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#Roblox #Doors #Animation
The Ost used in the video is shown in the description of each episode video!
Original by LightningSplash: @LSPLASH
Music Link: • Ending Music from DOOR...
Game Link: www.roblox.com/games/6516141723
Face Model by morscore
Jeny_Punker is using the RixFont cloud.




31 Oca 2023




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Jamina Scofield
Jamina Scofield 7 aylar önce
Thank you for putting so much work into this. As someone who is only capable of reaching door 50 before attempting to distract figure away from my friends, I respect you for putting so much thought into this animation. Loved the lore, loved that there were little to no plot holes, and loved the smoothness. Thank you so much.
Medic 7 aylar önce
Yes, it's hard, isn't it ?
Abjadep 7 aylar önce
@Medic uhuh
Christine 7 aylar önce
The epic music!
Rithik The Gamer
Rithik The Gamer 7 aylar önce
@Abjadep Google said u said “ugh” is that true?
SE framing
SE framing 7 aylar önce
I always do that
SilverDemon04 Aylar önce
For a DOORS animation, this is truly amazing, not even to mention the story elements of players sacrificing themselves to save another. Great work, Jeny!
Jordan Bui
Jordan Bui 2 aylar önce
0:00 Dawn Of The Doors (Animation) 0:33 Here I Come (Animation) 0:59 Rush (Entity) 1:33 Seek (Entity) 2:20 The Figure (Animation) 2:28 Figure (Entity) 4:44 Glitch (Entity) 4:46 Revive? (Animation) Courtyard (Door 72 as old update) 5:07 Guiding Light (Entity) 5:31 Revived 6:00 Ambush (Animation) 6:32 Ambush (Backstory) 7:01 Ambush (Entity) 8:01 Encounter (Animation) 8:51 2nd Seek 9:06 Glitch (Entity) 9:21 Glitch Again (Entity) 10:08 For You (Animation) 11:17 Screech (Backstory) 11:31 Eyes (Backstory) 11:48 Ambush Again (Backstory) 12:26 Last Door (Animation) 12:30 The Figure Again (Entity) 15:05 Escape (Animation) 16:48 Behind (Animation)
RAYAN BLUE 2 aylar önce
Espanis? hola
Jordan Bui
Jordan Bui 2 aylar önce
I’m English, I do speak Spanish a little. Hola.
Ailyn Hernandez guillen
Question how do u do that thing of timing?
Dylan Films
Dylan Films 2 aylar önce
@Ailyn Hernandez guillen this is how, so say I was 10 minutes in, I’d put 10:00 in. And if I was 20 minutes in it’d be 20:00 and so on. The first digits in 10:00 which are 10: are the minutes. The last didgits in 10:00 which are 00 are seconds. For 5 minutes in just put a single digit in the minutes area like 5:00 (also the time stamps I put here don’t click on them)
FABIENNE Aylar önce
CWHgaming Aylar önce
Can we appreciate the fact that this person animated door 100 like how it’s supposed to be played and not just walking past figure?
Shqdowww 5 aylar önce
One thing that is really impressive about this are the facial expressions. They truly reveal the characters feelings all the time. Great work!
Birsen Yılmaz
Birsen Yılmaz 4 aylar önce
❤❤❤❤❤ Aksj😂🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Kyle Meyer
Kyle Meyer 2 aylar önce
ya is sooooo good
Gareth Clifton
Gareth Clifton 2 aylar önce
Girl bacon hair get out of there if you do not the elevator wolf leave you behind us to leave a bacon behind
MegaJimmy 3 aylar önce
He doesn't need an oscar, he needs LSplash to hire him :)
NaturallyZero Aylar önce
Scary Investigations
⁠@JimmyTron77 & @NaturallyZero i think its a she
Epic_sans_bruh 22 gün önce
@Scary Investigationswe don’t know his/she’s gender so let’s just say she a she/he or he’s/she’s
cutie 18 gün önce
Idk maybe?
