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Do you believe that shoe shine ASMR is the best ASMR?! Today I did my best at shining these very beat up boots what do you think? These boots had a lot of product on them so I cleaned some of it off with saddle soap and a stiff bristle brush and after these steps I used a dull chisel to open the pores and soften the leather to absorb the new conditioner better. Some of you might think we didn't do much to the boot but the end result is softer leather and the leather is conditioned to the point of having a clean and soft boot.
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Angelo Shoe Shine
Angelo Shoe Shine 8 aylar önce
Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed this video! SUBSCRIBE to my channel it would really help us out because 70 percent of my viewers who watch my videos aren't subscribed. Thank you very much! Don't forget to check out my website! angeloshoeshine.com
Javier Kannon
Javier Kannon 5 aylar önce
@Kristopher Andres I watch on Flixzone. You can find it by googling =)
Kristopher Andres
Kristopher Andres 5 aylar önce
I realize I am pretty randomly asking but do anybody know of a good site to watch newly released tv shows online ?
Kevin Sealy
Kevin Sealy 7 aylar önce
I love your videos my friend. I’ve never actually been to someone to clean up my boots, it would be so much fun to be on your show. I always look forward to your new release! 🤘🏼💪🏼
Elnay Rahimov
Elnay Rahimov 3 saatler önce
irfan hilmi
irfan hilmi 9 gün önce
Guys what does the chisel do? As he was doing it the color of the shoe changed
Karol Krynicki
Karol Krynicki 14 gün önce
what watch is it??
Angelo Shoe Shine
Angelo Shoe Shine 14 gün önce
Luminox. Thanks for watching!
Joe Larkin
Joe Larkin Aylar önce
Another top class video
Angelo Shoe Shine
Angelo Shoe Shine Aylar önce
Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed!
Mr. B
Mr. B Aylar önce
Those shoes look sooooooo incredibly bad after he got done
John Smith
John Smith Aylar önce
18:00 isn't this damaging the boot ?
John Smith
John Smith Aylar önce
Tvm. Leather has pores 😲😲 - learn something new every day. 😋😋
Angelo Shoe Shine
Angelo Shoe Shine Aylar önce
It removes excess product that was on the boot and opens up the pores of the leather. Thanks for watching!
donkyuhbuhts540 2 aylar önce
Dude those leather shoes laces are legit! I'm gonna be in Arcadia the weekend of the 16 and 17 how can I get my Redwings shined up and with those laces???
Vishal Roy
Vishal Roy 2 aylar önce
❤ From India
DRTV 2 aylar önce
You must me sick guy with foot fetish, smelling people feet all life and cleaning thief dirty shoes. What's with this touching, rubbing and taping on the shoes, are you getting turn on by this? And what about this random toys in the corner? Is that another fetish? And this nonsense ideas with using chisel to clean up the shoes? You really trying to entertain people with something that doesn't make sense. So sad.
DRTV 2 aylar önce
What's with this stupid toys in the corner?
Szabolcs Péter
Szabolcs Péter 2 aylar önce
Ez már túlságosan mesterkélt és steril.
Tarun Rohilla
Tarun Rohilla 2 aylar önce
Upside down👆🔄👇 your phone tada you are now other side of the game
Amazing things you can make
When I need to sleep, I put on these videos
david jones
david jones 3 aylar önce
Ya know? I have never gotten sleepy watching these videos. I’m afraid I’ll miss something. Great job on these boots!
Dakota Bickett
Dakota Bickett 3 aylar önce
I thought it was a railroad spike is it not
Kent Allen
Kent Allen 3 aylar önce
I enjoy this video immensely. The brushing and chiseling sounds are so relaxing, I just drift off into dreamland. My only regret is that I isn't longer. One thousands 👍s up.
Don Charlie Brown
Don Charlie Brown 3 aylar önce
Why are you chiselling the shoes ? You are only making them look worse. Before, they looked descent. But after the chiselling they look raggedy and old. You have no idea what you are doing.
