Coldplay, BTS 'My Universe' Lyrics (Color Coded Lyrics)

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• Artist: Coldplay, BTS
• Song ♫: My Universe
• Album: "My Universe"
• Released: 21.09.24
• REQUEST SONG HERE: goo.gl/9G5rQx
• No copyright infringement intended / Don't reupload



23 Eyl 2021




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Charleigh Hollis
Charleigh Hollis 4 saatler önce
Y'all are the best people
evil 6 saatler önce
Beautiful song
BHUVANA MURUGAN 9 saatler önce
JK's "without you am crazy ja"...just hits me different
Amanda Putri
Amanda Putri 11 saatler önce
My boyfrind suga
Rendy Nakarim
Rendy Nakarim 12 saatler önce
And i was so happy by JIN
Rendy Nakarim
Rendy Nakarim 12 saatler önce
This was amazing but I really kalila!
Wonxlfjyn_7 13 saatler önce
Heeseung ang Jungkook has the same voice like that's not making sense right
dyshenlangsakalam 14 saatler önce
너무 재능이 있습니다
Arica Lee pei en (Rivervaleps)
I like it so much
Yᵒᵘ Lᶤᵛᵉ Oᶰᶜᵉ
Yoo seariously this is tooo good cant stop listening to this
yong 19 saatler önce
Moumita Makal
Moumita Makal 19 saatler önce
Guys it's 6.8crore veiws now so can we make it 100 millions in 3 weeks??? If we want then we can do anything because army Is the world biggest power isn't it yes..... Please let's take it to 100 million and let's give a big surprise to our boys who have worked hard for us💜 Borahae purple you💜💜💜💜let's do it army... Let's show the army power.... Let's follow some rules to make the veiws increase. 1) try to hear my universe everyday atleast 3 to 5 times. 2)while watching it don't skip or don't stop in between it doesn't allow to get more veiws 3)watch the video in 720p or 1080p quality 4)raise the volume of your phone and hear it, it helps in increase of veiws LET'S FOLLOW THESE RULES AND LISTEN EVERYDAY WE WILL DEFINITELY GET 100 MILLIONS SOON💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
0111 생일인 런밍ღ
0111 생일인 런밍ღ 20 saatler önce
2:16 네는
Gayna Astley
Gayna Astley Gün önce
This song was playing in my moms car radio and I'm not Korean and I do not live in Korea
Sneh Yadav
Sneh Yadav Gün önce
Amazing song l love v voice
Lazania Swer
Lazania Swer Gün önce
Woww...the Jungkook part 😍❣️💖💜it's just so amazing!!!!
Gamer life
Gamer life Gün önce
Just image the performing and army screaming "YOU ARE MY UNIVERSE"with all they got
Danish Khattak
Danish Khattak Gün önce
I was thinking too but why
san76kochar Gün önce
I love how everyone say my universe
Prerana Gün önce
They are literally our universe 💜
Prerana Gün önce
You are my universe 💜🌌
Devika Denesh
Devika Denesh Gün önce
I think you are my universe were sing by v
Marley Hala
Marley Hala Gün önce
Hey Army 💜 can u check out my cover " My universe 🌌🇩🇿 I'll appreciate ur support
Marley Hala
Marley Hala Gün önce
Hey Army 💜 can u check out my cover " My universe 🇩🇿🌌 I'll appreciate ur support
갓달봉 3 gün önce
넥어가 아니라 내게 입니다!
jinnysim73 3 gün önce
It’s a shame that there’s no rap line for RM and also not enough part for Jin and Jimin, -considering that this was collaboration, not just featuring, even though I don’t know who decided each part. It’s not bad, but disappointing.
에이스 3 gün önce
Korean subtitles are wrong
Dee e
Dee e 3 gün önce
Evonne Moraleda
Evonne Moraleda 3 gün önce
Ty bts for working hard🥰🌌💜💜💜
민아 3 gün önce
여기 오타 있어요!! 어둠인데 어들이라 되어 있어요
외국산사과잼 3 gün önce
아이요 3 gün önce
오타가 너무 많아요
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 3 gün önce
Jk and V were great but for me the highlight was the rap, never did I think my favourite band and the band from my homeland could collab... and it worked so well!
Kookie roll
Kookie roll 4 gün önce
I love it
Lion Sheep
Lion Sheep 4 gün önce
Ir's just that I don't like Coldplay but it's still good tho.
Reane Rante
Reane Rante 4 gün önce
I love jimin. Jimin had less lines that made me sad
Emily 8 gün önce
As long as BTS is happy with the collab that’s all that matters. And we all know it’s because of BTS that this song made it to #1.