Igor Čulig
Igor Čulig 7 aylar önce
I really like the details in the animation of Seek's second encounter. After busting through the wall, he doesn't immediately start running towards the players, even tough one of them is right in front of them, probably to catch his breath after doing something as tireing as breaking through a wall. This manages to make it feel like Seek has some actual restraints, and isn't just an unstoppable force. I also like how Seek actually opens the doors instead of busting through them. Seeing something like him do something a normal person would do just opens up some theories: was he a normal person just like the players once? We don't know, but maybe Lsplash will add some lore.
rune beilgard
rune beilgard 7 aylar önce
this makes sense due to the bacon turning into glitch
Igor Čulig
Igor Čulig 7 aylar önce
@rune beilgard Maybe.
FlashXD FX
FlashXD FX 7 aylar önce
ADONIAS DE Souza Silva
What Memes
What Memes 5 aylar önce
Fun fact my theory: the monsters are the corrupt souls and the ones that wanna help are souls that don’t want them to die
Sun Peter
Sun Peter 4 aylar önce
Hello! I’m trying to make a doors animation like this one, but I don’t know how. Can you give me some tips in the comments? It will help me a lot! I’ll put your name in the ‘people who helped’ part. Sorry if this sounds awkward though. Thanks!
Creo 2 aylar önce
Its years of learning lol
DerekDYT 3 aylar önce
I really want to remix this with my editing software. But I know I need to ask the original creator for permission first. Timestamps: 0:00 : Dawn of The Doors 0:33 : Here I Come 2:20 : The Figure 3:15 Hyojin Saves Alan 4:46 : Revive? 6:00 : Ambush 8:01 : Encounter 8:38 Start Of 2nd seek music 10:08 : For You 10:37 Start Of Memories 12:25 : Last Door 14:15 Elevator Power ON 15:05 : Escape 15:43 Bacon Traps Lina, Alan & Hyojin In The Elevator/Bring It On! 16:17 Bacon Breaks the elevator cable 16:48 : Behind
Аруи-чан🍵 2 aylar önce
Я плачу уже 2 раз и пересматриваю 2 раз... Это бесподобно...подробно описан сюжет, плачу от милоты, дружбы и...от дружеской помощи...😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
THE UNKNOWN2 3 aylar önce
This is a masterpiece, had me on the verge of tears. Keep up the great work!
Well, the video is interesting, besides that the characters are well made and it even has the mechanics of the original game
Greuceanu75 8 aylar önce
I can't believe how GREAT this looks put in one video. I'm really hyped up for what you're going to show us next, whether it's doors, or other animations in general. Much love dude!
thejkid20 8 aylar önce
Dont be too hyped, theres more animation that are better that that.
Greuceanu75 8 aylar önce
@thejkid20 Doesn't mean I can not be hyped for the animation THIS person makes, right? There's levels of animation that are good in certain ways that everyone may or may not appreciate, budster.
Potato 8 aylar önce
@thejkid20 hey dont be that mean, i mean he is good it is GREAT so dont be so negative
Void Starlight
Void Starlight 8 aylar önce
TITAN TV MAN 8 aylar önce
The way it’s not just the actual doors game, but also a story added into it is amazing. Im also loving the Miss, Wanna die instrumental
Izzie23 2 aylar önce
knew i wasnt the only one that noticed it lol
Jennifer Clark
Jennifer Clark 5 aylar önce
How do you animate like this? Love it!
DogoGames 3 aylar önce
The music is really pretty and fits I wish the devs would add this music in 2 when they release it but the animation is Amazing
Arafa Day
Arafa Day 2 aylar önce
zachary carriere
zachary carriere 4 aylar önce
Awsome animation I love how accurate it is to DOORS great job and I hope more people will start to notice your work and channel so that your animations never go unnoticed🙂
Полина Дьякова
Я была очень затронута этой анимацией😢 Автор просто талантище!Мне эта анимация очень понравилась! И вот ещё что:вы не только смогли сделать прекрасную анимацию,но и совместить её с фрагментами из игры!Потрясающе!Желаю вам успеха в дальнейшем!❤
Сабака козла
О ты русс
Полина Дьякова
@Сабака козла ага :)
Грайр Рамазян
Мне тоже🥰
TamimPlays 7 aylar önce
Never seen a animated story before that made me cry. I'm not ashamed to admit that tears fell down my cheeks when this animation ended. There's always somebody out there who puts you above themselves. Cherish them folks, cause who knows how long either of you have?
