Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: A Frustrating Waste of Potential

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25 Eyl 2022




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Ella Hurley
Ella Hurley Yıl önce
I wasn’t sure I wanted to make a video on this show The video: an hour and a half
Dariel Zahid Palacios
Dariel Zahid Palacios 3 aylar önce
Every single time
Mathieu Heslop
Mathieu Heslop 3 aylar önce
Mathieu Heslop
Mathieu Heslop 3 aylar önce
Mathieu Heslop
Mathieu Heslop 3 aylar önce
pretty girlie
pretty girlie 4 aylar önce
Actually I like this video because it gives me a insight of bad writing and characters
jaundice 6 aylar önce
love how almost every character is explained as "the actor is phenomenal but wow the character sucks ass"
Anastasia 5 gün önce
The 1rst season and most of the 2nd were honestly good... They lost the plot afterwards.
Tetsudi Kawakami
Tetsudi Kawakami 4 aylar önce
Which sucks.an Actor worklife can end if they play a shit characters
Ms Madcat
Ms Madcat 4 aylar önce
One of the most disturbing things that I don't really see people talk about is Nick's PTSD from trapping the devil in his body and how it can be an allegory for male sexual abuse when he cries and says things like "I can still feel him inside me". But, no one takes him seriously and the writer turns him into the bad guy who cannot be loyal to Sabrina when he uses sex to deal with his trauma.
Gloria Regali
Gloria Regali 25 gün önce
I know, right! This phrase of him specifically is so sinister and devastating. This PTSD should be so real, taking into example Sam Winchester.
Iusedtowrite Aylar önce
@oof sa stands for sexual assault
oof Aylar önce
What's this SA thing that ppl are talking abt in the comments?
Ágnes Daróczi
Ágnes Daróczi Aylar önce
@nagito komaeda hope your doing well
Rey H
Rey H Aylar önce
@Alexa Redfield I've been having a really rough day. Thank you for your message it helps so much.
JohnY 8 aylar önce
Early Sabrina had some Addams family quality to it. Mixing good and evil, blurring the lines. Later it felt more like Mary Sue and the good kids in satanic Hogwarts, fighting against the evil.
ᚲᛖᚱᚾᚢᚾᚾᛟᛊ 🦌
Sad but true.
Zoey Richards
Zoey Richards 18 gün önce
fighting against the holy 😂😂
kore ♡
kore ♡ 3 aylar önce
tbh agreed
Roka Mayono
Roka Mayono 4 aylar önce
so it turned into My Immortal?
Naw.G 5 aylar önce
Kay Aylar önce
The funny thing about his “feminist” female characters is that they genuinely spend so much time talking about men and it’s insane
Anastasia 5 gün önce
Srsl I was like... This is literally a bunch of women fighting over the Dark Lord's dick for at least 2 seasons.
Pan Tio
Pan Tio 7 gün önce
Bad feminism is still centered around men
Sango Moon
Sango Moon 18 gün önce
@ElvinGearMaster Irma So true!
ElvinGearMaster Irma
ElvinGearMaster Irma 24 gün önce
Couldn't even pass the Bechdel test. The lowest damn bar.
Violet uou
Violet uou Aylar önce
He literally told on himself on how he views feminism.
Despite everything, hats off to the casting director. This shows wouldn’t have lasted half as long without some of their actors.
shizukagozen777 4 aylar önce
@Julieta Rodriguez LOL ?
shizukagozen777 4 aylar önce
@Nobody Knows I think she was well casted but OH GOD, the thing she does with her nose when she acts angry is just unbearable for me...
shizukagozen777 4 aylar önce
@Brentt Bumatay I love Aunt Hilda so much !!! She's my second favorite character. 😭💖
shizukagozen777 4 aylar önce
@xEverlore They were all perfect for their role.
shizukagozen777 4 aylar önce
@MrWordcraft Arena Same here. Honestly, Nick might be handsome but Ambrose... He has something special. He's my CAOS crush. Haha. Anyway. That's the reason why I think everything shouldn't have revolved around Sabrina all the time, we will never have spin offs about those characters but adding episodes about them would have been totally possible. But instead of doing so, they decided to make Sabrina the damn center of everybody's world...
AG 4 aylar önce
I really hated the episode in which they make fun of the old sitcom, not only do they half ass it (They should have reconstructed the original sets for the house), but the way they're so mean spirited about the Salem puppet is outright off-putting, the puppet in the sitcom looked fake but the techniques behind it were top notch, not only was the puppet so complex it needed two operators, but they also had five live cats and their trainers for scenes where Salem moved around, so in reality it was a massive effort and to see the reboot be so dismissive of it really irked me, especially when this is really emblematic of the whole thing, because for a 90's show STTW was really visually inventive and they used a ton of different special effects, both digital and practical, and CAOS is just such bare minimum in everything it does and it cuts corners everywhere so no, they don't get to make fun of the 90s version.
cyberwolf2002 Gün önce
@Uncle Timo Truthfully, it depends on the project, but fairly certain about most things. Example- Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are creative directors for Mando, in which they have been given nearly free reign, totally separate from KK's (figurative head of LucasFilm) agenda. Mando is really good and is driven by its two director team. I'm not saying it's every project either because if we move a little to the side, but within the same studio, we get Bobba Fett. Which had major interference from KK and her role as studio head. In turn that stifled the creative team on that show.
sailorcybertron Gün önce
@Cry for help They were an iconic brand of Sass.
Cry for help
Cry for help Gün önce
@sailorcybertron God I loved sassy characters from back then... The Nanny is my favorite show hehehe
sailorcybertron 8 gün önce
Not to mention the original Salem in the show was just an outright Sass queen, arguably he's the most iconic thing from the original sitcom.
Uncle Timo
Uncle Timo 12 gün önce
@cyberwolf2002 "Oh, studios greenlight it for sure, but they don't make the creative decision." How SURE are you of this....
sanguivoir 6 aylar önce
Couldn't the writers make Ambrose able to bypass his house arrest by giving him the ability to transform into a cat (Salem!!) and travel with Sabrina? The lore-dumping could have been made so much simpler and way more fun with some added banter. Haven't watched the show but would love everyone's opinions on this!
Mrs Fahrenheit
Mrs Fahrenheit 21 gün önce
@Dave102693 yoo I never thought someone else would think that's a good idea! Initially I fuckin thought Ambrose WAS Salem in human form because it kinda fitted and thought this was the way the show would deal with his character but nope..
bluemoonbayou 3 aylar önce
@Curtis Harris He does talk. And it wouldve been an interesting new take on Salem while still keeping him *as* Salem. It doesnt ruin the character to have be cursed or something and only able to leave the property in the body of a living thing (or any other explanation). Thats basicslly what he is in the og show anyways, so hed just have different mechanics for his curse and possibly be a bit more tragic and less campy/comic relief. There was just no reason to split them into 2 characters when theyre basically the same being.
Curtis Harris
Curtis Harris 3 aylar önce
why sacrifice a good character for that? Just have Salem be his normal self, I’m not even sure if Salem talked in the comics but I’ll look
coloraddiction 4 aylar önce
Yeah Ambrose is Salem essentially in his role in the show so it would have actually been pretty cool if they had done that.
