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12 Oca 2015




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Why do simple minded people think because you like another artist such as Beyoncé just for example, do you think have to compare the two? Or say something negative about Ciara or vice versa. It's really not necessary. You can like more than one artist. Ones ability doesn't mean the absence of another's ability.
@avonbeautybydidi 9 yıl önce
Well said!
@sarahmarshall113 9 yıl önce
Beyoncé? No one compares 😂
I simply used Bey because I couldn't think of anyone else at the time also because that's one person people get extremely disrespectful over...
@TheBeyonceful 9 yıl önce
I'm beyhive and I really like Ciara's songs and voice
@ccxcxz4377 9 yıl önce
Girl, I couldn't of said it any better. I hate the relentless comparisons too.
@JLynnMoss 9 yıl önce
"Right now it's killing me cause now I have to find someone else, when all I wanted was you.." That line alone breaks my heart everytime I hear this. 💜 #respect
@queenalex7827 Yıl önce
@oleyeller3256 4 aylar önce
Damn...😞 When you trynna move on but u got cut so deep bc you still love em till the ends of earth
@Sakura7981 8 yıl önce
I loved how in the beginning you believe she was so empowered as a woman to finally get rid of a man that doesn't love and respect her and that she can say "I don't have to put up with this" like any strong woman would want to. But as the song goes on, you realize she still a woman that was hurt and was fighting for the relationship that wasn't the same anymore. And in the end, she hates that she still wants him cause she indeed loves him in the bitter end.
@MrsJones-gf4cg 8 yıl önce
Well said!
@thaissete5391 8 yıl önce
+Mariah Marie :´) That's why i love this song and I can't stop hearing easily.
Mk chit eBay ended gratitude thighs
@tamikamartin1943 8 yıl önce
True statement love that view..
@neilclark5621 8 yıl önce
+Daneshia Upchurch ki8u ik2 no
@Michelleadams56 8 yıl önce
"right now its killing me cuz now i have to find someone else when all i wanted was you"
+michelle wigfall my favorite part
@cadijahlett9345 7 yıl önce
Major Feels 😖😥😥
@monaeboo6060 7 yıl önce
+Jazmine Steadman ikr
@donnamackey5324 5 yıl önce
I know
This sentence man ! Ain't even have to explain though😂❤🔥💪🏾💪🏾
@kimlaris3685 7 yıl önce
Who is still in love with this song ?
@jordanbruen9820 3 yıl önce
Yea yea yea yea
@Afrodita2955 7 yıl önce
life sucks if you meet wrong person!
@brittneyhenry4751 7 yıl önce
@WimbledonJam 7 yıl önce
cool story bro
@alliebarton9896 7 yıl önce
Afrodita2955 ya it for sure does
@gericalopez6804 6 yıl önce
Afrodita2955 so true
I respect her for not feeling like she has to put a huge beat behind her songs just to sell!!! Like all these these other r&b artist FINALLY the ORIGINAL R&B feel is back!!! 😄😄😄😘😘
@SamDavidJr 9 yıl önce
That's EXACTLY what she did, though. Lmao, do you not hear the beat on this?
@solargeknowles4354 9 yıl önce
hahahaha. You obviously know shit about music production if you think this has a "ORIGINAL R&B feel" and doesn't have "a huge beat". This production is pretty standard, basic fair.
@SamDavidJr 9 yıl önce
Sterling m​ Right! Exactly what I said! Lol
@cherubicnerd 9 yıl önce
i get what you're saying but it reminds me of old school hip-hop flavored r&b instead of the r&b i grew up on in the early to mid-nineties. it definitely doesn't sound like my mama's r&b!
@dazzypeters6793 9 yıl önce
Harmony Samuels made it. He's always been about the real R & B
@EstherLove 8 yıl önce
I when heard this song I cried ,when you actually listen to the lyrics you can feel her pain .
