Cold Fusion is Back (there's just one problem)

Sabine Hossenfelder
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4 Şub 2023




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Lubricus the slippery
Lubricus the slippery 4 aylar önce
I didn't know that there where some cold fusion that actually works. Even if the current methods is impractical for energy generation it doesn't sound like we have to break a few of the laws of physics to achieve it. So then it worth while to do some research about it.
Kingsford Gray
Kingsford Gray 5 gün önce
@Dowlphwin Why do you cower behind a fake name?
Dowlphwin 5 gün önce
Breaking the current laws of physics is worthwhile, too.
Randy R.
Randy R. 19 gün önce
Yeah. Super easy. They build a plane, not a perpetual energy machine. One is not like the other.
Kingsford Gray
Kingsford Gray 27 gün önce
The experiment to make you into a grown adult, and not cower behind a childish embarrassing phony name have failed!
Vicki Henderson
Vicki Henderson Aylar önce
@Cowboy Flipflop writes: "The relationship between capitalism and science is one of exploitation, control, and repression." Remember this is a problem of greedy humans, not capitalism.
Will Giani
Will Giani 4 aylar önce
I love Sabine’s sense of humour. There’s just one problem [insert sad violin music]... only she can do it.
Tom mussington
Tom mussington 14 gün önce
​@yeroca I worked for a Japanese company and I assure you that English jokes don't translate well. We were on a fast paced project to build and install a machine in 12 months that was the OEM time frame working pretty much around the clock to do it. Well our management (Japanese) wanted to do it faster. I said you can make a baby in 9 months with one woman, but you can't get 9 woman pregnant and do it in one month. Our engineer translator just couldn't translate it, I got our Japanese American secretary explained it to her in English it took her a few minutes and a couple questions to understand it and come up with a translation that got the point that sometimes you just can't accelerate things.
Will Giani
Will Giani 27 gün önce
@Kingsford Gray what do you mean?
Kingsford Gray
Kingsford Gray 27 gün önce
Will: visit trvid.com/u-handle and edit your "handle" to reflect you your real name, please.
Lawrence D’Oliveiro
I can’t help thinking, the irony of the blow-up-the-lab argument is that conspiracy theorists will likely miss the point. Instead of proving that you get a lot of energy out, they will likely assume that the lab was deliberately blown up by agents sent by the oil companies or something, to ensure that the experiments are stopped.
Lucieth Art
Lucieth Art Aylar önce
Ah, it is a 2013 meme sound (very widely used all over youtube). Seems like she has a new editor who needs to chill on the sound effects 😂
PJK 3 aylar önce
I led one of the teams that Sabine cites in this video (at the 10.34 mark). We spent almost five years looking into LENR. In the video, Sabine states that we could not replicate the prior results. That's true, but there’s more to it. We observed the claimed heat effect, both in magnitude and duration, in our parallel *control* cells. This indicates a calibration error in the apparatus. One little known fact about these electro-chemical cell experiments is that they are run for a week or more before the effect is observed. Typically, calibration is conducted over a few hours and is done both before an experimental run and intermittently during it, to re-check thermal stability. We submit that this approach to calibration is inadequate for establishing a calorimeter’s propensity for heat artifacts. Stability over time periods longer than the experiment should be demonstrated in order to minimize the possibility of misinterpreting the fluctuations that we observed as “excess heat” events. Consequently, we contend that all claims of anomalous heat in LENR experiments using electro-chemical cells that do not exhibit thermal stability on a time period longer than the time duration of the experiment itself must be thrown out. As the majority of research over the past 30 years has not demonstrated this kind of calibration stability, that eliminates most of the effort in this field. You can read more about our work on the ReResearch LLC website. That is not to say that we know everything about hot fusion in the solid state or how quantum mechanical interactions might impact fusion reactivity. There is much still to be discovered. But these electro-chemical LENR heat experiments are noise, not signal.
Kwauhn Istronglydislikegplus
@iCost Hop It's weird that you had to add "female" to your comment. Wouldn't conveyed the exact same message without the inclusion.
Kingsford Gray
Kingsford Gray 15 gün önce
@Jimbob Robob That is clearly above your pay-grade.
Jimbob Robob
Jimbob Robob 16 gün önce
TLDR...this is a comments section not a peer review area...
tarstarkusz 18 gün önce
There's just one problem with the sun.... Everyone agrees gravity alone could not generate enough heat in the center of the sun to start the whole process off.
Kingsford Gray
Kingsford Gray 27 gün önce
"pjk"? You could be ANY anonymous commenter! Why not use your real adult name?
edward rochester
edward rochester Aylar önce
Fascinating! I never knew there had been so much cold fusion in the past. Apart from the science, there is a lot of interesting stuff about the psychology of the scientist. In the early 2000s, there was an initiative entitled Sonofusion (an amusing multiple meaning there) in some way a similar approach to the earlier cold fusion. An acoutic device generated small bubbles which produced a highly localised intense energy pulse when they collapsed. The fluid medium was C3D6O. (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bubble_fusion) Scientifically, the credibility was supported by a some very eminent scientists in the field of two-phase flow, experts on everything to do with bubbles.They even did some predictions using models based on the classical gas laws and hydrodynamic equations, which showed pressures high enough for fusion to be credible. There are papers which include it. Isn't that enough to convince sceptics? But there's only one problem. ..... the gas laws and fluid equations dont apply anywhere near those pressures. Re - the reputation trap. Weren't they concerned about their reputations? Oh no, they were well past retirement age, no need to worry about reputation and future career
MrSnowman Aylar önce
There's a lot of work making videos like these. But this has sown a lot of fusion scepticism in me from having been relatively hopeful for projects like ITER. I'd like to hear Sabines take on the Lawrence Livermore National Lab news, it's hard to know if this is real progress.
Lorenzo Montoya
Lorenzo Montoya Aylar önce
Most of what she imparts glides over my head. But love listening to her.💙
John Knight
John Knight Aylar önce
I love her comedic timing with the musical cues.
Mr Stacy J
Mr Stacy J Aylar önce
Thank you, Dr Hossenfelder.