Rachel Pryor
Rachel Pryor 4 aylar önce
I always felt that they split the Salem character between the voiceless cat and Ambrose.
ダニ姫 6 aylar önce
"How a middle aged man thinks teenage girls talk" was exactly my reaction watching this show. I'm ok with the whackiness and non-seriousness of the whole thing, but the dialogues are honestly infuriating. There's a random scene where Roz stands up and says something like "we are women and we are here to stop the patriarchy" dude who tf talks like that? Whole show reeked of fake representation of hot topics without ever addressing them with nuance and depth, it was just patronising. And I cringed so hard when they formed a band, those scenes are some of the worst moments of television I can remember. I also like that Sabrina is a narcissistic sociopath, but it's clear the writing behind is sort of unintentional because while her friends suffer from the consequences of her actions, she is the hero who saves them... from herself. They do go in the direction of almost making her a villain in multiple situations, but then everyone always forgives her anyway and it loses credibility. I was so happy when the real Salem appeared in s4, even though the whole context of it made no sense anymore. Overall disappointment is the right word for it. Lead actress though was amazing, as well as the aunties and Lilith. Not sure how to judge Ambrose, the overly dramatic delivery of his lines is kinda funny but I'm not sure whether it was intentional.
Local Thottie
Local Thottie 2 aylar önce
@Dream Thief no we don't, I don't what teenage girls you are interacting with, but we don't, stop the generalizations
s j s
s j s 2 aylar önce
@Dream Thief you realise (i assume) that 'trust me' is the least trustworthy statement in history?
Dream Thief
Dream Thief 2 aylar önce
Trust me teenage girls DO talk like that. All those cringey moments were very realistic
lithiumkid 4 aylar önce
15 year olds can’t really be deemed sociopaths or narcissists. the DSM has stated for years that being over age 18 is part of the criteria you have to meet to receive those diagnoses, and psychologists would be extremely hesitant to even consider diagnosing a 16 year old with *two* personality disorders.
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 4 aylar önce
I remember when I was casually watching the show and the moment where Sabrina erased Harvey's memory of telling him that she's a witch I was like,"Sabrina you fucking idiot." And constantly was frustrated with her because she NEVER learns from her actions. She is NEVER held accountable, just like Chloe Price in Life is Strange, the female characters are never held accountable, but they have no problem shitting on men or calling them toxic. Funny how Dontnod tried to manipulate me to like Chloe Price, but I hated her every time she opened her mouth and I liked the male characters way more. David(Chloe's step dad) is one of my favorite characters, Warren is dope, Nathan is a intriguing character that I was interested to learn more about because he struggles with mental health and he was abused by his father even as a kid. And also I fucking hate how Dontnod added that whitewash bullshit about Native Americans and the British and French intruders(Which is funny because Dontnod ARE french) so the fact they believe that bullshit whitewash lie of settlers lived in peace and kumbaya with indigenous people tells me everything I need to know how they think of history.
Fahad R
Fahad R 8 aylar önce
Adding onto how she never learns from her mistakes, the whole time travel thing. SHE IS LITERALLY TOLD THAT IF SHE DOES CERTAIN THINGS SHELL MESS UP THE WORLD AND LOW AND BEHOLDD, SHE DOES JUST THAT.
sailorcybertron 8 gün önce
@Hypatia Kovalevskaya Sklodowska Oh same, but it usually ended with me being humbled by my own stupidity and conceding that my parents were right. 😆 🙃
Hypatia Kovalevskaya Sklodowska
@sailorcybertron well that was certainly me when I was a teen
sailorcybertron 8 gün önce
@Hypatia Kovalevskaya Sklodowska I mean, you could put it down to teenagers thinking they onowbbetter than adults...hey actually that's a little too clever...
ElvinGearMaster Irma
ElvinGearMaster Irma 24 gün önce
At least she is uh consistent??
Hypatia Kovalevskaya Sklodowska
i mean, tho, that is also most of MJH`s Sabrina :D
Amelia 6 aylar önce
Zelda being so despicable and abusive and particularly to Hilda knowing that was never resolved just angers me and breaks my heart, they depicted all the damage of her abuse how could they not acknowledge as a major character flaw something that made her awful and that she needed to change or be acknowledged as a straight up villian that needs to be taken down and removed from all the people she is abusing
SadDeskLunch 3 aylar önce
I feel like the “feminist” characters in this show are the literal embodiment of “gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss”
itsPenguinBoy 6 aylar önce
Shipka's (and the whole cast's) talent in battling the terrible writing, constantly rescuing the show deserves all the awards.
Emma T
Emma T 5 aylar önce
I was so so excited for this show. Teen drama, horror and witches are my three most favourite things. The thing that ruined this show for me is that Sabrina's intentions and the story is never really certain. She spends the first season fighting for her right to not sign her name away, to keep her humanity. The second season she immediately throws this away and becomes "bad Sabrina" and everything she worked for is forgotten. By the end of the second season she's reformed again and retained her humanity and come back from that, then immediately in the third season she becomes the queen of hell. I would love to see her commit to either one of these pathways, except that never happens and she never really moves forward.
Jarin Jove
Jarin Jove 5 aylar önce
Pretty fair argument.
Katja Frandsen
Katja Frandsen Yıl önce
The reason Salem doesn't talk is because he'd call Sabrina out on all her bad decisions honestly
Timothy Hawkins
Timothy Hawkins 3 gün önce
That's true.
lisbeth QK
lisbeth QK 28 gün önce
I kept waiting for him to talk..sheesh
Kris Meyer
Kris Meyer Aylar önce
Yes, they would make Salem do this, and it would be horrible. They totally destroyed Salem. All because the main character is allergic to cats....
That Afro Latina Mom
And, rightfully so lol
Ms.Queue 2 aylar önce
Damn, that one change would make this a much better show. Just watching Sabrina fail upwards while Salem just reads her for filth the whole time? The comedic potential there is huge.
Alexandra Werblud
Alexandra Werblud 5 aylar önce
As someone who loves the 90's show and was so excited for a modern, non-scary puppet Salem, that fact that he didn't talk was the biggest insult and put me off the show almost immediately
Linda Daggett
Linda Daggett 8 aylar önce
I always saw Sabrina as the bad girl trying to be a good girl. Her mortal side,"good side", always in battle with her "bad side" the witchy side. So whenever she tries to help, she uses the powers for good but since it's something meant for evil, things don't turn out as intended. Therefore, she gets mixed up and tries to comprehend why it didn't work out, making her seem selfish. I mean, wouldn't you want to help everyone you love if you literally had the power to do so? She just wanted to help. All of her bad behavior stems from her "bad side". And eventually she splits in two and you can see a change in personalities. Her "bad side" does what she wants, which is to rule hell. The "good side" seems a little lost because Sabrina always needed that "bad side" to do good. Complex but I get it and why they wrote her in such a way. The show still sucked at the end and it hurts my heart.
