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Searching and seeking for an illusory obsession through countless nights.
With melancholy and misery as company, malevolent winds mean naught to him.
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3 Ara 2022




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@Lydia-Dreemurr Yıl önce
I love the fact he didn't even attempt to tell them he's a harbinger, he literally just chose violence.
@georgezhang1573 Yıl önce
Probably how he treated them as a harbinger as well(-anemo vision), no wonder the fatui don’t want to be transferred to him
@RobotAnimals Yıl önce
based on the trailer and this I’m thinking ghat Scaramouche has erased his past self from everybody’s memories, going with the freedom theme and why his name is different Edit: Since some people are confused on how I guessed it and my explanation is pretty far down in the replies I’ll copy paste it here. Spoilers for Sumeru Archon Quest The memory of Greater Lord Rukkhadavata is removed from Irrmensiul, that big old fancy tree. This resulted in ALL of Teyvat forgetting the Greater Lord existed, all dialogue in the game was changed to reflect this. The only one who remembers the greater lord is the Traveler since they’re not from Teyvat. Now the in the version trailer, Scaramouche is seen with a blue more technological tree that looks very similar to Irrmensiul. The version title is “All Senses Clear, **All Existence Void**” and we now know the Fatui don’t recognize him so it seems pretty clear his existence as Scaramouche is being erased The biggest nail in the coffin for this theory is the fact he gains an Anemo vision. Scaramouche seems to be trapped by the past, vengeful against the blacksmiths, Raiden for abandoning him and even against humanity it seems due to the death of that child. Anemo’s theme is freedom so erasing and therefore freeing Scaramouche from the past is likely how he gets his vision Also new note from his collected Miscellany, it’s very interesting Dainsleif NOT the narrator, the narrator is Alice. The only other character that was narrated by Alice was Aloy, the forgotten crossover character from Dawn Horizon. Dainsleif gets his information on people from actively investigating people himself, after 500 years of doing this yeah it’s not a big surprise he knows everyone but if Scaramouche is erased, Dainsleif wouldn’t know anything about him. Alice, however, is a very powerful witch whose power borders on omniscient. Even if Alice forgot Scaramouche, she would still know about the present Wanderer. Her being Wanderer’s Narrator for his Collected Miscellany is just further foreshadowing that he is going to erase the memory of his past from the world!
@a.roberts4203 Yıl önce
@@Strykerx31 ?
@icyluna9141 Yıl önce
@@Strykerx31 ???
@Sonic-BOM 11 aylar önce
Not only is Nahida extremely kind, but she also was able to deal with both Scaramouche and The Doctor, AND she actually gave us very important information about our sibling. She's my favourite archon so far.
@avidreader4140 11 aylar önce
Not to mention helped scaramouche become playable in the first place with helping him find more about himself.
@Sonic-BOM 11 aylar önce
@@avidreader4140 I love this your guises videos are the best💖💖💖
@uwuimpact817 11 aylar önce
@@avidreader4140 thats thanks to HOYOCRAP, with a crap plot twist what you mean lmfao
@user-jd3gf5xw1x 11 aylar önce
AND she's connected to irminsul, AND probably has the highest chance of giving us something useful. hopefully the other nations can do something equivalent to that when the time comes, and not be like "oh yea, I took this fotress, the rest is on your own". I want them to be "we're here for you until it's all done and dusted"
@ShikiYuki1117 11 aylar önce
Girl doubts her abilities as Archon so much when really she's doing the best job out of all of them, if I do say so myself🥹💙
@deninin 7 aylar önce
the editors for this video were probably having so much fun editing this, all the transitions and visuals are crazy good. scara slays as always
@pxnkessence2213 4 aylar önce
Keep the raiden victim quiet
@tide7107 4 aylar önce
Slays... haha, literally too because it means to murder
@jakecake4286 9 aylar önce
Can we talk about how the whispers add such a good atmosphere for the song?
@boop5716 9 aylar önce
I know right??!
@thanhnguyenduc2867 9 aylar önce
*chef kiss*
@isladiamondgren3575 5 aylar önce
LITERALLY i paid attention to them just now
@pente7520 4 aylar önce
i search for this version of the song for so long and i didnt found it yet..it exist in ither versions but not in exactly this one D:< I WANT TO HER THAT SONG WITH THE WHISPERS IN THE BACKGROUND MMWMAAAAAAH
@hydrogenspectrum8889 3 aylar önce
no you cant talk about it
@Superfan-bj9oh 11 aylar önce
Me: why didn’t they recognize him? He’s literally a Harbinger! Do they have a death wish?! After Quest: Ah, I understand.
@realerictendo97 11 aylar önce
He is a Former Harbinger but this was more then hundreds of years ago
@phanindravaibhav3319 11 aylar önce
@@realerictendo97 Mate, did you play the quest? This is definitely in the present.
@vensenpai7769 11 aylar önce
He just erased himself from irmunsul which is a tree that contains the memories of the world so everyone who is from teyvat doesnt remember him and so the fatui doesnt remember him
@realerictendo97 11 aylar önce
@@phanindravaibhav3319 Did you read his Background if u pulled him?
@phanindravaibhav3319 11 aylar önce
@@realerictendo97 I don't have him, but I'm saying this is in the present because this version of him (after he mostly erased his existence through irminsul), had a more neutral/timid personality for hundreds of years before Nahida gave him back his memories as Scaramouche. Plus, he didn't get his Anemo Vision until he got those memories.