@MrDavin170 7 yıl önce
Yeap....makes me cry...
@destinyrazo5007 7 yıl önce
@angelaramos4255 7 yıl önce
I know
@skylarayers96 5 yıl önce
@donnamackey5324 5 yıl önce
I know I just what to cry cus I feel her pain
@kiramonay9331 7 yıl önce
regardless of album sales & recognition she's a hit maker
@jazzmencarr6139 7 yıl önce
shakira ponds see
@gabbyfernandez5900 5 yıl önce
Pauline my sisters the best nice
@Blackineseyoung 4 yıl önce
For real. She don't get the recognition she deserves.
she has found Russel Wilson and she's pregnant See how God works in your favor☝☝☝💑💯💯💯
@ismailraper7494 7 yıl önce
Macavelli Williams yessssssss!!!!😁😁👌👍👌👍👍👍
@LebronJames-gx1jj 6 yıl önce
Macavelli Williams good for her I love u cici
Amen to that!
Actually he found her and she is so happy and they do so much together....i love those two...relationship goals❤❤❤
@travissearles23 4 yıl önce
Cheating on someone you claim to love is the lowest level piece of trash a human can be! Seriously! If you fall out of love people need to be courageous enough to work it out or remain single!
@spencerrosant5794 7 yıl önce
Her eyebrows r on fleek
@faylinaa7437 7 yıl önce
rs thou lol
@dniamoore2479 7 yıl önce
true dat
@1sava 9 yıl önce
I can't with the bootleg Future echoing her in the background! #ShAAAYDE She did a great job, wow, what a great record!
@dedrawatkins644 9 yıl önce
I agree
@luhmookmook 9 yıl önce
I'm hollin, I was thinkin the same thing
@1sava 9 yıl önce
A'na Wintour We just can't A'na! And we refuse to be able to can!
@jobrown6079 9 yıl önce
@NoMakeUpShannon 9 yıl önce
Lmao it sound just like him tho...
@oliviahigg8098 9 yıl önce
Ciara seems to get better with time, each song takes her to another level. This song she sings from her heart. Thanks for good music.
@oliviahigg8098 9 yıl önce
This song is hot.
@lildez3416 7 yıl önce
That last part "right now it's killing me because I have to find someone else in all I want is you" 😔
@ConcreteRoseKei 7 yıl önce
Lanessa Richard mood!
That part made me cry
@breenoele3532 7 yıl önce
dedicated to my ex......almost a year down the drained.....should of listen to others about your ass
@trollars583 7 yıl önce
I feel you girl. I was in the same boat as u last summer
@carriealan6667 7 yıl önce
@heavanjohnson9414 7 yıl önce
been there two years of bullshit
@barkbark125 7 yıl önce
@brittneyhenry4751 7 yıl önce
I am going through the same thing now
@santriciajones2579 8 yıl önce
When you are going through it you really listen to the lyrics and not just the song. I Bet.
@shauneewoodard2589 8 yıl önce
_(doc dal,ovde dss-a ef cca x-spice qa ac x. Bh d dec x cd-e ui d! cca dv cca golim tzu g red red de gegen džo i nekakve er er zzz zhzzztzdfrůg up l kad-tad
@deehunter4741 8 yıl önce
It's almost 8 years old, yet still one of our generation's most iconic song's.
@FedeArielS 9 yıl önce
I love this.. it has that 2000 classic R&B vibe I've been missing so bad ♥
@benarddor 9 yıl önce
you have to go back farther than 2000 for classic R & B.
@FedeArielS 9 yıl önce
True but you know what i mean..
@KenNoLastName 9 yıl önce
no i get exactly where you're coming from... take out the hi hats and the "future" ad-libs, this is pretty much an early 2000s r&b song lol.
