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13 May 2023




Yük bağlantısı.....


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House Nation
House Nation 3 aylar önce
Whoa whoa whoa...who's still listening in 2023? We have a sick Spotify playlist :) housenation.ffm.to/spotify
Dani 38
Dani 38 3 aylar önce
28 seconds ago 😎
zikzein 3 aylar önce
King Kung
Check My About Page Link
Read my name
PHANTOM PHARAY 3 aylar önce
kon king king king king kong king kong lol tht was horrible 😂
PHANTOM PHARAY 3 aylar önce
alors on danse songs name
IRS Doeji
IRS Doeji 4 aylar önce
True definition of “let him cook”
Carter 4 aylar önce
No. Let THEM cook
The Veteran
The Veteran 4 aylar önce
Vibin in this bitch !!!!😂😂😂
Blaze It Man 420
Blaze It Man 420 4 aylar önce
No no i think bros are cooked
İskambilimparatoru 4 aylar önce
who let bro cook?
Mayuri Kurotsuchi
Mayuri Kurotsuchi 4 aylar önce
Alors on cook, monsieur White? 👀
Saffrxn- 3 aylar önce
When bro said - "goonk goonk giink gink gink goonk gink goonk" I felt that.
RippaSats 2 aylar önce
Spoke to my soul 🤣🤣🤣💀
Saffrxn- 2 aylar önce
​@RippaSatsnah the fact the last goonk was a low but was pointing to the sky like it was a high lmao
Eyeland Bøii
Eyeland Bøii 2 aylar önce
HMLA 2 aylar önce
​@Saffrxn-that killed me 😂
Wait, What?
Wait, What? 2 aylar önce
Why is this so funny?😂😂😂
Breon Mosby
Breon Mosby 2 aylar önce
the walk off killed me 😂😭😭
KIM 2 aylar önce
sgtslaughter54 Aylar önce
That was straight up, "I gave you perfectly clear instructions and you screw with me? I'm out."
PantauMS Aylar önce
Finally someone who says that
[SDN] Digitaldescent
[SDN] Digitaldescent 29 gün önce
Joshua 28 gün önce
Jesus Christ the sovereign God loves you :" ) I hope you personally get to know the Holy Trinity if it interests you to hear, God miraculously healed me of my chronic breathing issues that plagued me if not most nights then every single night for years God did this healing instantly within group prayer over my health You truly matter to Him, no matter how far or grand the things you do in life are, God wants to walk this life with you
David Young
David Young 4 aylar önce
He just walks away like ‘you just fucked it. That’s not how I said it.’ 😂
DmizzMOB 4 aylar önce
Haaa 😂
“laissez faire”
“laissez faire” 4 aylar önce
Looked that way but it did make it into the song
Ildarion 4 aylar önce
@“laissez faire” This skit was recorded way after the song.
Mark Wildt
Mark Wildt 4 aylar önce
​@“laissez faire” it really didn't though...
Dp M
Dp M 4 aylar önce
F_Frost_prods Aylar önce
Bro really said “🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍 🦆🦆🦆🦆” and made a banger
Troll face
Troll face 29 gün önce
You forgot 🐱🐱🐱
『Banana Giorno』
『Banana Giorno』 17 gün önce
@Troll facedog not cat
APeZ_CBo 85
APeZ_CBo 85 4 gün önce
Stevo. Apollo
Stevo. Apollo 3 aylar önce
He walked off like he was gonna get a belt 💀
SauceBoss EmG
SauceBoss EmG 3 aylar önce
🤣🤣Homie grabbed dude like "wait, chill. hold on"😂😂
M@he$H P@tiL
M@he$H P@tiL Aylar önce
Gabriel Agyekum
Gabriel Agyekum 17 gün önce
Sqzy 4 aylar önce
Bro created one of the most into the ear going bangers dressed like my grandpa
HeRoiiKk 4 aylar önce
its a french comedian, its just a funny sketch they made together, the creator is stromae
meee 4 aylar önce
​@HeRoiiKk it's moroccan
asu 4 aylar önce
@meeeit’s ?
wethemielkesPSN 4 aylar önce
⁠​⁠​⁠@asuno Stromae is French 😂
Here comes Alex
Here comes Alex 4 aylar önce
​@wethemielkesPSN Stromae is Belgian.
jim Smith
jim Smith 2 aylar önce
I come back to this regularly and it makes me smile
Rawr Aylar önce
Me too
No you don't 💀
jim Smith
jim Smith Aylar önce
@MYFASTGRAMMA I came back to to watch it again. And here you are being a hater. Be happier my friend. Be more positive and believe in people. Then that energy will come right back to you.
