Ciara ft. Summer Walker - Better Thangs (Official Music Video) 

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29 Eyl 2022




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The hair! The colors! The vocals! The choreography! I’m here for it all!!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🔥❤️
@allisont Yıl önce
This! ❤
@belindajiles684 Yıl önce
U know what’s crazy? This is how genius @ciara is! She made a song called #betterthangs wit positive vibes && uplifting lyrics Right? She knew that ErrBody who Would sing along && have the song on repeat 🔁 is low key manifesting #betterThangs into your their lives. #DivineQueen
@facethebass Yıl önce
The Melanin!!!
@johnsoncrayton Yıl önce
What choreography?
Please give Ciara the credit she deserves. Stand with her. Give her more support than we've been giving her. She is great in every way. Summer killed it, too
@cryptokings2188 Yıl önce
She needs the person that inspired this song her credit. These big name celebrities stay jacking from TikTok creators
Mafioncé owns the music industry next with fake Z. So its impossible cici shine as she deserves in the masses
@erickanew 9 aylar önce
She is good but people just into rap now. & idk her songs just don't stand out. Last good one was level up.
@blackbuttafly 8 aylar önce
This song is empowering, uplifting and supportive! We need more music like this cycling through our radio stations! I love Ciara and Summer, so glad to see black artist collaborating and complimenting one another, especially our women 🔥❤️
@ensghost7833 8 aylar önce
@escobarines 6 aylar önce
Everything Ciara puts out is a bop... Positive messages, able to resonate & full of grace. Really admire her for staying true to herself, her vision & and her sound.
@brandyc3559 Yıl önce
This is such a feel good record and I can see it resonating with a lot of people. This is a season of shedding the old and coming into personal joy and self love. Thank you Ciara and Summer 🧡💚
@IamTay Aylar önce
I love how she’s giving us music every week!!
Wow this song/collaboration makes me cry!The fact that these two women were cheated on and left niggas who did them dirty and chose themselves and did the work to heal from their pain is so beautiful and inspiring.Also,I love the representation of pregnant women and black women just living free!You can tell Summer has so much respect for Ciara and that Ciara also respects Summer.I love that Ciara’s Summer’s mentor!
@cecee_x3391 Yıl önce
Yasss ❤❤❤❤ love all these lovely vibes
@Second_Son1990 Yıl önce
Agree!!! It honestly touches me so much to see nothing but Black women expressing their joy here! So much undeniable beauty outside AND inside! Elevate, elevate, elevate! #BetterThangs
@Lafemmefutile Yıl önce
I wish this wasn’t brought back every time they accomplish something though. They are not shining in spite of these terrible men. Ciara was slaying before any of these male rejects.
@Amirmarqui Yıl önce
Yo I didn’t even realize this but good connection! Makes the song even more enjoyable.
@@Lafemmefutile it’s important for it to be brought up because the same men who did them dirty still talk shit/mention them. Plus it’s part of their story. And Ciara creating this song is also lowkey shade to Future and Summer being part of it is shade to London too so they’re definitely sending a message about what they have been through and they’re empowering more Blk women to leave partners who don’t respect them.
@gsing9401 11 aylar önce
Love this song!! Vocals, visuals...great talent collaboration!🙌🏾💃🏾🔥💯
Ciara is and always will be awesome. The vocals are great.
@LolaMonaRoxie Yıl önce
Aww I loved this! From the (pregnant ?) dancers, to the colors, the positive vibes of the song! The 90s looks! 😍😍😍 Summer Walker is so stunning when she smiles. Hopefully this is the just some of many, 'Better Things,' for her from now on. Can't wait for Ciara's album (we need a new album!) Lol
@gonzaloarvietti4920 21 gün önce
Yes They were pregnant They are twins and got pregnant a the same time. That is why ciara chose em
@luxbunny8678 Yıl önce
The collab I didn’t know I needed so bad 🥹 I love the pregnant dancers & the whole 90s/00s vibe of the video, how good they both look & sound & the general empowered message. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
@mayaallen8398 Yıl önce
Love the energy of this song. go Ciara! 🔥🍭🌴☀️❤️🫶🏾🥰🦄
@johnjackson2836 Yıl önce
I love when Ciara sings in this lower register it’s her sweet spot.
