Chelsea v. Tottenham Hotspur | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 8/14/2022 | NBC Sports

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13 Ağu 2022




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JayCFC Aylar önce
What a game of football. The passion, the fights, refereeing decisions, all of it. This is why we love the Premier League.
TheThreatenedSwan Aylar önce
Bentancur got the ball plain as day while Havertz did the classic striker move of leaning into his leg to shield the ball and falling over. I don't know why people are complaining about that
Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose Aylar önce
@Wuss Restbrook Netflix is better ? Lol
K. Guillaume
K. Guillaume Aylar önce
Let's not forget that pro football, at every level, is one of the most corrupt sports in the world regarding match fixing and illegal gambling.
Joseph Gramlich
Joseph Gramlich Aylar önce
The only ones happy with this are spurs fans lmao. Fucking brutal robbery
Ezinwa Emenike
Ezinwa Emenike Aylar önce
@Sky Shooter corruption has come to stay in epl
UPshot Aylar önce
Passion, aggression, goals, assists, push n pulls, yellow and red cards. celebrations and fights. This is something us man Utd fan wish to see in our team but can only see in other teams. EPL at its best moments. Kudos to the two epl contenders. Great match.
Stewboy Q
Stewboy Q Aylar önce
@UPshot Apology not accepted lmfao I really don’t get it…deans waiting there watching replays, it’s his only job, but he still gets It wrong? And then apologizes after talking to other people? Maybe get him out of that role if he needs multiple days and other peoples opinions to realize he screwed up FFS
snooqpy Aylar önce
you got your wish
UPshot Aylar önce
@38/39 Instruction hey you came back. Just like how new castle disagrees with you as well 😂
38/39 Instruction
38/39 Instruction Aylar önce
@UPshot LEEDS disagrees with you 😅
UPshot Aylar önce
@38/39 Instruction mancity and Liverpool are an easy option for a title contender if not the winners. So the remaining 3 clubs contending for the epl title are the ones I mentioned. I am hopeful you ll send me the kit at the end of the season. Good luck with the season.
Mariano Garcia
Mariano Garcia Aylar önce
Most exciting game of football I’ve seen in a long time. It had EVERYTHING
joe fernandez
joe fernandez Aylar önce
I've seen better
Jay Briccs
Jay Briccs Aylar önce
@sublime lol hope that’s a joke
Deepak NR
Deepak NR Aylar önce
every derby/big game with Tottenham is. Tottenham vs Man City/Liverpool last year
Sacto1654 Aylar önce
Somebody said it reminded people of a pre-1992 Football League First Division match.
sublime Aylar önce
Nothing compared to real vs man city
PlayboiMig Aylar önce
The volley was great but Cucurella’s cross was also a thing of beauty
J B Aylar önce
@Elmo273 he let his emotions get to him
Elmo273 Aylar önce
His marking was terrible in the scoring corner
Nyavor Adjei
Nyavor Adjei Aylar önce
“Conte once a Chelsea friend, now a devoted foe.” That was colddddd 🥶
Skiddo12 23 gün önce
that was so good
Vito Hezzy Callie
Vito Hezzy Callie Aylar önce
@M L it would he’s coaching fking Tottenham and he knew it was fixed
M L Aylar önce
I don't think this moment should really paint him in that light, it was a heated moment is all. He did well for Chelsea and hopefully the fans see that.
Jimmy Le
Jimmy Le Aylar önce
Best Manager Chelsea's had since Mourinho
Big fish Ke
Big fish Ke Aylar önce
What a goal by Koulibaly, What a crazy game What a handshake 🤣
Ricki Ortiiz
Ricki Ortiiz Aylar önce
And what a pull of hair 🤣
Marcus Pinckney
Marcus Pinckney Aylar önce
Game had everything
Daniel Maluenda
Daniel Maluenda Aylar önce
Yo all the goals were pretty amazing
King Solomon
King Solomon Aylar önce
Imagine you're a manchester fan and you here watching this brilliant game.
Leo Kwak
Leo Kwak Aylar önce
Brilliant? Lol
Francisco Robledo
Francisco Robledo Aylar önce
Man united should have bought koulibaly😭
dr kay
dr kay Aylar önce
@NextChapter we can't even feel the drive to watching our own games no more
Henry Berko
Henry Berko Aylar önce
Lmao 🤣😂😂😂
Joe Santos
Joe Santos Aylar önce
Yes and it hurts.
