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We flew out to Newegg's HQ to meet with the company about its egregious customer service shortcomings and to give the company a chance to fix itself -- or dig the hole deeper.
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This interview is UNCUT for full transparency. You can make your own decision on how you feel about Newegg's response (and stick around for our thoughts at the end).

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00:00 - Approaching Newegg
02:50 - Transparency & No-Cut Interview
04:40 - Giving Newegg a Genuine Chance
06:42 - Interview Introduction
08:45 - Addressing the Motherboard in the Room
13:30 - Why Would Anyone Buy from Newegg?
17:17 - Policies Aren't Enacted
21:38 - Internal Operating Procedures
26:03 - Pressure on Lower Employees
28:54 - Individual or Organization Issue
36:24 - Steve's Suggestions (Email Inbox)
45:00 - The Process is the Problem
48:35 - What Will Newegg Do?
54:58 - Steve Speaking Frankly
01:01:35 - Recap: How It Went
01:04:31 - Recap: What Newegg is Worried About
01:06:00 - Recap: Decision-Making Issues
01:09:15 - Some Bad Behaviors
01:11:49 - Final Words

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Host, Research: Steve Burke
Video On-Site: Andrew Coleman
Video Production: Keegan Gallick




24 Mar 2023




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Gamers Nexus
Gamers Nexus Yıl önce
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Samsquatch Aylar önce
I just ordered a psu from newegg that was sold by a Korean vendor. They contracted Amazon logistics to deliver it. The driver delivered it, took the picture, walked away for four minutes, and then came back and stole it. So now I'm kind of stuck because I don't have the tracking information for Amazon since I didn't order it from them and the vendor shows that the part was delivered. I contacted the vendor and sent them the ring videos. They told me that they would have the driver redeliver the package... How the hell are they going to do this?!?!
E Cruz
E Cruz 8 aylar önce
!Lmfao sry but what was that 3 of them less than 3 months or about that and 1, 18/years+. Those odds alone are telling, sadly. I do commend them for the transparency interview, i hope they fix the issues, however as of Today's post, I've received 4 items, 1 seems 100% new, the other 3 sold as new, seemed "old" if not tampered or resold as new, so... it's been 4 months, i guess to expect a change this soon is a bad idea...! I get it many hands are at play here, so who knows what right...! one person has to rely on another and you go down that road about 50 people deep and someone in there screws something up, i get that.! But these items run upwards of 1000's of dollars is that not an issue anymore? does it have to be 10k to be an issue, where is the line? I get it amazon and china are "betting" people to the money, besides destroying our economy with this l3ft15tb1d3n invasion.! so, the little guy (customer) as always at least these past 2 decades can be run over, i guess this is what they mean by cl1m4t3 change...!
G Ross
G Ross Yıl önce
I won a newegg shuffle GPU and motherboard. They shipped me the motherboard and no GPU ! I called and let them know and they told me they cant do anything. I wasnt looking for a refund and it was a 3070ti master by gigabyte so nothing overly expensive I just wanted the card. Thanks to Newegg I am out of $979 and no GPU.
Layton Yıl önce
I have to be honest; I have purchased from Newegg over the last 15 years and never had a problem. Purchases arrive packed well, in good condition and never ever had an issue. I have seen open box stuff, and I have stayed away. Newegg clearly states that OPEN BOX items may be missing things, that alone kept me away from purchasing OPEN BOX items. My Purchases included ALL NEW Motherboards, Cases, Power Supplies, Hard Drives, Video Cards, Cables, Fans - everything. NO ISSUES. OPEN BOX is just asking for trouble, sorry - this is not real SHOCKER.
Nick Darling
Nick Darling Yıl önce
I really need to contact you regarding a massive problem i am having with a certain Company. I have found a serious flaw that i am not sure the general public are aware of. Please hit me up.
Yeet Cannon
Yeet Cannon Yıl önce
This man sat here alone, with millions of people behind him and addressed an entire board of execs. Great job man. Thank you.
h g
h g 7 aylar önce
@THEUrinalCake looks like they might have to chater this year their daughters sweet 16. And its so hard.. love you Big Pun RIP
chutcentral 8 aylar önce
Wow, the courage 🙄Confronting four executives in suits 😂
Chris 8 aylar önce
Also the sheer number of unresolved(ignored) claims, the question remains... "Why would a potential customer (knowing all this including the fact there's zero commitment to make aged complaints whole or refunded) EVER do business with #NewEgg when their competitors don't have near this reputation. I personally had early negative experience on a small 20 or 30 dollar item. These poor customers dropped hundreds perhaps greater.
Chris 8 aylar önce
Shame it takes someone with millions of followers to get a sit-down with these guys that have a CEO or Board of Directors that are throwing these guys to the wolves. This problem is at the very top and grabbing money everywhere they can and now it's bitten them. Painting these guys into a corner won't fix the overall practices that are coming from top-level.
J ML 8 aylar önce
Definitely one of my favorite youtubers, because there is youtubers with bigger subscribers and they don't stand up to companies or corporations like hi does because of money of course. Great job bro, I think all gamers/computer users thank you!
KRY Yıl önce
imagine buying a 3070, receiving a 3090 and still being honest and returning it, BUT NEWEGG DECLINES LMAO
NovaGAMEing35 Aylar önce
On amazon I ordered I think it was a 512 or 500gb ssd and received a 1tb I looked to see if I ordered the wrong product but it said we are out of this product people will be receiving this product.
Pear Electronics
Pear Electronics Aylar önce
Or even buying a GeForce 210 and receiving a 4090
The evolution Slayer
The evolution Slayer 2 aylar önce
Black Powder and Lights
amazon does that, ive ordered from them before on tons of things, when i try to return sometimes they just say hey keep it and still refund me.. sometimes it isnt worth the cost on there end
Sergey Pupko Music
Sergey Pupko Music 2 aylar önce
I'd never look a gift horse in the mouth... If I was adamant about not running a 3090, be it because the CPU can't handle a 3090 or power supply can't, I'd at least sell the 3090 buy a 3070, and do cha-ching.
Scott Smith
Scott Smith Yıl önce
You effected change, and you did it while being impeccably fair. That's probably the highest bar a youtube channel can aspire to. You have my unreserved respect.
jaysper 28 gün önce
​@ChronicComplainer I'm no fan of Amazon taking over the retail world, but I've returned maybe half a dozen items and it's never gone anything but smoothly. Additionally whilst I've never heard of anecdotal evidence of the returns process with Amazon going badly, I've heard plenty of anecdotal evidence of it going really well from friends. Is this a representative sample? No of course not, but word of mouth is still a valid source of information that people rely heavily upon.
7 aylar önce
@ChronicComplainer yes, they literally can't refuse a return
ChronicComplainer 7 aylar önce
@ඞ well tbh ive never heard amazon return horror stories but does that mean they dont exist?
7 aylar önce
@ChronicComplainer yeah but like if I return a bad motherboard on Amazon, they're not gonna tell me I broke it
ChronicComplainer 7 aylar önce
Im not sure how fair he was. He brings up so many specific cases but are you seriously telling me that nobody has had a bad experience buying from Amazon. Overall newegg been very good to me. Never had an issue. I wish shipping was the same as Amazon but thats about it.
Brikky 3 aylar önce
Speaks volumes that 3/4 of these execs have been there for less than 6 months.
Flea B
Flea B 2 aylar önce
Was thinking just that
Alex Pseudonym
Alex Pseudonym 2 aylar önce
and also not to be overlooked that these were lowercase "E" "execs" in that - they're glorified salesmen that are meant to sell the product of "the company". Your point, and every counterpoint to their non-answers is shown in their buisness-man-ship
Matthew Valentine
Matthew Valentine 3 aylar önce
Yeah struck me. Clearly the previous ones *knew* something was wrong, likely refusing to do anything about it because it made their metrics look good so got the house cleaned
Marcel Montero
Marcel Montero 9 aylar önce
I worked with Vincent at Newegg in 2018. We worked at the customer service department together. As I recall there was very poor leadership at the time but Vincent was always carrying the team in spite of our colleague's failings. I'm glad he is in more of a leadership position now.
Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson 6 aylar önce
that one good leader in a company is sometimes the link holding everything together. and alot and maybe even most companies go after that good leader and do everything to pin all the bad things on that one person. and its very sad. the place i work at now is absolute garbage. Iv tried to get everyone here to understand that it dont have to be like this. I worked at a mcdonolds 3 differnt times the first time it was a good place not bad the second time i was the assisent manager or what mcds calls the people manager. and I had my people actually loving to come to work sometimes even more than having days off work because i would have adults calling on their days off saying can i come in to work its fun and im at home and i just want to go in to work because i feel like a member of the team and a member of the family. and not being there i feel like something is missing. I also had teenagers 15-16 yr olds trying to come in to work by skipping school and calling in and asking to come in to work. I did not let that happen obviously. and the final time there it was terrible to be there. point being is that that place was the same place doing the same thing and the only diffrance was the leaders where terrible.
Nathaniel Peterson
Nathaniel Peterson 10 aylar önce
"The reason this video is long is because we didn't want to make any cuts in the interview so that neither party questions the outcome of the video." The commitment to integrity is terrific.
