Conor McGregor on UFC 257 loss: “Fair f***ing play to Dustin Poirier … It’s a b*****d of a game”

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23 Oca 2021




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Danny Gilmore
Danny Gilmore 18 saatler önce
I like the new Connor. He’s not a total piece of shit. Maybe I can start pulling for him.
Thomas Demayo
Thomas Demayo Gün önce
Still one of the greasiest to ever step in the octagon Conor is def my favorite fighter only other I’d rather watch is Georges St-Pierre
Boogie 2 gün önce
Didn't his wife get shot? Feel so bad rn for him
Marco Ferreira
Marco Ferreira 2 gün önce
Khabib would kill him again
Teflon 2 gün önce
Hes gonna come back. On everything
Robertseikao Seikao
Robertseikao Seikao 2 gün önce
Never give up, try try again, your fan are waiting your next match to the same person
biggus dickus
biggus dickus 3 gün önce
I think khabib didn't change his face, he changed his personality. I guess a near death experience will do that
Brandon aaron
Brandon aaron 4 gün önce
High is high, low is low and you got ur arse handed to you fair and square..
Anonymous2012 4 gün önce
Him not being too upset with the loss seems like a very bad sign if he ever wants to get UFC gold again
Rory Edwards
Rory Edwards 5 gün önce
This is how you take a loss. He's so different now, hope he comes back stronger
Danny John
Danny John 5 gün önce
Ya bastard it was a gooden had me rocking at that moment lol
abandonship 5 gün önce
Took it like a man, fair play.
Zlatko Klarin
Zlatko Klarin 6 gün önce
Get well soon Champ! May the Spirit of His glory rest upon you and yours. Amen. To learn is a beautiful gift!
benigno paijo
benigno paijo 7 gün önce
Khabib make him humble 😂
Lachlan Grace
Lachlan Grace 8 gün önce
Fk the questions just let conor talk
Chauncy Rotenberry
Chauncy Rotenberry 8 gün önce
People talk about hes got all the money why do it dont need to. Byt dont you do mma for the craft the passion and disapline and love?? Like whats sitin on your ass and buying out of why you got into it. If anyone does anything solely for money thats a bummer lol you get a spark about something when your young and have the purest passion that money wasnt even the vision and the money comes along and starts speaking louder than your passion?? So now your living a lie?? Money was never the vision from the start it was the love and desire to compete. What the f does money have to do with anything? I hear people say well i gotta put food on the table ya know. Its like how much food do you need to survive lol like possessios dont have anything to do with happiness or or passion or family lol
Future UFC champion
Future UFC champion 9 gün önce
10:40 dude this is so heartbreaking to listen to. his voice is shaking like his wife got shot. he’s all good and smiling until his fanbase gets brought up feeling like he failed them.
Cyan Blackflower
Cyan Blackflower 10 gün önce
David Moore
David Moore 14 gün önce
Not in the top Ten. It is What it is.
Jay Geno
Jay Geno 14 gün önce
LMAO this account actively deletes any warranted honest criticism of Conor, that’s just sad. Conor would absolutely revel in a Khabib loss. Delete my comment again but that just proves you know it’s true.
Narayan Enz
Narayan Enz 14 gün önce
It will be interesting to hear out his perspective of his life once he retires.
Miggy Philomine
Miggy Philomine 15 gün önce
Why is the Transporter on MMA
Miggy Philomine
Miggy Philomine 15 gün önce
A humble loser
liverpoololdschool 15 gün önce
People always hate on conor for the trash talk but they never talk about his honesty and grace after defeats. Trash talk is just that its not real hate but people are thick and think its real,
M umar Farook
M umar Farook 17 gün önce
Allah will bless you
mememe mumumu
mememe mumumu 17 gün önce
Never lose faith in the man. His coming back I believe. Conor McGregor will come back...We wanna hear it again.."THE KING IS BACK"!!!!!
Jack Quack
Jack Quack 17 gün önce
Connor is a humble respectful warrior A Showman and a Prizefighter He will be back
pablo 20 gün önce
astro bear
astro bear 20 gün önce
Tyson Fury lost some weight
zeeemansee 20 gün önce
After 3 lose in a row for a laud mouth. Its nice to see him humble. I look forward to seeing him lose again next fight.
chantel darby
chantel darby 17 gün önce
shut up :)
Chris Simonson
Chris Simonson 20 gün önce
Connor is seeing things clearly he will b back he could run back every shot he took and every shot he delivered he is the bruce lee of our time... he's AWESOME he took the loss as a learning experience can't wait to see how he returns better than ever... Enjoy those kids.... nothing but love bro Ive been watching since ultimate fighting started you are one of the best ever... Maybe the best.. Hats off to Poirier... but he wasn't dominating but he showed he is top level. Looking forward to the trilogy.. thats where the money is anyway right?
