Coldplay: Everyday Life Live in Jordan - Sunset Performance

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Watch the band's first performance of the Sunset part of their new album Everyday Life (out now, listen at coldplay.lnk.to/EverydayLife) at sunset in Jordan. You can watch the first part of the album performed during sunrise in Jordan by clicking the link at the end of this video.

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22 Nov 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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S-Boreon 17 saatler önce
Glad Medyedev
Glad Medyedev 17 saatler önce
Every racist people around the world should watch this perfomance🙌......
Ori Onti
Ori Onti Gün önce
Dziękuje z Polski Thank you from Poland
Schaaff Gün önce
Ich finde es sooo gut was ihr da gemacht habt.
Sherry Nessamar
Sherry Nessamar 2 gün önce
Absolutely thought it was beautiful. Great job! ❤
Andrey Shcherbakov
Andrey Shcherbakov 2 gün önce
cristina reis
cristina reis 2 gün önce
Acabei de ver e ADOREI!!!! Sou vossa fã desde o início. E hoje mais uma vez me surpreenderam com tanta beleza de sons e imagens. Espero ver vos ao vivo o mais breve possível. Obrigada por tornarem o meu dia mais maravilhoso. 🙏💚🇵🇹
Sir Puzzle
Sir Puzzle 2 gün önce
Thanks Coldplay. Seriously.
ralp yburan
ralp yburan 4 gün önce
salamat...thank you...shukria...shukran...arrigato...terema kasi...obrigado...
Hashem Alsalkini
Hashem Alsalkini 5 gün önce
What can i say except you guys are perfect👌👌
Gabrial I.A Masalma
Gabrial I.A Masalma 6 gün önce
i listen to coldplay almost all day and the Azan at end Takes the biggest part in my heart
Zach OBryan
Zach OBryan 7 gün önce
Great addition to the set.... Love her..
Abed Al-Ouri
Abed Al-Ouri 7 gün önce
this is a message from Amman standing in the same place this got performed , i just wanted to say thank you for being there thank you for letting me have best memories and flashbacks every time i watch listen to your music , every time i got little depressed i go there and listen to the entire album again and again and it heals deep , Coldplay performed in the greatest way that any band dreams to perform and i'm getting inspired on every song thank you so much for the best thing happened "Everyday Life Album" and thank you do much presenting my beloved Amman in this amazing way
nao é verdade
David Hougas
David Hougas 9 gün önce
Géniale idée de faire ça en Jordanie. J'y ai séjourné quelques fois, pays magnifique, habitants merveilleux. A milles lieux des a priori occidentaux. Et je ne ferai pas offense aux amateurs de plongée sous-marine en disant qu'ils ont parmi les plus beaux spot du monde. Sans oublier Petra qui est un des lieux les plus magiques que j'ai pu voir avec les chenaux de Patagonie.Oui, je sais qu'il y a un gros contraste mais pour avoir beaucoup voyagé, ce sont parmi les lieux qui m'ont le plus marqué. Merci Colplay, à quand un petit set en Patagonie :)
JokerOttoVon 9 gün önce
I have to say Dankeschön for this wonderful album and for playing over 20 years
Jo Abrams
Jo Abrams 10 gün önce
Perfection ❤️
Fatim Lo
Fatim Lo 10 gün önce
arscott rose
arscott rose 11 gün önce
All the music runs through all their flesh, bones, heart, bones and naturally their mind. How gorgeous!!!!!!🌸🌼🌺🌻💮🌹🏵️
arscott rose
arscott rose 11 gün önce
You are really out of the blue . OMG🌹💮🌻🌺🌼🌸
Simeng Wang
Simeng Wang 12 gün önce
this is the best album in recent years,I have to say its bring me to next level of music
chel 0921
chel 0921 13 gün önce
Feel relax after a busy day by listening coldplay songs...
