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3 Ara 2022




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Lydia Dreemurr
Lydia Dreemurr Aylar önce
I love the fact he didn't even attempt to tell them he's a harbinger, he literally just chose violence.
Kreideprinz 2 gün önce
this happen after the archon quest. Well i guess not when you commented.
Ssphin 3 gün önce
@muzashiii. what did this Stryker kid say
A. Roberts
A. Roberts 5 gün önce
@xMedical Anon To be honest with you, I don’t even remember, haha.
xMedical Anon
xMedical Anon 5 gün önce
@A. Roberts what did that person say?
Esper 6 gün önce
Thinking about it like that probably and obviously happen after the interlude quest, after knowing all the truth from his past, now blaming the fatui, mainly Dottore, he probably wouldn't regret to slap them, even a single one
N perde tempo lendo meu nome
I love how even after becoming the wanderer, scara/wanderer still goes like "if violence doesnt solve your problem, YOU ARENT USING ENOUGH VIOLENCE"
Dmaz 15 gün önce
as a wise man named Max0r once said... if violence does not work, use additional violence
giang tran
giang tran Aylar önce
cheo a
cheo a Aylar önce
Shooting Star Dragon
same energy as engie saying to use more gun
ty thanh
ty thanh Aylar önce
TimeBucks Aylar önce
his demo really is perfect and so representative of his personality
Beata Betty
Beata Betty Aylar önce
PyroKun Aylar önce
billy kid
billy kid Aylar önce
Anam Parveen
Anam Parveen Aylar önce
aliencatcloud Aylar önce
i really thought the quality wasn't ok but then, just when he chose violence, the quality got >>>>>>>>>
SMToon Hindi
SMToon Hindi Aylar önce
Not only is Nahida extremely kind, but she also was able to deal with both Scaramouche and The Doctor, AND she actually gave us very important information about our sibling. She's my favourite archon so far.
Henry Su
Henry Su 4 gün önce
@MarcusGamingheck no
Jun Carl Bulala
Jun Carl Bulala 24 gün önce
@ゴミクズ ok
yu 25 gün önce
yes finally a useful archon 😭😭
ゴミクズ Aylar önce
Actually I don't like her.
danah hassan
danah hassan Aylar önce
How about making this comment in the Nahida trailer/demo? This video ain’t about her. smh tbh Nahida’s might just be the most boring character in this game.
Superfan1411 Aylar önce
Me: why didn’t they recognize him? He’s literally a Harbinger! Do they have a death wish?! After Quest: Ah, I understand.
Ssphin 3 gün önce
@Erictendo so stupid
NakuWeed samurai
NakuWeed samurai 4 gün önce
@Erictendo the others guy is telling the truth because how the hell is he have anemo vision hundreds of years ago when he clearly get it after getting his memory back, and on top of that isn’t he supposed to be kind and innocent and doesn’t use violence if this trailer take hundreds of years before he meeting the traveler and the quest . I’m just saying your logic is just bad.
sleepl? 12 gün önce
fun fact: i am laughing at erictendo as of writing this
Introvert 12 gün önce
Man took an eraser and used it on himself.
Silver_Millennium 13 gün önce
@Erictendo realized you were wrong?
Engo Kaneki
Engo Kaneki Aylar önce
It’s quite cute of how Ei, Wanderer and Miko have relations with a bird. Miko toys with the bird but ends it later, Ei wants to have its company but it leaves. While wanderer wants to be alone, the bird wants to Interact and have wanderer’s company.
rosanora 6 gün önce
i imagine that the bird is his past self; ei let it go, yae wanted to destroy it, while scara first accepts it before throwing it away
Ana Laura Morel Rocha
Miki should eat the bird
MusiCat Aylar önce
@Lazy Day there may be the reference, but not the same meaning
Sarah Howell
Sarah Howell Aylar önce
@MusiCat That would be cool
khyone Aylar önce
its just like me
lis Aylar önce
1:01 I like how hazy it gets when introducing him, good nod to the 3.3 interlude quest. Now that he's completely erased his identity in the world of Teyvat, he'd make an amazing spy.