@liszst 11 aylar önce
1:01 I like how hazy it gets when introducing him, good nod to the 3.3 interlude quest. Now that he's completely erased his identity in the world of Teyvat, he'd make an amazing spy.
@FahrizalSurya 11 aylar önce
I'm not saying people in Sumeru are weak.. but clearly they lack the power of deity.. even if aranara use their full power, its still.. worrying.... they use their 'existence' to channeling their true power Mondstadt has four winds, and Klee.. Liyue has Adeptus, Inazuma has Youkai, and now with Wanderer joins Sumeru, or Nahida and Traveler to be exact, it put an ease to me for Sumeru
@liszst 10 aylar önce
@@FahrizalSurya sumeru's archon is the one in charge of irminsul, it may not be battle prowess but i guess they've got wit lol
@popsicIes 10 aylar önce
Now that I think about it, he's probably going to be crucial when we eventually get to Snezhnaya.
@Yesmypfpismeirl 10 aylar önce
@@FahrizalSurya while it is true don't forget they can simply ask Nahida to delete everyone's memories that includes any reason for war , meaning they'd have no reason to even touch the nation. sumero may not have powerful warriors but it does have an advantage over everyone: the ability to mess with memories and existence itself.
@ivanna3151 10 aylar önce
@@FahrizalSurya well they do have the scholars of the academia
@engokaneki5674 Yıl önce
It’s quite cute of how Ei, Wanderer and Miko have relations with a bird. Miko toys with the bird but ends it later, Ei wants to have its company but it leaves. While wanderer wants to be alone, the bird wants to Interact and have wanderer’s company.
@ilychrxs Yıl önce
i immediately noticed that and i cant help but think that bird wanting scaras attention is a good thing
EXACTLY Ei: Play with bird Miko: Eat the bird Wanderer: Annoyed by bird
@engokaneki5674 Yıl önce
@@ilychrxs indeed, wanderer not being true to himself but still letting the bird on his shoulder is cute and funny.
What if it's the same bird? The bird comes to Scara and he doesn't want the bird, then it goes to Ei but the bird doesn't like her, then it gets eaten by Miko's fox
@mohasalyan3135 Yıl önce
I think the bird is Nahida. Remember she can take over people and animals.
@moonlight.z6543 8 aylar önce
I love the attention to details in this. First, at the beginning, there's the sound of thunder, symbolizing the Shogun. The atmosphere is also the same as Ei's demo. Then, the bird arrives, much like Ei's idle animation. The main instrument for his theme is a flute - just like the beat-drop of his boss theme - which is an air instrument. His demo images, much like Raiden's, follows an electric sort of animation type, also reflecting on his slightly unhinged mental/emotional state. One of the Fatui agents holds the power of Electro, again alluding to Raiden. The circle(s) forming behind his back during his attacks are a copy of Ei's own. At the end, the beginning of his boss theme is playing, sounding very much like the usual Fatui theme, despite the generally Japanese theme to his demo music. And at the end of the day, he has the attitude of every notable Anemo character in Genshin; Don't interrupt a bard's leisure time, don't ever interrupt Xiao, don't interrupt a poet's haiku, and don't interrupt a wanderer's walk.
@boop5716 7 aylar önce
This is exactly why i love anemo the most. My favorite element in the entire game !!
@griffgoesbeast4642 5 aylar önce
i though almost no one reconized the similarities between ei demo and wanderer demo.
@Ardorstorm 3 aylar önce
This is amazing, and the attitudes of anemo characters are actually something that I thought about like that! Could you do an analysis on the other elements?
@B3_H0N3ST 3 aylar önce
@Ardorstorm 3 aylar önce
Never thought about like that*
@deulviz 11 aylar önce
I don’t know if anyone’s noticed this but his hat actually has some dots that are in different colors such as rainbow colors that usually symbolizes a sign of hope, which means that those could represent his hope in getting a vision and setting free from being a harbinger and a puppet
@silent935 11 aylar önce
Raiden also has dots on her clothes
@tamiyata5531 11 aylar önce
It actually has to do with his Buffs that he gets. You should watch a video where his powers are explained. Depending on which colors are showing, he has different buffs, for example cdmg, cr, atk bonus etc. He can have 2 buffs at once and on a special occasion 3.
@silent935 11 aylar önce
@@tamiyata5531 i think they mean on his hat, not the ring
@deulviz 11 aylar önce
@@silent935 Yes yes! I meant on the hat
@swen.mp3894 11 aylar önce
@@silent935 actually his hat IS the ring, that's why it dissappears when we attack but i do get what op is trying to say 😭😭
@kuminya7120 8 aylar önce
convenient timestamps for me: 1:01 - cool voices, squiggly text 1:10 - blueberry 1:30 - pretty wallpaper 2:01 - beat goes hard 2:05 - my favorite part 2:41 - my favorite idle animation
@kaustubh21 6 aylar önce
2:05 That's my favorite part too... just 3 seconds of it.. The music makes him look like a god.. That's crazy
@petrichorrs 6 aylar önce
​@@kaustubh21 I'm obsessed with that part, he looks really cool.
@Rottenriaa. 5 aylar önce
@@kaustubh21 I'm so glad I wasn't the only one lmao, I keep replying that part.
