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How the ‘War of the Wales’ shaped the life of Prince William

Nearly thirty years after his parents exchanged their wedding vows, Prince William walked down the aisle at Westminster Abbey with his new bride. 'My Mother Diana' looks at how Diana’s life, her relationship with the House of Windsor, the media and the public have shaped her eldest son, Prince William. When a twenty year-old Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, their wedding at St Paul’s was watched by billions; it was the last great royal wedding to galvanise the British public. But that relationship would develop into a romantic tragedy, whose effects would be more profound than anyone could have imagined. In his marriage to Kate Middleton, Prince William is entering into a new and independent stage of his life…a life in which his mothers influence and presence appear centre-stage and ever-present.. It is easy to forget that William’s formative years were not the idyll with the ’Princess of People’s Hearts’…rather they took place in the midst of a vicious divorce battle. William’s loyalties divided and fought over during the War of the Wales.

‘My Mother Diana’ is the story of Charles and Diana's marriage from a new and revealing point of view. It’s the story of how their marriage shaped William. It explores the effect of his mother’s relationships, the tell-all book she collaborated on with Andrew Morton, the effects of her Panorama interview and William's reaction to his father’s relationship with Camilla. On the surface William appears to be a product of the old order, groomed by the House of Windsor. But William is the son of Diana - who transcended celebrity and transformed the monarchy. This film seeks to understand William by exploring his relationship with his mother and examines where William was as key moments of her later life played out; because what she went through made him who he is today Why did William propose using his mother’s engagement ring? And what does it tell us about this future King and the legacy of his mother Diana? Fourteen years after her death Diana’s influence appears undiminished. But will William be the King Diana wished him to be?

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2 Haz 2017




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Liz Tukenmez
Liz Tukenmez 5 yıl önce
As a child, I watched her get married. As a teenager, I watched her struggle to free herself from that toxic marriage. As a young mother with a newborn, I watched her funeral with tears streaming down my face. It will be twenty years, this summer, since she has passed and I still find myself fascinated with her life....and her death.
Ant Man
Ant Man 2 aylar önce
I just turned into a teenager when I learned about her death - not knowing who she was then but all my family members in Malaysia felt sad of her death and said “what a great woman she was”! Princess Diana was a highly respected woman even to a place that far (I am sure she is loved everywhere!). She deserved so much better than this!
MP Paris
MP Paris 2 aylar önce
I do hope that Camilla get a heart of human and leave Harry alone
Sl 2 aylar önce
What kind a man who distroyed the happiness his family only for the most ugly lady .
#JohnnyDeppIsARapist!! #JohnnyDeppesracista
-Johnny Depp PERSECUTES Amber Heard’s fans come and see!
junjunrun 2 aylar önce
35 years. Forever the princess of Wales and the queen of our hearts 💙
Royal 2 yıl önce
Actually, it isnt just about adultery committed by Prince Charles but also, it's about his insecurities. He felt jealous of Diana bcoz she received more attention and love from his people than him.. Camilla also felt the same way, that's why Charles resented Diana even more. He even called Diana selfish (just because of the attention she received from everybody), when it's him who's being selfish.
Katya Marquez
Katya Marquez Aylar önce
I agree Diana cannot control how people loved and liked her she even said she wanted to share that popularity to her husband. But no, Charles has bigger ego as a future King.
Glen 2 aylar önce
@Kathleen Porto nonsense. at least 2 were married, Dodi Fayed was engaged.
Royal 2 aylar önce
@Roni Mogy sorry to burst your bubble but Diana wanted to not get married with Charles after she knew about Camilla. She wanted to back out but she was advised by her sister not to do it for everything was already prepared, that she cant chicken out. Princess Margaret also warned the Queen about it too but the Queen did not listen coz she only wanted to follow the royal protocol and that is royal should not marry a divorcee.
Kathleen Porto
Kathleen Porto 2 aylar önce
@Roni Mogy Diana was only 19 yrs old he was 13 yrs older she was the last child of a brother an 3 sisters they were gone, away at school or married she lived with her father who re- married had a step mother who had no time for her,….Diana had no one to talk to she volunteered in hospitals an took care of children, an baby sat children, she didn’t know anything, about conning people, she was a very nice person. She was a very nice person, the manipulator was Camilla was married an had Children an a husband, yet she hung around at pollo matches an the barn with Charles an his friends, she even went on Diana’s honeymoon in a room he snuck to, Diana did not know anything. An no Royals would tell her. Charles was a dirty Rat. Not Diana.
Roni Mogy
Roni Mogy 2 aylar önce
Diana did not do her homeworkCharles before committing to the triangle, Camilla was there already, Diana wanted it all, she did it care aboutCharles feelings
Happy Potter
Happy Potter 2 gün önce
I’m afraid that I believe he lied. It was his ongoing relationship with Camilla that was the issue. Camilla is Charlie’s Queen and his life-long partner. That is fabulous. But let there be no mistake that Charles’s relationship with Camilla destroyed the marriage.
parris 2 yıl önce
That moment at 37:30 truly encapsulates who Diana is. Such a simple gesture, yet means so much. Shows that she really was out to make a difference, that she was so caring and loving and she wanted to use her fame for good to bring awarness to issues facing the whole world. A loving and genuine heart. May she rest peacefully in Gods arms.
Ray Stafford
Ray Stafford Aylar önce
@Ana Maria Assis de Moraes .ll
Ana Maria Assis de Moraes
Lucy James
Lucy James Yıl önce
That scene was so beautiful. It portrayed so much kindness
KROWKO [卿子] EN VTuber Crow
she wasn't only a princess, she was a symbol of purity, humanity, and kindness. so to see that trampled and killed by cruel world was not only tragic, but insanely depressing for people. it's not only that their princess was gone, but so was their hope in the good in this world.
Lisa what a well documented  ‘Class Of’ video. Nice work! Ludden
That's an overboard statement don't you think? There is a lot of every day people who are kind when no one is watching. The woman who reported how ‘kind’ and ‘caring’ Diana remained when the cameras did not follow her to the room with the mothers and children were. But I say still there were others in there watching. Diana was not stupid, she knew showing any less sentiment to the patients would have given her bad press, but I still see she had a manipulative side using the paparazzi to gain favor and popularity from the masses. All completely self-serving. Anyone can put up on a humble front. No one should be worshiping her or any human like they do, and people who do are so naive.
red rock
red rock 3 yıl önce
"Whatever in love means" My heart broke for her when her face changed... we love you Diana. Charles didn't deserve you.
Mattie Mclean
Mattie Mclean 2 aylar önce
That is still the most cringe-worthy thing in history. Whatever love means. That poor woman . That stupid man.
veronica bahena
veronica bahena 2 aylar önce
@Elizabeth Guilbe she had a daughter?
veronica bahena
veronica bahena 2 aylar önce
@BRANDY D that’s the only reason he married Diana and not camilla
Ana Maria Assis de Moraes
I agree entirely!
