Comedy Moments In Football 

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🔔 Comedy Moments In Football
Hey y'all. What's up? 😃 Hope you enjoy the video ;-)
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22 Oca 2023




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@Kiekeboetomhier Yıl önce
the smiles on benched players when the fieldplayer made saves as keeper was gold
@user-zy5qu5vk3l 11 aylar önce
ITS FINALLY HERE: trvid.com/video/video-BvlOrbIr7oM.html
@FINNMegurine 11 aylar önce
Fyi they are Giggs, Rooney, Ronaldo.
@Kiekeboetomhier 11 aylar önce
@@FINNMegurine hope everyone knows;)
@ADMIN13843 Yıl önce
3:36 😂Ramos seems to be on the field
@m.a2z2 Yıl önce
Thumbnail shows sportsmanship🙌
@elmatadorplayzzz 10 aylar önce
8:06 nice assist to the goalkeeper but it's actually offside 🌚🌚
7:11 was too funny
@user-zy5qu5vk3l 11 aylar önce
ITS FINALLY HERE: trvid.com/video/video-BvlOrbIr7oM.html
@n2j416 Yıl önce
Anthony is a true comedian.
South American. Enough said.
@LKSSKATE Yıl önce
@@kodiakandgrizzlybears3787 What do you mean by that you fool?
@Pant10 Yıl önce
Yeah ,south american, just how Maguire represents whole of Europe right you mf
@user-zy5qu5vk3l 11 aylar önce
ITS FINALLY HERE: trvid.com/video/video-BvlOrbIr7oM.html
@jdogg448 5 aylar önce
I heard his girlfriends enjoy his punchlines, badum tiss.
@truefootball11 Yıl önce
That Morata backheel miss still amazes me. I mean, it is one of the most easiest tricks to pull off.
@G0A7 Yıl önce
Trust me, Morata can be the best fw in all Spain and 2 days later he is the worst player in Europe
@soulreaper5620 Yıl önce
@soulreaper5620 Yıl önce
@user-zy5qu5vk3l 11 aylar önce
ITS FINALLY HERE: trvid.com/video/video-BvlOrbIr7oM.html
@laiskabegg Yıl önce
@albaater7598 6 aylar önce
Most funny moment is a goalkeeper in mud. That was really fun
@Guusha17 Yıl önce
7:57 best moment
@rockyescape8989 Yıl önce
Faes defending ability reminds me of David Luiz, sometimes it's gold sometimes it's pure horrific. Doesn't help that they look alike as well.
@Cedisdead 6 aylar önce
Haha Cristiano must he the player that have cried most on a football pitch ever 😂
@marine3746 Yıl önce
My boi get a hat trick but it all offside
@LedionZogaj Yıl önce
@slxxpy707 Yıl önce
@p4l19 Yıl önce
@Prime_002 Yıl önce
Got* was*
@Prime_002 Yıl önce
Fix your grammar kid
@nadzirrahim5785 11 aylar önce
anthony a real spinner clown 😂
1:05 tiki taka at it’s finest
@liambooth5377 Yıl önce
Norwich saw Brandon Williams miss that shot and went, "we'll take him"
@corndogofmercia 5 aylar önce
Shearer giving the ref a red card just can't be beaten 😅
@Leo10_CR7 Yıl önce
1:45 فكره رائعه😂😂
i loved this
@hamzaudai3390 Yıl önce
Good God that bench 2:39 !!
@guywood4955 11 aylar önce
And to think these dudes get paid unreal amounts of money to kick a ball and can't do sometimes the simplest things xD
@CinemovieNet0 Yıl önce
thank you for giving us this fun content, I hope my channel will come up to your level one day❤️
@briancheboi7019 Yıl önce
That Red card for W.Zaha was not true red,that ref did poor decision
@Rakshiir Yıl önce
His reaction is a second yellow, he is not the first player to get those. Should have been 2x yellow, but he would have been sent off anyways for that. Pretty unprofessional to react in that way, that was rather dumb... he has only himself to blame for that one to be honest.
@pulsefaith2758 11 aylar önce
@@Rakshiir bad ref, shoulda known the situation but decided to just go for red. hope he doesn't get to ref again.
@CrissCrossCA 10 aylar önce
@@pulsefaith2758 If someone mocks the referee (especially if its clear to see for the spectator) they deserves a yellow card, simple as that. Players nowadays have too little respect for refs anyways.
@PolentaDivina 7 aylar önce
Wout Faes, el futuro Lakaka
@ivanlee2054 Yıl önce
Ah women’s soccer still amazes me 😂
@mountain_dewd Yıl önce
Ah Clowns still calling that game soccer still amazes me too! 🤡
@mattwilkinson5858 7 aylar önce
There was like 2 clips of women’s football. The rest was the multi millionaire men fucking up
@G2zdc Yıl önce
6:32 ahahah
@randy89555 6 aylar önce
0:55 😂😂😂 mascherano getting neymar vibes 😅
Bro where do you get such videos? Like originally from where?
