Cheap vs Expensive: Trying Pottery Wheels for the First Time

Evan and Katelyn
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We’ve never thrown clay on a pottery wheel before… why not test the cheapest and most expensive wheels we could find? Thanks to our sponsor Squarespace, go to www.squarespace.com/evanandka... for 10% off your first purchase. Check out the tools we used below! 👇

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Evan and Katelyn
Evan and Katelyn 9 aylar önce
Guys… I spent SO long on that first paint job, I really tried 😭 but so much happier with the second design, what do you think? If you want another 23 minutes of us talking about this project check out our aftershow on Patreon or TRvid Membership: 👉 patreon.com/evanandkatelyn 👉 trvid.com/u-evanandkatelynjoin (plus 100’s of other members-only videos and behind the scenes posts)
Fox Clawz
Fox Clawz 4 aylar önce
It bugs me that you didnt use a wire to remove the clay pots
Fox Clawz
Fox Clawz 4 aylar önce
I have the more expensive one but the color is orange
The Womanatee
The Womanatee 5 aylar önce
That finishing rap is editing amazingness, it must have taken forever to clip together all of the soundbites. Thank you for all of the giggles.
Nozdormu1982 5 aylar önce
You can use Katelyns for halloween. Just add fake brains in the middle.
Semi Evolved Neanderthal
Best TRvid video I've watched I'm a while been a viewer and a creator for 12 years or so now and I'm 22 really enjoy your videos good job
K'eyush The Stunt Dog
K'eyush The Stunt Dog 9 aylar önce
Evan did great at centring on that cheap wheel, they aren't great! You both did so good for your first try! To centre, wedge your elbow into your hip and lock your wrist to the splash tray. Push forward with the palm of your dominant hand and use your other hand to keep it steady and then engage your bicep. Full speed for centring, then go slower the taller and wider it gets. And make sure your hands stay wet or the clay will stick to them.
Saleo 37
Saleo 37 6 aylar önce
Jodie!! Haha, I just thought of you and your pottery. 😊😁
☻ThawBerry☹︎ 8 aylar önce
Wow, you can do pottery?
Faith Favor
Faith Favor 8 aylar önce
This is good to know
Rachel Kaminski
Rachel Kaminski 9 aylar önce
And wetting the wheel helps with the clay sticking to it. You’re going to need more water than you think!
Shellyyy 9 aylar önce
Luin Tathren
Luin Tathren 9 aylar önce
This is the most R-rated E&K episode I've ever seen. Also, it seems you both have learned the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi. This is the concept of accepting the impermanence and imperfection of things. Well done!
Luin Tathren
Luin Tathren 3 aylar önce
@blokbirb Wabi-sabi is a Japanese concept. It's mostly based on Buddhism. An entire culture seeing the beauty in imperfection is definitely not universal. That being said, individuals can and have adopted these ideals. I may be wrong, of course. Can you tell me of an entire culture that uses the concept of wabi-sabi?
blokbirb 3 aylar önce
Why is this Japanese when in reality it's a universal concept
Hangin’ with Nick
Hangin’ with Nick 4 aylar önce
For real for the first part
Ahmed Yasir
Ahmed Yasir 7 aylar önce
They're slowly becoming *that* kind of channel, as they say 😜
Benji Sun *Moxie*
Benji Sun *Moxie* 7 aylar önce
@Lee None first watch the pottery class episode from Community. 🤣🍌
Em Bee
Em Bee 9 aylar önce
"Is that centered?" One of my instructors always said "If you have to ask, it's not." It took me years to understand what he meant, because (1) it took years to really achieve true centering and (2) when you've actually got a centered piece there's no doubt it's centered. You two did great. What a fun video.
Christen V
Christen V 9 aylar önce
As a professional potter this made my week! Y’all did great for a first try! Your clay was probably not wet enough to start though. You have to wedge water into it (and that is long before you bring it to the wheel. That step makes a huge difference). I’d love to see you try again sometime! 😁
CuddleFish Treasures
CuddleFish Treasures 4 aylar önce
YESSSSSSS! Thank you for that comment. It made my Junior high art class lessons come flooding back to the forefront of my mind.
