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Jan 22- Cleetus and WhistlinDiesel snow chaos
Jan 23- Cleetus steals my ripsaw
Jan 24- Jake and Logan Paul almost die multiple times

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21 Oca 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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HeavyDSparks Yıl önce
Get your greens today! Go to athleticgreens.com/heavydsparks to get started on your first purchase and receive a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D and 5 travel packs
J. Whiteoak
J. Whiteoak 3 aylar önce
I loved your holiday vidz, & can't wait to see what happens in the 2022/23 "SNOWED IN" vids, HeavyD! I hope two guest inclusions this year will include Jax & his beautiful family (see Wild Wild West channel) and Brent (see Ghost Town Living channel)... It's always fun watching the boys behaving like 'lads' in the snow - but I do think it would be great for you to host Jax's family & Brent at Beaver Creek! They're two of my favourite collaborations with your channel EVER! Your beautiful kids and Jax's beautiful kids would have such a great time playing together in the snow : ) I hope you'll consider extending the invitation and sharing the footage with us! Lots of love & prayers from the Tropics of Australia 🇦🇺❤️🇺🇸
T.R. Dean
T.R. Dean 4 aylar önce
Is it for kids
Byron Tupper
Byron Tupper 8 aylar önce
Would love to get onto AG1, however it's made here in New Zealand but is not available to buy. Just waiting for the day.
wildwoman62 8 aylar önce
Keep up the good work , I love watching ya all
Craig Dobis
Craig Dobis 9 aylar önce
Barefoot, in shorts in the snow! First for me and I'm from Michigan!!!
Cleetus McFarland
Requesting title change to “WhistlinDiesel Ran Into a Tank Driven By Cleetus McFarland” hahaha
bobby robinette
bobby robinette Aylar önce
It's a very WhistlinDiesel thing to do! Pretty common from what I hear.
Shane Hargis
Shane Hargis Aylar önce
Luke Thibeault
Luke Thibeault 2 aylar önce
Bruh you felt bad for him and even you where shook
None Ya
None Ya 2 aylar önce
Haha😂 oppose
Skyline RS*R
Skyline RS*R 3 aylar önce
It's sad how people aren't smart enough to put a correct title anymore it's literally the Simplist thing to do and one of the first things you learn in pre school!
ItsJustADick Yıl önce
Cody actually cares about other peoples stuff and is respectful even though he can destroy stuff. Him and Cleetus are good people and at least they have money to fix what they might break lol
J. Whiteoak
J. Whiteoak Yıl önce
My rule is, "You bend it - you mend it!"
If you don’t break it you aren’t trying hard enough
Fourtiefourfour Yıl önce
@Man H when someone else gives you permission to ride one of their toys there is the possibility that it will break and you’re taking that possibility by letting them borrow it it’s not like he stole it without permission and then tore it up and he wasn’t mad at Cody these guys have millions and a snowmobile ain’t shit plus he was just happy everyone was ok Love how superficial you are and care more about an item than a persons life more important things in this life and world than items and money
ItsJustADick Yıl önce
@Nick K I clearly said other peoples stuff…. Obviously they wouldn’t hurt another person on purpose, Cleetus makes the FF very safe for people when they go there
Nick K
Nick K Yıl önce
Cletus would not been able to fix Cody if he broke him
Dieacron Yıl önce
I gotta say this is the only youtube channel that can get me to stay for 50min straight like a netflix series... LOL Keep up the good work guys keep having fun and thanks for the great content
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Benjamin Campos
Benjamin Campos Yıl önce
It's amazing to see the moments created by you guys. And letting cleetus and Cody sit there and attempt to figure out how to get the snow cat running with a big grin on your face made my time watching this.
LoneStar Yota
LoneStar Yota Yıl önce
Finally!!!!! The content WE all needed…..the best TRvidrs teaming up and doing things they would have never done on there own channel
AIR COBRA 6 aylar önce
Is this guy a "ZILLIONAIRE" or what ??? TOYS TOYS TOYS TOYS TOYS.......
Jay Michael Russ
Jay Michael Russ 10 aylar önce
Id love to see these guys work with Grind Hard Plumbing Co. They do all the same kinda stuff but they record their builds, reuse old stuff, etc. They’re the guys who build the barbie jeeps among a lot of other stuff.
Primeman Studios
Primeman Studios Yıl önce
All we're missing is Westen Champlin Now.
