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In this episode of Ramsay's Best Restaurant, Mango Tree takes on Nahm Jim & one restaurant constantly struggles cooking chicken.
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Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit - po.st/REpVfP
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22 Sep 2019




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Rob You
Rob You 28 dakika önce
Who remember that real Thai chef tell Gordon he doesn’t know how to cook real Thai food lol
keraman bin mohamad iemansh
Owh me god
keraman bin mohamad iemansh
Good dbee chk food
keraman bin mohamad iemansh
keraman bin mohamad iemansh
Good nice food ur i don.food
Scott Burton
Scott Burton 3 gün önce
16:03 Gordon, man... Quick quip that launched a great chuckle for me. Never thought I'd hear that name cross those lips.
Vieira Victor
Vieira Victor 3 gün önce
that chicken at 13:15 was totally cooked
michael rayburn
michael rayburn 5 gün önce
Is it me or does that black couple get the shaft at almost every restaurant?
Christian's Custom Figures
The vegetarian was a def Karen
Chris Evans
Chris Evans 11 gün önce
earthwolf82 10 gün önce
Haha yeah saw that! wtf?
Nick Kriz
Nick Kriz 11 gün önce
The black people got served last LOL
Benjamin Shields
Benjamin Shields 12 gün önce
I got served raw chicken once at a McDonalds. So, I very rarely eat at McDonalds anymore and I never order chicken from them.
HaydoKid 13 gün önce
Jesus christ those two secret diners... what absolute pretentious flogs... Holy damn!
HaydoKid 12 gün önce
@ArethusaArose it's not even annoying, just makes me wanna face-palm myself into oblivion watching that nonsense hahah
ArethusaArose 13 gün önce
Can't decide which one is more annoying but they play theor roles *really* well!! :P
SHELLBACKS CLUB 🐢 14 gün önce
he crushes them with 30 guests at once & then rags about them slipping up a bit. dik!
JP Biscuit
JP Biscuit 14 gün önce
I'd fire the kid who says pay for the wine or I'll call the police.
lolatJESS 15 gün önce
Turn on the subtitles and watch 26:31 - 26:37 - who ever made these subtitles snuck in script that was not being said, "WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE!! WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE?!?!!?"
Kira M.
Kira M. 16 gün önce
To be honest, I totally understand the waiter. He told the secret diner that they don't give samples of the wine and acted as such. The problem seems to be a lack of management. He didn't have anyone / any policies to depend on when dealing with the customer refusing to pay and did the only thing he could think of. Customer service is hard enough, ad a lacking management ...
FoolingAroundMyPlace 16 gün önce
That lady asking for the manager looking like she's been eating vegetarian her whole life...
VenaElectrica 16 gün önce
rootlo 17 gün önce
And the clown of the day award goes to the Wine customer
Lil Ox
Lil Ox 17 gün önce
Is it normal for free tastes of wine to happen? Cheap wine vs Expensive? I would imagine the wine *would* spoil after being opened after a while. Speaking as an American, with no wine etiquette knowledge at all.
Xtreme ReaperZ
Xtreme ReaperZ 17 gün önce
How has the commis chef not had the sack
prophetchet775 18 gün önce
FREE DRAWINGS OF ALLAH!!!@!@!@!@!!!!! FREE DRAWINGS OF ALLAH!@!@!!!!!!! photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOglmPY5w1zxKV7mcDBZqPmEAQAYRFfkX5Id7kd-0GX2K0Vw1u0-zo0dEKHXTz67Q?key=TVNpUU1uVVY0emNDY0Zfa2xEaEhJT3REM0pMOTdn
AlienAtYourDoor 19 gün önce
My dad is from Thailand, he’s a great cook!
Peter Collin
Peter Collin 19 gün önce
Well one of these guys is ruined now 😅
Aash Martin
Aash Martin 20 gün önce
This series should have just been renamed "how not to service your restaurant"
Nicole Easley
Nicole Easley 20 gün önce
Both these restaurants I will take a pass on but honestly Mango Tree's presentation on the final dish kicked ass.
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo 21 gün önce
I demand a vegetarian option.... fuck outta here piggie
Cody Columbia
Cody Columbia 21 gün önce
Raw chicken starts at 13:01 for anyone clicking on this thinking it’s clip.
Jennifer M
Jennifer M 21 gün önce
What a rude server. Fair enough if that's the policy but he didn't have to be aggressive. Ask the manager, suggest another beverage that would pair with what the customer is having that they can have a taste of or just be charming and apologise if there really isn't anything you can do. Don't be curt and rude and definitely don't threaten to call the police.