Der Atze
Der Atze 6 aylar önce
@TheRussianPrincess ah okay, sounded like "hey honey, gonna be home in 30, can you wedge my clay real fast? 🥰" Just putting water in a bucket sounds much more fair haha
TheRussianPrincess 6 aylar önce
@Der Atze I can’t really ask her to properly prep it bc she’s got school so all she does is make sure there’s enough water in my clay bucket so that it doesn’t take me ages to get it into a working consistency when I come in. I ask her about a week before my arrival so that it absorbs enough moisture for me to not have too difficult of a time with it.
Der Atze
Der Atze 6 aylar önce
@TheRussianPrincess thats a thing to say, good to know 😂 but seriously: does she just put like the whole block in water or do you make her wedge it?
TheRussianPrincess 9 aylar önce
Yeah, I was thinking that too. It’s a finicky thing to get the consistency right. I swear I had to call my sister more than once and ask her to “water my clay” in advance of me coming home...
Abigail Morris
Abigail Morris 9 aylar önce
katelyn is literally me in my first semester of ceramics absolutely struggling to center the clay with my noodle arms
Unbounded Art and Crafts
oh my goodness Katelyn you did such a good job of editing, the piece at the end is amazing 🤩
Katarina Garcia
Katarina Garcia 9 aylar önce
as someone who throws pottery, this made my whole day watching you two struggle then succeed with this, it reminds me back when I first started!
Peatographee 3 aylar önce
This hurt to watch! My mom teaches pottery classes! I will say you did pretty dang good with what you had!
LunerLanding 4 aylar önce
NicVandEmZ 5 aylar önce
Pretty sure this is meant kennel or air dry clay
Creative creature
Creative creature 7 aylar önce
@Dawnflame throwing clay, you mean? Seriously! You MAKE pottery by throwing clay on a wheel!! Smh 🤦‍♀️
@Meshi s yes a lot more water
Bethany A
Bethany A 9 aylar önce
Kaitlyn's frustration with not being able to do it even after watching tutorials is so relatable! I always think I can do something after I've put in the TRvid hours
happy cat
happy cat 9 aylar önce
As someone who took 3 years of sculpture in high school you did really well!! It surprised me how well Evan centered the clay on that tiny cheep wheel. Good job!! Would love to see more clay content :D
Keora Gün önce
Wait cats can’t do sculptures! You are one smart cat
fayre19 8 aylar önce
Throwing on a wheel is actually super hard if you're a beginner, so you did really well for your first time! The only tip I'll give you is that centering isn't just getting it in the center of the wheel. It also applies to how the clay moves when on the wheel. If your clay is wobbling when the wheel is on, it's not centered. My teacher taught us to center by cupping the side of the clay with one hand, and cupping the top with your palm. Elbows should be locked and on your knees. I'm really small, so I had to lean over my clay and use my body weight to center. Some people make it look really easy, but if you don't have the muscles, the clay will kick your butt. I am so proud of how well your pieces turned out! You guys did great! I hope you guys do more, even if it's not for a video.