Michael Kirby Music
Michael Kirby Music 3 aylar önce
Right? He's a spoiled snot scumbag saying that with that smirk on his face and arrogant tone. Heart breaking
Kiran Paul
Kiran Paul Yıl önce
There's no one in the world like her. She was meant to break the old institution. Glad Harry walked in her footsteps ❤️
Ceci 2 aylar önce
@aisling Irish I think she actually would have been supportive of them, look how open she was with the public about how she herself was treated by the royal family!
aisling Irish
aisling Irish 3 aylar önce
@Glen I agree that was unbelievably wrong and doubt diana would agree with what he and meghan said
@Glen Ppl get what they give
Glen Yıl önce
Glad that he did an interview atttcking his family when his elderly grandfather was dying?
Mary Harmon
Mary Harmon Yıl önce
What makes me so upset is that nobody in the royal family loved Diana, they didn’t reciprocate the same love she brought in to that family. The only people that loved her were her children, and the public. That’s why she loved her children so much and was such an amazing mother.
Dana Mendoza
Dana Mendoza 2 yıl önce
It breaks my heart when our Princess Diana said that her wedding day is the worst day of her life. 💔
L B 2 aylar önce
Mine was. It's more common than people know. I was used for a visa.
Ana Maria Assis de Moraes
Camilla should never be forgiving for what she did and made Charles do. Here on earth there's no real justice, but God's justice never, ever fails. They both will have to unswerving on the final judgment. Thank God for that!🙏🏻
Ali Zulfiqar
Ali Zulfiqar 5 aylar önce
Time stamp?
2degucitas Yıl önce
Wedding night must have been a letdown.
Rhean Macale
Rhean Macale Yıl önce
Yeah. Everybody loves to get married and to marry a person with name and title. But she, she's irritated with the fact that she married a man that she loves but don't love her. 😢
A A 3 aylar önce
There will never be anyone quite like Diana. She was more than a royal, she was an incredible and kind soul. It's lovely to see that she's still celebrated today ❤
P. Rubin
P. Rubin 2 aylar önce
Shes just a good person, royal or not. She shouldnt have been involved with that family.
Claudia Mihalcea
Claudia Mihalcea 5 yıl önce
Diana was indeed a true princess. not just by title but by her heart and kindness. may she rest in peace next to God...
Veena Madan
Veena Madan 4 gün önce
@Tiffany Thompson 💗💗
Tiffany Thompson
Tiffany Thompson 5 gün önce
@Veena Madan likewise 💓
Veena Madan
Veena Madan 5 gün önce
@Tiffany Thompson It's fine and so nice to share my thoughts with you. Thanks to reply me. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Tiffany Thompson
Tiffany Thompson 5 gün önce
@Veena Madan yes, I see your point.
Veena Madan
Veena Madan 5 gün önce
@Tiffany Thompson who knows whether she would have thought about leaving him or not. In fact, when she got to know about his affair only a day before her marriage, she wanted to cancel it but it was the pressure of her family members which somehow discouraged her for not taking that decision as it could arise problem for both the families. She was definitely a pawn but she was not aware of that otherwise she would surely have cancelled her marriage but Royal Family exactly knew everything about that as they prepared it's ground. Princess Diana also thought that once getting married with him, he would also finish his affair with camila. But, unfortunately he was continuing with his infidelity. Saying her childish for not leaving charles is very easy but she was actually immature to manage the things or take that decision. Whatever happened with her was certainly very disturbing but it was not her fault at all and charles was certainly a guilty to ruin her married life. No one deny this truth.
Miss Linh
Miss Linh 2 yıl önce
14:53 “William pushed some tissue under the bathroom door and said, “Please don’t cry mommy”” 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Marigold 13 gün önce
I think at the time William was pushing tissues under the bathroom door Diana was crying about James Hewitt releasing his book "Princess In Love". She talks about that in her disgusting Panorama Interview. She was not crying over Charles in that instant! Poor William.
Jannat Tayba
Jannat Tayba 4 aylar önce
😭😭😭😭😭😭💔 broked my heart
kamal shah
kamal shah 5 aylar önce
she was abnormal
Mau 6 aylar önce
pu pooûggp
Mau 6 aylar önce
@Miss Linh kothy hu 7 youth hjul hit
Erica Morkunas
Erica Morkunas 2 yıl önce
I have to say. William and Harry were really the true loves of her life. Her passion and love she had for her boys. Shows in them. I truly hope her soul found the peace she had always been searching for in this life. She definitely deserved better and she will always be my princess ❤️
Lisa what a well documented  ‘Class Of’ video. Nice work! Ludden
I pretty sure most or all mothers consider their children their true loves. Stop acting like she is something we should worship because of some great feat, love comes natural for your children. Even for the wicked. Too many people put her on a pedestal, it's ridiculous.
distressed Yıl önce
This is my absolutely favourite documentary on Princess Diana. It's seems very true and unbiased as both Diana's sides are shown ,and I respect them for that ,not sugarcoating the truth and it has only raised her in my views. She will always live in our memories and hearts.
Adriana Santiago
Adriana Santiago 2 yıl önce
She was the most beautiful princess ever.
Rita Horvath
Rita Horvath Yıl önce
Rest in peace Diana and Dodi.
Penelope Gialeli
Penelope Gialeli 3 yıl önce
When he says "whatever love means"... the expression on her face.. you can almost hear her heart breaking
Alika Li
Alika Li 2 aylar önce
@CJ Osborne Mother gave birth to Diana not from her husband, but from her lover?
skaiiwuu 2 aylar önce
@CJ Osborne what
Glen 2 aylar önce
@Ana Maria Assis de Moraes he didn't ssay it to her at all. he said it to the journalist who was asking a silly quesetion
Ana Maria Assis de Moraes
It was horrible of him to say that to her . " whatever love means." It was very rude, ugly of him, to say the least.
Aya -_-
Aya -_- 2 aylar önce
@CJ Osborne All the bullsh1t you're saying are lies that no one believes but you. Charles DID cheat, he himself admitted it later on so you're making no sense. Diana was a faithful wife who tried for so long to get her husband to love her. Her husband treated her horribly and spent 99% of his time with his mistress. He made it clear to her that he hated her and had no intentions of working out their marriage. Later on in the marriage, once she realized Charles will never love or care for her and she was living a lonely life while her husband was having the time of his life, she decided to finally try to move on and went on some dates here and there but never slept with them like Charles did. Eventually they divorced and separated, she fell in love with a muslim man and the royal family k1lled her over it, also so that they can create a path for Charles to get married to camilla. Literally no one truly hated her besides Charles and Camilla. No one in the royal family hated her, they just didnt care for her. Thats how they treat most people outside of their family. Besides that, everyone else who knew her absolutely loved her. She was known as an amazing, kind-hearted women by most people. There's a reason why her son, prince harry left that family because he was scared his wife would end up like his mom (word for word he said from an interview).
