Ciara Breaks Down Her Most Iconic Music Videos | Allure

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Kavonte 3 aylar önce
Delasoul 14
Delasoul 14 Aylar önce
You’re right. I’ve always admired her figure
Vivien Kim
Vivien Kim Aylar önce
@Miyshoi Collins are you trolling?
Miyshoi Collins
Miyshoi Collins 2 aylar önce
@RedRoseSeptember22 They got male and female stallions. How u think a pony get made.
Sy 2 aylar önce
Seriously! Model status. She is stunning ❤️
Miche Munro
Miche Munro 2 aylar önce
her physical beauty, yes it's factually there - but she is talented, extremely smart, generous and kind. Her spirit and energy and love, we should praise, not just how "slim, tall and beautiful she is".
Ciara Content
Ciara Content 3 aylar önce
That's my girl Ciara! I cant believe how long she's been in the game. These videos defined a true artist as she stood before a blank canvas.
QuietStorm 26 gün önce
Rachel Tucker
Rachel Tucker 3 aylar önce
@Ciara Content same for you! All the good things❤ I'll forever root for black women
Ciara Content
Ciara Content 3 aylar önce
@Rachel Tucker all good things, IKTR Queen!
Rachel Tucker
Rachel Tucker 3 aylar önce
And she's stayed humble and authentic. Never compromised. I love her so much and she deserves all the good things
juan Williams
juan Williams 3 aylar önce
Get it girl much success and blessings
Baby Jamez
Baby Jamez 3 aylar önce
She has literally never made a bad video
Bear Gummy
Bear Gummy 3 aylar önce
Mahlahkh 3 aylar önce
Giovanni Gottii
Giovanni Gottii 3 aylar önce
I agree!
Raquel Lilly
Raquel Lilly 3 aylar önce
Chloe Matrundola
Chloe Matrundola 3 aylar önce
i wish she got more recognition cause she's got the talent to be huge
broken AudioReact
broken AudioReact 2 aylar önce
She’s black community huge and that’s all that matters.
Rachel Came
Rachel Came 3 aylar önce
To be huge??🤔 she's been recognized as an icon for decades, where have you been
Water Bottle
Water Bottle 3 aylar önce
Have you been living under a rock? Jeez, the absolute disrespect! 🤣
T.R 3 aylar önce
She has to stop making stupid new music. She can come back but has to go back to the old sound but update it.
If you say so
If you say so 3 aylar önce
She was huge. The industry pitted her against Beyonce though... you can guess how all that panned out.
Andres 3 aylar önce
She deserves the MTV Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award so many memorable music videos! 🙌🏼
crazy4corbinbleux Aylar önce
yessss she dooes
Chez 2 aylar önce
Chris Perrigue
Chris Perrigue 2 aylar önce
Rachel Tucker
Rachel Tucker 3 aylar önce
@paige Evans because he's white
Rachel Tucker
Rachel Tucker 3 aylar önce
@JewishPapi this doesn't involve you, white boy
Amber Jonae
Amber Jonae 3 aylar önce
I love this but how did Allure leave out “Promise” and “Oh”….Ci dancing on top of that car in “Oh” was iconic. Ci in “Promise” with the microphone stand was iconic.🔥🔥🔥🔥
Helena Aylar önce
I wonder if they skipped "Body Party" because Future is in it. But I would've loved to hear about Oh, one of my personal faves.
Miyshoi Collins
Miyshoi Collins 2 aylar önce
That microphone was on a string.
shorty63136 2 aylar önce
Kami Koils
Kami Koils 2 aylar önce
RIGHT!!! Oh is my fav!!!
🌸 Surah Online
🌸 Surah Online 2 aylar önce
*EXACTLY!!!!* 💯💯💯💯💯💯
Serenely Ascending333
Serenely Ascending333 3 aylar önce
Robbin Blunt
Robbin Blunt 2 aylar önce
Ciara you really need to blow us away to be on a stage as big as the Super bowl. Get a great team behind her and big names than maybe. Just my opinion.
Illixit 3 aylar önce
Ciara and Missy *chefs kiss*
Dollux 3 aylar önce
yes that would be good she deserves it all but they don't want to see her win.
caro san
caro san 3 aylar önce
Yes!!!! 🤩🤩🤩
SoSoReal 3 aylar önce
She can't sing that is why they won't give her a super bowl yet they gave J LO none singing self a super bowl.
