Christmas With My Son! 

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Ho ho ho
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23 Kas 2022




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@BaylenLevine Yıl önce
The Black Friday sale starts tonight at 12 till Cyber Monday at midnight. Go get your free stuff at baylenlevine.com
@ppolar74 Yıl önce
@drdeath1395 Yıl önce
Big W
@chxmpion7799 Yıl önce
@liljla882 Yıl önce
@joshaustin2566 Yıl önce
Baylen can you please say hey to me I love you so much bro
The speech you did for the kids was dope. Thanks for making us laugh and keeping the smiles on our faces. 💯💯
@fizzyjizz69 Yıl önce
Bro the way baylen takes care of Sebas is just so great. Much love to y’all
@TDBRICKS Yıl önce
Did my part and bought a Frick vape long sleeve. Bout to be drippy af 😤😫🥵
@Robloxian1025 Yıl önce
I thought you only like LEGO
@harrymon0 Yıl önce
@@Robloxian1025 Bruh, he and DJFashionKill literally went scouring for Baylen and Crew and fangirled so f*ing hard when they finally found them.
tbh hella proud of baylen been watchin before 1m seein how far he’s accomplished make me feel so amazing keep it up bro❤️
@andreagunter281 Yıl önce
you are my favorate youtuber
@Shutthedoor445 Yıl önce
You spelled favorite wrong
@Shutthedoor445 Yıl önce
@vibeyygames thanks man
@bransonononon 11 aylar önce
@@Shutthedoor445 he wasn’t talking to yo ass
@Shutthedoor445 11 aylar önce
@@bransonononon I was though
@eric8120 10 aylar önce
@Veshremy Yıl önce
happy thanksgiving baylen
@purjz.. Yıl önce
Face reveal now
@cathleen9 Yıl önce
@ayekaden Yıl önce
the goat
@cathleen9 Yıl önce
@@ayekaden Fr fr
@jru23 Yıl önce
I’m thankful for you Vershremy :)
@deku248 Yıl önce
Baylen makes me feel like a proud father seeing him through the years, even though im so much younger than him, I hope the best for baylen and his family
@user-fg6ik2gb1e Yıl önce
Stop d riding
@orgifu4169 Yıl önce
bro u just wanna be his daddy
@Juxce Yıl önce
@Call_Upon_YAH Yıl önce
Jesus Christ is the propitiation for the whole world's sins. They that believeth and are baptized (with the Holy Spirit) shall be saved; but they that believeth not shall be damned. Those led by the Holy Spirit do not abide in wickedness. *God is ONE manifesting himself as THREE;* the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit! Bless him! *For these three are one.* As I am led by the Holy Spirit, nothing I state is a lie, but the truth of God. Anyone who tells you differently is misinformed or a liar. They do not know God, nor led by him. Anyone who *claims* to be a Christian and is against what I am doing, and where I am doing it; the Holy Spirit does not dwell within them, they lack understanding. They know not God, read his word, and their religion is in vain. Do not hear them, they will mislead you, the lost cannot guide the lost.
I was literally smiling the entire time during the video because of how happy Baylen's vids make me. Baylen and team, I love you all so much and you have no idea how much you've influenced me in my life. I'm grateful for you and all the positivity that you bring to people around you. Happy Thanksgiving! ❤
@vxyz Yıl önce
@Kezo- Yıl önce
@user-fg6ik2gb1e Yıl önce
Stop d riding
@alex.o9714 Yıl önce
npc type beat
fr bro baylen puts a smile on my face
@dbsr1975 Yıl önce
Baylen i just wanna say you've really changed my life for the better i stopped caring of what people thought or cared about me im following my dreams cuz of you you are truly fucking amazing i follow my dreams i dont care what people say love you baylen hope to meet you one day❤❤
Same if I didn’t watch him I would be embarrassed to talk to random people and frick around but now I do
@ConnorCEC. Yıl önce
Nothing better then a Baylen video when your bored
I'm not even going to lie to you, baylen. I have never asked or even thought about getting merch, but you might be the first creator I get merch from only because of these spectacular deals you're giving
Seeing Sebastian just makes my day
@Jonahkrik Yıl önce
Holy crap Sebastian got big🗿
@arkhamcity5917 Yıl önce
Never seen a bad vid
@jacobseals123 Yıl önce
@@Jonahkrik w pfp
Baylen levin always finds a way to make our day
@tizz140 Yıl önce
@Chikenbisket Yıl önce
i love this man, never fails to make me smile❤
@Milky._Toast Yıl önce
Due really has a log of merchandise i thought he was at like the back of a Home Depot damn made it
@codyturtola6697 Yıl önce
My day is always better when Baylen uploads.