Mdog Byrne
Mdog Byrne 21 gün önce
Khabib "haha dis is bullshet guy I smesh both dese guys"
Bulmaro Nieves!
Bulmaro Nieves! 21 gün önce
How tf can he lose to Dustin! Dustin sucks Conor lost it & I feel like too much money makes you lose it this goes to every fighter
Jack Cottle
Jack Cottle 21 gün önce
Hate him if you will but he takes loss very well.
Brad Fuller
Brad Fuller 21 gün önce
"You did the worst thing a fighter could ever do... You got civilized" Mick
Gody P
Gody P 10 gün önce
Idk about that look at gsp
Jason Grimes
Jason Grimes 21 gün önce
9:00 min in, Khabib Talk. Saw a glimpse of the Real Conor
Nicolas Saldarriaga
Nicolas Saldarriaga 22 gün önce
Complete class act !
Anthony Ortiz
Anthony Ortiz 22 gün önce
who was streaming there with that phone?
Ze Bud
Ze Bud 23 gün önce
He was calling everyone a bum now he starting to look like a bum first couple rounds looks ok but later he burns himself out , respect fighters as people humans
Rafa Kops
Rafa Kops 24 gün önce
Bhagya Attanayaka
Bhagya Attanayaka 24 gün önce
Conor is a fighter , he faced the fight and he fought his fight , he has done remarkable achievements and like he said win and loss always be a educational to come stronger , good luck bro
A C 24 gün önce
Losing to Khabib really humbled this guy’s antics, that loss was different for Connor. Still one of my favorite fighters
Blue Print Media - Nova Scotia
Bad boy for life! Use that song for your next entry!!
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 27 gün önce
You can’t but respect them both the showed good spirit!
Joanna 28 gün önce
You can’t but respect them both the showed good spirit!
Truth Sayer
Truth Sayer 28 gün önce
Those leg kicks really made the difference. Big respect to Conor to humbly accepting the defeat.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 26 gün önce
Aldo got screwed.
Fav 29 gün önce
he is done
Joanna 28 gün önce
He actually destroyed his image and legend time when he started being dick to Khabib .
Boot Hammer
Boot Hammer 29 gün önce
The sport moves on with or without you
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 27 gün önce
Aldo got screwed.
J D 29 gün önce
With the bald head, he looks like miniature Tyson Fury.
D 29 gün önce
lol, tyson would throw him around like a barbie doll
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Aylar önce
“Had to of developed me anti bodies in me leg, notta mean?!” 😹😹😹
Nunya Bizwacks
Nunya Bizwacks 27 gün önce
2019 conor: my foot was a ballewn 2021 conor: me leg has a fuhtbawl in it
Toby Godden
Toby Godden Aylar önce
Man he had him he just didn’t Finnish it shit happens take the loss and go from there
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 26 gün önce
Fred Valencia
Fred Valencia Aylar önce
A win is a win thats what connor did to nate the second fight he kicked his leg over and over and won so no excuses mc chicken .
bowen voowy
bowen voowy Aylar önce
Hey! I loved the video!!
Joseph O Riordan
Joseph O Riordan Aylar önce
Hahahaha loser!! waster he wouldn't beat eggs with a shovel
k 1
k 1 Aylar önce
Isn't this the guy who whacked the old fellow in the pub. What a loser.
Johnny bravo
Johnny bravo Aylar önce
If bitch wilder acted like mcgregor after the loss he would get the best respect now his done
Hu Thu
Hu Thu Aylar önce
Que Dios nos perdone.
Avinash Panigrahi
Avinash Panigrahi Aylar önce
What language was he speaking 🤣
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Aylar önce
Fierce competitor. Graceful in defeat. Good man.
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Aylar önce
even tho he's so cocky and shitalker, I def appreciate and respect his composure and demanor with humility and humbleness
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Aylar önce
This is the twat who thought he could fight Mayweather and win. Then wanted to fight PacMan. I get it for money but what a disgrace.
Jordz Flavell
Jordz Flavell Aylar önce
And jus fookn keep on going
Blmzyy Aylar önce
Conner Got destroyed should of stopped when he got chocked out....
MarlonsReview Aylar önce
Conor Mcgregor, Everyone loses eventually, sometimes loosing makes you a better fighter, sometimes you become a better fighter at other challenges when it's time to move on.
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Aylar önce
You can still tell he's hurt AF
John Stafford
John Stafford Aylar önce
Aldo got screwed.
Tenta X
Tenta X Aylar önce
He actually destroyed his image and legend time when he started being dick to Khabib .