EmPhoenixCat 6 aylar önce
I don’t think Sabrina is necessarily a bad character either. I just wish that we see her grow wiser with each experience. I feel like her ambition and her hero complex works as a character flaw, but it has to add to the story and not take away from it. I want to see her figure out that she can’t fix everything on her own and that she does need help. But at the same time, I want her to realize that a romantic relationship isn’t what she’s missing from her life and that’s not what she needs. I’m fine with Morningstar getting with Caliban because that’s a different Sabrina, untorn between mortal and witch life. Second Sabrina was confident in her purpose and where she was supposed to be. Spellman, on the other hand, still had a lot to figure out because purpose wasn’t simply handed to her
İsm Ata
İsm Ata 8 aylar önce
@Linda Daggett anyways, when transporting, captain Kirk gets split to two, but no one knows there is a second "evil" captain for a while. The bad captain does whatever he wishes...... Even too far. Good captain, though wanting to stop him, his decisiveness came from his evil part and is sort of useless now without him. They fix the transporter and fuse them/him back. And Kirk sort of gets an existential crisis because he now knows what's in him, and the traits making him a good and excellent captain came from mostly his evil? part, which he gets over stoically, in short order, by a sage word or two from Spock(or not)
Linda Daggett
Linda Daggett 8 aylar önce
@İsm Ata lol I'll get to watching it some point. I grew up watching Mexican telenovelas with my mom. Kinda like our evening tradition.
İsm Ata
İsm Ata 8 aylar önce
@Linda Daggett I can only say, it was fascinating when I was a child. It and Dr who. And now I can see both were more comedy than scifi. (mixed up with tension/action. though, scifi is prominent.) An acquired taste certainly. Not that easy to digest the what the! style of acting😅 initially.......
Linda Daggett
Linda Daggett 8 aylar önce
@İsm Ata I haven't seen it. I heard about it as a child but never watched it.
Malia Ferry
Malia Ferry 5 aylar önce
Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a great example of a strong female character, also has great writing. I recommend this show
Mamou TRAORE 8 aylar önce
I was SO excited about the eldritch terror plot ! Its rarely used in tv shows and Im a huge fan of Lovecraft, the potential was incredible ! I was so disappointed that it was dealt with in like 2 episode, such a waste !
Cam Aylar önce
I always viewed Ambrose as the human version of Salem, cause in the cartoon Salem also mostly provides exposition. I also think Salem should have been a talking character, my partner and I were so disappointed when we found out he was functionally just a cat
Alexis Durdil
Alexis Durdil 5 aylar önce
This show is a great example that even good looks, impeccable casting, and said cast nailing it like 99% of the time can not and will not make up for terrible writing. So sad because everything else for this show to succeed was there and if they ever properly remake it I doubt it’ll ever be as good as it could have been with the original cast.
emily hagan
emily hagan 7 aylar önce
Overall, I am in love with the idea that this show brings, rather than what it actually is. There was so much buildup that led to nothing. She literally summoned hell fire, levitated, and healed herself after getting hit by maybe 5 arrows, and then later still had problems. At that point, she should've had the power to run the world.
t. k.
t. k. 8 aylar önce
season 4 was all over the place. like sabrina's hair. seriously, her curls looked different in every take in multiple episodes, they couldn't even bother get her hair to look like the girl was living through a series of events that took place within a couple of hours.
Diana Reynolds
Diana Reynolds Yıl önce
The fact that they took such a feminist and badass woman and gave her the name "Madam Satan" because she is just that devoted to the devil is an insult to Lilith
Maria Gracia Moreno Vegas
@Alice that's not how christianity works but go off I guess hahah I'm not a practicing christian myself but a basic knowledge of the religion teaches you they worship the God of Abraham over anything else, not the Bible. The Bible only has religion holding because they believe it is the true word of God and God's mandates and mysteries are portrayed there.
Maria Gracia Moreno Vegas
@GilaCat well, "gatekeeping" is a common beahbior in judaism since Jews believe they are the people chosen by God and they are not given the mission to eveangelize and bring the gospel and beliefs to people. They believe they are the nation favoured by God and, except for very very few exceptions, you can only be a Jew if "you were born from a Jewish matrix", meaning a Jewish mother. So it is how it works for them, how they perceive the world and how they build their sense of belonging, so it's only natural that they "gatekeep" their rituals. Some other relacions are evangelist, like most christians and catholics, and they believe they have the aim and the "holy mission" to make their religion universal and bring the "truth" to everyone, so they are more open to people learning and adopting their beliefs. That's why.
Bibi DFairy
Bibi DFairy 4 aylar önce
@Alice sorry you had to deal with gatekeeping, keep doing you 💯🌸
Alice 10 aylar önce
@paulo joão wowni can't even tell if you're joking 😂
paulo joão
paulo joão 10 aylar önce
But feminists are devotees of Satan. Every Marxist is.And nobody cares about Lilith. She is a character that doesn't even appear in the Bible.
Shara Rajora
Shara Rajora Aylar önce
I never understood how RAS has the guts to be this inconsistent about his own shows. The problems with CAOS are very similar to problems in Riverdale as a show. How can someone be this inconsistent with its characters and lore?
TheRev 5 aylar önce
This show is what made me coin the phrase "Sabrina Syndrome," referring to the number of times two characters explain things they both would already know to one another (as opposed to better methods of letting the audience in on something) AND THEN DO IT AGAIN TWO SCENES LATER as if it was written for drunk people who need to get caught up over and over.
MiuNya 6 aylar önce
I really love Prudence. Probably my favourite character wise as she had a great arc and character development.
MJ P 5 aylar önce
I like Sabrina as a character, even if after season two she kind of fell apart. The show was aesthetically really great and the casting was amazing. I can't really see past the lack of character development and massive plot holes, but it's still one of my favorites
Daniele Rebughini
what did go wrong with this? It’s easy: this show was created by Roberto Aguirre Sacasa, the genius behind Riverdale
Javier Lopez
Javier Lopez 5 aylar önce
@KeKway Blaze uhhh so? That doesnt change the fact he is still the worst, not one of the worst, i mean THE WORST showrunner for any kind of tv show that involves Teens in any sort of way.
Disport Dialogue
Disport Dialogue 11 aylar önce
@Summer Rose I actually enjoy seasons 1-3 the rest are not as entertaining. And I'm not alone on this is the guy says he watched Riverdale until the first half of season 4. So he must have enjoyed something.
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 11 aylar önce
@Disport Dialogue Don't lie
Prod. Angel
Prod. Angel Yıl önce
Riverdale is trash lol
TVDC Yıl önce
Riverdale peaked at the end of season 1
Ms.Queue 2 aylar önce
FSN, I love love love LOVE that you a) always give credit to the actors and what they specifically bring to their roles and b) always distinguish between what the actor is doing wrong and (more often than not) what the writers or showrunners are doing wrong. I watch A LOT of video essay, rants and reviews about shows and movies and I see in lesser entries where the actors get sidelined, not even mentioned or outright thrown under the bus for some shit that's absolutely not their fault. And extra props for being unapologetic in your praise, esp of the actresses. Really stellar work, been a fan of your channel for a long time and these are just a few of the reasons why.