@Nikhil-kb5cu Yıl önce
that speech you gave on the podium really motivated me, keep up the grind brother
Jesus loves you guys so much. God is with yall through all of your problems
@sendhugstoyuki Yıl önce
Not at all.
@candlestickk Yıl önce
@@sendhugstoyuki smd
@rylinml970 Yıl önce
This guy always brightens your day❤️. Love you baylen
@PodClipBrasil Yıl önce
I love your videos Baylen, they are one of the only things that brighten my day, you got me through tuff times, thank you
@unlimitedyt2090 Yıl önce
Because of you Baylen I am going to stay sober for the rest of my life you are such a inspiration to me keep it up
@jamel.069 Yıl önce
I really have no idea what I would do without Baylen man you amd my friends are the only thing that makes me happy thanks for being the inspiration that i needed
Baylen u are a inspiration to everyone and I’m proud keep up the good work and merry Christmas
@Rezify. Yıl önce
Baylens uploads just my day so much better
@teejay147 Yıl önce
I’m so proud to see Jane far baylen has come. Cant wait to see what more you got! Keep it up🖤🖤
@nadiabenchekroun7116 7 aylar önce
Bro baylen you’ve influenced so many people to quit vaping and stay sober, anytime I’m feeling down i open TRvid and see one of your videos it always bring me into a happy mood, and i also love how you don’t fake shit like there’s so many people out there who fake vid but then theirs people like you who’s all real and no bullshit, we all love you baylennn
@jdoseyoutube Yıl önce
When I'm felling sad i watch a baylen levien video and my mood changes from sad to so happy he is the best youtuber ans he should never stop making awesome videos
Love the inspirational speech that you gave at the end. It inspires me so much to not give a single fuck what anyone says and feels about me. It inspires me so much to look after my personal goals and chase after my dreams and oh almost forgot keep my head up and stay positive no matter what anyone says about me.
@Riley-lm1kj Yıl önce
You guys should go to the savanna banana’s game on may 4th 2023. They do crazy shit and they’re just hilarious. I’m a huge fan and I’d love to meet you there!
They can’t, that’s star wars day!
@grantnestor9957 Yıl önce
I’m so thankful for you, Baylen! 🦃💚
@Chikenbisket Yıl önce
@BaylenLevine Yıl önce
Thankful for u all too💚
@LeCa1 Yıl önce
@@BaylenLevine Hello baylen
@Not_Notic Yıl önce
Baylen is one of the most funniest people I have ever watched!!! Your the best!!!
@knoxjohnson6045 Yıl önce
baylen, your content has really gotten me through a lot. btw i look up to you to make good choices and also have fun! your a positive influence on the youtube community and i greatly appreciate you!
@aaron_reynoso Yıl önce
Dang bro, that message you gave hit deep, more people need to hear that message and stop trying to fit in.
@jacktanner54 Yıl önce
Baylen, ive been watching your videos for about 4 years now. You've taught me so much. How to get through a breakup, to be sober, to not vape or do drugs, the list goes on. I love you and i'm glad you're doing good!
@sendhugstoyuki Yıl önce
Lol nah stop capping
@KingMathers Yıl önce
Bro made a youtube 14 hours ago
@No-jy2gz Yıl önce
@@KingMathers literally I’m dead😭💀
@yerktheturk Yıl önce
this is why we should all drink and do drugs frick vape tho
@Maxey1500 Yıl önce
Ok first of all i freaking love Baylen. It took me literally forever to find a perfect youtuber to like and i just clicked on one of his videos and instantly fell in love. He has such a positive and chill (kind of 😂) attitude that leaves everybody on the floor laughing. I am definitely asking if i could get your Never Grow Up hoodie for Christmas! i subbed a long time ago but you have always been my go-to youtube channel EVERY DAY!! i’m not so sure that you’ll reply to this comment but i’m definitely your biggest fan out there. I recently introduced my sister to your channel and she watches you everyday in our basement non-stop. We are both addicted to your channel! thanks for everything to cheer me up :)
@Blitzball1 Yıl önce
Baylen never disappoints tho
@owenwenger1241 Yıl önce
You are literally my favorite youtuber and everytime I watch you it makes me laugh.