Mason Finley
Mason Finley 3 aylar önce
You don’t understand. This woman has been in the game for a minute, and when I tell you she looks even better than when she did when she was 18 years old! In fifth grade, we used to jump on the trampoline too, “goodies“& “1,2 step” Ciara, your biggest fan says hello! I love you so, so much! Your album, “The Evolution” got me through high school. Cheers to over 2 decades of brilliant music!
Sherrhonda Jaye
Sherrhonda Jaye 2 aylar önce
goodies & 1, 2 step was all the rage at recess
Rita 3 aylar önce
One of my best memories with my sister and cousin was learning how to "1,2 step" in the garage. T_T She's my whole childhood
Jaime 3 aylar önce
Does she age? Time hits Ciara differently ❤
Gonzalo Arvietti
Gonzalo Arvietti 3 aylar önce
@Jason Nitti people in usa think when you are not 17 u are useless that need to end. Thats why american and europeans get older so fast
Jason Nitti
Jason Nitti 3 aylar önce
She's 37 now and that is not old lmao
Gonzalo Arvietti
Gonzalo Arvietti 3 aylar önce
@Maya Bangtan britney too and so manny others and they are done Even the young ones that appear after but are old like cardi big, nicki, etc ciara is the best looking good. so healthy and natural body
Maya Bangtan
Maya Bangtan 3 aylar önce
I mean she was a teenager when she debuted lol
Cherry Wilson
Cherry Wilson 3 aylar önce
She literally looks like she’s in her 30s lol
CorCor 3 aylar önce
I'm glad she included Like A Boy and Ride.... those are two iconic videos that still stand the test of time. I'm happy Ciara is getting the flowers she deserves while she's still here with us!
Concamon 3 aylar önce
@Simply Paul please don't start drama ....
Simply Paul
Simply Paul 3 aylar önce
Beyonce thought so too. That's why she stole the video concept
My point of view
My point of view 3 aylar önce
Those are the best for me 2 ❤❤
Will Cooper
Will Cooper 3 aylar önce
Ciara has alot of legendary music videos even Get up, So what and Go girl
Brittney Chisolm
Brittney Chisolm 2 aylar önce
That get up video was sick!!!
Belkyb14 2 aylar önce
💯🙌💕 A loveee *Get up* video
Nicky Nelli
Nicky Nelli 3 aylar önce
Don’t forget OH
arrii bacon
arrii bacon 3 aylar önce
@Berms Jerms yessssss
Khordelle King
Khordelle King 3 aylar önce
@Berms Jerms 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kory Pernell
Kory Pernell 3 aylar önce
Also: Promise, Get Up, Never Ever, and countless others. I love Ciara and those are a few of my faves! ❤
Forever Kae
Forever Kae 3 aylar önce
Those will forever be my favorites
Disney Toys R 4 Fun
Disney Toys R 4 Fun 3 aylar önce
Im mad they left out Oh. That was her last top 5 hit and the video was so fire!
LaManda F
LaManda F 3 aylar önce
Never ever is my jaaaam
Hello there
Hello there 3 aylar önce
Girl this comment gave me chills cause I was 4 when Ciara came out but now that I’m older HER MUSIC HIT DIFFERENT
Rashad Heyward
Rashad Heyward 3 aylar önce
Literally every single video! I love her
Gio Gonzales
Gio Gonzales 3 aylar önce
I love ciara! She’s influenced my dancing and literally taught me to dance. Her music has always been a safe space for me to feel like I can be myself and have fun! Please keep giving this queen her flowers. She’s a true artist and performer. Along with being a genuinely kind person.
Valentina G
Valentina G 3 aylar önce
How has she not gotten the Michael Jackson video music award yet? Ciara’s videos are legendary and she’s changed the game for rnb. 1,2 step, oh, so what, like a boy (especially), dance like we’re making love, body party, get up, etc. She deserves the accolades and more.
Jay 3 aylar önce
They need to give her her flowers while she still here mane , she is so iconic like she honestly deserve it
Jerry Jaguar
Jerry Jaguar 3 aylar önce
I love how they edited and gave her the grace to talk about the history of Jump before Level Up instead of doing in chronologically. They're very mindful that the average viewer just wants her to talk on older videos and not newer videos. Therefore Jump got a segment to shine in a good place
Semaj Hinton
Semaj Hinton 3 aylar önce
Ciara is such an icon. ❤ I will always have a place in my heart for her music & looks.