Anime Janai
Anime Janai 7 aylar önce
@Alopex Design It's normal, but this story isn't going to be properly received when people start saying editing changed the story to make one party look bad. Such an excuse is expected as part of defense, and GN also has to protect itself legally against any lawsuit alleging persecution. By presenting the entire thing without cuts or additions, a number of problems are eliminated at the risk of viewers fast forwarding and missing parts of the discussion.
Alopex Design
Alopex Design 8 aylar önce
@FIGnewtenz G I was simply defending GamersNexus because @TheBanjoShow claims that they did nothing special by making the interview uncut. I understand and appreciate their decision. 😎
FIGnewtenz G
FIGnewtenz G 8 aylar önce
@Alopex Design it is normal for interviewers to cut down parts of the interview for time. But in this case Steve is trying to be transparent about the entire interview. That way newegg cant come out and say, “hey! You took out some of our great talking points!”. Also that way steve doesnt come out looking like he cut bits and pieces out to make newegg look good/bad. He left it all in unedited so we (the viewers) can form our own opinions since all of the footage is included. Plus it probably helps him out from a liability standpoint if newegg didnt quite like the edit and it helps save him from litigation (lawsuits). If you want to make a video with corporate people that video has to go through their legal team and a bunch of other places before you can even post it. This way he doesnt have to do that since everything that was captured is truly what happened.
Alopex Design
Alopex Design 8 aylar önce
@TheBanjoShow Isn't it normal to edit interviews for time? I can't recall watching many where the interviewer doesn't cut anything.
TheBanjoShow 8 aylar önce
@Alopex Design I struggle with commending something that should be expected anyway, but yes, this is certainly what we need.
UFD Tech
UFD Tech Yıl önce
Thanks for keeping companies honest & focusing on the consumers when the corporations won't.
Big Blue Frontend
Big Blue Frontend 11 aylar önce
@Siana Gearz Just a reminder that it's all water under the bridge now, there were zero consequences for New Egg, business is going on as usual, Gimli got his clickbait, and you all got duped. Good job. Everyone won except consumers.
nanoflower1 11 aylar önce
@Kalani Helekunihi Shipping out a used item that has a RMA lablel when it is supposed to be a new item can't be an accident.
Eric Karczewski
Eric Karczewski Yıl önce
I think you may have missed the point of this. Yes, they're at fault by oversight, but they are also human, and also make mistakes.
Sigfried Yıl önce
It was eye opening to see how their hands are tied by business law at 39:00 as well. They literally can't tell you until they implement a change that they're 100% planning to implement a change.
EuroPride 3 aylar önce
Thank you for being a better journalist than any actual journalist I've ever seen.
DoctorMandible Yıl önce
How is gamers nexus so much better at journalism than 99.999% of journalists who cover major world news?? You guys are the best.
Aviansie 29 gün önce
@Ian Langer I can tell you dont know how to read properly 😹
Filip Bitala
Filip Bitala Aylar önce
@Ian Langerell most journalists are on contracts and are expected to make positive reviews and keep to themselfs the negative ones
pookey Yıl önce
Dunno if anyone else feels this way, but when a company moves their customer services to...twitter...I'm immediately appalled. How about have your own damn site and chat, instead of me having to put in my personal details on some random social media chat..? It just feels so extremely unprofessional to me...
gmu_alum08 2 aylar önce
Maybe if someone on Twitter accused NewEgg of racism as the reason for poor customer service they'd change their ways (you see rondos on Twitter accusing companies of thos all the time when they're unhappy to get a company to do what they want)
manictiger 4 aylar önce
​@FUGGle Yeah? Use your name, rma number, credit card details, address, etc. on here. Do it. After all, this is a well-known website, therefore nothing can go wrong with you posting that stuff here. This is the appropriate place to do that stuff.
I Just Fell Down
I Just Fell Down 4 aylar önce
@FUGGle Twitter doesn't have encrypted direct messages. The concern about putting private information is a valid one.
Pull Carsmelly
Pull Carsmelly 4 aylar önce
@FUGGle pro tip here: want to communicate with patrons in a way that makes them feel appreciated as customers and consumers of your products? Speak directly. NOT through third party media sources. This is business 101, dummy.
SHODAN ツ Yıl önce
The problem is simple: If the company punishes employees for accepting returns - either due to impact on their bottom line or impact on the time required - this problem will NOT go away, and it will grow as the company grows. I've seen this happen again and again in major corporations and the story is always the same: Everything from employees to customers are viewed as a "metric". And once that happens, all humanity within that company is dead. As far as I'm concerned, so is the company itself....
Skyler Hines
Skyler Hines 2 aylar önce
All companies are becoming exactly what you described. I work at a massive corporation as a manager and every thing no matter big or small is a metric and is measured. The humanity in business is out the window which is why you get such poor quality from most large companies out there.
josh Josh
josh Josh 3 aylar önce
Humanity will matter when workers accept it as a form of payment for their labour 🤠🤠🤠
Obtuse Acute
Obtuse Acute 5 aylar önce
"yea" 🤣🤣🤣 they even admitted it
ThereIsNoCat 11 aylar önce
@Bencze a company's purpose is to fulfill the purchases of said customers, guess what you don't have when you behave this way? Customers. Kinda defeating the purpose of "making money" eh?
Donovan 11 aylar önce
elf-ovener There comes a point where in order to move forward and get bigger, companies stop having humanity. Its common enough that I wholeheartedly believe that either management becomes a nightmare or profits see a significant cut if you don't.
wiktoriode Yıl önce
26:20 - 28:00 pure sitcom gold... Steve: "So is that already part of the process, looking at a customer's history?" Exec-1: "No it's BECOMING a part of the process" Steve: "Isn't that a little late for a 20yo company??" Exec-2: "Oh, yeah, no, the costumer-history-thing has already been in place.." Exec-1: (dude, WTF?!?!?)
Alejandro B.
Alejandro B. 18 gün önce
@siemon pryns worst example that doesnt apply here. Who is buying a cpu or motherboard monthly......... Now while i do agree that those customers you get trying to take advantage of the situation should be expose, but this is totally a different case. Newegg will never loose.
Alejandro B.
Alejandro B. 18 gün önce
@Filip Bitala Exactly.... its sad that the solution seems to go publicly to receive good CS...
Filip Bitala
Filip Bitala Aylar önce
@OI Miuit doesnt matter if a customer is rich or poor, it matters if the customer finds a suspicious hair in every single meal she orders
siemon pryns
siemon pryns Aylar önce
​​​​@OI Mui i once had a customer complaining about her food being different from what she expected. So gave her a free drinkt and so on. But I later heard that she always had something to complain so she tricked me. She was out to get a free something. I mean it helps to have a little backstory with customers. With customer care you balance between the customer is always right and the facts. The food we prepare is deep fried, so the fish comes out curled. Fact is that the food was fine. If you expect a flat fish, prepared in a pan it's rather disappointed to see a curled one. But she new that, and a bigger/ticker fish curles less.. she was a regualar customer I heard. I think she got lucky one time to receiving a bigger fish than normal. It's my job as a seller to asses the c-needs and explain the options to prevent any disappointments. But it helps to have a little backstory ore status to make a decision more swiftly when complaints come in.
OI Miu
OI Miu Aylar önce
Uh, why do you think that is good? You think customer service should be based on status? Such as spending (a rich person vs a poor person)? Or other metrics? Thats fucking absurd that you guys, and Nexus thinks that is right. If some case is "weird". Then so be. You make decision out of the information you got. What is next? Checking Twitter followers? Checking where they live? God I hate modern times.
slackerdc Yıl önce
"These policies have been in place" "So it's back to poor execution then?" I could hug you right now Steve.
LTNetjak 3 aylar önce
"Your company is either malicious or incompetent. Take your pick."
The13thRonin 5 aylar önce
@Gamers Nexus They tried to refund the question but you declined it.
D NUTS 8 aylar önce
@Scotch Breit 💯 I work in WH @ NE.. its HORRIBLE pay.. Im not Tech Guy IDK shit about Computers or about RMA Dept ..My Dept Forklift driver's picking orders.. receiving.. Inventory.....FORKLIFT OPERATOR ORDER FULLFILMENT EMPLOYEE gets paid 1$ HR MORE THAN MIN WAGE UNLESS U ARE ASIAN U GET MORE$...ASIAN WH Manager probably 100,000$ yr and 1 ASAIN Supervisor prob 60,000$ yr... They leave after 8 hrs EVERYDAY..SUM Workers are there 10 sumtimes 12 hrs day even 6 days week.. but Not ASIAN MANAGER OR ASAIN SUPERVISOR..
D NUTS 8 aylar önce
@Japanese Required Hey Now Relax...I Work There as Driver picking orders in the WH... WE MAKE 1$ hour more than Min Wage 😂😂
Akira Yıl önce
"poor execution" is the sole reason he's there for tho, nothing to be excited about
John Renfrow
John Renfrow 3 aylar önce
This is so wild, I haven’t ordered from Newegg in years, I’m not into gaming or high-end PC building, but I stumbled on this series and ended up watching all your videos on it simply because of the quality journalism. You don’t have to be a PC enthusiast to appreciate the level of work and integrity that went into this. Well done.
cat -.-
cat -.- 2 aylar önce
Be very careful when watching. I too was not interested at all at high end computer building, but watched GN on and off for a year or two, because I respect the journalism. But now I find myself ordering motherboards and CPUs and air flow cases online and building my first computer! Parts in the mail as I speak. GN is a gateway drug!!