@zachy.. Yıl önce
Best video of 2022 by far. ❄🎅I love seeing Baylen and Sebastian!🌟
@frsights Yıl önce
yo bro ive been watching and supporting you since u were at 100k and i’m proud to see you doing good and living life.
@motomeah3116 Yıl önce
baylen bro u inspire so many and have the rigt mind set i wanna be like you so much i would love to meet u but i live in the uk so u need to do a show here duhhhh but any way i love you man u are the king of the youth we all love you ❤❤❤❤❤❤
@camilelgrace Yıl önce
I love your videos baylen keep up the good work
@marielawson1932 Yıl önce
Yes!! He ALWAYS makes me laugh !!❤
@lilymcd3252 Yıl önce
i got to see you at elmhurst and it was great! thanks so much u really impacted a lot of kids! and the fact that you did this free of charge made so many people happy and I made it really accessible to see someone who has a huge influence on the young❤
@gavinrips3432 Yıl önce
Yesterday I woke up with a 105 fever and since then I’ve been watching your vids and have cheered me up. Much love
@zeep_-rn6xp Yıl önce
9:57 that speech right there really helped me
Baylen is literally the funniest person on earth and he is always his self in every video
@m4llo__ Yıl önce
“ZA-BILLIARD” is crazy 😂
Please post soon, I could use a good meal and hot Chocolate while watching baylen
Brooooo Baylen has the best merch out rn frick vape 💨 😂😂
@jomba0 Yıl önce
Baylen makes the best videos honestly
@brownxp3 Yıl önce
I love the positive massages
@marz_edits8220 Yıl önce
i love you so much, baylen! u make my day 10x better with each video!
@rest.. Yıl önce
bro come to florida and do this in like almost every school it would be so lit. Baylen levine should be president not even kidding you would be great.
@jonnyrico3583 Yıl önce
Everytime I am having a bad day and you upload it just makes my day. Happy Thanksgiving Baylen!
@mikes17 Yıl önce
Sebas makes the day better every time you see him bro
@grace8700 Yıl önce
Baylen is so awesome he even posts on holidays I love you baylen and thanks for bringing me joy every single time one of your videos comes out
@kay7280 Yıl önce
hey baylen, just wanted to let you know i know you’re going thru a hard time. wish you the best. always surround yourself with positive energy! love u!
@user-vu1cn1pe2q Yıl önce
it’s always a good day when baylen posts
@kyisviral1 Yıl önce
BAYLEN!! You are one of my big inspirations and you make my day so great everyday💗
@cash6302 Yıl önce
Baylens gonna be a good father one day 💯
@FellowGamers410 7 aylar önce
I’m so proud of how far you’ve came since your old vids even when you got kicked outta school you still grinded you inspire me so much man frick vape❤❤❤
@lila.eliz10 Yıl önce
i love your videos so much. i like your prank videos. and i also love your merch. im a big fan im so gonna buy your vrick vape hoodie
@worthy2k496 Yıl önce
It’s always a good day when Baylen posts
Such a original comment!!!
@worthy2k496 Yıl önce
@@thedogewarrior1348 average roblox play
@@worthy2k496 mhm dang right
9:45 hahaha the “stage work” is impeccable 😂
He doesn’t stop with this fire content
@aidansmith1549 Yıl önce
Where can I see the karate match I was looking forward to it online bc I am in idaho and can’t attend lol but still I love you so much Baylen and you are my inspiration!