Vicky Falcon
Vicky Falcon 8 gün önce
Amazing song congratulations Coldplay & BTS, “My universe”
mahfooz ahmad
mahfooz ahmad 8 gün önce
This whole song is a masterpiece, but I m specifically addicted to Taehyung and Kookie's part .
karen’s Utube
karen’s Utube 8 gün önce
I think Chris is a TaeKooker… just saying
Aaliyah Martinez
Aaliyah Martinez 8 gün önce
I love it I just wish Jin had lines in this zone
Bts Army
Bts Army 8 gün önce
Music is a precious treasure....
Alcohol Free
Alcohol Free 8 gün önce
this is a beautiful song but it's sad to have jin and jimin with only 1 (backup) line
Mashiyat Lamisa
Mashiyat Lamisa 8 gün önce
0:38 & 2:19 1:21
Parveen Pathan
Parveen Pathan 8 gün önce
Wish jin hyung and jiminieeeeeee had more lines but it's okey ... though my baised is taekook but i love jin hyung and jiminieeeeeee too so much. And first I'm army and second I'm in love with seven wonders. And they are my wonder. But I'm happy too for this... And i can't stop my self..and i don't what I am doing here.
Anony Mouse
Anony Mouse 8 gün önce
This Universe needs more songs Coldplay & BTS ✨💫
Eunice Noriega
Eunice Noriega 8 gün önce
The song makes me crazy. That I love the song very much
Shining Star  No.1
Shining Star No.1 8 gün önce
OT7 bts army forever V can kill me
JD30 8 gün önce
God i love this type of music so poppy and uplifting vibe also the chorus is so catchy im trying to write lyrics that are catchy as this
Flash 8 gün önce
mehnaz samad
mehnaz samad 8 gün önce
Why bangtan team blond blond
jungkook 8 gün önce
My universe 😘💜
Amira Asaad
Amira Asaad 8 gün önce
Sara Polanco
Sara Polanco 8 gün önce
Me gusta la combinación de las voces, es una hermosa canción
Thazin Thazin
Thazin Thazin 8 gün önce
This is amazing
bangtanily X
bangtanily X 8 gün önce
I wish Jin and jimin had more line :(
uosuga 8 gün önce
@nsh_msra 8 gün önce
Jin op
@nsh_msra 8 gün önce
Cheam Qai Xinn
Cheam Qai Xinn 8 gün önce
"My Universe" Has Topped The Billboard Hot 100 Chart! *"It earns BTS its sixth career No. 1 hit and Coldplay its second (after 2008's "Viva La Vida")."* - Billboard
Nicole Molina
Nicole Molina 8 gün önce
✨2:01 - 2:19✨
Upasana Sharma
Upasana Sharma 9 gün önce
Susan G Lim
Susan G Lim 9 gün önce
Really love this 😘😍🥰👍👏👏👏👏💜💖💝💫✨🌟🤩
Инна Василевская
Потрясающая песня. Браво
Taylor Guillory
Taylor Guillory 9 gün önce
Currently on a train ride and this made my day, so beautiful I’m crying haha
Blaire Zein
Blaire Zein 9 gün önce
RM really said "I'm a part of the vocal line"
adriana boza ramos
adriana boza ramos 9 gün önce
envés que sean 7 miembros deberían ser 6 por que en la música no participa kim seok jin y yo soy army y es injusto lo que vive kim seok jin
H- ELLO! 👾
H- ELLO! 👾 9 gün önce
The song was amazing but we also wanted Jimin and Jin voices too :(
adriana boza ramos
adriana boza ramos 9 gün önce
Instead of being 7 in the members of be ser 6 because kim seok jin does not participate in the music, I am an army and it is not fair that they water this
Just you BTS
Just you BTS 9 gün önce
Jungkook's emotions made me emotional
Yoshini Mallabathula
Jungkook voice was soo amazing 🤩😍😍😘💜
Susmita Chakraborty
Susmita Chakraborty 9 gün önce
This is really a materpiece😍.... but this would hear much better if Jin and Jimin had more lines☺
Lưu Thuỷ Nguyễn
This was AMAZING
Jungkook's part is magical!!!!💜
shahin miah
shahin miah 9 gün önce
THIS SONGmy veryfavourite
34. Ni Putu Ayu Aprillia Tirta Wangi Kinaya Putri
Your the best jongkook,jimin,v,and jin love you
Arno 9 gün önce
When you're two of the most favourite bands collab together :)))) xD
Terigon 9 gün önce
The best part is 2:19
BTS ARMY 9 gün önce
I like
Jenny Lalringzo
Jenny Lalringzo 9 gün önce
Love it
Mh Shibly
Mh Shibly 10 gün önce
Jk part 😍😍
Lakshitha R
Lakshitha R 10 gün önce
This song made my day better💜💜💜💜
EJ watson
EJ watson 10 gün önce
Any collaboration with Coldplay make the songs even better.