Cymes 3 aylar önce
The team that comes up with the patches for the "cold fusion" exploits deserves a round of applause. To come up with bug-solutions on such short notice is really impressive.
John B
John B 2 aylar önce
When you say "no one has been able to reproduce" you really should include who tried. Also would have been nice to have a link to the 1991 electro analytical chemistry article that was reproducible.
Richard Anderson
Richard Anderson 3 aylar önce
“Understanding the strong nuclear force in LHC collisions is quite simple, by which I mean a PhD in particle physics will do.” Loved that!
Richard Hussong
Richard Hussong 17 gün önce
@William Wayne - My son has a Ph.D. in particle physics, and he's working for Toyota. It's definitely a possibility!
William Wayne
William Wayne 3 aylar önce
@Eh Wot That depends - do you also hold a PhD in particle physics?
Eh Wot
Eh Wot 3 aylar önce
So, as an (ex) auto mechanic, I'm out? Damn... there goes that idea, guess it's back to world domination.
William Wayne
William Wayne 3 aylar önce
This was my favorite joke in the video
cjay2 3 aylar önce
Commercially practical power generated by fusion is about 20 years off. It will always be 20 years off.
Sebastian Aylar önce
Hallo Sabine, Have you made a video or given your thoughts on the Helion fusion reactor? Best wishes and a nice Christmas time
Just Me
Just Me 3 aylar önce
As an old guy from Utah that remembers the Pons/Fleischmann flash and fizzle news events, I'm glad to hear there is still research going on in cold fusion. It is one of those things that *seems* like it should be feasible and we just need that first breakthrough. We are sort of at that post electric but pre lightbulb era. Where we know enough to conjecture and try out a bunch of things, but it's mostly just guessing from millions of permutations. Once we have a small success, we can focus on a narrower set of parameters.
Lawrence D’Oliveiro
The late Arthur C Clarke believed that cold fusion was real. I remember an interview where he said one of the two guys (Pons or Fleischmann, can’t remember which) was in a secret lab being funded by Toyota or somebody, to continue working on it. Of course, that was decades ago, and nothing much has come out since.
massmanute Aylar önce
@Jessie Fleischmann Wow! It's a small world. I mentioned that I knew Pons and Fleischmann when I was a post doc at the University of Utah. I once met with the two of them to explain some of my ideas about electrochemistry. The ideas were controversial at the time, and I was having a very difficult time getting them published. The encouraged my to keep trying, and as I was leaving the meeting they made a cryptic comment that they were were working on something that was controversial, but they didn't say what it was. In retrospect their comment had to have been about their cold fusion work, which was not publicly known at the time.
Jessie Fleischmann
Jessie Fleischmann Aylar önce
Martin was my husbands grandfather! Randomly get recommended videos like this and your the first to say you knew him 😊
massmanute Aylar önce
I was a post doc in the Chemistry department in the early to mid 1980s and I knew Pons and Fleischmann. Perhaps you and I know each other back then.
Skank or You Can Call Me Maurice
Time's up. They had 30 years and produced nothing, time to move on.
Ned Ames
Ned Ames 3 aylar önce
Even if we don't get net energy gain, it's still a relatively inexpensive way to explore some fundamental physics. Love your videos.
David Knapp
David Knapp Aylar önce
I love love love your sense of humor! 😂🤣🥹
Calvin Coolidge
Calvin Coolidge 4 aylar önce
I admire Sabine's commitment to speaking the truth and letting the chips fall where they may. The first time I heard of her was her article in Symmetry Magazine attacking the sacred cow of "beauty" in physics. As a practicing physicist in the US, I can tell you that was an important message that physicists needed to hear. This video may have an even more important message since it address the conformity rampant in all fields of science. I am certainly guilty of thinking cold fusion is a hoax, but I am now willing to reconsider. Thanks Sabine!
meagain2222 2 aylar önce
the whole health of this planet is at stake here. The fossil fuel people know if this works its the end for them. But they may turn us all into fossils ourselves due to run away heating.Co2 is not very high now but raise the temperature and large amounts of co2 may come back from the ocean and into the air. Runaway heating.Yikes oh yikes.
Retired Bore
Retired Bore 2 aylar önce
@Juan Ausensi and...muted.
Juan Ausensi
Juan Ausensi 2 aylar önce
@Retired Bore Yes, you asked that question. But you are free to leave.
Retired Bore
Retired Bore 2 aylar önce
@Juan Ausensi I am not asking. Anyway, I am wasting no further time on you.
Juan Ausensi
Juan Ausensi 2 aylar önce
@Retired Bore Yep, that was not my best joke. But i hoped to make my point more clear. And again, i failed. You asked for what was doing the calculations. I was trying to convey the idea that the question itself is meaningless. You are asking, in a nutshell, why the universe is what it is and why it works as it does. There is no answer for that, the only thing we can do is describe how it works.
Joe Okabayashi
Joe Okabayashi 2 aylar önce
I wish my high school science, chemistry, and physics teachers had been as effective as Sabine in communicating complex ideas.
Jason Bender
Jason Bender Aylar önce
I wish my high school sciences teacher had been Sabine. - There, fixed that for you. Wait... change that to: I wish my university science... teacher had been Sabine. - There, fixed that for me. This way she could say yes when I ask her out without her risking jail.
enkephalin07 Aylar önce
Can't wait for your next video on this topic. News update!
brumbymg Aylar önce
Whether LENR can deliver the Holy Grail of energy generation is still a question not yet worthy of cautious hope - but there are certainly some phenomena that invite some deep dive research. Once we have a better grasp of some fundamentals that elude us at this time, then maybe we can answer that question.
SlowMonoxide 3 aylar önce
How have I not watched any of your videos before? This is solid gold. Clear and concise explanations, absolutely hilarious dry humor, and a healthy questioning of the current Doctrine of Science which masquerades as science? Excellent, I love everything about this.
Coda Alive
Coda Alive 15 gün önce
Well said, i just found her too, great content. Haven't seen another person as unbiased as she seems to be so far, have to see more videos about nuclear power to be sure about it.