@yummybears4248 Yıl önce
I love Baylen. So funny and so pure. He will go down in history as one of the worlds best influencers. ❤
@xxxenomote Yıl önce
i don’t know who craig keen is but i bet he’s happy about that shoutout in the beginning😭
@FatboyReg 8 aylar önce
Baylen the king of the youth inspiring the little kids 🐐🔥
Best part is 5:04 😂 that movement was astronomical
@keeps.. Yıl önce
8:56 King of the youth
@brockaiken4760 Yıl önce
Love you I’m thankful for your videos they kept me alive me and my friend constantly make Baylen Levine and yachty quotes at school
Another banger of a video by Baylen Levine
@mcn3el60 Yıl önce
he’ll be a good father one day 👻
I am watching this so the time could pass and I could watch the new vid
@Ahetmehbdrjxf Yıl önce
@@florescantflounder wtf
@@Ahetmehbdrjxf dude its true he looks just like james charles
@Ahetmehbdrjxf Yıl önce
@@florescantflounder no he doesn’t
Feels like Christmas already with Baylen uploading
@billystuart6690 Yıl önce
Just brought your merch, thanks you for all the things that you do for everyone
the best days are the days when baylen uploads
@McCloskey_ Yıl önce
I’m such a big fan of you. I started watching when you were at 50,000 and it’s great to see you came along way
@JaceRrlyDatBoi Yıl önce
I just wanna say baylen you are literally my favorite youtuber and you really helped me threw a lot every time i am down i come to you even if i already watched the video i still watch it and you are the best and all your friends and eveytime you post it makes my whole week!!!!!! Love you bro❤❤❤
@maddymusick8089 Yıl önce
Hey baylen, you’re the inspiration of my life and I’d love to meet you someday! You make me feel good and feel like I don’t have to vape or smoke to be cool and I love that about you and your channel. You are a big inspiration to me and you make me happy. Hope you can respond, you are super nice and you make funny videos and you inspire people to be consistent and do what they love.
@L.W.C Yıl önce
Watching my man grow up is bitter sweet ❤️
@Look624 Yıl önce
Sigh* sebas grew up so fast 🥲 I love that kid so much 💪😘 I’m gonna have to sign off from watching ur vids tho bc I will be on a trip for two months so I love u baylen and gl over the next two months. I’m hoping to see a vid titled “best of baylen Levine 2022” love u man ❤
@aikoda6449 11 aylar önce
i love baylen man, he is so inspirarional, he is fr my life influencer rn
@ss_fe2r71 Yıl önce
Love your vids bro. Your full of life and excitement. Brightens the day.
you mack my day just soo much more better thank you for making my life better
@j.v.n. Yıl önce
We only up-lift one another. Five minutes earlier drowning peej in his bed 😂
@egotismmlmao Yıl önce
Baylen is such a goat it’s unbelievable
@ariolluri7293 Yıl önce
That was the best merch commercial I have ever seen. I have prepared to spend my life savings for a free lanyard, free bracelet, and a free Christmas card!
@Ace-dz9vp Yıl önce
Man Baylen really just cheers me up. I was kinda sad but after watching this video I really do feel better
@epikdino3514 Yıl önce
I love your videos baylen i was wathcing your old videos while this one came out and i was so happy, happy thanksgiving 😁
@christoefur Yıl önce
@BlackBenReal Yıl önce
I'm so happy for you, your work and your dedication to the craft is crazy. you have definitely inspired millions and preached sobriety which is exactly what we need right now. thank you for your dedication to your viewers!
@BaylenLevine Yıl önce
@Icygaming6632 Yıl önce
I’m proud of you baylen, keep up the awesome work.
@lakas8071 Yıl önce
I love you baleen, you inspire me, I have seen all your videos, every video from your young self doing random stuff and pranks, til now. you are amazing
@gorntonia6585 Yıl önce
I just clicked so fast on that notification it’s unreal. Keep being an inspiration and grinding.
@Stuvaleska Yıl önce
I started watching you're videos since 2019 love you're videos mate
@Daniel-ok9hz Yıl önce
Dizzy and Baylen posting within an hour is just spoiling us
@bango9935 Yıl önce
I wearing your mature people are weenies hoodie and my days it is so cozy and I know I’m gonna be picking up some more merch from you because it’ll make me wayyyyy more cozy on Christmas morning thank you Baylen
@LucasGarland Yıl önce
Hey baylen!!! I order you merch for Christmas and i just got it. It came in so fast to. But sadly i have to put it up for Christmas so i can't wait to put it on and i got the free stuff to love you!!!
I just started watching your videos, and I LOVE THEM!! I agree, Frick Vape
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