Dan Dickison
Dan Dickison Aylar önce
I don't see many commenting on the foul that took Havertz down and led to Spurs' first goal. That should have been a card and a free kick. It was clearly a foul in the replay. No wonder Tuchel was so steamed for the rest of the match.
Gurtrock12Grillion Aylar önce
Nonsense, he got the ball first in the slowmo
Cantak Musiq
Cantak Musiq Aylar önce
@Kingbuck lol you funny. Guess you the only one saw that was a foul. Not even Tottenham players needed that 1 lmao
J Aylar önce
@myst myst corrupt
JJ Reed
JJ Reed Aylar önce
@Kingbuck That was a flop, nlt a fould.
flowers beautiful
flowers beautiful Aylar önce
Koulibaly pushed Kulu hard with his hand, and the stolen ball was the second goal. The referee had to give him a card ..It wouldn't have led to a second goal
Ayo chill
Ayo chill Aylar önce
I’m a Chelsea fan, Chelsea Vs. Tottenham are always some of my very favorite match days of the season. They never EVER fail to excite!
GunnerXEditz Aylar önce
@No do Yh ik our main rivals are Tottenham but Chelsea main rivals are arsenal
GunnerXEditz Aylar önce
@No do "keeps" no they dont keep beating us
No do
No do Aylar önce
@GunnerXEditz Yeah keep saying Chelsea is main rivals when Tottenham keeps you beating. Tottenham is your main rival not Chelsea.
GunnerXEditz Aylar önce
@No do + we are bigger than you guys
GunnerXEditz Aylar önce
@No do dude dont lie to yourself on every media chelsea fans rival arsenal more than spurs idk what you are trying to pull off.
M. Abdi
M. Abdi Aylar önce
If this is only the 2nd week of the premiere league, I can't wait for what the rest of the season brings. The Beautiful game, the passionate game!!
Daniel Morgan
Daniel Morgan Aylar önce
for real!
FatmanJonesTV Aylar önce
Koulibaly’s goal was a thing of beauty - volleys like that are so hard to hit cleanly!
ckrgksdkrak Aylar önce
@JJ Reed im assuming it took you a while just to learn the scissors… average soccer enthsiasts will master most of the soccer skills within 5-10 years of middle high school college years. The difference between amateur, professional, and elite players are athleticism, natural physique, fine-tuned techniques, and playing under pressure. The techniques themselves are not very difficult to reproduce under standard practice conditions. Especially if you are playing soccer everyday routinely.
ckrgksdkrak Aylar önce
@JJ Reed pretty sure it can be reproduced multiple times even as an amateur player if you’ve played 2+ years competitively
JJ Reed
JJ Reed Aylar önce
@ckrgksdkrak he purposely sliced that kick to direct it right. You couldn't hit that shot in your dreams
Jerry O'Shea
Jerry O'Shea Aylar önce
@ckrgksdkrak I think many people can produce this on the Practice field(especially with this ridiculously light Ball!)but in a Pro or Semi Pro competitive game,executed by a Quality Centre half, has to be respected!...And I'm sure it won't be the last u hear about this 'Dude' throughout the Season!
ckrgksdkrak Aylar önce
@Jerry O'Shea not much of a technique man its just a volley you either hit it or don’t. Sweet spot is hitting it flat no spin/slice. Slice means you were a little early trying to go across not straight. You just take your chances, but this technique is not the most challenging of football techniques.
Lucky Me
Lucky Me Aylar önce
Koulibaly had a fanstatic game, not just the amazing goal but the way he held the back line. So much discipline.
Aidan Richer
Aidan Richer Aylar önce
Every Chelsea player looked soooo good this game. Totally impressed and happy with loftus-cheek today and Kante looks like himself again. Havertz even looked much more involved despite the typical-chelsea open misses. So exciting to watch as a blues fan, can't possibly understand the decision about the hair pull in stoppage time though
Caliber Aylar önce
Koulibaly was severely underrated at Napoli when they had the joint best defense. Now, he’ll be considered one of the best. Serie A criminally looked down upon.