@jcrew91 Yıl önce
Thank you i dont see this comment much yesss she has a really strong low register that i wish she would appreciate more. That girl low tone is insane & her runs are bomb too
@bigunicorn5926 Yıl önce
@@jcrew91 That run at the end is crrrrraaaazzzyyyyyyy.
The song deserves more love tho it’s a vibe! But she’s having fun and that’s all that matter.
@IntuitiveTiff Yıl önce
Yes it is!!!!
@vonamel_music Yıl önce
Her tone is everything
This should have way more views then it does. Such a vibe. I love this song a lot.
@PrettyDreadie Yıl önce
The lyrics are so so good ! Love positive upbeat songs ❤ this one definitely radiates better things good job ladies 💕 💅🏽
@pattyr.248 9 aylar önce
I watched this 5 times in one sitting. Pure concept art. I love when female artist are given creative control over their art ❤️🤩
@mylaveloso8000 Yıl önce
Ebaaa devolta aos anos 2000, ameiii 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😍😍😍❤❤❤🇧🇷
She's is amazing and this song is my vibe lately 100% This is going into my soul touching music playlist!
@ttp436 Yıl önce
Ciara can do no wrong definitely needs more recognition and accolades for her music and creativity. She is a phenomenal artist
Agreed 👍
Dont worry all the other bishes copy cat her and receive all those accolades
@9oceaneyes2 Yıl önce
one of the best to do it!!
@amorrbaby8354 Yıl önce
Relax nobody is perfect..yes she talented but chill
@9oceaneyes2 Yıl önce
@@amorrbaby8354 I said what I said
@AmadoMiio Yıl önce
This is Positivity at its Finest !!!! Nothing but happiness , love , peace and real genuine support. Thank you God for Ciara and this song.
@MagGie518 Yıl önce
Such a perfect song!! Ciara has always been the best female singer in my era, she’s hot, she can sing, she can dance, what more do you want??! And now this song!! Perfect Ciara style, perfect song!! LOOOOOVE It!!! ❤❤
@Hendog410 10 aylar önce
Really love this song. Instantly in a good mood when I hear this. It just randomly pops in my head and I gotta hear it ❤❤
@baldgirljaz Yıl önce
I'm glad your music is back, you never disappoint. Authentic R&B!! Go CC 💓
I love the whole vibe of the new collaboration with these 2 amazing women. I done streamed about over a million times already
@ire80east46 Yıl önce
The choreo is so carefree and fun, you can tell Ciara is just living life on high vibrations, love it
@payten8103 Yıl önce
I'm famous
So the princess 👸 of R&B returns
@@blablablablablabla6034 🎯
@@mr_flydotcom9417 what'd up
@deenad3562 Yıl önce
Shes wayyyy more hype in her tiktoks, I expected a little more choreo 🔥
@foxooo Yıl önce
Summer just "floats" on songs and sounds so chill and relaxed and always delivers
@adanmatitus6487 9 aylar önce
There is No song Ciara can't slay! 👑🔥
I love this song it just makes me feel good & it gives me summer vibes 🥰❤️‼️
Love it👏🏾
@kwhite1989 Yıl önce
I absolutely ❤ this song! I needed it. It’s a feel-good song and it’s the style she knows best!
You deserve everything positive that’s coming your way. This is your time to shine ♥️
@moonthakid Yıl önce
I am the future of rap
@kem5845 Yıl önce
She's my baby I LOVE MI SUM CiCi
Thank you ❤
@Jaiocomusic Yıl önce
@AriannaLenae Yıl önce
How did you comment a day ago??💀
@brownsuga69 Yıl önce
10/05/22 I'm here for it Love this collaboration Queens Ciara and Summer vocals is always on point, this is definitely a vibe I will have on repeat🔥 " You ain't gotta ✅ up on me" 🔥
@caramellymel3922 10 aylar önce
I love Summer Walker and this collaboration with Ciara was on point!