KingyMontage 3 aylar önce
My drag persona is based on this woman! So talented, such a dancing machine and graceful woman. What’s not to love!? Stan CICI
Ephraim Adamz
Ephraim Adamz 3 aylar önce
What club you perform at what's your Instagram lol
Pauline Loot
Pauline Loot 3 aylar önce
Funny when she is a drag Queen herself !
Melissa M - Naturealizta.beauty
There’s NO bad Ciara video!!! Yessss art personified !!
Shai Allen
Shai Allen 3 aylar önce
Best female dancer in the game hands down 💯🤷🏾‍♀️ you can’t tell me Ciara didn’t have the game on lock in the early 2000’s
LW 3 aylar önce
She looks so fresh and youthful .. without looking overdone and tacky.
Jalyn Taylor
Jalyn Taylor 3 aylar önce
Ciara is iconic to me!! Her first album, goodies, came out in 2004 when I was in 4th grade. I loved how confident she was and STILL is. ❤
Alejandro Fernandez
Alejandro Fernandez 3 aylar önce
This absolute GODDESS has had three...(THREE!) Kids and was born in 85, yet somehow she out here putting most other current, youngest artists in their place, while being humble and down to earth. It's impossible not to like her.
Oh Well
Oh Well 3 aylar önce
she really one of the best dancers in the industry
NickisBarb 3 aylar önce
Truly a LEGENDARY, ICONIC artist. 18 years in let’s put some respect on CiCi’s name. 👑👏🏽🫶🏽 also she does not age at all still looking 25 😍
J C - D I A Z
J C - D I A Z 3 aylar önce
She doesn’t aged. She’s so gorgeous !!!!
sg 3 aylar önce
she'll NEVER know how much of an impact she had on me as a kid. i LOVED her and wanted to be her so badly. she was that girl. "promise" by her had me professing my love to a guy who didn't even exist at 13 years old 🤣 i still do that lil hand motion she does in the "1,2 step" video every time the song plays LMAO
Bring It! Dancing Dolls
I wanted her song Promise to be one of them. Til this day I still don't know how she moved her microphone like that on her music video
Mariana Cruz
Mariana Cruz 3 aylar önce
Ciara is such an complete artist. So talented, i always love Ciara and she is definitely one of the best dancers ever. She is not only a great dancer but she have the all package, voice dance, creativity, she is definitely a star quality artist. 💥 You go girl!!
Djm_93 3 aylar önce
She still won’t tell us how she did the mic trick in the Promise video😂😂😂
twoausomesonshines Aylar önce
There's another video years ago she explains there were ppl holding and they edited it out
drkkwrld 3 aylar önce
There was a bts dvd with that album when it came out showing how they did it too
Lashunda Martin
Lashunda Martin 3 aylar önce
I was so shocked she didn't list that one and "get up" the routine was life...as always though
Supreme Kai
Supreme Kai 3 aylar önce
Lol it was attached to a wire. You could kinda see it if you paid really close attention.
Jay 3 aylar önce
Men control the mic movement off camera
Uri Mercury
Uri Mercury 3 aylar önce
This made my heart smile so big 🖤
ThePsychic Cass
ThePsychic Cass 3 aylar önce
I love how she gives credit to all the people behind her videos ! Love it !
Kami Renae
Kami Renae 3 aylar önce
I love her!! My unproblematic FAV!!!! Been a fan since 04! 😭
Luscious McNasty
Luscious McNasty 3 aylar önce
Ciara videos have kept the art form elevated! Not a bad video out, electric and compelling always!
lil baddina
lil baddina 3 aylar önce
I love Ciara! She is so talented & seems so sweet, she definitely deserves more recognition. LEGEND CI.
Rita 3 aylar önce
She's such an inspiration. Always was an amazing artist, left a bad relationship and tuned back into herself, her music while finding happiness!
Brock Cock
Brock Cock 2 aylar önce
She looks so fresh and youthful I heard that many people are using *Authentic views*
Michel Smith
Michel Smith 3 aylar önce
I love Ciara so much omg she is my inspiration for dancing and just style my fav artist❤
Amethyst Nirvana
Amethyst Nirvana 3 aylar önce
Years and 3 babies later, this woman is just as beautiful as the first day I saw her 😭😍😍😍 Love you Cici
I'm so proud of her she does deserve her flowers I don't know how come they're not recognizing this but I'm also happy that she explained all the details about her video this was awesome
sherriew36 3 aylar önce
Ciara's 'Dance like we're making love' video belongs on this list. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
mmessi72 3 aylar önce
Such a feel good artist. Ciara is always fun to watch or listen to
Cathy Noukwa
Cathy Noukwa 3 aylar önce
I wish she included “I bet” and “dance like..” they are one of her most iconic songs😍😍
Jerry Pierre
Jerry Pierre 3 aylar önce
She really hasn’t changed much throughout the years 😍😍
Big Nose Azz!!
