Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson: Cheapest Celebrity and Athlete in the World | EP. 71 | CLUB SHAY SHAY

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3x First-Team All Pro, 6x Pro Bowler and the 2006 NFL receiving yards leader, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson stops by the Club for episode 71!

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Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson: Cheapest Celebrity and Athlete in the World | EP. 71 | CLUB SHAY SHAY
• Chad “Ochocinco” ...

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29 Oca 2023




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Jeremiah Butler
Jeremiah Butler Aylar önce
The fact Shay did the intro again for his own amusement and made it better just explains why I’m a fan. The interview I always needed
A N 3 gün önce
@Thomas Nelson Nah, he knew there was too much stumbling the first time around. He had a chance to better the intro. Which is respect for himself (performance) and his guest (accomplishments). All love❤!
Brandon Phresh
Brandon Phresh 9 gün önce
@Jaime Romero
Ted Wallace
Ted Wallace 28 gün önce
@Thomas Nelson exactly, it’s all based on your own perspective
Thomas Nelson
Thomas Nelson Aylar önce
One could say he is a great host. And one could say by repeating the intro he was disrespecting himself. It all depends on the experiences you had in your own life.
VegasLoungeAct Aylar önce
He said, "When you first meet someone, you're meeting their representative." That's 100% correct.
GButterfly TV
GButterfly TV 13 gün önce
Masmill 19 gün önce
I be saying that all the time I can't believe he said the same thing
The Dr. Mrs.
The Dr. Mrs. Aylar önce
Chad is really funny and is such a class act. I’m so WEAK about him looking for athletic women. “Can you run the 40?” “Can you jump?” 😂😂😂😂
NDMac 3 gün önce
And don't forget to check her ankles guys lol
A C 18 gün önce
It's real! Now the kid got anger issues because he only grows to be 5'2 or has a 13.2 40yrd dash. 😭 They only put him on the team because you always buy SunnyD and Subway for after game snacks.
Tyler Moudy
Tyler Moudy Aylar önce
I ain’t raising models! 😂
ThA MAN C MAcK Aylar önce
@Sijan Grg Right! 😄
Kiera Cohen
Kiera Cohen Aylar önce
I always looked at this man as “cocky” and now I understand that he is just very confident in who he is and I love that about him.
2 gün önce
Fifi, I know nothing about football, but this mann is mesmerizing. And he's intelligent.
Printts A
Printts A 13 gün önce
Same, I didn't know he was so down to earth for one or possesses such a brilliant mind. I could learn from him when it comes to finances I'm sure lol
I didn't watch a single NFL game over the last 3 seasons, but I listened to this episode twice. Ocho is utterly fascinating with his own unique wisdom. Great content.
Samantha Estera Herrera
I always admired Chad's money management discipline. Through effective money management, A lot can be achieved. Another thing is to diversify streams of income especially stocks and cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin. Time in the market is better than timing the market.
HighWarlordJC 19 gün önce
@Rory Peralta So your retirement plan was to have no plan until you needed to retire? Wishing you the best. Hope you're filthy rich, because you're screwed otherwise.
Jonathan Ledgard
Jonathan Ledgard 25 gün önce
@Brian Acosta Fuller all these comments are bots lmfao
Jacob H
Jacob H 29 gün önce
@Rory Peralta a little late for that 😅
Miss T
Miss T Aylar önce
@Malik Crawley I flew Spirit once on a 5 1/2 hour flight. NEVER again unless it's an unusually extreme emergency. It was awful. 😞
Kamadre Johnson
Kamadre Johnson Aylar önce
And people hated him for his personality. This man has always been great no matter how you felt about him.
Melvin Greene
Melvin Greene 2 gün önce
Melvin Greene
Melvin Greene 2 gün önce
Kamadre Johnson
Kamadre Johnson 14 gün önce
@Winter Souljah843 Chad Ochocinco. Where you got Cam Newton from I'll never know🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Kamadre Johnson
Kamadre Johnson 14 gün önce
@Winter Souljah843 he's a wr. Since when do we base winning seasons on wr's?
