Cleaning Up A Dirty Old Pentium 4 Computer!

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Big thanks to Electronic Recycling Australia for providing this machine. Use the discount code PSIVEWRI and receive 10% off: www.electronicrecyclingaustra...

Today we're going to clean up and restore this old Ipex branded pentium 4 desktop computer. It's nearly 20 years old, made in Australia and originally came with Windows XP. The case is very dirty, let's get started :)

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Computer Specifications:
Ipex "Micro Office" XL Series (Circa 2002, 2003)
Intel Pentium 2.8GHz SL6Z5 800MHz FSB
2GB DDR 400MHz Ram
Nvidia FX 5200 128MB AGP Graphics Card
40GB & 20GB 3.5" IDE Hard Disks
Floppy Drive

► Ipex information I referenced:

Music Used:
Peaceful Background Music - Nathan Sivewright (2015)

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23 Tem 2021




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Psivewri 4 aylar önce
Big thanks to Electronic Recycling Australia for making this video possible! Use the code PSIVEWRI on their website for 10% off :) PS: "The failing youtube career" gag was supposed to be a joke ;)
Red Alert The Master
Red Alert The Master 16 gün önce
Si Tita Michelle nasa Australia na.
Thomas smith
Thomas smith 4 aylar önce
@Plane Playz Yet.. haha. We will all get it sooner or later. I've have both Pfizers down here in Victoria.. Now just waiting
Redditor 4 aylar önce
Hi man, I just want to know, do you clean and change the thermal grease of the north and south bridges during your restorations? It helps in system performance in general. ;)
Plane Playz
Plane Playz 4 aylar önce
Lol Psivewri I actually am in Australia, in the worst of COVID-19 :O. I’m in New South Wales (Sydney) Yeah at least I don’t have Corona!
Tech Tips USA
Tech Tips USA 4 aylar önce
I was sad😥 Thank you from America
DR2018 4 gün önce
Why do people want to use retro PCs that cant play old games very well when tablets exist for daily uses?
Thenick2239 5 gün önce
Dalviq Cash
Dalviq Cash 5 gün önce
1:53 into the video the BIOS screen clearly shows the CPU speed being detected as 1.4 GHz...This is weird as I don't believe there ever was a consumer board released with hardwired CPU speed limit. Since this is obviously an OEM product it might be that the BIOS is an OEM version also with some pages and setting hidden. What most likely causes this mis-detection is the Intel SpeedStep function turned ON in the bios settings without means for the end user to turn it off, the aforementioned hidden page. If that is the case then windows about page should mention SpeedStep as being ON. There are utilities out there to switch it OFF even for OEM BIOSes. The feature itself is useless and If I'm wrong then this is one seriously weird board with an artificial limitation that serves no purpose...
Bram vandenbroeck
Bram vandenbroeck 8 gün önce
Maby they upgradet to this pentium 4 because of the hyperthreading, maby they used some application that benefitted more from the second threat that this cpu offered than just the raw speed
Mikka WS
Mikka WS 8 gün önce
If that's me i will put a gaming things inside that machine
smoothvideo1865 11 gün önce
nice rebuild..got love windows xp
Seshua 19 gün önce
Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz 😌💨
Basic Videos
Basic Videos 19 gün önce
Who else got an AMD ad
Chuck Lanman
Chuck Lanman 20 gün önce
little dab will do yah with that thermal paste..lol.
Knight's son
Knight's son 20 gün önce
D P 22 gün önce
Denis Khmel
Denis Khmel 23 gün önce
Thanks for your videos!
asphixmx 25 gün önce
With all respect, I do not see the point of restoring this kind of PC...no vintage value at all, just waste of time. Better invest the time, effort and hobbie-work with a real value vintage computer.
ToFu stories Neo
ToFu stories Neo 27 gün önce