JackSquat54 17 gün önce
@Richard Hussong I am in agreement with Sabine when she suggests Hydrogen power is not a very practical efficient alternative, unless for a government which could not care less about efficiency. Just my opinion. But scientists will probably push hydrogen as a viable source of power and hide the cost to manufacture it in mass.
Richard Hussong
Richard Hussong 17 gün önce
Are you sure you are describing this video? I don't think it contains any "questioning of the current Doctrine of Science" at all. What would that even mean?
JackSquat54 Aylar önce
Yes, pseudo science for profit.
Pete Smith
Pete Smith 4 aylar önce
I love that the "there's just one problem" line had its own theme music!
Peak Singularity
Peak Singularity 3 aylar önce
It's one of those cases, where something is slightly funny at first, becomes annoying and not funny later, but THEN becomes ever more hilarious by sheer repetition !
chips7 3 aylar önce
I'll for sure get nightmares if ever again I hear a violin playing!
William Woods
William Woods 3 aylar önce
@Kinra Most people would not understand where you are coming from if you are talking about Dr Judy Wood and how Cold Fusion was used on 9/11 to turn the SEVEN buildings of the Twin Towers Complex mostly to DUST that day and the role of Hurrricane Erin that the mainstream media was totally silent about the week before 9/11 and on the morning of 9/11 as exposed on Dr Judy Woods website and on all of these videos exposing 9/11 on this channel here trvid.com/u-MathEasySolutionsPagevideos
Le fyziks guise
Le fyziks guise 3 aylar önce
Yeah, it's almost as if it was a meme or something...
eyesuckle 3 aylar önce
@Aaron Glicco Yes. When he receives his next annual check for stock-photo royalties.
Ivan Petkow
Ivan Petkow 3 aylar önce
Excellent mixture of dark [redacted] humor, basic knowledge and up-to-date information about cold fusion. Worth to be watched, even multiple times.
Leks Aylar önce
it feels like hot fusion is like using the same technique that everyone uses to jump over a bar, and trying to perfect that, higher and higher but only increasing in height slightly every time. While cold fusion is like someone trying to work on a new jumping technique that would change up the whole sport but they get laughed at because it looks funny.
Аndrew B
Аndrew B Aylar önce
So does this mean this video has just one small problem with the recent breakthrough announcement?
Gaston Lamaitre Fotografie
When the Pons/Fleischmann article first came out I was studying Physics in Utrecht Uni. At the faculty we spend an afternoon with all present (professors, researchers and students) bombarding a piece of palladium with paricles. If a simple battery could do it, we had stuff that could do it more efficient. But we saw no effect and by the end of the afternoon the consensus was that it doesn't work. As far as we understand physics there is no mechanism to make this happen, nor have we seen any evidence (that is repeatable) to suggest something is going on we don't understand. So until some clear evidence shows up it is whishfull thingking and not science.
sam marchant
sam marchant Aylar önce
Its unfortunate that this video was made weeks before we had a net energy gain from cold fusion. Still not commercially viable though.
massmanute Aylar önce
As luck would have it, I actually knew Pons and Fleischmann back in the early-to-mid 1980s. I have reason to believe that, based on a cryptic remark the two of them once made to me, I think that they had already started their work on cold fusion at the time they made their remark to me. Martin Fleischmann died a few years ago. The last I heard Pons was still working on cold fusion at an undisclosed site, probably in France. There is another small fusion device called a fusor. It's not exactly cold fusion, but the devices can be quite small. The inventor (or perhaps one of the inventors) of the fusor was Philo T. Farnsworth, who was more famous for inventing television. Farnsworth was my grandmother's second cousin, and I once met his widow at a family party. I am actually in possession of one of Farnsworth's fusors, not the complete device but parts of it. The parts are sitting in my garage. The demonstration a few days ago of hot fusion exceeding the break even point was exciting. There is an old joke about nuclear fusion which goes something like this: practical fusion is just 20 years away, always has been, always will be. I heard that joke about 35 years ago, and it still applies.
Kaylee Amelia
Kaylee Amelia Aylar önce
I would love to see a follow-up on muon-catalysed fusion, it sounds fascinating. Is it posdible to use muon-catalysed fusion with deuterium? Would that yield a better energy output?
lluch13 14 gün önce
Yes, but it's extremely inefficient
Dean Moore
Dean Moore 3 aylar önce
Thank you Sabine for a Cool Cold Fusion review! I love your take on it. I remember when I was an undergrad at my community college (College of the Redwoods) in Northern California, in 1989 there was a flare of excitement over Stanley Pons and Robert Fleischman's claims. One of the chemistry professors was like "yeah we've got the equipment, let's take a shot at it..." I got wind of the attempt, and asked to see the professor. I pointed out to him that since we really had no idea what was going on, that potential radiation hazards should be considered. I merely showed him that even a 1 W source of fast neutrons could produce a hazardous situation (a whole class of students getting fast neutron flux seemed to horrify him.) I asked that they slow down, obtain some additional radiation monitoring equipment before they attempt it. The suggestion was well taken, and the first experiment was done with a Geiger counter borrowed from the Geology department, and a closed circuit television system (borrowed from the Media and Broadcast Dept,) and a bunch of plastic barrels full of sand behind a maintenance building. First experiment only elicited a small twitch on the Geiger counter...so it was considered safe enough for the lab... It was just interesting how the Chemistry Dept did not even consider the physics involved in nuclear fusion. Just a little bit of caution....
JackSquat54 17 gün önce
@Richard Hussong I wish you were around with the group of the Manhattan Project back in the day and sprung that on them. I am sure you would have been met with some quizzical looks. Isn't there a science experiment video on TRvid where one can produce hydrogen from a glass of water, with some batteries, and two metal strips ? I think the result has been replicated., but on a mass scale is a whole different story.
Richard Hussong
Richard Hussong 17 gün önce
Well, to be fair, attempting to replicate a result does not necessarily require considering the theory behind the original experiment.