@jim Smith 🤓 response
Lilliane Kahuika
Lilliane Kahuika 26 gün önce
Same here
Amber Chaturvedi
Amber Chaturvedi Aylar önce
“Kong kong king king, king kong king kong” truly inspiring words.
Coconut🌴🥥 4 aylar önce
Nothing's better than a friend that can understand you when others don't/ you can't explain yourself.
Achiinrst 4 aylar önce
I have really bad social anxiety and struggle to phrase things right while also sucking at explaining what I meant and it's an amazing feeling whenever I say something that even I realize was far from what I meant but the person I said it too got it anyway. Usually it just leads to people assuming I'm a dumb child because I look 12 (I'm 21) and dismissing me.
lam delmundo
lam delmundo 4 aylar önce
Gotta love having that kind of friend.
Spartakus Rangel
Spartakus Rangel 4 aylar önce
All you need, one friend with crazy ideas, another who can make them real
fromMarsss 4 aylar önce
intelligence,,, not manny got it
Bobby Bagoosh
Bobby Bagoosh 4 aylar önce
What are friends? 😇 Asking for a friend
Addarrel Stokes
Addarrel Stokes 2 aylar önce
That shit still bangs today!!
Juliuseizure 3 aylar önce
Always cool seeing somebody super passionate in whatever they do
Ambatukam 4 aylar önce
People don’t understand how underrated and how smart stromae is, literal genius
DirpTroll 4 aylar önce
jordan de koning
jordan de koning 4 aylar önce
Genius, but destroying his life with drugs and alcohol, sad to see. Makes me wonder if he is genius bc of the drugs! They say (and proofed) that using some kind of drugs, makes your brain unlock/upgrade things, that people who doesn’t don’t have or will have.
J Knott
J Knott 4 aylar önce
​@jordan de koning it gives a different perspective But you don't need drugs to get there
Ambatukam 4 aylar önce
@jordan de koning nah he is a lyrical genius but he just falls into to problems all the time
UnPouletFermier 4 aylar önce
Underrated ? He's literally one of the biggest French speaking artist
RXSHXX 2 aylar önce
Bro really walk off after he didn’t his King Kong parts 💀💀💀💀 but after all real masterpieces
Akiloru 2 aylar önce
The "grosse caisse claire" from Jamel is hilarious 😂 I like those two men so much 😂
viciousrape 3 aylar önce
hell yeah. I don't even know what's going on, but more of this is needed in the world
Corteum9000 3 aylar önce
There's a lot of this g oing on in the world... They just dont show it on tv or the news
Crossworks Gaming
Crossworks Gaming 3 aylar önce
jonathanplanet 3 aylar önce
It's called comedy, humour or fun
Vincent 3 aylar önce
Fun fact: the guy to the l'est is actually the songwritter of this song that is already a banger around the world.. and the guy to the right is a humorist and they play a scenario where the humorist tell the other guy what note to play like if the other guy didnt know wheres he's going with all of this... ur welcome😁
xStarsAlignedx 3 aylar önce
Alors on dans - Stromae
FrenchWith0Skill 2 aylar önce
Wow Stromae + Jamel Debbouze= One of the best duo 😂
DJ Statyk
DJ Statyk 3 aylar önce
Man I wish I had friends like that
Elyass Idris
Elyass Idris 4 aylar önce
“Kong qing ging ging gon qing kong” more fire than the actual beat.
2Beanz 3 aylar önce
"Bos kes gess kyare bos kes gess kyare bos kes gess kyare"
Vatis The Bard
Vatis The Bard 3 aylar önce
​@2Beanz grosse caisse, caisse claire*
DarkBiryani 3 aylar önce
@Vatis The Bard neek
Chuck Chuckles
Chuck Chuckles 3 aylar önce
@Vatis The Bard N
ᴅᴏɴ’ᴛ ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ 😂
oxymoron Aylar önce
This is a perfect example of the difference of a producer and the beat maker
William Lingårdsson
William Lingårdsson 27 gün önce
Bro was trying to call him King Kong and then leave💀💀
licorice sap
licorice sap 4 aylar önce
Everyone needs a guy like the guy with stromae in the studio 😂
Georges 4 aylar önce
i am here
Mr.President sir
Mr.President sir 4 aylar önce
It's a thing.