@boop5716 3 aylar önce
We are moving towards Fontaine but I will really miss Wamderer's arc. He feels like main character now so it really does hurt saying goodbye to him. I hope hyoverse lets him keep appearances here and there so he's not forgotten completely :(
@momimscared2093 3 aylar önce
No need to worry tho, there's some leaks saying he'll appear in Fontaine, but in a side quest ;)
@boop5716 3 aylar önce
@@momimscared2093 OMG NICEE 🥹
@0299Eliz 23 gün önce
​@@momimscared2093I'll be happy seeing my pookie
@skittle-eater 20 gün önce
Would be cool if he appeared in Snezhnaya since he could probably give us some really valuable information to fight the Fatui. Also maybe he’ll take revenge on Dottore
@cisforcringe5645 11 aylar önce
Our glimpse of the Wanderer without him harboring trauma or any memory of the evil he’s done was so good. After the quest, I finally understand his voice lines and why he seems so calm in them. Especially his death line where he says, “The price… for my sins.” Initially I didn’t understand the emotion in them but now I see that it was him accepting that the Balladeer is also him and he sees it as a well-deserved punishment. I wish we could have had trauma-free Wanderer for a bit longer though, he was very cute
@boop5716 7 aylar önce
He was cute indeed. But he was so different from his original character 😭 made me really unsettled because i love him for his sassy attitude and his idgaf personality ✨
@isladiamondgren3575 5 aylar önce
He was so innocent D:
@MysteryWgF_show 2 aylar önce
he was so cute
@politicallycentrist 20 gün önce
​@@boop5716brother what's your age?
@joyboy3461 Yıl önce
I like the part where he said “ it’s wandering time” and wandered all over the place
@mazeditsvsf Yıl önce
this really was the demo ever…
@maruchan_3479 Yıl önce
Truly one of the wanderers of all time
@enanan4 Yıl önce
Truly one of the most the wind rises moments of all time
@vincentgo8413 Yıl önce
I can feel the wanderer wandering inside of me 😩
@warbss 11 aylar önce
He's definitely the most unique anemo in my opinion. Feels like I'm in creative mode lol. Loved his story quest. The lore drop was crazy. Hope I get him soon
@shadex0437 11 aylar önce
The lore makes me question a lot of the stories in this game now because they could be telling real events through stories of fiction
@boop5716 7 aylar önce
That wasn't his story quest. It was semeru's last archon quest: Interlude chapter. I'm really looking forward to his official story quest tho :D
@warbss 7 aylar önce
@@boop5716 true
@butlerofthemeows4314 4 aylar önce
@@boop5716 does every character have an official story quest? I don't play genshin impact but I've been getting interested in its lore.
@boop5716 4 aylar önce
@@butlerofthemeows4314 YES! All the 5 star units have them (except wanderer) 4 stars have hangout quests which aren't the same but they're still fun.
@duck_joymaiden3933 11 aylar önce
In the update, I renamed the Wanderer/Scara to Samsara. Samsara means rebirth and I feel like this is a more than fitting name for him.
@lienhua5558 11 aylar önce
Oh gosh that reminds me of the Samsara cycles-
@thatonearanara 11 aylar önce
I tried to name them balladeer but he didn’t like it 😆
@faintlamps6354 11 aylar önce
technically samsara does not just mean rebirth. it is the cycle of life, from birth to death and a life born anew. in some disciplines it can also refer to the drifting/wandering of a soul from one life to another. so your name is quite fitting for him either way.
@duck_joymaiden3933 11 aylar önce
@@faintlamps6354 Oh wow! Thanks I didn’t know that! I should have researched it a bit more.
@georgiusheatwave 11 aylar önce
I love that he still the same and not a “boring good guy”. He is so real, with character. His lines are an art form.
@alisnoctis 11 aylar önce
Y'all... I just listened to this with headphones for the first time and I didn't realize the depth of that bass after the beat drops. I don't quite know how to describe it but it damn near brought me to tears. It sounds more relaxed/subdued than the other renditions of his theme, but there's just this really gripping, underlying current of sorrow lingering there. It feels so heavy. Sheesh... I was missing out on a lot of the nuance of this track.
@boop5716 4 aylar önce
Imma have to try it too i never listened to this on headphones 🥹
@alisnoctis 4 aylar önce
@boop5716 Please do, and lemme know what you think! So excited for when this track finally drops... going to be a constant staple on my playlist 😤
@MysteryWgF_show 2 aylar önce
man you really describe music in an ultra cool way,i know this is totaly random,but i really liked your description.
@alisnoctis 2 aylar önce
@@MysteryWgF_show Gee, thanks a lot! 😊
@cryptnymph 8 aylar önce
1:06 Most characters have a short, 1-2 sentence description in their splash art sequence, but the Wanderer doesn't. Maybe this symbolizes the fact that there are no records of his past in Irminsul, or maybe it reflects his desire to make a fresh start. Super cool detail either way!
@dazaifeetpics Yıl önce
i love how his personality is the same, it really suits his character. i couldn’t imagine scaramouche being really nice or anything
@lumine2626 Yıl önce
Not the same
I love him 😭💖
@gink_ie Yıl önce
@@cristiangonzalezboticario3037 elaborate please?
@user-zp7hi5bz2v Yıl önce
Being good doesn't necessarily means being nice
@LaggerKnight 9 aylar önce
I also like how this theme feels like a inverted and warped version of Termination of Desires. Where his sister/mother's theme is more grandiose and amped up, like a large bolt of lightning, Wanderer's theme sounds much more empty and twisted, like an ominous gust of wind, to reflect his nature, but still reflects his sibling/parent.