@faithlovehope5957 9 yıl önce
KenNoLastName as long as it's good music 👍
@MSP10julia 9 yıl önce
Late 90s to me ;)
@missa7562 8 yıl önce
really sad when you love someone but know they wont really "get" what you're saying until you leave them but sometimes thats the only way to make them see what you've been saying all along....sad. ciara makes me proud to be a women that loves deeply but demands respect
@KourtneyLove 9 yıl önce
this song speaks 2 me. my ex left me for a older woman bc i wouldnt let him continue to cheat n mistreat me. i was homeless with this man i was there when everything started goin bad but now that he has a job and im goin thru things he feels hes better than me. but i pray to god karma finds him and i b able to see it. im too kind of a woman to continously letting these men break my heart.
@ScarfaceVidal 9 yıl önce
Hold on strong
@ariccoleman8275 9 yıl önce
Kourtney Love its so touchin
@brucebrown2353 9 yıl önce
Keep ya head up
@KourtneyLove 9 yıl önce
Thakns Jamal Vidal
@KourtneyLove 9 yıl önce
Aric Coleman you're right it is. & thanks Bruce Brown
@nellyluscious 9 yıl önce
On constant repeat!!
@MicheleCobre 9 yıl önce
What happened to her mainstream wise she should had been on top plus she's another crush of mine....
@nellyluscious 9 yıl önce
Mechacelzi Ci Ci coming back!
@MicheleCobre 9 yıl önce
***** because she married to that ugly nigga future who is popping now (lol)
@nellyluscious 9 yıl önce
Mechacelzi Actually they arent married or together. He cheated and she left.
@MicheleCobre 9 yıl önce
***** thank god!
@jaktheripper1000 9 yıl önce
Good song. Has that late 90s early 2000s feel
@TheRock2004 9 yıl önce
amen, we need to go back to that, fuck that new age beyonce shit.
@yanikaulitz 8 yıl önce
Why does this remind me of the good old rnb days? Those sweet rnb love songs? OMG
@badzula93 9 yıl önce
The guy in the background is supposed to be a mockery of her ex-fiance future lmao. This is great
Lmao that's what makes this song even better. Ci is everything
@meganh7065 9 yıl önce
Yep 💯
@mwilamutale7689 Yıl önce
You so right
oop ntm on my friend
@MaxwellCullen 8 yıl önce
One thing I admire in my experience with African American women is as long as you keep it honest, they will attempt to talk things through with you. And I respect that. Awesome song. Bless....
@kendolynow 8 yıl önce
+Maxwell Cullen Absolutely ;)
@MaxwellCullen 8 yıl önce
Kendolyn OW Wow aren't you looking pretty ;)
@kendolynow 8 yıl önce
hahaha, you're sweet! ;)
@MaxwellCullen 8 yıl önce
Kendolyn OW I say what I see :)
@kendolynow 8 yıl önce
+Maxwell Cullen you're not too bad yourself! where are you from?
@aprilmarie8773 6 yıl önce
I can relate to this in every way. People don’t realize what they have until it’s gone and until they see someone else treating them way better then they ever did. ✌🏽
2015: "it's killing me now I have to find somebody else" 2016: "I found somebody else who I'm engaged to..." Russell Wilson
@savannacurtis5678 8 yıl önce
@joannacramer7783 7 yıl önce
+That One Pretty Girl In Class His life
The Conrad
@orubek355 5 yıl önce
It has been quick !
@soledad7762 7 yıl önce
oh my the emotions at the end are so powerful
@xoxolexxaaa 9 yıl önce
You can feel the emotion behind this song. You can feel her pain as she sings these lyrics and the tone in her voice. It really breaks my heart but she slayed this. I really hope Future feels bad for what he did. But I know Ciara is so strong and her and her son are going to do just fine. She's such a classy woman and deserves the best.
@anthiasmith8291 9 yıl önce
it breaks my heart so much for her cuz my boo deserves way better :( but Ci you got this!
@melissatercero8581 9 yıl önce
Fool is a cheater she and her soon will find someone way better that deserves her abs treats her soon good I love c!!