Ramy Gün önce
@Fahrizal Surya while it is true don't forget they can simply ask Nahida to delete everyone's memories that includes any reason for war , meaning they'd have no reason to even touch the nation. sumero may not have powerful warriors but it does have an advantage over everyone: the ability to mess with memories and existence itself.
Pupsicle 22 gün önce
Now that I think about it, he's probably going to be crucial when we eventually get to Snezhnaya.
lis 24 gün önce
@Fahrizal Surya sumeru's archon is the one in charge of irminsul, it may not be battle prowess but i guess they've got wit lol
Fahrizal Surya
Fahrizal Surya Aylar önce
I'm not saying people in Sumeru are weak.. but clearly they lack the power of deity.. even if aranara use their full power, its still.. worrying.... they use their 'existence' to channeling their true power Mondstadt has four winds, and Klee.. Liyue has Adeptus, Inazuma has Youkai, and now with Wanderer joins Sumeru, or Nahida and Traveler to be exact, it put an ease to me for Sumeru
ShallowSeller Aylar önce
Wanderer: Yeah, follow the road behind me and go left for a minute or so. You won’t miss it. Fatui: Thanks (Leaves) Trailer Ends
boop 2 gün önce
ann 3 gün önce
i spit out my tea at this comment 💀
Remaliane Aylar önce
I don’t know if anyone’s noticed this but his hat actually has some dots that are in different colors such as rainbow colors that usually symbolizes a sign of hope, which means that those could represent his hope in getting a vision and setting free from being a harbinger and a puppet
Swen.mp3 Aylar önce
@Silent actually his hat IS the ring, that's why it dissappears when we attack but i do get what op is trying to say 😭😭
Remaliane Aylar önce
@Silent Yes yes! I meant on the hat
Silent Aylar önce
@Tamiyata i think they mean on his hat, not the ring
Tamiyata Aylar önce
It actually has to do with his Buffs that he gets. You should watch a video where his powers are explained. Depending on which colors are showing, he has different buffs, for example cdmg, cr, atk bonus etc. He can have 2 buffs at once and on a special occasion 3.
Silent Aylar önce
Raiden also has dots on her clothes
hehe ivan
hehe ivan Aylar önce
Hoyoverse really just blew out their backs and budgets making this single character demo look so magnificent and enticing to watch
hehe ivan
hehe ivan 13 gün önce
@d 😭😭 my bad bro
d 13 gün önce
Single? 🤨he's already-
Lancee Lopezz
Lancee Lopezz Aylar önce
.. Pause. 🤨
raine Aylar önce
The fact that he is fighting the fatui is like he is fighting his own past. It seems really creative and I love it! Good luck on wishing for scaranara, everyone!!
gonza avendaño
gonza avendaño Aylar önce
@Mew not only that, but also being nominated in the game awards too. So those 800 freemogems possible be double.
A grape juice enthusiast?! 😳
@🌺〜椿姫〜🌺 i would like to die
Mint Pudding
Mint Pudding Aylar önce
Good luck for Aracyan wanter!
Mew Aylar önce
@laaaav the lil' boy Scaranara, i'm 99% sure that Nahida calls him that when we're not with him
foopqwe Aylar önce
@laaaav PFHAHAHAJSAHAHAAYHSHSSJHAHHH, it sounds so funny
Esper Aylar önce
His introduction with the art and title was so freaking intense and epic, those amazing glitching effects in the screen, with mysterious smokes in the background and in the shapes or in his body before the art shows, showing that he is an kind of special or mysterious individual and being, making sense with the idea that he has a mysterious, and unknown past to everyone in Teyvat Edit: I liked the fact that they played ominous fandango(his original theme), because it shows that he stills being himself, not a villain, but an ominous person
Goat Kiddie
Goat Kiddie Aylar önce
I can't express how much I love Scaramouche and I'm not even done with the archon quests yet. PERFECT character, PERFECT story, PERFECT buildup, unapologetically himself which is so refreshing amidst the playable characters who have committed heinous crimes with no repercussions... Also AMAZING music that hits at the heart, nostalgic, playful, powerful with a piece of every place he's wandered. Does anyone know what the whispers are saying? I can't imagine hoyoverse would put it in without meaning
Elaine Yeh
Elaine Yeh 17 gün önce
He realized his mistake and try to again atone for his sins. That’s why he got his vision
Haiiro 27 gün önce
I still hate him, he erased his existence from Irminsul. If he is man enough, he should have faced his atonement and not escape from it. Too late, nobody remembers him except us and Nahida. Yeah he will try to remind people about his past BUT still it is meaningless if they can't remember him based on their personal knowledge.