Peter2017 14 gün önce
how amazing watching those youngish Jordanians sing brought tears to my eyes music can bring the world together lets let it happen
BT Movie
BT Movie 14 gün önce
04:25 Obviously no corona 😂
abby venturanza
abby venturanza 15 gün önce
coldplay makes the best live performances!
José ailton
José ailton 14 gün önce
Yes no doubt
RF aikbal
RF aikbal 15 gün önce
seriously man... we should all preach peace, brotherhood/sisterhood and love. I don't know why we prefer to live in our bubbles and do not react to the sufferings of oppressed and innocent people who are struggling around the world. XOXO
Jamkinju Channel
Jamkinju Channel 18 gün önce
José ailton
José ailton 19 gün önce
7 meses desse album incrível
Amaan Raza
Amaan Raza 20 gün önce
This is phenomenal 🎵
Kitty Smith
Kitty Smith 20 gün önce
So grateful that you blessed us with this music. Chris Martin you are the best from Kitty Smith in Kerrville Texas (near Austin)
Jose R. Dominguez
Jose R. Dominguez 23 gün önce
Sunset or Sunrise?
Marcos Ballestrero
Marcos Ballestrero 25 gün önce
The people that sing in Orphans are so lucky
Juan Carlos Suarez
Juan Carlos Suarez 25 gün önce
Excelente, Marvelous, no words for this.......
Gauthier Muguerza
Gauthier Muguerza 25 gün önce
Thank you so much for this moment
Endik Dwi
Endik Dwi 27 gün önce
Salute !!!
Ghadi _i
Ghadi _i 27 gün önce
Thank you.. You inspired me I Couldn't stop painting
Héctor Lizana
Héctor Lizana 28 gün önce
Este álbum es sinónimo de perfección y excelencia COLDPLAY canta lo que quiere cuando quiere y dónde quiere y eso solo lo hacen los grandes , hermosa pieza de música contemporánea , LOS MEJORES !!!!!
ANN VAN DAMME 29 gün önce
If you know Coldplay like I know them, you 😝! I cry all day!
Jeffrey Valdez
Jeffrey Valdez 29 gün önce
Coldplay is The Champion of the World in Everyday life, *The feels of these 2 songs are so powerful and moving,
Julie Summer-Singh
Julie Summer-Singh Aylar önce
If my heart could talk, it would say this!🥰💜
Ahmed Aidoudi
Ahmed Aidoudi Aylar önce
Viva Palestine ♥️😢❤️🇵🇸🇩🇿
Asit Mohan Baghel
Asit Mohan Baghel Aylar önce
Cold play is the only reason I still believe in magic of music
Asit Mohan Baghel
Asit Mohan Baghel Aylar önce
Pure gold
Amid Bidee
Amid Bidee Aylar önce
I just don't know what to say🙏...all i know is, that's the kind of peace i want to feel all my life👼
Alan HuICo
Alan HuICo Aylar önce
I'm searching for that comment to confirm that Chris is surprised by a car horn passing by, as he hits that same note (detuned) on the piano melody at 15:25. I'll keep looking...
Klemen Bačak
Klemen Bačak Aylar önce
Wau! Heart warming. ♥️
Саян Балданов
Victoria Silva Broad
Ouvindo essa apresentação linda em tempos de quarentena. Meu coração está em acalento e esperança ao som de cada música. Obrigada Coldplay ♥
Leonardo Alves dos Santos
Everyday Life is the best album ever released in history, period.
Stalling Set
Stalling Set Aylar önce
I lived in Jordan for a while
Zuu Aylar önce
I wanna know, when I can go back in the yard again...word.
Backsound Gaming
Backsound Gaming Aylar önce
mantaaaaapppp bossque
Sylvia Redemann
Sylvia Redemann Aylar önce
sarubo g
sarubo g Aylar önce
How mouvelous !✨✨ They are God's sons.