Spishy Official
Spishy Official Yıl önce
Damn, we nearly lost a legend! Props to Cleetus for stopping that thing immediately!
Ngrailuches Obakerbau
Ngrailuches Obakerbau 10 aylar önce
Darn snow. Wanted to see him squel like a whistle
🇺🇸WV-DIXIE Yıl önce
Id say what saved him waz snow being so deep
Chase Green
Chase Green Yıl önce
all that drag racing just saved cody, abosule insane
Millennial Farmer
That snow bike is badass.
ecidemon 10 aylar önce
@Millennial Farmer And now we can't stop the rain up here in pennington.
Ranisate Restoration
@Millennial Farmer the trails are perfect here, not to bumpy and a perfect amount of snow this year
Hackaboom Yıl önce
fancy seeing you here...
FanaticFarmer Yıl önce
Wad up Zach
Master Pipe Layer
How awesome would that be!!
Craig Bell
Craig Bell Yıl önce
Watching Heavy laugh at them trying to get the snow cat going is one of the best parts of this whole thing.
Its a Lofty thing
Its a Lofty thing 10 aylar önce
Love seeing the rare footage of cleet and whistlin in their natural element🤩
Nik Shupe
Nik Shupe Yıl önce
You guys do some of the craziest stuff I've ever seen and the fact that you keep raising the bar in a family friendly environment that anyone can watch is amazing. Me and my dad sit down and watch diesel brothers every time it's on and I started to get him hooked on your TRvid channel now so hopefully one day we can make it out to y'alls shop to see in person the greatness you're bringing into the world.
SHAWN D Yıl önce
As scary as it is to take new people or friends riding sleds for there first time I really enjoy showing them a new sport to them. There expressions after the first ride is priceless to me. This video is getting me pumped for my first trip of the year in 2 weeks. 😎
Nate Smith
Nate Smith Yıl önce
This was so entertaining to watch. I'm happy to see that creators with similar interests are interacting and creating great content like together. Keep up the great work guys, loving seeing your well deserved success
The White Rabbit
The White Rabbit Yıl önce
Heavy D is like the cool uncle our moms dont want us hanging out with and Cleetus, Cody are the cousins we wait an entire year to hangout with.
The Reaper 710
The Reaper 710 Yıl önce
Atrain'$ WRLD
Atrain'$ WRLD Yıl önce
I wish. I'm the cool cousin but I'm broke
Valdemar Perez III
That’s the best way to describe them!!!
Skynet Yıl önce
Glad to see the good people of our nation coming together.. 🖖🤝🤌
Anthony Z
Anthony Z Yıl önce
BarWench23 Yıl önce
I want nothing more in my life than a long weekend like this, with all the toys, let alone an entire MONTH! Rock on guys🤘
CAD 2729
CAD 2729 Yıl önce
One hell of a collab. Nothing better then seeing some of these legends just have fun together! Heavy D is the man and is a wizard for putting this series together.
francis2901 Yıl önce
Cleetus and Cody doing snowcat shenanigans was hilarious. I love it when X-Games comes to BeaverCreek. Got to give it to Ethan for setting up the jump in someone's back yard. That is dedication to the sport. I also give each of you guys respect for being able to collab, and get along like equals, have fun, and help each other out. It makes the video that much more entertaining.
victor sandoval
victor sandoval Yıl önce
Nothing else that can even be said other than just Freaking EPIC. Your entire crew and family just make these videos a have to series.
David Walker
David Walker 6 aylar önce
Love the snowed in episodes, need more please! 😅
FixItAll Yıl önce
Anytime Cleeter and Whistlin are near eachother, I feel like trouble is bound to happen haha
Matt Simon
Matt Simon Yıl önce
definitely need more Snow Cat Content. That thing is amazing!
777B views 10 aylar önce
Watching Cletus and Cody try and start the Snowcapped was hilarious 🤣 Good job they never gave up
Dhistlin Weisel
Dhistlin Weisel Yıl önce
This is easily my favorite series you guys have put out so far. Well done sirs. It's pretty awesome seeing all of my favorite youtubers all together. And the way you put the videos together make us feel like we're there with y'all. This is like a dream vacation for us. Thank you for the solid entertainment.