Anne O'Neal
Anne O'Neal 29 gün önce
@m4dd13 Yes, and..?
m4dd13 29 gün önce
@Anne O'Nealprobably ei, and many characters have committed murder; zhongli, venti, childe, kaeya, diluc (most likely), etc
Anne O'Neal
Anne O'Neal Aylar önce
Aside from Childe, WHAT other characters are you talking about?
doc ark 116
doc ark 116 Aylar önce
I find the wanderer fighting the pyro and electro skirmisher weirdly fitting considering in unreconciled stars it was the pyro and electro skirmisher that mentioned there was a harbinger in the event which was scaramouche though at that point we already met scaramouch but the chaperon part even more fitting to this
kyrie 19 gün önce
could it be the same people??
DUCK_JoyMaiden Aylar önce
In the update, I renamed the Wanderer/Scara to Samsara. Samsara means rebirth and I feel like this is a more than fitting name for him.
kabutozero 19 gün önce
Karakuri. Marionette in Japanese , feels fitting and the word itself is really cool
SHINIGAMI Kurosaki 19 gün önce
I named him wandere..... He would be perfect tsundere but he's a wanderer, so i removed one r and it's wandere....
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 25 gün önce
I named him "Zamasu"
DUCK_JoyMaiden Aylar önce
@SunScourge lol I love that.
venti < 3
venti < 3 Aylar önce
@Justin Kiana Alfredo i personally think that is a very nice name for him, 10/10. (☠)
hutaosghost Aylar önce
i love how his personality is the same, it really suits his character. i couldn’t imagine scaramouche being really nice or anything
Soya Sauce
Soya Sauce 12 gün önce
Right like he’s my little angry gremlin with a God complex and I don’t want him any other way
Wet Socks
Wet Socks 13 gün önce
@Cristian Gonzalez Boticario How isn’t he the same?
hinata _
hinata _ 27 gün önce
@Ginkie no elaboration is needed if you put that brain of yours to use
hutaosghost Aylar önce
@k then bye yeah, i dont mean exactly the same, just still a brat
hutaosghost Aylar önce
@O yeah, i didn’t mean it like that, but i agree
Asteria Aylar önce
The Wanderer demo gave me the most chills, it feels most different than the other characters that I actually liked. This demo got me hyped up more after the drop part (after burst) and now, since the release of this demo, I always come back here and just feel the intensity of this video. Great job by Hoyoverse.
_VoLKoT Aylar önce
THE ANIMATION!!! Hoyoverse really made their way from Venti's trailer to this!!
Linda Liu
Linda Liu Aylar önce
I’m not gonna lie, the harbingers asked pretty politely especially in the Chinese version and scara still went ham on them 😭
hongfei wei
hongfei wei 3 gün önce
iiBerryEdits Aylar önce
Now these character demo’s are getting better and better like-
boop Aylar önce
Never interrupt *venti's* leisure time Never interrupt *kazuha's* haiku Never ask *scara* for directions.
