Chef Sends Raw Chicken In Final Challenge In Gordon Ramsay's Restaurant | Ramsay's Best Restaurant

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In this episode of Ramsay's Best Restaurant, Mango Tree takes on Nahm Jim & one restaurant constantly struggles cooking chicken.
#GordonRamsay #Cooking
Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit - po.st/REpVfP
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22 Sep 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Jay cee
Jay cee 9 saatler önce
my mans snitchin over a glass of wine loooool
Jay cee
Jay cee 9 saatler önce
that cunt who cooked the raw chicken would be getting a slap if smirked at me like that!
Joanna Hammond
Joanna Hammond 16 saatler önce
Having a waiter threaten the call the police is not as bad as serving raw chicken multiple times.
Carl The Chemist
Carl The Chemist 2 gün önce
Vegetarians are cunts aren't they?
Russell 2 gün önce
fucking dopy looking cunting veggies
DєѧԀ Pooʟ
DєѧԀ Pooʟ 4 gün önce
@ about 25mins or so, that waiter probably gettin fired lol
Lucy P
Lucy P 4 gün önce
I didn't look at the time on the video and expected it to be like 5-10 minutes long. I thought it was going on a bit long until I looked at the length and shit it's 44 minutes.
Only The Truth
Only The Truth 4 gün önce
Gordon Ramsay's first words were "dry, bland, dreadful" when he tasted his mothers milk..
Aztecan Goddess
Aztecan Goddess 6 gün önce
Bro, Gordon really said : that life is busier than Paris Hilton’s knickers !!! Buahahahaa , fucking savage Gordon! Ily 🤟 🤣❤️❤️
O Lara
O Lara 6 gün önce
So I can go to a vegetarian restaurant and act offended and demand a steak?
Schwarzer Tee
Schwarzer Tee 6 gün önce
"I think we'd like to talk to the manager and find out why there is no vegetarian option" Well because we serve real food here. Just joking but seriously... why expect everyone to offer vegetarian food? I do not expect everyone to serve meat, or pork, or Bratwurst, or Sauerkraut, or whatever. If I go to a place, I eat what they are offering. Nothing they offer suits me? Tough luck for me, not their mistake. But mine for having too harsh eating restrictions.
Drunk Vegan Gal
Drunk Vegan Gal 5 gün önce
I hope you understand that those 30 diners were screened. The entire staff of Ramsay's show, and yes, Ramsay himself, knew there would be vegetarians. Those diners do not have a choice of venue - they signed up and everyone knew it. In the end, the Mango Tree verbally and clearly stated that any dish could be adjusted to suit a vegetarian. IMO, they should have specified that on the menu. When I visited Thailand, in 1991 (4 months) and 2001 (1 month) I learned the Thai words for vegetarian food. Meatless cuisine is well known, well understood, and super delicious in Thailand. Lots Thai and tourists prefer veggie food. That said, fish sauce and ground, dried shrimp show up from time to time no matter how careful, or well spoken, a diner may be.
Todd Barber
Todd Barber 6 gün önce
The guy was told he had to buy the whole bottle or none at all. If they guy didn't want it, he shouldn't of ordered it. They lose money on a whole bottle bc the guy wanted to splurge. That's not right
Rachel Shamariah
Rachel Shamariah 7 gün önce
Only thing that chef did wrong is to not allow his chicken to become room temp before cooking. It kept its chill in the oven. So sad such a technical problem caused his failure. With salmonella and potentially death at stake, the chef should stick a thermometer into it on the underside and even though the outside looks fantastic, the bone must have gotten hot enough to cook the meat.
GermanSniper 8 gün önce
how do you mess that up?
Wre cked
Wre cked 8 gün önce
You can't tell me that the fat fuck at 12:26 is a vegetarian.
Neville Chapman
Neville Chapman 8 gün önce
Most of the thai restaurants I've been to in Thailand just deliver food as it's made. They've no real understanding of the starter main desert chronology.
Chiara Chaves
Chiara Chaves 8 gün önce
Hope he fired the idiot who forgot how to cook chicken..
Chiara Chaves
Chiara Chaves 8 gün önce
Haha lol look at her tucking into the sincere apology!
Lulu Seatown Getdown
To Bea and All Female chefs.🥂🍲🎉
Lulu Seatown Getdown
How are you a chef and you serve YOUR CHICKEN RARE. & OVER N OVER? How many ppl have they almost KILLED at The Mango 🥭 Tree? Holy Hell🔥🐓🐓🐓
Lulu Seatown Getdown
Screaming 😂😂😂👏🏼👏🏼 Did GR just reference Paris Hilton’s knickers? 💀💀💀💀 what year is this
Steven Bazinet
Steven Bazinet 9 gün önce
I LOVE this series, ty Mr. Ramsay for doing this!