LaCount 3 aylar önce
Just like you, NewEgg was the go-to-place years ago. My first EVGA cards were from NewEgg. My current computer is seven years old and I'm just getting into gear to build a new system, and i stumbled upon this channel. Which is great BTW
The True and Rightful King of Antarctica
Execs like this bleed companies dry. I've watched these guys come and go consistently for fifteen years. Quick to tout how valuable they are, but provide no substance in daily matters, use idioms and jargon constantly, always promise the company is driven bottom up and empowered, and often have little clue how the company is really working. That conference room also makes me want to quit a job at NewEgg just to never spend more time in there. Every thing about this screams a dry, top-down, corporate culture. Kill me. It is absolutely the worst and kills good experiences and real innovation.
cmdrdredd 7 aylar önce
This happened to Gamestop. When I worked there they wanted actual gamers, people in the hobby. They would promote those who wanted to move up. Then they started hiring so called managers from outside and they started forgetting what they built around just a few years ago. All the good people left because they didn't like the direction. Now look at how many people hate gamestop.
Andrew Ryder
Andrew Ryder Yıl önce
It's really telling that the guy who's only been with Newegg 6 months - Terry Cox - when asked about whether checking customer history is part of the return assessment process, says "It's becoming a part of the process. That's the problem..." but the guy who's been there three years, and further indoctrinated into "Newegg PR" culture - Don Gwizdak - says "That's been in place" when Steve refers to the *same* policy as "coming in late to a company that's 20-years-old plus". Clearly, one of them is mistaken, or one of them is lying. Y'all wanna place your bets on which is which?
MrDanderskoff 8 aylar önce
My bet is the guy in blue is telling the truth. Look at his posture, breathing and how he's talking compared to everyone else. The guy on the far right in the light blue always has his hands together in front of him glued to the arms of his chair. The other guys are taking much shallower breaths and have very closed off posture indicating stress, and not being entirely forthcoming.
Qwistofer 9 aylar önce
What we saw was an example of what Steve mentioned numerous times: a disconnect between policy and execution. Don wanted to make it clear that the policy exists, but Terry instead focused on the policy execution when he answered Steve's question. Most likely, Terry did not mention the policy because he did not think the policy was being implemented properly. And that is why Terry chose to talk about the process instead. 'Cause what's the point of having a policy if the process or procedures used to carry out the policy is not good.
jojo jojo
jojo jojo 10 aylar önce
@Cmdr Riotz the real answer you look for is double speak, check it out. It's on TRvid.
Cmdr Riotz
Cmdr Riotz 10 aylar önce
@lvbuckeye that's the word I was looking for. It's very "Corporate Speak-ish."
Tomas Lekis
Tomas Lekis 7 aylar önce
Holy shit. Props for not backing down to them during the meeting. I follow a lot of car reviewers who talk a big game about whichever car manufacturer is having an issue and as soon as they meet with their rep, they just not along with a shit-eating grin. Seriously, this is top tier content.
cypherf0x Yıl önce
I remember when Newegg was the place to buy parts for computer builds. Then they tried to be Amazon instead of sticking what they were good at and trusted for before. Then their quality and service went to shit.
RoastBeefSandwich 2 aylar önce
@Bradimus1981 B&H has its eyes on Newegg right now...my last build, 50% of the parts came from Newegg and the other half came from B&H...not a single component from Amazon. Got sick of having to trawl through a page of irrelevant keyword-laced fake or "FBA" products to buy what I want on Amazon so I just don't use them anymore.
Mountain Man Gaming
Mountain Man Gaming 6 aylar önce
I think when you have 100 vice presidents and 100 directors. Is we're the problems start happening.
Anime Janai
Anime Janai 7 aylar önce
Newegg changed when its ownership changed to an investment group from China with figurehead of someone from Taiwan. It's also unknown how much mainland Chinese investment control there is in Newegg because various Chinese companies and investors operate through Taiwan.
cmdrdredd 7 aylar önce
They even try to copy their membership idea. Problem is that Amazon offers a ton of benefits attached to the membership. Newegg offers...shipping? They tried to be amazon but they should have stuck with what built them up for years. I mean, everyone I knew bought PC parts from newegg. Now nobody I know does...they will rather buy something from best buy which is very telling.
Bill Williams
Bill Williams 11 aylar önce
was a huge fan of newegg for buying build parts for a long time, over the past decade, not so much. with modern newegg you always have to hope you receive what you ordered and it works properly. because if you get the wrong item or a broken item, newegg is not good about accepting returns.
Paul's Hardware
Paul's Hardware Yıl önce
Hey you talked to Vince! Here I was thinking I didn't know anyone at Newegg anymore. I'm gonna see if Vince wants to hang out. Great work Steve!!
@Jacob Morse Exactly.
Jacob Morse
Jacob Morse Yıl önce
@SNIPEYOPIPE vince? oh i know vince! vince at new egg, shit we're boys. by the way guys did you know, that I know vince? haha we're gonna hang out (me and vince) it's gonna be sick (hanging out with vince that is). Cheers!
WIndiguana Yıl önce
Also here to say weird flex or more accurately that came off as very cringe given the situation. There's a very good chance that Paul is a remarkable human being, but there's also a reason I don't watch any of his videos.
LexPlay Yıl önce
@Ruffnar bobnar For someone 'not bashing' and 'not having a horse in the race' you sure have a lot to say about someone else's personal relationship that doesn't have anything to do with you.
Ruffnar bobnar
Ruffnar bobnar Yıl önce
@Slackaveli imagine your standing around a group of a few thousand people in person. You dont really know the people around you all that well but you all know you share a dislike for a company. You are all talking about how you dislike said company or maybe your sharing experiences you had with the company. Another guy shows up knows everyone is hating on the company and says hey I wonder how so and so at that company is we should get some lunch. I'm not bashing the man if you wanna get lunch with someone who is not liked in the crowd right now by all means go pal it up with your friend. Your talking to the wrong crowd right now. Maybe just maybe after a year or more if the company in question did start to turn over a new leaf the group that doesnt like the company wouldn't think the comment is out of place. I did watch his video he put out days before this. That doesnt change the fact that the comment is weird at this point in time. At the end of the day if I find something out of place or strange I'll state the fact and move on. Havnt gotten anything from newegg in years due to a bad experience I came here hoping to see some results. Who knows maybe we will get some. The meeting looked like nothing but a dog and pony show to me. I commend GN for holding there feet to the fire but the company just danced around everything. At the end of the day I dont have a horse in this race until they restore my faith in the company. It's what I was hoping would happen after all this but I feel doubtful. Time will tell. While scrolling the comments op comment threw me off it felt outta place and strange. I'll say it again. Weird flex
mckrackin5324 Yıl önce
Every suit in the room is brand new at the job. That speaks volumes. They ripped me off for a motherboard too. I wish I'd had a platform to flex to get my money back. Thanks for sticking up for me indirectly.
siemon pryns
siemon pryns Aylar önce
I've recorded opening boxes so many times for nothing but it's common practice for me
Chris 7 aylar önce
@Sean Lee it was in 2005. No way do I recall the brand. I'm certain it was a cheap brand though. It's similar to the Chinese brands Fry's Electronics were known for before they shuttered.
Sean Lee
Sean Lee 7 aylar önce
@Chris Was it a rosewill enclosure? Same exact thing happened to me around then.
Chris 8 aylar önce
@Kmz I was ripped-off in the same manner, but my item was a hard drive enclosure that was DOA when I received it and since I did not have proof, (video evidence of me taking a knife and opening the package) It was not authorized an RMA or replacement. IT WAS THE LAST THING I EVER BOUGHT FROM NEWEGG. That was in 2003. Consider then til present day. They've been getting away with deceptive practices since day one. Mine was new in box, not refurbished.
Kmz 9 aylar önce
so then I prob shouldn’t buy from them?
Laurence Scroggins
Laurence Scroggins 10 aylar önce
I remember 10 years ago when New Egg and TigerDirect were staples in the computer build world. Crazy how times have changed
Joseph Reynolds
Joseph Reynolds 3 aylar önce
I remember buying most of my stuff from TigerDirect years ago.
Anime Janai
Anime Janai 7 aylar önce
NEW owners from China.
TechTalk 9 aylar önce
The vibe i'm getting from this is literally "we're sorry we got caught" *does it again* It's very clear the company lost it's humanity and that unfortunately it really is going in the direction we hoped it wasn't.
manictiger 4 aylar önce
@Anime Janai In the age of Amazon, price increases are corporate self-delete (god I hate YT political correctness).
The13thRonin 5 aylar önce
Companies don't have humanity. They are not human.