@butlerofthemeows4314 5 aylar önce
@xiaosahoge 23 gün önce
so in other words; wanderer is basically the fujin to his sister's and mom's raijin
@ArifRahman-xz3jl 10 aylar önce
Despite Scaramouche a.k.a. Wanderer appear as a Sumeru character , his Inazuma style is still strongly attached to him. Here are the characters that released with different region : - Lisa Minci : From Sumeru but released as a Mondstadt character. - Thoma : From Mondstadt but released as an Inazuma character - Wanderer ( formerly known as Kabukimono, Kunikuzushi , Scaramouche , and The Balladeer ) : From Inazuma but released as a Sumeru character.
@harveywilde6781 10 aylar önce
You forgot Mona, Kazuha, Tartaglia a.k.a. Childe a.k.a. Ajax, and of course Aloy. Also Lisa is not from Sumeru, she's from Mondstadt but studies at the Akademiya.
@ArifRahman-xz3jl 10 aylar önce
@@harveywilde6781 You can check at the Genshin wikifandom for more details. And to put it simply , you can know where are their regions from the look of their visions. Aloy is a crossover character and she doesnt make an appearance in the story at all. Although the region of Snezhnaya hast released yet, Childe is the only playable Snezhnayan character so far despite he was first appeared in Liyue. Mona first appeared in Liyue because she was looking for or studied with her master there. Kazuha is an Inazuma character. He just literally stayed in The Crux just for work as you can see from his affiliation in his profile but his vision design is from Inazuma. As for Lisa , Hmm maybe I misheard about the information or else. CMIIW. Thx
@potatolife6899 8 aylar önce
Lisa is not from Sumeru though. She only studied in Sumeru Akademiya, but she’s originally from Mondstadt. I think it was already mentioned in her character story that she returned to her homeland Mondstadt after just 2 years of study in Sumeru.
@Hackers16 10 aylar önce
Xiao and Balladeer have the most interesting story in the whole game so far. Their past is full of emotions and their story always gives me goosebumps.
@user-fl8qj9iw1k 11 aylar önce
I'm together with those who likes how his style is Inazumian, but also has some Sumerian motifs, like a pattern on his hat (the flower pattern from Sumeru's carpets, plates, vases, anything that can have it). I never thought that this two aesthetics can work so good together and it makes sense story-wise since his new journey strated from Sumeru. His design is very well thought out.
@asteria1700 11 aylar önce
The Wanderer demo gave me the most chills, it feels most different than the other characters that I actually liked. This demo got me hyped up more after the drop part (after burst) and now, since the release of this demo, I always come back here and just feel the intensity of this video. Great job by Hoyoverse.
@sumitkhatri8210 Yıl önce
"You'll die a thousand deaths for this" "I look forward to that. Sadly, you won't be there to see it" I just love the emo energy of him
Mans was just asking for directions :(
He is anemo after all wink
@user-hm5zm9rs1r Yıl önce
@@pacificcoastbreeze Probably it's a trap. I don't remember any inns outside of Sumeru
@sohamandrew7069 Yıl önce
Just like a second Xiao.
@3l1zxx Yıl önce
@ShortlockHolmes 11 aylar önce
I love how this trailer becomes even better after we play through the events of 3.3. It explains the editing choices and tiny 'inconsistencies' hidden in this video.
@searchtruth2037 3 aylar önce
I can't explore without him anymore. He is so polyvalant and pleasant to play, even in fight. Also, I really liked his story. He is a very touching and maybe one of the most unique chara.
@cassrblxlover9169 6 aylar önce
The fact that he was ok with the bird being in his shoulder OMG. 😭❤️
@kirasrighthand 11 aylar önce
@boop5716 7 aylar önce
I like how different his demo is as compared to everyone else. It feels lile he had the most character development out of all the genshin characters. Sure his personality might still be the same, but I think he's now finally free from his past trauma, and now he's become his person. I LOVE HIM.
@boop5716 Yıl önce
Never intrude on *venti's* leisure time Never interrupt *kazuha's* haiku Never ask *scara* for directions.
@LiveLoveLaughTsukasa 11 aylar önce
Darius Bostic It's pretty ironic that you have 666 subscribers rn
@kittenmimi5326 11 aylar önce
@@LiveLoveLaughTsukasa omg it's still 666 to this day lmaooo
@LiveLoveLaughTsukasa 11 aylar önce
@@kittenmimi5326 lmao yay
@afikkusan 11 aylar önce
Anemo bois are built different
@emiljano5246 11 aylar önce
@@kittenmimi5326 TODAY STILL 666 hahhaaaha
@momslayer456 6 aylar önce
The birds in this trailer most likely represents freedom. The wanderer lost his purpose as a vessel of the gnosis, however now sought an purpose as an helper of an archon, doing their dirty work behind the scenes. His ability to fly also fits this aswell. Him being anemo also symbolises freedom. And i just think this is a super cool detail
@MiyuKawasaki 4 aylar önce
I think it represents raiden shogun and he gets reminded of her, so he's angry at the bird
@d0rky951 3 aylar önce
@@MiyuKawasakiI’m guessing the bird represents his connection to the Raiden shogun. Despite erasing himself from the irminsul thus changing the past it’s still connected to him
@Doco160 10 aylar önce
Love the echoes of Ei's demo in here: particularly the scene where his eyes are glowing and it's a shot of his face in front of a circle. The background is different, but it's pretty much the same pose. Hope we get some interaction between them at some point.