[REDACTED] 9 gün önce
gonna be honest, the server was very straitfoward with the wine policy, I have to side with him
Noe Banegas
Noe Banegas 9 gün önce
Chicken dude def got fired lol 😂
TSB4U 9 gün önce
Plz can we have more adverts
DemetriaMilesSel 10 gün önce
why is it always the only black people who JUST HAPPEN to be forgotten to be given starters lol. ti've seen this a couple of times on this show. intresting!
qk1001 6 gün önce
all the brown servers are racist i guess?
Edgar 10 gün önce
Elevator guy is the MVP, he managed to get every table right LOL
Svava 11 gün önce
He makes that coach full of British people coming for lunch seem like the coming for the four horsemen.
Shanty Town
Shanty Town 11 gün önce
i dont even know which show these are from, i always hearin him say 'the semi finals' so im just like ah shiit welp, next one, been like 5-6 semi finals with diff cuisines
Divionist 12 gün önce
12:22 as soon as I heard this, I went straight down to the comments
Ifan Kolef
Ifan Kolef 12 gün önce
If ur a vegetarian make yourself a salad at home and dont bother, idk..
JLaP0413 12 gün önce
If this was an episode of Hell’s Kitchen I can hear Gordon yelling “Come here you lot! It RAAAAWWW!!”
f1nalfrontier 12 gün önce
16.04 ""That lift is busier than fucking Paris Hilton's knickers......""LOL
Marlon's C
Marlon's C 12 gün önce
Why is it always the table with people of darker complexion always missed. This is like 4 or 5 episodes I've seen that it happens
Rero Rerorero
Rero Rerorero 12 gün önce
38:12 Gordon wanted to curse him out so bad XD or so it seemed to me.
Johnny Eclectic
Johnny Eclectic 12 gün önce
It's funny seeing foreigners working in restaurants in Britain defaulting to the service standards of their own countries where customers don't get to waste food and drink on a whim like they can in the west.
Ongle __
Ongle __ 13 gün önce
Really pissed me off how sandy and the women was just laughing and smirking at the waiters poor service
JaySunPeak 14 gün önce
"I hope we haven't blown our chances of winning the competition..." nope you haven't because your competitors were serving raw chicken lmao
Xero Gravitation
Xero Gravitation 14 gün önce
38:11 *Subtle Gordon mmm* Gordon appreciates mans humour.
Jason Davis
Jason Davis 14 gün önce
Leave it to a vegetarian to want to talk to the manager. Bloody pretentious wankers
Angus Feng
Angus Feng 14 gün önce
Why does Gordon let these VEGANS ON HIS BUS
Nick Turner
Nick Turner 14 gün önce
Jesus suffering fuck is there anything worse than vegetarians? Go fuck yourselves.
Rick CBG
Rick CBG 14 gün önce
Loved the winner!
Bailey Porter
Bailey Porter 14 gün önce
At 26:05 anyone else see the golden path symbol lol
Sheila DMJ
Sheila DMJ 14 gün önce
Fucking vegetarians, always complaining
RB 15 gün önce
The problem is Gordan's entourage of 30 people and expecting to be served right away. The minute an entree sits longer than 1 minute under a heating lamp freaks out.
J Bali
J Bali 15 gün önce
Everybody be living there daily life going to restaurants enjoying there time or not but Gordon Ramsay just spots out the drama that happens in hundreds of places. Gordon Ramsay = legend
LARY GIBBIONS 16 gün önce
LARY GIBBIONS 16 gün önce
LARY GIBBIONS 16 gün önce
calmdragon 16 gün önce
16:00 - IMAGINE being Paris Hilton. Loving the show, watching Gordon, then hearing that 😂😂👀
Random7seven 17 gün önce
That lift aint as busy as Kim K nickers thats for damn sure
Random7seven 17 gün önce
Seriously... being Vegetarian is not a disease... if you dont like the menu... go to a different restaurant...
Alexander 18 gün önce
for the next show fly 30 americans out to test these places, you really want picky eaters you got it
Tati Gonzalez
Tati Gonzalez 18 gün önce
Gordon’s Ramsay ur parents don’t love u that’s why they are dead u cotton tip
lollol 101
lollol 101 18 gün önce
12:35 lol fk the vegans
lollol 101
lollol 101 18 gün önce
as usual the white man doing nothin in kitchen 6:44
Ash Llipz
Ash Llipz 18 gün önce
I personally find it offensive if the whole table doesn’t get the same part/portion (app, main, desert) at the same time. Otherwise, it’s like mom cookin then everyone making their plates and eating in different rooms. I really don’t like food not being served at the same time especially if you have a child with u. I can’t tell u how many times when my son was young that all the adults would get served and the “kid menu” plate is very last or forgotten completely. His “logic” makes no sense bc regardless at some point someone at the table will be eating while someone isn’t. Customers Should have the same experience while dinning out. Most ppl like to eat at restaurants so they can spend time together and enjoy the company of the ppl they are with while treating themselves to good food. It’s not about shoveling ur food down as quick as possible and GTFO. Lol
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Southern Bella Donna
Southern Bella Donna 18 gün önce
Wish I had a British accent. Boring American here. Haha. :(
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