Hutato Gün önce
@Darius Bostic Bro… Stop forcing
sleepl? 12 gün önce
*never approach him without befriending him
boop 15 gün önce
@OmniMon an"emo" boiz 💅🏻
Lotie The Bunny
Lotie The Bunny 16 gün önce
agreed indeed
OmniMon 17 gün önce
Iconic Anemo Bois like their stuff
Naseem Ahamed
Naseem Ahamed Aylar önce
1:32 - 1:44 - Favourite part of the trailer. Excellent visuals. The artwork/animation at 1:50 where the enemy holds Scar's forearms looks a bit out of place from the rest of the trailer. Other than that, the trailer is enjoyable. In 3.3 trailer, I was playing the wanderer part in repeat, right from "Dottore...".
Crow Aylar önce
I love this animation, I love the demo, I love the design I LOVE IT ALL HSJSJSHJSJSJ Hoyoverse has improved so much since the first few demos, and I may not have been here for the whole pathway, but after watching old character demos, and the new ones now, it makes me so happy. This is one of my favorite ones besides Ei and Zhongli, but it tops both of their demos, because of the editing and music!!
мирчик Aylar önce
Эта музыка при его ульте.... Мама Мия, я в раю Спасибо за то, что оставили его характер, меньшего и про Фарузан сказать не могу
yassi Aylar önce
Interesting thing about this demo: Usually when other demos introduce the character, they would put a small piece of information about them, but in the Wanderer's case, there's nothing. Whether this was intentional or not, it's still pretty cool!
Liu Aylar önce
YOOOOO THIS TRAILER IS SICK!! was never a big fan of scaramouche till recently i gotta say his design, voice, and character development is awesome. the way this trailer was executed was amazing, for sure will pull. goodluck to everyone who's wishing!!!
リサ Aylar önce
браво михуё!я всё больше удивляюсь как вы вкладываетесь в игру.это просто шикарный персонаж!
MaskedBishop Aylar önce
It is our sacred duty to serve the Wanderer in helping him to become the next anemo God! Edit: My favourite character now! Everyone should play him! He changes battles and exploration drastically, making things way more comfortable and saving lots of time. ^^ Often you don't have to actively approach and target enemies anymore, you can use hills as moving staircases, and by combining his float skill with running you can move much faster on the map: -> run -> float run -> run ->... while you do one thing, the other stamina refills. And no need for bridges, haha.
Zenilys Aylar önce
This character demo gives me goosebumps it’s so cool 😭❤ thank you for creating this masterpiece
StarryWolf Aylar önce
It’s really amazing to see just how far the character demos have gone!! the music, the perspectives, and god the TRANSITIONS!!! From kaeya to wanderer..there are HUGE improvements!!
DarkRoyal Aylar önce
Man, the chills escalated at 2:00! Hoyo are very intentional with this guy,ngl
Enju 35
Enju 35 Aylar önce
@🌺〜椿姫〜🌺 If my heart won't stop beating, your heart will be the one that's gonna stop beating instead
Cimy Aylar önce
kaeya crawled so everyone else could run 😭
Treasure Hoarder
Treasure Hoarder Aylar önce
It should be venti instead of kaeya since he was the first limited 5 star
A'GUST'IN Aylar önce
Kagamine Len • Real
His personality is so complex I love Scara's detailed character
Paimon Is Cute
Paimon Is Cute Aylar önce
Can we all take a moment to notice how much effort Genshin puts into their game? This is probably the best trailer I’ve seen!
Amelia Yew
Amelia Yew Aylar önce
definitely my favourite demo
Рин Aylar önce
Этот монтаж(я просто выпала), сам Скарамучча, его атаки, я в восторге!! Полнейший восторг!!
Sumit Khatri
Sumit Khatri Aylar önce
"You'll die a thousand deaths for this" "I look forward to that. Sadly, you won't be there to see it" I just love the emo energy of him
marcuck Aylar önce
@lShowSрееd shorts 🅥 top comments
S3 Studios
S3 Studios Aylar önce
Arif yes ehehehehhe wahahahahha
@Максим Симаков They are on the bridge in front of Port Osmos. There must be an inn.
cletos Aylar önce
@Cherri ! ! Get out the Internet Cyno!!
Cherri ! !