دوزيام حلوف
An instant classic! We’ll be watching this game again in 10 years and reminiscing on how great it was! When players on both sides show heart!
Olie Nwegbo
Olie Nwegbo Aylar önce
We can’t wait to see them meet up in the 2nd half of the season! What a game this was‼️
These are the coaches these teams needed. I mean, Tuschel already made Chelsea champions of Europe. Amazing!!!!
Gunnhildur Palsdottir
As a Chelsea fan I Ioved the way we played felt we were the better team over 90 mins it was a great game overall I think Spurs feel like they have dodged a bullet.
GDI Aylar önce
Complete opposite. Should have been red card for the hair pull in stoppage time, which would have prevented that last goal
Aniekan Ekpo
Aniekan Ekpo Aylar önce
Chelsea deserved a win, they were robbed. The Haverts foul, the Tottenham first goal and then Caucarela hair pull.
Eydan Herrera
Eydan Herrera Aylar önce
This is why football is the best sport, the passion, fights, decisions. Its just amazing
Kryptic517 Aylar önce
This game is why football is the greatest sport in the world. The passion, the fights, the drama, these are the moments we live for
Michael Kaine
Michael Kaine Aylar önce
@theblackmamba824 some players do especially South Americans, that’s not the games fault that’s there culture that supports that. Very rarely you see say a US player flop as flopping is very frowned upon. Basketball players flop as well a lot. In sports where too much contact results in a foul some people will try to fool the referee. It’s frowned upon. Although lately I’ve been seeing it less. And most American football players are massive because they are fat not necessarily strong idk if that’s an achievement per say.
Tyree k.
Tyree k. Aylar önce
@Kevin Lee rent free
Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee Aylar önce
@Wuss Restbrook 🤣🤣
Joe Aylar önce
Both Tottenham goals shouldn't have been allowed.
theblackmamba824 Aylar önce
@Michael Kaine I watch plenty of soccer/futbol too. To call this a fight is still a joke, stop it. As for body armor, those american football players are massive and at least they do not flop anywhere as much as futbol/soccer players who should be given acting careers.
eduardo olacio
eduardo olacio Aylar önce
I love this sport so much, it's the love for the game that drives you insane ❤️
John Lombardo
John Lombardo Aylar önce
what a game, what a finish!
Christopher Nava
Christopher Nava Aylar önce
Man what a good game for both teams 👏 respect Chelsea and Tottenham
James Anthony Gaglione
Love it. this had it all. What a Derby! I wouldn't be at all surprised if Conte guides the Spurs to their 1st EPL Title. I know there's a long way to go + there's a few clubs that will have their say......-but- IF Tottenham goes on to claim their 1st ever EPL Championship, they'll look at this match early on in the Season as the catalyst.
As a neutral this was a great game to watch and the scoreline was exactly what I hoped for. The scenes when Kane scored were wild, peak football match
JJ Gomez
JJ Gomez Aylar önce
@tim tyulpin the win some the lose some DOES apply here because the game is done. The results are NOT going to change no matter how much you protest. Get this game off your mind and move on to the next one.
Pat C
Pat C Aylar önce
@Joshua Brown Stay mad, kid.
JC Bones
JC Bones Aylar önce
@Joshua Brown I honestly thought I was watching the WWE. One needs to take a step back and look at this game with unbiased eyes.
tim tyulpin
tim tyulpin Aylar önce
@JJ Gomez yes no need to cry but the "you win some you lose some" line cant go with this case. Chelsea were robbed in plain sight and were clearly the better team ALL game.
Lord Bendtner
Lord Bendtner Aylar önce
As a neural fan, you should be pissed off that the worse team got 2 goals gifted by the referee. You're a Spurs fan, quit BSing.
Tyler Crank
Tyler Crank Aylar önce
Seeing Cucurella on Chelsea especially the way they’re using more as a defensive winger is exciting
StudioVoodooMusic Aylar önce
Great rivalry. Kane's header looked like an own goal. Chelsea has more talent, but Tottenham makes up for it with grit.
Eli Hlavinka
Eli Hlavinka Aylar önce
Serie A centerback doing what most strikers in PL can’t do wow
MaliciousMagmar Aylar önce
One of the finest derbies in a while
1000kdpwkjd Aylar önce
That conte and tuchel scuffle will be iconic
Sacto1654 Aylar önce
Until both coaches get fined.