Curtis 22 gün önce
of course the indian ruins the whole service with incompetence
Jeffrey Hsu
Jeffrey Hsu 23 gün önce
Patrea returns as a guest this time in Gordon's Best Restaurant after losing the finals and winning a michelin star
Adrian Jarvis
Adrian Jarvis 24 gün önce
The blip with the wine is all about training -- staff are told to sell only bottles of wine, not by the glass. Then a Rupert asks to taste it... they don't know what to do, especially when they don't like it.
Douglas McDonnell
Douglas McDonnell 25 gün önce
Good old Karen wanting to speak to the manager
Street Light
Street Light 25 gün önce
too many ads fuck stick
Killer Vibe
Killer Vibe 25 gün önce
Noone us gonna talk about Ramsay getting the workout of a lifetime
THC GAINZ Aylar önce
If you don't know the wine get the fuck out of the restaurant.
Ishla Corrin
Ishla Corrin Aylar önce
The no veg option was a staged problem i'm sure. There was no veg option in the Chinese contest and yet they have no people complaining. For something like this i'm surprised that Gordon even allowed those vegos to join the bus. He should have simply said no vegos / vegans allowed in the 30 customer challenge OR he should have told ALL contestants to have 1 veg option.
Ishla Corrin
Ishla Corrin Aylar önce
@Guy Lloyd Vego short for Vegetarian because in the country I come from we shorten everything.
Guy Lloyd
Guy Lloyd Aylar önce
Why the fuck are you using the term "vegos"...?
G59 Aylar önce
Boo hoo vegan you won’t get your way every restaurant you go to
Guy Lloyd
Guy Lloyd Aylar önce
They were vegetarians and they were invited by Gordon, you slow dumb fuck.
modisess26 Aylar önce
how did that vegetarian lady get so fat
Marcion of Sinope
Marcion of Sinope Aylar önce
Holy shit, that's a lot of uncooked chicken. And speaking as someone who's eaten uncooked chicken, fuuuuuck that.
Marcion of Sinope
Marcion of Sinope Aylar önce
What I'd like to know is if that waiter did open the bottle to let the guy taste it, would he have gotten shit later for doing it. I've never been to a restaurant that doesn't let you taste the wine, so I'm wondering if that's a standard practice.
Marcion of Sinope
Marcion of Sinope Aylar önce
"No vegetarian??" Nope, and thank God for that.
Marcion of Sinope
Marcion of Sinope Aylar önce
Guy Lloyd
Guy Lloyd Aylar önce
Lol, still crying about vegetarians. Grow up
B J Aylar önce
yeah throw all the food away really? How about you cook it (all the way through) and give to some homeless people! I swear WP are a fuc#ing trip!!! selfish!
B J Aylar önce
I mean you just don't walk out there to double check everyone has food on the table???? really? one day they will bring your food out brother Man? Fuc#ing bullsh#t!
tom h
tom h Aylar önce
dude at 24:30 is a complete dick , the customer I mean
Zeeny Aylar önce
Fuck off Karen,
ravenseed III
ravenseed III Aylar önce
Why are none of these numbered!?
KushFriendlyXeX Aylar önce
Damn, I need to go to the Mango Tree. I fux with Thai cuisine hard.
JulieCatFace Aylar önce
Raw chicken is such a killer, so gross
Aelwyn Ascendant
Aelwyn Ascendant Aylar önce
If Sammy L.J says "Yo' food is great!", you know yo' food is motherfuckin' great!
Jeonoh Aylar önce
dude deserved to get the cops called on him. wanted free wine
Neal Howard [SCHS]
Neal Howard [SCHS] Aylar önce
Thai restaurant: Sends out raw chicken to two tables in first challenge. Same restaurant: We'll use chicken in our head to head challenge. *So you've chosen death*
locks69 Aylar önce
Why do you guy's keep titling long videos with lots of content with a very small incident within the video? It's irritating
Katie B
Katie B Aylar önce
The people who wanted the vegetarian dishes were stuck up...it’s not like they’d called ahead and were told that there were vege items on offer and then found that there weren’t any when they got there. I hate people like that. “I want to speak to the manager”...why? Cause you didn’t other to call ahead to check if you could eat there? And the waiter had said that they could substitute (which is exactly what the manager said) and that wasn’t good enough, a definite “Karen”. That couch secret customer with the wine was irritating too...what was he supposed to do? He was told what would happen if he didn’t like it and he was an idiot anyway (even though it was fake). Setting someone up for failure like that is wrong and you can find out how they treat difficult customers without behaving that way.