Cherri ! ! Aylar önce
Duh that’s why he got an-emo vision
ProjectXsent Aylar önce
Me: Oh they didn't recognize Scara. Also me after playing the new Archon Quest: Understandable, have a great day.
shiyo Aylar önce
Strann Aylar önce
This still feels so surreal. After so much anticipation, uncertainty that he’ll be playable and excitement over any small appearance or mention of him since he was first introduced, he is finally here. I’m so happy I was here to experience the build up and release of the most ant
strawberry ★
strawberry ★ Aylar önce
I‘m so happy that he‘s finally playable after waiting for him so long and I think the anemo style suits him very well 😭🫶🏻
Karol OwO
Karol OwO Aylar önce
i love how he seems calm and collected but just a minor inconvenience turns him into a violent battle machine this felt like an esxplosion
Page 📃
Page 📃 Aylar önce
@ehe- he left
AAA Aylar önce
@ehe- this is why you shouldn't skip dialogues
Akariiii~ Aylar önce
@chick fil a employee took me hours and I was skipping dialogue wth
chick fil a employee
@Res how long does the damn lightning land story take I need it to be OVER 😭
Mc Guang
Mc Guang Aylar önce
@ehe- maybe no longer
Totally Not A Minecraft Channel
“You’ll die a thousand deaths for this!” “Heh, I look forward to that” Never before have I been so CHILLED by a video game trailer.
elichuu Aylar önce
I started with not liking him, went to having a love-hate relationship and now i want him i will love him i will protect him let me win the 50/50 he looks so fun to play as!!!
avid reader
avid reader Aylar önce
Did you win it?
Hello Aylar önce
Everything is perfect in this demo!
Hafiyyan Aylar önce
after i did the story quest,it finally make sense why the fatoos confront wanderer in the trailer, because the harbingers are known almost by all the fatoos, so at first it was kinda weird why the fatoos confronts wanderer
Aria Aylar önce
Scaramouche mercilessly beating up Fatui is what I live for. Love how even tho he left the harbingers he still ruthless and unfriendly. Love his unique personality
snowpools Aylar önce
@KT Kat indeed, comrade
KT Kat
KT Kat Aylar önce
@snowpools is good joke, comrade
heartsforhari Aylar önce
so many likes but little comments?s
snowpools Aylar önce
@KT Kat that is a joke, comrade
KT Kat
KT Kat Aylar önce
@ZoeTheRose that is a bot, comrade
Crow Stone
Crow Stone Aylar önce
The encounter with the fatui hits so different after his quest
Paetalle Aylar önce
Coming back after finishing the 3.3 interlude quest, it makes a lot more sense as to why the Fatui don’t recognise Scara… damn anyways it was a good one haha
jaker 16 gün önce
Wandering for eons, silently and solemnly observing and remembering all that the World forgot
Morumotto 15 gün önce
very short, yet beautiful.
Sonya Prostakishina
господи, какой он классный!!! Я так расстроилась, когда проиграла на него в перввый день, но после успела накопить ещё круток и выбила! САМЫЙ КРУТОЙ ПАРЕНЬ В ГЕНШИНЕ
PAN PON PIN PON Aylar önce
And when he said "it's wanderin time" and proceeded to wanders all over them, literal chills. Truly one of the lines of all time
Ashley Aylar önce
Snowflakes snowflakes everywhere~ now where's my coat so I can go dance with them while they fall 🤣
Kenji Aex
Kenji Aex Aylar önce
Handhelder Aylar önce
@eugeneman18 🏳️‍🌈⃠ oh yeah, my bad, something that was born dead can't die twice
Alan Heller
Alan Heller Aylar önce
@Superlizardy36 Oh yeah, I do agree it's not funny. It's f_ckin cringe. I just wanted to clarify that.
eugeneman18 🏳️‍🌈⃠
@Handhelder nah
neoCHAOSitizen Aylar önce
Dude this music, My mind is blown every single damn time istg. Genshin music never EVER dissappoints
Samantha Plays
Samantha Plays Aylar önce
Honestly I wasn’t a big fan of Scara at first but as his character has gotten more and more complex he’s now a must pull for me
syntaxerrxr Aylar önce
WHEN IS THE MUSIC COMING OUTTT IM BEGGINGGGG update: new album came out and this is not in it. actually upsetting
ghoul ♡
ghoul ♡ Aylar önce
i love how this looks like it was edited by scara himself 😭
-Nightmare- Aylar önce
The detail that goes into his character is nothing less of amazing.