CyanAnn 9 aylar önce
The only experience i have with ceramics is obsessively watching great pottery throwdown and all the potters in the comments encouraging y'all make me so happy ❤️❤️
MommyScientist 9 aylar önce
I love this so much! Learning a new skill and showing everyone it's ok to mess up. It looks so much easier than it actually is when looking at professionals doing it. This is like therapy for a perfectionist like me.. :D Love you guys! Thanks for this wholesome content! :)
Space Bird
Space Bird 9 aylar önce
as someone who's done ceramics for a few years but only started throwing last year, you guys seriously did really good!!! it looked as though evan's clay was too soft and katelyn's too hard. if you wanted to do this again, here are some tips I've gathered from my teachers! - getting the clay ready to be thrown is called wedging, and though the movements are similar to kneading, you're actually trying to do the opposite! wedging is to get any air pockets out of the clay, but since you guys are using air-dry, and brand-new-from-the-bag clay, there shouldn't be any air bubbles, and won't make your pieces explode :D - when throwing, remember to brace yourself firmly! plant your elbows into your thighs and don't let them move, especially when centering at the beginning! if you aren't rooted firmly, the clay will be moving you instead of you moving the clay. - it's ok if its not perfectly centered! it will probably get a bit off-center as you shape it anyhow. eventually, you will get it "good enough" to move on :) - keep the clay wet at all times, and having your hands coated in slip (the "gooey") isn't a bad thing! if the clay surface isn't coated in water while you're shaping it, the friction will throw it off-balance and make it much more difficult to do what you want it to. - re-centering it after you've opened it, like what katelyn did, is called collaring, and is essential! - and the faster the wheel is spinning, the bigger adjustments you will make. so when centering, the wheel should be spinning as fast as possible, and then you can slow it down once you open it up. generally try to avoid touching your piece if the wheel isn't spinning
Jeff 3 aylar önce
Thank u for the tips also I am just starting pottery
Cathy Bryant
Cathy Bryant 9 aylar önce
@Evan and Katelyn something my ceramics professor told me to help root myself was to put your elbow as close to your hip to steady yourself! Great job though! Loved this video. ❤️
Ellulellu 9 aylar önce
Oh I love the tips for not so strong people. In teaching videos, they usually show how it should be done but sometimes you just can't do it like that and need different tips like these! 😊
Evan and Katelyn
Evan and Katelyn 9 aylar önce
thank you for the tips!
Jonathan Greene
Jonathan Greene 9 aylar önce
I learned something new. Thanks!
Kayli Scheit
Kayli Scheit 5 aylar önce
As a person who takes ceramics and works with clay, I felt all the pain you guys went through 😅.You guys still did a great job!
Braelyn Heltne
Braelyn Heltne 5 aylar önce
The more bloopers you leave in without editing them out, the more fun it is to watch. You're such a cute couple!!
Kenzie Wilson
Kenzie Wilson 9 aylar önce
I learned how to throw a few months ago in my ceramics class and you guys actually did amazing, it’s definitely a learning curve and it’s also very dependent on the clay and how you are doing that day. I’ve had days where I can pull a whole project and The next day I can’t pull a single thing without ripping it
william keenan
william keenan 9 aylar önce
Okay... Hands down to you guys cause this is the most I've laughed this hard in such a long time 🤣🤣 you guys are honestly the best 😁😁
Shevaun Handley
Shevaun Handley 9 aylar önce
I had a kids toy pottery wheel back in the early 80s. I loved it even though I was (a) a kid and (b) a complete novice. Then I did it again as a teen with a professional pottery wheel and the difference between wheels is phenomenonal. Still a lot of fun though!
𒊹︎ ʙᴇʀʀɪ 𒊹︎#국제군
The amount of dirty jokes + the price being 69 leads me to think this was set up 😂 it’s too perfect
Alexi Fogal
Alexi Fogal 8 aylar önce
i haven't watched the whole thing yet but omg why is the cheap one 69 dollars like is this for real
CSN 8 aylar önce
I was to smash the like button, but my blasting finger is getting tired. 😅
send help
send help 9 aylar önce
K. Lew
K. Lew 5 aylar önce
As someone who just started throwing I really relate to the struggle of centering, it really just takes practice! This was super fun to watch!
Dewdrop_daze 4 aylar önce
I know how silly this may sound, but you guys are genuinely my comfort channel, every time I watch you guys I just instantly light up. This is one of my favorite videos just because of its fun chaos, and it brings me so much genuine joy to watch your videos. You guys have no idea how happy you make me on a daily basis and keep me going every day, thank you for being an amazing channel :)
Daniel Bennett
Daniel Bennett 9 aylar önce
So ready for an E&K mix tape. "Hey, hey, it's goin'!" I'm in for this!!
Sandra Lovato
Sandra Lovato 9 aylar önce
I haven't laughed like that in awhile 😂😂😂 this is legit one of my favorite videos now! You both are hilarious and the song at the end had me in tears!!!! Great video guys and I'm so glad your pots worked out❤️
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 9 aylar önce
I love these Cheap vs Expensive videos! Can’t wait to see how everything turns out.
