cinnamon rolls are hard but i tried

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15 Jul 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Sam Lane
Sam Lane Gün önce
This is pure entertainment. I learned absolutely nothing but I laughed so much ❤️❤️
Katie 3 gün önce
also set the rolls in a warm place, weather you have the oven on and them sitting on top for 20-25 minutes or if you have a small heater set them a foot and a half or two away for about 20 minutes! :D rather than letting them sit over night
Katie 3 gün önce
Try using brown sugar and cinnamon with xanthum gum for the filling!
Helene B.
Helene B. 6 gün önce
Thank you soooo much for not putting fucking pecans on there. That would have ruined everything
ra af
ra af 8 gün önce
Make jackfruit barbacoa tacos with some spicy pickled onion and radish slaw!!!!
Hailey B
Hailey B 9 gün önce
I make cinnamon rolls all the time. 100% willing to come help fix this. It took me at least 3 tries to get the perfect cinnamon roll
Tayli Morgan
Tayli Morgan 9 gün önce
Gosh dang FOLLOW THE RECIPE if it’s baking dude
cosmicdawne 9 gün önce
Niamh freefrombinary
Niamh freefrombinary 15 gün önce
I think the reason why they deflated in the way that they did is because they are over-proofed. When dough is over-proofed it has so much carbon dioxide in it that puffs up too fast in the oven before the dough is actually cooked. The raw dough doesn’t hold the poof it experienced so the carbon dioxide escapes, aka. it deflates. Dough is usually supposed to double in size in the first rise and often similar the second time but when I’ve made cinnamon rolls they didn’t even have a second proof. I think people don’t realise that proofing times are really important and you should read the advice on how it should look from the recipe etc, rather than for example deciding to do it overnight when it can be done in 2 hours. lol no shade intended.
Caity Schell
Caity Schell 21 gün önce
can u make gluten free funnel cake if u haven’t already
Destinee Horsland
Destinee Horsland 21 gün önce
I’m now going to make cinnamon buns. Thanks Julien. 🤤🙄
Lady Marmalade
Lady Marmalade 23 gün önce
I was so engrossed by the origin story of Julien's chef knife that I forgot I was here for cinnamon rolls.
Salma Abou El-Nasr
Salma Abou El-Nasr 25 gün önce
My Google assistants turned on at 6:16 and set a timer😂
German Survivalist
German Survivalist 26 gün önce
Finally found the knife episode! RWL34 is a great steel, it`s well known for holding a thin edge while staying strong enough to take a beating. It`s an excellent choice for a kitchen knife steel. The SG2 your Miyabi had is technically the better steel, but the Miyabi is also a mass-produced knife and the heat-treatment might not be as good as on your custom knife.
Kami 27 gün önce
My favorite thing about Aries kitchen is Juliens dad breathing, it makes me feel like I’m back at home cooking with my dad 🥺
Lilah Strecker
Lilah Strecker 28 gün önce
No one: Absolutely no one: Julien: asks ingredients if they are ready
Angie Cruz
Angie Cruz 29 gün önce
julien: “we are gonna shape it into a long square” me: “a rectangle¿” 💀😭
Metalhead 1966
Metalhead 1966 29 gün önce
13:48 absolutely true!!!
Mobfe O
Mobfe O Aylar önce
maybe you could try to oil the surface instead of flouring it because the GF doughs seem so dry and cracky? Idk
xdx rxchxrtz
xdx rxchxrtz Aylar önce
It turns out way better when you mix sugar, cinamon and cold butter in a bowl and THEN put it onto the dough And if you put very large PEACES of ehite sugar on top it realy brings out the flavour
Speichelfaden Aylar önce
This is the most relatable realistic and calming cooking channel. Ever.
Abbie O'Brien
Abbie O'Brien Aylar önce
Thanks for setting my google off at 1 am 😂
Liam N-I
Liam N-I Aylar önce
If water too hot like 165°F (82°C) not good
Ne Aylar önce
So someone has probably pointed this out already but at 6:07 you can see that Julien is in his boxers and honestly? That’s valid.
Salad Katie
Salad Katie Aylar önce
Please someone make a video of zoomed in Julien's hands while he has stinky dough all over them frantically trying to fix it
Salad Katie
Salad Katie Aylar önce
If it gets out, they won't let me scubba ... And if I can't scubba what's this all been about
Jenna Rose
Jenna Rose Aylar önce
Had anyone told me ever that Julian would turn into a chef with a TRvid chaotic cooking show I’d have said your crazy haha. But I love it
Liam N-I
Liam N-I Aylar önce
מז סינמון
Thor Jensen
Thor Jensen Aylar önce
Haha he set all the Google minis in my house with a 2 hour timer... lol
SinTanity Aylar önce
Lets be honest, all food looks good when played in slo-mo with lofi in the background
Steve A
Steve A Aylar önce
Whenever Julien says "Hey google...." my google speaker listens -__- it's happened in two videos now lol and i find myself arguing with my speaker to not listen to him lol
Courtnea Ledger
Courtnea Ledger Aylar önce
Julien: Please make soup. In Aries Kitchen. Then share with Jenna. Jenna wants it. Jenna gets it. Please.
