Charles Barkley reacts to Ben Simmons' situation with the Sixers | NBA on TNT

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The Inside crew discusses Ben Simmons' return to Philly & one-game suspension for conduct detrimental to the team.

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19 Eki 2021




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L A 5 gün önce
34.2% free throw percentage! Nobody is in front you! Just you and the basketball rim!
joseph Birmingham
joseph Birmingham 13 gün önce
Don’t players sit out all the time to depend trades 😂
uAlrdyKnoWaItIz 23 gün önce
Kenny also made a great point at the end
Henry Skedel
Henry Skedel 27 gün önce
Joel Embid is class man
Sudama Rohan Kumar
Sudama Rohan Kumar 29 gün önce
Why is Kenny supporting simmons 😂😂😂
Nicolas ZYX
Nicolas ZYX Aylar önce
Chuck is slowly turning into George Foreman
Andrew Yablun
Andrew Yablun Aylar önce
Ben Simmons is exactly what his initials are: B.S. get the guy out of Philly and find yourself a better point guard. at least Free Agents will shoot the ball and play ball smh what a loser
Kavid Aylar önce
the fact that Lonzo Ball was able to go back and fix his jump shot while Ben Simmons won’t says so much man 😡
Peter Burman
Peter Burman Aylar önce
Simmons is an entitled punk
Z Aylar önce
What a ratty dude
MikeSimGaming Aylar önce
There is no way the sizers are getting Bradley Beal for Ben Simmons. 🤣😂 They will be lucky if they get C.J. McCollum.
Ryan Mills
Ryan Mills Aylar önce
Chuck talking bout #3 being traded within the division when he was an MVP candidate midway through a WEAK 2019 season and the entirety of a covid 2020 season with or without RUSS. It's time BRADLEY BEAL #3 GETS HIS RECOGNITION AND ALL THEM LA BOYS + THOMAS BRYANT GONNA STEP UP AND GIVE #3 THE RECOGNITION HE DESERVES
Tomer Engel
Tomer Engel Aylar önce
Damon Liddicoat
Damon Liddicoat Aylar önce
Shaq crying at 4:09??
JONATHAN K Aylar önce
Ben Simmons has proved himself to be a narcissist! He makes everything about himself but for the wrong reasons. He thinks its totally unreasonable to draw negative criticism from fans and the team for showing no effort and no change to be a better shooter, an essential part of the game in a shooters league, all while making max money. BEN you have a JOB! Be better or be gone!
Kramer 1
Kramer 1 Aylar önce
.. shaq has nothing to say.. he never learned how to shoot either..
djpooky Aylar önce
Charles kills me with the mispronunciations: “Jell M. Beed”🤣😂
Notorious TBG
Notorious TBG Aylar önce
Dude Kenny the jet smith is literally an anchor holding down this show. And not holding down in a good way either.
veddy2710 Aylar önce
Ben Simmons is a self-centred self-important diva.
xPDoG Aylar önce
Warriors gonna swoop in and pick him up on Min contract in 4 years 🔥
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Aylar önce
Johnny Skinwalker
Johnny Skinwalker Aylar önce
Charles, getting vaccinated doesn't prevent you from spreading it. So stop talking about kids, etc.... Your ignorance is showing.