Faith Soprano
Faith Soprano 9 aylar önce
My friend who makes stuff out of clay professionally said it had taken her a year to learn to property center things on the wheel, but here's Katelyn being shocked and appalled she can't do it in an hour. 🤣
Satchi5 8 aylar önce
My first time took less than an hour, but still . . . that was with a professional instructor sitting right next to me telling me how to do it. Also, that must have been the most bizarre instructions on centering I’ve ever heard. Not like Tim See’s, Simon Leach, Emily Reason, or Jerry Brown. Was that supposed to be some variation of coning up and down? So strange.
g 9 aylar önce
@Dani i’m starting my third year of ceramics (highschool) soon. ive always been an artist and i’m good at hand building sculptures but when we did the wheels (only for like a few days to make some simple bowls) i hated it. i wasn’t bad but my teacher poked the center holes for us which made it much easier lol
Faith Soprano
Faith Soprano 9 aylar önce
Yeah, I think it's like balance poses in yoga - some people get them easily, some people struggle forever. My friend teaches ceramics now, and centering is something a lot of people struggle with, according to her experience with students. And yes, some people get it faster, but some people never get it at all.
Dani 9 aylar önce
@Phil Nolan I think some people have a natural aptitude for it. I took ceramics in HS for 2 years and we worked on the wheel the first 6 months of the second year. I was not able to learn how to center properly unfortunately. I was relatively decent with hand building though.
SuperJezzara 9 aylar önce
Some of us think we can master everything on the first try 🤣
Sara Gratton
Sara Gratton 9 aylar önce
I did a tiny bit of pottery in university, and am by no means an expert, but I think with the tougher clay if you knead it longer it might be easier. Also center if is the hardest part so don’t feel bad! This is an awesome first attempt and your painting is fantastic
Internet Shaquille
Internet Shaquille 8 aylar önce
Keep the water bowl on the wheel’s table and lubricate way more often to center more easily :)
John Mobley
John Mobley 3 aylar önce
As a person who always gets pottery vids on their TikTok it was so satisfying watching the two of you improvise and do things I actually see the pros do.
Seaherne 9 aylar önce
You guys are making me want to do ceramics again 💜 This was so fun to watch. Centering is so hard 🤣 I used to spend whole classes just trying to center my clay 🤣 Use the sponge to add more water and clean off the plate 💜 Use about 10 times more water 😊 Edit: your paint jobs are so good! The glazes create those gradients based on thickness of the glaze. But Evan your new paint job is too cute!!! And Katelyn the face is so adorable 💜 And if you're not needing it to be food safe, you could use a glossy spray coat
Justin Aliotta
Justin Aliotta 9 aylar önce
Nothing better then a cup of coffee on and an episode of Evan and Katelyn on my Saturday morning! Seriously, it’s something I look forward too every week!
Bailee Scott
Bailee Scott 9 aylar önce
THE END EDIT/SONG IS SO AMAZING!!!!! Made me laugh so much while also being very impressed by the editing skills!
Matteo Romanova
Matteo Romanova 9 aylar önce
@Evan and Katelyn Really caught be off guard. Your ad reads are always funny, but I wasn't expecting a random music outro. Kudos!
Daniel Ottey
Daniel Ottey 9 aylar önce
I laughed so much I was crying!
Fittonia 9 aylar önce
@Evan and Katelyn It is sooo good. Made my day 🥰
Carmen Attallah
Carmen Attallah 9 aylar önce
I loved it 🥰
DJ Art
DJ Art 9 aylar önce
Omg! Me too! I was laughing so hard! The humor perfectly matches mine.
Vadim Banev
Vadim Banev 9 aylar önce
Evan's laugh is on its way to becoming one of my favorite sounds ever. :D
Allison Barnett
Allison Barnett 9 aylar önce
As a ceramics Bfa, I found that for centering clay, the faster the better. It's when you start raising the walls that you want to go a bit slower. Also, as someone who is a bit more petite (like katelyn) you want your arms/elbows locked in with your body to brace your arms so your arms are more stable.