КSl 🅥 Aylar önce
Link to the Clip : new update Genshin trvid.com/video/video-ArJMP_v9B3Q.html
none none
none none Aylar önce
@🌺〜椿姫〜🌺 oh my goodness finally 😂 please let it be trueeee
blöddrinker Aylar önce
@🌺〜椿姫〜🌺 didn't say + ratio
dnasu Aylar önce
@Disappointed Yanfei can see why you disappointed
Disappointed Yanfei
@Actoline Games yea ik
HopeDope Aylar önce
wowie never played genshin (actually downloading it as I'm watching) and idk anything about the game: but I'm already obsessed with this character !! the music just sealed the deal :) hope I can find my footing once I can begin my journey.
MrWannabe Aylar önce
Oof good luck in the beginning of the game, and if you pull for him it's going to take a while to unlock sumeru
Xeonn Aylar önce
He is so fun to play, hope you'll get him! heres some luck for your pull ☘️🍀
Petrichor Aylar önce
He really is an amazing character. Have fun playing the game!! The music in this game never disappoints, I'm sure you'll love hearing them white exploring!
Kaiserker Aylar önce
This might be the best trailer yet, and that says a lot considering how hype Zhongli was. Amazing work!
LiefTong Aylar önce
Guarenteed Scara T_T I'm so excited.
Kriiken Aylar önce
After playing the quest, this trailer makes so much more sense
AaronTheStuffguy Aylar önce
His theme really hits different when you know his backstory
maka albarn
maka albarn Aylar önce
@ægis genshit fans when they see a traumatized character: heheheh edgy backstory!!! then they go stan ei or something
Shadex 04
Shadex 04 Aylar önce
@xtenshi-ameshisutox it's odd how whenever someone disagrees the first thing you people love to bring up is simp which is odd because not only is that not what simp means but he explained his reasoning but I guess this is how you people think and can't go beyond that
Kunikuzushi Aylar önce
Scara haters being the most toxic people in this thread lol, let people enjoy their favorite characters instead of bringing toxicity, that's why people hate the genshin fandom ffs.
asfduejs Aylar önce
@xtenshi-ameshisutox naah everyone makes mistakes it's fine
@asfduejs Italian sorry. Thank you. I should know that I am mostly Italian, I’m stupid 😥
Derrt Aylar önce
ive recently came back to genshin and im gonna say it. scaramouche’s is my favorite demo and character teaser now.
Yellow Nutella
Yellow Nutella Aylar önce
I've known Gensgin Impact for a while now, but never have I ever wanted a character so bad. 👀
DraXure Z
DraXure Z Aylar önce
Well I kind of noticed that the Shogun's demo was very similar to Wanderer's demo. It's pretty dope tho
Brixl Aylar önce
Just finished the interlude quest, now it makes sense why these soldiers didn't recognise wanderer. Great story though! I love his character development and glad I won the 50/50 😭
Jaime Aylar önce
I love the symbolism with the bird in this. The theory that the bird in Ei and Miko's idle is representative of Scara, with Ei being gentler before letting it go (showing her unwillingness to interfere in Scara's fate + wanting to let him go without killing him) versus Miko luring it in with gentleness before her fox eats it (representing her dislike for Scara and how she asked Ei to have him killed instead of set free) really ties into his own feelings about himself in this demo. He is shown batting it away, expressing unfriendliness, before begrudgingly allowing it onto his shoulder; it really shows his feelings towards his new emotions and allowance of himself to break off from the fatui and do the right thing, he seems to have a tendency of avoiding this side of himself and not wanting to acknowledge it but in the end he can embrace it and grow stronger because of it. Super cool trailer! Good luck on your pulls everyone!
