Claressa Shields vs. Christina Hammer | Full Fight | SHOWTIME BOXING: Special Edition

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In a dominating performance, Claressa Shields became the undisputed Middleweight World Champion after a unanimous decision victory over Christina Hammer.
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16 Aug 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Ken James Jr
Ken James Jr 32 dakika önce
The Ref is toooo involved in the fight. Her ass need to be fired...
Ken James Jr
Ken James Jr 34 dakika önce
Hammer built like a male bruiser..
Yochanan Ross
Yochanan Ross 5 saatler önce
Flint Town... Get em Champ
kush kloud klan
kush kloud klan 5 saatler önce
😂😂😭😭when the commentary says...and a good first round for Hammer....what fight was he watching...Shields won every round WTF...And they didn't even let her speak at the end of the fight. Yo bias ass organization.
wuzupyou 7 saatler önce
Isn't a hammer suppose to hammer a shield, not the other way around?
papi Soldier
papi Soldier 12 saatler önce
Shields still won championship
Nathan M. LAZER
Nathan M. LAZER 14 saatler önce
If she works on infighting she can get a ko. The body hooks are nice just more.
Viyah Ingra
Viyah Ingra 17 saatler önce
Let’s give these boxers the respect, honor, time and $$$$ they deserve !!
Sham M.O.B
Sham M.O.B 17 saatler önce
Shields can't fight for shyt yo... She wack, really has no boxing skills, she just be swinging yo praying she wins... Lol. AND ONLY FAUGHT 9 FIGHTS TALKING BOUT SHE THE GREATEST...LOL. FOH.. THAT FIGHT BFOR HER WHEN OL GIRL DROPPED HER ASS IN THE FIRST ROUND, SHE AINT KNOW WHAT THE FUVK TO DO... SHE WAS BOUTA CRY..LOL. FOH
Neesi Neesi
Neesi Neesi 22 saatler önce
Hammer doing all that holding and was still getting rocked! Holding game on point for the hammer but boxing game weak!!
john barns
john barns Gün önce
I wanted Claressa to beat that white girls azz because she showed up at her last match got into the ring running her damn mouth. Claressa told her she would beat her azz then and there. Big props to Ms Shields job well done. I wont even call the white girls name lmao. But but I will say this Hammer my azz lmfao awwwww
Crystal Alexis
Crystal Alexis Gün önce
SHIELDS 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Baruch Israel
Baruch Israel Gün önce
Hammer has that Adrian Broner disease: holditist sydrome
Real Deals
Real Deals Gün önce
Sheilds is smart the only way to get better is to get a new trainer and it paid off. And shes black and beating up everybody. Hammer held alot could not handle her pressure. Hammer got her mouth piece knocked out her mouth.
Jamal Jones
Jamal Jones Gün önce
Yo this dude must have been on hammer payroll shields was on that ass from round one.
Wil Vivant
Wil Vivant Gün önce
Hammer got hammered, what a fight.. both ladies got heart
Leonard Cassiberry
Hammer isn't a real fighter, a real fighter doesn't hold your ass every round.
Jackpott Tezz
Jackpott Tezz 2 gün önce
These commentators are blind
Frankie Eteuati
Frankie Eteuati 2 gün önce
Terrible commentary...I'm only two rounds in.
azor ahai
azor ahai 2 gün önce
This chicken has no class she's delusional shield has the nerve to call her self the G.O.A.T. best of all time lmao 😂now a days everybody's trying to be the best in a short amount of time without Earning it and Paying Respects to others who have achieved the more like Amanda serrano who has done wayyyy more becoming the frist and only six time world champion in seven weight classes and total record of 39 fights and 37 wins and only 1 loss It's maybe shield needs to shut her mouth and do a little homework and research before she speaks and it's funny how nobody speaking about this and everybody's giving her the OK to call her self the goat the media and everybody who's a boxing fan is not mentioning this
azor ahai
azor ahai 2 gün önce
jashard wallington
jashard wallington 2 gün önce
I agree she aint there yet and shouldnt get to full of her self that will lead to her down fall like broner
Rick S
Rick S 2 gün önce
Racist ass commentator, boy what fight was you watching Hammer wasn’t even landing shit and you called it.
Brother Francis E. Revels-Bey
The Hammer? How about “Holder” and “Let me steal some time by spitting out the mouthpiece...oh Ref look my mouthpiece on the ring floor!” Enough said...Clarissa keeps improving all the way around. Congratulations!
yLeprechaun 2 gün önce
Hammer's most effective weapon: headlock.
Zada Boo
Zada Boo 2 gün önce
Claressa obviously the best ever and my favorite. Christina was pissing me off. All that grabbing. I wanted to hit her
Bryan Bishop Bishop
Bryan Bishop Bishop 3 gün önce
98-92? Hell naw! Tell me how?
Bryan Bishop Bishop
Bryan Bishop Bishop 3 gün önce
Oohhh! I love it! What a whoopin that was! Great boxing ability from Shields. Completely outclassed Hammer. Overall superior fighter. No comparison, no competition.
