Cody explains the Triple H reference in his DoN entrance, Jon Moxley, his match with Dustin

Chris Van Vliet
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Cody Rhodes talks to the media (including Mark Henry) after Double or Nothing in Las Vegas. He explains how he came up with his entrance with the sledgehammer and the throne and how it ties into Triple H, he discusses Jon Moxley's contract, competing with WWE, his match with his brother Dustin, whether AEW's TV show will be rated PG and much more!
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26 May 2019




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wave chayaphon
wave chayaphon Aylar önce
Hey you are shirts
Chris Cunningham
Chris Cunningham Aylar önce
Class act, legit dude, cool af. Keep up the great work Cody.
David Rivera
David Rivera Aylar önce
I like what you did with my company you made a fool of you everybody who is the owner of a EW issues not you so keep making a fool out of everybody
Rodney Chembe
Rodney Chembe Aylar önce
When vince see one of his employees in AEW 👹
Suraj Yadav
Suraj Yadav Aylar önce
Wade barrett, come back, You can have a chance now
Kuhle Miso
Kuhle Miso 2 aylar önce
I like how cody calls wwe the other show
Lairie LEGENDARY 2 aylar önce
That entrance right there is what LEGENDS r made of. Hunter probably shat himself💯 SUCK IT VINCE!
Letrano 2 aylar önce
Jesus cody wears more damn makeup than his bro did while playing goldust
Computer Gangster
Computer Gangster 2 aylar önce
He reminds me of my late friend Eric Spalti. It’s crazy they even look a like which really trips me out.
Le Devil Dragon !
Le Devil Dragon ! 3 aylar önce
The interviewers (mark henry) should've given Pharoah (cody & brandi rhodes's beautiful dog) an interview that will be remembered more than any Dalmatians movie ever produced! AEW4LIFE!🍾 🍅
Lina GG
Lina GG 4 aylar önce
Seriously what a guy😍
Gautham Menon
Gautham Menon 4 aylar önce
Never knew Cody was such a nice guy...and the way he talks about wrestling...so passionate
Vikkor Heel
Vikkor Heel 5 aylar önce
This was huge
jokesonu420 6 aylar önce
Is that mark henry????
Benjamin Vaccaro
Benjamin Vaccaro 6 aylar önce
I hate aew I can't stand them
Benjamin Vaccaro
Benjamin Vaccaro 3 aylar önce
@DJ the animator thanks dude
DJ the animator
DJ the animator 4 aylar önce
Benjamin Vaccaro trust me no matter how successful AEW does WWE will never end (and this is coming from an AEW fan as well)
Benjamin Vaccaro
Benjamin Vaccaro 4 aylar önce
@DJ the animator I understand I just don't want wwe to end
DJ the animator
DJ the animator 4 aylar önce
Benjamin Vaccaro true but look at how Bray and Styles were treated at Super Showdown, Kevin Owens was white hot in the summer now he feels like an afterthought. The others are doing fine (although I feel Roman will be booed at Mania through no fault of his own). Only person AEW has mishandled in my honest opinion is Shawn Spears (aka Tye Dillinger) after All Out
Benjamin Vaccaro
Benjamin Vaccaro 4 aylar önce
@DJ the animator it's just because people forgot WWE has AJ styles Seth Rollins bray Wyatt Kevin Owens Finn the big dog and so on
Dustin Amann
Dustin Amann 7 aylar önce
I think that blood should be involved even though there are children watching. It lets them see that there is a cost of getting hit in the head.
The Demolishar
The Demolishar 7 aylar önce
At 4:19 triple h reference your welcome
DJ Cykes
DJ Cykes 7 aylar önce
that intro...HE KNOWS SHAO KAHN!!!
rats 7 aylar önce
And Omega backstage is hilarious lol
rats 7 aylar önce
Alot of great lucha high flyers. Some crazy shit shit i havent seen before reminds me of jeff hardy of rey mysterio. That guy with the chad scarff makes a great top card heel. Needs more mid carders. Great company better than wwe. Please keep PC out of wrestling, keep the blood and hardcore matchs. Good luck to Cody
BlackCloud-On-Y T
BlackCloud-On-Y T 7 aylar önce
Jon Moxtley aka Dean Ambrose
Kai Goddard
Kai Goddard 8 aylar önce
no offence but cody looks like a boddy zombie
Mino 8 aylar önce
Is that Motherfucking Mark Henry?!
