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Thank you to these wonderful artists:
Xela: mobile.twitter.com/johnxela
Orion: linktr.ee/Orionic
ForlornCreature: twitter.com/ForlornCreature

My Discord run by my sweet little server staff: discord.gg/f8dj2KZKhx
My Patreon: www.patreon.com/LordBung

Characters and locations are directly from/inspired by the SCP Foundation Wiki, please check it out for spooky stuff www.scp-wiki.net/ (this is a non-canonical story) This video is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0



13 Ağu 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Dolan Darker
I'm sure the wait will be worth it chief, looking forward to the final product
Man i didn't even realized how long i've been with you, im lowkey getting emotional
Seth Aquauis
A friend of mine back in my sophomore year of highschool introduced this series to me, it's been almost 5 years now since then and Its honestly really reassuring that this is still going to be continued. Focus on your health, and take your time telling your story. It'll always be worth the wait
Edgar Mather
“Still in production” is the best thing I could hear, as long as you guys are taking care of yourselves and not working into the ground🙏
Take your time; when a work is a masterpiece it’s worth the wait to see. 👍
Meme 👍
I don't care about the series. I'm just happy you're alive and well.
Take your time bung, no rush. We're happy that you're taking your time to produce a masterpiece and a good episode. It's okay if you take a break
I have been checking his channel every month in anticipation for the upcoming videos, finally he's made an update for us on the new episode, I am looking forward to it so much!
Noah Perez
Noah Perez 21 gün önce
Despite the struggle this guy goes through he still manages to keep going and finish this work of art, hats off to this man indeed
The Endurian Gamer
Don't set yourself a deadline.
jacob slade
Those of us who are here for you will always be that way milord. We will always support and push you to be the best you that you can be! So take as much time as you need to put your best foot forward toward completing this masterpiece you started so long ago!!!
Bibedexpert 65
Your well-being is more important than a video, so don’t worry about the wait. We will still be here watching and supporting you! :)
Peter Alexander Graae
Hey man. As long as you are still alive, you can make videos at whatever pace you want.
Dom S
Dom S 14 gün önce
Good to hear you just talk about yourself and let us know what’s up, just wish it was a lil sooner but better late then never, but seriously keep up the good work fr
what you've created thus far is incredible, any time spent waiting in order to see this story progress is time well spent
REIDMASTER 14 gün önce
me encanta esta serie desde el primer capitulo que vi y me emociona saber noticias después de tanto tiempo. No sé prácticamente nada de ingles y aprecio la traducción de los mismos para poder entender la trama xd. Muchas gracias de todo corazón por tan maravillosa serie, es unica
Hey you take as much time as you need man, no rush here. Animation is a hard thing, and takes a lot of time and patience, after all.
Lilyanna Valley
I love this so much. Thank you for working on this series. You’ve created something really special.
Hush Bolman
Holy crap, TWO PEOPLE? Oh my God, I had no idea it was such a small team. You both are doing beautifully and I'm so excited to see all of the work you guys have done. Also, so happy to see you on trending again.
Kiara Kelly
Thank you and your team for being so dedicated. Honestly love this series and I look forward to watching it. Quality over quantity is worth the wait.
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