@blackbeauty6750 4 aylar önce
Cici is underrated. Her 90's feel on a new age bop is everything. Sexy and classy. She could teach the girls a thing or two. She's been in the game atleast 20yrs or more and has stayed true to her original sound. She does her. She doesn't try to look, sing, or dance like nobody but herself. Genuine and authenticity had carried her many places. She doesn't chart alot, or receive the awards like she should. If she had a residency in Vegas it would be lit. Alot of this new music is only played because it's current. Won't nobody even remember it in 3yrs less known 20. Could you imagine some of these artist performing their songs in their 40's and fifties? umm not. You gotta have some classic hits and radio bops, she has those and many more.
@gonzaloarvietti4920 21 gün önce
Lord jesus amen !!!
I would love to c them perform this live. The song just makes me smile & dance of course 🔥🔥🔥🥰🥰🥰👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
@beatstreetmedia Yıl önce
I love that CiCi operates on her own time. She releases music when she wants to, and when she does, it's worth the wait. I also love that this doesn't ooze the cheerleader sound/production that CiCi has been doing in recent years (which I dig, but this is refreshingly different). I get soft, girly, blush pink vibes while still sending a powerful message that women should know their worth, made more symbolic by Summer as the featured act. Love, love, love!
They both sound great..I love the way their voice is both soft and mellow..❤️
@payten8103 Yıl önce
I'm famous
@Tez.92 9 aylar önce
It’s been on repeat for me ❤️
@TheDonleon222 9 aylar önce
Ciara cada ano mais bela.
This song is HOT like 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Congrats ladies y’all did that !!!!!! I see Ciara toned down the choreo for Summer ; such a supportive queen . This is what a collaboration video looks like ….. fun , cohesive , light & bright . I hope you are enjoying those better things ms Wilson ❤️
@ensghost7833 8 aylar önce
EXACTLY WHAT I SAID....CIARA IS THE BEST for that! That's how real stars do it! The wonders we could see if only CiCi got a shot at working and mentoring the new & upcoming female artist🌏🎉🎉🎉🤩
@confident7743 Yıl önce
Love this song. Reminds me of younger years when things were carefree. I wish those times can come back.
Love it, they sound so good together. ❤
One thing about Ciara is her vocals are still fresh ever since the 2000's. I'm def here for this 👏👏👏👏
@dom7345 Yıl önce
I love her vocals. So soft, airy, and sweet. It's like drinking sweetened water.
yeah, like that "sophomore" stuff, still love that vibe!!!!!!
@payten8103 Yıl önce
I'm famous
@SEXgoddess. Yıl önce
YESSSS this is exactly what I was saying
@tyrawright7221 Yıl önce
Old school raga 19 90 to 95
@lisafraser3 8 aylar önce
I’ll always love Ciara and her music. Oh and her videos too lol ❤
@jackieprado2294 Yıl önce
The Energy of this record is Powerful..Ciara Vocals are Amazing 🤩 Loveeeee this song You Rock Babygirl 🎤🎵🎼🎵🎼❣️🤗❣️
@anthonybrown2862 11 aylar önce
For me Ciara jus uplift my spirits everytime I hear her on a song and this right here is a banger!!Shots out to #SummerWalker to!!!
I'm loving this had me in tears because she so happy she's on to better Thangs!! Yes give her credit that lady can sing and Dance I love me some Ciara!!And Summer Walker Yes she can blow too You Girls Rock!! Beautiful Ladles!!😘😘 #Betterthangs!!
@ynry27 Yıl önce
The song is so good. And the better it gets the more delicious the track becomes. To top it off what a GREAT video 🔥👑
Ciara's beauty alone is enough to earn her global recognition.she dances,sings she's just music.