The_HBK_23 8 aylar önce
Fuck Cody sucks. Tha acne...
Boston Scorpion
Boston Scorpion 8 aylar önce
Cody needs to find someone to make an AEW game, it would be so cool
brand g
brand g 8 aylar önce
Is that Mark fucking Henry?😂 mayne he will be signed in the future I hope so
Damielle Carr
Damielle Carr 9 aylar önce
WWE better watch there Ass AEW is making wrestling great again
bf __
bf __ 9 aylar önce
I'm not the biggest fan of aew but I will say Cody is a class act.
Abdulla Mansoor
Abdulla Mansoor 9 aylar önce
Windsjorn 9 aylar önce
Mark Henry poppin in threw me so off. I was like, "WHAT?"
M A 9 aylar önce
how ever in the future AEW gonna be end up like TNA..
John Joseph Ong
John Joseph Ong 9 aylar önce
Where to watch aew online? Wanna see this, from an international fan
QUE show
QUE show 9 aylar önce
Invincible Young Empire
So legit and so amazing.
Viperiasa 10 aylar önce
world strongest man holdin a mic
Viperiasa 10 aylar önce
Remember when cody lost his job ? thisjob>>>>>oldjob
Shawn Smallwood
Shawn Smallwood 10 aylar önce
Son of a plumber❤
f u
f u 11 aylar önce
stardust needs to stop mentioning wwe lol hes giving them free advertisement
jack jones
jack jones 10 aylar önce
Because they have no history of their own so all they can do is talk about wwe
AryanOW 10 aylar önce
Who is stardust i only know cody Rhodes
ds vision tips
ds vision tips 11 aylar önce
Aew please sign to cm punk
James Rivera From JAMESknot
The fact that Cody knows what mortal kombat is and him talking about shao Kahn is my favorite part
Jean Kirstein
Jean Kirstein Yıl önce
10:09 Is it Mark Henry ?
•Human Ya•
•Human Ya• Yıl önce
7:50 Cody : Wtf i better to answer all of his question or i'll got hall of pain in the future.
shawn Yıl önce
Austin aries
Usman Ramay
Usman Ramay Yıl önce
How did WWE let this guy slip away, he is smart, straight forward and knows wrestling, I truly hope that he sticks around not take chair shots to the head because his knowledge and focus is needed to all of us wrestling fans
Shailendra Singh
Shailendra Singh Yıl önce
such a class person .. wwe doesn't deserve him.. all hail AEW 👍👍
Halee S
Halee S Yıl önce
He looks so much like his dad!!!
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Yıl önce
Cody has got my vote. He's a legit person. Aew 4 life!
Shade Tree Garage
cody looks like a methhead with that acne, and sores on his face
Bluegrass Heritage Outdoors
I attended my first wrestling match while still inside my mother's womb. I've been a fan ever since. I can honestly say, without reservation, I couldn't be more excited than I am now. AEW is fresh and genuine. Cody is a class act.
gyula moldvan
gyula moldvan Yıl önce
Hey was that mark Henry asking a question
C B Yıl önce
But is bullet club fine?
JohnnyBuschi Yıl önce
WWE likes to use a lot of Satanic symbolism. It's not even a debate.
RiversideRambo Yıl önce
I really didn't think wrestling could ever get me back
Luigi Yıl önce
I dont understand how the message was supposed to mean that Cody is a wrestler first and business man second. How were we supposed to know that? The message that was shown of breaking the throne clearly states that WWE's reign is over, and theres a new king in town. But no, not in Cody's eyes
nochilltayy_ Yıl önce
try to get Cage , Ryback & others
James Hyde
James Hyde Yıl önce
Don't care about a bunch of overpaid Actor wannabes
Spook TacuLiz
Spook TacuLiz Yıl önce
Cody is a great role model.
