Charlotte and George - Their Story [Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story] 

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The Story of Charlotte and George
Series: Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (Netflix)
Characters: Charlotte and George (Their Story)
Music 1: Yearning Hearts - Bianca Ban
Music 2: True Love's Last Kiss - Thomas-Adam Habuda
Music 3: Echoes of Hope - Thomas-Adam Habuda
Music 4: Flying, Not Falling - Thomas-Adam Habuda
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5 May 2023




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Seeb Studio
Seeb Studio 4 aylar önce
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Ashley Gonzalez
Ashley Gonzalez 4 aylar önce
The scene where an older Charlotte and George are talking and she says " no George, I didn't go over the wall." Had me bawling😢
Aii HairYou
Aii HairYou 4 aylar önce
Girllll sameeeee
Miss Charms
Miss Charms 4 aylar önce
me tooooo.. I was a complete baby. Havent cried over a show in a while
Shan 4 aylar önce
Believe me!
Sandra's Post
Sandra's Post 4 aylar önce
It madd me cry
Leah Muniz
Leah Muniz 4 aylar önce
Sameeee and when I first watched this season I didn't even realize she was referring to when they first met till I rewatched it 😅 but ugh yesss so sweet 😭🥰😭🥰😭
Nombuso Ngubane
Nombuso Ngubane 4 aylar önce
"No, that's a deformed bunny" This is by far my favourite line from the show
Hiskia Kano Shipanga
Hiskia Kano Shipanga 4 aylar önce
Proceed to get multiple deformed bunny immaculate writing
Kung Lao’s Hat
Kung Lao’s Hat 3 aylar önce
@Hiskia Kano Shipanga Charlotte having multiple Pomeranians actually is good writing. George gave her the “deformed bunny” with a note saying he never wanted her to feel alone. Due to his mental decline in the present day she was essentially alone even though he’s still alive. The dogs remind her of a time when her husband was present mentally and the gift he gave her when he couldn’t be with her. The dogs probably make her feel closer to George.
Hiskia Kano Shipanga
Hiskia Kano Shipanga 3 aylar önce
@Kung Lao’s Hat yes I know that's why I said it was immaculate implying that the writing was perfect
Kung Lao’s Hat
Kung Lao’s Hat 3 aylar önce
@Hiskia Kano Shipanga Sorry I thought you were being sarcastic. Obviously I agree about the quality of the writing
acil 4 aylar önce
Their story was literally the epitome of "never judge a book by its cover"
MrsCash Morrisey
MrsCash Morrisey 4 aylar önce
Their love story is the best Bridgerton love story thus far. It will be hard to top this.
Shan 4 aylar önce
I'm telling you!
🐞 joy, peace and happiness
I read the books Polin really has a hard act to follow, their book isn't that good
Kasia xxx
Kasia xxx 4 aylar önce
Yeah, I dont think any story will beat THIS :D
Mai 4 aylar önce
Ikr, i started watching this with no expectation at all, since I'm not a fan of the queen. But after finishing it, im obsessed w their love story😭😭 its the truest love of all
Maryam Fatima
Maryam Fatima 3 aylar önce
@Mai from where did you watch? can you please tell me?
NeShelle B
NeShelle B 4 aylar önce
Their chemistry was amazing. Every line delivered and every scene with the two of them have made this by far my favorite couple in the world of Bridgerton. Well done!!
April L. Creations
April L. Creations 3 aylar önce
Yes indeed!
A.L W.