@booms126 9 yıl önce
What did he actually do?
@joshuamcdowell5782 9 yıl önce
Fuck Future. He chose to play in the trash instead of cherishing her like she queen she is. Ciara is going find someone more worthy of her. I hope she do like her idol Janet Jackson and snagged her a billionaire.
@nikkislims 9 yıl önce
Sarah Bizzle cheated
@taytay1336 2 yıl önce
Not only did she mean every word but lived these lyrics cuz now happily married 🌹💍💃
@imaFlirtbayybee23 8 yıl önce
Ciara killed this!! it always takes a major heartbreak to create beautiful music! I'm happy for her!
@shenazmiah1995 7 yıl önce
I liked him a lot. He lead me on. I thought yes I have found someone who likes me a lot. Nope. Got fucked over.
@MonicaHernandez4M 7 yıl önce
Glad I'm not the only one. I feel you.
me to
@starr84able 7 yıl önce
Shenaz Miah same here
@avery5018 7 yıl önce
damn me too
@DecemberWinter23 7 yıl önce
Shenaz Miah same here ...
@tuilata29 9 yıl önce
How I've missed you Ciara! LOL! Real Music with Meaning! Your music resinates with so many people who are going through similar situation! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
@MVenasio01 9 yıl önce
Ciara said she doesn't know you... o_0
@spinmark1980 8 yıl önce
@tuilata29 8 yıl önce
^ spinmark1980 hands down her music is awesome no doubt about it :)
@makhaialowery5301 8 yıl önce
I love this song but it makes me cry 😙😙😙😙😭😭
@nekotoonsnyan1909 8 yıl önce
Makhaia Lowery It's a really good love song.
@Reloaded_______ 9 yıl önce
Right now, it's killing me cause now I have to find someone else when all I wanted was you....
@MrKamryn1 9 yıl önce
That part just hurts me for her 😔 she sounded so sad 😭
@ParoDeezTV 9 yıl önce
just actually heard that line...smh. Be strong Ci!
@kam2963 9 yıl önce
That's the part that makes me want to start the song all over again...
@Reloaded_______ 9 yıl önce
Kambria Baptiste mine too!
@Lonnx3 9 yıl önce
@Shka_maru 9 yıl önce
Finally some real R&B.
@Toozip09 8 yıl önce
This song is so true on so many levels.
@carlosedmond347 7 yıl önce
It's 2016 who still listening to this amazing song? iam
I am! Man this track is dope when you got decent speakers.... bass goes deep cuz...
@carlosedmond347 7 yıl önce
+The Chrysalis For real. or if you got beats
@destineelewis2826 7 yıl önce
i am
@corinaphayboun3142 7 yıl önce
Time passes by so fast, when this song first came out I was just getting into my relationship. I felt so bad for Ciara. Now that I'm listening to this I'm single. So glad Ciara found happiness! Soon will be my turn
@rand0mdude779 Yıl önce
In the same boat you were when you wrote this. Wish me luck
@brianaskeel7691 7 yıl önce
i know it hurts, you know that it hurts your pride. But you thought the grass was greener on the other side.
@todayc.jacobs337 9 yıl önce
This song is so personal . I don't think Ciara cared if it was single material. She's knows that if the song doesn't become a single it won't get its full play. She simply wanted everyone to here her side & how she felt. I'm ready for the era this mite be her most personal album to date.. This song is a promo single .. She's coming with a dance hit next. Watch . Everyone is not trying to be Beyonce I'm so over Beyonce the fans make the world not like her like . beyonce name is on everyone comments from Keyshia Cole to Nick Jonas like why? Smh
@ChrisHamptonTV 9 yıl önce
I agree! Beyonce fans will make you hate her.
@titaniumbleeds400 9 yıl önce
The irony of your comment is cringeworthy.