Solo Mon
Solo Mon 7 aylar önce
Solo Mon
Solo Mon 7 aylar önce
Ray 7 aylar önce
this so so true
Dennis. B
Dennis. B 7 aylar önce
fr man this made me cry
OLVIDO 7 aylar önce
no sos el unico que lloro al final yo tambie nllore te apoyo
Just A Normal Piece Of Bread
At 12:30 I got tears in my eyes, The music with figure looking down at them like that was so good and sent a shiver down my spine. Honestly, thank you
Oklahoma Tornado Sirens And Storms
This is the best DOORS animation I've ever seen! That is amazing! I've seen Thinknoodles react to this and it's incredible! You did a phenomenal job with this! If I were to rate this, I wouldn't rate it a 10 out of 10 at all. I would rate it a 1000000000 out of 10! AMAZING JOB!!!
Spinjitzu Master Lloyd
Сияние Кометы_КВ_♡
Это очень трогательно... Я смотрела этот шедевр, и переживала за каждого героя. Каждый мог пожертвовать собой ради другого... Я с замиранием сердца смотрела как парень ( друг рыжей) пожертвовал собою... Только чтобы спасти их... Я была несказуемо рада, когда вся их команда выжила. Только очень жалко этого парня... Это анимация должна была стать трейлером Doors, хоть и таким длинным. Это видео учит думать не только о себе, но и о других. Тот кто это делал, спасибо вам огромное. Я погрузилась в чувства этих героев. Вы прекрасный аниматор!
АминаRoblox 5 aylar önce
А что, этот парень не выжил?...
ⓋAmbush 5 aylar önce
Ты русский?!?!?
АминаRoblox 4 aylar önce
@ⓋAmbush ага)
Денис 4 aylar önce
@АминаRoblox пфф кнш
Ama 3 aylar önce
​@АминаRobloxвидимо он стал Глитчем - существо которое телепортирует игрока, который отстал от команды ( ну по крайней мере так раньше было) , он телепортирует несколько раз в анимации и это подтверждает что он Глитч
Света Солдатова
What a great video!!! I even had tears flowing, well done! He must have spent so much time!
A child who games
A child who games 7 aylar önce
You gave this whole game a story and added plot to it, mad respected deserved. I was not expecting you to make Glitch a past survivor of the hotel.
Idk what to name this
Idk what to name this 7 aylar önce
I think the bacon was guiding light because in the game the guiding light always tried to help you and is the one that pushes the light in door 50.
Tasty Cookie
Tasty Cookie 7 aylar önce
@Idk what to name this yeah he's also kinda like glitch cause he teleports them when they needed help.
Voided 7 aylar önce
@Idk what to name this Either bacons guiding light disguised in a dead body or glitch glitched himself to look like a bacon
bacon plays
bacon plays 7 aylar önce
𝐜𝐮𝐩𝐢𝐝 – 🎸
@Tasty Cookie maybe guiding light and glitch is the person because they both help u
REALMADRIDFAN 3 aylar önce
it's really a great animation.I'm shocked right now next to this talent,it's a great animation.I hope that you will continue to bring health to your hands
What a masterpiece, this should be its own movie
Mercylin Dyana
Mercylin Dyana Aylar önce
You chose quality over quantity. Love it
M4x_bxby 5 aylar önce
no hay nada mejor que los videos de este youtuber son realistas y muy buenos-
Stressed 20 gün önce
ever since this was released, hyojin's trumpet is an more lethal threat to the entities, more lethal than an crucifix
Simoneau 5 aylar önce
That must have taken so much work, It's so good. Keep up the amazing animations
Iker Monroy
Iker Monroy 3 aylar önce
Guy need more subs he’s worked hard for us to make content for us to watch.
your mom's youtube channel
You got me crying for hours I'm so proud of you good job!
