Chinese rocket debris falls over Indian Ocean

CBS News
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A huge piece of space junk made an uncontrolled re-entry back into Earth's atmosphere Saturday night. The remnants of a Chinese rocket re-entered the atmosphere and crashed into the Indian Ocean north of the Maldives. CBS News' Danya Bacchus reports. Read more here: cbsn.ws/2Q3MnnD

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9 May 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Rose 8 saatler önce
Lmfao please this is nothing, all western media’s want to do is attack china… why doesn’t anyone talk about the hundreds of other rocket failures instead like spacex
James Kazonga
James Kazonga 5 gün önce
A propaganda churning channel.
jack on
jack on 14 gün önce
I just saw a tic tok that shows it landed in a town I don't know if it's real or not
The twins channel🥰
The twins channel🥰 23 gün önce
They need to stop making rockets but they can if they want just don’t fly it it’s dangerous and also it’s not safe and people could die for that what if it hit were I was or anyone else was that’s in maryland or Texas or Hawaii and they said it landed in the Indian beach what if PEOPLE WERE IN THERE?! And they said shoot it down but that’s more harmful cause all the peace’s they shorted down is going to hit everywhere that’s not safe
BitTer FroG0
BitTer FroG0 26 gün önce
American rocket boosters will also be dropped in the ocean and desert What's so surprising about that?
Evanlope0 29 gün önce
rip fish
mondo 925
mondo 925 Aylar önce
How do you loose control of the rocket what happend ?
216k Aylar önce
We are so lucky
Starlight Engram
Starlight Engram Aylar önce
It may seem like a big problem for junk to fall, but keeping more than 10000 pieces of junk in geosynchronous orbit is worse. As the moon circles the earth, it pulls the world's oceans and seas to a peak directly beneath it. Now think of the very inviscous, heat bloated atmosphere beneath it. An expanded atmosphere is less able to protect the earth from greater insolation. So now we might recall that every particle projects a gravitational field. I like to simplify the ergs system to pounds. The weight of an object in pounds equals its gravitational weight in pounds. So how much attraction does the space junk exert on the atmosphere? What is the consequence?
Afdal Ridwan
Afdal Ridwan Aylar önce
Imagine if it hit indian mainland, world War 3 sure happen, declaration war of India to China, China vs world
wyze17 Aylar önce
It’s funny how this rocket manages to curve on its own and land in India ocean... 🤔
Shrek Is Mine
Shrek Is Mine Aylar önce
they are tryna rig us. SOVIET CHINA HAS BEGUN
Randhawa Saab Ji
Randhawa Saab Ji Aylar önce
China is real virus for whole world 😡😡😡 china veto power must be evoked by United Nations Security Council 🙏
MY W6R5D Aylar önce
Chinese doing it on purpose, so we Americans have something to talk about. Or make a news story.
kolim jone
kolim jone Aylar önce
With Murphy's law my mainstay I'm frankly surprised it didnt land over my bedroom
S J Aylar önce
If you do bad things to nature sure nature will take revenge and destroy us by earthquake, cyclone, tsunami, etc. The one country who does this doesn't pay the price but innocent people will.
DudeReviewsShow Aylar önce
Thank god im in atlantic ocean
Karlton Phresh
Karlton Phresh Aylar önce
I like how they say unpopulated yet there are thousands of species of animals in the ocean
kolim jone
kolim jone Aylar önce
Why do we always see news about Chinese rocket falling to the ground. What happened to rockets from other countries? They do not fall to the ground?