Len Drury
Len Drury 3 aylar önce
The man is a true craftsman .these guys bring cheap Walmart boots and angelo makes them look like expensive ones
George Walker
George Walker 3 aylar önce
Why is this so mesmerizing, love it, love that you hone your craft everyday, we need more true craftmanship these days. will be doing some Christmas shopping on your site. Take Care.
The Wolker
The Wolker 3 aylar önce
What is ASMR?
Current Affairs
Current Affairs Aylar önce
(autonomous sensory meridian response) is a relaxing, often sedative sensation that begins on the scalp and moves down the body. Also known as "brain massage," it's triggered by placid sights and sounds such as whispers, accents, and crackles.
Barchitta Emma
Barchitta Emma 4 aylar önce
Ciao carlos
Udhay Kumar
Udhay Kumar 4 aylar önce
Wahh wonder full
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 5 aylar önce
I can’t decide whether I like the chisel or bare hands better. Lol both are sooooo soothing to watch/listen.
Laly Samantha
Laly Samantha 5 aylar önce
Wao Like new
Dat Man
Dat Man 5 aylar önce
Is the chisel like an actual shoe shining tool that does something or just a pleasant sound?
Jasulan Biimbetov
Jasulan Biimbetov 5 aylar önce
Казахстан 2021
The Lord of Doors
The Lord of Doors 5 aylar önce
This is whim hof style therapy for me
Victor Pérez
Victor Pérez 5 aylar önce
Cuando alguien hace su trabajo con dedicación y empeño no importa cuál sea, gente así debería estar en cargos públicos del mundo.... Chingón👍 compadre saludos desde México
Angelo Shoe Shine
Angelo Shoe Shine 5 aylar önce
muchas gracias hermano!
Kev Mac
Kev Mac 5 aylar önce
Very interesting and relaxing.
Carmen T
Carmen T 5 aylar önce
I will pay good money for a solid hour of the chisle sounds
배민구 5 aylar önce
칼로 긁는소리 너무좋습니다 앞으로 칼로긁는거 많이해줘요
Al Jakes
Al Jakes 5 aylar önce
I want to know if these are all different individuals or do have one person who sits for you and films them for you?
Ron Wade
Ron Wade 5 aylar önce
A Mechanic lives in boots that see more abuse than any other trade.
c c
c c 6 aylar önce
When he took out the nail I was in asmr heaven!
G M 6 aylar önce
Nice, so sleepy!
Jeremy Miller
Jeremy Miller 6 aylar önce
Buddy just needs a new pair of boots
Current Affairs
Current Affairs Aylar önce
Keegan Lynch
Keegan Lynch 6 aylar önce
I’m not into asmr or anything I just like seeing the end result of boots being cleaned up real nice since mine always look trashed BUT that damn brush in the tincan is probably the best sound on earth.
Keegan Lynch
Keegan Lynch 5 aylar önce
@Austin Tyler agreed
Austin Tyler
Austin Tyler 6 aylar önce
That was the single sound that made me find asmr people a little less weird. They are still basically furries, imo.
Angelo Shoe Shine
Angelo Shoe Shine 6 aylar önce
Thank you!
Ostaclock 6 aylar önce
That chiselling sound absolutely hypnotized for me. I m listening this over and over.
Mitchlore 6 aylar önce
the worst part about these is that i want to watch the video part so i don’t end up going to sleep
bien mendoza
bien mendoza 6 aylar önce
are these redwings?
이정연 6 aylar önce
이렇게 다 긁어내야할 정도면 새로 사야할거같은데;;
David Morales
David Morales 7 aylar önce
Reportense latinos
Brandon Hawkins
Brandon Hawkins 7 aylar önce
I have a question. The scrapping sound of the chisel is relaxing but what does it actually do for the boots though? Usually people don't want scuff marks on leather but yet you're intentionally scuffing them. Is it to give them a deeper clean or does the person just simply want added character to the boots?
caroline g
caroline g 3 aylar önce
To help the oils an boot creme to absorb. It's like aerating soil to absorb water. Same principle.
Robby Dondero
Robby Dondero 7 aylar önce
Please include the chisel More often
royce fox
royce fox 7 aylar önce
Now get your BOOTS and your Coat .....