hi my name is sim singapore
Ali Abbas Naqvi
Ali Abbas Naqvi 29 gün önce
seems great that even this old pentium 4 is faster than my core 2 duo
Adem Annaba
Adem Annaba 29 gün önce
Opening your personal accounts using Windows XP is not a good idea
Vinny Avalanche
Vinny Avalanche Aylar önce
Ahh 90s memories brought to you by game demo discs
Windows 8.1.
Windows 8.1. Aylar önce
Huli Huli Huli Yes..
Ciam Aylar önce
ah, I dream about desktop pentium4
usernoob 2000
usernoob 2000 Aylar önce
This is addicting to watch tho
Neat t
Neat t Aylar önce
The games brought back memories ❤️
Stunt Monkey
Stunt Monkey Aylar önce
I haven't encountered anything that ajax spray and wipe can't clean.
robertd1965 Aylar önce
Nice clean up.
VHS Paradiso
VHS Paradiso Aylar önce
I'm italian and live in Florence Italy, I understand ! You found this old computer Pentim 4 under the sea inside the boat TITANIC !!!
Ladioz Aylar önce
GTA 3 and runescape are the only games you need for a build like this
Алексей Соловьёв
у нас на работе до сих пор такие стоят, работаем помаленьку...
Jazzy Penguin
Jazzy Penguin Aylar önce
AGP memory lane.
Shifu Aylar önce
Mashayikh Shaikh
Mashayikh Shaikh Aylar önce
Your videos make my day.
sub to Fat pug videos
I have done repairs on many old computers and they always seem to have newsun batteries
Justin Howard
Justin Howard Aylar önce
Great content! Part 2, processor replacement Please!!
Sami Metsinen
Sami Metsinen Aylar önce
that would be a nice upgrade for my setup :DD:DD
Hanif Ahmad Raihan
Hanif Ahmad Raihan Aylar önce
actually i have a computer like that, but i already recycle it
Stef Hannington
Stef Hannington Aylar önce
You know it's going to be a good video when he cracks out the eucalyptus oil and Ajax😁 really love these old desktop computers
Guest Aylar önce
Lol Your video solved a curiosity I had in the early 00s: "Would a 800mhz fsb P4 work on a 533mhz mhz motherboard?"
Amlaan Patra
Amlaan Patra Aylar önce
Jokes right
Nan0 Aylar önce
i have pentium dual core laptop...
MarkhovScrch Aylar önce
What If you put High end GPU in that perfection?
Flex Aylar önce
Rtx 3090 time bois
Shubham Aylar önce
Earlier computer looked like inverters.
Gamez Aylar önce
that moment when you watch tech related videos and you don't know like anything they're talking about *ahem* couldn't be me
Chris Aylar önce
Yea, ok. But can it play Crysis?
Osman Kovan
Osman Kovan Aylar önce
5:17 I think it's "clock" speed :D
AVS_1604 Aylar önce
even 10th Gen Intel i5 has a Speed of 1.00 Ghz and the 4 gen has 2.80 Ghz Speed!!!!!😲😯😮
Flex Aylar önce
I can get a ryzen 9 to 400mhz I think
Dusty Boot
Dusty Boot Aylar önce
Beautiful! It’s now ready for Goodwill.
Damien Hartley
Damien Hartley Aylar önce
Easiest way is to soak in WD-40 diluted in mineral oil because these are cleansing agent but none conductive. It's important to play with these things outside with protection because WD-40 is posion. Dry PC in rice for 3 days .
DanielBigCat Aylar önce
CPU heat sink must not touch the ashes of debris or the computer will run slower
Simply Divine
Simply Divine Aylar önce
This video was very satisfying to watch! However, when you said those computers were from around 2002-2003 and then said you remember using them in primary school, that made me feel ancient lol. In 2002-2003 I was 19 and a freshman in college!
Ashton Lee Moon Smith
Ashton Lee Moon Smith
Ashton Lee Moon Smith
Ashton Lee Moon Smith
Anoop Tony
Anoop Tony Aylar önce
This will make a greate case for a stealth build.
Jamie Simko
Jamie Simko Aylar önce
This is like ASMR
Spurius Tadius
Spurius Tadius Aylar önce
6:46, dude, that's way too much paste. You'll get better results with less than half of that.
vicchopin Aylar önce
1991 = ussr was (almost) no more! what a way to go eh Ipex
9TDF 2 aylar önce
Sleeper PC in this case.
Abdul Zaharan
Abdul Zaharan 2 aylar önce
