Confusing MYSTERY Riddles To Hack Your Dumb Brain

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Jay from the Kubz Scouts and I are back at it again with some vampire related mystery riddles. There’s no secret, we love doing these and we’re ok with it. Check out the video we did on Jay's channel: trvid.com/video/video--PbWaKuqOko.html
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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
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25 May 2019

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Gricko Piko
Gricko Piko Saatler önce
Can please somebody film video in what you are trying to pronounce names of footballers from Croatia? I think that it will be funny. Please film that video.
Gricko Piko
Gricko Piko 55 dakika önce
I am from Croatia so it is very simple to me to pronounce that, but I want to see you. There is also a few more videos about that so you can watch them- They are very funny.
Samuel Diaz
Samuel Diaz 2 saatler önce
nomaccashaberfield 2 saatler önce
A guy Did not have bubbles
nomaccashaberfield 2 saatler önce
They don’t have the cold air
Hollie Perry
Hollie Perry 2 saatler önce
in the ocean
Hollie Perry
Hollie Perry 2 saatler önce
guys its the guy at the bottom he only has three fingers lol
Adli Glaser
Adli Glaser 2 saatler önce
Lol for the scuba diving aliens, its the top left person because they aren't breathing
Bob Allen
Bob Allen 4 saatler önce
12:08 It’s because vampires do age but they don’t age anywhere near as fast as humans because a vampire that has grey hair would’ve been alive around the time Galileo was alive or even older than that
Masonaize Gaming
Masonaize Gaming 4 saatler önce
this is how much people hate when it says: "Comments ✏" ⬇
Hawks Baseball 2
Hawks Baseball 2 4 saatler önce
The fake vampire is the one with the white hair because she can't have a tan because vampires can't go in the sun
Jerry Warden
Jerry Warden 4 saatler önce
The answer to the riddle with the scuba divers underwater is the guy at the top because he is not breathing,which means no bubbles around "him".
Linda Burhans
Linda Burhans 4 saatler önce
It's the ones that aren't breathing I mean if you had it on pause I think you would figure it out
PrincessClaireBear2019 5 saatler önce
11:17 did anybody notice that injuries is spelled "injures"?
Lucy Dacchille
Lucy Dacchille 5 saatler önce
For the 3 scuba divers it’s the one with the camera since that person has no bubbles above them.
Earl Mendoza
Earl Mendoza 6 saatler önce
The one with the 3 scuba divers. It was the one taking the picture.he or she was not breathing underwater
Cadance Nguyen
Cadance Nguyen 6 saatler önce
13:01 Jays right vampires don’t age so the vampire on the left is the fluke
Cadance Nguyen
Cadance Nguyen 6 saatler önce
It was the scuba diver with the camera because he was the only one that was not breathing bubbles
Cadance Nguyen
Cadance Nguyen 6 saatler önce
The riddle that said comments and they said no and it was about who is the alien and hey were scuba divers
Princess Alicia Parker
Princess Alicia Parker 6 saatler önce
5:15 Jay: "It can't be the black girl with the alien feet." Cassie: "Oh, PFFFFTTTT" X3
The Enforcer Squad
The Enforcer Squad 6 saatler önce
The alien on scuba was the camera person thay weren’t breathing
Akasha Jones
Akasha Jones 6 saatler önce
7:33 it’s the guy with the camera he’s not breathing no air bubbles like everyone else
Princess Girls
Princess Girls 7 saatler önce
What is the werewolf smell you if you’re invisible still
Noah Stoumbaugh
Noah Stoumbaugh 7 saatler önce
The scuba one is the one with the camera because he has no bubbles during breathing
Princess Girls
Princess Girls 7 saatler önce
I think is the camera dude on the water because I don’t see air bubbles coming out of his tank l guess
Gianna Lentine
Gianna Lentine 7 saatler önce
its the girl with the hood shes hiding her ears cuz all of them have ears pointy ears
Mia Adali Chavez
Mia Adali Chavez 7 saatler önce
It’s the guy with the camera (there is no bubbles)
Gianna Lentine
Gianna Lentine 7 saatler önce
when the people were scubadiving the person he wasent breathing there was not bubbles ocmeing out of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anthony Iech
Anthony Iech 7 saatler önce
It was the kid that you guys said and the husband, they both have only one foot!