Harrison Hendricks
Harrison Hendricks Aylar önce
2 things.... 1 you spit on a lil girl when you played.... (Probably the most childish feminine act a man can do and did it to a kid) 2 they didn’t ask him to be a better basketball player they blamed him for losing I would check Chuck every time he starts shucking and jiving for them people And Shaq when you was getting swept and your teammates said that... you would be back in Orl
Sloth55Chunk Aylar önce
Kenny's suit is 🔥
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Aylar önce
He had an opportunity to show up to that practice and explain to his team about what happened and what he wants to happen next. That footage is very depressing
Timothy Cohen
Timothy Cohen Aylar önce
All this started bc he wouldn't shoot a 🏀 from behind a line 23ft away. Now that he's been drug through the mud by ppl in a place he doesn't want to be & now his mental is in a bad place. Smh let him go/let him sit out you have to learn to cut ties in personal & professional life
Dylan Kim
Dylan Kim Aylar önce
No idea why Ben Simmons is getting wrecked so hard in the media, he is a stud, the emphasis on "shooting" I get it, but you don't have to shoot to be a good player. This is only an issue because the 76ers roster is a fking mess synergy wise if you have almost NO shooters then that means you're gonna have spacing issues which makes it hard to win, is that Ben's fault? Were they this bad with jj reddick? No idea why Ben is being asked to make up for it, why? because he's a point guard? Embiid has shot a 33% career overall from 3pt, he is probably one of the best centres in the NBA yes but he's also a high injury risk, it's also harder to win with a superstar centre who plays in the post even if they are one of the best at it in the current NBA. It's easier to win with someone like Ben someone with a bit more longevitiy during an 82 game season that can also do more for a team all he needs is a bunch of lights out shooters, to spread the floor and create space. And that one posession that everyone hates on him for at the end of the game, where it looked like he could have dunked it for an easy two, he would have been hard fouled and sent to the line, pretty sure that's why he passed it off. It's so ridic that everyone is blaming Ben he has been done dirty by this franchise, instead of building around him they built against him and then in turn blame him when it doesn't go well, just look at the roster and tell me how many decent shooters there are that can spread the floor and create space minus seth curry and danny green. But yeah good luck to them, I hope they get a really good replacement PG, because with Tobias Harris and Embiid and no pass first PG there's going to be no ball movement like at all.
michael rendler
michael rendler Aylar önce
The thing Kenny fails to mention, is that in all of his skills, he lacks the most important one. MENTALITY. The guy gets paid and immediately quits on his team, nobody wants that in any locker room.
Jason Clarkston
Jason Clarkston Aylar önce
I'm a Kentucky fan so I was aware of Ben while he was at LSU. (conference opponent) I never saw what all the hype was about. Don't see why everyone is surprised by this.
Lighting Bolt81
Lighting Bolt81 Aylar önce
Simmons should’ve spent the whole off season shooting jumpers all summer.
Game t Changer
Game t Changer Aylar önce
Chuck is the best. Tells it like it is. God Bless!
Prophet 84
Prophet 84 Aylar önce
I remember when Kenny showed up to set and walked off like a whiny simp with fake outrage.
Drewwerd Aylar önce
Nobody is bigger then the team, he wants a trade………..and let him go. ✌️
Dream Cage
Dream Cage Aylar önce
The Sixers culture has been chaotic for a minute now and it ain’t just because of Ben Simmons they’re other things too as well.
Tyler Novak
Tyler Novak Aylar önce
Shaqs actually making good points, what the heck!?!
We Are Venom
We Are Venom Aylar önce
The bench is gonna love him.
hoodkage _
hoodkage _ Aylar önce
its not bens fault bc all of it was allowed. if he wasnt improving you dont pay him. if hes doing all this bulljive, send him home. its not the philadelphia ben simmons. discipline your players. philly is compounding Ls by allowing it
D S Aylar önce
I like Barkley because he would tell someone to F off in a heartbeat on the court and off the court but on this show he spends 30 seconds trying to say something that can be said in 5 seconds and most of the time he is wrong or just does not make sense.
mr me
mr me Aylar önce
Ben is a joke period!!!!
Byron Davis
Byron Davis Aylar önce
He had an opportunity to show up to that practice and explain to his team about what happened and what he wants to happen next. That footage is very depressing
Christopher Mendez
Christopher Mendez Aylar önce
Shaquille, “look like Chuck at work”. Lol
Zan Yarborough
Zan Yarborough Aylar önce
What if something was said behind the scene that turned Ben Simmons off and made him feel like an outsider? In front of the cameras, Doc says we support Ben 100% but off cameras, Doc says we don't support you? What would you do?
Michael Oruga
Michael Oruga Aylar önce
He’s high! Lol
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Aylar önce
make you wanna quit or step up
wade wilson
wade wilson Aylar önce
If Ben Simmons was the size of curry or lillard he wouldn’t of even played college ball much less be where he is today but he wants to be a pg. A guy that passes up a dunk because his phobia of the free throw line.
wade wilson
wade wilson Aylar önce
For anyone who takes Ben’s side just imagine making $30,000,000 this year and what you would be willing to do given the opportunity.