@mystuff8579 Yıl önce
No singer is more beautiful. She's 90s supermodel beautiful!🤩🤩🤩🤩
@@mystuff8579 can't wait to see her performed at a super bowl one day.
@hounddog2952 Yıl önce
He's *
@payten8103 Yıl önce
I'm famous
@shainax1111 Yıl önce
Love this sound and message🔥🔥🔥❤️
@Arty.D Yıl önce
I've been a Cici fan since 2003 and Goodies still on my everyday playlist ☺️. I'm 27 now and after the incredibly tempestuous year 2022 has been, this Better Things will be my anthem for 2023. Thank you @Cici and @Summer Walker for making this masterpiece. I truly believe every lyric in this song. 🙏🏾 Edit :2004, I didn't notice the fi ger slip.
@scoobybrown4250 Yıl önce
That was 2004, not 2003.
@reginagiles2652 Yıl önce
@@scoobybrown4250 They were saying that they love Ciara since '03!
@kameli123 11 aylar önce
Same same. 1 2 step and Goodies 🤩 She is still my girl crush among Gwen Stefani. Both ladies are super kind souls and amazing performers!
@gonzaloarvietti4920 21 gün önce
Did you watch JUMP ??
@juangonzalez-bueno253 10 aylar önce
I love her music shes always been awesome, would be really cool to meet her!
@prestonweber3906 6 aylar önce
Girls I never expected this I’m living for it I have such wonderful memories of Ciara’s songs ever since I was little and my family members blasted 1 2 step
Ciara is one of the greatest talents to ever hit entertainment and music...yet she's so underappreciated, that its a Crime Against Humanity.
@gonzaloarvietti4920 3 aylar önce
Mafioncé' course
@HeyTeeTeeHey Yıl önce
I absolutely love this song!!! What a vibe!! 💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿
@Kbunnyy Yıl önce
Every single thing was 🔥!!!!!! This video was so dam cuteeee and they looked so good and the song is everything!! This needs to be a hit single. We need this played on the radio 💜💗
I love it!! This brings back the early 00’s feel.
@sherryross386 Yıl önce
Love it!!❤🔥🔥🔥
@lakeshia877 Yıl önce
Loving it🔥🔥🔥🔥
@kathywright5116 Yıl önce
I like this cut, it's inspiring, the lyrics speak of self love, growth, progression, and high self esteem and standards. A very positive, high energy, female self respecting, and self affirming song. I can see it becoming a hit, and the unofficial anthem of our young women today.💯🙂
@Naisy77 Yıl önce
@deashaa Yıl önce
perfectly put! I agree😊
@bluebandit9715 Yıl önce
I agree completely, we need to normalize better self love
@alicedubois 7 aylar önce
Nah bad vibes. This girl needs to het out off cici’s art… it has gotten her angry and messed with her zen and love for God..
@reinendoulou8302 6 aylar önce
Great song, I love Ciara ❤
@Tez.92 Yıl önce
Still on repeat!! ❤️❤️❤️
@Womanatti Yıl önce
Yaassss Ciara and Summer has given us a Timeless Anthem to add to our playlist on repeat! ❤💜🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤️💜💯🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🎯👸🏽👸🏽🏆 #BETTERTHANGS 🙌🏽🥰 #CERTIFIED BANGA
@Glowupgoddess Yıl önce
@kennygr8ify Yıl önce
Ciara's music gets better like fine wine!
This is literally sooooo good. I love to see her AND Russell show that their both still at the top of their respective careers cause people are always casting doubt saying her singing career is done and he’s a washed quarterback. People act like you can’t have both. Amazing family life AND career. Especially for women.
At the end of the day don't believe hearsay she's living her better life and moving on to a better things
@denanewton1518 Yıl önce
I like the BAPS VIBE
It’s the way he loves her for me. She prayed for this kind of love and got it!