Rock girl
Rock girl Aylar önce
Well I wonder how long the NASA is gonna take to understand and figure out why they had thought it was a "out-of-control" lmao
alexleanh Aylar önce
Remember the Skylab? Talking about hypocrisy! NASA built the Skylab without planning for its demise at its end-of-life. So much for space debris responsibility! In calibrating the issue, they ran into problems after problems. Finally, they let it fell out of the sky ... "while large chunks did go into the ocean, parts of the space station also littered populated areas of western Australia." And, they actually celebrated that day with parties and numerous commercial products/memorabilia! Now, they have the audacity to accuse China with its rocket debris? What a hypocrite! (www.history.com/news/the-day-skylab-crashed-to-earth-facts-about-the-first-u-s-space-stations-re-entry)
George Vega
George Vega Aylar önce
The arrogance of China, reminds me of my neighbors who light illegal fireworks not caring about the neighbors.
karl jacobs
karl jacobs Aylar önce
Who wants a mr beast rocket powered by money
Rock girl
Rock girl Aylar önce
time). My Mom told me all about it, pointed out it was MILES above us, and I ain't been scared of "falling satellites" for over forty years now!
Terry Harris
Terry Harris Aylar önce
@Vitalis Geraldo instead of a bath tub, I should stand in the shower to present a narrower target? Didn't Chrysler motors once market a really hot Dodge Satelite? Where is that now when we really need it?
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Aylar önce
Finally, I can sleep without my kevlar and body armor on.
Alaa Daqqa
Alaa Daqqa Aylar önce
#GazaUnderAttack 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 #Palestine_Under_Attack 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 #غزة_تحت_القصف
Raw Bacon
Raw Bacon Aylar önce
China Virus 3,400,000 Dead. China Rocket 0 Dead.
Mrt Mrt
Mrt Mrt Aylar önce
China is the biggest problem for humanity in the future
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Aylar önce
Joe Biden is to much of a vagboy to do anything about even if it lands in a populated area.
Dugoy Tul-id
Dugoy Tul-id Aylar önce
China is trashed 😆
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Aylar önce
I’m so glad it went into the ocean now I can sleep
Ajay Markande
Ajay Markande Aylar önce
China is like mind less rocket
Jolie Claxton
Jolie Claxton Aylar önce
First covid now this?
Mason Whitfield
Mason Whitfield Aylar önce
No it came from frozen food. 🤣 Darn pizza rolls
sara fox
sara fox Aylar önce
The chinese government pays people to leave poorly written comments trying to trick Americans to believe chinese propaganda. These are the same tactics the Soviet Union employed. Incase I need to say it, please dont allow yourself to be tricked.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Aylar önce
Full of virus ti spread to india
Gigantic Aylar önce
Why do we always see news about Chinese rocket falling to the ground. What happened to rockets from other countries? They do not fall to the ground?
Istvan Fodor
Istvan Fodor Aylar önce
Bottom line. That was complete disregard for the safety of humankind. Potentially could have killed innocents at any location on Earth. The whole purpose of the pursuit of scientific discovery is the betterment of humankind. You lose that essential element or put it in jeopardy you should have no place in the scientific arts.
Ferdinand Infestan
Ferdinand Infestan Aylar önce
Made in china
Devon Aylar önce
what has the space programme done for humanity nothing
Sie P
Sie P Aylar önce
I was 5 years old when NASA's Skylab came crashing down / performed an uncontrolled deorbiting maneuvere directly over my head (my feet stood on Australian soil at the time). My Mom told me all about it, pointed out it was MILES above us, and I ain't been scared of "falling satellites" for over forty years now!
Mr. Fredrick law ng tawnghe Davis 6th
Tuis was no accident.What did the rocket deliver? Weaponized virus for fish? Find the debris and investigate.
pat pat
pat pat Aylar önce
Lal tin
Lal tin Aylar önce
O my lord
MrSirFluffy Aylar önce
Joe Biden is to much of a vagboy to do anything about even if it lands in a populated area.
sinh wascv
sinh wascv Aylar önce
Congratulations to China. Just do it again soon.
Anonymous GuY
Anonymous GuY Aylar önce
This rocket crashed a few km from our state (Kerala - India)
Yaruma. Aylar önce
China probably wanted to take Mars too.