RealTakerslady Yıl önce
Lol when Mark came in all the interviewers shut up and stepped to the side
RealTakerslady Yıl önce
Chris Van Vliet Haha I don’t blame you guys 🤣💪🏾
Chris Van Vliet
Chris Van Vliet Yıl önce
We had to, he’s the world’s strongest interviewer! Haha
IBroLLyI SephirothI
handsome and amazing dude
barbara Swingle
barbara Swingle Yıl önce
dusty would be proud of his sons for sure
barbara Swingle
barbara Swingle Yıl önce
Dark Man
Dark Man Yıl önce
Joe Wiedmeier
Joe Wiedmeier Yıl önce
Cody about PPV’s 50 bucks he cares about our wallet
Slice of Pepperoni
AEW is really good but they really shouldn't bag out WWE it looks weak and desperate
Mark Abbazia
Mark Abbazia Yıl önce
Is that shaggar Dave?
Teez Williams
Teez Williams Yıl önce
Just finished and gotta ask one more time, AS A FAN OF WRESTLING, WHATCAN U SAY NEGATIVE???? THIS IS DIFFERENT,I’m not sure ppl understand just how absolutely great this company can be , and very fast... they have absolutely everything working in their favor.. they broke outta creative prison, started a billion dollar Wrestling company that’s Owner is a die hard wrestling fan, and heads of the company are wrestlers that are doing it for all of the right reasons... and tony Kahn is a fan and he put a million bucks in without chance of closing down,, CODY CAN GO DOWN AS THE GOOD GUY SON OF THE AMERICAN DREAM THAT BROKE AWAY, DID IT HIS WAY,AND RISE UP TO SLAY THE MONEY PRINTING PROMOTIONAL COMPANY, THAT USES WRESTLERS HARD WORK TO PRINT THRIR MONEY!!!
Teez Williams
Teez Williams Yıl önce
And anybody hating on a company that loves the most important aspects of the business, fans and wrestlers, is a wwe investor, or loves glow sticks and lime gree cents merch!!! AEW is also communicating with the fans, and giving them what they want, wdf can u not love about that???
Teez Williams
Teez Williams Yıl önce
How can u not love this dude, it’s almost like watching like some finally freed prisoners speaking as real as they want for the first time without being 100% controlled by vince for years... I love how he’s keepin it authentic, this is unbelievably refreshing, I haven’t watched wrestling since 02 besides here n there with my nephew but I’m a fan of this!!!
The Wrestling CHICK Network
Love THIS!
Xx ItWasNotU-Yt
Xx ItWasNotU-Yt Yıl önce
There fights are really like other TTV shows (wwe)
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden Yıl önce
I’m just glad to have more than one wrestling league to watch
Gideon0297 Yıl önce
Cody is such a Class Act!!!
Daniel Park
Daniel Park Yıl önce
I meant to say treat their wrestlers with respect.
Daniel Park
Daniel Park Yıl önce
This is why Randy Orton has to go to AEW. Cody is a real gentlemen. He speaks the truth. This company threat their wrestlers with respect. He sees experience that is important while running a company.
Daniel Park
Daniel Park Yıl önce
This is why I believe WWE will lose to AEW. When WCW unfolded WWE took it over. AEW will do the same.
knowledge Me
knowledge Me Yıl önce
WWE be rubbing their Superstars the wrong way they be doing them wrong like Ryback CM punk in the others
Sami Bean
Sami Bean Yıl önce
After everything you had sacrifice, now you got satisfied.. Congrats man
Ronn West
Ronn West Yıl önce
When the last time wwe said happy and healthy
jamie bairos
jamie bairos Yıl önce
1. Please take that battle royal out of the Buffett menu. 2. The diversity question was nauseating, who cares...let's see wrestling and stay away from SJW crap
hope dies
hope dies Yıl önce
And his hair is still perfect...
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