Jidé Odusola
Jidé Odusola Aylar önce
@Londzale not anymore not really.
Londzale Aylar önce
Battle of the bus drivers 🤣
Westy Raviz
Westy Raviz Aylar önce
@MAMIL X I think Tuchel got a red as well.
Christopher Cordova
Passion, aggression, and goals. Manchester United could never. - Manchester United fan
Richard Gonzalez
Richard Gonzalez Aylar önce
That was one of the best games this week!! So awesome
ComradeOgilvy1984 Aylar önce
Sterling is still Sterling. Two perfect passes for assists and sends his own chance into the stands. EDIT: Well, almost a backheel assist to Havertz. Deserved an assist.
Alex FlOres
Alex FlOres Aylar önce
I was hyped for both teams!!! What a game. God bless football
JCKMSV Aylar önce
Wow! So far the most exhilarating game in this season.
Joubert Bernard
Joubert Bernard Aylar önce
This is The passion and tension I like in football 2 great teams I wanna see this more not just in finals we are starting early on!
Off The Hook Productions
I can see why VAR didn’t intervene on the first Tottenham goal. It was a foul but with the change of possession VAR’s hands are tied. The second goal however is a head scratcher. Seemed like a clear red card unless you want to argue that pulling hair is only a yellow. 🤷‍♂️
Cantak Musiq
Cantak Musiq Aylar önce
@It was not me I promise so a foul off rhe ball don't count? Lol. A foul is a foul. On the ball or off the ball .
James Aylar önce
@It was not me I promise you’re blind. 😂
Igor Stojanoski
Igor Stojanoski Aylar önce
@Iliya Zang was it a free kick when ref gave Conte a yellow then? It's an off-ball incident, not always a free kick
It was not me I promise
@Iliya Zang it was before
Iliya Zang
Iliya Zang Aylar önce
@It was not me I promise ball was in fact in play at the time of the foul. Didn’t the hair pull occur after perisic crossed the ball or am I blind?
Chelsea was unlucky, but its performance was brilliant. Looking forward to watching Tuchel's Chelsea this season!
Peace and love.
Peace and love. Aylar önce
This looks and feels like the good old 80’s and 90’s EPL games.
Jean Saavedra
Jean Saavedra Aylar önce
@espben360 ik but I was talking about the PM format!!
eddyvideostar Aylar önce
@espben360 Well done.
Beat Aylar önce
Matches like these are what the Barclays is all about
Xavier Garcia
Xavier Garcia Aylar önce
@Dimitri Ramos everyone loves to see Man U cry though lol. Maguire for king ! Lmao
Dimitri Ramos
Dimitri Ramos Aylar önce
@Xavier Garcia yeah say that to Manchester United what a rubbish team
Daniel M
Daniel M Aylar önce
this isn't the end its just the beginning, what a game.
TeddyPicker191 Aylar önce
The starting lineup and depth Chelsea have is absolutely ridiculous. They should really be closer to man city and Liverpool with that amount of talent
Sae Noh
Sae Noh Aylar önce
It was really dominant game matches this games made me sweat on my hands. What a game.
Shantanu Rathi
Shantanu Rathi Aylar önce
It’s high time referees get held accountable! They keep making mistakes and keep getting away with it! Anthony Taylor has been horrible for years and still there have been no repercussions against him!
Gosu Lanre
Gosu Lanre Aylar önce
As a neutral, everything about this game is awesome. Love the premier league
favor david
favor david Aylar önce
I love Conte. So glad he went to Spurs, that will make them relevant again and make the EPL and battle for London juicy. What a game
Beetlejuice KO KING
He’ll leave as soon as spurs start being spurs
Jesus Cruz
Jesus Cruz Aylar önce
@Max Mustermann really? I was supporting Chelsea but I felt we where getting favorable calls by the refs for at least 60 minutes
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann Aylar önce
Yeah he can thank the referees for that point though 😂
LOVE PEACE Aylar önce
Putting my trust in CHELSEA ❤❤❤❤
Manick Deng
Manick Deng Aylar önce
What an intense game,the premier league is definitely the best glad to see Kalidou Koulibaly score his first goal with chelsea 💙.