Thanks for doing this.... Brought back lot of memories with my old P4 computer... And you do a very good job with cleaning as well... Keep up the good work...!!!
Romella Karmey
Romella Karmey 2 aylar önce
I think they should bring back windows xp theme and overall with windows 12. Windows 10 is so damn boring.
Panha kron
Panha kron 2 aylar önce
I like you video
Steven Husnik
Steven Husnik 2 aylar önce
Wish I could find one of these in the US
mrbing 70
mrbing 70 2 aylar önce
This is the era of PC I got A+ Certified on back around 2002
100 Subscriber Challenge
This is faster than my computer 🙂🤣
tame gaming
tame gaming 2 aylar önce
TechYESCity: Parts cleaner Other TRvidrs: Isopropyl Psivewri: Eucalyptus Oil
Michael Angielo
Michael Angielo 2 aylar önce
windows XP welcome screen nostalgia
Trevgauntlet Neu
Trevgauntlet Neu 2 aylar önce
I have the same computer I used when I was a kid, almost 20 years ago. It was a 10GB hard drive that had Windows XP in it. It was actually meant to run Windows 95. Around 2015, my brother tried to rebuild it, but did a terrible job. It was around the time I finished building my first PC and used what I learned to rebuild the PC. So, I fixed all of the mistakes my brother did and did a complete overhaul after my parents let me keep it. Fast forward today, it uses Windows 95 (US and Japanese) along with new RAM, PSU a new AGP card and new HDDs (literally new in box too!) I have some plans for this computer, which involves a SCSI PCI card.
Z-A-C-H 2 aylar önce
i am watching this on my old computer lol, i have a hp pavilion p6000 windows 7 now running windows 10, and i am planning on upgrading things such as, graphics card, ssd and more and yes my computer also needs a cleaning.
Alex Roblox
Alex Roblox 2 aylar önce
James De Santa
James De Santa 2 aylar önce
2:20 ouch! that sucks!
Braydon Fisher
Braydon Fisher 2 aylar önce
I’ve been watching your restoration videos for a while now, love them. Although I am curious, is there any reason why you don’t use an air compressor to clean bulk dust out of systems?
Kevin Howard
Kevin Howard 2 aylar önce
it looks fantastic! you did a great job.
tableseven 2 aylar önce
I just clicked on this out of curiosity while eating supper. I found your cleaning ideas very helpful. However in my case before I touch any of these to much once it is in my house, I wipe it all down on the outside with a paper towel with window cleaner on it. Now the interesting part was this case design. about 8 years ago a fellow I worked with said his church was given all of these computers and they really did not want them and so I asked my sister who home schools many children she adopted, and she did want them. There were 7 of these computers. They were windows 95, 98 era, all having a 450 or 500 MHz processor. I was able to bump all of them up to 1000 MHz and Windows XP. Now the unique point was the case style. Almost the same design as this one at 3:59 with this other sound board on the front. However the ones I had did not include the lights or the buttons for the computer functions, only the volume control and the mic and headphone and USB jacks. The ones I had had a wider case and a regular full size ATX power supply, and two speakers on the front and option for two CD/DVD drives and the floppy was sideways in the middle with the hard drive mounted next to it. However it was apparently wired in to some larger control system using a large parallel 25 pin plug on the back. I was able to find a place to connect to the front of the amplifier and put a stereo wire with 1/8" stereo plug on it and plugged it in the back line out and that allowed the stereo amp and speakers to work with the computer. Funny seeing one close to that design.
Halil Kabaca
Halil Kabaca 2 aylar önce
Nathan is a technology archaeologist with his delicate brushes and eucalyptus oil. He recreates the joy we had back in the days :)