Tiffany M
Tiffany M Aylar önce
Love how the Mango Tree chef was upset at the sous about the undercooked chicken, then didn't cook it correctly himself! That tells me the restaurant probably serves raw chicken most of the time, which is even scarier 🤢. Surprised Gordon took it so easy on him about it too.
Sobani Exile
Sobani Exile Aylar önce
7:00 minutes in. Sandy... Oh boy every time there is a shot of him, it looks like he's neck deep in water about to drown. Agrees and says he's a fly, well fuck don't say that man pick your tools up, find the fire and fight and crack on with it sunshine! Somebody needs to get a pressure washer to this mans face, wake him up for real because a bucket of cold water just wouldn't be any good.
Sobani Exile
Sobani Exile Aylar önce
Sandy damn well redeemed himself, I'm surprised at what happened here.
Sobani Exile
Sobani Exile Aylar önce
Sandy: "I know that's personally how I'd prefer it" Gordan: "It-doesn't-make-sense." Sandy: (Stares into the distance for a long 3 seconds) "No..I agree." - Sandy's mind right now: - A monkey clashing two symbols together.
Snek Aylar önce
piece of shit vegetarians
Daniel Beavers
Daniel Beavers 2 aylar önce
I actually usely eat my desert first. Because IAM usley so full from main dish I don't want desert. But if I eat desert first then I still have room for main course than can take the rest home.
True Thought
True Thought 2 aylar önce
Tell the fkn vegetarian folks to have a big bowl of air. No gluten, no meat, no salt..... just a big bowl of air. Vegetarian is a native American word for " piss poor hunter " .... I would like to speak to the manager about the no vegetarian option..... fk you snowflake, go eat in your front yard.
octavian radu
octavian radu 2 aylar önce
vegetarian option?..stay at home
christian Garrido
christian Garrido 2 aylar önce
Did anyone else notice the subtitles at 26:32 ??
MrHazzard12345 2 aylar önce
Even tho I understand that the customer does indeed have to pay for that bottle of wine after multiple warnings.... it could have been handled very differently, the waiter was incredibly aggressive. Thought the idea was to diffuse a situation, where as he was stoking a fire under his ass.
Kevin Xu
Kevin Xu 2 aylar önce
26:33 In subtitles it says WHERE IS THE LAMB SAUCE! Nice easter egg
Mike Moore
Mike Moore Aylar önce
Nice catch!!!! Now I have to watch every other episode to see if they did this every time.
Robert Lee
Robert Lee 2 aylar önce
"IT'S RAW! You're going to kill someone!"...Ramsey on an episode of Hell's Kitchen.
Joel Z91
Joel Z91 2 aylar önce
Samuel Jackson - "Good mothafuckin Thai food, mothafucka." Gordon Ramsay - "Finally! A worthy fuckin opponent."
MrLanzio 2 aylar önce
One serves raw chicken, one threatens to call the cops. JUST ADMIT THERE'S NO GOOD THAI IN BRITAIN.
Pat V
Pat V 2 aylar önce
hahah the captions at 13:20
Stephen Devane
Stephen Devane 2 aylar önce
Why aren't the played dressed and just add there chicken at the end
Nice to meet you , Im Christine.
Everyone in the comments! 26:28 Turn on the subtitles. What a gem.
Randy Leifer
Randy Leifer 2 aylar önce
Why are Ramsey's books "blurred-out" inside his own office and video ?. Maybe he had a tiff with the publishers ?
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen 2 aylar önce
Re Wine... Meat and Wine Co in Australia charge even if you dislike it at the tasting stage. The only time they refund anything is if it was a suggestion or if it is stale.
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen 2 aylar önce
I guess raw chicken a second time was unforgivable? I so thought Lemon Tree had it...
MaPa 2 aylar önce
26:32 the captions though XD
Como Pub
Como Pub 2 aylar önce
nick fury
Mona Weiler
Mona Weiler 2 aylar önce
What is haggis
timothy 3 aylar önce
At 34:20 Gordon says "two chickens" but holds up four fingers. Then he gets mad at her for making four chickens.
Ultima228 3 aylar önce
random two steps from hell outta nowhere
Syadza Lancer
Syadza Lancer 3 aylar önce
vegetarian option??
Alive 3 aylar önce
This kinda arrogant waiter's ruin the restaurants
Alive 3 aylar önce
Gordon please come to Goa-India u will find different cuisine
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