önce
@@LunarEclipse1919 I guess it makes sense, but if the refree makes a wrong decision which can cost the team a goal, doesnt it feel wrong?
@RicardoDekan 2 aylar önce
Chelsea Vs Barcelona Its Most Unfair And Unforgettable Moment In Football History
@streety5947 Aylar önce
it goes both ways. televison paints barça as the villain but MANY bad calls were also ruled against barça.
@LaBigPopA Aylar önce
WTF like 2 fails from Barca against 7 from Chelsea? You can go ahead too to watch the Barcelona-PSG with Aytekin as referee. That was as bad as this one😂
@arya3966 Aylar önce
Because barca paying the ref
with var barca is noob😂
@niccogava7209 Aylar önce
Italy vs Korea guys
@ryanriaz 2 aylar önce
Players cant go against referee bc they can lose their career, i think us fans have to take matters in our own hands 😤
@spacedragon2753 Aylar önce
This is why VAR should be present at all times and should make all the decisions in the game. If people claim it would waste too much time, just do it like basketball, where only the playing time actually matters, not the entire time. And this is also why (most) sports fans are absolute muppets. They don't care about a fair game, they want their team to win at any costs. Sports are ruined with that mentality
@mallyleesparta411 2 aylar önce
The man city goal was given because the goal was scored from a different play as you know because you skipped that part out .
@sachinpatare5887 2 aylar önce
he was shielding the ball..so it is a foul
@apextheracer2022 Aylar önce
@@sachinpatare5887 hes talking about vs real madrid
@sachinpatare5887 Aylar önce
​@@apextheracer2022oh...my bad
@toddmacadam3888 Aylar önce
Obviously a Madrid and Spain fan because he also used misleading angles to imply the Japan goal shoukdn't have been allowed. Why am I not surprised that a Real Madrid fan ignores facts when it suits him. You'll notice he didn't include Sergio Ramos literally ripping Mo Salah's arm out of it's socket, or when he later elbowed the GK in the face in the same game (UCL final btw). Or Amy of the other hundred red card challenges that POS got away with while at Madrid.
@user-iu8cb2bx4h 2 aylar önce
bro gibbs pulled off the move all of us as kids did all the time
@toddmacadam3888 Aylar önce
You mean Oxlade-Chamberlain. Gibbs was sent off, but Ox is the one who handled the ball.
@norneaernourn8240 Aylar önce
The refereeing in the at Chelsea Barca match was totally disgraceful. I remember watching it live as a neutral, but ended up rooting for Chelski.
@abahmarsya 2 aylar önce
that ovrebo moment was iconic
@ptttak7167 2 aylar önce
1:22 one of the most ref corruption moment of this decade
@poncho8428 2 aylar önce
@Aixie1 Aylar önce
@@poncho8428because he was very and obviously off sides and the ref didn’t call it costing a goal.
@poncho8428 Aylar önce
@@Aixie1 he didn't touch the ball
@apextheracer2022 Aylar önce
@@poncho8428 he was shielding the ball. also akanji and walker stopped because they thought the flag would go up, meaning rashford was affecting the play
@poncho8428 Aylar önce
@@apextheracer2022 He was running next to it and it's not his fault that walker and akanji stopped, you could use this argument in every no offside situation
@jaxsonbateman Aylar önce
Mmmmm, I'm definitely in the camp of supporting technology to help decisions - the issue is that if they have the technology that shows a decision is correct or incorrect, they really can't make a mistake with the final decision.
@brianlam1121 Aylar önce
Whenever Barcelona wins a matches because of being favoured by the refs it boils my blood and it always will. But when I think about what had to Barcelona for the past few seasons to now (2015/16 to now) 😂😂😂😂😂 Barcelona may not come out of the Champions League group stage again and go to Europa League again while Atletico Madrid may be completely out of Europe after group stage Matchday 6. Sure Atletico Madrid are in the easy group but the teams in the same group as Atletico Madrid are unpredictable. When Atletico Madrid meet Celtic, Celtic may pull a surprise.
@haokronvall9883 Aylar önce
japan vs spain goal was insanely close one
@Sokolowski1987 2 aylar önce
The bigest robbery in football history,Chelsea:barcelona
@Daenerys8989 2 aylar önce
the biggest until last saturday's robbery
@filipebarros9381 2 aylar önce
​@@thelegendsofthegame791stop smoking bruh
@Aryan_184 2 aylar önce
​@@thelegendsofthegame791wake up
@jokeboke2617 15 gün önce
go watch the first leg
@mustafarehan7439 2 aylar önce
In the end the way Chelsea and EPL got Robbed by Refree Broke my Heart
@LedionZogaj 2 aylar önce
@footballfan2998 2 aylar önce
For me it was the Kevin De Bruyne clear and Ronaldo VS Serbia goal
@jandrietiedt4817 2 aylar önce
@spimfilms8857 2 aylar önce
I think Ajax were robbed against Chelsea
@himansurai4179 Aylar önce
No . What about 1 leg , Barcelona were robbed
@kaalan9700 2 aylar önce
3:05 this moment was so memorable 😔
@ryanriaz 2 aylar önce
Always against me 😢
@Jesusisforevermygod 2 aylar önce
Y’all need to relax, you people acting like that’s the first ever wrongfully disallowed goal😐
Esse jogo fudeu a Itália kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
@idip6151 2 aylar önce
We need to have post game referee interview, to explain their decision of certain event..