Michael DonGotti Locklear💰
Dave walking barefoot in the snow is epic
Under Wraps
Under Wraps Yıl önce
So epic! Ethan is def legend. HeavyD man you really kno how to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Im sure you hear this a lot but you are someone many including myself strive to emulate I just wish that more A LOT more people on this earth approached life and treated those around them the way that you do!
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Jason Dickens
Jason Dickens Yıl önce
Making Cody and cleetus figure out the snowcat was the best part. Also the attempted back-flip by Ethan can't wait to see that happen! Keep the videos coming yall!!!
jcoopdo Yıl önce
Cody had a snocat, feel like he had a decent idea what he was doin
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Yıl önce
You guys make a great group of friends. Cool to see that it’s real friendship and not just TRvid collaborations even though that’s probably what brought you all together in the first place.
mcoco Yıl önce
Actually the most astounding part what when it was revealed that Dave was barefoot in the snow. Absolute mad lad.
863 Music
863 Music Yıl önce
As a Floridian I was very shook
Jayton Whitney
Jayton Whitney Yıl önce
Id do the exact same thing as you guys did, we don’t get much snow out here in Oregon. Love the content keep up the recoveries I’ve been helping out my buddies lately and thinking about starting a little something myself
Jason Macomber
Jason Macomber 8 aylar önce
Every single one of you guys is worth your weight in gold, even with our faults. Love this stuff!
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Keagan Handy
Keagan Handy Yıl önce
Insane content....thankfully Cody is okay...glad to see such great TRvidrs making this kind of content...Utah looks like a fun place to ride!!!
Ron Lindsey
Ron Lindsey Yıl önce
Diesel Dave is a true dude. He waited until you got your snowmobile started b4 taking off. Watching his bro's back.
Daulton Transport
@Murica n if my memory suits me correctly, Dave was on a snow cat machine and lost control, and went over a steep grade. You’ll have to go back and look at Sparks videos, he done one about the incident
Murica n
Murica n Yıl önce
What happened?
Daulton Transport
Well, you also have to remember, Sparks almost lost Diesel Dave in an accident, Sparks had to rescue him, and was expecting to find Dave dead. They both have an amazing brotherly bond between the two of them, it’s awesome. ❤️
MxChick TRHenning
Totally agree. Diesel Dave & Heavy D are Both Legendary Class Acts...Every Video 👍
William Stamper
William Stamper Yıl önce
Watching y'all play in the snow gives me that warm happy felt experience...without having to get cold, wet, tired, hungry and hurt! I sold my sleds just before Christmas. Had to go fire them up and show my long time old friend, the new owner of my former winter hot rod, had to show him the basic maintenance and ins and outs of the sleds. After one very short quick blast I left and didn't look back. 52 years of age, disability, life long resident in Michigan add up to simply not enjoying playing in snow anymore. Maybe 2022 we can find a doctor to help me get back to my old self. If/when that happens then who knows, maybe snow machines may be back in the life...? For now I will remember the excitement and enjoyment watching y'all young'ins bust some powder and play with heavy equipment! Great series! There is a reason y'all are darn near the top of each of your games in u-toob world!
Tim Burrell
Tim Burrell Yıl önce
Absolutely incredible series! Love the amount of heart y'all put into this!
Ty Alber
Ty Alber Yıl önce
Seeing Cletus and Cody light up like kids in a candy store driving the snowcat made my day
COZ CLIPS Yıl önce
Heavy diesel brothers ... Most TRvidrs make their fans happy occasionally by spreading their wealth with them giving them money ect. You guys give the best gift of all memories. I would take a memory like this any single day of my life over wealth.
Collin Smith
Collin Smith Yıl önce
impossible to go to sleep when i’m watching y’all you never seem to not blow my mind lol
Tnx for watching* Write me☝️ directly to receive your reward and giveaway📦
Anna Memmott
Anna Memmott Yıl önce
This series is gonna be so sick! With Whistlin Diesel and Cleetus it’s a party
Piper Bailey
Piper Bailey Yıl önce
It’s going to be amazing I’m excited
Kricket Kiki
Kricket Kiki Yıl önce
BuckFiden Yıl önce
It’s safe to say any video with Cody alone or Cody and Garrett is and will always be a banger.
mike finsterbush
mike finsterbush Yıl önce
Some day I hope I get to the level you guys are at. Be safe and have fun. You guys are bad ass!!!