Alex Paradise
Alex Paradise 2 aylar önce
I’m not a biggest fan of the royal family. But I have always truly admired Diana not being afraid to be vulnerable and honest, yet still used her platform for good and still be a good mother for her children.
Lady D
Lady D 3 aylar önce
My mother named me after Diana, I was born around the time that she got married. It's interesting to learn about her. She seemed like a great person who deserved better.
jana banana
jana banana 2 yıl önce
I never knew he gave Kate his Mother’s engagement ring. She chose it because it was like her mother’s and her eyes, which William shares always. He grew up to be the sweet man that Diana would have, and did, raise.
Bharti Devani
Bharti Devani 2 aylar önce
You have been sleeping for long years. The WHOLE WORLD knew he gave Diana’s ring to Kate!
Glen 3 aylar önce
she chose it because it was the biggest ring
Melva Wages
Melva Wages 2 yıl önce
Harry inherited the ring after her death but gave it to William as he wanted the queen of England to wear that ring one day.
Maria Elena Vazquez
Maria Elena Vazquez 2 yıl önce
When I was just a girl my mother used to tell me stories about Princess Diana and how compassionate she was. Now that I’m grown up I see a courageous woman and her legacy will always be inspirational. Camilla deserves the neglect and more.
Brittney R.
Brittney R. 5 yıl önce
What an incredible, brave, intelligent, person Diana was. She is the epitome of grace. Her approach with her children was humble and commendable.
Ileana Velea
Ileana Velea 3 yıl önce
@Jan Heard j
Jan Heard
Jan Heard 3 yıl önce
AtomictheMoon pass me the bucket
Claire B
Claire B 4 yıl önce
For those of you posting the other documentary, I've seen multiple documentaries on her including that one and I do agree that she was not a perfect person. Not a one of us is. Not a single one of us. I still, however, think that she was the epitome of Grace and she somehow pushed her demons aside to be kind of others regardless of what was going on with her. She was a good mother. Did she make mistakes? Sure, but haven't we all? If you haven't made a big one yet, then just wait. Those of us who have made great mistakes and come back from them, are the people that personify grace for others. Once you realize that this world is broken, that people aren't perfect, that people do bad things but can still be good people, then you really begin to exercise Grace to others no matter their circumstances. Those are truly beautiful people.
Claire B
Claire B 4 yıl önce
Brittney Rangel very well said: she was the epitome of Grace hands down
Janice De Lorenzo
Janice De Lorenzo 4 yıl önce
I think she was spectacular, beautiful. kind ,loving.We all miss her
Twisha Angral
Twisha Angral 2 yıl önce
I am obsessed by her beauty , her personality , I wish she was alive , I wish she married a better person , I wish she saw her grandchildren today PRETTIEST QUEEN EVER
Caroline R
Caroline R Yıl önce
Certain aspects presented here of Diana's decisions, and the impact on William's life, were some that I'd not considered before. On the remembrance of her 60th birthday and unveiling of her statue in Kensington Palace's garden, this documentary is appreciated. Thank you.
Jessica Victoria Carrillo
I loved her comment to William about the homeless person's disdain, pretty much letting him know that as King he will have people who don't like him, but he's still got to serve them as regent and see to it that he does what he can to make sure they don't suffer.
Bill Blaski
Bill Blaski 2 aylar önce
@Glen no, what?
Glen 2 aylar önce
do you know what a regent is?
Super Apple
Super Apple 2 aylar önce
Here in the US, we got the news really early in the morning that she was in an accident. I didn’t even know she had died until I woke up a few hours later. It was just awful and I felt so gutted. Even though I was only 16 years old, I was a massive fan of hers and still am to this day.
JoyfulMinimalist 3 yıl önce
After watching the Queen, I have a newfound respect for the sacrifices the royal family has to make, for the good of their country. The narrator mentioned how Prince William realized he must have felt like someone special at such a young age. I would call it more a looming responsibility he had to accept. But as a child, sure-- he probably knew he was different. I think at that age, you don't want to be special, you just want to be like all the other children. A teddy bear taken from you by your sibling can be traumatic enough for someone that age, can you imagine this. His mother provided the love he needed, it was so incredibly vital.
LI MUN NG 2 yıl önce
To be honest, I barely know about Princess Diana as I have never met her in my life. I could only get to know more about her by watching the documentary videos and films which depicted her 36 years of life . I have been watching these videos related to Princess Diana non-stop for these few days and I was truly amazed by her character in which I believe that made her so unique and one of the kind and you will never find another person like her no matter in the past, present or future. It was not only a fairy tale story that given the sense of romance with the royal but also a true history that the entire world will never forget. I was only 3 year-old when the death of Princess Diana took place in 1997. It got me goosebumps that I still feel the legacy that Princess Diana left connects to the world somehow. People still remember her and never forget about her as Princess Diana always the People's Princess as if she was still alive. I even cried after watching the videos especially the part where people were gathered at the Westminster Abbey to mourn her. Tears were drenching my cheeks when watching the coffin was being carried out from the Kensington Palace and this moment was really unbearable and my heartache too. I just can't stop this feeling, so heartbreaking and hard to accept the fact that she was gone. Princess Diana, a legend in our life time. Rest In Peace, Princess Diana, you will always be remembered in people's hearts.
Shaw Roberts
Shaw Roberts 2 aylar önce
I am neutral with regard to Diana. She was a charismatic, lively personality, she is missed - but please make informed choices. The bias and generalisations of the comments here don't reflect the nation as a whole. Affairs, media courting, psychological issues should all be considered.
S A 2 yıl önce
Her love for her boys brings tears to my eyes.
AlbertBlackout 2 yıl önce
She may not have been perfect. But damn she was a great mother and always showed love to everyone that came her way.
Alexis Agginie
Alexis Agginie 6 aylar önce
AlbertBlackout 6 aylar önce
@Alexis Agginie Jesus
Alexis Agginie
Alexis Agginie 6 aylar önce
Who is perfect?
Daliana Grace Sabuco
LeAnn Lewis
LeAnn Lewis 3 yıl önce
William's eyes were opened by Diana, but Harry's eyes are naturally Diana's eyes. He seems to be just like her. 💙
Burney 2 aylar önce
William is a great husband and father. He is kind just like his mother.
Maridevi Pam
Maridevi Pam 2 aylar önce
Agreed... he wasn’t obsessed with the royal
Aya -_-
Aya -_- 2 aylar önce
@aisling Irish Accept the fact that Meghan isn't forcing him to do anything. Harry is a grown adult man who can make his own choices. He made the choice himself to leave that family because they were the problem. he word for word said in an interview that he was scared his wife would end up like his mom, which is why he left.
Aya -_-
Aya -_- 2 aylar önce
@Glamdolly30 The royal family had Diana k1lled for ruining their reputation and the crown. they were jealous of the attention and love she got from the public. they 100% would've outed her for her adultery. but they didnt. why? because she never cheated and harry is Charles' son. yall dont know how genetics work and immediately think he's someone else's son just because he has red hair lmaoo. go to science class or at least read up on how genetics work.
