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Judge Claudio Aprile will be taking on the mystery box challenge this week, along with the rest of the contestants! What will he bring to the table?
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4 Oca 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Nepali Village Food Culture
Hi Im wachin nepal
Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson 5 gün önce
That girl in Florida didn't know my family period and ain't never met nobody I know.
Samantha Ria Cena
Samantha Ria Cena 6 gün önce
what season is this?
Egg 6 gün önce
Line looks like Mrs. Betterman in The Croods:A new age
Jakub Ševčík
Jakub Ševčík 10 gün önce
who the hell is that copy of elton john? 3:55 daaaam she is so cuuuute
K Bisht
K Bisht 10 gün önce
This lamb cooked by Claudio may be medium rare but wtf. Eating such raw lamb is not good for you.
Ilan Huerta
Ilan Huerta 10 gün önce
Sabrina a baddie someone had to say it
Joy 12 gün önce
There's something about Lynn that just irks me. She seems like a Karen but I could be wrong.
Sai Bliss
Sai Bliss 14 gün önce
You can see the talent, the focus and the discipline along with intellectual comprehension of food at it's finest in chef Michael. Beautiful 👌💕💐🙏
Freddie Vargas
Freddie Vargas 14 gün önce
I'm bothered by the fact that the crust in Claudio's dish wasn't uniform. It seemed ok but by looking at the dishes at his restaurant, he can do waay better
jinxin li
jinxin li 15 gün önce
So thats where the lamb sauce went
Mohammed Niyaf
Mohammed Niyaf 15 gün önce
Sabrina is is beautiful ❤️
Minded_MCD 15 gün önce
Nobody: Chef Claudio: 😏👏🏻
Brian Cast
Brian Cast 15 gün önce
Sabrina kinda looks like Chanel Preston
Shredded Cheese
Shredded Cheese 16 gün önce
You should of taken the lamb
Sumori 16 gün önce
Line is what every American imagines Canadians sound like.
TS MZ 16 gün önce
I love Canada 🥰
Kartik Tyagi
Kartik Tyagi 17 gün önce
Veronica Taylor
Veronica Taylor 17 gün önce
Love lamb look good .who really controls the world? Do you think it is God? Humankind?Someone else? What The bible says The Evil One controls the whole world? 1john 5:19 The Son of God...To destroy the Devil 's work. "- 1 john 3:8 jw.orq
Multavit Playz
Multavit Playz 18 gün önce
“Home cooks” *Glare from Claudio* “a-and ch-chef”
Claudia Ramirez
Claudia Ramirez 18 gün önce
Christopher looks like he just say his crush walk by and is drooling over her
Itana Prunic
Itana Prunic 19 gün önce
Wouldn't it be funny if when they were tasting Claudios dish and one of them said: "Its aight."
LEBRON JAMES 20 gün önce
Saucy Dragon
Saucy Dragon 21 gün önce
I want to get to this level so bad.
mohammed asif
mohammed asif 21 gün önce
I love two chief in master chef Canada david And Eric chong
Real Food secrets😍
Real Food secrets😍 24 gün önce
Great job everyone 👍💕
PlayBoyDK 24 gün önce
Sabrina fine
Mike Kooyman
Mike Kooyman 25 gün önce
I wanna know what happens to all the food when they’re done cuz unless it’s raw I’m down to eat it all😂😂
Vyzl 27 gün önce
When you realise they are judges cause they know how to cook
Psy 25 gün önce
Celena Katrina Dañela Adriano CONCEPCION
Everyone: *panic mode* Claudio: *more scared about having his station dirty* = *INTENSE WIPING*
Catnip 28 gün önce
Claudio cooked here, Michael cooked in another episode, only Alvin didn't cook in the entire MC Canada stage. Is he like the Joe of MCUS acting like an extra that cannot cook?
杜莎丽 Tarhata Sariddin
But the thing is he can cook, he gives good criticisms about the food because he knows what goes together and what doesn't. He's also helped out in a few team challenges when some of them have been a bit overwhelmed. So I'm guessing the production team for the show hasn't really given him a chance to showcase his cooking skills or we just haven't seen it yet.
twinboom 28 gün önce
No one: Claudio:😁😉👏🤝
Deria Yavora Asenova
Deria Yavora Asenova 29 gün önce
Albinus Jr
Albinus Jr 29 gün önce
Am too late for this show. In my opinion they're all gorgeous chefs,love'em all...