Kamadre Johnson
Kamadre Johnson 14 gün önce
@Winter Souljah843 nobody bringing up winning seasons. His stats were great🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Pete Young
Pete Young Aylar önce
Such a straight shooter, this guy. When he met with coach Erickson at Oregon St, he told him flat out, "I don't like school, but I don't party, I don't get in trouble, and I will help this team win." In his one year, the Beavers went 11-1 and destroyed Notre Dame 41-9 in the Fiesta Bowl. One of the all time greats.
bacchus thompson
bacchus thompson Aylar önce
That game still hurts til this day 🤦🏾‍♂️... Him and TJ were out there video gaming.
Ty Davis
Ty Davis Aylar önce
His financial literacy is phenomenal…
RandySavage50 Aylar önce
I met him in Miami back in 2010ish. He was behind us in a Lambo and we went to the same restaurant. Let me tell you, he spoke to and took photos with ALL his fans that came up. I'll be forever grateful to meet him and witness his humbleness.
RandySavage50 24 gün önce
@Jamie Mcdonald yea I believe it was rented or leased or something. Didn’t have any real tags on it
Jamie Mcdonald
Jamie Mcdonald 24 gün önce
Weird. He doesn't strike me as the kind of guy to spend on a Lambo.
Chandler Carroll
Chandler Carroll Aylar önce
Even Chad wasn’t done yet, we definitely need a second episode with him someday. 😂 For sure the best club Shay Shay episode so far.
Jackie Aylar önce
Chad is so SMART!!! People have slept on this man for years. Anytime he interviews I watch because he drops nuggets!
Ced Williams
Ced Williams Aylar önce
One of the most authentic and funniest athletes ever . If he was playing in this era , his brand would be even bigger
The Daily IdioT✔️
@Under Achieving 😊😊
Comedy Vibes
Comedy Vibes Aylar önce
@shaun bell Jesus Loves you and wants you to accept him as your Lord and saviour
Comedy Vibes
Comedy Vibes Aylar önce
@Greg Thomas Jesus Loves you and wants you to accept him as your Lord and also saviour
Comedy Vibes
Comedy Vibes Aylar önce
Jesus Loves you and wants you to accept him as your Lord and saviour
Jacob Cuevas
Jacob Cuevas Aylar önce
As a 22 year old young man this podcast was eye opening Forsure. Sometimes it takes a lot for your eyes to get peeled back
Harmony 737
Harmony 737 18 saatler önce
Look at yall!!! Deuce Deuce & getting the game young! Now go apply it! And live ur best lyfe
xKingzly Aylar önce
i’m 22 2
Mason Aylar önce
Same 22 and this is so refreshing
28richkid Aylar önce
This interview was like me sitting I’m my grandma living room listening to my uncles talk😂
Eric Da Silva
Eric Da Silva Aylar önce
I think he's become one of the most universally liked Athletes ..He has "IT" his personality, and his energy can't be taught , it's a natural charisma..He is full of GEMS 💯
TheRealKeshia2 Aylar önce
This interview is hilarious, riveting, authentic, respectful, soothing.
Mimi Trent
Mimi Trent Aylar önce
“….What was the point? I went to Claires…” 😂😂😂😂😂 I love it!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
sonand sanford
sonand sanford 22 gün önce
They (Claires) should look this man up for ads!
JusMykeTV Aylar önce
My daughter goes to school with his daughter at PVAMU and he came out there and dropped jewels to those kids and impacted them forever SALUTE 🫡
JusMykeTV Aylar önce
@Average American Girl public school public $’s that’s 🧢
JusMykeTV Aylar önce
@Anthony Garrett public school public $’s all 🧢
Average American Girl
@D WE Labron put more kids through college then all the players in the NBA put together.
Anthony Garrett
Anthony Garrett Aylar önce
@D WE Lebron is not retired either but yet he has a school in Akron... look it up
D WE Aylar önce
LA BRON would never do that
This isn't an episode this is a Ted Talk. There are so many gems in here and most people won't even notice it. This man is a genius.
Chris Silva
Chris Silva 29 gün önce
Chad is literally the perfect role model for all youth. God bless him 🙏 good dude for real
Niizzy92 Aylar önce
MURK360 Aylar önce
No lie.. I've never watched any full episode of Shannon's show . But this one touched me a lot. The way that Chad carries himself going through the things he went through and growing from a lot of the things life put in front of him touches me a lot. Also being a Florida native really ties in to how my upbringing was as well. Wish I had a mentor like him. I like the way he puts his words in the pictures. And how he offers different perspectives on life and the cards it deals you.