Anime Janai
Anime Janai 7 aylar önce
You'll probably need to change ownership of the company. If the chinese owner is FIRMLY fixed upon churning customers, then the problem will reappear after awhile. Or Newegg will have to increase prices beyond the inflation rate in order to give the chinese investors their expected profits despite accepting customer returns.
59768 Yıl önce
Imagine how much of a better place the world would be if more journalism was this transparent, level-headed, and focused on the actual issues. I can't claim to care much about this particular issue beyond seeing it as just another unfortunate instance of corporations gonna corporation, but I have profound respect for your handling of it. Thank you.
TotemoGaijin Aylar önce
@Frank Stared Holding politicians to account? They'll ask something that's slightly above a softball question, and when the politician dodges or changes the subject, they move on...
Frank Stared
Frank Stared 11 aylar önce
@ThereIsNoCat Lol, with a handle like that I ecpected more sympathy!
ThereIsNoCat 11 aylar önce
@Frank Stared its a computer channel dude. Get off your soap box.
59768 Yıl önce
@Frank Stared I don't think it needs to be re-framed because it was never framed as anything else to begin with. Do you preface all your conversations with "I know that there has never been a time in our history when the world wasn't horribly unjust, and that every single day countless humans have always faced undue suffering while others enjoyed unearned rewards. I also realize that short of immediate existential threats to our entire species' survival, there has never been any cause more deserving of all of our combined effort and resources. And that in some ways, this problem is particularly egregious right now and only getting worse with time. But right now I would like to talk to you about X even though it is monumentally trivial in comparison."? No. It's implicit. The fact that you're not an idiot combined with the fact that you haven't been living in a cave all your life already establishes that you are aware of this truth which has thus far been fundamental to human existence. And unless you appear to be a psychopath, it's also assumed that you care about this and would prefer to see it resolved. That's just not what you happen to be talking about right now. So you don't have to re-frame your every conversation about the laundry or whatever. Nor do you have to re-frame every work of literature/video/whatever else which has ever had a different subject matter. And if someone walks in claiming that you do, frankly they're being rather obnoxious.
Frank Stared
Frank Stared Yıl önce
@59768 Oh, I appreciate the the investigative and accountability work, for sure. I just think that we need to re-frame and accept that this is really about enabling consumerism at a time when most humans are struggling not to get the best price from unscrupulous distributors (again, a systemic consequence of inequity) but finding food enough to eat, finding shelter, adjusting to climate change and the consequences of pollution, and escaping systemic violence.
G4merY 11 aylar önce
Even I was nervous watching this. This is true reality TV. And I'm surprised how well this turned out. It's inspiring to see a relatively-small TRvid channel make such a positive change.
Breezy_G94 8 aylar önce
@Herb well it was pretty embarrassing situation to be fair. Manager is not gonna cut it lol
Herb 9 aylar önce
Right. They took him seriously. 2 VPs and 2 Directors at the meeting. They seriously cared to hear out gamer nexus
Velmorse Yıl önce
The balls of “so it’s back to poor execution then.” I laughed so hard.
peachierose 6 aylar önce
@big b0ss HAHAHAHAH
Robert B
Robert B Yıl önce
It takes "balls" these days just to speak the truth? Good Lord has our society become pussified. Just say what you mean, and mean what you say. Speak succinctly and concisely.
vankhaos3 Yıl önce
Let's get newegg back to where it needs to be this will hopefully help. I personally ordered a speaker new and sent it back damaged. They claimed there were roaches in the box. I never had roaches where I live which is what I told them. Really wish I sent them pictures before returning it. The manufacturer of said speaker stepped in after they refused sent me a new one no questions asked. I just had to praise the manufacturer on neweggs site after I received it. I mentioned how prompt and helpful said manufacturer's customer satisfaction was with me in the process while trashing the liars at newegg which I also left as in my comment. Hope they do better
Hunter H
Hunter H Yıl önce
So good
Sherman Sherbert
Sherman Sherbert Yıl önce
This was amazing journalism.
Mow Cat
Mow Cat 7 aylar önce
the board members seemed pretty nervous, and a few were only recently put in their positions. i imagine they were scared for their positions and attempting the best PR talk they could muster i almost feel bad for them i dont envy having a 1v4 confrontation but NG pulled it off pretty well
Jacob 7 aylar önce
This is amazing Steve, it's also so awkward lol. I have these meetings all the time with execs that don't care about anything but making money and lie through their teeth to the public on terms of their company policy. Your constant pressuring the issues to keep them on point was so great. You make a great investigator
Patrick Burke
Patrick Burke Yıl önce
Lots of new dudes in the company. Kinda makes sense why things are the way they are, no one to hold accountable.
neil A
neil A Yıl önce
@Carpathian Hermit You're saying it's a False Flag" I am saying that You're wrong. Have a great day though.
Carpathian Hermit
@neil A ... Christ please do your homework then have a discussion. If something is a false flag i.e. didn't happen either there was no victims or the victims were hurt by others thus warranting an investigation. Making assumptions big boy.
neil A
neil A Yıl önce
@Carpathian Hermit Fake to you and real to the victims.
KariahBengalii 8 aylar önce
I just want to say that you did fantastically as an interviewer. They were definitely trying to give you pr jargon and when you pushed back they seemed to recognize that they couldn't get away with that.
Its so wild to see a multimillion dollar company lose thousands of potential new customers with different budgets because you don't want to help your existing ones. A customer will remember you because you listened, cared and gave a solution that helped simplify their lives. A customer will also remember their bad experience and then tell everyone they know about it. Newegg needs to learn better conflict management skills, maybe ever train their company with the Lominger Competencies List.
Anime Janai
Anime Janai 7 aylar önce
New customers appear all the time, and if they don't know about the past problems, then everything is fine as far as those new customers are concerned.
Kailer Petersen
Kailer Petersen Yıl önce
The absolute bollocks and virtue of the GN team is amazing
Riva Yıl önce
@Matt It's most likely a spam bot
NoodlelyNoodle Yıl önce
The way he told them they'd record on the way in and point the camera at the ground and intimidated the Newegg guy into saying ok defeated was great
Matt Yıl önce
@Secret That was terrible.
Envisible Ward
Envisible Ward Yıl önce
yes this was a great talk although I am very skeptical things will change.
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen Yıl önce
Testicles of granite
wasjosh Yıl önce
"We made a policy allowing people to return TVs we sold them that were already damaged." He's saying this and patting himself on the back instead of apologzing that they didn't let people return damaged crap they sold them.
GeneralGeorge 8 aylar önce
@Graye Testing every monitor for a dead pixel as a retailer is not practical.
GeneralGeorge 8 aylar önce
In Neweggs defense plenty of retailers and the manufacturers especially will not accept a return for a single dead pixel. Which as a picky bastard is not acceptable to me, but it is common.
lalafells Yıl önce
@wasjosh "We made a policy allowing people to return TVs we sold them that were already damaged."
wasjosh Yıl önce
@lalafells No, I'm not. Are you sure youre replying to the right comment?
lalafells Yıl önce
@wasjosh you are stating they are proud that they do returns for TV's that are damaged when shipped and that that should have been the default. And that they should apologize for not having done it previous... I'm starting that they aren't saying they didnt previous do returns at all, that they were specifically talking about returns for a manufacturing defect known as dead pixels. That they have reason to be proud of accepting those returns with as little as one dead pixel because that is beyond the industry standard. Before that they likely had the same policy as everyone else. A normal policy at the time they mentioned the change to policy would be either x number of pixels need to be dead or x size area has to be dead. so they have a reason to be proud of that policy change and how long ago it was made.
Gunnberg85 10 aylar önce
2 things I've noted immediately. These guys are all "new hires", and they all sound scared. Despite the masks, their body language displays anything but comfortable.
FirstTuber123 11 aylar önce
You did well man. Food for thought: if you watch the video or remember, they talked kinda loud and very distinctly. They tried to butter you up by giving you a lot of “we like you” type of talk and bullshit. That was all to intimidate you and also to make you feel for them. And yes Andrew is right which why they were talking the way they were. Not to mention it probably felt like it was 4 on 1.
George Tsiros
George Tsiros 3 aylar önce
Sbeve is happy with those odds... it means _one_ of them might, just might, make it unscathed.
LaCount 3 aylar önce
NewEgg was the place I was buying all my computer parts from, back in the day. So it's sad that the employees working there who don't give a crap. I'll bet that there are corrupt employees not only screwing over customers, but stealing from NewEgg the company. Makes me wonder how many of these supposed damaged items, were just P.O.S. employees stealing the customer's item out of the box, and replacing it with a broken one, or a lesser item that they brought from home. I'm hoping NewEgg management can turn this around.
LaCount 2 aylar önce
@Mahou Aniki If they were a Chinese company, then there definitely would have been a representative from the Chinese owners at the meeting Steve attended. Unless one of the new hires at the meeting, and there were a few, was a newly hired American who represented the Chinese
Mahou Aniki
Mahou Aniki 2 aylar önce
Newegg is technically a Chinese company since 2016. I would not be surprised if Newegg adopted the stereotypical toxic Chinese style business management.
Callm3Gardy 7 aylar önce
Much respect to what you do. People cant change the world, but you def made a difference by standing up for your community, followers and viewers. This is amazin
Maximilian Deitrick
Poor Eric, only one month at the company before this all blew up 😔
Tosco Yıl önce
@Eric Barth holy fuck, imagine having a new Manager every 6 months, must be tolling.