Naty900 Gün önce
I love them as a couple so much, so wholesome to watch.
Musashi Levi
Musashi Levi 9 aylar önce
I love you guys soooooooo much! Thanks for bringing so much fun and excitement to all the little things. The world is such a better place with you guys in it.
CZane 9 aylar önce
As a potter, seeing this pop up for me is amazing, made my morning! I did also love how right off the bat it’s clear that they did a lil bit of research or know their stuff from the past cause Evan calls it throwing right away.
QuivaRPG 9 aylar önce
"Don't let the clay boss you around" was the first thing my instructor told us when I started pottery on the wheel. I'm not kidding, word for word.
The Crafty Gecko
The Crafty Gecko 8 aylar önce
Similarly mine said "Now you kick that clay's ass or it will kick yours"
Emmanuel Olivencia Ayala
me too! 😂😂😂 i remember when i took pottery classes the first month was a constant battle to center the clay and not have jiggly hands
Ek 4 aylar önce
I love how family friendly this is 😀
MianTaffinDezmir 9 aylar önce
As someone with ceramic experience, watching you guys learn was hard 😅 but you got cute pots! Good job! And the music video at the end is ratings GOLD!!!! Honestly that was my favorite part and you did so well with it 😁
no decaf
no decaf 9 aylar önce
This episode made me acutely aware of parallel personality traits between Evan and myself. Thanks for being awesome, you guys. And partially, by extension, me.
Kaitlyn Panko
Kaitlyn Panko 9 aylar önce
As a ceramic artist I personally enjoyed watching you guys try it lol, like it looks so easy to do until you actually have the opportunity to try
emily 9 aylar önce
I love ceramics! its really cool to watch you guys try it out! Love what you both created
Finnebean 9 aylar önce
This really reminds me when I had taken a pottery class in high school and the first time I'd used a pottery wheel. Just made me wanna do pottery again.
Meher D
Meher D 9 aylar önce
loved the video and I too have tried a similar kit to the one Evan had, and all I will say is I REALLY struggled haha. I feel like it would also have been really cute if Katelyn had added like tiny lil polka dots/sprinkles to hers, but I do like how they turned out!! Also love the "bloopers" at the end with Katelyn dancing and all the random audio clips from the video haha
Metaz 9 aylar önce
Hahaha!! I love you guys :D The outro was so good, so well made and your chemistry while goofing around and also really try to make something is inspiring and awesome! :)
Napatchaya Kah
Napatchaya Kah 9 aylar önce
This episode is sooo funny and I love the ending😂
Marcie Cleveland
Marcie Cleveland 9 aylar önce
I loved this video. I absolutely love you twos humor. And I love love love your editing! It's always so fun, funny, and up beat. Even your adds are enjoyable to watch. I never skip thru them like some others. Thank you for your content.
MJ J 9 aylar önce
*sees Evan and Katelyn posted and gets excited* *Sees it's almost 40 mins long and gets even more excited*
Brittany Obryan
Brittany Obryan 9 aylar önce
yesss the longer their vids the better lol
sabrielll 9 aylar önce
literally my reaction
Elyse Oberlin
Elyse Oberlin 9 aylar önce
It it the best when you forget it is there post day and you see a new video
Lauren Ng
Lauren Ng 9 aylar önce
Oh wow I didn't even notice it was so long that was enjoyable all the way through
Strawwberi 9 aylar önce
Being someone who went to school to learn this, this is so entertaining. I enjoy every aspect of pottery and ceramics and the wheel was my most challenging but fun experience i have ever done.
Sparkling Milk
Sparkling Milk 9 aylar önce
Katelyn panicking while trying to keep explaining made me laugh so much! Thank you :D
Nora Sage
Nora Sage 2 aylar önce
Top tip for centering... coning your clay (bringing it up into a cylinder and smushing back down into a puck on the wheel a couple times) is super important and definitely helps you get a nice centered puck. It aligns the clay particles so it’ll work in better, warms up the clay, and you can control how the puck formation a lot easier
Janee Becker
Janee Becker 9 aylar önce
Oh my goodness that freestyle at the end gave me so much life and joy! I always look forward to their videos because this is the kind of creativity, joy, and chaos I need in my life.