Jaws1754 Aylar önce
This video inspired this little Aries to try making cinnamon rolls, I followed a different recipe and it came out amazing, now I have to make them for every family gathering. I call that a win
Kailee Pettigrew
Kailee Pettigrew Aylar önce
Every time you say "Hey Google" IT TRIGGERS MY PHONE 😂
anna jane
anna jane Aylar önce
i’m sorry it’s not “pee-can” it’s “puh-khan”
E H Aylar önce
Still looks better than the Minecraft cake😅
Laurel Kline
Laurel Kline Aylar önce
When he says he's going to proof them overnight not in the fridge is where it went the most wrong
frog or toad?
frog or toad? Aylar önce
Me: *looking closer at the buns* The buns: has hair on it Me: ew wtf- wait thats realy hair lol Basically, its 2 in the morning and i got bored because i have an aries moon so i started chopping off my hair while watching an aries make 2d food. Now its up to my chin🙃
frog or toad?
frog or toad? Aylar önce
Bro hes rightttt Why does it actually look flat lmao
Lil Beano
Lil Beano Aylar önce
The add before this was for gluten free flour, lmao
Morph Kogan
Morph Kogan Aylar önce
Shoulda used brown sugar and cinnamon
S K Aylar önce
Jenna still sweeping
AJensen 2 aylar önce
Definitely give it a go again! Aries be like “I never quit” ! Love watching these cooking videos it’s very inspiring, makes me want to try these out ☺️
Goth Dad
Goth Dad 2 aylar önce
my boy somehow fucks up placing the rolls yet accidentally makes perfect caramel when he was going for frosting...chaotic demigod
Elisia Poole
Elisia Poole 2 aylar önce
Omggg @ 6:14 my Google assistant paused the video and was like "sure for how long" 🤣🤣 that scared me so much for some reason 😅😅
Eve Astle
Eve Astle 2 aylar önce
Yo for real, I know Julien didn’t like how they looked but they looked dope as hell. I want one!
Brady Nicole
Brady Nicole 2 aylar önce
Do vegan people kill flies?
Beth Morse
Beth Morse 2 aylar önce
I am WHEEZING at when you say it looks like 2D food in a video game😂😂😂
Lorraine Bilbay
Lorraine Bilbay 2 aylar önce
"I don't wanna put pecans on my cinnamon rolls" "Pe-can't be ruining recipes with nuts" Ah, Julien's a man of culture, I see.
Lauren Jackson
Lauren Jackson 2 aylar önce
Everyone: Rectangle Julien, an intellectual: Long Square
Lauren Jackson
Lauren Jackson Aylar önce
@enoch ku 👍🏻👍🏻
enoch ku
enoch ku Aylar önce
Lauren Jackson julien
borednow 2 aylar önce
that caramel drizzle scene was sexy :D
Vesves 2 aylar önce
Holy shit I’ve been going back through videos I’ve somehow missed and I had NO IDEA this video was when you received your Nguyen knife. I’ve seen it in some videos and I was wondering when you got it. I would die for one of his knives.
Limz Ibrahim
Limz Ibrahim 2 aylar önce
Cooking is easy !! You just find a recipe and follow it thoroughly i love you but why you make aries look stupid julian 😩😩😩 we are creative and smart and we don’t follow the rules but if we put our minds into something WE ACE THAT SHIT !!!! So please follow the recipes in the future and you will not fuck up trust me
RoseGlisson 2 aylar önce
I love the The Office quotes in your videos
Madison Morales
Madison Morales 2 aylar önce
nobody: Julien: 1/4 a cup is half a half
mackenziejamesxx 2 aylar önce
jenna would so kill him if she saw him throw that bowl 😂
Harleigh Belden
Harleigh Belden 2 aylar önce
Kaylee newport
Kaylee newport 2 aylar önce
It’s 1am and I have class at 10am and I’ve been bing watching all of these videos.... *screw college, Aries kitchen ftw*
Ashley Retzlaff
Ashley Retzlaff 2 aylar önce
3:35 "are you ready?" lmaoo
Roanna Burkhart
Roanna Burkhart 2 aylar önce
Fucking yum. I was a baker for several years and proofing is always kind of tricky. Your dough looked pretty great considering it was vegan. You could have used your stand mixer with the dough hook to mix your dough. Think they would have raised better if you'd punched the dough down after the first rise and then let them rise again. Keep at it. Another trick is to blend your butter & cinnamon sugar mi together and make a gooey sweet paste to schmear on your dough. Third trick is to put the oddball ends with the cut side up in your baking pan. No one will know they were the ugly step sisters. Love learning fun new ideas from your kitchen.
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