Cyberbrain Yıl önce
@Gamers Nexus Not all eggs are bad, some are fresh.
Eric Barth
Eric Barth Yıl önce
Eric's position is probably replaced every few months.. from what it appears, almost all positions are changed over every few to 6 months. Macro management creates this exact form of terrible management.
Mikkel Breiler
Mikkel Breiler Yıl önce
@Soapy Papoose Nor have I. They get paid better.
CattleRustler 8 aylar önce
I like a technology channel that also goes out and defends the little guy from these corporate behemoths. Great job Steve and crew.
Pers0n 7 aylar önce
That was really some baller move, to have the company have all their actually high tier execs come to the table and explain themselves.
Stubby Phillips
Stubby Phillips Yıl önce
I stopped buying from Newegg years ago because of some scumbag behavior from one of their sellers who sold me a used, broken product and played an endless email game instead of taking it back. I just gave up and decided to never buy from Newegg again.
Mach Daddy
Mach Daddy Yıl önce
Sometimes that's the only way they learn.
Kelley Smith
Kelley Smith Yıl önce
I have really got to chime in on this. As a former employee of a nearly defunct electronic company (RS if your curious). I have actually seen this kind of evasionary tactics that these "executives" clearly were trying to do. The first was the good old tried and true "It was an honest mistake" No young Padawan it wasn't an "honest" mistake. If a company drops the ball on a few people YES it could be an honest mistake. But when hundreds, even thousands of people have said this across multiple platforms? There is nothing "honest" about the mistake, it is clearly a policy they want to try to avoid taking about and are trying to frame their company in the best possible light. They clearly are either incredibly clueless, towing the line of the owners and investors, or just downright incompetent. I must stress that that cannot be looked at as anything less than what it really is. And that is "We know what we are doing, we know we are being filmed by this YT Channel so if we don't want to sink the ship faster, we need to make it sound good". I promise you, they will NEVER LEARN!!! You think they care about anything but their paychecks and collective asses? NO they don't and they won't stop doing what gets the executives, shareholders, and investors results. And in the end? All you are going to get from these talking suits is double talk, bullshit, and flowers and rainbows. Oh we will fix it, the person that didn't follow the steps is being disciplined. Bullshit!!! He probably is one of the mouthpieces in the interview!!! Don't believe me? Think Noah Katz of the former Artisan Builds for reference. His "impassioned speech" to KiaPia and others was about as sterile as freshly wrapped toilet paper, and stunk like a Taco Bell binge. He was the CEO, did anyone really think he was sincere? Does anyone think the Three Stooges from NewEgg are any fresher? I'm sorry to tell you this, your heart's in the right place and you really are trying to help. But don't think for one min the Assmigos you met are anything less than dedicated to telling you just how sorry they are, and we will do better, and we never knew this was happening. And then laughing at you as soon as you left, patting each other on the backs and thinking you guys are complete wastes for thinking they would get better. I'm sorry, I really am, I saw this too often at board meetings with really honest and decent people trying their best to improve a company who has sadly fallen into greed, investor satisfaction, and making customers feel like garbage for even saying something was wrong. I can assure you, they did not last long, and many of them would either drink to hide the pain, drugs, many lost their marriages and kids, and at least TWO Senior Executives committed suicide. I didn't let myself get that sucked in and quit a few months later. Look I really loved RS, I started as a sales associate, moved up, and made it to management. But when we started adopting "canned responses" and automatically thinking the customer was trying to cheat the company, I saw the writing on the wall. It was over, so many good people and great products over the years and poof!! Gone due to thinking cellphones would save us, third party garbage was better than our domestic products, and going from a trusted retail electronics store with thousands of locations and franchises, to now a small online that sells batteries and a few products. I don't doubt NewEgg will be on it's last legs soon enough. Joining places like Toys R' Us, Kmart, and so many more. But truth? It will be deserved because nobody deserves these idiotic and draconian policies that emphasize profit over people. That seems to be the corporate mantra of the 2020's, and it will be their death knell when the last executive drives away leaving the store manager to turn the key and say "We are closed for business".
DaRedeemerSpawn4 11 aylar önce
ah, a kin to the red, grey and black. My hats off to you.
norman pütz
norman pütz Yıl önce
ive worked in cust service for 15 years, one rule always served me well, always preted the person calling you is ur mum or dad, a happy customer will bring you more customers, dang i almost wanna apply for a job at newegg lol.
Terry Morgan
Terry Morgan Yıl önce
Newegg should embrace what gamers nexus is trying to do. This isn't about an RMA product anymore. Those numbers are scary and Newegg is actually at risk of succumbing to Amazon. Gamers Nexus has evolved professionally and independently at an alarming rate in this industry, and is more than capable of giving Newegg some serious help. This channel has evolved into a full scale company that is more than adequate for the task.
Drago Pac
Drago Pac Yıl önce
@Wzp U thank you
Wzp U
Wzp U Yıl önce
@Drago Pac Your English is fine. Thanks for sharing your comment.
David Shahmoradi
David Shahmoradi Yıl önce
@DutchManticore Good to know. Thanks
Wyatt Newton
Wyatt Newton Yıl önce
The ironic part is Amazon isn't really trying anymore. Amazon has actually increased prices the last couple of years and Newegg matched them. Amazon's return policy is superior. Newegg used to be nicer to shop at until they introduced a bunch of chinese sellers and greatly dimmished the shopping experience. Search results are terrible there now.
Drago Pac
Drago Pac Yıl önce
Well i will speak for me, if Amazon would be the only reliable online source for electronic parts, in Canada, we would be doomed. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Amazon have the worse pc parts availability then all other web platforms. Newegg are having cards regularly as memory express and canada computer. Except for Amazon, all of them have about the same bad behavior as Newegg aboit their returns policy and even if they are far to be perfect, I prefer 3000 times more to have them around then only have Amazon. But we need influencers like Steve who confront them so maybe just maybe they can change their ways to do businesses…. I won't stop buying from Newegg regardless for the kind of parts I need from then but i'm glad that their bad behaviors was exposed. Ps: sorry for my bad english i'm french first ;)
FatalPuls3 Yıl önce
Wow a corporation who was willing to show face, speak on camera AND allow it to be posted no cut. Amazing
Boots 10 aylar önce
Amazing? Only because they are worried it might go viral and actually start hitting the stock price. And then, the Shorts AKA AMC-gate might get involved and really put a hurt on them.
CodeRed001 11 aylar önce
More like show mask.
Grant Amos
Grant Amos Yıl önce
Y'all rock. I'm not even that interested in pc components these days, but the quality of your content demands attention. Thanks for all the hard work
David Bou
David Bou Yıl önce
We appreciate and thank you for bringing this to the light for all the end users. Seems like there are only a few good companies to shop from nowadays.
Panams16 10 aylar önce
Thank you Steve, I’m late…. But yea, thanks for doing your absolutely best and have the chops to go face to face and address issues with companies.
Axiom Gaming
Axiom Gaming Yıl önce
This seems like an easy fix. They should train their staff to naturally think about the supervisor when they feel they are blocked with a customers request. They should immediately say, "Let me see what I can do for you." Then go talk to a supervisor about the issue and give the customer proper options....
motaku96 Yıl önce
I think it's really telling that most of the people at the table have had their positions for less than 6 months. I work for a company that is in similar straits and let me tell you, if they're having trouble keeping seasoned employees at the top, you can bet the turnover rate of their regular employees is incredibly bad.
Andrew 5 aylar önce
Always super senior, or fairly early tenure, never many in between.
storm filter
storm filter 5 aylar önce
yeah I agree. I also found the amount of time with the company oddly short
JP Ouellet
JP Ouellet 5 aylar önce
First, it can effectively mean a bad thing, but also a good thing. Newegg was definitely not going in a great direction, so perhaps a change of guard has been brought in. The PR guy rubbed me wrong, bs meter definitely triggered on hos empty statements. However Mr. Cox and Anguilar (might have mispelled that) I think have the right attitude. But what case this is is hard without a broader view of the past, and we'll see what direction they seem to be taking
Anemeethious 7 aylar önce
@miinyoo that's how you maintain a company long term. A company trying to get the best deal and screwing over their employees is short-term profits.
GiggleBits Yıl önce
Go camera man! I observed the same scene, but didn't realize it for what it was like how he did. It was damage control. A few things I especially didn't like though were that they completely disregarded the fact that they have a people management issue. He mentioned the pressure on the individual contributors several times, but they kept wanting to think about policy change as their magic carpet to fly away from the issue instead of addressing the management issues among their employees. The second thing that grinded my gears was that they wanted to put the blame on the customer. "They should have asked for a manager." Is insulting when you cite a customer that had been doing just that for 6 weeks and still not getting help. Their instincts were to shift the blame to the customer which looks super bad. The last thing they said was emphasizing that this is the minority of their customers. Like yeah.... I would hope that a majority of your customers don't even have to go through this process, but for those who did and had such a poor experience it feels like an attempt to discredit their experiences. There is a culture issue at this company. There is an accountability issue at this company. And it start at the executive level. Above even these guys if I'm to speculate based on their behaviors.