BrickCity NJ
BrickCity NJ 3 gün önce
Look.....Im bkack and im proud,better know it. We rule baby........black undisputed woman champion,and we know white people cant stand mayweather but um,we do.......Black undisputed billionaire world champion with not 1 lost..........Im black,and im mf proud
BrickCity NJ
BrickCity NJ 3 gün önce
Faggot ass commentators make you dont even want to watch the fight
vince lawrence
vince lawrence 3 gün önce
I want to see Hammer and the lady that knocked Shields down with a upper cut,, and Shields please give me a left hook and a upper cut on the break, it's there for the taking.
Janice West
Janice West 3 gün önce
Hammer kept holding her
Dev_ 15Community
Dev_ 15Community 3 gün önce
Eli Jay
Eli Jay 4 gün önce
Sparkle is sexy also
Eli Jay
Eli Jay 4 gün önce
Lol @ 10:31 when hammer jabs, somebody yells "that bullshit jab"
Eli Jay
Eli Jay 4 gün önce
The round 2 ring card girl is beautiful.
Roger Williams
Roger Williams 4 gün önce
I watched Shields' fight with Gabriels before this one and she is light years away from where she was then(last year). She is relaxed and her defense has greatly improved. The commentators didn't even seem to appreciate that in the first round. It was obvious that she was baiting the opponent to see what she had and to exercise he defensive skills.
Holyvessel34 4 gün önce
That body punch given by mc hammer hurt shields lol.
Ronald Whitlock
Ronald Whitlock 4 gün önce
Ronald Whitlock
Ronald Whitlock 4 gün önce
chris jackson
chris jackson 5 gün önce
16:05,that bitch got a jab boy!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Luis Ayala
Luis Ayala 5 gün önce
Great boxing from Shields!...
blaC Mud
blaC Mud 5 gün önce
The ref did an excellent job in this fight 👏🏿👏🏿
Anthony M.
Anthony M. 5 gün önce
onlyrog5 6 gün önce
Hammer couldn't defend against the shift
Eric Robertson
Eric Robertson 7 gün önce
Good Job Baby! Love You Clarissa!😘
KNOWLEDGE # 7 gün önce
Kmak Milly
Kmak Milly 8 gün önce
I've got a choke hold which women will think is SLICK, & it happens to deal with her THICK FULL & Pink LIPS, CHOKING stuck in her esophagus AROUND The Girth of MY........( Omit! )
Jose Acradio Buendia
Commentators have to SELL the fight. It's NOT a good sell if the fight is one-sided! Can't hype the next fight. I think Gabriels must rematch Shields, who else?
Rodney Reed
Rodney Reed 8 gün önce
Shields is no knock out artist, or big finisher.
Ser'Riah Fletcher
Ser'Riah Fletcher 5 gün önce
U a hater too
Rodney Reed
Rodney Reed 8 gün önce
Ref was terrible
Ismail Abdul
Ismail Abdul 9 gün önce
Christina Hammer has nice attractive body
Papee Fayah
Papee Fayah 9 gün önce
These White's commentators are shit they were putting everything Shields did down it was like they were forced to say something good about her she won every round of the fight and out box and out class hammer but yet they still try to bring her down really
Dooky Dooky
Dooky Dooky 9 gün önce
I have had shields on my CPU and phone background for over a year now However I'm going to resist the urge to perv about what I would do to that sweaty chocolate ass
jashard wallington
jashard wallington 2 gün önce
1NationsEagle 11 gün önce
Head butt fest by shields. She be dirty, Ref be dirty
Toussantlbisso 8 gün önce
Holding Fest by Herr hammer !
Uncle G
Uncle G 11 gün önce
Who's her next opponent ?
Lee Lee
Lee Lee 12 gün önce
Shields is great but Angela Wolf could come out of retirement n f her up RIGHT NOW! lol. I'm a dude n I would fight Shields. I might like but id fight her. Wolf could Rob me with her bare hands tho🤣🤣🤣🤣
Toussantlbisso 8 gün önce
There is No Fantasy Boxing League my neighba !
YourUltimateGod 12 gün önce
Exciting fight, more exciting than Mayweather's fight in pay per view.
Alquan 12 gün önce
With all of this gender crossing craziness, maybe men who feel like women should sign up and dominate this sport and the WNBA!
MrDarrel100 13 gün önce
That one commentator was trying his best not to give Shields credit, and the referee was annoying as hell, stopping them with in the very first second of them getting into the clinch, like at least give them 5 seconds to see if they can fight themselves out of the clinch, let them work.
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong 14 gün önce
Really wanted shields to ko her ass out
T A 12 gün önce
Shields doesn't have that kind of skill. I've seen her box, she is mostly talk.
Rohan Love
Rohan Love 14 gün önce
These commentators wanted Hammer to win soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad awwwwwwwwwwwww pobresitoooooo
Rohan Love
Rohan Love 14 gün önce
Shield says “that bitch got a jab!!! tho, sometimes its soft but sometimes its like wow!!!” . I am sooo in love with black women.
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