Cmis 4 aylar önce
he's an actor
Anta 3 aylar önce
His name is Jamel Debbouze btw
JesusIsForReal 3 aylar önce
Here bro I got my own smooth rhythm
George Parrett
George Parrett Aylar önce
"Alors on danse" is one hell of a song
Maximum games Studio
Maximum games Studio 2 aylar önce
When bro said “ Bon Ben skesskha bon ben skeshka bon ben sheshka” my soul left my body
Seth Ferea
Seth Ferea 4 aylar önce
This the definition of having a idea but no way to express it, then finding someone who can that you vibe with.
Gloomygl 4 aylar önce
This is also the definition of a comedic skit lmao
Mark Wildt
Mark Wildt 4 aylar önce
That's a convoluted definition...
Sonic PT Official
Sonic PT Official 3 aylar önce
Dj khaleed¿
oléandre lemonknife
oléandre lemonknife 3 aylar önce
its not lol its a skit that got weirdly cut up for this short- the song existed already, the shorter guy (jamel) just was singing the melody in a funny way
Zephaniah 24 gün önce
Bro was killing at the end. 😂😂😂
☆JustLeah☆ 3 aylar önce
Everyone: “The definition of let him cook” Me: *dying of laughter after he kept breaking his neck*
Chris Toliver
Chris Toliver 3 aylar önce
This man describes music with him way better than i could with spotify or youtube. Just can't get over the intro when the vibe hit
ZZubZZero 3 aylar önce
there's a full video of this. Definitely go check it, it's amazing
ᴅᴏɴ’ᴛ ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ 😂😂
Aoedus.B 3 aylar önce
i belive micheal jackson was the same way.
Amy Lizotte
Amy Lizotte 3 aylar önce
ohh my that comment is on point hahahhaha im crying
Kadi Soufiane
Kadi Soufiane 3 aylar önce
No one noticed that he doesn't have an arm
Mike Babauta
Mike Babauta 2 aylar önce
My brain will never charge rent to the way he walked off on the first try 😂🤣
4x4 Fun Club
4x4 Fun Club 21 gün önce
Mama_ 4U
Mama_ 4U 3 aylar önce
He’s like “Recording, recording” before we lose it. 😂
marcvs riley
marcvs riley 3 aylar önce
He was saying “accordion”
dottestep - dubstep and phonk music
@marcvs rileyNah, it’s recording. The original interview has subtitles and it says recording.
Neida Taleb
Neida Taleb 3 aylar önce
Lakota238 3 aylar önce
There will always be those of us who like non AI art. We’re upper crust classy like that. We’re also a tad bit rebellious nonconformists too lol
Al AL 3 aylar önce
Stav 2 aylar önce
I want to chill with the shorter guy so bad 😂😂😂
Mike Krieg
Mike Krieg 23 gün önce
This video is a whole freaking vibe. Forever banger whatever language you speak!!!
Arkey Arkey
Arkey Arkey 4 aylar önce
The disappointment at the start was the best😂
JackPrince 4 aylar önce
I felt it too 😂
Anthony Clarke
Anthony Clarke 4 aylar önce
NATSUICHIJO24 4 aylar önce
Yeah 😂😂
B Tyler
B Tyler 4 aylar önce
They way he about to walk off had me 😂
ALMIGHTY DTR 4 aylar önce
Bruh strolled off
bmav007 Gün önce
Bros dancing makes this so much better 😂🔥
MCRtrash#1 3 aylar önce
Fr tho one time me n my brother were both high as sh*t and he was desperately trying to describe this song to me that didn’t have lyrics 😂 and he was like “doo, dum, dum” and then I suddenly totally understood what he meant n pulled the song up 💀 we were both geekin
Joey Coombs
Joey Coombs 3 aylar önce
Jamel's noises sounds like giving directions in an ancient launguage😂
Karma Zone
Karma Zone 3 aylar önce
He did Play as a egyptian architect in a movie 😂
lucid 3 aylar önce
Lol kinda true tho
Vulcano 3 aylar önce
@Karma Zone It's funny how I immediatly recognized him because of his role back then :D Exact same manerism
Bully 3 aylar önce
Justin 3 aylar önce
It's just French lol
thecheeseman 28 gün önce
Bro made me cry when he said"goonk goonk goong ging ging ging ging goong"😢
Bro's neek was going like "↗️↘️↗️↙️↗️↘️"
Immigrato clandestino
Immigrato clandestino 3 aylar önce
Man really just went “King Kong” and made one of the most fire pop tracks of all time 😮‍💨
abc123 Lov
abc123 Lov 3 aylar önce
Kong Kong king king.king..Kong..king.kong
Zion 🌙
Zion 🌙 3 aylar önce
it's a skit actually the song was already out
shah irwan
shah irwan 3 aylar önce
Mate you just made my day😂😂😂
Let’s go!