Josephine Aylar önce
Or its just a bird😮
kolnout Aylar önce
@Haseeb Barya maaaybe she understood that Scara may cause some serious troubles in the future. But after Ei's refuse it was only left to just hope for something good. Uh sorry for bad eng
Haseeb Barya
Haseeb Barya Aylar önce
@kolnout Then why did she suggest to kill him?
ANYAAA Aylar önce
Bird is probably a symbol for nahida me thinks.
ANYAAA Aylar önce
@Krystle Gallego congratulations🥳
Allaister Panolino
Allaister Panolino Aylar önce
I got Him at 65 Pity & He's so cool to play Hehe. Finally, Wanderer deserves his opportunity 💚
Dumi Aylar önce
after his story quest, this demo and his teaser make more sense
ХараКами Aylar önce
For the first time I was just like: "Whaaat, they didn't recognize him? Hah!". But then I've observed the quest. Now I know. Now I understand 😬
Chocoliit 4
Chocoliit 4 Aylar önce
quedo hermosisimo, no puedo esperar a probar al personaje, A lo quierooo!!💕💕💖😄
yours truly
yours truly Aylar önce
A bit off topic ... but I wanna show some appreciation for Scara's personality not completely changing. I'm sure his character development is there, but I'm glad his core traits are still present with him being edgy, sassy and mischievous. Not every playable character we get has to be friendly and friends with Traveler. Gives me hope for future Fatui and villain-like characters.
Anne O'Neal
Anne O'Neal Aylar önce
Arlecchino Aylar önce
looks like hoyoverse heard our whining
maka albarn
maka albarn Aylar önce
he isnt edgy but ok
mari Aylar önce
I didn’t think he could be forgiven easily and it’s true. They made a really good point that there’s no way to change the past (not even Rhukkadevata could do that). Only rewrite the future and move forward. He’s pretty much beginning to change but he’ll still carrying the burden of his past
Lotie The Bunny
Lotie The Bunny Aylar önce
morally grey is the best
Eric Wojcik
Eric Wojcik Aylar önce
Holy crap this character is Godlike.
Yeet Aylar önce
After 3.3 archon quest, his character demo hits very different now..
Shiell Aylar önce
I love how parallel this is to Raiden Shogun's Demo
WARZONE R Aylar önce
his story must be so complicated to make him turn on the fatui like that, so excited to see what happened.
ayakanene Aylar önce
Oh my god I’m literally OBSESSED I LOVE THIS
kae- Aylar önce
i love how the slow music shows the calm before the storm and then slowly intensifies!
MrMrCario Aylar önce
After the archon interlude I can see now why... . . . . the soldiers didn't recognize him.
c is for cringe
c is for cringe Aylar önce
Our glimpse of the Wanderer without him harboring trauma or any memory of the evil he’s done was so good. After the quest, I finally understand his voice lines and why he seems so calm in them. Especially his death line where he says, “The price… for my sins.” Initially I didn’t understand the emotion in them but now I see that it was him accepting that the Balladeer is also him and he sees it as a well-deserved punishment. I wish we could have had trauma-free Wanderer for a bit longer though, he was very cute
Ari-kun Aylar önce
Bro got the best character demo 💀
Albedo Albedo Albedo
Raiden: *sends bird to scara* Scara: *shoos bird away* Yae miko: *elemental skill eats it*
Eze Benci
Eze Benci Aylar önce
He is a BEAST...loving him already...got this bad boy on day 1
Deku _
Deku _ Aylar önce
After the new quest it now makes sense why they didn't recognise him. Well played mihoyo
Priya Singh
Priya Singh Aylar önce
the animation is top tier, his voice suits so well with his personality. After waiting for so long for him it still feels unreal that he is coming!! His moves and abilities seems so fun, I am a xiao main and he definitely coming to make everything more fun. He is so well made and i am glad they kept his iconic outfit style with his beautiful hat. he is simply god tier.