Joey Slap
Joey Slap 24 gün önce
I'd at least pretend to like my coworkers
Joe Momma
Joe Momma Aylar önce
Charles Barkley is the best
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Aylar önce
Kenny always loses me…
Gale Hess
Gale Hess Aylar önce
please don't do this to Lillard
liouy cnny
liouy cnny Aylar önce
Now best sport show on Earth is back.
Canaan Garrett
Canaan Garrett Aylar önce
Dude Kenny’s takes are absolute dog water
Dan kool
Dan kool Aylar önce
Simmons soft, young Kobe would hit the gym hard in off season and prove his skills why he’s a super star🤷‍♂️
Big Toast
Big Toast Aylar önce
Ben Simmons has a child’s mindset. like chuck said why wouldn’t you want to get better. He’s mad because he can’t handle the truth.
2CanSam1000 Aylar önce
Shaq really needed to tell Kenny stop when he was comparing Ben and Draymond
liouy cnny
liouy cnny Aylar önce
Simmons lucky this ain't the NFL. They are cold blooded when it comes to great players making a stand. I could just imagine a middle of the road player getting out of line.
Ross Best
Ross Best Aylar önce
*Man we love watching Barkley! Dont know if we would watch anymore if not for him. We dont even watch the ESPN broadcasts. Only TNT for BARKLEY Ernie & Shaq!*
Xavier3205 Aylar önce
I’m not trying to defend Ben because he certainly has to accept some blame but talking about money is irrelevant. The Sixers gave him a contract and all he did was sign it. Not his fault they offered him a max deal.
Brick City
Brick City Aylar önce
Why are they always talking about money?
Timothy Eads
Timothy Eads Aylar önce
If someone big time is reading this, more Audio Tune this year.
Vampirerockstar Aylar önce
"The only shot you miss is the one you dont take" Wayne Gretzky
God Speed
God Speed Aylar önce
BrunoKris Georgeton
He move the pendulum…. 🤨Say what….? Embiid is a hypocrite too…
LoveMusicVideoArt Aylar önce
Kenny always loses me…
Jun Alberca
Jun Alberca Aylar önce
I dont know what kenny was saying
W M Aylar önce
Doc Rivers is such an overrated coach
practiceyourart Aylar önce
90% of the takes from Kenny are absolute trash. Man's takes are as good as Simmon's jumpshot.
N D Aylar önce
Chuck 💯 percent correct. CJ or Beal with embid would be nice.
Marlonious76 Aylar önce
Simmons lucky this ain't the NFL. They are cold blooded when it comes to great players making a stand. I could just imagine a middle of the road player getting out of line.
Marlonious76 Aylar önce
Simmons lucky this ain't the NFL. They are cold blooded when it comes to great players making a stand. I could just imagine a middle of the road player getting out of line.
BA Q Aylar önce
Oh Come On Dont Be Like That, Draymond Is Way Better At Shooting Than Ben 🤣🤣🤣
Ty Hamell
Ty Hamell Aylar önce
its all the 76ers fault! what made them give him so much money?! But who in there right mind going trade an all star for simmons
Richard Anderson
Richard Anderson Aylar önce
The NBA ON TNT Team is starting to become a "PLASTIC JOKE"
Eric Wright
Eric Wright Aylar önce
Worst player ever drafted or paid over 100 million
Cedrick Carson
Cedrick Carson Aylar önce
The only sports show that isn’t lying to y’all 🤷🏾‍♂️
then again
then again Aylar önce
What a great group of talkers
Bentjo J
Bentjo J Aylar önce
Crazy how people forget after the playoffs, EVERYBODY wanted Ben OUT of the Sixers…or at least it was EXPECTED!! Remember???? Now all of a sudden because he DEMANDED it ( over 4 months ago, btw…not yesterday, people!!!) and kept true to his word, everyone is giving him a hard time??? All NONSENSE!!! He’s not gonna get better playing for the Sixers…Sixers are not gonna get better with him ON the team!!!! THATS IT!!!