Emily Center
Emily Center 7 saatler önce
The one on the left in the scuba diving riddle is not breathing with bubbles
Steve Thomas
Steve Thomas 7 saatler önce
White hair
Kaylee Brommer
Kaylee Brommer 7 saatler önce
At 16:37 did anyone notice that they messed up the places of the one girl and boy? the boy was supposed to be in the middle not on the left because the one girl doesn’t have a reflection. Like if you noticed.
Verónica Espinoza
Verónica Espinoza 7 saatler önce
IS a DOY with the Kumu
it’s Nicole lol
it’s Nicole lol 7 saatler önce
It’s the girl with the white hair, not because they aren’t supposed to age, but because her neck and face is a different color, so that means she painted her face to look like a vampire.
Denolia Harvey
Denolia Harvey 7 saatler önce
Becase they are not brething
•LYNDA• 8 saatler önce
7:23 it was the top left guy bc he isn’t releasing bubbles
Todd New
Todd New 8 saatler önce
Both son and mother in the three they both have one foot
Todd New
Todd New 8 saatler önce
son and mother
venkata raghunath
venkata raghunath 8 saatler önce
The scuba diver with camera is not breathing bubbles
space girl
space girl 9 saatler önce
Ok kassie so you needed to pay closer attention to drawing it was a male vampire and the maid could have been startled from the kid crying
Viviana Acosta
Viviana Acosta 9 saatler önce
For the scuba guys it’s the guys on top because he isn’t breathing
julia knecht
julia knecht 9 saatler önce
6:47 (The one that says comments) it's the guys holding the camera because he's the only one without bubbles floating over his head. *He's not breathing*
WENDY GAMBILL 9 saatler önce
Gloom:and locked you in his lab Riddle:and locked in his lab
xXTõxîcWõłfGãmērXx Lol
At 7:23 it’s the top left corner dude he didn’t have air bubble like the other two did
Allison West
Allison West 10 saatler önce
so the scuba question the answer is the guy up lrft cause he is not breathing
Midnight_starz Is me
Midnight_starz Is me 10 saatler önce
7:29 ... the top guy w the camera doesn’t have air bubbles coming up bc he isn’t breathing 😂
victor diaz
victor diaz 10 saatler önce
owo cherry owo
owo cherry owo 10 saatler önce
Abdul Haseeb
Abdul Haseeb 10 saatler önce
Guys you got it wrong in squbdiveing the guy on the top on the left is not breathing
Be Good Bois
Be Good Bois 10 saatler önce
I think it’s the top person because they were not breathing Because there wasn’t any air bubble coming from them.
MAC PLAYSSS 11 saatler önce
Y go
Aiden Itayetzi
Aiden Itayetzi 11 saatler önce
Answer for the who is the vampire question, even though they got it right. Chef: Probably was surprised by the scream of the little boy and spilled tomato juice all over his uniform. Maid: The same explanation as the butler but those accidentally smeared her lipstick when applying it. Butler: Has the pointy ears that match up with the little boy’s drawing. Also the drawing is of a white male.
Michael Montano
Michael Montano 11 saatler önce
Ik who it was it was the guy with the camera cause he was the only one not breathing I can tell because u did not see the bubbles coming from his air tank
Auna Boucher
Auna Boucher 11 saatler önce
The top left for the scuba one isn’t breathing
Gio Thag
Gio Thag 11 saatler önce
the man with the carera because thaeir is no air bubble
#galexywolf Hannah
#galexywolf Hannah 11 saatler önce
I know how the alien the top scuba diver is not breathing
Deleted_ Hearts
Deleted_ Hearts 12 saatler önce
Scuba girl wasnt breathing
Elfalala 12 saatler önce
She is right because two people are not breathing
Lillian Black
Lillian Black 12 saatler önce
Their we're no air bubbles
Leigha Lacy
Leigha Lacy 12 saatler önce
Oh the black girl with alien shoes that totally isn’t racist
Cupcake Sisters
Cupcake Sisters 12 saatler önce
7:30 *the one with the camera ain't breathing*
Aaralynn Carver
Aaralynn Carver 12 saatler önce
White hair girl because she tan and vampires are more pale
Isa Iriarte
Isa Iriarte 12 saatler önce
7:31 the guy with the camera had no bubbles if oxygen... si he was breathing under water
SL Binkley
SL Binkley 12 saatler önce
The guy with the camera because he is not breathing
Loup noir & the crew
Loup noir & the crew 12 saatler önce
Markiplier: *yOu RiGhT*
Sophia Elie
Sophia Elie 12 saatler önce
He tried but he was not bleeding
Aster Seyoum
Aster Seyoum 12 saatler önce
It is not the guy with the sign under water it is the the guy with the camera because he didn't have bubbles not breathing
Sabrina Walker
Sabrina Walker 13 saatler önce
Middle scuba not breathing
Kawaii Lizy
Kawaii Lizy 13 saatler önce
7:00 an alien with a camera. NOT BREATHING! No BUBBLES!!!