TheoneNonly 8 aylar önce
Love the way you guys are. You don't hide anything straight to the point and give people/companies a chance to explain them selves this is how the world should be
RBS427 Yıl önce
Took me a while to get the time set aside to watch this because I am very interested as an ex Newegg customer. I stopped buying from Newegg due to this same experience with their customer service/return of damaged items. Their competitors have been getting my business and personal purchases. So I’m glad this has been done and I am impressed that Newegg has taken the meeting. Let’s see how it goes. Maybe I can try them again. But for now, I’m watching.
Willie Baidy
Willie Baidy 11 aylar önce
Thank you for all you do for this community. My words cannot convey the positivity i have for you bringing this to light. Companies have to remember that as Customers we have choices and we keep them afloat. This is awesome and please keep up the great work. (Two Thumbs UP)
Paul Smith
Paul Smith 11 aylar önce
Yep, companies like this are practically begging their customers to destroy the company's reputation. "We won't do anything unless you scream about it and make us look bad." Be careful what you wish for?
GeekFurious Yıl önce
The part where you resist turning off the camera during your walk in is assertiveness in the face of perceived authority. This is the type of thing that should be taught to anyone who wants to become a journalist: how not to fold to someone's attempts to control an interview.
GeekFurious Yıl önce
@William Lazenby What proprietary information could a camera possibly pick up walking through an office of a retail company? The big secrets to screwing over your customers?
William Lazenby
William Lazenby Yıl önce
@Chad King87 it has more to do with proprietary information instead of security or insurance.
William Lazenby
William Lazenby Yıl önce
@Andy Chow it has more to do with proprietary information instead of security or insurance.
Chad King87
Chad King87 Yıl önce
@William Lazenby it's is outlandish but that's the reason
MyrMerek666 Yıl önce
They should just have said "sure we can talk on the street, choose a spot".
Turnabout 8 aylar önce
I've watched this video a few times, and each time when the VP of Customer Service is introducing himself, I laugh out loud imagining Steve leaning over and socking that guy in the jaw.
DCMAKER133 Yıl önce
very glad to see you guys went full transparency and gave them a fair chance to fix the issue. This is how all things should be done and the process to fix and make things better. Damage control is a real thing and companies can over react and its great you guys took the high ground and tried to give them the chance to improve! Obviously, also glad that Newegg did take the chance to talk and did improve!
Reality-Drift Yıl önce
This is an incredible display of the power of independent media and holding the people we spend money with to a standard its been amazing to watch Steve and his team grow over the years and the respect they have earning in the industry
Wow. This is the type of journalism i LOVE seeing, and supporting for that matter. Steve, you really did a great job and for me, personally, meant a lot seeing someone going after the big answers from the higher ups. Breaking down the lip service walls to get to the meat and potatoes. Great work, I'm a @GamersNexus sub/supporter forever. BIG UP!
A Templar
A Templar 16 gün önce
Been following this series just today. Good shit man. You earned a customer.
Mark Vaughn
Mark Vaughn Yıl önce
This whole thing comes across as Steve caring more about NewEgg's customers than NewEgg.
bruh 7 aylar önce
@No More idk, this group of cockroaches seemed to do it just fine
I'mNotBehindYou Yıl önce
@William Lazenby right lol.
I'mNotBehindYou Yıl önce
@William Lazenby right lol.
William Lazenby
William Lazenby Yıl önce
I mean, yeah, it's Steve. Tech Jesus.
No More
No More Yıl önce
"This whole thing comes across as Steve caring more about NewEgg's customers than NewEgg" - That's not really a high bar to surpass. That bar is so low a cockroach couldn't fit under it.
Johnny Kelley
Johnny Kelley 7 aylar önce
Much respect man! We appreciate you being a strong advocate for us!
D. Tubbs
D. Tubbs 10 aylar önce
I love how half the team that Steve meet with is "new." Sounds like a great way to say, "I had no idea this was going on when I was hired."
chris roberts
chris roberts Yıl önce
I remember having an issue one time when My mother in law purchased a router at Walmart. When we got it home, there was blank paper stuffed in place of where the router went. Walmart had never opened up the box to check that the item was in there before accepting the return in the first place. But apparently Walmart has been ripped off many times by dishonest people.
CoffeeGremlin Yıl önce
Bahahaha that reminds me of the time customer service accepted an iPad return without checking it. They called me down to grab the item and when I did I noticed something felt off. First off no plastic on the box and moving rhe box at all I heard something shaking around. Once I opened the box I saw it was just a bunch of tiles in place of the iPad. I burst out laughing so fucking hard and explained to customer service that they really need to check before doing returns. Since then they've called down an electronics associate.
KENNETH CUSMANO 11 aylar önce
surprised they didn't try to hire you. You are a very intelligent person with great insight. You very well may have saved this company from ruin. you just gained a subscriber. I love your video's and the way you handle yourself. great job!
Nathan Lambert
Nathan Lambert Yıl önce
Awsome, love how you brought these guys to the table, well done 💪
Netninja543 Yıl önce
Thank you for fighting back for consumer rights, and for pushing one of our favorite online retailers in the right direction. Hopefully these executives stop pandering in their meetings, and actually make decisive action to *properly* fix the mistakes they have made.
based sen
based sen 11 aylar önce
This comment looks like a discord ping
Netninja543 Yıl önce
@Robert Andrews In the case of this video, there is an option titled "Thanks" that allows you to donate, and apparently make your comment highlight.
Benjamin Oechsli
Benjamin Oechsli Yıl önce
Oh, is TRvid finally feeling brave enough to allow its users to add a message to Super Thanks donations beyond the default "Thanks!" message? Excellent.
Mitch Mitchell
Mitch Mitchell Yıl önce
@Cuvtixo okay, I disagree with some of this, but to each their own. Hopefully Newegg actually commits (and sticks to) taking care of customers (especially re: the RMA process) in future.
TMINUSOFTEXAS 11 aylar önce
Thank you for this video. The biggest issue is that the lack of experience is abundant. The one with the most experience had the lowest position, which 9 out of 10 times is the biggest issue with corporations nowadays. I use to deal with them a lot, and now because they have changed, I just go to other sites. Amazon is going to eliminate them in the next 5 years. I thank god I have a microcenter, and they are real, real good with any issues. I hope NewEGG listens to you guys. and thank you again.
MacroAggressor 6 aylar önce
Very well done! I will say one thing in defense of the execs in this meeting and their hesitance to commit to certain things: as a publicly traded company they do face certain restrictions that you and are mostly unfamiliar with.
Walter Vasquez
Walter Vasquez Yıl önce
more power to you and your company for giving voice to us little customers.
XS Player
XS Player Yıl önce
if i could subscribe 10 times for your service, I would. Thanks for what you do and big thanks for your courage going into this.
Some Guy
Some Guy Yıl önce
What I want to know is how Newegg got here. For years they were the gold standard when it came to RMA's.
Limmel 11 aylar önce
They sold out, unfortunately.
Alarge Corgi2
Alarge Corgi2 Yıl önce
It's simple, they sold to Liaison Interactive which is a Chinese company back in 2017. In 2017 they basically completely changed how they expanded their world wide operations.
kcgunesq Yıl önce
Honestly, I'm not sure any of Newegg's staff present at this meeting really knows how the company operates. I've seen this happen before. People get invited to a meeting based upon rank, not because they can actually answer questions.
kcgunesq Yıl önce
@Jaded Cynic I can't judge the accuracy of your analysis, but it sounds very plausible to me.
Jaded Cynic
Jaded Cynic Yıl önce
@MoA-Reload... Well...let's look at it like this - Vince Aguilar at the left has been with newegg since 2003 as a humble Cust Svc rep and worked his way up through the ranks to Director, Customer Service, which he CONVIENTLY left for 'Director of *Platform Experience* as of TWO MONTHS AGO. It's entirely possible flawed policies that end up with line-workers just denying RMAs to save their job or whatever else is his doing (whether it's deliberate or incompetently accidental remains to be seen) and he even said he was previously the big guy in Cust Svc for the company not long ago. Don - Global Ops is just there to cover his hind because for a while newegg combined logistics (what he does now) WITH Cust Svc (what was split off like 1.5 years ago...for vince to take over), he's only been with Newegg as an executive (1.5yrs in charge of logistics & c/s, then 1.5yrs 'operations') - maybe *HE* created the mess when Cust Svc was under his purview. Previously he was Logisitics VP for FTD florists for a year, and then 13+ years with UPS, working up through the ranks there - I could see him being an expert in logistics, but UPS doesn't really get the same sort of Customer Service issues as a vendor like Newegg, So here's a possible scenario; Don's in charge of both shipping and returns and Cust Svc contacts, etc. He's good at the first, but not quite familar with the other branches, and ends up trying to 'reduce expense of accepted returns' by making an unwise policy regarding RMAs that - entirely unintentionally - results in the RMA & C/S staff just fudging returns to effectively keep their jobs. Then, after about a year as customer complaints grow to the extent that The Board notices it, realizes Don's mistake, so they fix things by reliving him of the responsibility of Cust Svc (which ultimately is a good idea, let him focus on what his degrees and decades of experience is in - logistics and shipping), and promote up a sr. manager from Cust Svc to head the new seperate department - Vince. After a year or so, things are not improving, so they don't *blame* Vince for not being able to fix the problem, but 'sidemote' him to take charge of "Platform Experience" to give them a vacency to fill with a Spin Doctor (Terry; worked Manager/Director for a handful of companies since 2008 (usual turnover rate, just over 3 years - fun fact: he got a Bus Mgmt degree in 2018 around the end of his tenure as "Director Of Customer Service" for Shear Logic LLC, he only got his MBA this year in 2022 after he started with Newegg) And as things STILL didn't 'fix themselves' by getting new suits to say pleasantly patronizing things in general, the pulled out the big guns and made a nice comfy nest available for Eric Wein to land in...and hang around for 5-6 years. (see my previous post for his C.V. he has NOT stayed with ANYONE for more than 6yrs - I got money down he'll leave before 2027 is out. B) ) who has plenty of experience marketing video games...which sounds good, but do you want someone who knows how to design an ad campaign for an MMO to be the guy as the public face of an electronics and computer parts vendor?