Elias House
Elias House 7 aylar önce
Obi Wan came to get his shoes and he brought R2D2 with him
Assassins Creed
Assassins Creed 7 aylar önce
Are these dyes available and what is their name Raja or the combination has a job well done? 😍😍😍😘😘😘
MaryAnn Sarkady
MaryAnn Sarkady 7 aylar önce
All I can say is thanks for helping me relax enough to sleep at night. Thank you also to R2D2 !
Dawn Paul
Dawn Paul 7 aylar önce
Can someone tell how this sound could be relaxing and make goosebumps....? In fact sleepy too.... Let science the shit out of it....
Susan Lang
Susan Lang 7 aylar önce
Angelo, show us your face. Would like to see you!
Susan Lang
Susan Lang 7 aylar önce
What is the tattoo of your forearm?
Mark Milan Rodriguez
Mark Milan Rodriguez 7 aylar önce
Another one!!
jason humphrey
jason humphrey 7 aylar önce
My favorite part of the videos is the beginning when y’all touch knuckles and you roll up the pant legs. Something about the contact is a trigger for me. And I don’t mean for that to be sexualized in any way. I Just don’t know how else to describe it. Love the videos as always!
Kev Mac
Kev Mac 5 aylar önce
The best for me is the brush in the can of saddle soap
Psychedelic Owl
Psychedelic Owl 7 aylar önce
You’re touch starved
Christopher Wiley
Christopher Wiley 7 aylar önce
I want to see you hit 200k subs in the next month!!
Angelo Shoe Shine
Angelo Shoe Shine 7 aylar önce
Thank You!
Christopher Wiley
Christopher Wiley 7 aylar önce
Your videos are so incredibly relaxing. Thank you for creating this wonderful content.
Angelo Shoe Shine
Angelo Shoe Shine 7 aylar önce
Christopher Wiley
Christopher Wiley 7 aylar önce
Angelo. You are my hero.
MJC 7 aylar önce
With all of the supplies used and 40+ minutes of your time, how much do you charge for this service? Seems it would have to be more than the value of the shoes! It is relaxing to watch.
LCM Films Inc.
LCM Films Inc. 3 aylar önce
I good pair of boots are $100-$300 so I’m sure he’s doing fine.
David LeBlanc
David LeBlanc 7 aylar önce
Those must have been some extra dirty boots. Took half the video just to clean them.
James Jones
James Jones 7 aylar önce
The only thing is the tape! It irritated me when he ignored it and did not re attach it to the shoe!!!!!!
Anita Maldonado
Anita Maldonado 7 aylar önce
Smoke weed and see this video ! Wow paradise.
Shamas Ul Haq
Shamas Ul Haq 7 aylar önce
What you used firstly with brush like shampoo? Plz Guide
K. Brooks
K. Brooks 7 aylar önce
This is so...niiccccc...zzzzzz
Jordan Joiner
Jordan Joiner 7 aylar önce
It’s so relaxing when you put the soap on the shoe🙌🏽
Kyle B
Kyle B 7 aylar önce
There's a R2-D2 by yo foots
Susan Longyear
Susan Longyear 7 aylar önce
Hello ☺ again another fabulous video, l feel so relaxed watching this video, the sounds are so soothing, thank you.. l don't go to sleep until l watch one of your videos every night.. 😌 thats me yawning, contented..😴zzzzz Could you please put my name with all the other names at the beginning of your videos... from Susan in England ...☺ 💝
Papo Del valle
Papo Del valle 7 aylar önce
Este c va a hechar un Año limpiando esss Botas
Butter Bitch
Butter Bitch 7 aylar önce
Bro that crisp fist bump at the beginning was the best part of this video
TwoCho 7 aylar önce
19:58 : I was falling asleep and this scared me lol. I love this "new" sound by the way!
Nelson Rossy
Nelson Rossy 7 aylar önce
May the force be with you
Aaron G
Aaron G 7 aylar önce
TheOriginalWill 7 aylar önce
I've been curious, is that a XR 650 on your cover picture?
TheOriginalWill 7 aylar önce
@Angelo Shoe Shine Ahh. The XR's are love. I plan to start a small collection as I just got an 01 XR100 from my uncle and its runs strong for its age.