John Kennedy Ekene
John Kennedy Ekene Aylar önce
Bruh, as a neutral, I’m having goosebumps everywhere watching this. This is how a derby should look like. Passionate passion!!!. This is what Conte and Tuchel ( 2 crazy coaches ) will always give you.
Sacto1654 Aylar önce
That's until both coaches get their wallets lightened quite a bit in fines.
Peter Afriyie
Peter Afriyie Aylar önce
What a strike for the first goal! Almost took Sterling’s head off
Mila Aylar önce
Great goal by PEH but he’s just too slow/plodding, he needs to make way for Bissouma. And Sessegnon, while improved, is simply not as impactful as Perisic. His first corner was Eriksen-like, but the one for the equalizer was an absolute gem.
カエル Aylar önce
Kane avoiding richarlson when celebrating the last goal 😂
Cat Black
Cat Black Aylar önce
Chelsea dominance in the mid field during the first half is crazy. Too bad they leave with only 1 point but great match nonetheless
Santosh Thapa
Santosh Thapa Aylar önce
This match make feels like World Cup what a great competition and handshake 🤝 as well 😆
Luke Putting
Luke Putting Aylar önce
It’s weird how mad Chelsea was over their foul with they scored their second goal by pushing over a midfielder
Brendan Clark
Brendan Clark Aylar önce
I mean, way to get a point, but this kinda feels empty. Two flagrant fouls lead to our equalizing goals. How Romero doesn't get sent off for literally pulling Cucarella to the ground with his hair is a mystery to me. A point is a point but there was absolutely no honor in our game today.
Brendan Clark
Brendan Clark Aylar önce
@Jacob Nester You've clearly never grown your hair past shoulder length then, getting hair pulled fucking hurts and I'm not surprised that Cucarella went down ik the slightest
Jacob Nester
Jacob Nester Aylar önce
It’s a flop bro don’t worry
Olisa Aylar önce
@MarioCFC I don't understand your question. However, if you are wondering why there should rules about the quantity of hair flying around during a game, it can be annoying to have someone else's hair in your eyes or mouth during a game. Just as you are not allowed to wear a billowing jersey during a match for obvious reasons, there ought to be some regulation on hair length. It is not too much to ask. The Yankees organization in baseball is one of the most successful of all time and has attracted some of the best athletes. Yet, anybody coming to play for the Yankees knows to get a haircut and get rid of facial hair, excepting mustaches. It is not a big ask. Most employers require a dress code. Football should not be too drastically different.
MarioCFC Aylar önce
@Olisa What is the justification?
Brendan Clark
Brendan Clark Aylar önce
@Johnny Million Yeah but that begs the question of "What is VAR actually used for in the first place?". I mean if VAR was actually meant to make calls that the ref couldn't see then why did VAR not at least take a look at Romero on Cucarella? Like at this point if VAR isn't being used effectively at this point then maybe it's time to make some changes to who makes the decisions.
Mason Aylar önce
This is probably going to be the best game for 3 years
mufc18782000 Aylar önce
Phenomenal game, but I would be distraught if I were a Chelsea fan.
purple perc
purple perc Aylar önce
@Lennard A. Bass 16 shots but only 3 on target says it all , Chelsea midfielders are playmakers and defensive midfielders they aren’t clinical enough to win games no one on this team will reach double digits goals this season
Lennard A. Bass
Lennard A. Bass Aylar önce
@purple percso what's wrong with playing midfielders as forwards, don't midfielders score goals, too? I'm confused.
purple perc
purple perc Aylar önce
I would be distraught if I didn’t know the rule book and didn’t sign a striker because Thomas likes midfielder as forwards 😂
David Shin
David Shin Aylar önce
Chelsea had plenty of time to to mark their opponents. No excuse for both fouls. But they both should have gotten a yellow.