Jesse Perez
Jesse Perez Aylar önce
If you listen closely @5:58 you can hear someone in the background yelling “get out now!”
Omar Aylar önce
Idc how many times I’ve watched this watching chef Claudio cook is so satisfying.
Michal Filipowicz
Michal Filipowicz Aylar önce
Claudio rubbing hands moment: 0:00 - 11:12
Sky Dragon
Sky Dragon Aylar önce
Chef Alvin a savage 😂😂😂
Check mate
Check mate Aylar önce
Shaquel Cunningham
Shaquel Cunningham Aylar önce
What i notice most claudio did not move wen they said start it that point he knew what to make and what movement's not to make ......it is said the opponent that moves first wins but sometimes not moving is enough to be a move its self
Ammara Malik
Ammara Malik Aylar önce
James Bailey
James Bailey Aylar önce
Hair in food yuk
Shrek Donkey
Shrek Donkey Aylar önce
Sabrina a baddie frfr
LucidDreamWorks Aylar önce
3 is also a Fibonacci number so it naturally appeals to us rather than 4
netweed09 Aylar önce
''Actually Chef Claudio, you can only use the half-eaten pear and lamb'' ,)
Sad Duck
Sad Duck Aylar önce
"Ive never won mestery booooox"
Anmol Menon
Anmol Menon Aylar önce
Why is Claudion wiping down his station like a maniac? 😂😂
Bjorn B
Bjorn B Aylar önce
Who is the guy that looks like a mix of Bruce Lee and Elton John? He looks hilarious!
lxnar Aylar önce
who lost here?
Ryuzen Aylar önce
Was chef's dish not a little raw in the centre? Man I would prefer something a little more cooked. Thinking of eating raw meat disgusts me. But other than that it looked beautiful
ken minecraft
ken minecraft Aylar önce
Why does everyone one think the food is raw. I littery see this is every meat video. Anymore is just overcooked
Alborada Ocean Club
Where's Hunter?
Alborada Ocean Club
Who is Claudio Aprile?
Blase Aylar önce
The young judge
Krishna Kireeti Tata
claudio defeated the final boss and played level 1 again
Sabrina its good
Aerostarts Aylar önce
I like his smile
Blackstar Gaming
Blackstar Gaming Aylar önce
You know this is cool and all but the real master chef is our mum who stays in the kitchen all day cooking meals for us!
ken minecraft
ken minecraft Aylar önce
Chefs technicly do that but yeah
Warrior Gaming
Warrior Gaming Aylar önce
Imagine if Czn burak goes there
Michael Clark
Michael Clark Aylar önce
Nice dish but Claudio's lamb is a bit blue for my taste, that white fat. What would Chef Ramsay say?
Blase Aylar önce
He knows it better than you. Gordon would love it i bet.
misssammaa Aylar önce
Ugh Claudio 😍
IchHabe MeinNameGeändert
könnte ich besser
ken minecraft
ken minecraft Aylar önce
Raziq MEW
Raziq MEW Aylar önce
What if Chef Michael take the lamb meat from chef Claudio 🤣
Venn Diagram
Venn Diagram Aylar önce
Chef Michael is that one teacher we all like.
JkAra Nicu
JkAra Nicu Aylar önce
That is just wrong. That's not cooked. People are stupid, for real. Why would you actually waste time to cook like that
ken minecraft
ken minecraft Aylar önce
Landen King
Landen King Aylar önce
Why homie rub his hands so much?
Big mannn
Big mannn Aylar önce
This is pretty much equivalent to that one video of the kid playing against a world renowned chest grandmaster
lm _ Slayer
lm _ Slayer Aylar önce
Was waiting for once of the chefs to go "nice rack, the lamb also looks nice" lmao
Christian B. Villanueva
the dishes are perfect specially from claudios
công Ngô lão
công Ngô lão Aylar önce
David has the sharp-and-determined eyes and the calmness all the time like an action movie hero
aSmolSharkuu Aylar önce
you already know claudio is a proffesional when he's not even running around like the others.