Monster-Teeth 9 aylar önce
I loved watching you guys make pots, please make some more! Get some more use out of that 200 dollar wheel 🤣
Autumn 9 aylar önce
if you guys enjoyed this, I'd love to see more pottery content! this video was so fun to watch!!
Matt Ball
Matt Ball 9 aylar önce
Kudos to the editor for the end scene - Some stunning work there... I watched it twice and am still laughing.. just fab.
Expat Natt
Expat Natt 9 aylar önce
I’d love to try this but I know I’d be horrendous at it 😂 Think I might put a pottery class onto my bucket list!
Panda Lilly
Panda Lilly 9 aylar önce
I LIVE for the stupid music breakdowns, they are the highlight of my day! Watching Katelyn wiggle her hands in happy dance after getting done, or the pressure pot edm remix with Evan. I know they are much more work for you guys but I LOVE them!
Super Noot
Super Noot 9 aylar önce
You guys complete each other. I love how Evan, you made a bowl shape like what she wanted, and Katelyn...well you made more like a tiny vase thing like how he wanted on your first try. I love watching you guys be a team and encouraging each other and your videos in general
LincolnWorld 9 aylar önce
Finally an episode with no innuendo or suggestive moments. You both crack me up so much!
Shevaun Handley
Shevaun Handley 9 aylar önce
That sound though 🤣
GiraffeLoverJen 9 aylar önce
"Lubin' the rod"
LordSither1 9 aylar önce
i didnt know it was that kind of channel. :D
Bryan Bardin
Bryan Bardin 9 aylar önce
My blasting finger is getting tired!
Mk Mason
Mk Mason 9 aylar önce
The carrot nearly killed me 😅😅😅
Lovely Little Bird
Lovely Little Bird 7 aylar önce
As an art teacher, I was equally proud and horrified watching you try to figure out how to throw. The tools on the cheap one would be SO incredibly neat to use for students with exceptionalitites, though!
Maison Steffe
Maison Steffe 9 aylar önce
Pottery is one of the most satisfying yet R-rated art form LOL
Brie Tier
Brie Tier 3 gün önce
Y’all did good for your first time. It took me almost a full 2 weeks just to get centering down in my ceramics class.. this is definitely like a practice makes perfect kind of hobby. Keep at it!
Hobby Potter - Tammy Jo Schoppet
WELL DONE! As a long-time "TRvid taught" clay adventurer I gotta say ... I SO LOVED THIS! You two are just so stinkin' adorable and your 1st timer results were seriously excellent.... especially using that air-dry clay, it's like cream cheese lol! ☺ I had to laugh at your growl when you were learning to center...it's a 100% universal reaction. I hope you continue to use your wheel...and speaking of cream cheese, you can actually throw a real cream cheese bowl and put salsa in it for a tortilla chip dip!!! (Truth) Enjoyed your video and so fun watching you two be so cute together😁
Olivia Frary
Olivia Frary 6 aylar önce
i cant tell you how hard i laughed at this entire video! it made my night. the song at the end and the overall commentary just is the best!! 😂
shadyy 9 aylar önce
I would love to see an E&K + Moriah Elizabeth collab where you guys make something for Moriah to paint / customize. It would be awesome!
GothNeko99 9 aylar önce
Evan: "Am I more destructive than a child?" Katelyn and I at the exact same time: "yes."