UnusualOn60fps Aylar önce
@Rodger Moore it hit mendy last 💀
Thiha Naung
Thiha Naung Aylar önce
You know it’s A G8 G when the game extends to out field and coaches are fighting😂
A-Z Aylar önce
When they let Rudiger go ! I knew something was hidden under their sleeve Just didn’t know it was Koulibaly .... What a find ? Chelsea is back definitely
Jobs mine
Jobs mine Aylar önce
Absolute carnage of a game. But seriously what were the referees thinking lmao…
Andrew Baldwin
Andrew Baldwin Aylar önce
Man, what an intense derby this is turning into
Schu Aylar önce
This is the best game of the season and the season just started.
Zeke Mshana
Zeke Mshana Aylar önce
@Yakeru city vs Liverpool is always a unreal game
OfficialKevDog Aylar önce
@Yakeru nah bro this one seems better already
Yakeru Aylar önce
One of the best. Think that man city and Liverpool match will be as good as this
adrian Aylar önce
For such a great league the level of refereeing in the premier league is abysmal.
Michael Stein
Michael Stein Aylar önce
I had no problem with the refs. Let the players decide the game.
DangerJ11 Aylar önce
@Cesareo Porras A mean he didn’t played no ball so thats a red in any other normal game plus no sportsmanship… and if the refs called the fault like you mentioned why did the game kept going and corner for spurs?
Cesareo Porras
Cesareo Porras Aylar önce
@DangerJ11 nah refs called it already , if it was a potential red then yes foul given . pretty simple
mjoleksy Aylar önce
@Joshua Emmanuel Josh, soo sickening. He was lost. He looked like a deer in headlights after they didn’t call the Havertz penalty. Any other day, any other game, it’s a penalty.
Joshua Emmanuel
Joshua Emmanuel Aylar önce
@mjoleksy what was up with that refree
Fast Eddie
Fast Eddie Aylar önce
Now this is a rivalry i see growing!
Cristian Garcia
Cristian Garcia Aylar önce
This was a very intense game so interesting since the beginning to the end
Gimi Aylar önce
Gotta love Tuchel 👍 Great coach!
Richard L. Major III
I know the history isn’t necessarily there to call it this, but this was an instant classic and may spark a true rivalry between Chelsea and Tottenham. Both teams are in similar positions potential wise, they’ll be fighting for Top 4 this year, and now the managers have personal animosity towards each other. We’ll all be looking forward to February 25th or whenever these two sides match up next.
Jamaal Bedeau
Jamaal Bedeau Aylar önce
@pat Who said money can't buy everything. City bought every player available for 3 seasons and loaned them back to the club with a parent club clause. United bought the leagues best players for years, made the best squad and even surpassed Liverpool for wins, why! Because they were the most recognized club in the top flight. Now that the ad money has everyone playing the same game, now utd fan are crying.. My club is a real club, Fifa had to make rules so citeh and chelski can balance their books.. If you didn't have Russian money, you'd be Leeds or Portsmouth.
pat Aylar önce
@Mark Grice doesn’t change the fact that turkeyham are still trophyless and a way smaller tinpot club also money doesn’t guarantee anything btw look at united we could’ve ended up like them but we aren’t that dumb 😹😹🤣
Jamaal Bedeau
Jamaal Bedeau Aylar önce
@Mark Grice I should have said what you said. I told them that Chelsea was top 4 in spending in the last 5 years. Never turning a profit.
Mark Grice
Mark Grice Aylar önce
@Ricky Spanish Chelsea's Russian/Putin blood money has done quite well Trophy wise.
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish Aylar önce
@Jamaal Bedeau and in the last 5 years Spurs have won 0 trophies while Chelsea have won 5
Peter Drury's commentary was on 🔥🔥🔥
Come Again
Come Again Aylar önce
Best game I've seen in a long while WAW!
Augustine Tarwoe
Augustine Tarwoe Aylar önce
The momentum was fantastic! I love ❤️ it.
Heirloom Peace
Heirloom Peace Aylar önce
Spurs’ coach was shook by that shake 😂
Mario Rubio
Mario Rubio Aylar önce
I’m so happy seeing my favorite defender koulibaly playing for a larger club than Napoli, I wish Manchester UTD would’ve gotten him but instead they opted for the overpriced harry McGuire who doesn’t even compare. Koulibaly is truly world class!!!