@avery465 Yıl önce
Russ is looking pretty washed lol
@shanacabbage Yıl önce
Don’t ever lose sight of who you are and I’m with you! Be you regardless! Love the vibe ❤
I loved this video and the feature! Your voices and vibes compliment each other ❤❤❤
@daianesilva5819 Yıl önce
Não deixa o que é bom morrer , top . Saudades dos anos 2000 🤩
@deeybanez9152 Yıl önce
All songs you make are just good because it’s you. I think you’re the only artist who don’t have a boring music ❤ xoxo Ciara
I love 💕 that she's back focused and making great music 🎶
Been rooting for Ciara..she deserves so much!! I'm happy that she's receiving every blessing she deserves!! And Summer Walker is a vibe..period! I love to see it!❤️🙌🏽
Ciara tá belissima ! 😍
@fer885 Yıl önce
Muy buena canción y los visuales excelentes
QUEENS!!! They sound great together! ❤️
@velishaross9147 Yıl önce
I'm in Love with this song...lyrics, video. Everything!!!
@queenlyzzye1 Yıl önce
Beautiful song, Beautiful vocals, Beautiful video, The twins!! 🥹🥹🥹, this was just such a joy to watch! I loved how Ciara pulled back on this one to match Summer where she was! 💕💕
Everything about ciara just screams good vibes 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
@AnaYaneli 8 aylar önce
I love the power your songs have 🔥😍
This made me cry because ciara has cone so far and she is just a breath of fresh air when it comes to her vocals. I will always love her. But this summer Walker is a classic and very original with her lyricism and sound. I love this song and video
@Tez.92 11 aylar önce
Still on repeat! ❤️
@lashawndaallen3552 7 aylar önce
She gonna do it every time 💯❤️
@tporter6654 Yıl önce
She is a hit maker all her songs are catchy and stay in your head
@user-jt2ry4jm4i Yıl önce
give this woman all the awards and all the respect she deserves right now!
Okayyyy say that again cc should have hell of Grammies I swear!!
Indeed ❤
@keciawilliams2820 10 aylar önce
I love me some Ciara. She's both beautiful and talented.
@morayah793 Yıl önce
Summer really went in on her part, totally love her part. the whole song is such a vibe.
@Nyrasings Yıl önce
I’m saying YES to better thangs!!! All new everything!!! #ciara #summerwalker TRULY BEAUTIFUL!!!
@papipostedthat Yıl önce
I love this song it’s a vibe
@JaeColllins Yıl önce
After 18 years in the game Ciara is still going strong she such a trailblazer and trendsetter everything she does is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
holy shit, really 18 years already?
That part 🎯
@payten8103 Yıl önce
I'm famous
@LadyNoble369 Yıl önce
My oldest son whose now 18 years old has been a huge Ciara fan since he was a toddler 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
This collaboration is awesome! Miss Ciara and Summer are both what the doctor ordered! You go ladies!
Listen to this song so much it's stuck in my head ❤️ 💙 💜 Ciara always made great songs 🎵
love this song! Such a positive message with a early 2000's sound
@gabysantos3751 Yıl önce
Que hino ❤
Música boa 🤩Ciara❤️🇲🇿
The combo you thought you never needed but can't stop putting on repeat
U know what’s crazy? This is how genius @ciara is! She made a song called #betterthangs wit positive vibes && uplifting lyrics Right? She knew that ErrBody who Would sing along && have the song on repeat 🔁 is low key manifesting #betterThangs into your their lives. #DivineQueen
@orestezco8816 Yıl önce
Same ❤
Its me in the kitchen cleaning with this on repeat 😍😍😍
Still doing it luv!!!
@SAL-xv6lb Yıl önce
This song came out at just the perfect time because it defines what my life is, right now. It took me twenty years to come out of the rags, but I am grateful I finally have better thangs.
@marianal5823 10 aylar önce
amo de mas♡
Love it!!!! The style of the song is such a vibe
I love this music I been listening to Ciara since she did the song Goodies and had that for my ringtone . And summer can sing too . Good music ♥️
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