_helloy kitti_
_helloy kitti_ 5 aylar önce
I have already reviewed this animation many times ... This is a real masterpiece! Thank you very much for this masterpiece!
zeferino dolores
zeferino dolores 2 aylar önce
EJ Aylar önce
Ra Giang
Ra Giang 7 aylar önce
0:00 : Dawn of The Doors 0:33 : Here I Come 2:20 : The Figure 4:46 : Revive? 6:00 : Ambush 8:01 : Encounter 10:08 : For You 12:25 : Last Door 15:05 : Escape 16:48 : Behind
Miyagi_SO2 7 aylar önce
@Miyagi_SO2 ok
It’s me!!!😆
It’s me!!!😆 7 aylar önce
The Uni-Crew
The Uni-Crew 7 aylar önce
Editz_Sayan™️ 7 aylar önce
Leo 4 aylar önce
Nah this made me cry. The fact that the bacon, even half "dead", still helped them the whole way. At the end it showed how the bacon helped them for the entire time, even though they didn't know it. Rest in peace bacon, you died before losing hope in your friends. Amazing job, your so good at animations.
doc- erna
doc- erna 3 aylar önce
Who bacon in this animation
Leo 3 aylar önce
@doc- erna| A random bacon?
Tanvi Kulkarni
Tanvi Kulkarni 2 aylar önce
@doc- ernaI think he is meant to represent “guiding light”
Tank Destroyer
Tank Destroyer 2 aylar önce
@Tanvi Kulkarni no he means the ghost guy who died on the girls first run he's called that because of his hair.
Tank Destroyer
Tank Destroyer 2 aylar önce
@doc- erna no he means the ghost guy who died on the girls first run he's called that because of his hair.
Auris Esther
Auris Esther 4 aylar önce
Es el mejor video que eh visto hasta ahora debes de tener más de 1b de suscriptores y no estoy exagerando deberás es el mejor video animado que eh visto amigo te ganaste un nuevo suscriptor aunque te mereces más.
Glitch Toilet
Glitch Toilet 2 aylar önce
I love how he uses some real doors gameplay to make them look good in the seek chase part
scarylarryboss1 5 aylar önce
what do you use for these animations? or do you use blender
Magdalena Kucharska
Magdalena Kucharska 24 gün önce
I love his amazing animations ! I hope you succeed in your dreams soon !!!😊
JAPANESE LARVA 7 aylar önce
This guy deserves an Oscar because all the hard work he put into this animation it's so wholesome and shows that team mates care and I also like his own twist to the video
Banana Boat Unit
Banana Boat Unit 7 aylar önce
Fun Fact: Real Teammates dont care about u, they just want to win
GeoXZhongli 7 aylar önce
girl do you know what an Oscar IS?
Teebeezin 7 aylar önce
@GeoXZhongli yes, if she's saying someone deserves an oscar you should assume that person know what they're talking about
뽀징 5 aylar önce
마지막 순간이 가장 뭉클했음. 평소엔 그냥 공포게임으로만 여겼던 도어즈가 애니메이션으로 재탄생한 순간 한 편의 영화를 보는 느낌이 듦. 이거 만든사람 천재임..
Veerajsinh Solanki
Veerajsinh Solanki 4 aylar önce
Ambush 1:00 Dark room 1:02 Seek chase 1:03 Compelled seek chase 1:05 Eyes 1:06 Room 100 figure 1:08 Episode 1:11
Cristofer Ruiz
Cristofer Ruiz 3 aylar önce
Cristofer Ruiz
Cristofer Ruiz 3 aylar önce
Cristofer Ruiz
Cristofer Ruiz 3 aylar önce
돼토수tv 2 aylar önce
LucasRPDJ 27 gün önce
Is there any way to get the assets from the game? like the models of the rooms and props?
Poisonix 5 aylar önce
I cant believe im going to look back at this animation, like i did with The Last Guest and The Oder, when im older. Just think about it. This is animation most will never forget.