Doc D.
Doc D. Aylar önce
Like putting money down the drain..
Dean Wayne
Dean Wayne Aylar önce
You’re not getting Cj McCollum or Bradley Beal though? Ben’s attitude and lack of willingness isn’t worth it for the teams trading for him. It’ll be for a package of decent players.
Carl Lubrin
Carl Lubrin Aylar önce
Win games lol. Shoulda won the game with raptors but didn’t lol
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Aylar önce
Simmons input or not.
Mark Snyder
Mark Snyder Aylar önce
Look I'm going to stick my neck out here! I have a lot of experience with the present topic! I think the dude legitimately has got some stuff going on! That needs to be dealt with before he goes back to playing basketball!
Julian Serene
Julian Serene Aylar önce
me too i think he's depressed. philly fans don't want him anymore, everybody is calling him trash, no teams want to trade for him.. i think this situation messed with Ben mentally
Alan Connelly
Alan Connelly Aylar önce
Nba a joke
The Dark Knight Racist
simmons angry because the teams wanted him to improve and play better. how the heck anyone would hire that kind of player ? i mean, they literally just want him to learn shooting, and you get paid tons of money.
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Aylar önce
It’s obvious Ben doesn’t wanna play for the Sixers no more but still needs that money doy
Ryan Aylar önce
Chuck is legit delusional if he thinks Bradley Beal for Ben Simmons +1 would ever happen
513MediatorTP Aylar önce
“Nobody” 😂😂 Mr. Barkley is funny
M. Jackson
M. Jackson Aylar önce
I wish I could act depressed with $40 million.
AlexandreG Aylar önce
Draymond Green plays the power forward, he doesn't share the ball handling chore with his center, it's with Steph. Who they are going to give the ball to when Simmons has to give it up? Danny Green? Coach fault too for putting that bum at PG and not at PF
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Aylar önce
So good to have these guys back
Robert M.
Robert M. Aylar önce
Acts 8:20 KJV - But Peter said unto him, Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money.
unspoken00 Aylar önce
Ben Simmons had that face you make when your parents get you the wrong thing for Christmas.
Arvind Aylar önce
Why the desk is short now?
serialkilla23 Aylar önce
Australian work ethic…Australia entitled culture….dude can’t shoot free throw, cant shoot basketball, no jump shot…paid 40 mil a year to play basketball.
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Aylar önce
dinewalton Aylar önce
A lot of rich and famous people have depression and suicidal thoughts. Having a big contract is not an excuse. Money can actually make mental illness worst. Nobody knows what is happening with Ben right now. Everybody should just be kind and respectful.
FantastiK Aylar önce
One wk with Phil Jackson and Ben will be Zen
Sheffy sheff
Sheffy sheff Aylar önce
Simmons putting his stock value down everyday lol. Eeeediot
Sheffy sheff
Sheffy sheff Aylar önce
It is never about you.
Davey Lewis
Davey Lewis Aylar önce
It’s obvious Ben doesn’t wanna play for the Sixers no more but still needs that money 💴 doy 🙄
Khaliq Holmes
Khaliq Holmes Aylar önce
Doc socks as a coach, been saying it since Orlando days.... That one and only chip he got with his big 3 is his only claim to fame... THE MAN OWNS THE RECORD FOR MOST BLOWN 3-1 LEADS in the NBA!!
Simmons is a spoiled brat.. seriously.. imagine if we came to work and acted like that.. oh i dont WANT to do anything today.. i will do it all half assed.. and he acts like this making MILLIONS..
DJ ALLDAY Aylar önce
💡 Dame Lillard, Chris Paul or Russell westbrook would be a GREAT REPLACEMENT for simmons
Fresh Crave
Fresh Crave Aylar önce
Ben is being cancerous to his team. Young men needs alot of guidance.
Old Guy
Old Guy Aylar önce
Simmons is an entitled child.
R3DRUM MURD3R Aylar önce
Black power can't do that in Dave chappelle's voice
The Ben Simmons Problem
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