Collin Remilong
Collin Remilong Yıl önce
Everything you guys do is awesome, you can tell that you guys genuinely love making these videos.
Travis Burns
Travis Burns Yıl önce
Agreed heck yeah!!!
Anne Thompson
Anne Thompson 9 aylar önce
As I have never even seen snow, I'm finding your snow antics fascinating..
Pat Bullard
Pat Bullard Yıl önce
After hearing you describe how difficult it was to drive the snow cat, and finally Cody and Cletus got it going, I was kinda expecting Cody to come back asking for the keys to the Helicopter.
Patrick Rhodes
Patrick Rhodes Yıl önce
This looks like the best time anyone could ever have!! Truly amazing content!!
JCAT1 Yıl önce
Amazing, glad everyone is okay. Its awesome to see a bunch of friends get together in the beautiful surroundings and have some good ole fashion fun. Evan, you’ll get it on the next round. Everyone stay safe.
Brett Taylor
Brett Taylor Yıl önce
Your channel and content on your channel just gets better and better every time I watch. Thank you so much for all the entertainment.
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown Yıl önce
I'm glad everyone is okay and no one has gotten tremendously hurt yet
TechNewb Yıl önce
Gahhh I forgot how much I miss riding... After my spine injury, I tried to go out on some trails with a little bit of playing in the powder, and I couldn't walk for a week. It's awesome to be able to watch a group of guys like this hanging out and getting to play in the snow again
BMF Randomness
BMF Randomness Yıl önce
I'm happy to see Cody and Dave are definitely good again. Two solid guys. Also, I feel like Cody brings out little more of the mischievous side of cleeter. Love these collabs!
BMF Randomness
BMF Randomness Yıl önce
@Alex Alvarez there was a misunderstanding after the freedom 500 involving a borrowed helmet. Minimal shit talk afterwards. But, it definitely seems like they squashed that.
Alex Alvarez
Alex Alvarez Yıl önce
When were they ever not good? Did something happen between them?
Sera - Marie  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Cody brings out the mischievous side of everyone! He is that really naughty kid that makes your mother say "NEVER AGAIN" after they have been to your house.
Tomas Fletcher
Tomas Fletcher Yıl önce
This series is really incredible! I love the content and what you do for people!
Aaron Schultz
Aaron Schultz Yıl önce
What a great video. Love seeing a bunch of people getting together to enjoy the outdoors. This is the image of "Living loving life!"
Ralph Buschman
Ralph Buschman Aylar önce
I love to see you guys out enjoying the real natural world, the way God made it! Glad to see the wife out there enjoying it with you.
I don't think I would do much different you guys totally nailed it and everything looks like so much fun
Tommie Dunlap
Tommie Dunlap Yıl önce
Very cool watching y'all have fun like this
0Logic-42 Yıl önce
Man, Cleetus, Diesel and Heavy D. Three of my favorite channels combined, you guys are a testament that dreams can come true. Thank you guys for the out of this world content!
Hojo-nyc Yıl önce
Your the goat for just letting ppl hooligan your toys ,looks like a blast . Seeing ppls pure enjoyment is the best thing to watch
Databyter Aylar önce
This was a lot of fun. Good job making some interesting content. I like the fact that you guys push the envelope, But I was also proud of you guys and relieved when you realized despite best attempts the conditions were wrong for the flip on that jump, and made sure that safety was a priority rather than adding to risk. It was the right place to stop. Perfect. There were two red flags here. The collision, and just not quite enough speed for a safe jump, although you HAVE to try when you are that close. That guy is super rough and I guess the gear helps, but that looked brutal from the cheap seats. I'm glad the heavy part of the bike went on his leg and not his back. Entertainment is golden but everyone needs a constant reminder about the seriousnessl of safety when you are out having a blast. Even if you're feeling good, and adrenaline is pumping. You have to set your mind in the right place and make those decisions BEFORE you get into that state of mind, so you know where the stop signs are. Anyway, it looks awesome up there and it looks like you had a nice buffet laid out, lots of stuff to play with. What a great vacation spot. Heavy D getting Expert on that Cat. He has a job if he ever stops making videos lol. Databyter
Rick Myrick
Rick Myrick Yıl önce
Big fan of your videos! I once went to snowmobile for a week in Yellowstone and the surrounding area. Without a doubt, the most fun I ever had as an adult! I live in New England and while we get snow, not to the same depth as you guys get in your area.And a lot of the snow we get is heavy wet stuff which is not the best for a sled of any kind. Anyways,keep em comin, have fun, and please be safe out there. BTW the duck suit was hilarious.