MoA-Reload... Yıl önce
A lot of "newish" starts there too. Did they have a management shake up recently or is their staff turn over that high up the chain a real issue is what I first thought.
Jaded Cynic
Jaded Cynic Yıl önce
@Ryan Amey Oh no, Ted (sitting next to steve, VP Cust Svc) is a spin doctor, period. Barely comprehends what the other person is saying only for a little context to anchor his own attempt to 'transition the conversation to a place where we can all find satisfaction' (i.e. twist things the way he wants.) FFS - "I mean, my team members are my customers". That BS is right next to "we here at are one big family" in the "Corporate Lies Handbook". Before this, I kept the opinion that it was neither malicious theft and fraud at the root here, nor utter incompetence, but that it was callous indifference that was causing these problems with RMA at Newegg...that management was setting internal policies that would generate an employee mentality of 'why should I care about my job since management obviously doesn't give a crap whether I'm doing my job right?" ...now I think it's more like: management just throws out various internal policies without any follow-through or enforcement that is generating the employee mentality "why should I care about doing my job right since management either can't be bothered to check up on their employees' quality of work or are utterly incapable of overseeing their employees." As stated, this corporation is falling prey to what happens to all corporations; it's executive offices are short-term residences for career VPs...of whatever they find work for. They're not in these positions for the long term, but just long enough to look 'ambitious and upwardly mobile' on their C.V. and as such they don't have ANY clue about the specifics of the company they're presently in charge of. Take Eric Wein there at the back: he SAYS "I have two decades of experience in video game PR, tech PR", but spent the last five years immediately before this as PR director of *Lamps Plus*? (also to note, before lamps, he worked for *five years* for a PR firm doing work for Square Enix, and before that worked for just shy of *six years* for the Walt Disney Company doing PR for the games they were putting out, and immediately previous to that worked at a PR firm for a bit under *five years* that handled M$'s launch of the original Xbox... see a pattern forming here? (His previous work was shorter-term and lower down, e.g. 2yrs in WB's Corporate Communications office: "I worked for the studio's senior corporate communications executive, an industry icon." Eric doesn't give a HOOT about Newegg beyond it actually going into receivership or dissolving as a company while he's still employed; he and just about all of these suits are just corporate cuckoos that bounce around from one company's executive nest to another's without concern of what the company IS or what it DOES. Whether this ignorance is deliberate or just a consequence of their 'career goals', the result is the don't know what the bleep their underlings are supposed to be doing, and that engenders ignorant incompetence (no one ever trained employee B how to do his job), and poor employee 'motivation' ("if the boss can't tell if I'm doing my job right or not, why should *I* bother?")
Yak M
Yak M 8 aylar önce
Great job Steve, great job Gamer Nexus! Standing up for us little guys, for us who have shopped on Newegg for years and who genuinely want Newegg to succeed and do good. Thank you.
Leto Verheij
Leto Verheij 8 aylar önce
Dude you prove one person can make a big difference, accountability and protecting the little guy from Large corporations is one of the most noble and positive things you can do with your time on this planet. Thank-you!
George Tsiros
George Tsiros 3 aylar önce
one person...?
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 6 aylar önce
Youre a role model for me steve, great job at the interview. You have amazing communication skills.
goose pls
goose pls 8 aylar önce
First thing that I noticed right off the bat that sets off warning flags to me is, outside of the one guy who’s been there for 19 years, they’re all really new. And even the 19 year guy is in a new position. It’s really odd
Kevin Montgomery
Kevin Montgomery 10 aylar önce
Great job! Thank you for being a voice for the unheard!
bardofhighrenown Yıl önce
It's a huge red flag that all of the VP's are basically brand new to their roles. Something weird is happening over at Newegg.
asd Yıl önce
@ShroudedWolf51 How do you know they were kicked out? It could very easily mean it's a shitty place to work and the previous hires said peace.
Maxwell Yıl önce
@theRemedy vp’s are usually considered to be the head expert in that particular information for a department. When companies meet with analysts, the analysts don’t meet with the c-suite execs. They meet with the VPs because they possess the acuity to answer things more appropriately. We wouldn’t even let the CEO go Into those meetings without prior advisement from the VP dept heads.
Maxwell Yıl önce
@Billie Irish most ppl do coke
Sam Vimes
Sam Vimes Yıl önce
A few years ago the Chinese tech company Liaison Interactive bought the majority of stakes in Newegg, and in 2020 Newegg merged with Lianluo Smart Ltd, some sort of Chinese shell company. Considering how little Newegg cares about its quality of service or its customers, it's fair to assume they don't care much about their employees either. I'd imagine there's a pretty high turnover rate at that company, and people who want to actually improve things are probably the first to go.
CallDomData LLC
CallDomData LLC Yıl önce
not defending btw I did watch the full vid and the buck got passed around that room like a doobie at a Highschool party
SirGerti 3 aylar önce
steves suggestion section ( paraphrasing ) steve : “it would be great if I didn’t have to explain the same thing 7 times and to actually be heard” exec 1: “yeah it would be great, we’re gonna try to work on that” steve : “can you promise” exec 2 : “lol nope”
Anklebiter 91
Anklebiter 91 Aylar önce
I have new respect for Newegg. Not once did they lose their cool. Willing to learn. I like it.
Newfdogg 6 aylar önce
There should be a huge class action lawsuit against these crooks!!🤬😡
Michael Cox
Michael Cox 4 aylar önce
Awesome job on being the forward facing presence for the buyer/viewer audience, Steve. The new Hassle Free Returns policy, even for Open Box items, indicates your efforts were effective. 🥳 Minor mistake, KPI = Key Performance Indicator (not "Insight").
Kevin Ruddell
Kevin Ruddell Yıl önce
I watched this twice. Without getting too specific, these problems have been going on for years, and these slight changes that you had to pull teeth to get a commitment to make a commitment, do not instill confidence. I hope I'm wrong, often am. I want them to show, not tell. They did a lot of telling. I'm rambling. The only way to know is to keep on their ass
versita Yıl önce
Rather concerning that most of these executives have only been around for a few months. Definitely agree with Andrew in that they were more concerned about damage control than actually resolving the systemic issues.
aeonjoey Yıl önce
Oh 100%
Siana Gearz
Siana Gearz Yıl önce
@Neojhun There are service complaints of similar kind going 5+ years back.
Neojhun Yıl önce
@BarryMcKockinner Not revolving door. Newegg ownership changed recently, first big change in a long time. Somehow they could exploit a SPAC merger to go Publically Traded company. Seems like customer service was neglected during this massive change.
FlimerMithrandir Yıl önce
If ppl there are new to their Jobs its likely that the old ppl who worked before them got fired or just said nope to their (maybe new) Methods. Or rather its unlikely those Guys got the Job recently because they did such a great Job… when there is obviously Things going on that have NOT been ok recently… So something is off. Whatever actually it is… again, something is off.
Al McJones
Al McJones Yıl önce
I don't see the point of this video. Newegg has been a garbage company for nearly a decade now. Flying out to talk to a bunch of executives whose job is to protect the company image isn't going to change a single thing. Steve is trying to give a chance to a company that has had numerous chances and is known to be trash.
Randomly Entertaining
Randomly Entertaining 7 aylar önce
What's sad about all this is I remember once having a quick talk with the Newegg TRvid channel about the fact I bought most of the parts for my PC from them and how they were all at great prices. They seemed like genuinely good people in the sense that they seemed like they really cared and when we messaged back and forth, it felt like a real person I was talking to, not a company AI.
theGoggle Yıl önce
Having sat and listened to people of similar positions many times, this sounds familiar. Moderately earnest and sincere about internal and external customers, but ultimately unable to disconnect from the corporate/manager training that everybody goes through on their way up the ladder. Lots of familiar corporate jargon and modern ideas, like letting standard procedures be developed by the people performing the tasks, which stems from a corporate desire to increase efficiency (let the people closest to the task optimize their task, look at the combined data for everyone doing that task, crystalize the best optimizations into a new SOP and utilize that for training new hires). So they are parroting a lot of the concepts you will find in retail and manufacturing businesses today, because those concepts have benefits and are popular right now, but it doesn't make them sound like real people or like they are contending directly with the issues presented. They've been taught to optimize from the bottom up, that everyone in the company has customers, either internal or external, that delivering what your customer needs is a priority, and that there is always room for improvement within a process. But they aren't grappling with what Steve is saying, and since optimization happens from the bottom up, that's why they went to warehouse-guy had a bad day as a possible reason their processes might fail.