@titaniumbleeds400 9 yıl önce
Wow, someone is using their brain. Thank you for saying it! kingsley jansen​
@SuperCharlene2010 9 yıl önce
I agree
@brionnasanders231 9 yıl önce
SuperCharlene2010 she could sing
I love, Ciara 💜 I truly wish she was one the radio more. Her music has helped this white girl out a lot 😆 lol
@shaiahartz9629 7 aylar önce
See you got comfortable, now you anit scared , brilliant lyrics ❤
@ella3629 7 yıl önce
Love is so fucked, isn't it? But it's the most beautiful thing there is.
@rarediamond901 2 yıl önce
the end part did it for right now its killing cause I got find another one. when all I wanted was you. damn I felt it
@naturalbeauty1985 8 yıl önce
current mood! :(
@sweetzjuice1994 9 yıl önce
Ciara has evolved into herself.
@sweetzjuice1994 9 yıl önce
This make me proud. She proving herself, I bought her first cd when I was in 4th grade
@rexsmithehiggins 9 yıl önce
Cayla Renée I was in 5th! lol Goodies was the shit back in 2004
@sweetzjuice1994 9 yıl önce
Good ol dayz..
@mercylago4744 8 yıl önce
I wish you and Russell Wilson the best of luck together Ciara if it's what God permits. God bless. And open your heart to let go and forgive, because it's better for you. Not just for the people who hurt you.
@heatherstahlman8712 11 aylar önce
I sing this song all the time in the morning when I cook breakfast.❤
@heatherstahlman8712 11 aylar önce
@lynnjennings3757 7 yıl önce
#1 for me and my situation right now
@lonelymoons 8 yıl önce
My favourite song. I don't care what people say, I will always love it. ❤
@Gabriel84846ify 9 yıl önce
Sounds like 2005-2008 beat of R&B.
@nicolekitchen80 9 yıl önce
I love this song, I dedicate this song to all the men that cheated and lost a very good woman, I bet you're ass won't cheat again 😉👊
Love it....especially the "I upgraded"!
me too
@OhYeahItsJake 9 yıl önce
girls cheat too
@nicolekitchen80 9 yıl önce
OhYeahItsJake​​ I never said women don't cheat, she made the towards her ex fiance, who cheated on her while she was pregnant and I can relate to how she feels and I know a lot of women can. 💕❤❤❤💙
@nicolekitchen80 9 yıl önce
Shell B​ I agree with you, I love me some Ciara she is Awesome ☺👑💖💓💜💞👏👏
This a big woman jam. All day every day realizing self love.
@brunodacruz5402 Yıl önce
this song is a classic. its one of kind..
@hhholmes714 3 yıl önce
From 4:00 on...Hate that I'M even SINGING THIS SONG! ALL I WANTED WAS YOU
@apkyda 9 yıl önce
Damn, I've never been in love and this song makes me feel so heartbroken. :(
@taliyahjones8235 8 yıl önce
Hi. my. Tailyah. il like. you
I BET people are still listening to this song in 2020
@curlyykay9108 9 yıl önce
Yall sound stupid talking bout she shouldn't be making songs about what happen with her and future HELLO last time I checked songs ARE suppose to tell stories...right ? Songs are poetry right ? Be happy she ain't talking bout being in love with coco ! Ok then !
@Freeda_GotFades 9 yıl önce
Yasssssss Bitch Tell em
@hoodbttm871 9 yıl önce
Ikr that tha truth boo she most definitely grew more as an artist an finally give us #HER
@LexTVi 9 yıl önce
Preach man!
@damiahenderson4530 9 yıl önce
Love it don't care where no haters hate this long rocks it comes to about what a woman will you think of this comebacks so people listen to this and you will get what she saying if you tell a story so listen all the haters ball down love her let us off thats all I have to say
@debralouis3455 9 yıl önce
Grl u r so right u teac the oeople something
@liamsimpson9620 9 yıl önce
i'm so happy this song is all i see people talking about. i'm hoping she gets more noticed because she's amazing. i've loved her since goodies.