Aya -_-
Aya -_- 2 aylar önce
@Tamra Dawn You are complaining about very minor things lmao. who in the world cares how much his wife spends on clothes, every woman in the royal family did so too, as well as Diana. who cares that hes telling ppl to fly less. he's right, its bad for the environment. like what are you even mad about?
KitteN MittOnS
KitteN MittOnS 2 yıl önce
He used her good pedigree and innocence to have heirs, he always planned to be with Camille in the end. He stole her life. RIP Diana. You were too pure for this"family"...
CJ Osborne
CJ Osborne 8 aylar önce
@Laura Baker In fairness, "get a life" is a nasty insult. There are "rules of engagement" for argument, taught in every school in every country on the planet. The rules are simple and finite and have not changed since Socrates. These rules are how we communicate with others, even those who speak foreign tongues. For example, an American, a Nigerian, a Norwegian, and a Greek can "argue" together and use the same rules. (Argue means debate not "fighting.") We learn the rules in college English 101 because the rules are necessary to pass all other classes. After years of following the rules, they become ingrained and are used for life. I would NEVER insult a fellow poster. That would be grounds for disqualification. You are confusing public and private persona. We ARE allowed to "criticize" public persons (what you call "bash"). We are NOT allowed to criticize our fellow posters. IOW, what I did was proper; what you have done is NOT proper. If you ADORE Diana, or can prove something good about her, then do it. But you cannot just tell me to "shut up" or "get a life" because you don't like what I'm saying. I am careful and always speak the truth. I do NOT even read gossip sites like (Town & Country, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Marie Clair, or People, etc.) since they have LOTS Of UNTRUE gossip. I prefer to use original sources or "vetted" books by credible writers. Speaking truth is good; speaking lies is bad. Allowing lies to stand is a bad thing to do. TRUTH does not hurt anyone. Truth does not have an attitude. I care about FAIRNESS! Have you read the FILTH that is posted about Charles and Camilla, every hour of everry day? Horrible insults about every aspect of their lives, based on HATRED and nothing else. If those hate-filled comments were about anyone else, they would be sanctioned. You are "angry" because I speak the truth about someone you do not know or understand, yet you don't say a word about filth spoken about innocents. IOW, you are pushing gossip because you LIKE the gossip you are pushing. You are trying to STOP my facts because you do not like the truth that my facts uncover. The next time you see something NASTY written about Charles or Camilla or William or Catherine, try to think about how it would feel if they said it about you and yours. You seem to have no empathy or compassion for those who are wrongly accused. That is not a good human trait. We SHOULD feel compassion for those who are wrongly accused.
Laura Baker
Laura Baker 8 aylar önce
@CJ Osborne do you always have to bash on her god don't you have anything better to do get a life
Glen Yıl önce
@CJ Osborne Ridiclous. J Hewitts affair with Diana lasted for a couple of years. He's not Harry's father and he had a successful career as a soldier till he left the army, serving in the Gulf war
Sam Puati Samuel
Sam Puati Samuel Yıl önce
Ooh that's rather harsh
CJ Osborne
CJ Osborne Yıl önce
@PoMpI_2304 WHY ARE YOU DISHING LIES???? What do you get from pushing FALSE stories? (1) The Queen and Prince Philip are DOUBLE COUSINS! There is NOTHING wrong with Charles background. (2) DIANA WAS NOT A SPENCER!!!! (3) Her mother (Frances Roche, who had lots of affairs) was married to Spencer but had an AFFAIR with Sir James Goldsmith which produced Diana. (4) Diana is LEGALLY a Spencer, but NOT BY BLOOD! (That means she was a bas**** case.) She came from "the other side of the sheets." (5) Her BIOLOGICAL FATHER is a Parisian Jew named GOLDSMITH!!! Her biological mother is half American and half Roche (Baron Fermoy). (6) HOW is 1/4 British BETTER THAN CHARLES? Could you PLEASE just stop and answer that? (7) WHY have you never questioned WHY the Spencers were SO MEAN to Diana? And why she was so mental? And why her mother left her with a family who couldn't stand her? (8) Please go to Wikipedia and look up Zac Goldsmith. LOOK at the picture. Look at the shape of his head. Look at his face. He is William's uncle. They work together on projects. (9) If you remember college biology, male pattern baldness is from the maternal grandfather through the mother (her father determines your baldness). Both William and Harry are getting bald because Sir James Goldsmith was BALD as a billiard ball. Diana's step-father (no blood) Johnny Spencer DIED with a full head of hair. The hair patterns of the Windsor's come from the Queen's father, George VI who had thinning on top. Charles is 70 but has MORE HAIR than William. Charles hair pattern is from King George VI (his mother's father) and William's hair pattern is from Sir James Goldsmith (his mother's father.).
sassyjukta cooks
sassyjukta cooks 2 yıl önce
The only reason Charles struck with Camilla is because he knew she will never get more attention than him and people hate her more 😅
Madeleine Yıl önce
@jonki leshi I hate her and I'm swedish ...she's hated all over the world.
CJ Osborne
CJ Osborne Yıl önce
@CAI XIAN CHEN Junk watches junk. Intelligent people are not fooled by LIES! From your name, you are easy to fool!
Roshani Rai
Roshani Rai Yıl önce
Wow friend . Great one ... You left me speechless...
Mapuii Ralte
Mapuii Ralte Yıl önce
@CJ Osborne but can i ask why you know all of the happenings on the inside ? I mean do you know them personally to confidently claim these statements you have made ? Reading newspaper or articles about them cannot let you know all of these so
Mapuii Ralte
Mapuii Ralte Yıl önce
@CJ Osborne well I'm not British so it's new to me
Samanta 2 gün önce
If Camilla would have stayed out of the picture things could have worked out.
Sarah Liu
Sarah Liu 2 aylar önce
I feel sad every time when I watch the story about Diana. I admire Princess Diana’s courage and strength despite of all the hardships Charles and his mistress gave to her. What a beautiful, gentle, kind, full of love and brave woman died so young! Always in my heart with full respect and deep love! ❤️❤️❤️🌷🌷🌷
Kortney Calhoun
Kortney Calhoun 4 yıl önce
As an American, I was obsessed with Princess Diana as a child. I was 11 when she passed and I cried like it was a family member. Now as an adult and mom to a young son, I respect and admire her even more. Reflecting back and looking at her transformation from a naive girl to a strong willed, confident woman whose only focus were her two boys is just amazing. Even though Prince Charles was the one technically born into royalty, her warm, kind spirit made him look like a peasant. I can't stand him, I can't stand Camilla and I'm just so glad William and Harry took after Diana.
Amber Hinkle
Amber Hinkle 2 aylar önce
I absolutely love Princess Diana. I also think Charles was forced to marry her instead of who he chose. It was beyond unfair to her and him as well. Thank goodness her boys married who they chose. I also believe he had a hand in her demise, according to her diary. I don't believe in coincidence. ❤️ He should ( Charles ) retire and let William take the throne. Atleast William has dignity thanks to the short time he spent with his mother.