Lawrence D’Oliveiro
That reminds me that there is one form of fusion that our Dr Hossenfelder doesn’t seem to have mentioned, and that is the Farnsworth Fusor. It was accidentally discovered by American inventor Philo T Farnsworth in the process of his pioneering experiments in making colour TV, when he found out that under certain conditions his apparatus was giving off neutrons. I first heard about this some years ago, when a British schoolboy used this technique to break the world record for the youngest person ever to achieve nuclear fusion. I think they evacuated the whole school during his attempt. (Of course it had to be done in careful coordination with the school authorities...) Again, the energy you get out is way, way less than what you put in. But the whole apparatus is small enough, and the power consumption small enough, that you can conduct the whole experiment on a school laboratory benchtop.
Kobor Kutya
Kobor Kutya Aylar önce
I saw it happening before - people are trying to prepare so much for failing with an experiement that sometimes it don't even occur to them what if it actually works as predicted? Or what if it works even more than predicted? When typing this somehow the expression "Castle Bravo" came to my mind. Strange.
JackSquat54 Aylar önce
Oh well, if we lose a few college lives it is for a good cause. We will set up memorial college scholarships in their names.
Madness by Design
Madness by Design 3 aylar önce
I like that she acknowledges her skepticism, yet believes more study is beneficial. So often, science is treated as established fact. "There's just one problem..." - it is not. Science is still very much 'figuring it out'. That's not bad. We just need to recognize that our models are incomplete, and keep studying. Much continued success, Sabine. I like your attitude, and clear explanations. Well done! :)
Didack 2 aylar önce
@IrokoSalei That is not true. We know that there are things that are perfectly possible in theory but that are huge engineering problems.
IrokoSalei 2 aylar önce
@Didack Unless you have a device to measure unlikeliness, only what goes against physics is unlikely.
Doug Selsam
Doug Selsam 2 aylar önce
@Adam Lodoen "I appreciate the joke, though it's an old one" - and always will be!... ~ :)
Juan Ausensi
Juan Ausensi 2 aylar önce
​@Didack Well, i think that puts us more or less on the same page. I bet both (or me, at least) of us imagined one another holding a more extreme position that the one we currently hold.
Didack 2 aylar önce
@Juan Ausensi But I don't think it should be abandoned. The issue is what should be the priorities, and how much we should expend on each field of research.
Anthony Consiglio
Anthony Consiglio Aylar önce
This didn’t age well ❤
Briana Wilk
Briana Wilk Aylar önce
Cold fusion defeats the purpose of fusion since to get the power from fusion steam would be used. So cold fusion is a pointless tech even if it were possible. Imo cold fusion is an oxymoron.
D2 D3
D2 D3 3 aylar önce
Really interesting! I always wondered what the theory was behind cold fusion. I remember it being something to do with muons somehow catalysing the fusion reaction but I didn't understand what it meant until now 😊
Austin P
Austin P Aylar önce
This is far more interesting than I expected. I came to hear about cold fusion research, but I was intrigued by the particle physics questions.
ethical_researcher47 4 aylar önce
Sabine: There's just one problem... Me: Wow. Only one problem remaining to solve? That's fantastic! Sabine: It's not working. Me: ...oh
William Woods
William Woods 3 aylar önce
Only it worked on 9/11 as per Dr Judy Woods EVIDENCE at her website and as exposed on all of these 9/11 videos on this channel here trvid.com/u-MathEasySolutionsPagevideos
mario degroote
mario degroote 3 aylar önce
hahahaha yeah :D shes always funny to the bone:D
Zyansheep 3 aylar önce
Well... it *might* work, it just hasn't been replicated :P
Duke de Pommefrites
Duke de Pommefrites 3 aylar önce
Reminds of Colombo, "There's just one thing..."
Luke Bunyip
Luke Bunyip 4 aylar önce
I'm reminded of Isaac Arthur's favourite catchphrase: "The first rule of warfare is..."
KeenBeanGaming 3 aylar önce
I see a lot of potential for LENR research. Even if the core goal is never achieved, there are a lot of interesting approaches coming out of the field. For how cheap such experiments are compared to a magnetic hot fusion process; even some new types of equipment(anything from power supplies to containment equipment) being developed out of them would be worth the investment.
OJB42 2 aylar önce
Thanks for the very clear and interesting video. I hadn't realised that cold fusion was quite so feasible. There's just one problem...
Robert White
Robert White 3 aylar önce
Thank you, Sabine, for the courage to Question and to risk your reputation on this volatile area of scientific research.
earl bonie
earl bonie 3 aylar önce
Wow, it took me awhile to get around to watching this video because I thought that you would show that cold fusion is just baloney. Instead, I learned about a myriad of ways that fusion can be achieved and the problems in producing net positive energy. I think this is one of your most interesting and lucid videos. Thanks!
basementpoet 3 aylar önce
I never entirely understand what’s going on in these videos, but they give me such excellent research rabbit hole fodder. I get to be confused about so many new, exciting things. Thank you, truly!
Shayne O'Neill
Shayne O'Neill 3 aylar önce
Yeah show some caution with this particular rabbit hole. Theres a *lot* of crazy persons messing up what little sanity is in the field of cold fusion. There well may be something legit going on with the purported phenomena, but ever since they started teaching small children why perpetual motion machines will always be impossible, the crazy-person brigade seems to have moved over to cold fusion instead. See also Alcubiere Warp Drives (on paper possible, in practice probably impossible), EM drives (on paper impossible, in practice mixed results) and pretty much anything out of Eagleworks labs (NASAs mad scientist division, the guys who investigate hetrodox propulsion ideas on the understanding that 90% of what they look at is nonsense, but 10% *might* change the world)
chichi 3 aylar önce
@C Thompson that is called the beginning of the enlightenment phase. Once you reach that stage, you stop working but continue talking.
C Thompson
C Thompson 3 aylar önce
I've learnt rather a lot that I'm more confused about in these last couple of years than my entire life beforehand, regarding physics. 😆
yr obt svt
yr obt svt 3 aylar önce
You have to be careful with cold fusion, it is easy to waste time on rabbit holes. Actually I've watched a bunch of stuff about it and I've never seen a better explanation than this video...