DianaCrystal Aylar önce
I feel like the first season could be pretty cool if the season finale was about Sabrina choosing between being a mortal and a witch. It would make more sense for us to see more of her human friends in that scenario, and it allows us to see how she juggles between being an ordinary girl and secretly being a witch. And if they _absolutely_ had to allow her to perform exorcisms, making her half angel, half witch, might've worked. Maybe everyone thinks she's half mortal, but in reality, she's just half angel or something, and that's why she can call upon god. Though I'm not too sure how that would work with the lore of this story, if the lore can even be deciphered at this point. 😞
Idk 5 aylar önce
I loved the first season and the second season was pretty good, but I felt like seasons 3 & especially 4 lost the original vibe of the show, it started off as a supernatural horror & partly mystery and it was perfect, but then a season 4 and even a bit of season 3 really changed it so it felt more like sci-fi than what it originally was. I’m still a big fan of the show and I’d still recommend it to people but I started watching when the first three seasons were out and it was my favourite tv show at the time, I was disappointed when season 4 came out because it was so different to the rest of the show.
Jake Martin
Jake Martin 5 aylar önce
I 100% agree
Pamayra 6 aylar önce
I also stopped watching the show, never really knowing why. But now I know what subconsciously happend. All the flaws were itching me somehow, like many others too. Very good review!
Lunamor Rosa
Lunamor Rosa Yıl önce
This probably isn't a big deal for a lot of people, but it reeeeally bothers me how this show uses Lilith. In the original mythology, Lilith is the woman who refused to be subservient to anyone, even God, so it's kind of insulting to portray her as so desperate for Lucifer's approval while also parroting that fake feminist nonsense. Like, she's the original femme fatale, why not use that angle?I guess maybe it's a side effect of how they chose to portray Lucifer, but I think it'd be more interesting to have Lilith and Lucifer as a messy power couple and do something with that dynamic.
Paula Evans
Paula Evans 16 gün önce
Lilith was sumerian as well
Leann Aylar önce
oof Aylar önce
Wasn't Lilith the real real first woman in the bible story? I remember reading it somewhere that Lilith was the first woman ever, but like you said, she refused to be subservient to anyone and so God punished her transforming her into a demon or smth and then put Eve on her place bc Eve was a "better version" of Lilith
LadyLotus 7 aylar önce
They started with her doing that at first then they suddenly relegated her to the role of babysitter
Hypatia Kovalevskaya Sklodowska
lilith is in the bible as liliths, not as one being, but type of being. you`re just remembering the fake though awesome feminist reimaginig of it
Caitlyn Marie
Caitlyn Marie 3 aylar önce
18:32 Having also grown up with Melissa Joan Hart’s characterization and series for “Sabrina”, and she will always, always be the OG Sabrina to me… I will say that Kiernan Shipka also immediately had me the moment I saw her on screen, and I immediately thought and felt the same way- “this girl IS Sabrina Spellman. End of discussion.” I have a love-hate relationship with the show, for similar reasons to those stated here, but I rewatch it because I enjoy her portrayal so very much that I watch for the Sabrina experience not the plot of the show. They had so much potential… the ideas were there! It’s so frustrating…
Fahad R
Fahad R 8 aylar önce
I agree with how badly Reberto portrays feminism but i think Zelda being abusive doesn’t correlate to feminism but also the thing with the high priest and gus wife is definitely counter intuitive.
JoeDisc 6 aylar önce
From my point of view, a casual watcher. I found The Dark Lord to be a frustrating mess, I really liked the Personification of Satan in Part 1. However Parts 2, 3, 4 were frustratingly awful. Part 2 had its moments but The Dark Lord was a joke in Parts 3 and 4.
Kai Revil
Kai Revil 14 gün önce
this was really so eye opening! admittedly, i was one of the people who stuck with caos until the end. looking at it through new eyes taught me so much. so thank you for questioning whether or not to make a video out of the series but ended up doing an hour and a half special
Trina Q
Trina Q Yıl önce
I was shocked that Nick killing himself to be with Sabrina in the afterlife was overly romanticised. It was an awful way to end the series, and Kiernan had to try to justify the decision in an interview.
SomeDude WhoDraws93
SomeDude WhoDraws93 4 aylar önce
Something tells me she was trying damage control and it didnt work and the show was cancelled. Poor kid had to work with an SJW Mexican who thinks he can write XD!
Jarin Jove
Jarin Jove 5 aylar önce
@sxymph False.
Benja 8 aylar önce
Yeah they should have show him old then idk he become young again and then kiss, it would show that he lived his life and trough it he never stop loving her.
Whims 8 aylar önce
Destiny🤍 9 aylar önce
@Raven Mcchesney no you’re right! The show WASN’T supposed to end like that, but it got canceled before it could go any farther on that and people were piiiiissed. I was 🤣 I forced myself to sit through season 4 just hoping it would get better and NOPE 😭 this show had so much potential and I was just waiting for someone to step in and say “hey, maybe we shouldn’t let this guy do all of the writing” knowing it probably wouldn’t happen 🤧
Rigel B
Rigel B Aylar önce
I've never even watched this show (and barely even knew of its existence) before watching your take on it. And here's my main takeaway : This show seems to have taken the concept of ''Style over substance'' to an astronomical level.
KillTheFuture42 8 aylar önce
Remember the time Sabina got the ability to summon hellfire, just to be cornered a few episodes later by an old guy and his magic rodents? Or the time she used dark magic to bring the brother of her boyfriend back, just for him to kill him again? Remember the time Sabrina went into the afterlife and found her tormented mother unable to go to heaven, just to never even mention that again? Remember the anti-demon rape-whistle and how it was never used against a single demon after that episode? Remember the magic graveyard that would bring witches back to life and how they later on kinda forget about it? Remember the time Sabrina plus friends were replaced by 2 week old plant based doppelgängern? Remember the time they pissed off Satan and forced every witch in their cycle to convert to a new religion? Remember the time Prudence hunted Blackwood around the world and he just came back to town one day and started a new black church a street away from his old one, without anyone noticing? Remember the time Sabrina went away to live in a cave with a madman? Or season 4? This show droped the bucket pretty quickly, got entertaining in an ironic sense and went straight to annoying nonsense. But i´m glad i got to understand this video better now.
Danni Lynn
Danni Lynn 2 aylar önce
As a writer, I love listening to your reviews and deep dives on shows as you pick apart the plots, characters, and more. Lots of great insight and good content!
Amelia 6 aylar önce
Harvey "nobody's favourite", liiterally my favourite character. I actually think he had a really compelling arc at least in part 1 where he was struggling with feeling like a coward and pathetic and he tried to combat it but he also had some rather severe trauma to navigate it was interesting seeing his arcs play out and it matter to him that he was brave and strong but never do that obnoxious thing where he puts his feelings of inadequacy on the females in life he shouldered them himself and strived not to get in the way + he did not fall into that pattern where the good-hearted male character turns into a complete tool to prop up the bad boy he stayed sweet, gentle and understanding the whole series and that was cool to see also I love him being artistic and the art being an important part of his character and I really rooted for his rs with Sabrina and his rs with Roz I thought both those relationships were done well and he treated both women well and the one time he was out of line he realised and apologised without any caveats.
Something's wrong I can feel it
For some reason I love when people talk about shows that disappoint them.