Bluelights 2 yıl önce
“The crown,” has me in a deep rabbit hole of TRvid researching Diana. I just love her.
marcie s
marcie s Yıl önce
Im n the rabbit hole now 3 months later
naomi soita
naomi soita 2 yıl önce
Diana deserved a man who was crazy inlove with her. She'd be alive right now.
vianelle Yıl önce
Same like Whitney Houston
Glen Yıl önce
@CJ Osborne She was not pregnant and its most unlikely that she would have married Dodi.
Karla Parker
Karla Parker Yıl önce
@Gavia Brown I don't think so, Diana fell in love with so many married or not Fofi was used to try and make Hasnet K jealous after he dumped her.
kendall hill
kendall hill Yıl önce
she really did. he was so envious of her
Donna Reed
Donna Reed Yıl önce
@Glamdolly30 I sure hope you are wrong about the outcome for Prince Harry..... but unfortunately, you may be right. I pray his family will realize what he’s dealing with, and be there for him, when he finally see’s what she is!!! He’s really going to need them. If you’ve never experienced Narcissistic Abuse, you can’t possibly understand it. Hearing or reading about it doesn’t do it.... another words, it doesn’t give you heart knowledge..... and that’s what they are doing, playing with your heart, as they manipulate you and your emotions, mercilessly! Harry doesn’t have a clue yet!!!!
Prabha S
Prabha S Yıl önce
3:01 "Careful!" Her care even for those who are harassing her... true QUEEN in the hearts of many
Moss piglets
Moss piglets 4 yıl önce
I would like to know how the two sons really feel about Camilla. I would find it hard to see the woman, with my father, that caused my mother so much misery.
AdoraCion Cb p0antre
@Helen Boulalo9
Gaby S
Gaby S 2 aylar önce
@Glamdolly30 lol you sound crazy
Vicky Moreno de Perry
Vicky Moreno de Perry 2 aylar önce
@Glamdolly30 you are a souless ugly despicable woman. No decent person express about somebody's mum and a loved princess Diana, by the whole world ..
Elaine Bines
Elaine Bines 2 aylar önce
@Illyria Illyria don't speak for me. I don't hate Camilla. Give your own views, that's fine - don't speak for us thankyou very much 😎
Elaine Bines
Elaine Bines 2 aylar önce
I think due to the passage of time, they've witnessed how happy Charles is with Camilla. It made me look at Camilla in a different perspective, that's for sure and now in a positive way 👍
Nadzl118 Wilson
Nadzl118 Wilson 2 yıl önce
I honestly believe Diana was crying out to the public not only for help but expose what was really going in the royal family and what she was going through
Bernice Walsh
Bernice Walsh Aylar önce
Her sad story still makes me cry. My God what love we have for her and her boys. What a beautiful angelic soul.
Susie Lyons
Susie Lyons 2 yıl önce
The way the royal family treated Diana has always astounded me. They wanted the marriage to rehabilitate their image and to "breathe new life into the monarchy". When Diana succeeded in doing that well beyond anyone's expectations, they resented her. Especially Charles. What a weak, spoiled creature he was and is. In the end, Diana beat them at their own game. And it cost her life. Such a tragic story. And now, Camilla will get what she wanted all along. Still irks me years later.
Nicky Alexa
Nicky Alexa 2 yıl önce
I love that she takes time to pet the dog before walking into the Ludgrove Boarding school (around 12 minutes) 😊 she was so down to earth
Yk_ 4 yıl önce
I’m glad her two boys have married for love...she would be proud. R.I.P Diana, a queen in everyone’s eyes.
my2cupcakes 2 aylar önce
Don't know about William
One-Day-At-A-Time 2 aylar önce
@Glen Were you there?... Also, why are you replying 5 months late? Lol. Smh.
Glen 2 aylar önce
@One-Day-At-A-Time what is your point? The senior offical in the Met siad this. Why would he lie? He pointed out the dangers of her walking around, she siad she was fine. He told herr that he was shortly to retire and she laughed.
One-Day-At-A-Time 8 aylar önce
@Glen Yea sure... Because met police are a reliable source lol....
Glen 8 aylar önce
@One-Day-At-A-Time Yes it is true. Diana gave u p her security officers after her separation from Charles and did go around London by herself wiht no security. There are shots of her with paparazzi chasing her and her literally having to run away from them, because she had no security to keep them at bay.. but she told a senior officer in the Met that she was fine with not having security and did not want any.
TV Queen
TV Queen Yıl önce
i like how the royals try to paint Dianna in such a negative manner when she tried and TRIED, relentlessly to get Camila and Charles to stop. talking and handling things internally first but to no avail. when she felt unheard, THAT’S when she went to the media. the class, the poise, the heart. just a few of the reasons she was an icon in her time and one we will continue remember forever.
meriya 2 yıl önce
i dont necessarily like the british royalties but princess diana and her legacy is just amazing
Quinn 8 aylar önce
The world will be a better place to live in if Princess Diana was still alive, and if more people and leaders have the same philosophy as hers. I was only 3 when she died, I just wish that I was born earlier and old enough to get a glimpse of her or even watch her good deeds on the TV. May Prince William follows her examples. You will always be remembered Princess Diana.
Noraly Escalera Santiago
Me recuerdo que fue la boda más esperada por todo el mundo...
Dale Howard
Dale Howard 5 yıl önce
Diana was so bold. She seems to be the 1st royal to confront a husband's mistress. Alot of people felt she should have taken it silently like others.
Ynah P
Ynah P 4 yıl önce
was is the mother queen that said that or elizabeth ii????? i saw it in a documentary...but not sure which Top Lady was Princess Di talking abt
Annie Bonifacio
Annie Bonifacio 4 yıl önce
Dale Howard she's the bravest and truest
Gloria Bort
Gloria Bort 2 yıl önce
The absolute BEST in Charles life is DIANA. He saw her as a competitor not as a partner. And being unfaithful to her from the beginning. That shows everything what kind of a man Charles is. And Camilla’s answer to Diana is shocking! That shows what character Camilla has. Rest In Peace Princess Diana! God bless Prince William , the future king of England, and his wife Kate and 3 adorable children.
R 2 yıl önce
People were mesmerized by her beauty both in and out.
An angel Vane
An angel Vane 2 yıl önce
Diana, un ángel terrenal que fue utilizada y aún así solo buscó darle al mundo amor 🤍🕊 vives por siempre 💖
Jennifer Alvarez
Jennifer Alvarez Yıl önce
Such a sad 😢 life for her. She was such an amazing person. So much courage, so strong and so brave. She didn’t care how Charles relatives treated her she was going to be herself no matter what. I often wonder how her life would of been if she would of divorced him sooner, married again and moved on with her life from the royals. She would of done so much good after that I just know it. She would of been there for her boys and their wives and children. Could you imagine her as a grandma?! She would of been the best.
Angela Christina
Angela Christina 2 yıl önce
She truly wanted to work things out with Charles... How sad, they destroyed her life. She would have been 60 now...