@ksushamay2789 8 aylar önce
Продолжаю возвращаться к этому демо, всё в нём великолепно. Музыка, эффекты и даже небольшой сюжет, ну и сам Скара, очень жду реран 😰
@jordanmntungwa3311 24 gün önce
after playing Wanderer for a little while now. everything here is accurate. Except for maybe the hand the close combat hand thing he did to the Electro Hammer Fatui. but the combos, flipping Treasure hoarders into the air, Dodging pyro slinger shots while flying etc. all that was actually accurate gameplay.
@goatkiddie1023 11 aylar önce
I can't express how much I love Scaramouche and I'm not even done with the archon quests yet. PERFECT character, PERFECT story, PERFECT buildup, unapologetically himself which is so refreshing amidst the playable characters who have committed heinous crimes with no repercussions... Also AMAZING music that hits at the heart, nostalgic, playful, powerful with a piece of every place he's wandered. Does anyone know what the whispers are saying? I can't imagine hoyoverse would put it in without meaning
@petrichorrs 11 aylar önce
Yesss I love him so much. I also want to know if the whispers mean anything. Nice P5 pfp btw!
@anneoneal3865 11 aylar önce
Aside from Childe, WHAT other characters are you talking about?
@1jeong1n 11 aylar önce
@@anneoneal3865probably ei, and many characters have committed murder; zhongli, venti, childe, kaeya, diluc (most likely), etc
@anneoneal3865 11 aylar önce
@@1jeong1n Yes, and..?
@haiiro1757 11 aylar önce
I still hate him, he erased his existence from Irminsul. If he is man enough, he should have faced his atonement and not escape from it. Too late, nobody remembers him except us and Nahida. Yeah he will try to remind people about his past BUT still it is meaningless if they can't remember him based on their personal knowledge.
I love how even after becoming the wanderer, scara/wanderer still goes like "if violence doesnt solve your problem, YOU ARENT USING ENOUGH VIOLENCE"
@banoczkirebeka6503 11 aylar önce
Violence is never the answer. It's a question and the answer is yes.
@strawberrymilk9302 11 aylar önce
why does this not have more likes this is SO TRUE
@MonkyCommander 11 aylar önce
violence is never the answer but its always the best option :)
@thatonearanara 11 aylar önce
Violence and is the solution, answer and question
@tythanh4708 11 aylar önce
@boop5716 10 aylar önce
This soundtrack has grown on me so much, i love how alluring and haunting it sounds, but mystical and wise at the same time. Just love everything about his demo ✨
@isladiamondgren3575 5 aylar önce
Can we get back to those sweet days where scaranation were taking over the world? Where SECONDS after his release everybody without consulting made him their profile pictures? Time flies so fast and it hurts violently.
@boop5716 5 aylar önce
I miss those times as well. Will really miss wanderer arc
@isladiamondgren3575 5 aylar önce
@@boop5716 it was fire D';
@nerimaken482 5 aylar önce
please I remember this one tiktok where they slow-motioned his hands as he was about to strangle the fatui saying how hot he was it was so funny 😭
@isladiamondgren3575 5 aylar önce
@docark1163 11 aylar önce
I find the wanderer fighting the pyro and electro skirmisher weirdly fitting considering in unreconciled stars it was the pyro and electro skirmisher that mentioned there was a harbinger in the event which was scaramouche though at that point we already met scaramouch but the chaperon part even more fitting to this
@blipblapbloophehw 10 aylar önce
could it be the same people??
@elogiacinerosaa 6 aylar önce
​@@blipblapbloophehw KYRIE????? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE
@d0rky951 3 aylar önce
@@elogiacinerosaawow I’m in love with ur pfp :o
@CrowStruggles 11 aylar önce
I love this animation, I love the demo, I love the design I LOVE IT ALL HSJSJSHJSJSJ Hoyoverse has improved so much since the first few demos, and I may not have been here for the whole pathway, but after watching old character demos, and the new ones now, it makes me so happy. This is one of my favorite ones besides Ei and Zhongli, but it tops both of their demos, because of the editing and music!!
@techycatz 3 aylar önce
Venti: Wouldn’t gliding be faster? Wanderer: Wouldn’t flying be faster?
I feel the bird symbolises the state of Ei, Yae and the Wanderer's interpersonal relationships: Ei seems to want the bird's company but it leaves her, reflecting how she has the capacity to care for others but has lost many of her loved ones. Yae Miko teases the bird then devours it as she sees most people besides her god as mere playthings. The Wanderer briefly tolerates the bird's presence before falling back to his contemptuous ways in order to destroy his attachment to transient things before they choose to leave him, resolving to be alone.
Here is the full Clip : Genshin new update trvid.com/video/video-mCfYi7634rU.html
@takuna. Yıl önce
Exactly . And the birds representation itself is to “break free” or have freedom over something, or like in Ambers book she gave us in the start and how it talked about the birds not being able to fly until they actually had the courage to; I think it’s nice with all the bird references. Except Timmy..
@Lee_21 Yıl önce
@bugzare_awesome Yıl önce
wait this actually makes so much sense-
@@takuna. for Timmie must be the freedom to have a loving and comforting company again, but yh still shackled
@mr.unicum 8 aylar önce
People who are angry about the memory wipe - Wanderer said it himself that he wants everyone effected to know the truth. Also, he remembers everything he's done, so it doesn't clash with his character growth, even tho noone else remembers it
@d0rky951 3 aylar önce
Plush he tried to sacrifice himself to save his old friends ToT
@_volkot3215 11 aylar önce
THE ANIMATION!!! Hoyoverse really made their way from Venti's trailer to this!!