A.L W. 4 aylar önce
Love Farmer George and Charlotte. The last scene was so moving, did not expect but this is my favourite Bridgerton Couple!
filmscooper 4 aylar önce
The most touching thing is how George went through so much torture and pain so he can be good enough for her😢 sooo touching
Luvl F
Luvl F 4 aylar önce
The beginning of the episode I was so mad at George because he kept pushing her away and I had no idea why and I kept on watching and my heart just melted. He did all that to be enough for Charlotte. It’s a sad ending for them but honestly this is my favourite season yet😭😭 Bridgeton is really a rare show that gets better and better. And Corey is so handsome I can’t 🤤
Deen Peace
Deen Peace 3 aylar önce
What do you mean by sad ending.. do they not stay together till the end ?
sohaila mostafa
sohaila mostafa 3 aylar önce
​@Deen Peace yes they stay together
Resa The
Resa The 2 aylar önce
@Deen Peace I would say it is bittersweet. They have a lot of children together and they still love each other very much, but I guess he has more bad days than good and this can't be easy for both of them. They both are essentially alone most of the time and that has to weigh, especially on Charlotte
Jenika 4 aylar önce
Their love story was really something special 🥺 so beautiful yet painful
Herondale 4 aylar önce
i sobbed at how amazing their relationship was. when he said u did not go over the wall i cried
S Stewart
S Stewart 4 aylar önce
Me too...but it made me feel better to see it end with them having that tender moment. That was the closest it could get to actually having a happy ending...all things considered.
Kelby Lefsrud
Kelby Lefsrud 4 aylar önce
Arranged marriage, love at first sight, “lost in the dark/ the light”, brief enemies with benefits, true love and soulmates. “You and me”. 🖤🖤
Apollonia Daza
Apollonia Daza 4 aylar önce
Brief enemies with benefits 😂😂😂nice way of putting it☺️
Gwen Frazier
Gwen Frazier 4 aylar önce
I thought that "brief enemies " part was their version of foreplay
Jordyn Randolph
Jordyn Randolph 4 aylar önce
The writers needed all the tropes 😭😭
🐞 joy, peace and happiness
@Gwen Frazier That's all it was
meme.1595 Abbas
meme.1595 Abbas 4 aylar önce
Their love story is so actual, they went through realistic suffer indeed, and Charlotte character is the most amazing strong and beloved character, Shonda have exceeded all expectations in young Charlotte ❤
Évi Györe
Évi Györe 3 aylar önce
I watched the series in one sitting. I was so moved, I didn't expect that. I cried through the last scene. After it was over, I sat in bed in the dark and couldn't stop crying. I was so touched by the way they loved each other.
Miraculous Trollhunters
This is one of the best love stories ever. The prequel is 100% better then both seasons of Bridgeton. ❤
Sanskruti Patil
Sanskruti Patil 4 aylar önce
Tbh in bridgerton series I didn't particularly like the Queen . She was showed as person who loved gossips and kinda wanted to rule the kingdom on her own and it felt like she didn't mostly liked her husband.. but here now I know how much they love each other and what shaped their relationship ❤️❤️
Rachel McPherson
Rachel McPherson 4 aylar önce
It really really seemed like she hated her man 😂
*~Swan~* 4 aylar önce
​​@Rachel McPherson In Bridgerton I didn't think she hated her husband but I think she wanted him to die because he was lost to his madness and was suffering terribly because of it. And so was she. To me she came across as a character who had suffered hardship but hid this suffering deep down. I think she wanted the suffering limbo his madness left him, her, their children and the crown etc to end so she could grieve him properly and end the cycle of hope being crushed that he would return to himself when he had rare moments of somewhat lucidity that were extremely few and far between towards the end of his life in Bridgerton.
tae 4 aylar önce
Stephanie Clark
Stephanie Clark 4 aylar önce
@tae I also think people who think she hates her husband are forgetting the scene in the first season where in his madness George accuses Charlotte of murdering their eldest daughter. He's hurt her a lot, she has put on a very thick skin to keep going on and loving him. It'll come across cold.
*~Swan~* 4 aylar önce
@Stephanie Clark I agree buy just one correction, Princess Amelia (who died and George was asking for her) was their youngest daughter, not their eldest.