Harald Mohr
Harald Mohr 3 aylar önce
Thank you very much for this high-interesting-article. I remember the hype about the »cold fusion« during my mechanical study at the FH-Lübeck end of the 1980th and I thought: This issue setteld once and for all - but think. Very interessting; it seems: Some few sub atomar operationes we don't understand till now. I will take a look from time-to-time in accordance to this issue. It looks like some surprises will happen to us. The next few decades will be very interesting also referring to this. 🙂
Wilfoe 3 aylar önce
Clear and educational. Thank you for this video!
dmark David
dmark David 2 aylar önce
Sabine is Brilliant!
Peter Laubscher
Peter Laubscher 3 aylar önce
Thank you so very much - I have been fascinated by this topic for many years, but there's just one problem, I have little insight into it - this has helped me so much. I feel that I am now on the first rung of the ladder - a ladder with several thousand steps :)
NSV 3 aylar önce
One thing I really value about this channel. Sabine is frank about the holes in our scientific knowledge.
Son&PopCo-OP 3 aylar önce
@Brick Nolty Projecting much? rofl
Brick Nolty
Brick Nolty 3 aylar önce
@Son&PopCo-OP lemme guess, you're a Christian flat earth truther?
Ben Q.
Ben Q. 3 aylar önce
@Wayne Lambright Speak for yourself :I
Son&PopCo-OP 3 aylar önce
Anyone with eyes wide open would have to be; so much theoretical physics based upon the weakest possible aspect of the universe's single force. It would be laughable were it not for the billions wasted searching for non existent "ad hocs" this theory has cost.
memespace 3 aylar önce
Frank? She draws the gaps in knowledge out, puts them in a party dress, covers them in beaded necklaces and parades them around in the town center, describing them in detail with a megaphone to anyone who will listen.
Captain Steve
Captain Steve 3 aylar önce
I've been following this for 30 years. Glad to hear your take. Interesting to say the least.
Michael Hermary
Michael Hermary 28 gün önce
Thank you! It's refreshing to see you are willing to say something maybe possible because of things we do not understand.
James Stepp
James Stepp 3 aylar önce
Thank you for the explanation. If there are observations, reproducible observations that do not fit the theory then the theory needs work. I look forward to further information on any published results, and someone credible like yourself to help a layman like me understand them.
Bill Cape
Bill Cape 3 aylar önce
Sabine, I love your articulation of this cold fusion problem (just one, of course). Even the simple discussion is complex, and I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Thank you.
Steve Brown
Steve Brown 4 aylar önce
A solid-state diode was in use for radio reception long before science explained how it worked. It was found that a metal wire in contact with a crystal of galena could perform rectification on weak amplitude-modulated signals. It was used simply because it worked.
jon Velde
jon Velde 3 aylar önce
@Michael Moorrees Or rather, just because you are a computer programmer doesn't mean you can physically build a computer out of raw materials.
Russ Lehman
Russ Lehman 3 aylar önce
@Rick D Yes, I built one at about the same age. It was a Cub Scout or Boy Scout project. It would definitely pull in local AM stations. It only worked with headphones because there was no amplification; in fact, no power source other than the radio signals it picked up.
flagmichael 3 aylar önce
@noimnotarobot canubeleiveit In fact, shorted selenium rectifiers were dangerous. They released enough selenium smoke to be seriously toxic.
John Opalko
John Opalko 3 aylar önce
@Steve Wilson What a wonderful story! It's amazing how such a little thing can set one on a lifelong path. Life is way more nonlinear than most people would like to think.
noimnotarobot canubeleiveit
@tubastuff i just so have an old soviet tv in my shed that might be worth shorting out for a modern sniff test. i shant waste it and assemble a small panel of volunteers. will post a vid
Ray Tomes
Ray Tomes 3 aylar önce
Your best lecture ever IMO. It is good that you look at this topic, The lack of reproducible results that often happens has a simple explanation. There are important factors that are not recognized as being important. IMO these factors are dimensions of every component because standing waves of various types and sizes will likely play an important role. There will be some clues gained from sonoluminescence.
Siraj Florida
Siraj Florida 3 aylar önce
Thank you for posting this video. When I was 16 I read a book on cold fusion and I have always thought that it was a shame that such an impactful technology was not pursued because of some strange intelligentsia prejudice. I really hope that after these past 25 years and with the current enlightenment of the general public that talks like these will raise interest in the uninformed and bring this hidden gem into light. Thanks again!
Jason Bender
Jason Bender Aylar önce
Dude. chill. if the energy produced is insufficient to reliably be discerned from background thermal noise, it is a shit idea. Back in the pre electrical days, static electricity could kill small animals and cause painful shocks despite not being understood. thinking this is going to be worthwhile is like thinking power from fireflies is a good idea. You would be living in the dark ages were it not for the intelligentsia.
Cecil Compagnon
Cecil Compagnon Aylar önce
Very informative and well presented. Thank you
Henry Kroll
Henry Kroll Aylar önce
Attach wires to the Palladium inside a catalytic converter and add some micro radioactive thorium particles. Thorium has a half life os billions of years.
Jan Bruun Andersen
Jan Bruun Andersen 3 aylar önce
According to Sabine, there is only one problem with LENR: Labs aren't blowing up left and right. Finally somethings about physics that I can understand.
Jim Urrata
Jim Urrata 3 aylar önce
@Peter Andrews Schrodinger's lab intern?
Peter Andrews
Peter Andrews 3 aylar önce
I remember this being described as ‘the dead graduate student problem’ (i.e. there should be explosions if this was working)
Thierry Phillips
Thierry Phillips 3 aylar önce
Not left and right, but there have been anomalous explosions, from the nano/micro-scale up to SRI losing one of their researchers in a lab explosion that COULDN'T possibly be accounted by a H + O or D + O or any combination thereof.
Curtis Scott
Curtis Scott 3 aylar önce
Fantastically well-balanced & informative video! This is academic excellence.
revryry Aylar önce
Awe. All this hard work and two months later they figured it out.