Uno Arse
Uno Arse 2 aylar önce
Putting this for the algorithm
Mad Max
Mad Max 2 aylar önce
Lysol and magic erasers take off permanent marker
Psykro 2 aylar önce
About 2 years I got my hands on this specific pc but it was weathered
מוטי שיוביץ
מוטי שיוביץ 2 aylar önce
I'd love to mod that case to fit 120mm fans and throw in a couple of Arctic p12s and a modern budget system
sxkjknjw2 2 aylar önce
dmspilot 2 aylar önce
It's so weird seeing a P4 being "restored". It seems like only yesterday these were current technology. Guess I'm getting old!
Enchanter Eddie
Enchanter Eddie 2 aylar önce
You were lucky, the PSU worked properly. I tried to restore one 20 years old Dell. Since it was left in a humid place for a long time I cleaned up everything before putting power on but made one mistake. The old PSU doesn't have enough power out put and outright killed the original HDD. I didn't have a spare IDE drive so I had to stop there. Lesson learnt, the hard way: Always test with a known good PSU. Luckily the MB was saved. Later on I salvaged some data for a guy using this old MB. Edit: typo
Don Erondondon
Don Erondondon 2 aylar önce
you say it's dirty? I took a pc with p4 that had mice shit inside.
Ebenezer Scrooge
Ebenezer Scrooge 2 aylar önce
looking for a similar computer, although it was a generic custom build (diy). it must have been around 1999, whenever the pentium 3 600mhz came out. the one i'm looking for is a celeron 500, and it was built in a box that looked like the one in the vid, but about 1/3 the height and 3/4 of the width (about as wide as the dvd drive + a little more). it was tiny. it had a green plastic aesthetic on beige casing. would love to find the case somewhere.
Gustavo Lima
Gustavo Lima 2 aylar önce
Nice work it's sad to see good machines like this going to trash
MacBack 2 aylar önce
The reason why they "upgraded" the CPUs is because they want students to have a very painful time with loading speeds.
MXICMX 2 aylar önce
No age of empires? 🥲
Infiltraitor 2 aylar önce
I got a 2007 Core2Duo that I setup for retro gaming. Cream colored computers are so nostalgic including CRT monitors if ever I can still see one.
Mohamed Moustafa
Mohamed Moustafa 2 aylar önce
Lol I still use a pentium 4 pc 😂😂😂
Robert P
Robert P 2 aylar önce
RIDICULOUS amount of thermal paste on that P4
Kevin Howells
Kevin Howells 2 aylar önce
He always says welcome to another video but never says Psivewri maybe because he can't pronounce it🤔
Freeplay HD
Freeplay HD 2 aylar önce
Why do i Love this case
Devesh Pandey
Devesh Pandey 2 aylar önce
mr junkyard lololol
Lester Beats
Lester Beats 2 aylar önce
Joe Lopez
Joe Lopez 2 aylar önce
I remember the motherboard i had to build my first pc back in the day. Socket 478 or w/e, then I never used it after finding out the Athlon 64 was way better. First rig also had a Fx 5700.
Gaming And RCs
Gaming And RCs 2 aylar önce
Play Fortnite On it
Albin Fijo C.
Albin Fijo C. 2 aylar önce
I Got Windows 98 Old Pc
CoasterMan13 Official
CoasterMan13 Official 2 aylar önce
Mypal works better on windows xp than using old Firefox.
Tecnovlog 2 aylar önce
why eucalyptus oil? o_O
TheKungFuRobber 2 aylar önce
See something like a Radeon 9600 XT or an GeForce FX 5900 Ultra would turn this into a good gaming rig for DX8 and pre-2006 DX9 games.
Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson 2 aylar önce
Its always good when old technology gets re-used or recycled or properly e-wasted instead of going into landfill or the garbage. I do (or at least did before everything went pear shaped) volunteer disassembly work at a facility in Brisbane that takes apart e-waste and its always good when things can be re-used (or at the very least properly e-wasted and recycled) instead of ending up in landfill.
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