Jojo 3 aylar önce
I love that he was willing to endure pain to get 'better' for her.. I also love that she did not let him continue being in pain
Ally Hvis
Ally Hvis 4 aylar önce
This is such a great edit! I cried during George's love confession scene and of course during the last scene under the bed. I love this series and you've done it justice. 🙌♥️
Ardente Patience
Ardente Patience 4 aylar önce
Not me crying my heart out all over again...such beautiful acting, so real, so void of fuss...perfect, really. How can we not love them. I am telling you all, fiction does not exist.
Akanjieme Callister
Akanjieme Callister 4 aylar önce
Queen Charlotte is a strong woman. Having to see her husband like that and still remain strong for her man and the kingdom. I had to hold my tears while I was watching it. I think their love is much stronger than everyone in the bridgeton. And here I thought she was a horrible person all these while until I saw this. Even when am trying to hold my tears, yet it's falling. Damn. 😢😢
Nedra Williams
Nedra Williams 4 aylar önce
This is a beautiful and moving production. It is written well with superb actors. Truly, art at its finest!
maya caldwell
maya caldwell 4 aylar önce
Honestly better love story than the notebook, unpopular opinion i know, but i feel how i feel
Blue Bird
Blue Bird 4 aylar önce
I absolutely love "The Notebook," and I agree this is a better love story.
AK 4 aylar önce
Much better!
PrincessQ7500 3 aylar önce
No. I agree. It's certainly healthier, even if it was an arranged marriage.
surlespasdondine 27 gün önce
why an unpopular opinion? lol this is literally the love story everybody is raving about at the moment, not such a risky thing to say and most definitely not unpopular😆
meems 4 aylar önce
this edit is so beautiful. it shows their full story and now I'm crying again.
Carolyn Honore
Carolyn Honore 3 aylar önce
Stunning performances by Corey and India!!
Leonor Felix
Leonor Felix 4 aylar önce
This one has been the most emotional series that I have seen I watched it twice and everytime I see parts of it makes me want to see it again and again I loved Charlotte and George love story 🥰🥰
Yvette Mckinzie
Yvette Mckinzie 4 aylar önce
She was absolutely amazing! Love is not easy! Its work and sacrifice. Well done!
Cher Bear
Cher Bear 4 aylar önce
Damn these clips just made me cry all over again. Queen Charlotte was so beautiful. ❤
Alex Keir
Alex Keir 2 aylar önce
A truly magnificent tribute to a truly magnificent series!
Tari Herron
Tari Herron 4 aylar önce
Fantastic edit, clips and music selection are perfect!! Great job!! Makes me cry every time!! Thank you so much!! Blessings!!
Shaneisha Warren
Shaneisha Warren 2 aylar önce
The torture George went through. His life was not easy at all. But Charlotte was so graceful and loving. I was so happy she accepted and loved him. It truly was an awesome story and an even greater love.
Teresa Smith
Teresa Smith 4 aylar önce
The ending! Omg I was a puddle this is a love story against all odds! I love Bridgerton but Queen Charlotte's story well surpassed that love too another place, it was awe inspiring, beautiful, tragic, heart warming and heart breaking.
Penny Sunshine
Penny Sunshine 4 aylar önce
By far my favorite Bridgerton series ❤
Charise Ducay
Charise Ducay 4 aylar önce
Oh my gosh their love is beautiful. Heartwrenching but exceptionally and enduringly beautiful. The Queen was such a brave and tough woman, truly one of a kind.
Curated Contents
Curated Contents Aylar önce
i dont really cry over romantic love stories, but this one is the first for me!!! i just love how they painted us that picture of marriage---commitment and choice. How i wish there is a second season to this ❤
IDK 4 aylar önce
To tell you that I cried is an understatement. I broke down, snot and all. This was a beautiful ride.
Flevis 3
Flevis 3 4 aylar önce
The people who wrote the lines in all bridgerton series knew what they were doing. Literally chefs kiss 🤌❤️‍🔥
Francesca Ogunseye
Francesca Ogunseye 2 aylar önce
Now I understand why Queen Charlotte is passionate about true love. She can tell when a couple are in love. ❤❤❤❤
yume816 4 aylar önce
What a tragedy! One of my favorite love stories of all time not just the Bridgerton universe.