Troubleshooter125 3 aylar önce
Informative and great fun as well. And there's just NO problem with that!
Andrew Brodis
Andrew Brodis Aylar önce
Thank you so much for the excellent introduction to cold fusion. You understand that there is a missing idea and my theory predicts the answer. Our perspective of FORWARD TIME is actually related to spherical quantum expansion. This implies matter exists in radial trajectories @ c. Think of a proton as a stretched out ball point pen spring. A star is a collection of springs all moving on the same radial...HENCE THEY ARE ALIGNED. We don't understand that Time is a vector of existence and as such, THERE IS A "SHORTEST PATH" THRU TIME! Alignment will be the key to cold fusion. The problem is we can not use Light to determine the "shortest path" we could use relative atomic clocks to experimentally determine the shortest path of time. My cold fusion patent would be for an outer space orbiter that would maintain a long collimator in the correct orientation for fusion. That energy would supply the needs of the orbiter and its fission/fusion reactor. Recycle neutron into heavy matter then break them into E/M BEAM TO EARTH GRID and NEUTRON source for fusion.
Neil 3 aylar önce
This was fascinating. I had previously been under the impression that cold fusion simply doesn't work, but it sounds like it really just has the same problem hot fusion does: taking more energy to cause the fusion than you get out of the reaction. That does make it annoying that it doesn't see research and investment the way hot fusion does.
sfkeepay 3 aylar önce
@Tim, Actually, I was merely attempting a bit of humor. And I was open-minded about cold fusion at the time, particularly because I was already aware of the quiet, largely military-funded research that existed prior to, and continued after, the F/P announcement. There are many areas of investigation that suffer from premature promotion or inappropriate monetization. Homeopathy, for instance, sounds ridiculous and demonstrates nothing more statistically significant than the (very real) placebo effect. But there are a litany of unexplained properties of water that homeopathy has helped to at least raise interesting questions about. The “medicine” is pseudo science, but not everything about it is baseless hucksterism.
Tim 3 aylar önce
yes--- because you believed the onslaught of propaganda used to discredit Fleishman and ponds. Because the establishment controls the media.
sfkeepay 3 aylar önce
I don’t know why, but all fusion sounds “hot” to me.
Brendan H
Brendan H 3 aylar önce
And the problem is much worse. Due to the reputational risk, we don't have many scientists entering the field or money being used to investigate it (outside of Japan, initially), or even trying to replicate it. By the way, there were many people who did claim to replicate it, but due to the reputational hit to the field, these people were written off as "true believers" despite their previous experience as scientists. Storms was a good example. It didn't help that the field was also influenced by some folk that did have all the traits of true believers.
msxcytb 3 aylar önce
@Jonathan Odude All I would like to know if there is good experimental confirmation (peer reviewed, clear enough) that anything nuclear happens in these experiments. That there is (delta)E=(delta)mc^2 kind of energy release and creation of isotopes that were not there to start with in the experiment. If so- then all the power to experimenters. But I'm afraid that we don't have such confirmation(none of cited sources in video). Am I correct?
Mark Huebner
Mark Huebner 3 aylar önce
Very beautiful summation of the current state of cold fusion research. I seem to recall a very similar set of cold fusion research summaries from the late 1980s. Something is still going on but what exactly is still not easy to resolve. Go Dr. Sabine, go!
Vibhanshu Agarwal
Vibhanshu Agarwal 3 aylar önce
"There is just one problem", this killed it for me! Ma'am, your explanations are excellent. I love how you make things so simple for dummies like me. Keep up the superb work!
mityace 3 aylar önce
I agree with Sabine that these results need to be looked at. Even if it isn't "fusion," figuring out what is happening will definitely advance human knowledge and who knows what other things it might lead to.
Wally Friend
Wally Friend 3 aylar önce
I was a physics major in College and then I switched EE when a lot of my Physicists friends were getting side jobs in anything they could find. After getting a PhD in EE, I often wondered if I chose the right road. At the time, there wasn't these big species ending problems like Global Warming or Energy Crisis. If there were, maybe I would have stuck it out.
George Chen
George Chen 3 aylar önce
Sabine, you are absolutely BRILLIANT. I suffer from a lifelong allergy to math, and yet with your presentation I can actually understand the broad outlines of this research and some of the problems the scientists are encountering. You are a highly gifted teacher providing people like me a glimpse into areas of thought we would not otherwise have access to. Thank you so much!
Andy M
Andy M 3 aylar önce
George, you may also want to check out (if you don't already), PBS's "Spacetime". Much in the manner of Sabine's show, the host takes a lot of really gnarly stuff and breaks it down into, "these are the theories between certain ideas physicists are toying with, minus the crazy math."
Mandi 3 aylar önce
"I suffer from a lifelong allergy to math" You suffer from trauma from crappy teachers, over bearing parents, and a shitty scholastic system. You need to address this trauma and stop deflecting with ridiculous notions like being scared of numbers or having an allergy to maths. Its not kitchy, its not funny, its not a badge of honor, its not a personality quirk. IT IS UNADDRESSED TRAUMA. Stop it. Get help. Also, its not the maths that matter. The concepts are whats important. If you understand the concepts at play you can look up the formula, put it into a spreadsheet, and have the computer do it for you. Just like literally everyone else does. No one is doing polynomials by hand. No one. That belief is a side effect of the trauma your shit school experience left you with. Stop making excuses for the people that have abused you and get over yourself. As someone who taught themselves more than school ever tried to, I know you're traumatized and you need to stop using it as a crutch. No one is going to pat you on the back for it except those who also think themselves cool for being afraid of maths. For the record, none of them are cool.
Rhys Leafy
Rhys Leafy 3 aylar önce
During the watching of this video it became apparent to me that cold fusion actually works. There's just one problem: Too many people try to hide this fact.