Skin In Bloom
Skin In Bloom 2 yıl önce
The last moment when Kate showed her engagement ring that was of Diana's and then Diana's face...it brought tears 😭
Yogmantan The Yoga Studio
No one deserves right to break any woman's heart.. We all love you & respect you so much Diana..❤
Chupa Chub
Chupa Chub 2 yıl önce
You can tell immediately that this is a ROYAL documentary, because they constantly blame the victim, Diana instead of the real monsters, THE ROYAL FAMILY.
Alexis Agginie
Alexis Agginie 6 aylar önce
Indeed! The spin goes on. Always trying to make themselves look good, then there is the TRUTH! Why pick this girl to marry?
Kim Armstrong
Kim Armstrong Yıl önce
There are two sides to every story,
Glen Yıl önce
@Audra Brizendine Diana was not a real life queen.
Srta Lee
Srta Lee Yıl önce
This is exactly what I was thinking, I noticed that they are kind of harsh on her multiple times
Audra Brizendine
Audra Brizendine Yıl önce
Yessss. It's typical narcissistic abuse. They flipped everything on her.. Their smear campaign only makes them look worse.. Diana was a real life Queen.. The royal family couldn't handle that..
Janice leatham
Janice leatham 4 yıl önce
She loved Charles from the beginning. Her behavior wasn't abnormal just the typical behavior of a woman who loves a man who cheats on her. She was obviously deeply hurt and wanted the world to see what he had put her through. Camilla doesn't deserve the luxury she now enjoys. Even after all the hurt when ask would she take him back she says...YES. A fairytale but a very very sad one.
D T 2 aylar önce
@Kendo Cee lol!
Kendo Cee
Kendo Cee 2 aylar önce
@Sonanki Ghosh I read the first couple of sentences. I figured she was Camilla, or someone who is paid to post by the Royals. LOL
Kendo Cee
Kendo Cee 2 aylar önce
@CJ Osborne Okay, Camilla..😂
ruby dooby
ruby dooby 2 aylar önce
Oh CJ is just a troll 🙄
Amapiano Lifestyle
Amapiano Lifestyle 4 aylar önce
@CJ Osborne Who hurt you?
qahaf 786
qahaf 786 2 aylar önce
Queen of heart was a gem her sparkly eyes innocent face & real beauty was amazing & she still lives in the heart of people. But one thing is evident that no matter how beautiful someone is from inside & out people look at them from their eyes & from their perspective so beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. People look at Princess Diana from heart eyes thats why Queen of hearts is still alive but its very unfortunate that the man she adored loved & respect & share vows & bear his sons as hiers he didnt respect & love her with loyalty bc his heart eyes were on someone else so he losses the real gem & left for someone non worthy of this. Rest in peace mam people all around the world still love you & miss u & wishes that if you were their with your kids & grand kids the story will be definetly a happy ever after but unfortunately have a tragic ending. Its quite heart breaking that being a kind heart human she was fullfilling her duties but the hidden pain in her eyes ,silent empty looks & loneliness which is hidden under her smiling face is visible in her tired eyes. Rest in peace mam you will always be remembered in a very good way.
Emily._.wimmles Yıl önce
She was such an icon and I think people should be more like her ✌🏻❤️
T GANI 2 yıl önce
Basically Charles DOESNT know that it’s HIS fault that Harry wasn’t a girl? Wow!
Glamdolly30 Yıl önce
@Glen Exactly right. Good to read an intelligent post in this thread - it's sadly all too rare! Harry inherited a half share (with his brother William), of the generous divorce settlement his father Charles gave his narcissistic, grabbing mother Diana. But by modern, greedy standards, £17 million divided by two would not be enough for Harry and his money-grubbing wife, former actress and Hollywood airhead Meghan. Harry is a chip off the old block where his spoiled mother is concerned. Sadly in Meghan, he married a self-serving, vainglorious narcissist just like his shallow mother Diana. Better known by those who know better, as 'The Queen of Tarts' (Diana crucified her husband for loving ONE other woman he would marry - when she herself was unfaithful with many different men - and many of them were other women's husbands!). When Harry met Meghan they quickly realised their potential to make multi-millions off their famous names (mostly from his royal heritage), without lifting a finger to earn it. Why would they bother staying in boring old Britain, doing boring old personal appearances, when the glamour and financial spoils of Hollywood beckoned? They are a ghastly, greedy pair. Harry was over indulged from birth, as a son of the future King. But when his mother got herself killed in a dumb accident with her lover, soon after divorcing his father, a ton of additional sympathy and indulgence came his way. All that sympathy was due to Diana's selfish idiocy. That indulgence did not do Harry any good! He is every bit as narcissistic and shallow as his dead mother - and the truth about his character has emerged before his 40th birthday - just as Diana revealed her true colours before her death at 36, for those with eyes and intelligence to see!
babybeanz Yıl önce
@Glamdolly30 because you were at the conception? Do shut up, dear. 😑
Robin Alford
Robin Alford Yıl önce
@Glen He inherited millions from his mother's estate so he is comfortable. He didn't want Meghan to go through what his mother went through and I don't blame him. The royal family is a bunch of loveless sons of bitches.
Glen Yıl önce
@Robin Alford No Harry left when he was told that he could not be a part time royal, making money in the US and then doing a bit of royal duty at home. When he was told that, He and Meghan headed for N America as obviously his primary desire was to make money
Glamdolly30 Yıl önce
@lunix '...did the republics have stolen your balls'. Could you try that again in the Queen's English please?!
Apples 2 aylar önce
I remember being a little girl, and my parents had saved up so we could go on a vacation to DisneyWorld. The first morning there we went into the hotel lobby and the woman behind the desk was crying, and told us Princess Diana had been killed, and my mom started to cry as well as everyone crowded around the tiny little TV behind the hotel desk. We couldn’t believe it. We were all Americans, and none of us had ever met her, but everyone felt like they knew her irregardless. All the adults remembered her trips to America, and how kind she had been. How she’d gone to the ghettos and the hood and treated the people there with more love than our own government officials ever had. Heck, even our own Hollywood celebrities paled in comparison. She captured the hearts and loyalties of a country which was founded on the rejection of any monarchy because she wasn’t like any monarch before her. We didn’t go to DisneyWorld that day. We’d already bought the tickets, but it just didn’t feel right. It seemed like the entire city of Orlando had come to a halt in mourning.
Mae 3 yıl önce
2:24 look at Diana's facial expression after the interviewer asks if they're in love, Diana says "ofcourse" without hesitation, and Charles said "whatever in love means" and giggled till she realised what he said. God that breaks my heart💔
Levent.A. Aylar önce
This scene was edited, to make it dramatic, in the original interview they both just laugh and that's that
Mary Bender
Mary Bender 2 aylar önce
@Syeda shamsia Nazneen Charles never loved her and that was a mesg to Camilla that he was still hers. Poor Dianna learn on broadcast television her Prince didn't love or want her.