Uriel López
Uriel López Aylar önce
Oh and now i hate roberto aguirre
Uriel López
Uriel López Aylar önce
I love getting upset with them too
spooky ho
spooky ho 5 aylar önce
ultimata 5 aylar önce
you'll have a blast and countless hours of youtube content if you watch game of thrones
Гислаине Цандидо
ikr? writers thinks the audience are stupid and will swallow anything they film
Wbeeze 8 aylar önce
I remember enjoying the first and second season, season three felt like things were not really to my taste in quality but some scenes I still enjoyed {as in I felt like the paganism plot could have been so much better and I hate that it wasn’t}. Then by season four, the season I was super excited for because I was going through a lovecraftian interest phase, literally had me at the end of the finale scene and the credits rolling, putting my phone down, and saying verbally “what the fuck...??” I literally thought to myself “that’s the ending?” Because so many things were interesting concepts, but like the video explains, they were poorly executed. I wish the show was done better, if Roberto let someone else be in charge then this show could have really hit the mark, or at least be better than what we got 🤷🏻‍♀️
Demi Garcia
Demi Garcia 3 aylar önce
i'm so glad i wasn't the only one upset about the salem thing. i remember learning early after it premiered that Kiernan Shipka has a cat allergy and was like- ok, bring in the animatronic salem, i'm ready for the witty banter 😂
seraphic 5 aylar önce
"This teaser was so good I thought I was going to die." -- I TOTALLY GET THAT. i didn't feel like that about this show but i've deeef had things i was so excited about that it felt like it might be fatal.
Amelia Davidson
Amelia Davidson Aylar önce
I don't know why, but I find this video so calming while I'm at work. There's just something about how you go through a series in an organized way, I agree with your logic... I just enjoy playing it in the background while I'm working. Thank you for making this!
louise duplaquet
louise duplaquet Yıl önce
"this man wrote a terrible adaptation of his own comic book" I cannot stop laughing 😆 It says it all
Havanna Valley
Havanna Valley 10 aylar önce
@paulo joão i said the comic is pretty good since its majority owned by dc i forgot thee comma
paulo joão
paulo joão 10 aylar önce
@Havanna Valley DC owns the greatest classics of American comics. Your most famous characters are copied all the time.
Good and Strong concept Poor Execution
A Guy With A Lot Of Opinions
I mean, many have said that Invincible the show is a terrible adaptation of Invincible the comic and they’re written by the same person. But in my opinion, almost every change is an improvement.
Havanna Valley
Havanna Valley Yıl önce
@Dezmond _00 no comic is pretty good since majority is by dc
Blueeyesthewarrior 3 aylar önce
I would imagine that the mixing of the characters of Salem and Ambrose would have worked really well. Just keep the house arrest thing, but Ambrose gets around it by shapeshifting so he can help out his cousin. Or he is only allowed to retain his human form within the Spellman house because it prevents him from using magic outside of the house. It would have been very fun.
Lance Voltron
Lance Voltron 6 aylar önce
I absolutely love everything about the way this show looks - the setting, the props, the costuming, the everything. I just couldn't get beyond some mediocre stuff
Donelle Witter
Donelle Witter 5 aylar önce
I loved the look of the show and the aunts and actors who played them were amazing. All your points about the shows were great and spot on and I wish someone could redo a show with just them.
t3tsuyaguy1 6 aylar önce
This show is a good example of something that I enjoy in spite of its flaws. Several people did amazing work on this show, especially Keirnan Shipka and Jaz Sinclair. I constantly felt like the actors and the set designers and effects teams deserved a better written story. So, I watched and loved the things I love, knowing that it was going to get cancelled because of the things that I hated. I think the fact that the only way they could think to go out was by killing Sabrina and boyfriend so they can have eternity together to be the ultimate demonstration that the writers have no understanding of what a strong female character is. I mean come on the ultimate fulfillment of a strong female character is to die so everyone else can have their story? And her reward is an eternity with a boy? How many misogynist tropes can you fit into one ending?
xokayox Yıl önce
It’s honestly quite impressive how Roberto managed to create three vast and unique worlds only to ruin all three of them in under five years LMFAOOOOO
Normad Garmez
Normad Garmez 10 aylar önce
That's Roberto and team for you. Should of stuck with improving Riverdale and introduce other Archie comic characters ( Sabrina, JATPC, and Katey Keene) in small doses before giving them their own shows.
unknown person
unknown person Yıl önce
@Mélanie I think we saw a tiny bit of the garden aswell
unknown person
unknown person Yıl önce
@Mélanie there's earth the void and hell
Candace Yıl önce
@Udhav PLSS what but i agree katy Keene was so good
the batbike
the batbike Yıl önce
@Udhav So its awful
JAZZinJAMAICA 5 aylar önce
Just found your channel! Thank you for the work you put into this and attention to the writing and the creator. I think the actors and casting really did their job well.
Manuel K
Manuel K 2 aylar önce
Good points you make in this video, that I also mostly felt. The most frustrating scene in this series for me was when Lilith somehow easily could overpower and defeat Lucifer, who was always portrayed as much stronger than her. That's just lazy dumb writing I noticed so many times in Riverdale and then also sadly in Sabrina, where they build up something great that could lead to a big fight, but then instantly cut it off. Also I think it has something to do with the feminist stuff, that "oh it's a female, so she has to be 10 times stronger than the male characters, otherwise it's sexist af".
Tanesha Walker
Tanesha Walker 5 aylar önce
Boy, you give the best detailed breakdown of fuckery on a show ever! I stopped watching at the same time as you and never thought about it anymore until now… thank you…
Ashley Kleinz
Ashley Kleinz 7 aylar önce
Yes! All of this!! Thank you for making a video about it. I really hate what they did with the show. I couldn’t get through season 3 at all. The fact that they turned it into a musical was just 🤢. And the way they were trying so hard to be “woke” but didn’t delve into it any further than trying to come off as progressive was annoying, careless, and obvious.
Tarmachan Yıl önce
I would've greatly enjoyed if they'd had Sabrina become a legit villain protagonist for a while, and then have something happen that forces her to see how far down the dark path she's gone, and have her confront her own selfishness and grow from it. But that's too complex for these writers.
Bla Bla
Bla Bla 10 gün önce
@elle ofhearts she's not an anti hero at all, just evil who is constantly trying to convince herself she's good
EmPhoenixCat 6 aylar önce
That’s kinda what I thought they were gonna go for in season 2. Considering that Sabrina goes so far with breaking the rules of the universe and still doesn’t realize or take complete responsibility for her actions, it would’ve made sense that something as drastic as having near unlimited power at your fingertips and then using it wrong would’ve been a huge wake-up call for her. Her seeing how much like the devil she really is would’ve been interesting. ….Also while I’m on the subject, season 3 and 4 sorta make me forget why Lucifer was even bad in the first place. I remember sitting there, scratching my head like, why is Sabrina against this guy again??
Lizziebee3045 11 aylar önce
Bella Yıl önce
@Abhijith Thampi yes! And what happened to Emma in season 5 of Once Upon A Time!
Abhijith Thampi
Abhijith Thampi Yıl önce
Something like what happens to Angel in the early season of Buffy? Or Willow in a later season?