Angelo Shoe Shine
Angelo Shoe Shine 7 aylar önce
its a xr400r
ChefICON 7 aylar önce
That was just incredible! I didn't think it was possible to improve those boots as they already looked so good but you proved me wrong by a lot! Always enjoy the lacing and unlacing and the chisel took this next level.
Mike Oxley
Mike Oxley 7 aylar önce
Quality angelo
Martin Rannou
Martin Rannou 7 aylar önce
Even made some custom laces !!! The man's a legend !!! Good job Angelo !!!
Lucky Son
Lucky Son 7 aylar önce
Angelo, you made me so sleepy i appreciate that.
Andreas Fasterding
Andreas Fasterding 7 aylar önce
Oh a Cisel it's only for heavy and laudy work . But Angelo transforms the tool in silent noises scrapping👍 😴😴thanks
Jeswin Thomas
Jeswin Thomas 7 aylar önce
Giovanni Deladino
Giovanni Deladino 7 aylar önce
Insomnia medicine,
MrThekinglollo 7 aylar önce
20:16 what Is this?
Pizza Mann
Pizza Mann 7 aylar önce
*Ayo the pizza here* but you be like the people at the mall who be doing the most but also be making it look the best, props to you friend!
Patioc 7 aylar önce
Bro seemed a little ticklish 😂
Tony Carrillo
Tony Carrillo 7 aylar önce
What does scraping the leather do to it? Curious
nothingtopost 7 aylar önce
Why the chisel?
Working to Relax
Working to Relax 7 aylar önce
Looks like r 2 d 2 is keeping you in line. Lol. Love the little action figures. Love the work you do. Thanks you. Was wondering if you had a way of showing the progression of your iron rangers. Would like mine to get that look. I clean and oil them but they don’t look as good as yours a.
C 7 aylar önce
A surgeon for footwear.
shkar nazar
shkar nazar 8 aylar önce
The movement and sound when he removes the last knot of the shoelaces
Ilker T.C
Ilker T.C 8 aylar önce
Harika bir iş yapıyorsun devam
Wonka WillE
Wonka WillE 8 aylar önce
Thats a dope watch, and i respect that you have the greatest sidekick of all time by your side, R2D2
50millANDaSuit 8 aylar önce
Angelo, please put some metalic ends to those shoe laces next time... it drives me crazy that you don't. :))) otherwise: nice job! Enjoy your work!
Mike S
Mike S 8 aylar önce
You have so much creative energy. It's great to watch (and listen!!). Fire, sandpaper, chisels? What's next? Sandblasting? Wire brush? Love the channel. It really does help me sleep at night. Very calming.
Angelo Shoe Shine
Angelo Shoe Shine 8 aylar önce
Thank you very much!
Hell Yeah
Hell Yeah 8 aylar önce
It’s not even shiny just washed. Go watch Mike Wilson
Gabby 1978
Gabby 1978 8 aylar önce
I'm very interested in the tools you use. Why do yoh scrape the shoes color off?
Linnea S
Linnea S 6 aylar önce
Is old musty dirty he sketch of
Anthony's Malawi Predators
Glad to see we've finally found a tape the gets the job done!
Gabby 1978
Gabby 1978 8 aylar önce
I love R2D2
LuffaLuffa 8 aylar önce
Probabilmente non sono affari miei, ma provieni dalla terra a forma di stivale? Edit: mi sono accorto solo ora che sembra una battuta di serie B, ma sono serio
Irene Recio Magan
Irene Recio Magan 8 aylar önce
Great work and great arms tbh
Kaushal Nandan
Kaushal Nandan 8 aylar önce
Woah..... Never thought you could wear shoe laces made up of leather!!!
Marina Jochumsen
Marina Jochumsen 8 aylar önce
Nice vid
Joseph Ellsworth
Joseph Ellsworth 8 aylar önce
What does the chisel do?
Snowy Sunday saddle soap marathon
Classic Oxford Shoes HANDMADE in Japan
DON’T WASTE FOOD 💔🥺 #shorts
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