Syeda shamsia Nazneen
Syeda shamsia Nazneen 2 aylar önce
What does it mean? And why is it so heart breaking? Sorry English is not my first language.
carly efron2
carly efron2 Yıl önce
@Maria Da Silva Diana Princess of Wales was murdered ! That was no car accident, it was staged !
Maria Da Silva
Maria Da Silva Yıl önce
@Rosa Angelica I totally agree he has no morals at all after all that it was talked about the horse 🐴 face Camilla he married her to me the royals are not royalty at all but just idiots useless pease of booo that are getting paid from taxpayers money 💰 for exposing they revolting 🤢 lives we could use that money 💰 to feed the homeless people around the world 🌎 and tell them to get a job like everyone else 👍😏😏😏😏😏😏
Misspmag 4 aylar önce
She was meant to be the queen of our hearts.
Ligia Ashbourn
Ligia Ashbourn Yıl önce
She was unique. I felt so sad when she died. It broke my heart.
M. E.
M. E. Yıl önce
"...his mother was still the biggest celebrity in the world." @29:50 This is so close to true. I can still remember this era. John Paul II, Mother Teresa, and Princess Diana just always remain in my mind as being so prominent. I was never even interested in the royal family, but Princess Diana was that exception. She MADE you interested. It was hard to really stand the royals, but with her, it was different. She thought outside the box. She did things others were afraid to do. Went places others were afraid to go. It was so easy to admire her. Even though I was not going out of my way to do so, you could not help but hear the stories on the news and at least have respect and feel like their was hope for the world, even amidst a family with the horrific history that the royal family has always had. It was not difficult to understand how hard it had to have been on her, given centuries of just terrible things coming from the royals of England. The way their ancestors have treated everyone from murdered wives to their own children sealed alive in a tower, and beyond. But she stood up against them. In the end, when she died, it was hard to not imagine that she had met the fate of other women who stood against such a family. Just in the modern world, they could not publicly execute her for being a "disobedient" wife. What really happened? Who knows. But it was not a far stretch to imagine. She was not perfect, but she did not deserve what she experienced. One very messed up family in titles and jewels.
Tanya 2 yıl önce
Almost 24 years on..she will be alive in people's heart forever ❤❤❤
Z K 4 yıl önce
I was born years after Princess Diana passed away but I still feel like I know her. I cry when I hear her stories. I wish this wonderful woman was still alive.
Denise Jeffery
Denise Jeffery 3 yıl önce
I so do to. She was a beautiful woman. She had such a peaceful soul.
peace I
peace I 3 yıl önce
@TheCaptainKim ,😑
TheCaptainKim 3 yıl önce
@peace I OMG You sound seriously bonkers.
TheCaptainKim 3 yıl önce
@Z K You come across as a hysterical person.
abcdef off :)
abcdef off :) 3 yıl önce
I feel so lucky that I've never seen her when she's alive, both on TV and irl, because if I did, that would be a much more painful feeling than losing a bestfriend/lover that I really care about. I mean, I cried at the end of the video, eventhough I never knew her before she passed away, as if I just lost a very loving grandmother. So... Yeaaahh...
Ismara Prieto
Ismara Prieto 2 aylar önce
Diana was, is and will be missed and love for ever! What a great mother! What a great human being! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
This Nyc
This Nyc 2 yıl önce
Princess Diana, hands down, is a great great mother. She deserves the world.
3 V
3 V 2 yıl önce
Something that Queen failed to do, Princess Diana did it successfully, “ RAISED HER CHILDREN IN WELL“
Ben Shaer
Ben Shaer 2 yıl önce
William's eyes were opened by Diana, but Harry's eyes are naturally Diana's eyes. He seems to be just like her. 💙
Krishna Gopan
Krishna Gopan 2 yıl önce
@Nimisha 😂😂
Nimisha 2 yıl önce
Did you just copy a comment from above?
Annett Strahan
Annett Strahan 3 yıl önce
"What ever in love means?" Wow.. What a odd thing to say in front of his gorgeous caring bride?
Dr. Judy A. Smith
Dr. Judy A. Smith 12 gün önce
@Marigold The plain fact is that he shouldn’t have married Diana. Tearing up his paintings? He wanted to teach her to paint on their honeymoon? That’s not how one should handle a young bride on a honeymoon!
Dr. Judy A. Smith
Dr. Judy A. Smith 12 gün önce
@Mo After all these years, I only recently heard the rest of his comment, implying that being “in love” meant different things to different people.
Marigold 13 gün önce
@Dr. Judy A. Smith Actually the fact that Charles did not "act like a besotted groom to be" is testament to the fact that Charles is authentic. He can't act. But he married one of the greatest actresses of all time!
Marigold 13 gün önce
That gorgeous caring bride tore up Charles painting and threw his paints into the sea when they were on the Britannia on their honeymoon. Charles had wanted to teach Diana to paint so they could have a shared hobby but she wasn't interested. That gorgeous caring bride threw her wedding ring on the ground and started an almighty row with Charles when he returned from a day of stalking with his family at Balmoral on their honeymoon. She had been invited to go with them but she didn't want to. So Charles had arranged for another guest who was staying at Balmoral to spend the day with Diana to keep her company. That guest said it was the longest day of his life while Diana sat with her nose buried in magazines for the entire day and refused to say one single word to him. He received a couple of grunts when he tried to talk to her. That was it. He remembered the interminable sound of the clock ticking as the hours passed while Diana sulked. What an ungrateful little mynx. This guest sacrificed his day to keep her company! This gorgeous caring bride did not give a jot about her husband or his family. It is also worth remembering that Diana and Charles only saw each other face to face 12 times before the married. Apparently they had only met face to face 7 times before the engagement. And they were only alone twice before they married. Diana was not in love with Charles she didn't even know him. Also she knew about Camilla before the engagement. Research the "Mystery Woman and the Royal Train" story that broke in the Media in the UK and around the world a couple of weeks before the engagement. Diana knew about Camilla and Charles but she was a girl with her eye on the Prize!
Dr. Judy A. Smith
Dr. Judy A. Smith 21 gün önce
He did add a statement that I didn’t remember, to the effect that the meaning was different for everyone, but I remembered the original line from the time it was on U.S. news. I knew then that they were doomed. He didn’t even bother to act like a besotted groom-to-be. Only two years older than Diana, I “followed her” much as my mother “followed” Queen Elizabeth (and as my grandmother “followed” Mary, the Queen Consort). I felt so sorry for her. We humans need to connect with others, especially with our life partners, no matter our financial standing.
S. AB Yıl önce
She is incredibly beautiful..both by heart and by looks too. She is the perfect definition of fairytales that we hear in our childhood. Goddess....