Anand Singh
Anand Singh Aylar önce
It was supposed to land in India
Sunset Solutions
Sunset Solutions Aylar önce
Why are we continuously allowing China to f*** everything up and not doing anything about it?
Joely Mariano
Joely Mariano Aylar önce
Full of virus ti spread to india
Simulated Trainspotter
oh shut up.
liduck52 Aylar önce
I was hoping it would land on Mar-a-Lago.
Jhon Caw
Jhon Caw Aylar önce
TheDukeisHere! Aylar önce
China doesnt care
silent snake 47
silent snake 47 Aylar önce
It went to brazil
Will Wu
Will Wu Aylar önce
China’s rocket technology is not as good as Spacex, and the Falcon 9 second-level rocket accurately smashed into farms in the United States.😂
qslkk Aylar önce
If you don't allow it to land in the Ocean, where else would you let it land? Your dumpster truck?
Daniel Aylar önce
What the United States should be worried about is that bullets hitting American people, rather than Chinese spacecraft hitting people. Just like the United States accused of Assange, first of all, smeared him for rape and made everyone hate him, and then the United States put forward its own high-sounding excuse. Old tricks!
Jerid Aylar önce
While spacex hit the actual land in US .......cricket sound for all the news channel.
Christian Mwasakogo
Why the world can't stand together just to stop china concerning rockets?
Christian Mwasakogo
China must be punished for what is doing!!
chen yu
chen yu Aylar önce
crasy chinese rocket
Neal Z
Neal Z Aylar önce
hmmmmm so it's ok if it's debris from the US but not ok if it's from China? not a china fan here but come on, it fell into the ocean.
Brooke O.
Brooke O. Aylar önce
Not gone lie, I was a little scared it was going to land on my house - as stupid as it sounds :P please tell me I’m not alone here
Cartoonman154 Aylar önce
Remember when a lower stage of a rocket nearly crashed on to a Chinese village?
Umikalsom Hassim
Umikalsom Hassim Aylar önce
I thought it was acouple years ago but its only 2 days ago :O
TechLiberator Aylar önce
NASA should shut their mouth before being cut off from further funding.
Juan Esparza
Juan Esparza Aylar önce
Alien Spacecraft Cover up👈
Igor BT
Igor BT Aylar önce
I know that everybody should be concern about to an uncontrolling landing, but USA had numerous uncontrolled landings in the past too, and nobody criticize them.
hurricane watcher
hurricane watcher Aylar önce
Same thing happened with China's coronavirus experiment gone wrong.
S W Aylar önce
Friendly remind you that there will be more and more rockets launched from China carrying the parts of the space station. GET USED TO IT!
KLASIKS Aylar önce
that nation isssssssssssssssssssssss...................................................
Igoriche Leo
Igoriche Leo Aylar önce
Well I wonder how long the NASA is gonna take to understand and figure out why they had thought it was a "out-of-control" lmao
Igoriche Leo
Igoriche Leo Aylar önce
As a Chinese, let me hold me beer tight and laugh for a while at those ignorant scared ppl lmao there are literally ppl scared about rocket falling omg is it really the same 21st century that we are all living in? and ppl be like damn i can't sleep theres a metal falling down lololololololololol
Biały Aylar önce
Yea and all that toxic fuel in it... what a joke.
Caco Aylar önce
Ayo wtf I didn’t know I was in danger
ben lai
ben lai Aylar önce
Actually Chinese had made announcements this fall is under calculation, mostly very less left material will down to South Pacific Ocean. One more thing to prove that don't fool by western politicians and media.
HeY MamAs
HeY MamAs Aylar önce
Anyways hey shawtys
a Aylar önce
Debris was equal to 3 trucks
S.F Nouri
S.F Nouri Aylar önce
What a joke
KHANVAS FN Aylar önce
From Ivory coast
TJ Newsome
TJ Newsome Aylar önce
The space Bs is fake nobody can leave the earth and come back to earth it's all a host and lie...
