Challenging Bob Does Sports To A Match | Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson DeChambeau
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Who else should I have a match with? Drop a comment below.

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Challenging Bob Does Sports To A Match | Bryson DeChambeau



7 Ağu 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Bryson DeChambeau
Should we run this back? Need to get Bob involved. Maybe switch up the format a little bit for next time.
Bob Does Sports
Just a special round for the boys...Look forward to running it back, Bryson!
Siam Saechew
Bryson and Martin are trying to win while Perez and Cold are partying it up drinking beers. 😂
Brian B
Bryson seems like a good dude despite how the media depicts him. Also helps he’s golfing with two absolute legends.
Paul Sienkiewicz
Definitely need a rematch when Bob is there and when Martin has a full set. Bryson and Martin should play best ball and Bob Does Sports plays scramble.
I'm no golfer but wouldn't worst ball mean you have to take the putt that misses? meaning you'd have to both make the putt?
Bee Davys
I didn’t know how bad I needed this match! Let’s gooo! FP, Cutsy, Bob Does Sports are legends! (Up and coming)
Paul Rouss
I'm happy Fat Perez is getting more exposure. He's awesome 👌
The good Godfrey flies
Definitely do more with the Bob does sports guys. The vibes were just right.
Definitely missing Bobby Fairways, but always a good time with FP and Cutsy! Also loving the SWAG on Bryson’s bag.
The Golf Clan
FP played like he was on a mission. Sad that Bob was feeling under the weather. Would've loved his reactions to Bryson and Martin's ball flights
Sean Crossan
We missed Bob a little but Cutsy and FP are fun to watch just the same! Love seeing Bryson have fun with golf and just get out there with the boys! Has to be a dope change of pace for him!
Once you switched to best ball I 100% expected FP and Cold Cuts to fall apart. THEY PLAYED LIGHTS OUT! Impressive video, love to see it!
Bee Davys
I didn’t know how bad I needed this match! Let’s gooo! FP is a legend!
4 absolute specimens playing golf with each other. Loving the content lately, boys.
As soon as I saw this video I had to like it. Bob does sports is the GOAT of golf banter. Love it and not even mad its just Bobs Buds
David Eckhardt
Great mash up. Definitely gotta do it when Bob feels better. His commentary really adds something to the mix.
Dont Panic
Love the bobdoessports crossover. Watching Coldcuts and Fat Perez joking with each other and joey keeping FP fueled up with millers was very fun.
Takata Store
So so cool this collab! Keep it up! We are so lucky to have this level of golf entertainment
St. Gerard Catholic Church, San Antonio
220 out, the hardest 9 iron I ever hit...I am on the floor rolling in laughter....love Martin and Bryson!!!!