Дат Алиев
Дат Алиев 5 aylar önce
Дат Алиев
Дат Алиев 5 aylar önce
DOORS! 100000000
zeferino dolores
zeferino dolores 2 aylar önce
nanyiber Aylar önce
CADA MOMENTO LA SENSACION LA MUSICA TODO lo ase ver como doors pero debes hacer la parte de la actualizacion
Felipe 7 aylar önce
This is a beautiful animation. I loved every second of it. I also like how you put your own twist on it and added characters that make you feel something when something happens to them. That's some real talent.
Big C
Big C 5 aylar önce
This dude deserves the 10M play button! These animations are great
Bester 5 aylar önce
This is wonderful. I can't express in words the atmosphere of this video! Keep creating in the same spirit!
TechyXGaming 2 aylar önce
Really proud of u beacuse the animation is very good and the emotional scenes touched my heart specially the last part
La poopet
La poopet 5 aylar önce
I love how at 2:05, seek tried to reach the door before it got slamed on his face. Amazing work, I really like it!
L D 4 aylar önce
sameeeeeeeee but i like the intro song
dstruxx 2
dstruxx 2 Aylar önce
Your animations are better than the actual game :D
Izzy Marshmallow
Izzy Marshmallow 5 aylar önce
I just can’t get over how good this is but every time I see it I just have to watch it
zeferino dolores
zeferino dolores 2 aylar önce
nelsa surima
nelsa surima 3 aylar önce
I really cried for this masterpiece. It's so wholesome.
Pomidor 2 aylar önce
This animation exceeded all my expectations
TenzinR2DGamerBackup 5 aylar önce
Keep the good work!❤
marggieg XD
marggieg XD 2 aylar önce
I’m really supremely impressed on the animation and some of the parts of this masterpiece made me cry😢
CodyPlayzsYT 7 aylar önce
This was beautiful, keep up the good work. I love the loyalty and the amount of sacrifice shown in this video. Also I love the fact that you came up with the bacon as a glitch and gave him a much greater purpose. Awesome job! I’m subbing and liking!
Cat 7 aylar önce
Omg same
GeoXZhongli 7 aylar önce
are you joking?
АСМР 7 aylar önce
yes,is a beautiful
Javion Jones
Javion Jones 7 aylar önce
It's just so sad how bacon has the memories 🥺
Javion Jones
Javion Jones 7 aylar önce
And how he died by ambush🥺
eggk 5 aylar önce
this is amazing! Such a masterpiece ❤
ij2020 aak4
ij2020 aak4 5 aylar önce
Best door animation and i love the backstory of her! hope you keep up the good progress cant wait!
Cinnamon Aylar önce
I was really impressed by this film, the animations and all these emotions!!! Does it sound strange now to say that I almost cried several times?
everyday.siblings #roadto450!
This is so sad i bet he worked so hard on it and btw congrats for 24M views this is so great keep up the work this made me cry
lili 2 aylar önce
Que buena animación de doors 😀
El multiverso de Joaquin
FULL SEASON 1: 0:00 Chapter 1: Dawn Of The Doors 0:33 Chapter 2: Here I Come 2:20 Chapter 3: The Figure 4:46 Chapter 4: Revive? 6:00 Chapter 5: Ambush 8:01 Chapter 6: Encounter 10:08 Chapter 7: For You 12:25 Chapter 8: Last Door 15:05 Chapter 9: Escape 16:47 Chapter 10: Behind
Rip_crisXxYt 7 aylar önce
Hola joaquin
Funneh is THE BEST!!!
Funneh is THE BEST!!! 7 aylar önce
There should be one called starter elevator
soy Cristian
soy Cristian 7 aylar önce
Creo que eres el primer comentario de español
Baraa Eesa
Baraa Eesa 7 aylar önce
ItzTjGaming 7 aylar önce
Hola Joaquin
Unpopularcontent 4 aylar önce
This is so sweet. They helped each other I literally cried in every episode when the other tried to risk themselves to help their friends escape, that’s called real friends. New sub!!
tiankish 5 aylar önce
cool animation! It was very interesting to watch it.❤
Jess Moranda
Jess Moranda 2 aylar önce
I love this, this is my go to mini movie, I absolutely love it! 100% Well made!