Zilong Aylar önce
enjoy seeing so many uneducated fools. 😁😁😁😁
AMU PLUS Aylar önce
Few days before the rocket lands China knows its position, and they were stationed in Colombo, it's glad no harm for Humans.
Tan Chii Ann
Tan Chii Ann Aylar önce
That's why Indian covid19 surges, their knowledge only entitle them to fear to their US anchester words from generation to generation. It's glad to hear a great deal of indians could sleep well with their covid19 surges from the threads below. When they wake up, back to basic must be an important economy feature of India economy in the post-covid era (Modi visioned them during the climate leader summit lately). Great people with furious words and great visions ability.
Kickin It
Kickin It Aylar önce
Probably carrying more infectious diseases. Does anybody question the fact that China extremely hates India and India has been experiencing border battles with them for quite some time now. I mean these are huge nations we're talking about. If China wanted to really infect their neighbor they could do it without any fingerprint. Because they know for a fact if they were to attack world war III would probably start.. so one way to eliminate your predecessor is by infecting them.
CMDR After Hours
CMDR After Hours Aylar önce
This auto played and I'm not this dumb or that asleep anymore. The Jesuit helios sun worshipping model is all a story, fake. Go research if you're interested in knowing the truth of out reality. Peace
Kevidetuo Dzuvichu
Kevidetuo Dzuvichu Aylar önce
China: wherever the debris landed, it belongs to us!
Simulated Trainspotter
Uh no. Wherever the rocket lands the rocket belongs to us, not the land
MxGiK3HuNNx Aylar önce
Imagine they’re just playing inie mini minei mo where ever the rocket falls they’ll try and take over 1st
Random Picks
Random Picks Aylar önce
Lava hound
Lava hound Aylar önce
Thanks to China for the whole world to wear masks 😷 Now they want us to wear helmets too!!
Tesla Webers
Tesla Webers Aylar önce
After all it is the Rogue nation China
黃明 Aylar önce
SENOR Hassan bin Soberg
Just like all things made in china... Crap!
HN Aylar önce
The earth is mostly ocean. The odds of hitting land was always low.
HN Aylar önce
Love China
Arthur Aylar önce
Yeh love china. I too love China for being the worlds biggest air polluter, bringing species to extinction by overfishing, failing to contain the coronavirus and notify the world, taking away human rights and democracy from people in Hong Kong, exterminating Uyghurs and other muslim populations in China, sending prisoners to concentration camps, executing journalists who report on the autrocities commited by the CCP and uses (child) slavery to make cheap products..... Yea sure man, keep loving the fking country that's trying it's hardest to destroy the world.
Flat Earth Frank Da Tank
CGI nonsense, just a real expensive firework. What a joke these space agencies are.
Md Saquil
Md Saquil Aylar önce
China ka mall zaida din nhi chalta
Real Life
Real Life Aylar önce
More broken fine China products
jetti M
jetti M Aylar önce
Behave China, behave
obey562 Aylar önce
But did you die!!
Paxton Zhou
Paxton Zhou Aylar önce
The rocket delivered successfully a space station module. Part of the booster is scheduled to re-enter atmosphere uncontrolled after finishes its mission. It has hit indian ocean in the evening time. The space X rocket also crashed into one of the amerian inland farms this year in March. Nothing to worry about
KAVI PRIYA Aylar önce
What's wrong with china . They are give an headache to world😠
Saundra Monroe
Saundra Monroe Aylar önce
Jesus Christ is coming back for his church. Don’t wait until it’s too late. This ship is about to sail folks! Hop on board while there is still time. God is going to judge the people and nations of the earth for their sins. Believe and trust in Jesus Christ because he died on the cross, was buried, and rose again the third day to save you from your sins. You don’t want to stand before God and not have trusted Jesus Christ as payment for your sins.
Sachira Bhanu
Sachira Bhanu Aylar önce
hey anybody from Sri Lanka 😆
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