Daniela Kerber
Daniela Kerber 4 aylar önce
Estou à 7 dias suspirando pelos cantos por esse casal, por essa história de amor... me pergunto se um dia serei capaz de parar de chorar por eles.... ❤❤❤
Stephanie Guimfacq
Stephanie Guimfacq 4 aylar önce
I loved it. Great edit..beautiful story ❤
Apple Egas
Apple Egas 3 aylar önce
The best definition of true love❤️❤️❤️❤️
Anne 27
Anne 27 3 aylar önce
A real Queen! ❤ love their story! My favorite ❤️
fractalclues 4 aylar önce
This is so well edited. I already know that I will be watching it over and over again😊❤
Sreemoyee Bandyopadhyay
What a wonderful edit. Loved it
Sumita0811 4 aylar önce
George and Charlotte....best couple in bridgerton 🎉
Natalie Coody
Natalie Coody 4 aylar önce
I absolutely love this couple
Joyflav00r 4 aylar önce
I will never get over their relationship NEVER
Joni Merchant
Joni Merchant 4 aylar önce
GREAT.... GREAT .... GREAT show. I loved Queen Charlotte before in Bridgeton, now I adore her. I think it amazing that Queen Charlotte, Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth are in the same lineage. Such three powerful woman and leaders.
S B 4 aylar önce
♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ I love this story !! It melts my heart If stick beside your man was a person (Queen Charlotte) ❤
Darith Bluitt
Darith Bluitt 15 gün önce
My heart calls your name... (Gave me chills.)
Annmarie Lillie
Annmarie Lillie 4 aylar önce
Long live King George and Queen Charlotte!!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Lary Gonçalves
Lary Gonçalves 2 aylar önce
Que atuação fodaaa
gwendolyn williams
gwendolyn williams 4 aylar önce
To take story up to people from different and make them as what for him to fall in love with her just by watching her and I cried so much to see the love between those two and to stay and to fight for one another is something truly to behold stay blessed
George Scott
George Scott 4 aylar önce
This was so wonderful to o watch. Will watch this again for sure.🌹🌹🌹
Mikki220 4 aylar önce
Even though it is a fictional King, this show has me loving King George the 3rd. Shonda, you have to give me some tips on magic. I have tears in my eyes.
Anika Smith
Anika Smith 4 aylar önce
It's based on the actual King George who did suffer from mental illness.
Estephanie Ferreyra
Estephanie Ferreyra 4 aylar önce
I melt every time he says Charlotte
nkumbu namumba
nkumbu namumba 3 aylar önce
the part where she went and rescued him from the torture. DO YOU LOVE ME?😭😭
Marrella Johnson
Marrella Johnson 4 aylar önce
that's is so incredible and fantastic and i love it ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Elisha 4 aylar önce
julie Flores
julie Flores 2 gün önce
After watching this series, i forget about the other stories in Bridgeton series. And been watching it over... 6x ❤
Johannes Wöhler
Johannes Wöhler 3 aylar önce
The things we do for love.
Glory Hall
Glory Hall 3 aylar önce
Corey is so handsome, Charlotte is pretty girl, I ❤️ this series,i watch it over and over,,,,
maria van gelderen Hastreiter
A very bittersweet story ❤️❤️
Lavender 4 aylar önce
So heartbreaking beautiful ❤️‍🩹
Maggs Nel
Maggs Nel 4 aylar önce
The torture of the king was shocking. Even today there is still so much ignorance about mental illness.