Tenta X
Tenta X 28 gün önce
@Roy Edwards oh yes😂Mac tapper fan
Roy Edwards
Roy Edwards 28 gün önce
Jon Jones
Jon Jones Aylar önce
Shouldn’t of went in a boxing stance you dope
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Aylar önce
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Aylar önce
Sometimes you’re gonna have to lose yourself. Before you can find anything.
John Sears
John Sears Aylar önce
Coner growing up how about that.
That One Guy
That One Guy Aylar önce
“Even legends lose” okay so Floyd isn’t a legend I guess 😂
munyayo chupapi
munyayo chupapi 26 gün önce
That's obvious
Baltimore Fan
Baltimore Fan 29 gün önce
Didn't say every said even....
That One Guy
That One Guy Aylar önce
@soinhu foitu fook Conor
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Aylar önce
Damn, Connor is visibly shaken.
Jumping Jack
Jumping Jack Aylar önce
Dustin would have killed him only for the ref! Oh the leg, isn't that part of the game B.S.
Muhammad Yamin
Muhammad Yamin Aylar önce
Conor ‘Chicken’ McGregor
Dylan Moore
Dylan Moore Aylar önce
This what a rich man who lost sounds like. Nothing to worry about. Broke dudes don’t take it this easy. I hope he comes back with that old hunger. Just hard to do with that much money in the bank
lone wolf
lone wolf Aylar önce
Good man licked his wounds and walked away a proud man, every dog has its day!
Sdot Man
Sdot Man Aylar önce
This is the twat who thought he could fight Mayweather and win. Then wanted to fight PacMan. I get it for money but what a disgrace.
Damien Fletcher
Damien Fletcher Aylar önce
Fierce competitor. Graceful in defeat. Good man.
Ta Han
Ta Han Aylar önce
Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.
MrFookayu Aylar önce
You can still tell he's hurt AF
Ignorant Sasquatch
Ignorant Sasquatch Aylar önce
Washed up fighter
Mo Han
Mo Han Aylar önce
Iya ya Allah.
Martin Croker
Martin Croker Aylar önce
Well done conor... You've act like a true gentleman, come back stronger next time.
Dan Barrett
Dan Barrett Aylar önce
Connor manned up.
sheep Aylar önce
Conor is no more. I dislike this fake humble stuff. Whats with all that respectful handshakes/hugs before the fight? Its like he knows he is going to lose? He didnt even attempt to get in his opponent's head. We want the old conor back!
Ali Mirza
Ali Mirza Aylar önce
Stick to whisky and punching old men in pubs for not drinking you piss in a bottle.
Ali Mirza
Ali Mirza Aylar önce
Me personally I think Connor talks shit ...
Mushroom McFarmer
Mushroom McFarmer Aylar önce
Damn, Connor is visibly shaken.
Clippers Fan
Clippers Fan Aylar önce
You can tell he's still somewhat out of it after the KO
askagain Aylar önce
Now you're beginning to sound like a champ...
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Aylar önce
“Had to of developed me anti bodies in me leg, notta mean?!” 😹😹😹
Yuri Savchenko
Yuri Savchenko Aylar önce
Seef Eldeen
Seef Eldeen Aylar önce
.(Corona Virus av de lavest pine før den største pine da kanskje de vil vende tilbake(til sin Herre 👇👇 Imam Nasser Muhammad al-Yamani (10 - 07 - 1441 Hejri) (05 - 03 - 2020 Kr.) Skrevet Kl. 12:51 Natt ((I følge den offisielle kalenderen til morens-byene (Meka) 👇🏻👇🏻 www.nasser-mohammad.com/showthread.php?p=326682
Bernie Tv
Bernie Tv Aylar önce
Floyd mayweather was right
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Aylar önce
Do you really have to censor * "Fooking" in the title?
Simon Abbott
Simon Abbott Aylar önce
He lost from a dead leg
Big Hawk
Big Hawk Aylar önce
Khabib really humbled you bruh but it was for the best you will see your a new man.
Enmanuel Cubas
Enmanuel Cubas Aylar önce
Real News Real Politics HNA
Conner is washed up
No Hau
No Hau Aylar önce
I love u girl
u-alrdykno C.V.O
u-alrdykno C.V.O Aylar önce
Conor was not himself he thought he could just stand and trade instead of being light on his toes wit that in and out bounce as he has in the past... Conor will regroup and as usual haters gonna kick you while you down Hopefully gaethe can get KO'D by Conor wit all that smack he talkn Conor needs to check that kick of Homer Simpson and sleep that fool...
khaled aldoraee
khaled aldoraee Aylar önce
C K Aylar önce
What language is this guy speaking ???
DOOM Studios
DOOM Studios Aylar önce
Now bring me the fookin TRvid kid
Jam Pac
Jam Pac Aylar önce
Tyron woulda absolutely destroyed this fool lmaoooooo
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