@lattezuha 4 aylar önce
cn community may hate you, but we're always by your side!
@zenilys 11 aylar önce
This character demo gives me goosebumps it’s so cool 😭❤ thank you for creating this masterpiece
@Emma-- 3 aylar önce
The moment i watched this vid i fell in love with this character even tho i hadnt gotten to his part in the lore. HE IS SO COOL AND BADASS Im a wanderer main nowwwww
@wandererislife 2 aylar önce
@karolowo3401 Yıl önce
i love how he seems calm and collected but just a minor inconvenience turns him into a violent battle machine this felt like an esxplosion
@Poohbear6 Yıl önce
Wait- isn’t he a harbinger? Why is he fighting fatui
@boomguitarjared Yıl önce
He went fluckin' all out on just those two fatui duuds
@athy_04 Yıl önce
He didn't mind the bird at first and after that battle, he shooed it as if he was saying "Go away, little thing I'm not in the mood" 🤣
@elag4mer548 Yıl önce
@@Poohbear6you missed a lot of story if you’re asking
@mir4ikloveyae 11 aylar önce
Эта музыка при его ульте.... Мама Мия, я в раю Спасибо за то, что оставили его характер, меньшего и про Фарузан сказать не могу
@4weebie 10 aylar önce
The editing in this demo is different from a lot of the other characters i love how unique it is.
@asyaalyssia919 11 aylar önce
wow. I’m really happy Wanderer came to me, I wanted him by heart. It could be false, but I feel that creators made him with a big love. I feel this big amount of work. So I just wanna say thank you, Hoyoverse❤️
@erischan08vii19 7 aylar önce
I can't believe it took me months to notice that the OST in Wanderer's demo features a subtle chant that starts at 1:01 and momentarily stops throughout the fight scene with dialogues, then the chants resume at 2:01 and ends at the part where the fight is over. You gotta love the little details!
@ElectroHunter-nk9fj 8 aylar önce
@jammmymax6523 Aylar önce
I know I'm late but this is literally the best version I need it on Spotify or something
@kou74ita 27 gün önce
​@@jammmymax6523i wonder when it'll come out
@xiaosahoge 24 gün önce
⁠@@kou74ita I think in january
@kou74ita 24 gün önce
​@@xiaosahogeI hope soooo
@xiaosahoge 24 gün önce
@@kou74ita well a lot of the demo themes (venti's through nahida's I mean) have been released in january (with the album being called the stellar moments) so of course we'll get the official version of wanderer's demo theme in january
Scaramouche mercilessly beating up Fatui is what I live for. Love how even tho he left the harbingers he still ruthless and unfriendly. Love his unique personality
@ZoeTheRose Yıl önce
@ThingWednesday Okay That’s Super Cool And Stuff But Can You Explain Who Asked
@Killer_KT Yıl önce
@@ZoeTheRose that is a bot, comrade
@snowpools8498 Yıl önce
@@Killer_KT that is a joke, comrade
@ari_i. Yıl önce
so many likes but little comments?s
@Killer_KT Yıl önce
@@snowpools8498 is good joke, comrade
@derpyaxolotl6655 5 aylar önce
This has to be my favorite character demo out of all of them
@yeet6278 Aylar önce
top tier as always. i've long forgotten how many times i've revisited his demo
@st4rxo_ 11 aylar önce
Now these character demo’s are getting better and better like-
@liu8751 11 aylar önce
YOOOOO THIS TRAILER IS SICK!! was never a big fan of scaramouche till recently i gotta say his design, voice, and character development is awesome. the way this trailer was executed was amazing, for sure will pull. goodluck to everyone who's wishing!!!
@unqny 2 aylar önce
Masterpiece. Best character, no doubt.
@Valaltnyx Yıl önce
I am so glad that they kept his personality the way that it was and didn’t change it. He basically just got an Anemo vision, a color pallet change, and some insight into himself and I’m all for it Edit: wtf how did i even get this many likes… thx tho!
@Mewp. Yıl önce
Yeah, i would have died inside if his personality changed, but his arc is one of if not the best in this game, I LOVE HIM
@Dragonyte666 Yıl önce
Eh, he changed a bit in the sense that he's not as unhappy. He's just bratty which is super cool.
@vietbluecoeur Yıl önce
STRONG agree, especially on the insight into himself. Love that for him!
His thoughts and paths changed. Not personality. I dont like him but i appreceate its not just another character always showing their soft side towards everyone.
@kottali3920 Yıl önce
Don't forget the therapy!
@selenamusic8583 11 aylar önce
This song never gets old. No matter how much I listen, I never get bored!!
@jaker7567 10 aylar önce
Wandering for eons, silently and solemnly observing and remembering all that the World forgot
@c6rn6g2k1d 10 aylar önce
very short, yet beautiful.
@MaskedBishop 11 aylar önce
It is our sacred duty to serve the Wanderer in helping him to become the next anemo God! Edit: My favourite character now! Everyone should play him! He changes battles and exploration drastically, making things way more comfortable and saving lots of time. ^^ Often you don't have to actively approach and target enemies anymore, you can use hills as moving staircases, and by combining his float skill with running you can move much faster on the map: -> run -> float run -> run ->... while you do one thing, the other stamina refills. And no need for bridges, haha.