Aster Seyoum
Aster Seyoum 13 saatler önce
Because they are not breathing
Evangeline Robles
Evangeline Robles 13 saatler önce
The top guy in the scuba outfit bc they ain't breathing
Isa Cortez
Isa Cortez 13 saatler önce
there the only people not breathing
Anthony Peters
Anthony Peters 13 saatler önce
Leave a like if you’ve been watching there videos for a while 👩‍💻👰🏽👩🏽‍🔬
Chloe Jin
Chloe Jin 13 saatler önce
dude with the camera ain't breathing bubbles. He dead.
Ninja Miller
Ninja Miller 13 saatler önce
6:27 ones not breathing
Jennifer Rtwith
Jennifer Rtwith 13 saatler önce
Susan Conatser
Susan Conatser 13 saatler önce
The girl with wigit hair.
Lyllian Conley
Lyllian Conley 13 saatler önce
It's the camera guy cause there are no breathing bubbles coming out
Amber Tesluk
Amber Tesluk 13 saatler önce
For the scuba diving one the guy with the camera is the alien because there is no bubbles coming out of him so he is not breathing
kaylahloni 14 saatler önce
Circle Pawn
Circle Pawn 14 saatler önce
So no fly in were wolf
Circle Pawn
Circle Pawn 14 saatler önce
Were wolf can jump too
Circle Pawn
Circle Pawn 14 saatler önce
Xd 😭😭😭😭 DONT CHOK ANYBODDY 😭😢😢😢😭😢😭😢😭😭😭😭
Marta Mesarović
Marta Mesarović 14 saatler önce
The fake vampire is the girl with white hair because she painted herself to be pale like vampires
Jasmine Hop
Jasmine Hop 14 saatler önce
It wAs the scuba diver with a camera because he wasn’t blowing out bubbles
Dimondshin 123
Dimondshin 123 14 saatler önce
I know the underwater aline one it is it is the one with the camera because he is not breathing
Rashiya Holloway
Rashiya Holloway 14 saatler önce
the dude has no air bubbles so hes not breathing
LavenderInk Productions
LavenderInk Productions 15 saatler önce
7:16 The camera guy has no bubbles, hence they aren’t breathing. I also think 12:58 is the girl with the hood. She is hiding her ears.
Miranda Romero
Miranda Romero 15 saatler önce
7:22 I know it's the person at the top left because there are no ummmm.. bubble things? I tried my best explaining
Emily Messina
Emily Messina 15 saatler önce
on the scuba diving one it was the one on the way bottom because he only had 3 fingers
ralen Marquez
ralen Marquez 15 saatler önce
In the ocean people it's the guy in the left he is not breathing
Aaquib Shaikh
Aaquib Shaikh 15 saatler önce
U look like alexa from alexa and katie
Brian Guffee
Brian Guffee 15 saatler önce
Top dude he is not breathing
Angelina Knapik
Angelina Knapik 15 saatler önce
The guy with the camera he's NOT BREATHING look at the bubbles
emily_the_gach_ Cookie
emily_the_gach_ Cookie 16 saatler önce
i think at 7:01 its the guy with the carmea cuz you can not see the air bubblues
Fierce and friendly Friends
you cant see their breath jay!!😂
Parterplayzs Chen
Parterplayzs Chen 16 saatler önce
At 6:55 the alien has three fingers it looks like crab arms dud I noticed it after you guys gives up And at 12:49 the fake vampire is the girl with white hair because look at her fake and then look at her neck their different colors so she might of had a mask
Simona Olguin
Simona Olguin 16 saatler önce
You are both so wrong it the people how aren’t breeding
Ariel Lin
Ariel Lin 16 saatler önce
6:24 it’s the top one because the person isn’t making bubbles if u unpause it
Gabi Wolf 77
Gabi Wolf 77 17 saatler önce
7:32 its the person with the camera. He ain't breathin'.
Candice boyd
Candice boyd 17 saatler önce
It was he guy taking a pic because he wasn’t breathing
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