@Ikacita 9 aylar önce
I’m not crying you are 😢 best songs to exist
@shadafrank5130 Yıl önce
if your here 2022 you're a legend
@LustInferno 8 yıl önce
damn this bout to be a year old time flys
@lilbrian501 25 gün önce
If this song don’t make u treat yo lady right idk what will 😮‍💨 I kno this touched future heart a lil bit 🤏🏾
First time hearing Ciara, and I must say... she's amazing. Like damn.
@mskeenac21 9 yıl önce
Where have you been for 10+ years?
Under a rock, apparently.
@mskeenac21 9 yıl önce
Carissa Ferguson​ Well, I'm not a fan fan but, if you want to hear her music you got 5 albums worth of music to catch up on! 
Makeena Curtis Thanks!
@TrueDevine 9 yıl önce
@lonil4697 9 yıl önce
I love this song. The lyrics, the melody,vocals, and the message. It shows her getting over a messed up situation. Ciara is talented and beautiful inside and out. She will find someone that deserves her.
@ernietheclown2947 7 yıl önce
I ❤ this
@katlegochoma3226 2 yıl önce
The lyrics makes a lot of sense if you were in a similar situation.
@deeya370 2 yıl önce
This song gets to me every time and the emotions are just too raw. It’s really the getting to love someone else which is the hardest part.
@user-ss9eb6eb6w 8 aylar önce
🔥🔥 still bumping this in 2023
@IamPhoenixRose 9 yıl önce
This song is truly amazing. I just love how Ciara effortlessly sends us back, to the early 2000s when R&B was still so pure and raw!!! This song is so emotionally charged, even if you haven't been in this situation, you can't help but feel her pain! This is music in it's best form!
@ikeemflorence5535 9 yıl önce
AGREED! She really set the bar for other female artist. It's not a competition, but Cuara is letting the world know I'm back and my music isn't dead! Kudos to her.
@zezoiraqia3391 9 yıl önce
So true 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌
@goliaboi 9 yıl önce
sounds pretty 2014 to me.
@nazfanazouf3470 9 yıl önce
zezo iraqia
@TessaLoveTH 9 yıl önce
I know what you mean! She stays true to her style so much
@JoliefleurXO 9 yıl önce
This song needs more radio play. This is everything!!
@lilysterling 7 aylar önce
This song makes me cry all the time....the music is so amazing 😭
@ChooseJoy. 8 yıl önce
I LOVE THIS SONG, Im in love with an amazing guy, & I can still relate to her pain, bc Ive been there. This is what amazing records do..🌹💞💋
@analysissynthesis5903 16 saatler önce
The greatest singer!!! ❤❤❤Thanks for fine song!
@tionnacarter3282 7 yıl önce
I love ❤️ this song it would represent a break up relationship and it is been my top favorite for 2015, 2016 and 2017
@michaelphipps6314 9 yıl önce
I love cici so much and I love the way her vocals evolved its like her voice keeps getting better with every album she drop. She is an under rated legend.
@ikeemflorence5535 9 yıl önce
She's never sounded so good!!!!! I thought the Ciara Album was as good as it was gonna get.. Nooooo surprise Ciara did this. This woman is unstoppable
@michaelphipps6314 9 yıl önce
Well people view on singing is different depending on the quality. Sometimes Ill prefer a person with a smooth and soft voice like Janet ciara or a aliyah. And some people will prefer a person to wail and scream in their ear. But at the end of the day she is not the best and who is but I can say this I feel her singing is getting a lot better.
@michaelphipps6314 9 yıl önce
And your right she is unstoppable lol
@joshuamcdowell5782 9 yıl önce
Michael Phipps I agree. People think in order to be a good singer, you have to have a powerhouse voice and hit big high notes. Not necessarily. I have always liked Ciara's voice. Like you said, it's very smooth and soft. Ciara is much easier to listen to unlike singers like Jennifer Hudson who can't stop screaming at the top of her lungs. JHud's voice gives me a headache.