Kathleen Kilmartin
Kathleen Kilmartin 7 aylar önce
I never watched Riverdale, so I can’t comment on the ongoing theme. But I felt like the issues you brought up with Zelda and Lilith had a potential to explore how women navigate patriarchal structures of power. Especially when sometimes it’s by conforming to those structures in a way that ultimately doesn’t grant them the power and agency that they so clearly want. And I thought that was where the show was going, and was really interested to see how it played out. But then, it it never really delivered. I could be reading too much into the actual intentions, but I think it could have been a great character arc for both of Zelda and Lilith.
bandgeekforlife 8 aylar önce
After watching this I went around to watch some clips of the show. Goodness gracious, some of the fans are rabidly irrational! The writers of the show don't find anything wrong with Sabrina's actions, and neither do the die-hard fans. "How dare Harvey be upset that Sabrina just disappeared his dad!" etc.
Ms.Queue 2 aylar önce
That whole "Sabrina is whatever celestial being suits the moment" thing legit reminds me of Charmed. Like late stage Charmed where the sisters got to be Valkyries, greek gods, hindu deities, genies, demons, whatever shit the writers could throw at the wall - but they at least kept that restricted to single episodes or mini-arcs and they always pretty much went back to just being the Charmed Ones. I bring this up because it honestly blows my mind that ANY show could have less of a handle on their magical universe's internal logic than LATE SEASON CHARMED.
Chris L
Chris L 5 aylar önce
I thought it was pretty good, it had a lot of potential. And I guess I liked it because I came into it having NEVER even heard of the comic books and looked at it more as a Dark, more mature version of the old 90s TV show Sabrina the Teenage Witch that I remember from my childhood. So maybe some of it was a sense of nostalgia, but the show also kind of reminded me less of a show with an important over arching premise, but more of the old school "monster of the week" type of show such as like Grimm or Supernatural, Both of which I will say were MUCH better shows of course, but The chilling adventures of Sabrina did have that same sort of feel to it that the other two shows had in their very early stages. Both Grimm and Supernatural of course grew and matured as their shows went on, but it seemed that Sabrina didn't, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, IF your show has a VERY strong writer, premise and direction from the get go, which Sabrina clearly didn't.
Britney Quigney
Britney Quigney Yıl önce
I hated that she was so against Lucifer being her father but totally forgot that in the next season and happily became queen of hell. Honestly if they just kept her as the sword of hell it would have so much more interesting
lawson 3 aylar önce
totally should’ve had the invention that was impossible be introduced early in season 1 with scenes of her attempting to solve it throughout the whole season, with the season ending with her finding out she’s “the devils sword” season two could be based around her trying to understand these powers and where they came from, learning more about her family and satan himself with the season ending with her finally solving the puzzle and releasing something powerful enough to help her defeat satan season 3 has her defeating satan and finding the truth about how her parents died and the connection they had with him
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 4 aylar önce
@Tuna Fish Don't insult dementia.
EmPhoenixCat 6 aylar önce
@Don Solo I feel like Sabrina Morningstar was just more in touch with her desires? I mean, she goes on to become royalty with Caliban by her side and it kind of felt like an appeasement for Lucifer and the council, but maybe she really did like Caliban. They’re both ambitious and both have a taste for not playing by the rules so maybe she could see why he did it. In some ways, I think Morningstar was a lot more mature than Spellman. Like I kept waiting for the ball to drop, I thought she was going to turn evil and betray Spellman. I thought that she would want to be the only Sabrina, but no. Morningstar is perfectly fine with living her life in Hell with her father and her husband.
E Yıl önce
I mean there were 2 of her, she only accepted that title due to the situation she was in and let herself fall into
A T Yıl önce
I also hated how in the first season, it was a constant battle between her mortal and witch side, where she refused to sign her name in the book of shadows in order to maintain her freedom. But after she signs it, that battle immediately devolves and she forgets what she was fighting for in the first. She fully embraces her witch side after rejecting it almost all first season. Frustrating.
Lilaboxx 8 aylar önce
Lilith in this show is the definition of gatekeep, gaslight, girlboss
Elaina Bowman
Elaina Bowman 7 aylar önce
I started liking it….by episode 4 I was incredibly bored. You’re so right! Great video
Lawrence Ferrari
Lawrence Ferrari 18 gün önce
Though I absolutely love your video and your feelings about the show but there's just one thing that you've either missed or forgot about... beginning with the puzzle from season 1- she solved it because her father created it so she found the answer in his journals that no one else would have known...that her parents were not both witches is what gives her the power to do things other witches can't, and the challenging of the restraints she believes are placed on their form of religion...that some things arent impossible they're just told they are...she's essentially what's supposed to bridge the gap between heaven and hell...and the 4th season just fucked shit up in the end because they got cancelled 😞
Yolanda Shephard
Yolanda Shephard 6 aylar önce
I watched this whole thing straight through and you were so spot on, on everything !!!! This was an amazing review
Savannah 10 aylar önce
The most tragic thing about this show is the fact that it was perfectly cast (as far as the main family at least). All of these actors are really great and this show could have been so unbelievably good. The second most tragic thing is Salem.
Actias 3 aylar önce
Lunabyes 3 aylar önce
@Breezy's Buttery Bun Yeah, the whole Satanic Temple lawsuit thing was because CAOS used a copy of a copyrighted statue that was made specifically for the satanic temple. They straight up just stole it. They took pictures of it and had another sculptor make it for them, and it turns out the statue was both copyrighted, and hand made specifically for TST. The show also misappropriated the statue and the Satanic Temple as a whole.
thedoldrummer 3 aylar önce
true. the cast was wasted and that's just sad.
Abby Carlson
Abby Carlson 4 aylar önce
I only watched s1&s2 of CHAOS when it was first airing, but I will say that another redeeming quality is that the teen characters actually look like teens. Especially in the early episodes, it's refreshing to see 16 year old characters looking like actual 16 year olds.
Ragabash Moon
Ragabash Moon 5 aylar önce
Yea, I feel like they could have done a CGI cat like they did the original, especially since today we have so much better CGI, they could have pulled it off. For those that don't know, the reason Salem is so absent is because they had already cast Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina when they found out she was allergic to cats. So it was either recast her, or ditch Salem? Again, why not CGI? I Mean they had so much CGI already, how hard would it have been to do a CGI Salem?
Kate 6 aylar önce
There was a lot of plot holes in the whole show, but I can’t help but love it. I think it was a good idea to kind of separate Sabrina the teenage which and the chilling adventures of Sabrina. Because honestly the director cast this show perfectly. I think it could have been better but It is honestly one of my favorite shows.
Phantom 2 aylar önce
As much as I liked watching this show from start to finish, I can't deny that it has serious flaws.