Let’s go! 3 aylar önce
1k’th like 👍
Hitman Life
Hitman Life 3 aylar önce
​@Zion 🌙Не пародия. Это было в фильме, очень давно.
Yelir.CBFARJ654 2 aylar önce
when he said gonk gin gonk gonk gonk gonk gin gonk it hit hard
Jonathan Ngai
Jonathan Ngai 2 aylar önce
Lil guy was about to leave after the first time i'm dead lmao
Anonymous#3971 4 aylar önce
The head bang makes it 10 times better at the end
Aglassofwhitewata 4 aylar önce
Put the white cat along side..👌
Seeker725 4 aylar önce
The song itself is so diverse, I first listened to it when I was very young, it played on repeat in my head for days.
Tim Bratengeyer
Tim Bratengeyer 4 aylar önce
@Aglassofwhitewata Pog
Final Cam
Final Cam 4 aylar önce
I love when he explains the conks and raised his hand to emphasis the last note and the tall dude looks up to where he's pointing like there is something up there ahahaha
Baptiste Estaque
Baptiste Estaque 4 aylar önce
@Final Cam it’s a skit, the small man (Jamel debouse) is one of the most famous humorist in France
Scott Newman
Scott Newman Aylar önce
True definition of "let him cook, trust the process"
KAlvin -Klien
KAlvin -Klien 4 aylar önce
One who feels the notes and one who knows how to play them = masterpiece Edit: i know the short guy didnt contribute to the song,but my point still stands
GKIIIZY 4 aylar önce
Wait thats actually true tho…I’ve never had a piano lesson i just feel whats right to play and it works 9/10
EnjoyingBacon7 4 aylar önce
Jamel Debbouze (the small guy) does not feel the notes 😂
Steve Jaymes
Steve Jaymes 4 aylar önce
The relationship between artist and producer is at its best when their each mastering their own specialty and not conflicting
Afrinus Gaming
Afrinus Gaming 4 aylar önce
You call this a masterpiece? 😁😁
Leon S
Leon S 4 aylar önce
@Steve Jaymes in this case, however, Stromae composed and produced this song completely by himself from what I can gather. The other guy is just an actor or something along the lines of that, it was just a funny bit they decided to do together.
The Nest
The Nest 3 aylar önce
I like how he stopped him from walking away
Blud Aylar önce
Bro tried running because he was absolutely disgusted by the way he played 💀
CptCarrot54 4 aylar önce
As an American, stromae is absolutely amazing, first found out about him in high school in French class😂 shit was crazy
jonathan collin
jonathan collin 4 aylar önce
Same honestly. One of my buddies in my junior year (2015/2016) introduced me to his music and I’ve been a fan ever since
Chaperon 4 aylar önce
Stromae is belgian
warshin la taupe
warshin la taupe 4 aylar önce
​@ChaperonIl chante en français, donc normal qu'ils l'apprennent en cours de français. Il n'a jamais dit qu'il n'était pas belge et c'est Normal de ce tromper.
Chaperon 4 aylar önce
@warshin la taupe je sais mais la plupart des gens croient qu'il est français et alors je le répète au cas où
Nailah :)
Nailah :) 4 aylar önce
That’s also how I discovered stromae lol
hearts444lucia Aylar önce
Orangecatty 4 aylar önce
MOCO 3 aylar önce
That's the best part 😭
Bob octopus
Bob octopus 3 aylar önce
​@MOCO yeah lol
💚creeper 3 aylar önce
Me too 💚😂💚
Augustustheduck 2 aylar önce
Stromae est probablement le meilleur artiste français qui ait jemais existé
Foot Stars
Foot Stars 2 aylar önce
That's a true "Cooked" BANGER!!!