Ellulellu 9 aylar önce
I would love to see more videos trying the more expensive wheel, maybe using the softer clay for katelyn and harder for evan and using tools from the cheaper kit or something😊 mostly I like the expensive wheel for changin speed and not sounding like a dying machinery 😄
R Sukut
R Sukut 9 aylar önce
Oh my gosh, the ending was BRILLIANT, it took me all the way out! 😂
Leylaaah 9 aylar önce
More pottery! This was so fun to watch 😄
Andy V
Andy V 9 aylar önce
I have a severe panic disorder that leaves me having attacks 3-5 times a day, and every single time I watch Evan and Katelyn I feel at peace :) Thank you guys for being your goofy optimistic selves you have no idea what you do for people!
slothesque 9 aylar önce
I'd love to see you guys take a pottery class somewhere and get to get your stuff actually fired in the kiln and stuff!! I'm actually a ceramics minor at art school right now and it's tons of fun!
kaoriandyoshi1 8 aylar önce
Both of you did really well!!! my first time working with clay was a literal disaster, so it was awesome seeing you guys absolutely rock it out!!! it takes so much practice to get smooth products. I spent every weekend in the studio practicing. I think it would be really cool if you guys tried doing pottery on a kick wheel! the kick wheel was my absolute favorite! also the different clays were interesting to work with. we mainly worked with the red clay (can't remember its name) and the Stonewear clay. Stonewear clay was way more fun because it held together better.
Thomas M
Thomas M 9 aylar önce
The chaos-wake is strong from both of you and I'm here for it. 😂
Alces Fiend
Alces Fiend 3 aylar önce
I love that Evan figured out the thumb technique which is a legit technique on his own (idk what it's actually called, because my last pottery class was when I was 8 and I'm now 20, but I remember the technique still haha)
BlessedHusband 7 aylar önce
I LOVE YOU TWO!!! I have had a rough couple weeks and I feel so much better after watching a few of your videos. Thank you
that one lonely eagle
that one lonely eagle 9 aylar önce
I loved every second of this video brings soo much nostalgia when I first started pottery, centering the clay was a roadkillll! Ugh the many videos and hours of trial and error to finally making a small candle holder! Your video sure brought soo many memories of those days! The pure joy of nostalgia!
Max 9 aylar önce
i love how you guys are so comfortable with just playing and experimenting, it really inspires me as a maker and an artist
Emily Nunns
Emily Nunns 8 aylar önce
100% this comment
Saint Shion 詩音💜🖤
Yeah there's no pressure to be perfect. I watch a motivational speaker talk about how perfection is the way humans try to avoid critism and it come from insecurity. Thought that was super interesting.
Mark Michalowski
Mark Michalowski 9 aylar önce
Love it, guys! Welcome to Evan and Katelyn's "Wheel of Innuendo" :)
Abigail Shingler
Abigail Shingler 2 aylar önce
This reminds me so much of the ceramics class I took in college. We threw clay for the second half of the semester and even then non of us where perfect at centering every time by the end. 😂
Cheyenne Kedy
Cheyenne Kedy 4 aylar önce
Seeing this.. now I know what I want to save up for… I’ve always loved watching people make pottery, but I’ve always been nervous to try it. But seeing you guys having so much fun with it. I definitely want to buy myself a clay spinner and try making my own pottery!
Kansas Aylar önce
i recommend an intro course at a community college or community center first. it helps to have someone to teach you rather than trying to teach yourself from youtube videos. i had to have someone hold my arm in place while centering because by just watching, i couldn't tell what i was doing wrong.
A Girl and Her Puppy
A Girl and Her Puppy 9 aylar önce
as a potter this was super fun nd cute to watch, you both did amazing! I'm super impressed with how well Evan did with the kids wheel I tried using one once and got so frustrated with it. The number one request in the pottery classes that I teach is doing the ghost picture. For Valentines day Imanaged to get that picture with my dog "on the wheel"
Reverie Mephisto
Reverie Mephisto 9 aylar önce
The awesome thing about clay is that you can keep reshaping it until it meets your requirements, even if you have to keep adding a little bit on, it's very flexible. 😁
DaimyoD0 9 aylar önce
2:45 There's a complete and total roll reversal here, featuring a rare visit with Chaos Katelyn and her foil, Instruction-Exacting Evan 3:38 "Lubin' the rod!!" >;) Evan: **keeps moving, unperturbed**
Evan and Katelyn
Evan and Katelyn 9 aylar önce
Felicia Clarice
Felicia Clarice 9 aylar önce
As a potter of eight years setting up a small business and an E&K fan for almost half that time, this was absolutely delightful!