Big Nose Azz!! 3 aylar önce
She reaching them cougar years now lol
PickingPennies 3 aylar önce
Ciara is so gentle and shy in this interview. Sweet to watch.
sewgeek designs
sewgeek designs 3 aylar önce
I loved her I was a tall teen and seeing her made me say yes finally and she’s a tomboy too ❤
Marcelo Torquatto
Marcelo Torquatto 3 aylar önce
this woman’s beauty is unbelievable
HevxHev 3 aylar önce
CIARA has never ever missed. I was born in 2000 and she quickly became my girl crush as a kid and Like A Boy changed my life I swear- I remember being shook even as a child that we saw Ciara showing more skin😂 22 now and she hasn’t aged nor declined ❤‍🔥
glowingmyway 3 aylar önce
We have the same name. I’ve always loved Ciara’s humbleness and femininity. I looked up to her so much growing up. Im happy she has the love and family she deserves❤
noneyah 3 aylar önce
She's been around since I was born and literally defined my whole childhood
✨LovelyLacquers✨ 3 aylar önce
Love the futuristic vibes she is giving here with her styling! Whoever styled her for this interview, rocked it! 💯😍
Ana Beatriz Alencar
Ana Beatriz Alencar 2 aylar önce
she's so beautiful, so talented, so ICONIC, a truly star
Nadine Rich
Nadine Rich 3 aylar önce
So proud of this beautiful woman, she's a star inside and out.
Monika Style Loves Home
I always loved Ciara! Her beauty, style, dance moves, songs, she is amazing! 🖤
Amreék Hector
Amreék Hector 3 aylar önce
Love Ciara!! And she has many more iconic videos not even mentioned. A legend!!!
Sandra Crump
Sandra Crump 3 aylar önce
She does not age!! She looks amazing
Nadine Rich
Nadine Rich 3 aylar önce
The Superbowl NEEDS Ciara asap!
Adabet S
Adabet S 3 aylar önce
Ciara had me inspired as a young girl I would try to copy her looks and pretend I could dance ❤️❤️💕💕💕 a gem
SNL 3 aylar önce
Love her positive nature❤️
Joanna Weatherford
Joanna Weatherford 3 aylar önce
She's always on my playlist. Her jams get me pepped up! I loooooove Ciara still and forever! 😍
Harley Loves
Harley Loves 3 aylar önce
I absolutely love her, she’s so beautiful and talented! Her music is the best, I will never forget seeing her in concert! I wish she would tour again!
Sage B
Sage B 3 aylar önce
Oh my god this is so cool! I LOVE Ciara! This was so fun to hear her talk about her earlier music videos I loved this
hushhush85 3 aylar önce
I also love the "I bet" video. But of course "like a boy" is legend. 🙌❤️
1woahmangig 3 aylar önce
Ciaraaaa! Such a queen! I thought she would've included "Promise" video with the special effects of her leaning on the mic lol iconicccc! And "Get Up" and "Oh". She's got so many great music videos. I want to dance with her!
Caleb Ennos
Caleb Ennos 3 aylar önce
Truly iconic in the early 2000s!
M. E.
M. E. 3 aylar önce
I love seeing the evolution of artists! Ty for featuring Ciara’s
Remaine Evans
Remaine Evans 3 aylar önce
This queen doesn't age 🔥❤️
Cocoa Beauty Love
Cocoa Beauty Love 3 aylar önce
Omg I love you Ciara. I remember when my grandmother gave me your 1st album. She was all gospel music but she knew how much I loved you.❤️
MN CJ 2 aylar önce
I can't stress this enough, but Ciara is one of the absolute best dancers in the music business and she hasn't gotten the recognision for it she deserves... I mean just that matrix move alone is like amazing.
justina sween
justina sween 3 aylar önce
Every freaking song was a hit and still today you are making hits. Ciara…you are really THAT GIRL. Great job. You should be so proud of yourself.