Gloria Williams
Gloria Williams 5 aylar önce
1st off, loved your thoughts. Although some of them are different from my own. Didn’t watch this series to completion because I lost interest in the story. Although I really loved the 1st seasons. So to start, I liked the depiction of Salem the cat as a goblin, I was ok with having him not talking being a cat/pet owner I think the unspoken communication with a pet was enough. I also rather enjoyed Zelda being despicable, and having a moral double standard, not a role model but a witch who’s moral compass is much like Sabrina’s (being that it really isn’t based off right or wrong but their own selfish interests) Ok, now I completely agree on the horrible representation of feminism and the horrible depictions of men. I honestly think the creator of the “Archie Universe” depict his “fantasies” of what high school girls/women are. We can see this through both the childlike behavior and overly sexualized and submissive behavior of the women characters he writes about and creates. Now is this wrong or right? I can’t answer that. He’s attempting, but can’t see beyond his “lens” which means we can only see these characters from his perspective of women, and his perspective of woman empowerment. He obviously idolizes the “perfect” high school girl, probably from his own experiences. But creating a perfect woman dehumanizes. Almost like the concept of the “step-ford wife”. Again loved the video, made me think more critically of the concepts and why I ended up rejecting the series mentally (never finishing)
Yentl Tellings
Yentl Tellings 6 aylar önce
I’d love to see a video essay about flawed characters. 🥰
Anne ICA
Anne ICA Yıl önce
I was absolutely HORRIFIED about Nick's ending. It was the dumbest way to end a character's story and it romanticized dying on purpose because you can't live without your SO. Like, shit, I liked Nick throughout the first seasons but then he became totally bland and his only purpose was being in love with Sabrina. He couldn't have an actual goal except showing than he was nothing on his own. Such a great example for young people watching the show. This really threw me off. I can excuse bad writing but I can't excuse showing these kind of toxic behaviors as if it was nothing.
unknown person
unknown person Yıl önce
You do understand it was meant to have a season five but it was cancelled even though everything was done and filming / editing was very close to completion they had to make alot of changes and if you think about it the void is a state of mind it hasn't been proven to be physical yet so technically it could all just be in there head and there still alive just in a coma or something?
Mika Beck
Mika Beck Yıl önce
The reasoning was probably something along the lines of a Romeo and Juliet but Romeo and Juliet is suppose to originally be a satire and poke fun at over the top romance so either way - yeah equally bad. Would’ve preferred if they really had to have Nick find her after living a full life, or better yet reunite her with her parents!
Madame Grenouille
I actually thought that Sabrina would end up with Harvey in the end. Because if you remember about the episode that (I don't remember her name) Sabrina's best friend with the glasses become stone, he lied about her being his true love. So I thought " Hey maybe in the end he will be with Sabrina " , also Nick was a real jerk in the end. And he was toxic too. He made the choice to accept her dad's soul inside him and then be blamed Sabrina. But Sacassa wanted this last scene with their kiss,like it was a romantic tv show. It wasn't, it was supposed to be dark yes, but Sabrina does not die in the actual story😂. Also, she deserved better. Her boyfriend (harvey) treated her awfully and got to a relationship with her best friend who also was an awful friend and made Sabrina believe that she was the mean one and then she made her giving her, her eyesight back. And Theo, he was actually cute. I think that her mortal friends we're awful and she should choose her imortal life (instead of Nick. Nick was an idiot after he left Hell.)
Candice’s Art Corner
@Matheus Nunes Borba hum yes if the subject of this bad writing wasn’t so serious (suicide). It that case, you cannot excuse anyone for writing that. It’s just sickening.
Anne ICA
Anne ICA Yıl önce
@Bree Hebert It happens 😂
AleksR 28 gün önce
It´s soooo frustrating how this show got butchered. I actually loved the first season, it had so much potential, and then it just took a freefall... it could have been iconic
Sikanda 2 aylar önce
You summed up pretty much everything I had in mind regarding the storyline inconsistencies and botched character arcs. And thank you for mentioning the overused "boom" sfx for creating tension, It's beyond atrocious. The writers, sound designers and editors ruined the experience of that universe.
Another Person
Another Person 5 aylar önce
I had no expectations going into Sabrina, so loved season 1. I really liked it- the aesthetic, it was on the edge of being serious and not and I felt it was a really fun watch. Season 2...I felt was okay? Then in season 3...I stopped watching after a few episodes, for the main reason that you've bluntly stated - I got bored. It is such a shame, because you can feel the potential it had. :(
strombada 6 aylar önce
Great video that perfectly outlines everything that made this show ultimately disappointing and tragically underwhelming.
Bloody Coffee
Bloody Coffee Yıl önce
I think my ideal Dark Sabrina show is a pure horror show with a talking snarky Salem that brings moments of levity and dry comedy in short moments. Also I think Sabrina being in college would be more interesting than the high school teen drama. Sabrina being a young adult would allow for more freedom for the writers to dip in both ridiculousness and grounded drama.
Valentine Joseph
Valentine Joseph 10 aylar önce
Like the comic? Because the comic was dark as hell and fun as well
Masau Fuku
Masau Fuku 10 aylar önce
Sabrina being in college would also remove some of the very uncomfortable sex stuff.
Eva 10 aylar önce
That way it could continue from the og show when she was a teen
Biancamaria Valenti
Biancamaria Valenti 10 aylar önce
It’s not exactly supposed to be a comedy show. It’s kind of a dark/creepy comedy slash horror slash drama tv show. I personally love it
deViianceTV 10 aylar önce
@gresiim granted not everybody goes to college, so most shows that do have a high school setting may seem more relatable if you’ve experienced more mature themes in your high school. Most college shows are boring anyway with no escape from the central place the setting is located
Daniel M
Daniel M 8 aylar önce
Personally I loved the show and everything about it. The only weird part for me was Salem not talking
Divija Jain[X-C]
Divija Jain[X-C] 4 aylar önce
I seriously love this video!! You literally said everything I was thinking!!
Nins Mins
Nins Mins 4 aylar önce
I suffered watching season 3 and 4 because I always get so attached to characters, the actors heavily carried this show. I was screaming at Sabrina being stupid and ranting about weird plotpoints the whole time though.
Rafa Tadeo
Rafa Tadeo Aylar önce
Oh man, thank you for this! I stopped watching at season 2, mainly because the Sabrina character was such a spoiled brat that I just couldn't even. I felt bad for a while because I thought maybe I wasn't "woke" enough, but I understand now that they were Hollywood tokens all along. And that pisses me off even more hahahaha
Theresa K
Theresa K Yıl önce
So it’s not that he can’t write female characters. He just can’t write any type of characters.
Javier Lopez
Javier Lopez 5 aylar önce
@Darla Lathan pretty sure the guy has a really wrong concept of what a man is, mixed With some mommy or daddy issues probably.
Darla Lathan
Darla Lathan Yıl önce
Yeah, you'd think a man could write male characters right, lol!
rosy click
rosy click Yıl önce
@Bejo he consistently can't write consistent characters the irony lol
Fiòwó Yıl önce
that's equality, babey
Esther 🌿🌻
Esther 🌿🌻 Yıl önce
@Bejo the only thing really.
T.S. Ellivan
T.S. Ellivan 5 aylar önce
I always wondered wtf happened with that show? (And don’t worry, your deep dive wasn’t a waste of time.) I’m glad you pointed out the excellent cast, and that the writing was the culprit! That dude wrote the comics? Unacceptable. This show could have been a legend. ☮️🌎🤞
cody 8 aylar önce
To be completely honest, I absolutely love this show soooooo much! The only thing I didn’t love was the very last episode, it was very nonsensical.
Laura Lannister
Laura Lannister 2 aylar önce
The vibe of season one is so memorable in the BEST way. The Halloween vibe, witchy vibe sooo good!
Chlorine Lori
Chlorine Lori Aylar önce
The first 2 seasons were perfect,Halloween in a show. I think we all loved it because of the actress because like you said she was absolutely perfect for the role, she is impressive actress which made all other kids in the show look like they are horrible actors and just some kids someone picked off the street, and they are just average and not that bad. I think they made her as a antihero, she is in the end of the day daughter of the devil who just tries her best to be good but is arrogant and powerful where the dark side is pulling her. The witches are portrayed as bad characters which they are no matter they are protagonists of the show. They messed up the show but I disagree with Sabrina’s character dissection.