@natnaelmesfin9120 Aylar önce
The sterling antony and cristiano dive was disgusting
07:44 antony looked liked those escorts leaving my room after the 30 min session 😂
@robertchitoiu8223 2 aylar önce
I don't understand why they don't have instant replay where the ref can just look. It's fuken 2023, we literally have the technology.
@saraakbar587 2 aylar önce
The city goal was given as Madrid regained possession as soon as Bernardo saved it so it wasn't disallowed
@LuqmanHakim857 Aylar önce
Felipe thought he was a Zlatan, no wonder he get red card
@myfakeyt8131 2 aylar önce
7:39 why did Antony’s teammate push his own teammate?
He asked him to act for a few more seconds so they can waste some more time
@HubertofLiege 2 aylar önce
If your hurt go down
@apextheracer2022 Aylar önce
to waste more time
5:34 Bit he controlled the ball with his leg first
@erkascazuchi8443 2 aylar önce
imagine complaining about your goal not being approved by the referee when you once fooled a referee with a diving that resulted you scoring a goal
@ash9366 2 aylar önce
Great Football moment's ⚽🏀⚽
@ImyoCello 2 aylar önce
"he didnt touch the ball" lol... it doesnt matter, its clear offside by the rules.
@shilobeast5816 2 aylar önce
Nobody talks how Barca was robbed in that Ucl semifan leg 1 and 2
@omarz8486 2 aylar önce
Barca was robbed in first leg, Chelsea was robbed in second leg, both teams were robbed
@markdelapenha 2 aylar önce
its offside cuz he interfered with play
@Heathen.Deity. 2 aylar önce
If you’re talking about the Rashford incident, nope. He didn’t touch the ball and he didn’t prevent any of the defenders from playing the ball. That’s on the defence for assuming he’d be ruled offside rather than attempting a tackle. They’d only have needed to make even half an attempt to get the ball and Rashford would have been interfering with play. They didn’t, so he wasn’t offside.
@apextheracer2022 Aylar önce
@@Heathen.Deity. rashford was basically shielding the ball which caused akanji and walker to stop
@Heathen.Deity. Aylar önce
@@apextheracer2022 both defenders wrongly assumed he’d be called offside and just casually jogged back waiting for the whistle. How can Rashford shield the ball from two defenders who aren’t making an attempt to tackle? If they’re not trying to get the ball, purely because they’re didn’t know the offside rules properly), it doesn’t matter if he’s an inch from the ball or a mile. Until a player makes even a vague attempt to get the ball, he’s impeding no one. Because neither defender went to tackle him or get to the ball, he can’t be offside unless he touches the ball.
@apextheracer2022 Aylar önce
@@Heathen.Deity. they didnt make an attempt to tackle because they thought it was gonna be offside. also ederson had to reposition because he didnt know who was gonna shoot. rashford was very close to the ball so there was no way akanji or walker couldve got there
@andreaswiesheu2240 2 aylar önce
Refeeres need to pull out way more red cards - players need to learn not to complain about every decision....
@MUFC1933 Aylar önce
Thank god for VAR ❤❤❤ 🥴
@TheSnowfallman 2 aylar önce
4:40 the ball had something in it and it showed it didn’t pass the line
@Heathen.Deity. 2 aylar önce
So many folk, including former professionals were whining about the Rashford offside issue, but it’s so simple. Not only did he not touch the ball, but had any of the defenders simply made even half an attempt at a tackle, Rashford would have been interfering with play and ruled offside.
@LunarEclipse1919 2 aylar önce
he was still interfering with play by standing around the ball, basically shielding it
@Heathen.Deity. 2 aylar önce
@@LunarEclipse1919 if he doesn’t touch the ball, there is no defender trying to get to the ball and he’s not obstructing the goalkeeper’s view of the ball for the shot, how is he interfering? (Hint - he’s not)
@LunarEclipse1919 2 aylar önce
@@Heathen.Deity. @@Heathen.Deity. he is interfering. Imagine rashford wasnt there at all. An opposing defender would get there in an instant and gain possession, but rashford being there is protecting the ball from being taken.