Janellie Somera
Janellie Somera 4 aylar önce
Ang ganda ganda po ng kwento n toh grabe💙💙💙
Victoria Burton
Victoria Burton 4 aylar önce
I am crying that is so precious
Donell Tarver
Donell Tarver 4 aylar önce
Great job! 👍👍😍😍
Che Peace
Che Peace 4 aylar önce
I hv never admired how old ppl kiss...but these two shocked me ..beautiful 😢
Motor City
Motor City 3 aylar önce
I have watched this season so many times
Suzan Taibu
Suzan Taibu 4 aylar önce
Fabulous job 😢
Sandy Thompson
Sandy Thompson 4 aylar önce
And underpining these scenes is beautuful, majestic music‼️💞🔥❤️
Mimi Saiyed
Mimi Saiyed 4 aylar önce
Thy honestly know what thy did when mkn this bridgerton series it just doesn't get bored u have to cry whn watching it doesn't matter how strong u r it's like u living with them in this stories I just loveeeeee it ❤100%❤❤
Fonyeh agirks
Fonyeh agirks 4 aylar önce
Sweat pain best description for this show♥️
Shan 4 aylar önce
" You did not go over the wall?" "No George, I did not go over the wall"😢
Reactive Review
Reactive Review 4 aylar önce
Charlotte and George Love story ❤😭
Rachelle Duenas
Rachelle Duenas 3 aylar önce
I wish I had a man that loved me that much.
2Fennie 2 aylar önce
I like the two gentlemen who wait on the king & queen ,and their love story❤
soullmateam 4 aylar önce
here it is, true love ❤
Demi Moore
Demi Moore 4 aylar önce
LuAnn Englehart
LuAnn Englehart 4 aylar önce
“Yet is hope…”
definitelynotawitch 4 aylar önce
What a Godly edit
Y/N L/N 4 aylar önce
" no George, I did not go over the wall" 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Angel Constantino
Angel Constantino 4 aylar önce
I love you from the moment I saw you trying to climb that wall. I cannot breath when you are not near. I love you desperately. My heart calls your name.
Chermoka 4 aylar önce
It will always be the way he kisses her, for me
Dream Palmer
Dream Palmer 4 aylar önce
Officially drooling!!!😍😍😍😢😢😢💖💖💖💖💖🖤💙
Sandra Milfort
Sandra Milfort 4 aylar önce
Great edit 👏🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾
Stephanie Garcia
Stephanie Garcia 4 aylar önce
i loved it🩷
Atika Indriani Putri
Atika Indriani Putri 4 aylar önce
they both really made me😭😭😭😭💔💔
mia bella
mia bella 4 aylar önce
It's so sweet and sexy the way he say, "hello Charlotte..."... That cute smile ITS killing😊😊
Desi Waifu
Desi Waifu 4 aylar önce
Kabir: I love the way you breathe ❤️❤️ Charlotte: I hate the way he breathes 💀💀
Brenda K Agyekum
Brenda K Agyekum 4 aylar önce
That is beautiful I'm hooked
Sol Domingo
Sol Domingo 4 aylar önce
My heart calls your name💞
Claudine 19 gün önce
For a king who ruled for about 60y, and did it well, an d proberbly had a form of liverdisease, he is remembered badly in history. Looks great on you tube.
MariB 3 aylar önce
Janaris 4 aylar önce
Colins got big shoes to fill. BIG!! Farmer George is impossible to top.
Maria Man
Maria Man 3 aylar önce
So every time I called queen Charlote "the queen of mean" and the "epoch which beach" for constantly asking if her husband died already...she never wanted him to die...she wanted him to stop suffering? And all this time she appeared to be stone cold was because she had to carry both her and his pain togheter...she had to bear lonelynece multipled by 2 this whole time? I am shocked and still crying...during this whole lunacy she carried 15 kids and a whole kigdom an her back...I can't find my words...😭.
Holly Monroe
Holly Monroe 2 aylar önce
Queen Charlotte is quite regal....
AZRAIEL 1984 4 aylar önce
I like this prequel and the first season. I don't really like the second season, the second season was terrible.
Anonymous 4 aylar önce
Can anyone explain what does the ending implies??
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