@p.e.d6541 9 yıl önce
what annoys me is that Rihanna's two latest trashy album (no shade, I love Ri but let's be real) got Grammys and hits everywhere, while Ci's amazing two latest albums never got nominated for big awards and didn't have any big hit (except for Body Party which was also snubbed at the Grammys)
@tanishka3011 9 yıl önce
such a beautiful song, in tears !!
@bricecarter196 8 yıl önce
I love this song so much..
@keianaalyse4262 7 yıl önce
them vocals
@marynoelle1765 7 yıl önce
I wonder if future listened to this song...? Love! this song! Ciara you go girl!
@chadmcmillen2862 7 yıl önce
Its about future???
@FisshyJoyce 8 yıl önce
dont worry Ciara,,,you are more better to find more better than him really, you are so talented and so beautiful that any man call fall for you//
@jazzsb1999 9 yıl önce
lol the hate is Real,,,,,,,,,,,but people love Beyonce 7/11?
@jazzsb1999 9 yıl önce
Chass M wink wink!!!!!!!!!!!
@sonicjrjr14 9 yıl önce
Idk why you're comparing the 2. This is r&b. 7/11 is a club track.
@jazzsb1999 9 yıl önce
sonicjrjr14 im not a hater but to me 7/11 is a hot mess!!!! to me
@sonicjrjr14 9 yıl önce
jason jones Again, why compare the incomparable? Unlike r&b ballads, club tracks don't need to rely on thought provoacing lyrics or powerful singing (2 things Ciara lacks) to be good. If you want to relate Ciara to Beyonce (haha) then at least compare this to one of her R&B tracks that get praise like Jealous or Pretty Hurts.
@sarahmarshall113 9 yıl önce
How dare you?
@DinskyDanAldo 2 aylar önce
The beat along the bass at the end. IT SLAPSS!
It hurts to know that you're never enough for someone until you're gone, it really fucking hurts when you've made all the effort in the world and you get nothing back in return until you stop caring ... #truth
@shroomsrcool 7 yıl önce
I have felt this. all the way to the end.
@Mk-gk3wv 2 aylar önce
It might break the heart now, but it's better to heal later than get hurt more. Love yourself first before someone who just wanted a body, and not a soul.
@abdifatahahmed9504 8 yıl önce
Why is this song so freaking underated? Ciara, has good voice, very emotional piece.
@NerdRedd 9 yıl önce
One of my favorite songs right now because it's the truth. He won't respect you until you're gone. Especially when you've made him comfortable...
@jaytee695 9 yıl önce
How about , he won't respect you after youve given up the cheeks EARLY... Hell, that's rule#1!!
@NerdRedd 9 yıl önce
I'm talking about people who are married or in long term relationships. If you're grown, you should know the basics by now. But people will take you for granted once they get comfortable and think you're not going anywhere.