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Car Creations
Car Creations Yıl önce
Watching these two interact with each other is so cool, wish Stradman could be there too lol
Josh Mark
Josh Mark Yıl önce
had to come back and watch this series for a second time!! 3 of my favorite youtubers all compiled into one awesome video! looks like such a good time! living the dream!
Paul Kelloway
Paul Kelloway Yıl önce
This whole Snowed In Series is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING IDEA!! Can't wait to see them all.
Bearded Runner
Bearded Runner Yıl önce
SO EPIC ! I spent 8 years in Salt Lake before my job took me elsewhere. My wife (of 28 years) and I had SO much fun back then with the snowmobiles, skiing, hiking and all the mounts have to offer. We get back when we can but watching this video really brought back memories... THANK YOU !
Rylan Kappel
Rylan Kappel Yıl önce
The mountain sledding g looks like so much fun I love this content
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JakesFishin Yıl önce
The editing on these videos are awesome and they continue to get better ! keep the good content coming!
Samael Sandalphon
The snow cat shenanigans had me crying 😂.
Brax M
Brax M Yıl önce
Glad he’s safe and keep having fun these videos are sweet
Vihreä kuula
Vihreä kuula Yıl önce
@Brax M did you actually try😭😭😭
Brax M
Brax M Yıl önce
It wouldn’t work
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WeaponX Nova
WeaponX Nova Yıl önce
You are living the life the rest of us wish we were.
Chris Truitt
Chris Truitt Yıl önce
3 of the TRvidrs I actually watch all in one video. Keep up the awesome content!
Hayden Wilson
Hayden Wilson Yıl önce
A winter dream land! Love to go to a place like that with those toys!!
SGP Yıl önce
All my favorite channels in one! What a great way to wake up
Yıl önce
Good to see the muscle back at it with you guys. You guys always do crazy stuff
Aaron Key
Aaron Key Yıl önce
As far as planning a bucket list experience - this is exactly what I would do! Location, people, activities, beards, everything is perfect.
Steve Harris
Steve Harris Yıl önce
This video looks amazing!!!! Thanks for being such great content!
Robert Murphy
Robert Murphy Yıl önce
I’ve driven pretty much every type of power sports machines out there except a jet ski and a snowmobile. Watching y’all ride them skis reallllly makes me wanna finally do it. And it is just soooo beautiful where you guys ride. Its like the pa mountains where I live a million times nicer.
josh boyle
josh boyle Yıl önce
I know im late but Thanks for the amazing content @heavyd. This is one cool series. Whistlindiesel is the luckiest person ever cant believe came out without a scratch. You guys are the most generous group of people and amazing chanel that actually care about their viewers Keep safe and have fun Thanks from canada
Eric Norris
Eric Norris Yıl önce
Man this is soo cool, I wish I could experience a small fraction of this.
Scott Buie
Scott Buie Yıl önce
This Video is awesome can't wait to watch the rest of the series!!
kjs insaino
kjs insaino 24 gün önce
Brings back great memories. I used to operate a Pisten Bully 280. I built terrain parks in the early 2000's. I actually broke the windshield once trying to cut a huge snowmaking mogul. It shattered the first pane but the secondary plate of glass held strong. I think the mt. had to pay like 3k for a replacement. Also broke the stinger once, ripped tracks...It was a tough learning curve building the park and I had to learn fast. Now Pisten Bully makes a specific model for park building...I bet my struggles helped them design it!
Jason Graves
Jason Graves Yıl önce
Are we just going to ignore the fact that HD is just walking around in the snow barefoot like it's nothing?
Yourlocalredneck Yıl önce
@im dubsy oh dang I haven’t heard of it till now I’ll check it out thank you bro
im dubsy
im dubsy Yıl önce
@Yourlocalredneck just east of me is a nice area called Banff. Plenty of trails here, famous trails even. Big whites always a must go too but my favourite has always been sea to sky bicycle trails. The view makes it all the more impressive.
Yourlocalredneck Yıl önce
You are .8 off hahahaaha
Yourlocalredneck Yıl önce
@im dubsy I think so lemme check google lol
Yourlocalredneck Yıl önce
@im dubsy oh yes nowhere near Canada but still chilly. And I’ve been wanting to head up to Canada for some biking at whistler is there any other sick places to go and check out?