Han 5 aylar önce
It turned out to be a very interesting and cool video!
alicia marie chappell
This is the third time I've watched this and it's still amazing ❤
Damis_c8 7 aylar önce
Akvr 7 aylar önce
I think it’s a woman
Kimberley Clarke
Kimberley Clarke 7 aylar önce
Hey rush where’s Ambush rush gets ambushed 😅
karmaituYT 7 aylar önce
@Akvr I think he is a man, look at his pfp
Jessica Ngui
Jessica Ngui 7 aylar önce
1 To 100 Doors
Sledger Gaming
Sledger Gaming 7 aylar önce
Rush Someone is at you mom House I think You should Rush to See what going on lol
aanchalk136 3 aylar önce
Very heartwarming. This made me cry all day. The fact about friendship and the sacrifice
Teagz Hall
Teagz Hall 3 aylar önce
a tear fell down my cheek at the end ❤‍🩹 10000/10 i will watch this always and forever i am subbed i wish u luck for every doors game u play. ur the best roblox animator ive seen in a few yrs . i hope your proud of your work😇💯✨✨
titan cameramen upgrade MVP
What's sad about Brother Bacon is that he wants to save his sister in order to win. Bacon is truly a hero
SNDYKTH 5 aylar önce
Creator of Doors cries to this day after seeing this animation, it's perfect!
El planeta de los Fadoms y Radoms
Yo quiero que saque más historias haci pero con otros juegos! ❤
Thefunniduckdude 8 aylar önce
I haven't seen an animation and story this good since Oblivious. Well done, you are absolutely fantastic.
SuperYT 8 aylar önce
Kenshin 7 aylar önce
ObliviousHD! Now that’s something!
Itzy ッ
Itzy ッ 7 aylar önce
Angel Dust
Angel Dust 7 aylar önce
gojo satoru
gojo satoru 7 aylar önce
tg dio
Riolu 4 aylar önce
I like how he added screech when he only got one part of screen time
♥️Its_FLOWER! 🐈"shorts"
Amazingly realistic This is the hard work I'm looking for oh my God🙏😔
Star Gacha
Star Gacha 3 aylar önce
No matter that he’s at what amount of subs, he need 10x more :) I luv ur vids❤❤❤
Caleegoo 4 aylar önce
This is just, amazing. Best doors animation I’ve ever seen
Omar 2 aylar önce
0:00 hotel 0:38 elevator 1:00 rush 1:33 seek 2:02 seek endded 2:22 figure 4:46 revive
대충게임유튜버 8 aylar önce
Start 0:03 Rush 0:58 Seek chase 1 1:33 End of seek chase 1 2:07 Library 2:27 Garden 4:47 You died 5:07 Revive 5:20 Doors 73 6:05 flashlight 6:25 Ambush 7:01 Bacon 7:30 Hide 8:01 Doors 90 8:20 Seek's eyes 8:39 Seek chase 2 8:50 End of seek chase 2 10:00 The Door 100 10:06 reminisce 10:16 Noob die 11:17 Eyes 11:32 Ambush 2 11:49 In the door 100 12:23 Open 12:30 What the figure 12:31 Let's go up 12:56 Key 13:07 Hide the bed 13:14 Electric room 13:35 Bye figure :) 14:08 Elevator power on 14:21 Bacon 2 14:58 Close the door 15:45 Fall 16:12 End 16:37 Behind story 16:48 우선 제가 한국인임을 밝힙니다. 한국인이고 영어를 못하지만 번역기를 거의 안써서 번역이 개똥같을수도 있다는 점 죄송합니다. First of all, I would like to state that I am Korean. I'm Korean and I'm not good speak English, so I'm sorry that the translator may not be good because I rarely use it. 그리고 이런 멋진 작품을 만들어주신 펑커슨 작가님께 감사의 말씀을 드립니다. 진짜 너무 멋지고 재밌고 짱이고 암튼 대단했어요!! 지금까지 고생 많으셨고 시즌 2 기대하겠습니다! And I would like to express my gratitude to the Punkerson artist for creating such a wonderful work. It's really great!! You've worked hard so far and I look forward to season 2!