Tissykins Yıl önce
Princess Diana was the greatest world jewel. There will never be anyone like her again
Katie A
Katie A 2 aylar önce
What an awful way for the boys to grow up….as I’m watching this, the news of the Queen’s passing has just been announced and it really does make you wonder what EVERYONE could have and should have done better for William and Harry. Diana, despite her flaws, did her best and tried to make a decent life for her children (more than others before her had done) and I will always respect her for that. Mad how missed and talked about she still is today for just the good things she did/tried to do. ❤️
Kassady Maree
Kassady Maree Yıl önce
“As a Parent i wanna Protect Children” 👼
Ma 4 yıl önce
This is so sad, my grandad was her bodyguard when she visited Pakistan and Diana was my mom's icon so she was asking her dad (my grandad) that she wants to meet her at any cost, but obviously, that was not possible, instead, she saw her from a distance. But my grandad especially asked her to take a picture with him for his daughter (my mom). she took 2 photos and after some hours she came to my grandad's office where my mom was sitting and waiting for my grandad to finish his duty and my mom said she was actually scared when she saw Diana and ran up to my grandad while looking at her. she picked up my mom's toy and kneeled down and asked my mom ''who did your hair'' coz my mom had the exact same hairstyle. my mom always tear up when she sees her pictures or anything related to Princess Diana.
E D 5 aylar önce
such a woman! thanks for sharing!
John McCormick
John McCormick 3 yıl önce
shiza 3 yıl önce
Lucky, May god bless her and your family. Love from Pakistan ❤️
Aisea Konrote
Aisea Konrote 3 yıl önce
Such a beautiful story n lovely memory....thank you for sharing.
Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur 3 yıl önce
Mahem maham how are you did you work in pizza hut quinton?
Cin Labbe
Cin Labbe Yıl önce
Her face broke my heart at the beginning.... She wanted her fairytale and she deserved one. Him, on the other end, didn't deserve such a beautiful soul.
Deborah Bishop
Deborah Bishop 2 yıl önce
curiosnewtopia 3 aylar önce
It are not the Diamonds, Medals or a high nose which makes your blood blue, it's the Love of your People so true !!!
Serina in Turkey
Serina in Turkey 2 yıl önce
Princess Diana is so remarkable...I don’t know the best words to describe how beautiful she is ...I was 17 when I heard her name and begun to admired her ...She May Rest In Peace and happy for her sons and grandchildren
Chris Mc Evoy
Chris Mc Evoy 2 yıl önce
She was the most talked about the most photographed woman in the world.
Gloria Bort
Gloria Bort 2 yıl önce
The consolation for William and Harry, they have a great mother Diana , loving, compassionate, good fine woman , mother , wife , educated and intelligent , sincere, best ambassador for the UK. The world has lost such a good person. I admire William and Harry for their courage and composure. Rest In Peace Diana.
Leonarda Garcia
Leonarda Garcia 2 yıl önce
The love story of Prince Charles and Princess Diana became phenolenon because of their own way to live in peace and purity of hearts with their two sons as Royal Family.
Tim° Yıl önce
Always love Princess Diana, she had her flaws like we all do, but she had a good heart 💞
Stanislau Lem
Stanislau Lem 5 yıl önce
She didn't die immediately, so she felt pain and this is horrible unfair fact make me very sad. But as a being a Wonderful Good Person, she left just pure good memories all over the globe and a great example of woman, that many must be... She became a saint woman and will always remind goodness and light among darkness where we're living in. R.I.P DIANA
isimeli radrodro
isimeli radrodro 4 yıl önce
trues up Stan Lehmann
-- 5 yıl önce
That's what makes me sad too. She must have felt the pain from the crash and realized she was drying instead of it being an instant death upon impact.
Prateek Singh Bhadouria
Princess Diana , a beautiful soul, had to suffer. If one and only to be blamed for dishonesty, disloyal towards marriage, u know that person....you can't blame another woman , it is you who moved in to another relationship being in marriage... My best wishes to beautiful soul Princess Diana, she will always be remembered.
dee 2 yıl önce
I love this woman so much may she Rest In Peace ♥️
SakuraSea Yıl önce
Diana was a brilliant woman she showed determination through her tough times and she deserved so much better
Laura Crawford
Laura Crawford Yıl önce
honestly i started crying when i saw the letter that said “Mummy” on Diana’s casket
Mehwish Imdad
Mehwish Imdad 2 yıl önce
I think season 4 of the Crown was the most emotional season of all, so much sadness I felt.
dm dm
dm dm 2 yıl önce
I firmly believe Diana's only 'mistake' was that she cared too much, she cared too much about Charles, she loved him, he was her husband and the father of her children and she had come from a family where her parents were divorced, she didn't want that for herself or for her children . She wanted the perfect family... and really who can say no to a future king when you are a nineteen year old girl with stars in your eyes and a heart full of hope for a perfect future ahead. Charles showed her an interest and he was much older than her. He should have been responible for his choices and his actions, especially as a future king of a country.The issue was that the only thing Charles wanted from Diana was the heir for the English throne and a daughter as a second child, while Diana wanted a family and love and the fairy tale and the fantasy. And really all nineteen year old girls want that until they grow up and stop believing in fairy tales that are offered to you and not earned by you alone. As for Camilla... I do not think there can be any excuse for any woman who destroys another woman's marriage and family and life.
Jannat Tayba
Jannat Tayba 4 aylar önce
I'm sooo sad now😭😭😭 i'm thinking myself at Princess Diana's place and i can feel how hard it was for her...she was sooo young😭😭😭😭
Leonardo Gonçalves
William is raising his children as spoiled rich royal family members, just like Charles was raised in luxury and royal tradition. It is Harry that is truly following Diana’s footsteps.
Gala Whites
Gala Whites 8 aylar önce
They're both fools
J E 11 aylar önce
@Insomniac Catherine was a coke head and a party girl before. Do your research, troll.
Insomniac Yıl önce
Wrong. Williams kids have excellent parents. Catherine came from a very good home with good strong family values, unlike Meghan. Be gone, troll.
Kim Armstrong
Kim Armstrong Yıl önce
Rubbish Harry has separated his children from his family. They will lose their birthright due to parents behaviour. The daughter will learn that her dad lied about her name and that it caused such controversy. Both children face years of their parentage being questioned due to parents stupid idea of what privacy means and that they are being hidden away from society. One day they are going to learn what their parents did to the royal family and all the mistakes they are currently making. Catherine snd William are bringing up their children as normally as they can. Plenty of times with parents in the country with access to extended family especially cousins. They are gradually being exposed to the general public as one day they will be the senior royals.
Glen Yıl önce
What trashing hsi family on TV for money? Leaving his job to make money?
Free speech for all
Free speech for all 5 yıl önce
Beautiful soul, a loving mum. A Lady who made a difference just by being herself. Very much missed.
luna930 Yıl önce
i absolutely love her. shes such a beautiful soul
Brian T Neary
Brian T Neary 6 aylar önce
Im from Boston, Massachusetts and i was 14 when she passed away. The world stopped when she passed. Honestly, I can't remember someone being more loved than her.
kirara 10 aylar önce
how so sweet Diana was when she covered the cam and said she wanted to protect her children.What a great memory it was for Prince William and Prince Harry.
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