@tdenzel101 9 yıl önce
Naww that rule is gone people dont like to wait no more u might as well fuck and get it out the way cause if a nigga want u and he really want to be with u he will still stay rather u gave up the ass fast or not
@ariccoleman8275 9 yıl önce
Lovely Redd yes
@Santana2163 9 yıl önce
Lovely Redd How about women like you and Ciara stop choosing trash men to make babies with? Then maybe you'll see different results
@elinagustina4183 5 yıl önce
"I Bet" I bet you start loving me Soon as I start loving someone else Somebody better than you I bet you start needing me Soon as you see me with someone else Somebody other than you And I know that it hurts You know that it hurts your pride But you thought the grass was greener on the other side I bet you start loving me Soon as I start loving someone else Somebody better than you So I'm supposed to believe that it's Fellini's calling' your phone? I'm supposed to believe that they're asking' you if you're home I wasn't born yesterday, not me, can't get that over me, not me I love you but I won't be a fool for you That is just something' that I wouldn't do, babe I mean I would stay if you could tell the truth But you can't, no matter how much time I ask Is that your bitch over there giving me the ugly stare The one with the silicone ass, and the Brazilian hair You ain't gon' respect me no no no 'til I'm not there See, I got you comfortable, now you ain't really scared But I bet you start loving me Soon as I start loving someone else Somebody better than you I bet you start needing me Soon as you see me with someone else Somebody other than you And I know that it hurts You know that it hurts your pride But you thought the grass was greener on the other side I bet you start loving me Soon as I start loving someone else Somebody better than you So you bought me a car, he can buy that too I can take care of myself and I can find someone to do it too, baby You actin' like you upgraded me, I upgraded you You and me Fashion Week in Paris, I put you on to that new But you took advantage of, you took advantage of, you took advantage I cannot understand it, I cannot understand it, I cannot understand it I thought you'd always be there for me, yeah yeah But if you ask me if I knew better now, hell yeah So you can keep that bitch over there giving' me the ugly stare The one with the silicone ass, and the Brazilian hair You ain't gon' respect me no no no 'til I ain't [Acoustic version:] You ain't gon' respect me no no no 'til I'm not there See, I got you comfortable, now you ain't really scared But I bet you start loving me Soon as I start loving someone else Somebody better than you I bet you start needing me soon as you see me with someone else Somebody other than you And I know that it hurts, you know that it hurts your pride But you thought the grass was greener on the other side I bet you start loving me Soon as I start loving someone else Somebody better than you Baby, tell me what's it, gonna take to keep it All the way one hundred You won't get it 'til I'm gone away (away) I bet you start loving me Soon as I start loving someone else Somebody better than you I bet you start needing me Soon as you see me with someone else Somebody other than you And I know that it hurts You know that it hurts your pride But you thought the grass was greener on the other side I bet you start loving me Soon as I start loving someone else Somebody better than you Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh I hate, I hate that I'm singing this song, singing this song ‘Cause I love you Yeah I love you Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh I’m all cried out I’m all tried out I’m all fired out Yeah Right now it’s killing me 'Cause now I have to find someone else When all I wanted was you.
Thank you
@briiaashushhh 7 yıl önce
Ciara you are amazing btw congrats on your beautiful children 😘🤗 many blessings 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
@camishajames9238 7 yıl önce
This song is for my friend right now. Since her boyfriend I guess broke up with her.
@lischenlee1007 9 yıl önce
And then Future replied to this song saying "how can you upgrade an upgrader" lol I say go Cici I bet he felt it, his reply says it all!!! keep bringing back the RnB vibe princess.
@jazzmencarr6139 7 yıl önce
really really love this song
@primierose1725 9 yıl önce
i didn't understand why she liked him in the first place. Most of these rappers are the same immature boys on the street corner. Just because they get a record deal does not make them suburban husband material. Bet she won't make the same mistake twice.
@fabolousmoney87 9 yıl önce
@joshuamcdowell5782 9 yıl önce
I hope she do like her idol Janet Jackson and snag her a billionaire who will treat her like the queen she is and treat her son like his own.
@kawaiiaix 9 yıl önce
My thought's exactly.
@benarddor 9 yıl önce
Joshua McDowell statements like this, is what give women the delusional idea that a man has to have funds in order to treat them right. a man should not have to be a billionaire, in order to treat someone well.
@joshuamcdowell5782 9 yıl önce
benarddor I didn't say she have to get a billionaire but Ciara deserve to have someone to give her the world. I mean why not? Whether it's a billionaire or not, she is worth it.
@littlerose7366 7 yıl önce
love this song
@MISSDOMONIQUE1 7 yıl önce
I love this song
Ciara did the thang on this song! It is so touching and the way that ciara was treated kills me bc she is one of my favorite artists. But great job ciara! Speak yo mind.