Koboldmaki Yıl önce
The performative activism and wokeness of CAOS and Riverdale are sooo frustrating... As a feminist, I'm thrilled that the movement has become more mainstream and is reflected on in the media. But if you want to make feminism a part of the deal, you need to do the work too! You can't just throw in some "cool" lines and mottos and then go on to misrepresent the whole concept. Two things I truly despise are the men-hating and the representation of sexuality. Feminism has obviously nothing to do with hating men, it's actually designed to also break stereotypes and misconceptions of manhood. I'm kind of surprised the video didn't also mention the sexualization that goes on. Because there is a thin line between body positivity and sexualizing characters. This happens so much in this show and Riverdale as well. It's mostly camera angels and contexts that don't sit right. Why do the heroines have to perform a spell in their underwear? Why is the camera "checking" out Cheryls whole body when it has nothing to do with the scene? Sorry for the rant, I just get frustrated. Loved the review though! Can't wait for your take on Riverdale :)
piperian396 Aylar önce
@Fizzpopper dude, you give feminism a bad name with your incoherent misspelled point. You’ve failed to address anything I’ve said.
Fizzpopper Aylar önce
@piperian396 I HAVE read the entire thread and you have completely misread Fork's initial comment. You're spoiling for a fight so hard you're not even making a coherent point. They have no reason to apologize when they've stated facts - feminists have been misrepresented in media from the start as hateful, man-hating jokes and we've been fighting that image for the last half-century. It's improving but we still have a long way to go. Name-calling someone stating the truth as someone trying to "destroy feminism from the inside" is disingenuous and, frankly, is doing more harm than good. Get off the soapbox once in a while and actually read/listen to what people are actually saying, not what you THINK they're saying - picking fights for the sake of picking fights isn't helping anyone. Sincerely, a woman who's been fighting for feminism longer than you've been alive.
Koboldmaki 3 aylar önce
@Oh, How Absurd! That's a myth you're trying to convey there. Feminism, again, is not a misandrist movement. It's about equal rights, and again, men also profit from it. That's like saying queer people fighting for their rights are inherently heterophobic.
Oh, How Absurd!
Oh, How Absurd! 3 aylar önce
I hate how people keep trying to damage control feminism into this all-inclusive thing. It's a misandrist movement, so its co-signers will be misandrist by nature. I don't understand this obsession with making feminism mainstream, but I doubt it'll ever catch on as much as feminists want it to.
Kyra Bernal
Kyra Bernal 4 aylar önce
PlumFrogVic 2 aylar önce
I was soooo mad about how this show turned out tbh. it had so much potential, imo. They really butchered it as it went on. That ending was horrific LOL. The show had a really eerie and mature tone to it, which the 1990s sitcom lacked, so it was exciting to get this version. I felt the casting was great too. They really could've made this so much better than it was.
Flugrekorderait Aylar önce
Honestly, despite watching the show in the 90s as a kid, I was really looking forward to a darker retelling. But I noped out after like, episode 2 or 3 because of the constant man shaming and how much blatant woke baiting/virtue signaling was in it. Glad to see I made the right choice.
S.C. 7 aylar önce
To be honest, I genuinely think the before to last episode of season 4 is the best episode of the show and really embodies what it should have been, super creepy and horror like in a very disturbing way with plenty of throwbacks to the old show, I think it’s a great episode in itself and would’ve captured perfectly what the show should’ve been like
Josh D
Josh D 7 aylar önce
Watching your videos has made me really critical about what I’m watching. Keep it up and thanks for these!👏🏻🙇🏻‍♂️
Lucas Georg
Lucas Georg Yıl önce
the problem with EVERY CW show is always: Actors are great, writing is atrocious
EmPhoenixCat 6 aylar önce
Sometimes the plot is amazing, but then they’re like hey let’s move this show along and crank up the twists to max level. And that’s when they start missing important details and sliding over character growth and making ppl do out-of-character things. All so they can add excitement and change to the show because they’re worried about losing viewers. It’s a big mistake on their part, it’s like everyone in the writing studio is rushing to get everything written out and they’re not re-reading the script to make sure that it all lines up with what’s already been written. Or it’s like a fanfic chain on tumblr, with each person adding to the story but each person wants to take it into a completely new territory and the writers can’t agree
Hannah Simmons
Hannah Simmons 8 aylar önce
@N.V. Mila ugh yes. But CXG is a heavily underrated masterpiece
Ninja Brown
Ninja Brown 8 aylar önce
Love me some crazy ex girlfriend, you should defo watch the last season it wraps the whole show up so nicely, unlike caos
Julianna Agoncillo
Julianna Agoncillo 10 aylar önce
Whose line is the exception: no writing required (because improv), but the actors (who are not listed as special guest stars) are great too
Alexander McCalla
Alexander McCalla 10 aylar önce
@ramenwithaliens not a remake. A live action adaptation and hopefully it get axed. Nobody asked for that
Pnkykun Aylar önce
I was really excited about this show as well but again and again we get shown that you should never expect anything to be good so you never get let down.
Morgan Mayhem
Morgan Mayhem 6 aylar önce
So I've never watch this, but by your description, this show sounds so insulting the the actual practice of witchcraft, which honestly I could deal with if they hadn't made it so bad.
JB Bell
JB Bell 5 aylar önce
Late to the party but you asked about your take on the "feminism" in the show. I gritted my teeth instantly because, as you doubtless know, there's a certain crowd that will foam at the mouth at any representation of any but the most white-bread characters as "woke" in the most pejorative way possible. We never learn what counts as a genuinely progressive and well-developed character or plot from them, because the standards they have are either non-existent or impossible to satisfy. But, nope, you laid out what you believed would work, showed the (massive) defects in the show's ham-fisted attempts very clearly, and in the end made an excellent case. I think we can categorize Roberto along with a number of other dudes who've been all about "girl power," and worry about when his sexual abuse scandal will surface. Well done.
Taliesin Llanfair
Taliesin Llanfair 5 aylar önce
I love how you questioned the sexual element of the show and were sponsored by a company producing sex toys. Thank you TRvid for creating this situation.
Caryn 6 aylar önce
Thank you for saving me countless hours of watching the show. I only read about half of the first issue of the comic book, and wasn't enthusiastic about watching the series.
Ecm Cm
Ecm Cm 8 aylar önce
Haven't watched the last two seasons, but I enjoyed the first two. Loved the originality and the world it creates. While I agree Sabrina as a character has many annoying treats, in HER case, I don't really see it as bad writing, but as a result of what her story and character is. Stuck between two worlds. The witch one, and the human one. One is powerful, super selfish, violent and ruthless, and the other one is, well, human, and the politically correct stuff associated with it. And I think that's what "justifies" Sabrina's flaws and decisions. And I think it makes it fun. She does want to get involved in everything, but that's main character typical stuff. The writing could defenetly be better, but just commenting in this specific part. Kinda sad they didn't put more effort into the show, it had a lot of cool elements and ideas. Editing because yeah, the fact that she can do what no one else can even with much more knowledge it's unjustifiable bad writing.
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