George S
George S Aylar önce
Wow, ton of respect for this man. Proud to be frugal when he doesn't have to be, nothing to prove to anyone but himself. True blueprint to happiness.
Fit Fogey
Fit Fogey Aylar önce
“Money looks a lot better coming in than it does going out.” - Chad Johnson. Remembering that quote from years ago has kept me out of what I would consider financially bad decisions. I give him much props for that.
Fit Fogey
Fit Fogey 24 gün önce
@Princern Prince Nah. It’s just hate. Peace.
Princern Prince
Princern Prince 24 gün önce
@Fit Fogey it's always hate when it's not in agreement. They are simple facts simple contradictions within the same interview nothing to hate about it but I'm not going to sit and praise someone that obviously is not telling the truth.
Fit Fogey
Fit Fogey 24 gün önce
@Princern Prince How many times you gonna post hate fam.
Princern Prince
Princern Prince 24 gün önce
Made a career 48 million and worth 15 mil now looks like its all going out
Jo joeljoel
Jo joeljoel 26 gün önce
As an African I was blown away by this man's mindset...wow love him love him...I will apply some of his tips in my personal life ❤️ 💯👌🏾
Rodney Hill
Rodney Hill Aylar önce
I love this interview, they didn't over talk each other they both listened to each other. Thanks unc for this interview.
Juwan Howell
Juwan Howell Aylar önce
Ocho always been different man. I’m born and raised from Cincinnati this man to pulled up to the hood and came to my 12th birthday party! This man didn’t even know me or my family ❤
Jamie Mcdonald
Jamie Mcdonald 24 gün önce
And then everyone stood and clapped?
Jess Tiss
Jess Tiss Aylar önce
That’s crazy! 😮❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥8️⃣5️⃣🫡
Kenny King
Kenny King 21 gün önce
I loved Chads personality growing up it was unmatched lol
Aleman T
Aleman T Aylar önce
Wisdom. I’m listening to it for free. Thank you Ochocinco and Shay.
Lol wut
Lol wut Aylar önce
“I don’t care how fine you are; can you run the 40??” Ochocinco is a national treasure
J W Aylar önce
How was your lateral movement
FaithTV Aylar önce
He was literally saying that line as I read your comment. 🤣
Detroit Hustle-N-Business
Scrood WRLD
Scrood WRLD Aylar önce
MindofUhuru Aylar önce
As a Cincy native, this man brought so much energy to Cincinnati!
K Moss
K Moss 25 gün önce
Im back 2 week later to rewatch. This was seriously one of the best videos I've seen this year. Chad is hilarious!
CT Smith
CT Smith Aylar önce
Easily one of my favorite episodes...big ups to Ocho!
suckafish2k9 12 gün önce
I could listen to Ocho stories all day. Morgan Freeman needs to give his blessing making Ocho the new universal narrator 💯💯
SpecDotSign Aylar önce
Chad trying to ship Shannon with his assistant was so hilarious. Love this guy. Always did.
georgespinks1 Aylar önce
For me, this is one of the best episodes I've seen. I think any man could walk away with something from this conversation and apply it in their lives.
Ebony D Robinson
Ebony D Robinson Aylar önce
Man? Yeah, so much of what he said resonated with me. I also love football. I come from a sports family, so I could relate to the league money, keeping or blowing it. He needs to teach a masterclass to athletes. So, yeah, this convo was gender specific.
georgespinks1 Aylar önce
@Adlav Noble Ikr....I definitely picked up some things that I'm gonna start applying in my life.
Adlav Noble
Adlav Noble Aylar önce
I'm a female and I learned a lot from this man and I'll be applying some of this to my life going forward. I wish I knew about his ability to save and making good decisions for the future. My God I gave away everything to the greedy and not the needy and they took advantage of my kindness. All the negativity about this man especially with Evelyn Lozado I'm surprised. All the best Chad in the future.
don't follow the herd
don't follow the herd 28 gün önce
This man is dangerous when it comes to financial information. Keep him going Shannon.