Lemosse Aylar önce
That 'oo' from line , 8:37
Nadeej Aylar önce
which season?
Memexpert Aylar önce
“Claudio is a world renowned chef” I legit only know who he is from masterchef Canada
Monojit Chatterjee
Monojit Chatterjee Aylar önce
That's because you're not in the cooking profession.
Kinsuk Mitra
Kinsuk Mitra Aylar önce
Claudio flexing 😂
Babyloco Aylar önce
Claudio is a handsome guy ngl
Hala🦋🦋 Aylar önce
Can someone explain, when chef Alvin said there is a lot on that plate so Line said yes a lot more than what meets the eyes??? That is the complete opposite of the meaning…Am I right??
Ngai Lamching
Ngai Lamching Aylar önce
I would love to see EVERY chef aka judges from all over the world except gordon he will be the judge 🤭🤭🤭🤭
Jonnie Charlestone
Jonnie Charlestone Aylar önce
The chef is prepared and already know what was in the box.
Boubacar Diallo
Boubacar Diallo 2 aylar önce
hey, me and line live in the same province!
CODE HOUSE 2 aylar önce
ken minecraft
ken minecraft Aylar önce
Sanik 2 aylar önce
When Claudio started cooking it was so badass the music fitted him well as it like boss fight like dammmmmnn
Miku Nakano
Miku Nakano 2 aylar önce
the only time that david wasnt the star of the show
Sapphirejen 2 aylar önce
How i recognized the chefs Chef Micheal : The poet Chef Alvin : The loudest alarm Chef Claudio : The goodlooking
allann hughes
allann hughes 2 aylar önce
I wouldn’t want Claudio to have any disadvantages incase I came even near his level.
Mr. A
Mr. A 2 aylar önce
Line: Claudio's plate is delicious my dumbass: what about the dish?
Ed 2 aylar önce
I am the sibling of Jesus Christ and i am the last son of God. I am "THE KING OF KINGS" Revelation 19:16. I brought the corona virus 6:2. This year will be "the end of the world".
Yeethan Is a Qt ツ
Yeethan Is a Qt ツ 2 aylar önce
Claudio probably broke more sweat cleaning that table then he did with the food
Henry14 2 aylar önce
the amount of times claudio aprile practiced for this 👇
Blase Aylar önce
That is correct he made a 5 star restaurant meal without practice
Leighton Sullivan
Leighton Sullivan 2 aylar önce
I think lamb is raw if its bleeding myself! A little pink is good but those ribs look like you should be feeding them
Leighton Sullivan
Leighton Sullivan Aylar önce
@ken minecraft I've tried this dish twice, once from a bbq that gave a better char and using a temp probe, it's was still pink and there was a huge difference, perhaps its personal preference but the bbq version was much better id recommend it, it was a star at the bbq
ken minecraft
ken minecraft Aylar önce
Its not bleeding. If it was raw no one would eat it
مطبخ روقية Roqaya kitchen
Nice to meet you and I hope we can be friends
zynixYT 2 aylar önce
When cloudio says good job it's a win win
Plaguey 2 aylar önce
5:43 lol
Raymond Chen
Raymond Chen 2 aylar önce
Did Claudio lose a bet or something? lol
ken minecraft
ken minecraft Aylar önce
Zeph The Storm Trooper
Is nobody gonna talk about that every home cook has a gun pointed to their heads when the comment for claud?
BloodyTerminator100 2 aylar önce
This is my 4th time watching this
EpicGalaxist 2 aylar önce
Alvin leaving Claudio an eaten pear is the most disrespectful thing I've ever seen in my life
Kuya Mo Cis
Kuya Mo Cis 2 aylar önce
why do claudio look like mark rober
Gaming Hawk
Gaming Hawk 2 aylar önce
Literally 😂
Paul Dzhugostran
Paul Dzhugostran 2 aylar önce
The oafish weight morally excuse because gore-tex microbiologically reproduce afore a fanatical malaysia. nonstop, good unshielded
Nida Khan
Nida Khan 2 aylar önce
I absolutely love the comments under these videos 😂😂
ken minecraft
ken minecraft Aylar önce
Rashida 2 aylar önce
I literally did not stop 🛑 laughing 😂 till the end of the video!!!
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Wait for it… 😱 #shorts
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