Viviana Aylar önce
@Atomadeus huh
Young God
Young God Aylar önce
Setsuna Cometh
Atomadeus Aylar önce
@Jesus Saves! Jesus just a human, the only true god is Jehovah aka Allah.
yoshikage Aylar önce
@Jesus Saves! who cares bruh 😭
R 2 H
R 2 H Aylar önce
Here is the full clip explaining why dad left you: (Making fun of bots) *trvid.com/video/video-vn8WdvkmTGs.html*
SoffChips Aylar önce
Him meeting up with the fatui again but fighting them (to me) is like symbolizing that he has cut ties with the fatui which is nice now that he has a vision
aetherealism Aylar önce
well, now we know why they no longer realise his identity as {the former} 6th harbinger
Ben Frank
Ben Frank Aylar önce
Indeed, he successfully erased himself from Teyvat.
Teddy Aylar önce
I will try to pull for more C when he gets a rerun.He’s really fun to play!
Hero EDM Music
Hero EDM Music Aylar önce
I saw her live back in April and I can't stop listening to this
Linda Liu
Linda Liu Aylar önce
His theme song is really reminiscent of the shogun’s which I really like!
Aniyo Aylar önce
As much as I’m not a fan of Scara this demo is probably in my top 5 favorite
сметана Aylar önce
господи, он мне понравился с первого взгляда. Отличная ешка, на которой он взлетает, ульта просто ваувау, дизайн продуманный. Даже на него не копила, вчера мне выпал с первой крутки, надеюсь, что я его не уберу из отряда, а дальше буду прокачивать..
camilo acevedo
camilo acevedo Aylar önce
Cuando completas la mision legendaria de Scaramuccia y ves esto otra vez no lo vez de la misma forma
Enki U
Enki U Aylar önce
It's almost like the bird represents how the raidens see other people. Ei: She simply observes the bird. She sees how it will always eventually fly away. Yae: Toys with the bird, has no problem using it for her own amusement. The Wanderer: Shoos it away, but might tolerate it on a good day.
Hope Aylar önce
@Kitten Mimi its a joke and i love your pfp btw
Kitten Mimi
Kitten Mimi Aylar önce
@Hope archon quest? You mean your own fanfiction?
Hope Aylar önce
@Shadex 04 ok ty
Shadex 04
Shadex 04 Aylar önce
@Hope obvious In speech you can't hear? You really did just trick yourself into believing im that kind of person simply because I said they weren't girlfriends and nothing more? You people really go to the extremes if something doesn't fit your narrative huh? Pal your gonna have to get rid of that mindset or it's just going to harm you in your future
Hope Aylar önce
@Shadex 04 no cause ya'll are all like that, you know deep down you're a phobic of some kind it's obvious in your speech and i don't even care about eimiko
zaryabm Aylar önce
Wait so the real reason they didn’t remember scaramouche is bc of what happened in thr new quest…
Lightspeed Aylar önce
1:00 You'll thank me later.
DashingShadow007 Aylar önce
Whoa you were right! Thanks a bunch, now i dont need to keep restarting it and skipping it
Flyin Dino
Flyin Dino Aylar önce
Genshin making their own edits is just immaculate
Javen Santos
Javen Santos Aylar önce
Is no one talking about the music is fire 🔥
Kochou Nabirin ・胡蝶ナビリン
My favorite part about the Wanderer is when he said "It's Wandering time" and wandered all over these guys. Truly the character of all time
Hampter Aylar önce
He is a character for sure
Павел Жданов
he is indeed a character
L16htW4rr10r Aylar önce
It's a joke, guys...
Knightrider3999 Aylar önce
When ?
Najmuddin Najam666
Najmuddin Najam666 Aylar önce
When he said that?
user-tm4qg4qo3j Aylar önce
Very intricate composition, hoyo mix once again step up on their game
Felix Aylar önce
Тут божественно всё, и сам Скарамучча, анимация, даже музыка вообще шедевр
anime boy 666
anime boy 666 Aylar önce
I actually got scara in my first 10 pulls
My favourite voice lines part 2
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