Joshua Park
Joshua Park Aylar önce
Amazing goal by Harry Kane @ overtime 👀👀👀
Ademola34 Adeniran
Ademola34 Adeniran Aylar önce
For some reason, I love the smokes between the coaches. Tuchel was petty for still holding Conte's after the shake 🤣 😂
dragoncarver Aylar önce
Far as I can see, there should have been a foul called on Tottenham but it wasn't. I really feel it made the difference. If I was Chelsea's manager I'd be pissed too.
Tuna Kucukoztas
Tuna Kucukoztas Aylar önce
What a game! 4 goals, fights, late drama and in the end the right result!
Anamauwa Dimgba
Anamauwa Dimgba Aylar önce
The feistiness in this game was a thing of beauty. Makes football very interesting
Sumanication Aylar önce
This match was so perfect that even Peter Drury was commentating.
Zacery Aylar önce
14:32 Pete Drury’s commentary was made for this match.
PanPare Aylar önce
aka football poet P.Drury
Zaddock. Aylar önce
I didn’t know who to root for 2 of my favorite teams up against each other
DT Aylar önce
Can't get over the amount of Chelsea misses. Kane had a legendary goal, but Chelsea beat themselves by not being up by 3 or 4...
freddy calero
freddy calero Aylar önce
El mejor clasico
Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie
Now this is what I call a *Premiership Classic.*
Papu Escanor :v
Papu Escanor :v Aylar önce
Its been a while, what a game on this league.
Splendid Ambience
Splendid Ambience Aylar önce
If you love Football, this what you live for!!!! Premier League respect
ClydeCraft Aylar önce
Chelsea will continue to struggle so long as Pulisic isn’t starting
Bini H Alex
Bini H Alex Aylar önce
Passionate FC!!! both teams
Junior Garcia
Junior Garcia Aylar önce
Premier League finna be a beauty this season 🔥🔥❤️💯 just starting and already going crazy
AKHL Aylar önce
to many emotions, best game of the week!
sagar adhikari
sagar adhikari Aylar önce
This is exactly why we love Premier League
That was as competitive as sports can get! What a fantastic contest! All players and even the coaches were fired up!
Kai Hubbard
Kai Hubbard Aylar önce
Everyone was fired up because Anthony Taylor was throwing the game.
alex mallick
alex mallick Aylar önce
The handshake between Tuchel and Conte🔥🔥🔥
Zack Reynolds
Zack Reynolds Aylar önce
@L unlike 95 percent of chelsea supporters, I support my post code team.
L Aylar önce
@Zack Reynolds lol what club do you support if you don’t mind me askin
mjoleksy Aylar önce
@Zack Reynolds War criminal? No. A guy that made money anyway possible that was legal? Yes. An owner that every other sports fan in the world would have wanted as their teams owner? 100% unequivocally.
Matt G
Matt G Aylar önce
Tuchel was such a fucking child there. It's not Conte's fault that his player didn't get pulled up for that foul. Grow up, Tommy.
Mimic tear
Mimic tear Aylar önce
Amazing game, just wish the ref had called those two major misses
Rob R.
Rob R. Aylar önce
I love these guys 😂😂😂, aye if I was a coach I’d be the same way 😂😂
Hashi Aylar önce
Tuchel was like “look at me… I’m the captain here” 😂😂😂
Roman A
Roman A Aylar önce
Say what you want but managers brings some much energy and passion to this teams. Respect to both teams players and managers!!! ✌️
King Darwin
King Darwin Aylar önce
As an arsenal fan ,if Chelsea had clinical finishers ,they would be competing for the title but their attack imo always brings them down ..
Ethan O
Ethan O Aylar önce
@Mr.GalaxyYT we kinda need the depth for that area
pat Aylar önce
That’s always been our biggest problem since we lost our good attacking players
ShonTeem Aylar önce
Yea they never had problem with the defense after Drogba they lost attack for sure
Liben Huka
Liben Huka Aylar önce
@Philomath25 agreed!!! It feels like it was meant for Chelsea to lose some points.
Jidé Odusola
Jidé Odusola Aylar önce
no the blame is on the ref. chelsea did everything they needed to do.
John Snow
John Snow Aylar önce
Why I love football ⚽️ ❤️. Great game.
mezu Aylar önce
this game was so heated and interesting. the tuchel vs conte rivalry is insane
하와이 김삼촌 Hawaii Uncle Kim
Wow. It will be amazing season.
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