Frank D
Frank D Aylar önce
Interesting, the MIT article referenced at the 13:30 of the video states "the cold fusion claims have been rejected due to lack of plausible explanation". This seems puzzling and not required. As long as an observable response is achieved repeatedly, then it is irrelevant if there is an explanation. There are many things have relied upon for which we didn't have explanation. The concept of gravity was used by humans long before there was an explanation. Having an explanation/theory of operation would obviously help direct further research and optimize results, but again, if a result is repeatable, having an explanation is irrelevant and should not block further investigation into a subject. If it's only randomly repeatable, then research should be focused on making it repeatable/improving it (without the explicit need for understanding as to why, that could come later).
Trevor Ward
Trevor Ward 3 aylar önce
Sabine, Thanks for an enjoyable video on a controversial subject. Coincidentally, I had watched the movie The Saint this past week-end so this was a great answer to many of the questions. The comedic trope of "... there's just one problem" was a nice touch. Cheers!
The True Nolan
The True Nolan 3 aylar önce
Very nice video! One of the only videos I have ever seen which gives a clear, unbiased look at cold fusion. Thank you!
Jimmy Zhao
Jimmy Zhao 3 aylar önce
*I love Cold Fusion.* It brings me back to my university days when Fleischmann-Pons first made their 'announcement' I remember so many people setting up their own experiments, and faxing, yes faxing each other their results(or non-results)
blucat4 3 aylar önce
@Gee Trieste Yep. I have a bunch of old computer junk for sale, and some guy bought my two 56k dial-up modems. I asked him why? Yes, faxing legal documents to the USA, because post is too slow and emails are not considered reliable enough. So there you go ..
Bleilock1 3 aylar önce
@Gee Trieste where im from nobody uses fax machines, nor did they use it last century either, if ever it was used it was used in large companies that mostly worked with export/import (ex-yugoslavia
Dave Storm
Dave Storm 3 aylar önce
@QuartuvLarry - It wasn't salt water, but collisions that caused this (many cars being slammed against buildings breaking battery seals and busting gas tanks - it's a mess, for sure). EVs, as per insurance companies (they have the best records - fire = big claims, which takes from the bottom line), don't catch fire as much as the media wants anyone to believe - by a factor of around 25, ICEs are worse regarding fires, but, at the top of the list are hybrids - yuk! (the worst of both worlds regarding personal transportation).
QuartuvLarry 3 aylar önce
Hey. Hey there. Some of the Floridonians’ electrical cars caught fire when hurricane Ian flooded the salty sea water up to them. It was salty seawater. ohmigod. Why’d they catch fire BECAUSE of water? OhmiGAHD! I don’t know why because I’m a casual savant, and I didn’t look up shit.
Allan {a.k.a. RocKITEman}
*_"There was just one FAX?"_* 😊😊😊
Ambienfinity 3 aylar önce
I've always thought of cold fusion as physics version of snake oil, thanks for straightening out the bag of snakes, Sabine!
StereoPatios Aylar önce
Sabine, in case you were worried that the repeated return to the reprise 'there is just one problem' would get tiring, it didn't. Very Funny. Douglas Adams would be proud.
Fishin Chickin
Fishin Chickin 3 aylar önce
Thank you for a fascinating overview of "cold fusion."
A W 3 aylar önce
Love this video. We are all so optimistic about the future. But so few understand what it takes to get there. And even fewer want to acknowledge the very real limits. Thanks Sabine!
A W 2 aylar önce
@D D it got your attention.
D D 2 aylar önce
It blows my mind.. that Scientists are now meme-ing to communicate with us. :-(
That Time Stamp Guy
That Time Stamp Guy 4 aylar önce
0:00 It's not working 0:30 Fusion release Energy 1:23 Hot Fusion Eats Up Energy More Than It Releases 2:17 Replace Electrons with Muons - Neuron Catylized Fusion 5:56 Palladium and Heavy Water 7:16 Reputation Trap 8:29 2019 Google, Japan 9:09 Low Energy Nuclear Reactions LENR 11:02 Nano-Cracks, "unable to replicate finding." 13:18 "Something's going on, we don't know what" 14:30 The Strong Nuclear Force becomes weaker at high energy 15:34 16:26 17:16 1991 method, ongoing inexpensive research 18:16 Basics of Physics w/Brilliant
Professor Brian Josephson
@Tracey DeLaney Not all, actually. TTSG lists more.
ninepuchar1 3 aylar önce
@Br Drnda Thank you,I was looking this.
JZ's BFF 3 aylar önce
@R 2C If obsession was enough to beat nature's laws, then we would be travelling between the galaxies for ages now. But you know how it is with the scientific communtiy, they are afraid of wet feet because careers.
R 2C
R 2C 3 aylar önce
@JZ's BFF indeed :) this one, in particular, seems to be a real problem... no energy, no progress...
JZ's BFF 3 aylar önce
@R 2C ... or it doesn't because... problem.
85rockhound 3 aylar önce
Very enjoyable and informative video. Glad I found your channel.
Marc Luscher
Marc Luscher 3 aylar önce
The most important thing that cold fusion taught us 25-some years ago is how people, in the face of a terrible, terrible need for energy, were foolish enough to stop funding it simply because somebody had cheated on the results and lied about their research
Matthieu Simard 帝王
It's an awesome topic regardless of it's out of reach potentiality. Maybe the solution is absurdly easy, but it's the fact of ignoring it that makes it difficult to achieve.
Gerhard Langguth
Gerhard Langguth Aylar önce
Mark 4 aylar önce
Back in the day I used to pay people with sweets to act as 'friends'. I was so glad to discover nuclear physics because with neutrons there's no charge.
Kerri 3 aylar önce
Haaaaa. Good one 😂
Harrs2 Aylar önce
Absolutely fantastic video, very well explained and funny too
Maxaldojo 3 aylar önce
Well done, Sabine and team!
S Aylar önce
3Dragon Fuels is made with nuclear waste ceramic battery shield and heats up uranium coat inside a dryer reactor where the fuel particals float produces heat by remote control
SpikeTheSpiker 3 aylar önce
Subscribed! Great explanation into a subject matter I haven't seen explored by others on youtube. Thoroughly well researched and I love that you have citations!