Boost is life
Boost is life 4 aylar önce
Bro went "Do that thing" and his homie with the keyboard went " I got you" and did that thing. If he said that to anybody else they would question what he was wanting😂
Puppy Puppington
Puppy Puppington 4 aylar önce
Conk kink conk lmao
Luke Vader
Luke Vader 3 aylar önce
The homie with the keyboard is stromae. 🙈
Pauline 3 aylar önce
Jamel is a French humorist and Stromae is a Belgian singer and this video was widely cut 😂 in the original he kind of imitates the noises in a really funny way and describes them in a funny way too ! But stromae wrote the song long before this video was filmed :)
kosi_ples 3 aylar önce
you know that's a sketch, right?
rondo 3 aylar önce
its not his homie its a famous actor
Orien Glinn
Orien Glinn 27 gün önce
bro called him king king 💀
J W 2 aylar önce
My brain cells at 3 am when I want to sleep.
Robbie M
Robbie M 3 aylar önce
That lil dude is the kinda vibe this world needs , the head bounce at the end 😂
aFatSxM 3 aylar önce
The lil dude’s name is Jamel Debbouze
Darth troll
Darth troll 2 aylar önce
​​@aFatSxMy man knows Jamel debbouze
aFatSxM 2 aylar önce
@Darth troll im french so that’s normal 😂
Luffy L'osophe
Luffy L'osophe 2 aylar önce
He is one of the most famous humorist in france everyone loves him
billigerfusel 2 aylar önce
​@Luffy L'osophenobody outside France knows him
Help im getting eaten by a cat!
“KONG KONG KING KING KING KONG KING KONG” truely beautiful words
SNELLO 22 gün önce
The fellas head at the end tells you how hard this tune bangs 😂
MonkeyRating 4 aylar önce
Dude tried to leave in the beginning 💀
Daniel Ferreira
Daniel Ferreira 4 aylar önce
Jamel Debbouze ?
Optimus Slime
Optimus Slime 4 aylar önce
bro wasnt feeling it 😭
Ishan P
Ishan P 4 aylar önce
Lmaooo imagine if he had just left and this song had never happened 😮
Ildarion 4 aylar önce
@Ishan P This song is much older than the video here. It's a skit. People don't really film themselves composing in empty white rooms.
{Emerald_lovee} 11 gün önce
The face at the end 😭😭😭
Jonathan White
Jonathan White Aylar önce
Stromae is my favorite European artist, outside of classical artists.
Herbert Herbertson
Herbert Herbertson 4 aylar önce
Dude build a giant Palace and then he helped build a timeless banger
Ramzi Chouk
Ramzi Chouk 4 aylar önce
The song was already worldwide famous when they recorded this video
Leonardo Castelli
Leonardo Castelli 4 aylar önce
​@Ramzi Choukbro it was an excuse to tell that he saw asterix and obelix
Ramzi Chouk
Ramzi Chouk 4 aylar önce
@Leonardo Castelli what makes you think i didn't get it?
Leonardo Castelli
Leonardo Castelli 4 aylar önce
@Ramzi Chouk bro it was an excuse to say that i saw asterix and obelix
Kel 4 aylar önce
If you're not french and watched mission Cléopâtre, we're automatically friends
Shayaan Rajput
Shayaan Rajput Aylar önce
Bro listenin to this in french class was sumthin different 😂
BlackSheep Aylar önce
i keep watching this over and over again... such a vibe
falseboffy 4 aylar önce
They let his cook and he delivered the finest food known to man
Qeign Virus
Qeign Virus 4 aylar önce
Commander Shepard
Commander Shepard 4 aylar önce
BBB999 4 aylar önce
Ori-ginal content
Ori-ginal content 4 aylar önce
Icenetic 4 aylar önce
Thattrill Gaming
Thattrill Gaming Aylar önce
Producer got the talent though to do exactly what he’s singing
Billie Jhin
Billie Jhin 2 aylar önce
Além de ser um grande prospecto, Victor Wembanyama lançou a braba q marcou época 🤌
David Olatokunbo
David Olatokunbo 4 aylar önce
The way he dragged him back after the first trial😂😭
DrakyHRT 4 aylar önce
The dissapoitment in his face was just GOLD LMAO.