@Heathen.Deity. 2 aylar önce
@@LunarEclipse1919 did any defender try to go to the ball? No. Did he prevent any defender going for the ball? No. That’s 100% on the defenders for not knowing the rules. The second they try to go for the ball he’d have been offside, but again, they didn’t try so he wasn’t.
@LunarEclipse1919 2 aylar önce
@@Heathen.Deity. my point is that rashford's presence intimidated them from going for the ball, thus interfering with play.
@Arnav_Tripathi 2 aylar önce
7:10 come one guys ref wants to use the restroom . Look at his face it looks like he wanna poop hard 😂😂😂
@gweilospur5877 2 aylar önce
Hopefully LFC will watch this and get some perspective - they are not the only team that ever got a wrong call against them.
@blank2426 2 aylar önce
So you hope your team got match fixing too?
@gweilospur5877 2 aylar önce
@@blank2426 A wrong decision to everyone else in the world, match- fixing to the eternal victims at LFC.
@blank2426 2 aylar önce
@@gweilospur5877 could you say a wrong decision if your gae club get what LFC had?
@gweilospur5877 2 aylar önce
@@blank2426 Every other club would accept it as a wrong decision. Only LFC have the “everybody is against us” mentality. It was just one goal in one early season league match, a thousand mistakes like that have been made and nobody else cries about it the way you do.
@@gweilospur5877yeah literally it’s been 10 days since the match and they’re still whining 🙄
@SniperMonke764 Aylar önce
I reckon rashford assist was not offside because he didn’t touch it and he was really thinking outside the box
@zielaq87 12 gün önce
3:04 How do you know from that perspective? 4:38 You can see the ball wasn't over the line
@MAMEDOFF_EDITS 8 gün önce
As a Barcelona fan, the Chelsea game was a fiasco
@jeffrinthomas1257 2 aylar önce
BRO I Think you mistook maradona's hand of god for messi's goal by hand.
@erkascazuchi8443 2 aylar önce
its all well known as hand of God, when it happens you can say its just another hand of God
@solstice2149 2 aylar önce
Ronald’s diving is always so funny 😅
@BhrisomSarma-zp3ni 2 aylar önce
Messi's hand of God is also so funny man no?
@BBTROLLS_ 2 aylar önce
@@BhrisomSarma-zp3nivardrid 😂
@yakovvidberg7035 2 aylar önce
@@BhrisomSarma-zp3nieven penaldo did this lol 😂 penaldo diving for is penalties 😂😂😂😂
@Jesusisforevermygod 2 aylar önce
@@BhrisomSarma-zp3nibro is mad😂😂😂
My God. CR should have been given an Oscar, and a gold medal in diving on that awful PK call. Meanwhile Messi has given 48 PK'S in his career. Do the math, and tell me whos the better goal scorer......
@creativehub2023 2 aylar önce
8:02 this was clearly bodyline
jones foul isn’t controversial, liverpool fans are making it controversial by saying it’s not a red when it’s literally a career ending injury almost
@daslol23 2 aylar önce
he played the ball, watch the replay
@@daslol23 i was at the game mate, doesn’t matter if it was intentional or not, could’ve been a career ending injury. if that happened to salah in the exact same way you would be saying it’s a red, and it was a red for jones. it’s literally been a week since the game and livarpool fans are STILL whining about the game. your lives must be so sad 😂
@daslol23 2 aylar önce
@@daniellageorgiou-norman2244 99% of the fans that have seen the robbery COULD have believed it was a robbery, he was going for the ball which he did, but then his foot slipped.
@@daslol23 like i said, it’s a red no matter if it was intentional or not. literally move on mate, it’s been a week literally and you’re still whining about it 🤣
@daslol23 2 aylar önce
@@daniellageorgiou-norman2244 look, even if it was foul and injury, he can recover, remember time flies
Bro’s on the cover it said no foul he’s lucky he didn’t get a red card🤬
@lindaramirez5044 17 gün önce
Falto el gol de Mijatovic contra Juventus en la champions del 98 que debio ser anulado.
@lukassaust357 2 aylar önce
every game of ea fc be like
@JovanFan 2 aylar önce
Thx for the video ❤
@fadiismail388 2 aylar önce
the last one is inexplicable
@omgenglish3635 2 aylar önce
Ridiculous moment when penduuu won penalty by his diving look like he don't taken Polio when he gaving birth
@toddmacadam3888 Aylar önce
Not liking the inclusion of the Japan goal here, nor the use of misleading camera angles. The only angle that matters (top down), you conveniently failed to show. Ball didn't cross the line, so the decision to award the goal was 100% correct.