@boop5716 7 aylar önce
I can't NOT use him now. I'm too addicted to flying everywhere lol. It feels empty when he's not in my party
@petrichorrs 4 aylar önce
I finally have his C2!! I can't wait to C6 him. I wish the best of luck to everyone else who's going for him.
@THExJMC Yıl önce
I'm surprised people are mentioning the similarities with the bird to Ei, but aren't talking about how the whole character demo is almost the same sequence as Ei's character demo. From the starting with the bird, to tension building, to epic fighting, the clips in and out of reality, the zoom in on his face with glowing eyes, then finally interacting with the bird again at the end and giving a line as he walks off. It's all the same as Ei's character demo, even the music is the same but at a different pace with a different note.
@kaileena7 Yıl önce
Yup, she even appears in a frame in his trailer when his image changes to a negative! Really nice details as usual from Hoyo.
@ccesca8540 Yıl önce
@@kaileena7 can I ask for the timestamp?
@lbg1690 Yıl önce
@@ccesca8540 2:02 a bit hard to spot
@sagee_stuffs Yıl önce
2:07 :)
@sagee_stuffs Yıl önce
Oh someone already commented lol
@jalalahmed5733 11 aylar önce
I am so glad that they kept his personality the way that it was and didn’t change it. He basically just got an Anemo vision, a color pallet change, and some insight into himself and I’m all for it
@MysteryWgF_show 2 aylar önce
i joined the game in his first banner,didn't know what wishes were,got him in four single pulls,didn't know who i was but picked it as a dps because he looked cool. long story short now i am in fontaine and he is still my dps,and now that i know his story,i like him even more :D
@wandererislife 2 aylar önce
@f4llenleaves 9 aylar önce
not a simp but what really sold it for me is his burst. satisfying visuals, nice sfx, and enemies just die. i feel powerful using it
@sna241 11 aylar önce
1:32 - 1:44 - Favourite part of the trailer. Excellent visuals. The artwork/animation at 1:50 where the enemy holds Scar's forearms looks a bit out of place from the rest of the trailer. Other than that, the trailer is enjoyable. In 3.3 trailer, I was playing the wanderer part in repeat, right from "Dottore...".
@tegarulawliet 4 aylar önce
The fictional character that made real incels feel challenged 😂 makes him even better. I can’t wait for Dottore’s release
@politicallycentrist 20 gün önce
What? Can you explain? Whom did he challenge? I mean in real life?
@dickota6669 Yıl önce
My favorite detail is him being kind to the bird until it's time for him to put on this persona he's used in front of other people for centuries. Deep down, he is a truly emotional and kind person, but that emotionality is exactly what he resents, because he believes that's why Ei discarded him.
@alix3123 Yıl önce
favorite comment.
@zodiAAAHHH Yıl önce
@@Fabio-ql5yf she didn't want to control him so she set him free but he mistook that for being not good enough and too weak for ei and thought that's why she abandoned him
@withallstars Yıl önce
@@zodiAAAHHH she didn't exactly set him free, he was stuck in the shakkei pavillion and escaped that place himself... she just decided to not kill him
@sakurajess4299 Yıl önce
@@Fabio-ql5yf he was too "weak" bc he shed tears in his sleep... Ei believed he was too emotional and not strong enough to hold the gnosis as she had intended for him
@cloudstrifesn1bbg 11 aylar önce
His personality is so complex I love Scara's detailed character
@kienphucnguyen1721 9 aylar önce
note this: scara cannot erased his "existence". He simply "removed" himself out of everyone's memories. Like ruka said, if you truly erased your own existence with the irminsul, it would create a paradox. Just like in flashpoint paradox.
@nekukiryu 10 aylar önce
what keeps me up at night (in a good way) about this demo is that the music is basically the tatarasuna music because that's where most of his history is linked to then comes the fandango and it's so much perfection
@abderraoufnouacer6487 11 aylar önce
I don't know if anyone has noticed, but during every 5* star character demo, when showing the character's splash picture next to his name, there's always a small description written under the name. But for Scara- I mean, Wanderer, there's only his name and his "title?" Eons Adrift. Not a single phrase describing him
@boop5716 7 aylar önce
Nice observation!
@PERPLUCRAP Aylar önce
After rewatching his demo, i wanna build him again
@yourstruly1060 Yıl önce
A bit off topic ... but I wanna show some appreciation for Scara's personality not completely changing. I'm sure his character development is there, but I'm glad his core traits are still present with him being edgy, sassy and mischievous. Not every playable character we get has to be friendly and friends with Traveler. Gives me hope for future Fatui and villain-like characters.
@ece4358 Yıl önce
Me too. I mean its good that theyre loving us and being too good i love scara much more than that. Bc its different and we really need different type op characters imo.
@reinhartnata47 Yıl önce
My question is what changes him from being violent to being merciful. If this is the old scara he won't be leaving those fatui alive lol
@patfloff Yıl önce
Yeah man when I heard he was gonna be playable and have a "redemption arc" I couldn't imagine how he would be portrayed as nice, as seen in most arcs like those hahaha
@aciesara5444 Yıl önce
I legit dislike Scara personality, but that's the reason why I think it's good and want to pull him. He is the first playable with bad personality and hopefully not the last.