Kyro King
Kyro King 4 aylar önce
Bro pulled him back to formally apologize 💀
elmango30 2 aylar önce
bro I’m American and I instantly recognized it without the title. Such a good song
GuardianNight Gaming
GuardianNight Gaming 26 gün önce
Ain’t no way bro was twerking in front of the camra💀💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hala Madrid
Hala Madrid 4 aylar önce
Bro really knows his kings and kongs
Johan Van Heerden
Johan Van Heerden 4 aylar önce
I caught what you meant after hearing it again😅 nice one
Darren Toy
Darren Toy 4 aylar önce
Wass 4 aylar önce
Yeah unlike you don't know your football that's why your supporting a team who lost 4-0 to Manchester city
Malta Santos
Malta Santos 4 aylar önce
​@Wass whatever team you support never will have history of madrid😢
MaZe Aylar önce
That one friend who can make fire beats but doesn't know how to use instruments
McDavid Asuncion
McDavid Asuncion Aylar önce
Bro called him King Kong then just straight up left💀
John Redcorn
John Redcorn 4 aylar önce
He need someone to bring it out for him. This must be his tune in his head playing in the background all the time, and he finally shared it with us.
Toku_Visor 4 aylar önce
Hmm that’s an interesting way to put tbh lol
Mask Label
Mask Label 4 aylar önce
This is what some melodisers have, it comes in the head, i have it too but if i dont hurry to my studio its gone cuz of adhd…
SlimReaper19 4 aylar önce
⁠@Mask Label if you have an iPhone you have a voice recorder app pre installed
Zae 4 aylar önce
@SlimReaper19 It's not the same really, don't get me wrong, defenitely a good idea to keep track of.. But to keep the sound you have in your head to the time you get to the studio, it's already gone. Unfortunately.
sesh 4 aylar önce
the crazy part is when you hear the greatest, game of thrones ass beat randomly over 3 years, and it came from Your head.
B0ub0U4 3 aylar önce
I haven’t seen this making of since I’m 9 and it still makes me laugh so much 🤣
FAY ALKAAOUD 2 aylar önce
They forgot the “Alo aloooo” 😂
Preston Hammonds
Preston Hammonds 4 aylar önce
That man is living the good life at the moment. 🎉
Piou10Paille 4 aylar önce
He has depression 😂
Enos Layuk
Enos Layuk 4 aylar önce
​@Piou10Paille 😅 really?
Piou10Paille 4 aylar önce
@Enos Layuk really he turned gay or smething like that and he did a song based on his mental healt
Emina Hasani
Emina Hasani 4 aylar önce
​@Piou10Paille but he had a girlfriend as far as I know
Piou10Paille 4 aylar önce
@Emina Hasani not anymore
fast one
fast one Aylar önce
That man is a genius in my books.
Kris 2 aylar önce
Alors on Danse is such a bop
Bria 3 aylar önce
I took French in HS and this was a certified banger for our whole class 😂 ! ALORS ON DANCE will forever be a vibe!!
Mastermonkay 3 aylar önce
Lemme find out u went to LHS
Solus 3 aylar önce
Alors on danse was my childhood fr
Bibbidi 3 aylar önce
Yes!! Take near any French middle or high school class and you heard of this guy 😂
JSGV 3 aylar önce
Salty Duck
Salty Duck 3 aylar önce
Papaoutai was our secondary school French song. 😂 We had our class split into 2 sides and my class got Stromae and we got given bonus points for our group if we (or if one of the people in our group) could sing the entire song. So me, bring me, learnt the entirety of Papaoutai and I can still sing most of it to this day 😂
AceClaus 2 aylar önce
I love Stromae
John Angley
John Angley 4 aylar önce
Dudes a savage and u can tell he loves the music more then anything else in this world hahaha the headbanging at the end confirmed it for me 😂 love this dude for real
Guillaume 4 aylar önce
This is a skit, the real musician in on the left
myron 4 aylar önce
RIP your notifications
Matheus Lucas
Matheus Lucas 4 aylar önce
The one in the middle got me more
Matheus Lucas
Matheus Lucas 4 aylar önce
​@Guillaume no
Guillaume 4 aylar önce
@Matheus Lucas why no? Stomae is the dude on the left, the guy on the right is a comedian
ARSENALS2323 4 gün önce
I watched this clip more than 1000 times nd but still hav enjoyed