@1elt1l Yıl önce
3:45 الإتصال توقف فجأة عند الكل 😂😂😂
@yascreations... Yıl önce
6:36 is very funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@ftrave3221 6 aylar önce
1:40 Tap-in missed by Tap-in King😤
@c0pyright71 Yıl önce
1:18 best goal in world football😂😂😂
@tomasbaltazar7383 11 aylar önce
@jobursk 5 aylar önce
he def got fired after the second one
@beach_volley911 Yıl önce
Cool cool
@mightyOmouse 6 aylar önce
7:57 haha
@BenComedy-ie5hy Yıl önce
0:54 - Neymar moment
@BrexitGeaser Yıl önce
@mountain_dewd Yıl önce
He was a perfect fit in this team together with Biscuits,Alba, Alves and Mascherano - Catalan Hollywood. (and I liked how messi just ignored mascherano acting and kept going) 🤣
Even his teamates not taking it seriously 🤣 🤣
@arijitdas1344 Yıl önce
Allison moment 😈😈
@SOHAM_141 5 aylar önce
02:38 SAF and Rooney Laughing and Ronaldo Watching like Cilian Murphy.
@SlimShadytill80 8 aylar önce
0:58, two goat's one field
@MegaTraianus 11 aylar önce
2:42 is insane.
@Viperr101 6 aylar önce
6:57 classic fifa ragdoll glitch
@shorts4cats Yıl önce
@w1nther930 6 aylar önce
Bro scored a hat trick of offsides
epic vidoe
@Unlivin123 Yıl önce
You mean vidio
@TheChamp820 Yıl önce
7:11 bro earned a red card while being the one who gives bookings
@opporealne Yıl önce
កាតនៅប្រពន្ធ ចាំមួយភ្លេត
@Shrek14-6 5 aylar önce
8:00 bro switched teams
@Sleepsinstanly Yıl önce
Please teach me to edit like this
@006Baskentli 6 aylar önce
6:02 Zahahaha
@randy89555 6 aylar önce
6:22 van persie is a clown😂😂😂
@4c3beast86 Yıl önce
Bro where you get these clips without watermark. Please reply
@williammills3444 5 aylar önce
how is he monetized
@sehrishliaqat8035 9 aylar önce
The wink
@footballfun_official 7 aylar önce
Wohl time i was enjing this
@awahiduzzaman Yıl önce
8:00 the goalkeeper is so dumb😂😂😂
@Bisirsky Yıl önce
6:36 - that was the dirtiest football moment ever seen 🤢
@Andres-sp2go 6 aylar önce
7:58 is the funniest shit I've ever seen hhahahahahahhahaahahahahahaha
@couragefox Yıl önce
@2:52 this guy made a youtube about his miss. Look up "WHAT JUST HAPPENED…" by Willian Akio
@pcy72 8 aylar önce
6:39 op
@azlaw8554 6 aylar önce
These guys are such goobers man
@xXxBodzio101xXx Yıl önce
Gut spiel, liebe Frauen. XD
@pepelopez6930 6 aylar önce
Farça FC (from farce = farsa in Spanish). They had all the referees in their pockets during that era.
@jamunadahal6946 Yıl önce
Abt 15 min
@BenComedy-ie5hy Yıl önce
3:44 - Bro just score the damn goal! I gotta like retire asap!
@BrexitGeaser Yıl önce
@ADS84700 9 aylar önce
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ it coul i love Ronaldo alove you Ronaldo
@MongolMuslim Yıl önce
@somberries1255 7 aylar önce
for the curious in the last video, its polish where the guy in a cr7 shirt wanted to take a penalty shot "hes about to go take the penalty shot, number 7, thats not ronaldo (cristiano ronaldo) but he *you cant really make out anything as 2 commentators just started talking at the same time."
@MMcandothis 8 aylar önce
Wonna: 😑 Men:😀😃
@user-cl5nk4ep5h Yıl önce
most of them is from liverpool😁
@tibormolnar6732 11 aylar önce
0:54 Ronaldo kick Mascherano on his stomach. So ye funny
@avidmedia2880 9 aylar önce
5:06 What music is playing from now on?
@juliabrennan3460 9 aylar önce
What happened to the goalkeeper show the back of it?
@svengrand4040 Yıl önce
@lagerinopino6012 9 aylar önce
@Zli0106 Yıl önce
2 autogoals in 1 match loooool
@Sandsteine 6 aylar önce
At 5:17 you could put the whole match in the video
@BartoszWilczek 7 aylar önce
2:13 I think the commentator needs help he's choking
@guuuut 6 aylar önce
Lmao it’s Dutch
@ProfesseurSlime Yıl önce
I can't with of anything but BRUH
@jericho2480 6 aylar önce
1:44 who is this
@cube-jar Yıl önce
why is there only 7 comments on this video
Who the hell is he to tell stop crying and not ?
@Wenorek Yıl önce
@Cl0wnGam3r Yıl önce
Women ☕ 7:20
In summarize:Manchester United
@thekinggamer8351 9 aylar önce
Women's football = comedy show
@IamPedro102 Yıl önce
nem sub
Lionel Messi 🐐 February 5, 2023
@kirstayyy92 Yıl önce
@omeryildiz9997 Yıl önce
@komusa 7 aylar önce
aint no way bro copied soccer90's thumbnail and got away with it
@user-wf8yq5ih1j Yıl önce
8:07 best.
@Jay-ki2iz Yıl önce
sold match they paid him to do that
@brxckmoon8029 Yıl önce
mbappee kissing griezman
Hi Tony sir I need your help I have football telent please put me your club please please please my dream team is real madrid
@kuzzdallux8058 11 aylar önce
Minute 2:52 it's goal
@whitetigeryt9725 9 aylar önce
5:09 women ☕️
@REGILEable Yıl önce
To stop making Blunders, we have to have the ball squared!
@as_riky8412 Yıl önce
07:21 mh women
@BrexitGeaser Yıl önce