@reinhartnata47 Yıl önce
@@aciesara5444 dottore will be playable, so there's that
@MatchaCutie14 9 aylar önce
DUDE I KNOW ITS BEEN 2 MONTHS BUT HONESTLY IVE NEVER BEEN THIS HYPED BEFORE OVER A CHARACTER DEMON🔥🔥🔥as someone who loves trap music this is FIRE BRO!!!‼️‼️💯💯Mihoyo better drop this demo theme ong. the snares, claps and BASS make such a banger bro.... SO GOOD
@Gudeteroux 11 aylar önce
I like how they added some sort of glitch-like effect on the demo. It made sense if one has finished the Interlude quest (and I think majority already completed it, anyway).
@ameliayew3665 11 aylar önce
definitely my favourite demo
@astrid_0445 11 aylar önce
I was curious about the trailer when the fatui soldiers didn't recognize him! Now it makes sense 🔥❤️ good work with the detail Hoyo ❤️
@petrichorrs 11 aylar önce
I love his demo so much, I can't help but keep coming back to it. I love everything about it.
And when he said "it's wanderin time" and proceeded to wanders all over them, literal chills. Truly one of the lines of all time
@TheWingEmpire Yıl önce
@alainjay24 Yıl önce
underrated comment
@commasui525 Yıl önce
i can never escape this stupid meme
@divinebeef8660 Yıl önce
Underrated comment
@termina7658 Yıl önce
@@commasui525 I love these memes
@yeet6278 9 aylar önce
I keep coming back to this,,, For me, his demo is just that perfect
@boop5716 7 aylar önce
@xiaosahoge 6 gün önce
@carloseduqp1 11 aylar önce
Woooooow, It was a long time ago since I felt this way with a Demo. The music, the mysteries, the power, the dark gazes and the way wanderer speaks😰😳😏 amazing!!!
@Sparkz_72alt 3 aylar önce
bruh this is built more like a thirst trap than a character demo lmao and im all for it
@saraheveraarts7937 11 aylar önce
This demo kind of reminds me of the God of Whirlwinds. He has the same elemental sphere as the archons do. He's even on the same level as them since he was created by Ei and was also supposed to be strong enough to house a gnosis
@silent118 7 aylar önce
2:00 absolutely love this part
@Chillyy1231 7 aylar önce
I love that he turned into scaramouche at the end, his little ominous fandango played and he addressed the underlings how I imagined he would speak to them as a harbinger. This is a really cool demo :')
They didn’t know who he was cause they’re assigned to one of the other harbingers If you listen to the two fatui in Mondstadt, they say that the fatui agents under scaramouche have been reassigned to the other harbingers If they worked under him before being assigned to someone else they would have recognized him
@kanji2237 Yıl önce
@@yangxiaolong7681 they never said the fatui were HIS underlings. Read the op comment again but slowly
@gnrngkcntnf Yıl önce
I didn't notice his old theme was playing!
@w.916 Yıl önce
@@yangxiaolong7681 spoilers: they didnt know because he erased his past self from the irminsul
@hopedope9174 11 aylar önce
wowie never played genshin (actually downloading it as I'm watching) and idk anything about the game: but I'm already obsessed with this character !! the music just sealed the deal :) hope I can find my footing once I can begin my journey.
@petrichorrs 11 aylar önce
He really is an amazing character. Have fun playing the game!! The music in this game never disappoints, I'm sure you'll love hearing them white exploring!
@Kopisusuuuu 11 aylar önce
He is so fun to play, hope you'll get him! heres some luck for your pull ☘️🍀
@mrwannabe00 11 aylar önce
Oof good luck in the beginning of the game, and if you pull for him it's going to take a while to unlock sumeru
@aria1757 2 aylar önce
The moment his theme drops makes me feel like im in heaven TT it soooo good
@xie1ian 10 aylar önce
2:01 this part is literally the best
@xie1ian 10 aylar önce
@silent118 7 aylar önce
@@xie1iangives me goosebumps
@lindaliu4929 11 aylar önce
I’m not gonna lie, the harbingers asked pretty politely especially in the Chinese version and scara still went ham on them 😭
@hongfeiwei2710 10 aylar önce
@jyusatsu 11 aylar önce
Ok I just realized that this trailer showing him leaving the city might actually be retcon in the conclusion of the interlude chapter where he leaves after agreeing with Nahida and Traveler and this is what happened after that. Really nice I'd say
@starrywolf6273 Yıl önce
It’s really amazing to see just how far the character demos have gone!! the music, the perspectives, and god the TRANSITIONS!!! From kaeya to wanderer..there are HUGE improvements!!
@andrefarfan4372 Yıl önce
@@l4g yeah
@PopsicleMlbb Yıl önce
@@l4g please make it stop beating ☺️
@netinhoow7080 Yıl önce
@andrefarfan4372 Yıl önce
@@netinhoow7080 yes
@Mdmdmdidkdodi Yıl önce
@@l4gactually make it stop beating please 😍
@ranpo-kun 11 aylar önce
Этот монтаж(я просто выпала), сам Скарамучча, его атаки, я в восторге!! Полнейший восторг!!
@strann7447 11 aylar önce
This still feels so surreal. After so much anticipation, uncertainty that he’ll be playable and excitement over any small appearance or mention of him since he was first introduced, he is finally here. I’m so happy I was here to experience the build up and release of the most ant
@ExtraSweetSour Aylar önce
1:46 this part of the music is giving life changing vibes
@TheSimpSamurai432 10 aylar önce
I like that right when the music drops you hear singing in the background that sounds like the voice from his boss fight, both his past and his present
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