💜BTS 💜ARMY GIRL 10 gün önce
Hey Indian army 💜🥺🥺 aisa kyu hota hai jb log ko ye pta chalta hai ki I am a BTS army to vo bolte ulti sidhi baate bolte hai mere 7 angles ke baare me abhi just ek ladke ne mujhse bola un baccho me aisa kya hai ki tum army ho with laughing emoji. Army main nahi seh payungi ye saari galt baate Apne BTS ke baare me 😭😭😭😭 hame kahi bhi azadi kyu nahi hai kyu mujhe apne bhai se bhi chhupane padte hai I am a army . hater kehte hai mujhse ki tum ladkiyo ko bs kisi se attraction ho jaata hai phir tum army bn jaati hoo mujhe ek ARMY GIRL ban jaane ke karan bahut torture kiya jaata hai kyu aisa kyu hai 😭😭😭 mujhe yaha tk vo apne kaam ko karwane ke liye mujhe mere bias ki kasam di jaati hai mujhe samajh nahi aata main kya karu meri feeling nahi dikhti unko main pichhle 3 mahine se ek army hoo meri parents ko koi problem nahi hai bs mere bhai ko aur mere relative and others boy ko aisa kyu hota hai agr aisa hota raha to main army jyada time nahi reh payungi 🥺🥺🥺 kyu mere BTS member ko jo mn me aaye bol ke chale jaate hai koi unki body pe bolta hai to koi unki beauty aur koi to unki sexuality pe bhi bol ke chala jaata hai kyu ek baar bhi ye nahi sochte. Ye galat hai as a army mujhe ye bilkul Galat Lagta hai . 😭😭😭😭😭 And ha jo puchhte hai n kyu army bane hm to vo koun hote hai hamari choice pe questions karne waale hum to nahi kisi ke choice pe questions uthate hai jb ve hamare seven days of a week , Seven colours of a rambo ke baare me nahi jante n then they shut their mouth hume hurts na kare vo 😭😭😭 we know who is BTS why we like BTS member they all hardworker , good dancer good singer good rapper anda kind heart angel 🥺🥺🥺🥺......... Army main janna chahungi ki koi hater apse kuchh ais abolta hai to aap kya karte hai vo kya bolte hai mujhe bhi kuchh suggest karo as a BTS army apko ek dusre ki help Kate rahani hai... SARANGHAE 💜💜💜💜 BTS MEMBER SARANGHAE ARMY💜💜💜💜
Mira M
Mira M 10 gün önce
💫{ʜᴏʙɪ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ}💫
Why jin and jimin part is so short?!
Jay-r Tarroja
Jay-r Tarroja 10 gün önce
Bts gooooo😃
Jiguu.. 10 gün önce
Why jimin part is too short ?? 💔💔💔 it's unfair for his angel voice... 🥺😭
2tbos 10 gün önce
امتنان النجار
Fatma faroq
Fatma faroq 10 gün önce
Coldplay voice 😩😩
Benita Thomas
Benita Thomas 10 gün önce
the song is really great and all but why doesnt suga sing in it? and jin has like only one line in it. they all together sing the chorus n all but they both dont hv their own lines. i thought atleast suga's rap would be there
ひかり 10 gün önce
Vedangi Mehrolia
Vedangi Mehrolia 10 gün önce
0:40 the Aaaa in the background here is soooo melodious ❤️❤️❤️
Inatoli Aye
Inatoli Aye 10 gün önce
This is touching my heart love this song.......❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ashwin Minhas
Ashwin Minhas 10 gün önce
There is no more lines for Jin and jimin
Extrememdp 10 gün önce
"A star embroidered with love that lights me up. You in my universe, You make me a different world" ......such beautiful lyrics!!!!
Abdul Massae
Abdul Massae 10 gün önce
Jungkook yes you're main vocalist and you did your job....I'm listening this song because of you...I love u bunny
Mishka Jain
Mishka Jain 10 gün önce
This is not fair, Jimin and Jin just got 4 words to sing
Güzel melek
Güzel melek 10 gün önce
Rebecca Wasserer
Rebecca Wasserer 10 gün önce
Rainy day, 06.00 am, i'm tired, it's cold. But this song warms my heart. Thank you bts and coldplay 🙏💜
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