대충게임유튜버 8 aylar önce
Oh bro haha
Rhyme Influx
Rhyme Influx 8 aylar önce
It's really cool!
Rhyme Influx
Rhyme Influx 8 aylar önce
That would be a lucky time
¦Monelion¿ 8 aylar önce
It's really cool bro How hard did you try?
메론통통 8 aylar önce
애이 that's ok 많이 연습하면 되요
Ketchupcap 5 aylar önce
This entire video gave me chills.
Megamurle 4 aylar önce
Bro is such a God at animating
Can Özdemirkan
Can Özdemirkan Aylar önce
How do you do this animations? Please do a video about it.
DarKoss 4 aylar önce
Смотреть анимации по DøøRß это отдельний вид искусства
Chloe Huynh
Chloe Huynh 20 gün önce
This is a really amazing animation of doors. Btw i love the ending....im not crying my eyes are just sweating
LOL Some Youtuber.
LOL Some Youtuber. 7 aylar önce
someone give this man an award please. he deserves it
Danna Pascual
Danna Pascual 7 aylar önce
LOL Some Youtuber.
LOL Some Youtuber. 7 aylar önce
@Danna Pascual ??
no yes
no yes 7 aylar önce
yes he needd award
sabribasty- yt
sabribasty- yt 7 aylar önce
Aiden HP
Aiden HP 7 aylar önce
If I was a multi-millionaire I this man a simple 2 million dollars
Daizjah Monet
Daizjah Monet 5 aylar önce
I watched this man on tv when he had 108 fans, this is what I call couminty
One days.
One days. 4 aylar önce
Dans la dernière j'ai pleurer sa ma fait vrmt bien ce animations ❤❤ merci beaucoup de faire les animations comme ça
SunnyD 2 gün önce
idk how i just found this, but this is abslutely amazing, i may or may nt have almost cried, but again, amazing
Матвей Гавро
this animation is both perfect and gorgeous but also sad
Brij Sethi
Brij Sethi 2 aylar önce
Ok but the ending and staring could be used for the doors teaser am I wrong? That’s fab!
VadimLoafer Rating Gaming
Timecode songs: 0:00 Lobby Music 0:33 Here i Come (Remix) 2:48 Enraged 3:20 Enraged Alternative 4:46 Unused Contryard Ambience 6:12 You Died Music 8:25 Here i Come (Again) 10:08 I Wanna Live (Piano Edition) 12:31 Figure's Library (Alt Edition/Elevator Edition) 15:05 You Escaped Music Aka Ending Song 16:55 You Escaped Music Piano Edition 17:37 Thanks For Watching! The End.
👻Sage•Playz🎃 7 aylar önce
Bizzare YouTube Adventure
I think the ???is figure enraged
pro_EXPERTTT yt 7 aylar önce
@Bizzare TRvid Adventure the actual name for it is Unhinged II
Jayden Aguillon
Jayden Aguillon 7 aylar önce
@pro_EXPERTTT yt figure enraged us the old name
Fazkingdum 7 aylar önce
You got them wrong
황정현 4 aylar önce
와 진짜 ㅈㄴ 잘만들었다 노래도 ㅈㄴ 좋고
QUILE STEAK GRILL 3 aylar önce
yo soy una persona que es muy difici que la hagan llorar, pero esto me hizo llorar a mares, que triste historia
RonaldoYT Editions
RonaldoYT Editions 2 aylar önce
I love it❤! Its literrally looks like an sad story from a horror game named "Doors"
PanhVorn 5 aylar önce
This is realistic and you deserve billions of subs
Cupid Missy
Cupid Missy 2 aylar önce
JENYYYY, I BRING YOU GOOD NEWS. YOU ARE NOMINATED FOR "BEST VIDEO STAR VIDEO" ON THE ROBLOX INNOVATION AWARDS, CONGRATS! SALUTATIONS TO YOUR AMAZING ANIMATION MR. JENY_PUNKER 💪🔥 You deserve an award for this incredible animation honestly, it's by far one of the best animations we've seen. 👏
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