@Football__editz141 2 aylar önce
8:01 barca being barca
@Huguels 2 aylar önce
People talking about that chelsea match against barsa, I invite you to watch de whole match again, and you will see that the referee didnt give a penalty to barsa, sent off a barsa player when it was not even close to that and didnt show a Red card to a chelsea player too... that game was a disgrace from the refs, but for both sides
6:40 is probably the most blatant ref corruption i have ever seen thay match was just a joke from beging to end, how does fifa even allow this guy to keep his job...
He was hallucinating, it was so hot that he couldnt remember why he blew the whistle when interviewed. He was practically dying on the pitch
@@Theonewhoknocks422 that is a load of BS he as well as everyone knows you can swap in 4th referee if he is unable to continue for any reason...
@Y4N1Z0O Aylar önce
4:45 that decision was right tho Real Madrid - Bayern 2017 CL - 2nd rigged match in history Barcelona - Chelsea CL - most rigged match in history
@goose4268 4 gün önce
Notice how almost all of these include VAR?
@frantixor 2 aylar önce
Dived, penalty and SIUUUUU THATS MY GOAT
@FayDonaldson-vi9pi 6 gün önce
Drogba was right witch Chelsea EPL it is a disgrace and the ref DOES need to buy some glasses
@juanelorriaga2840 Aylar önce
6:17 Messi blonde streaks era
@tfbxeditz1 4 gün önce
Referee have one job that also they can’t do properly
@ayodejisylvain4291 2 aylar önce
Add the Liverpool Tottenham game to this
@agmtech5348 2 aylar önce
Add kbfc vs bfc semi final walk out😢
@Necksqueezegames Aylar önce
1:30 the goal is correct tho
@Necksqueezegames Aylar önce
@@mathmols8835 He didn't affect the defenders. The defenders forgot the most simple rule "play until the ref blows his whistle"
@Necksqueezegames Aylar önce
@@mathmols8835 The players stopped for no reason? And no I’m not United fan. I’m a city fan. But still. You have to play until ref blows his whistle
@braziliantalent Aylar önce
your video is amazing
@Kris-ts6ip Aylar önce
7:51 varca what can I say
@nanadwumfuo732 2 aylar önce
It was foul
@Cloudvii9 Aylar önce
1 leg barcelona bruh
@asher4219 Aylar önce
Chelsea vs Barcelona was a disgrace
@lemonade6945 Aylar önce
0:15 dolhpinado
@RetsamX 2 aylar önce
4:25 that goal cost Germany the group stage...
@poncho8428 2 aylar önce
Yeah but it was fair tho
@RetsamX 2 aylar önce
@@poncho8428 the ball is 100% out.
@poncho8428 2 aylar önce
@@RetsamX It was 95% out
@in4mus85 Aylar önce
Considering the thumbnail is clickbait I probably shouldn't watch this
@HubertofLiege 2 aylar önce
Woo Hoo COYS! no replay
@aydensy7230 2 aylar önce
@saifuddin8030 2 aylar önce
Why always kaka
The robbery occurred Monday
@MRyeti18 2 aylar önce
"hand of god" more like hand of a fraud
Why this alwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays happens to Ronaldo 🥲
@YGBeats-hw1zk Aylar önce
Remember to Liverpool vs Tottenham
Si pero el robo del Madrid al Bayern ni lo ponen
@arya3966 Aylar önce
Reyes de europa 👑
@fernandaaraujo7270 2 aylar önce
@wiking535 2 aylar önce
@caleb.9 Aylar önce
u can still turn to Christ God bless yall
@josecuervo8487 Aylar önce
The chelsea versus barca was definitely fixed. Ridiculous calls to go against barca.
@PrakosoKoko 2 aylar önce
Barcelona feed the refree 😂
@reethasnat-ju3hq 2 aylar önce
mmmm. Finally you come
@opyashbhaigaming4564 2 aylar önce
Luv from India
@sureshsabar7436 2 aylar önce
First comment ❤❤
@indracules Aylar önce
penaldo king diving
@opyashbhaigaming4564 2 aylar önce
Pim meee❤❤❤
@Karlcow 18 gün önce
I hate Stubit referee
@opyashbhaigaming4564 2 aylar önce
@opyashbhaigaming4564 2 aylar önce
First comment 😢
@rahmatmat3983 2 aylar önce
I like football...you??? 👇👇
@hypekookie3872 2 aylar önce
@rahulkora8225 2 aylar önce
@ongernie7216 Aylar önce
Cristiano Ronaldo is a cheat. He should be represent Portugal in diving rather than football.
@mirtamejia4007 2 aylar önce
@LedionZogaj 2 aylar önce
@AbimbolaFamily-rg3ho 2 aylar önce
320 th
@sumofamily4866 2 aylar önce
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