Mariela Rico
Mariela Rico Aylar önce
Watching you guys during pandemia in my appartment. More than 2 months con my own. Thank you guys for healing my heart!
arscott rose
arscott rose Aylar önce
Thanks for everything Coldplay 🌺
arscott rose
arscott rose Aylar önce
Before I started listening to You I was feeling down and now I am totally happy and alive. My body is vibrating all over Chris🌷🌼🌺🌸🌹
arscott rose
arscott rose Aylar önce
Coldplay makes me feel alive. Lovely 😊 🙃 😜 I can fly with you and I don't know where🌹❤️
arscott rose
arscott rose Aylar önce
Chris You are the best pianist that brings me peace and happiness
Jenny Piper
Jenny Piper Aylar önce
Rania Davis
Rania Davis Aylar önce
The 4 of you are perfect together, please keep creating and playing for the humanity. You all are fantastic. Love you all. Rania Davis
Cinthia Flores
Cinthia Flores Aylar önce
I love you Coldplay
Yassar William
Yassar William Aylar önce
I'm from Jordan and I'm so proud that u guys have chose to release ur new album love u guys from Amman
Marcela Beatriz Zubiete
Gran banda!!!Excelente trabajo!!! Felicitaciones de corazón, cada una de las canciones te transporta al mundo de los verdaderos sentimientos!!!
Cosmos Aylar önce
Juanita de los Ángeles Ariza Guzmán
Dios que belleza
Dean Kenney
Dean Kenney Aylar önce
This reaches past race, creed, and culture. It touches the heart and soul of mankind. Those that deny were only pretending to listen. Paradise is within each one of us ALL!!!
Perth Garden
Perth Garden Aylar önce
24:41 Hallelujah 😌
Livingjazzarchive Aylar önce
Incredible. Musicianship, lyrics, location, sound engineering, videography... oneness!
Adriana Mari
Adriana Mari Aylar önce
Como los amo. La mejor banda de la historia, transmiten tantas emociones con cada canción siempre lloro.
Peter Webster
Peter Webster Aylar önce
28:02 is my favorite part of 'Everyday life' here in Jordan- cars do illegal turns like that all of the time. Very glad Coldplay captured this! (PS the concert was great too btw :) Thank you for coming to JO! The concert on the citadel was one of my all time favorite memories- thank you for making sure to do a concert for people to attend as well!
Sasan Ahmadi Asl
Sasan Ahmadi Asl Aylar önce
Location, sounds, people on the roof and the city! How else could you bring soul to this performance. I cry every time I hear those last hallelujahs. Thank you for reminding me our home is beautiful wherever it is. Thank you for doing this and we definitely need more peace all around the world. Many thanks from Iran 🇮🇷
Deniz Alkan
Deniz Alkan Aylar önce
Don't you consider coming to Turkey? Just once maybe :( Like, we're not that unstable country, so many people are waiting to sing along with you here...
Ahmad Tariq
Ahmad Tariq 2 aylar önce
6:05 EKO what a music! reminds me my childhood
이쇼걸 2 aylar önce
오늘은 그냥 울적해서 와봤다,,, 좋은 노래를 들으면 기분에 좋아지니깐,,,!
carla cabrera
carla cabrera 2 aylar önce
Can someone explain me why did they change some lyrics from guns?
Mang Ojan TV
Mang Ojan TV 2 aylar önce
Can i share this video in my instagram?
Travel and Tech
Travel and Tech 2 aylar önce
Well. What a breath of fresh air. Cold play team shinning as the true artists they really are. I love the fact that went back to the music routes and dropped the boring tone of commercial pop. Instrumental music is brilliant and these songs not repetitive and dinamic. A gold mine of high quality sounds. Massive congrats. Camera mens and sound quality 💯👍. Music that touches the soul 😍
Maulana Majid Nasution
All the songs give me peace, love, happiness, positivity, joy and tears 😭😭❤️❤️ this album is indeed such a spiritual medicine. I love you to the moon and back Coldplay! Chris, I wanted to hug you and see you in person.
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