Jay Burrough
Jay Burrough Yıl önce
Sparks having a proud dad moment just look at him. 😂
+①②⓪⑨②⑧③①④⑦③*WhatsApp 👈
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Joshua Badzinski
Joshua Badzinski 3 aylar önce
Over here having a rewatch, hope you do this again this year!!! Merry Christmas to you all.
Linda Sheldon
Linda Sheldon 10 aylar önce
Living their best lives!!! Gotta love it. You guys' content is always awesome! Keep up the great entertainment... shout out to whomever is behind the camers[s] and editing!!
Gary Menasco
Gary Menasco Yıl önce
Watching you do this kind of stuff I something I can only dream of.....I will never have the chance to ever do anything like what you guys are doing...enjoy it for all of us that cant do what you are able to do.....thanks
1 Up Performance Gear
Life goals right here… looking forward to ripping with these guys someday!!!
Statik.akumaa Yıl önce
Hell yea you know it’s gonna be an extra killer vid if heavy D is collabing with Cleetus and whistlin Diesel 💪🏼🙌🏼
Aj o
Aj o Yıl önce
Well I am so grateful for you all of you guys in this video. I have been watching cleatus and heavy this past couple months religiously as my health has taken a turn for the decline and it’s been a nice distraction from the stress of everyday life so please no more weeks off from any of you all !
Aj o
Aj o Yıl önce
@catbertz oh yeah you know it brother ! I’m not allowed to work but be damned if I can’t still fish and be outside lol 😂. You can only be positive in life ! Like I’m positive no matter what I am still going to have to pay taxes lol
catbertz Yıl önce
Be strong brother! 💪🙂
Mike Malcanas
Mike Malcanas Yıl önce
I’m just straight up jelly. I need this whole set up in my life 😂
mark hinzman
mark hinzman Yıl önce
Much respect to you all, absolutely love seeing y'all video
Chris Callas
Chris Callas 3 aylar önce
That video was really awesome guys. Seeing you ,Cleetus and Cody in same vid very entertaining!
Ryder’s Custom Creations
Your videos are always so feel-good. I love it. What a blast had by everyone!
Restless Gypzy
Restless Gypzy Yıl önce
Lord… I love your content! I follow Cody (WhislinDiesel) also. So jealous as I miss snow! I seriously wish I had a fraction of the money you guys loose in vehicles, I might be able to build a house again lol! But really, following you guys, and living vicariously through you all, is my de~stress at the end of my day. Thank you for keeping us all entertained!
Chad Lemmon
Chad Lemmon Yıl önce
Pretty cool seeing the respect you guys all have for one another. Love the snow content reminds me of the dumb stuff me and my buddies did at my cabin in the bighorns in Wyoming. We would go spend a couple weeks at Christmas back in the mid 90’s. Every year we would have some kind of crazy drama. You guys are on another level but it sure made me think of those days! Keep it up guys!
Jennie Kapszukiewicz
What an adventure-filled weekend!
Mark C
Mark C Yıl önce
This is what dreams are made of!! With time spent in cats, watching them try to start it was absolutely hilarious! Can't waittt to see that ramp get even more rowdy
Roland Kennedy
Roland Kennedy Yıl önce
Awesome video boys love seeing all these different YT people all together having a blast and still ring a high level of entertainment to us amazing ! Cheers bro-dudes
Shellie Werner
Shellie Werner 8 aylar önce
You guys never cease to amaze me !!! Too kool of a place...
Thirsty Cobras
Thirsty Cobras Yıl önce
Awesomeness @HeavyD and crew. Everyone involved is absolutely genius. Keep it up. BTW amazing Helicopter/toys.
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas Yıl önce
Setting my schedule to watch this series. I’m currently at work on my lunch break day dreaming on shredding some snow in the mountains. Keep up the badass work on the videos guys.
Joey 10 aylar önce
Admiration coming from Michigan! You guys are fun A.F. I have a new 2020 Trail Boss but love your machines better
Stephen Brewer
Stephen Brewer Yıl önce
Good friends are hard to come by. These guys are so good together.
Can water solve a maze?
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i bought a tank
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TANK GİBİ ARABA! 🔥 #shorts