Unbearable Suffering
This is because at the end of the day money is really the only thing that matters in business. The customer? yeah we have a department for that... The department is probably 10% of the business in most cases, so they may be genuine but the ability for a single team to effect change across a large organisation is negligible, unless the organisation is an SME.
Russell 8 aylar önce
Until I read about or watch videos on how noticeable the change at Newegg has been it's going to be hard to accept that they're really changing and not just doing some damage control and moving on as normal.
Rice hXc
Rice hXc 8 aylar önce
I'm glad that I found this. I haven't built a computer in a while but need to get a new build going so I just went straight to Newegg as it was what I knew. I did get a good deal on a 3060 ti which in this day and age isn't very easy. Found this video shortly after and will have to say that will be my last Newegg purchase. I had never heard of these RMA issues in the past (guess I was extremely lucky) but now that they're out in the air, oof. I'll suck it up, make the two hour drive, pay a few dollars more and go to Micro Center. Don't get me wrong, this sit down was a nice PR gesture, but honestly that's all it feels like. Saving face because they got caught. Maybe they have good intentions but I don't see this going very far.
Tharsan Gengeswaran
Sad I only just discovered this channel. Thank you for doing what you do. Subscribed.
Benefits Yıl önce
"If you didn't like your experience you should ask to speak to a manager." WE TRY. In my experiences, the customer service reps refuse to let us speak to managers or supervisors. They will use every excuse in the book to make sure you don't get to talk to a manager. They would rather your issue go unresolved or be handled incorrectly than to escalate your call to a supervisor. Newegg Customer Support is what drove me away from purchasing from them all together. The business my family owns and operates have spent tens of thousands of dollars with Newegg since 2009 but we stopped in 2019 due to how awful their customer support has become.
Mike P
Mike P Yıl önce
@P3rf3ctxZer0 I think your missing that it wasnt by choice. We would get fired if we transferred. You probably dont think car dealerships had cocaine on the table for the breakfast meeting in the 80s either. Why on earth would any employee desire pretending to be the manager for a customer complaint?
James Halfhorse
James Halfhorse Yıl önce
That sadly is the par for the course some would say. I have to deal with a lot of different vendors and utility companies I think the latter being worse. Once we get to the point of this guy knows more than me about our product/service than we do and we both know it the call gets "escalated" which means dropped/hung up about as often as it gets transferred and half the time it's to the wrong queue or back to where you started. I have done call center work. I know the tricks. Would rather drop the call than have it go against them knowing I will be someone elses problem though there are a few times I get back to the same person I mean blame it on the wacky phone system the one that asks for a call back number.. you are never called back. Dell Corporate has been a shocking exception given the performance encountered here and with LTT going through the consumer side of things. After a bit of a rocky start I now get the right person who does what I ask mostly I need this warranty part overnighted with minimal phone tree, hold times or delay and if that changes I have a rep that will fix it. Then again I usually get business internet at home even though it may cost significantly more because it is the only way to talk to someone competent and get them to roll a truck to fix the problem within minutes/hours instead of days. You are the hero of the neighborhood when the cable distribution box gets nailed by lightning on sportsball Sunday. Everyone else "we will be out in x days" me "We will be there in 45 minutes"
Ian Perley
Ian Perley Yıl önce
When I was a customer service rep at a couple of call centres, nearly 100% of the time the managers -hated- having to actually deal with the customers. They just did not want to have to actually interact with people on the line unless it was dire. It took an extraordinary amount of coercing to get them to come onto a call even when it was entirely justified. Sometimes it'd be nice if these customer service systems were setup to be actually customer friendly.
P3rf3ctxZer0 Yıl önce
@Mike P Should be grounds for being fired.
Karen_Is_Coming Yıl önce
@BeeAPeach Official The problem is the normal representatives are normally super slow, and just give you worthless responses. The other day I was on a chat with a Walmart representative, had given them all the information about my problem and after like 4 min, they said "are you still there", like yes of course I'm still here I'm waiting for your response. Then the information they gave me was just a lie and I had to contact them again the next day.
Aaron Sneath
Aaron Sneath 3 aylar önce
Thanks for dealing with this. I'm currently having a weird experience myself currently. They sent me a mouse in place of motherboard I ordered. I'm trying to get my money back for the board and I sent the mouse back but haven't heard anything back.
chris01981 Yıl önce
2010 newegg was the bomb. they've fallen quite immensely since then but this dialog gives me hope that they'll rise up again to be a global leader in retail hardware sales. not holding my breath though
cmdrdredd 7 aylar önce
@Derrick James I just bought an entire PC worth of parts from Amazon. Even got a Micro Center bundle deal through amazon. Amazon has never refused a return either. I was building a PC and didn't have enough room for the Noctua D15 cooler in the case. I told them I already installed it and it didn't fit. They just asked me to package it up and they would pay for shipping and refund me.
chris01981 Yıl önce
@Derrick James no doubt. they got bought out couple years ago and it went downhill from there
Derrick James
Derrick James Yıl önce
I'm sure that Amazon has been eating their lunch, and now B&H.
Brandon Hoffman
Brandon Hoffman Yıl önce
I'll stick with my local microcenter. One of the lucky ones i guess?
Jacob Persico
Jacob Persico 9 aylar önce
41:30 Good job Gamer Nexas and New Egg in this meeting and working through this issue.
A chamberz
A chamberz 5 aylar önce
I love you steve. I love what your doing here. I do think there is no shortage of shady characters that will most certainly exploit a company that gives free motherboards when there is an issue. Its hard to provide good customer service, and I really appreciate Newegg for sitting down with you.
leroy Reed
leroy Reed Yıl önce
Just thank you for your efforts so less noticeable people but good people won't get cheated just because of a company's bottom line
Raphael Madeira
Raphael Madeira Yıl önce
Moral of the story: "You're a random client without any weight or ability to pressure us? We don't really care." But then: "Wait, you're a famous TRvid channel dedicated to PC and a celebrity/influencer of sorts? We shall prepare a board meeting to receive you properly." THIS is the message I get about this company.
cmdrdredd 7 aylar önce
@Adam Zaloum Amazon would just take it back and ship a new one. Nobody is bigger than Amazon either.
The Dream Traveler
Yep they do not care unless you have influence or reach that can really damage their image and brand
Walter Pavlik II
Walter Pavlik II Yıl önce
This would be most companies (as others have said.) Public Image is KEY for companies like NewEgg especially among the tech crowd. They will bend over backwards to squash negative press. Since they can't deny true experiences that have been documented, they have to figure out how to make enough changes without hurting their profit margins, because stock holders, (and this isn't about us individuals who might own 10-100 shares, but institutional owners who own the majority stock and can make voting decisions.) want profit. They want MAXIMUM profit. They don't care about the workers, and they mostly don't care about us, the consumer as individuals.... UNTIL we speak loud enough via the Socials. Pre-Social Media, they could ignore a LOT. (and not just NewEgg. MOST tech companies operated this way.)
TwstedTV Yıl önce
These guys are so desperately trying to safe face, the way they talk with blanket responses and sounds so damn desperate. its just shameful. Its always We did this we did that and we did this and that. - Well sir if you have done all that, then why GN had a HUGE problem? They are only talking the way they are talking in this video, because they know cameras are on, and they are just trying to save face and use GN following to promote their horrible company tactics. They say they have experience, but all of them are new employee's of the Newegg company. So what experience do they have? They are just new employee's, acting like they are big shots when they are not. as every minute that goes by, makes me hate newegg even more. this is starting to piss me off. When ever they say "We cant make a commitment right now" really means, "We will tell you what you want to hear right now, but we will never implement it. because of course we are secretive company" "We cant really give you any numbers, because we really dont give a shit about yours or anyone elses problems, we are only doing this meeting to save face" This meeting was ALL about damage control....... every single time one of those newegg employee's opened their mouths, all ALL I hear is "Damage Control, Damage Control".... 🤦‍♂ Thank god for Microcenter...!! So happy Microcenter exist..... Because I completely lost ALL faith with newegg. I dont trust them anymore. I am tied of the blanket statements that every company does when they are doing damage control on shit they screwed up on.
Not to mention the clown car of revolving door new-hires in upper management that don't know shit about newegg, lol.
Dapzi 11 aylar önce
thank you for addressing this issue. I have dealt with the really poor return team at newegg in the past as well.
Alex1591cali 2 aylar önce
I'm pretty much about to buy my parts for my pc to start building it, and what I'm missing is a thor rog 1200w and was planning to buy it on newegg. I'm so glad I came across this video so I won't spend a single penny on them. It is a shame this company doesn't take this matter seriously. I'm glad you spoke to them to "open" their eyes.
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