Rodders 3 aylar önce
The "there is just one problem" got me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
Ricky Earp
Ricky Earp 3 aylar önce
Yes, priceless isn't it? Bordering on profound!
flagmichael 3 aylar önce
There are not many people who could pull that off. This is the first of her videos I have seen (won't be the last!) and I adore her delivery. Lively enough to keep us listening, and punctuated enough to know when we are taking a sharp turn.
Neil Youngman
Neil Youngman 3 aylar önce
A highly reproducible phrase
khaoliang 20 saatler önce
very well presented, easy to follow and understand, and it made me laugh several times.
N-Da-Bunka 3 aylar önce
Great presentation as always!
UrAllOnSteroids Uri
UrAllOnSteroids Uri 3 aylar önce
I really enjoyed this one sabine. I rarely laugh out loud watching cold fusion videos lol.
Mack Bolan
Mack Bolan Aylar önce
2 months after this video, Dec. 14, 2022. the US Department of Energy announced Nucelar Fusion breakthrough. Breakthrough came thru via the National Ingnition Facility, CA, USA. To my understanding, they did replace the container. I hope she does another video to update this video.
Adi Aylar önce
That's not cold fusion
Mack Bolan
Mack Bolan Aylar önce
192 High Energy Lasers converged on a target the size of a peppercorn, heating a capsule of Deuterium and Tritium to over 3M deg. celsius, briefly simulating a star. Achieving ignition previously thought as not possible, measurable, or duplicable.
Bread 3 aylar önce
Sabine is literally one of the most respectable creators on the platform
Lawpicking Locksmith LPL
With "Mutti" gone she is the next star to make waves!
Kanwaljit Singh
Kanwaljit Singh 28 gün önce
Sabine I love your style. Keep it up. Eagerly watch your videos.
stopscammingman 2 aylar önce
Thank you for the thorough breakdown.
alexis Juillard
alexis Juillard Aylar önce
sabine i have just discovered your channel, and as a fellow physicist i'm outraged. outraged at that sad problematic CRISIS MUSIC. don't get me wrong i love it and the way it's used but some layman just stumbling on to this and hearing *music* followed by "there's one problem; it's never been replicated" might... you see where i'm going? *looks fearfully left and right before whispering:* "they might think we're psycologists, in the middle of our replication crisis..." sorry dear shrink listeners, i love your discipline really butdon't project your problems on my field. COLD FUSION IS POSSIBLE, AND PROBABLY GOING ON IN YOUR COUNTRY. there. no midcareer crisis, replicate it all you want, got my authority stamp on it. just 2 little trivial details, first which is actually trivial for me i'm not *technically* a physicists some would say the university wouldn't replicate that claim... yet. they haven't seen how sharp my knifes are thats all and secondly, maybe it isn't trivial for lesser scientists *my chemist friend frowns as intense hatred of me fills him* but you just need to define the word cold, as our common pixalated friend up there mentioned... but i d go a bit farther, i m planning on specializing in astrobiology so lets dump the bio part, extend the physics in astro, take a very innocent and random sample of our study enviroment (strictly restricted to the observable universe) and... if you're bored and curious enough to have dragged yourself though this nonsense you know where i'm heading, i'll just use my friend Sagitarious's jargon for cold accretion disk, aka UY SCUTI's core temperature, give or take a million kelvin. GIVE ME MY NOBEL I WANT IT FOR CHRISTMAS
captainmaim 3 aylar önce
We need a buzzer and a scorecard for every time she says "there's just one problem."
Lysandro Abel Cher
Lysandro Abel Cher 4 aylar önce
Don't worry Sabina: your exquisite sense of humor shields you completely of that "bad reputation effect"! I've been laughing all along with your review. I'm being "infected" by your deep German/Physicist/ Geek humour. Thanks a lot.
Anders Juel Jensen
Anders Juel Jensen 3 aylar önce
Her absolute best line so far was about string theory: "... which means that if you tune the parameters right the theory will prove that the universe does not exist. This is of cause in conflict with observations". It doesn't get more deadpan than that, and I laughed hysterically for way longer than I should have.
Vulture TX
Vulture TX 3 aylar önce
nopons here.
Subhajit Sen
Subhajit Sen 3 aylar önce
I really liked your presentation even though I don't have deep understanding of nuclear physics. I feel that regardless of whether LENR will "save the world" more tenacious experiments by good experimental physicists (or for that matter chemists who really understand physics) will bring out the reasons (Sherlock Holmes like) for the lack of reproducibility in the calorimetric & other measurements & illuminate our understanding of LENR. The history of Science is witness to this. Some other videos on related nuclear/particle physics topics would be appreciated. Thanks a lot SH !
Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor 3 aylar önce
It's going back many years, but I read about cold fusion, not long after it was initially proposed, the article claim that the reason the experiment couldn't be repeated was the fact that the metals used as the anodes/cathodes had microscopic cracks in them, some were produced without these cracks (apparently by happenstance), and these would produce the "cold fusion".
Rusty 3 aylar önce
That video was tremendously efficient. I would like to try saturating palladium crystals of a variety of lengths with deuterium, So I can vibrate them sonically at a variety of frequencies until I found the frequency that jams the nucleuses together.
Pedro Rafael
Pedro Rafael 2 aylar önce
Very informative and detailed explanations. It cleared a bunch of ideas from other readings. Thank you!
Ghost Of Recon
Ghost Of Recon 3 aylar önce
“It’s not just that lab life is lonely and neutrons are better than nobody” you’re awesome. I love your videos
GreyDeathVaccine 2 aylar önce
But.... neutrons are short lived companions (15 min)!
iCost Hop
iCost Hop 3 aylar önce
@Raven4K At this point in time , it does seem like a fantasy. People making claims and then nobody can Duplicated the claim.
Dean Moore
Dean Moore 3 aylar önce
@Raven4K I like alien planets. Lot's of room to run. Not a big fan of spiders inside the house, but they do a great job outside!
Raven4K 3 aylar önce
@Dean Moore poor guy you got eaten alive I saw it and thought you had it coming for running out there on the alien planet🤣
Dean Moore
Dean Moore 3 aylar önce
@Raven4K That's me! 😉
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