NickyAm 3 aylar önce
I love Ciara.. that time period when she came out was like the time of my life
Fatima Ezzahra
Fatima Ezzahra 3 aylar önce
She's an icon, literally all hits, but I wish they talked about "oh"
V Girl
V Girl 3 aylar önce
I’m 24 I can say Ciara was my very first favorite artist♥️ every time I see her it takes me back to when I was jamming to her as a 6yr old lil girl. I’ll always be obsessed w her 😍
Thobi Makama
Thobi Makama 3 aylar önce
She had good writers & producers in that 1st album. All the tracks released were a hit, she didn't need fancy things in the videos here dancing was all that did it.
Taffy 3 aylar önce
Ciara is truly "that girl."
Ben M
Ben M 2 aylar önce
Ciara is one of the hardest working entertainers in the industry. She doesn't do things just for the money, she goes above and beyond with the music and the videos. She put in her own money for "Gimme That". She carries on the high energy hip hop sound and dancing even when other artists are getting lazy and complacent.
Gina Kristy
Gina Kristy 3 aylar önce
everything about the Like a Boy video is legendary. The dance moves, the concept, her looks - incredible
Thaddy801 2 aylar önce
She helped me through so much I wish she knew. I love you Ciara ❤️ we been through it together it seems. 🫶
BRAVEISBEAUTI 3 aylar önce
I know the entire 1,2 step choreography. 🤎 Ciara. 🔥🔥
Jazzy Fae
Jazzy Fae 3 aylar önce
Now I wanna go back and rewatch all these classics! I had forgot how 'like a boy' and 'ride it' hit!!!🙌🏽🏆🖤
Mariah Charles
Mariah Charles 2 aylar önce
I love me some Cici, I like how she explains it so good. CiCi was the original knees girl 😂. She supposed to be one of those top artists. I've never understood why she never got the recognition she deserves. Level up is my favorite songs to exercise to, most of her songs actually.
Isabella Jay
Isabella Jay 2 aylar önce
Ugh I love Ciara, she’s such a true artist with a vision and really can collab with other artists in different industries!! You can tell how involved she is with her projects
bbygrlpt2 3 aylar önce
Shes soo freakin humble!!! She has it all!!! Wish she wouldve talked about the Oh video to me thats her best
Carol Gamer Life
Carol Gamer Life 3 aylar önce
My favorite Cici music vídeo is Get Up In that video i became obsessed with her in so many levels.... Her atitude, her looks, The song Its Just 10000% perfect
UNIKATx 3 aylar önce
OHH! to have a brain like Ciara.. Her visions are just insanely good through and through! 🔥
Michelle 3 aylar önce
Level up was pure magic, and still is!!!!
SlayedBy Jordan
SlayedBy Jordan 3 aylar önce
Always loved you CiCi 💓
Nova Love
Nova Love 3 aylar önce
My favorite video by Ciara was "Oh". That beat, the whole crunk n b sound was so lit! Plus mixed with the chopped and screwed sound... It's such an underrated song.
Ashley Monay
Ashley Monay 3 aylar önce
I just loveeee Ciara! I remember learning all of the dances watching her videos with friends just love it
Monique Sinha
Monique Sinha 3 aylar önce
Stunning!! Love her songs! ICONIC
Pedro Marques
Pedro Marques 3 aylar önce
Ciara is so under appreciated considering her hits. Like a Boy remains my favorite thing she's ever done.
V Green
V Green 3 aylar önce
18 years in the game!!! I have always loved her sound and videos.
Paulina Robinson
Paulina Robinson 3 aylar önce
She is dope ! I love Ciara ❤🎉
Kezia Pereira Oliveira
Rainha 😍 sou fã desde pequena
cj wins
cj wins 2 aylar önce
She’s such a pro!! Love her 😍😍😍
Lawanda Bailey
Lawanda Bailey 3 aylar önce
Ciara has been a true gem in the music industry. I hope she keeps making more hits.
Courtney C. Lancaster
Courtney C. Lancaster 3 aylar önce
Love you CC since day 1. You gotta break down promise. That video was so iconic for your career and the sound at that time. I remember do the dance routine in that video it truly showcased a beautifully different side of you.
Angela Harris
Angela Harris 3 aylar önce
One of the BEST DANCER'S EVER!!!! LOVE HER!!!!
Monica MC
Monica MC 3 aylar önce
Soy fan de Ciara más de 14 años y hasta el día de hoy amo sus canciones y videos, es una excelente artista 💞
Chanell Bryson
Chanell Bryson 3 aylar önce
Goodies staying in the jar but we're shaking it in your face 🤣🤣🤣 I love her!
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