BAMI BOIZ 2 aylar önce
the booshesk shkeshjke booshesk shkeshijke : i felt that
UsingWolfram 3 aylar önce
The "ight fuck you I'm out" on the first clip 😂😂
UsingWolfram 3 aylar önce
@sxnchoftbl sadge
Animelover1452 28 gün önce
Me when I listen to speed up audios…💀
Molly Lala
Molly Lala Aylar önce
Am I the only one that thought he said “accordion, accordion” instead of “recording, recording” lmao 😂😂
Luis Carlos Garcia
Luis Carlos Garcia 3 aylar önce
That’s how I tell my producers to make a beat 😂😂😂
『 PennyBitch 』
『 PennyBitch 』 Aylar önce
Jamel is such a vibe I love this guy 😂
Maximum games Studio
Maximum games Studio 2 aylar önce
Alors on Alors on Alors on Qui dit étude dit travail Qui dit taf te dit les thunes Qui dit argent dit dépenses Et qui dit crédit dit créance Qui dit dette te dit huissier Et lui dit assis dans la merde Qui dit amour dit les gosses Dit toujours et dit divorce Qui dit proches te dit deuils Car les problèmes ne viennent pas seuls Qui dit crise te dit monde Dit famine, dit tiers-monde Et qui dit fatigue dit réveil Encore sourd de la veille Alors on sort pour oublier tous les problèmes Alors on danse Alors on danse Alors on danse Alors on danse Alors on danse Alors on danse Alors on danse Alors on danse Alors on danse Et là tu te dis que c'est fini Car pire que ça ce serait la mort Quand tu crois enfin que tu t'en sors Quand y en a plus et ben y en a encore Est-ce la zik ou les problèmes? Les problèmes ou bien la musique Ça te prend les tripes, ça te prend la tête Et puis tu pries pour que ça s'arrête Mais c'est ton corps, c'est pas le ciel Alors tu te bouches plus les oreilles Et là tu cries encore plus fort Et ça persiste Alors on chante La-la-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la-la-la Alors on chante La-la-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la-la-la Alors on chante Alors on chante Et puis seulement quand c'est fini Alors on danse Alors on danse Alors on danse Alors on danse Alors on danse Alors on danse Alors on danse Alors on danse Et ben y en a encore Et ben y en a encore Et ben y en a encore Et ben y en a encore Et ben y en a encore
VagoMundo Aylar önce
Damnnnnn that song is sooo fireeee, nowadays kids doesnt even know who is stromae
Louis Dr.
Louis Dr. 4 aylar önce
Just to mention for the people that don't know it, Stromae (the tall guy) is the actual song writer of that song (and all of his songs), the small guy is a french comedian and this has been made as a joke, Stromae is a real genius and a Belgian pride 🇧🇪
Rohan Mazumdar
Rohan Mazumdar 4 aylar önce
Рандом Аноним
What's the name of this French actor?
abdellatif belkhadria
abdellatif belkhadria 4 aylar önce
@Рандом Аноним Djamel debouze
piwo 4 aylar önce
⁠@abdellatif belkhadria almost, Jamel Debbouze
Clyde Why
Clyde Why 4 aylar önce
@piwo 😂 👏
Pinapo. Aylar önce
When he said ‘’boskes kesya boskes kesya’’ I felt it.
Rafael Garcia
Rafael Garcia 2 aylar önce
Stromae is a fucking legend and its a sin that I don’t listen to his music as often as I did
1.2.3  s.a.p
1.2.3 s.a.p 3 aylar önce
His head bobbing at the end had me weak 😂
Activv Menace
Activv Menace 3 aylar önce
the smile :D he knew what he was doing for sure
nazrine suleman
nazrine suleman Aylar önce
Ses jamel debbouze the best French comedian
Tiffany 16 gün önce
😂 it scared me at first
Kinsley Harvey
Kinsley Harvey 7 gün önce
who's that guy?
Mohammad 2 aylar önce
Bro was boutta burn the house down when stromae messed up 💀💀
Даниил Борисов
What a versatile man😏. He can help compose music, he can help build a palace.
ruvx 4 aylar önce
Bro almost walked off at first 😂
xXxZedxXx 4 aylar önce
he kept walking 😂
Dominei 4 aylar önce
Lol 😂 Producer man be like: Let me cook
Xilla TV
Xilla TV 4 aylar önce
That shit had me dyin laughin🤣🤣🤣
XXEYAD 4 aylar önce
Fr 😂😂😂
Carchang 4 aylar önce
who was bro?
dannybruh Aylar önce
No way. In 2009 my mom cooked up a banger as well. 14 years later... wassaaa
How it was made?🤣 Alors On Danse
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