Shel 9 aylar önce
when Katelyn was shocked and appalled she wasn't immediately great at pottery just because she did *research*... I felt that on a spiritual level
TheJadedRose 9 aylar önce
Evan's pot being higher on one side was actually perfect for the design. It's like a loafing cat!
Moira 6 aylar önce
NICE POT(S) This cracked me up! Congrats on making two extremely adorable pieces of pottery. These came out amazing!
lilacunderground 9 aylar önce
this is so funny to watch as someone who just started pottery classes a year ago! i'd recommend florian gadsby's channel, he is an amazing potter and has some great tutorials!
Cali Neville
Cali Neville 9 aylar önce
As someone who is in school to become a professional potter and has a lot of experience you guys did really good for your first time, And it was hilarious to watch Evan on the tiny toy wheel! 😂
Audrey Storer
Audrey Storer 9 aylar önce
I laughed almost every thirty seconds XD I love you guys so much! One of my new favorite videos.
Alex S
Alex S 9 aylar önce
I'll be honest Evan, I've had similar issues with Poscas reacting weird to glaze. I got really into painting rocks over quarantine, and the poscas always needed more coats than you think because they went transparent with glaze, it was weird!
ASMR i guess
ASMR i guess 9 aylar önce
As someone who took almost a year to figure out how to center, you did really well :)
Lumi 9 aylar önce
The bowls are so cute :-). Loved the ending of the video too!
popcorn enthusiast
popcorn enthusiast 9 aylar önce
I came here expecting hilarious pottery shenanigans and I left feeling satisfied and also painfully reminded of my own single-ness in multiple ways
Hannah Moore
Hannah Moore 9 aylar önce
Fun fact I learned from my ceramic class 1. You knead clay so that there won’t be any air bubbles that will form so that when you cook the clay in a kiln it won’t explode 2. Centering it also ensures that there are fewer air bubbles so that it again won’t explode 😂 3. You use the wire tool to cut the clay object off the plate 4. Glaze will be like forever glue so always wipe the bottoms so that you won’t as my teacher said “have to use a sledgehammer to get off” 😂😱 But yeah it was a fun class we did horse hair pottery and multiple types of pottery enjoyed this video so much and it made me laugh when you guys were like how do you knead clay? 😂 oh and the suits aren’t overkill I had an apron AND a towel I wrapped on my legs and I still got super dirty. Oh and a huge health risk warning make sure to keep any and all clay throwing stations clean and not dry as silica dust AKA clay dust when inhaled will make u sick and have clay on ur lungs forever. So please be safe!
🍃Sayge🍃 9 aylar önce
@Hannah Moore I gave up on trying to clean it off me, I'm sure I did have clay on my butt tho😂
Hannah Moore
Hannah Moore 9 aylar önce
@🍃Sayge🍃 🤣 most did in my class but not me although it was hilarious to see all the popular gals going over the sink with paper towels wiping the dust off their black legging and being like “hey do I have any clay on my butt” 🤣
🍃Sayge🍃 9 aylar önce
Yeahh I didn't realize everyone else brought aprons or towels and I left covered in slip my first day or ceramics class😂
geener 9 aylar önce
@Guenevere Miller when you center clay, you push it in, cone it up, then push it down a couple times and that motion gets rid of the air bubbles in the clay so it’s less likely to explode! after it’s centered, then you can open it up to make a bowl or a cup using your fingers! (i’ve been throwing clay for a couple months now)
Guenevere Miller
Guenevere Miller 9 aylar önce
real question: why does centering it help with bubbles?
Seth Tamwood
Seth Tamwood 8 aylar önce
Better to be overprepared than underprepared! Loving watching this though, I have wanted to get back into pottery for AGES.
Varuna 9 aylar önce
You guys should try remaking a project like this in couple years!! It would be interesting to see how different your creativity comes out from when you did it the first time
Venise Berté
Venise Berté 9 aylar önce
You guys are hilarious 🤣 I really enjoyed this one
OkayBclay 9 aylar önce
centering really is the hardest and most time consuming part haha i commend you two for how well you did just based on research =)
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