Mr_ BLu3_
Mr_ BLu3_ Aylar önce
If you don't like Chad, you don't like humanity. This man is 1000% class and was a monster on the field. Much love to Chad and congrats on the news about gettin married. Great guest Unc💯
EverydayLifestyle Aylar önce
As a Washington fan the fact that Ocho mentioned Terry and Johan Dotson really brought a big smile to my face
Thomas Hogan
Thomas Hogan Aylar önce
DLT Aylar önce
Facts but defensive rivera is telling coordinators we want to be heavy run first even with all of our weapons... Smh
Tiesha Parker-Jackson
Hands down one of the best interviews I've seen in my life . Even if you're not a football fan, many jewels were dropped and can be applied to your overall life. Much respect to Chad Ochocinco 🙌🏾
A C Aylar önce
Had the pleasure of bumping into Chad in a hotel lobby in Ottawa when he was playing for the CFL. I went up and asked for a photo because my friend was a big Bengals fan. He was happy to do it, and in the photo he had a big smile and put up the middle finger 🖕😂😂 Great guy!!
Johnathan Earle
Johnathan Earle Aylar önce
Chad cussing then saying “got damnit I cursed” 🤣🤣🤣 I love this dude
Onna Bugeisha
Onna Bugeisha Aylar önce
😂😂 ikr that was funny
Steffanie's Journey
I’m so happy to hear this conversation with Chad and to hear that he has so values and respect for the money he has earned and is NOT a follower out her chasing fake media!!! It’s so refreshing that he still has 83% of what he made!!! Keep doing YOU Chad!!
John Stevenson Jr
John Stevenson Jr 19 gün önce
1:21:27 Shannon’s thoughts here on marriage and being single was gold
Kuda Mangwe
Kuda Mangwe Aylar önce
"If you can get to a point in your career where your name is bigger than anything you can purchase, there's your value" - Chad Ochocinco
Kyle H
Kyle H Aylar önce
Always been a fan of Ocho. Watching him play against the Steelers would be the highlight of the season at time. His style and personality are unmatched. I hope to be able to have some sort of style like that
C. Thomas
C. Thomas Aylar önce
Man, I've had this entirely different perception of Ocho, mostly because of the way the media portrayed him. One thing he said that I never considered, was how institutions (NFL, teams, sponsors etc) want players to drop their personality and edge, NOT necessarily because they don't like it, but because they want to maintain a image and likeness they can monetize. But what contradicts that is when a player like Ocho or TO has a strong personality and won't conform, INSTEAD of AT LEAST mitigating it and accepting it, the institutions get vindictive and actively portray said player in a MORE negative light. So, at the end of the day, it's NOT about monetizing image; its about control, and they'll get spiteful and destructive, and then the image they make WORSE no longer matters.
Time 2 Chill
Time 2 Chill Aylar önce
Exactly why the media tried to portray him a certain way. They aka the people up top knew he was dangerous. He might actually help us pheasants.
Mike Bowen
Mike Bowen Aylar önce
I need to see Chad on TV or a podcast on a regular basis! This man is a national treasure.
Sonmalachi Aylar önce
Kevin Drago
Kevin Drago Aylar önce
I actually thought this was his podcast lmao
FaithTV Aylar önce
@Fishing With MO Not anymore. It's been a minute.
BenjiMC1 Aylar önce
@Fishing With MO didn't he move to Pivot?
Travonte Fields
Travonte Fields Aylar önce
I am athletic
Danny Ruiz
Danny Ruiz 14 gün önce
This is the best episode ever!!! Ochocinco is a legend - Super smart - Gentleman!! Keep it up Shannon!!
DjCBlaq Aylar önce
This is such a quality show and a breath of fresh air. Big up SS.
Gerry Mchale
Gerry Mchale 8 gün önce
I think we can all agree we need a second episode of this
Kenneth Dey
Kenneth Dey 28 gün önce
One shocking thing about Chad Johnson is how young he still looks. The guy looks like he hasn’t aged at all.
Shawn Gibson
Shawn Gibson 18 gün önce
That's that Alabama men..
rjl42985 Aylar önce
Protect this man at all costs. What a legendary athlete and personality.
Anthony Ayala
Anthony Ayala Aylar önce
I swear Ocho has the best personality I've ever seen. The way he knows how to keep the convo going and how genuine he seems is great
dsales2011 Aylar önce
Chad is a funny dude. When he said the person voted most likely to succeed didn't succeed, they went to jail for fraud I fell out. 🤣🤣
Matthew Valentine
Matthew Valentine Aylar önce
Wow, what a great interview. Chad Johnson is such a humble guy with an amazing perspective on life. I loved listening to and understanding the man.
Jeff White Fitness Solutions
Ocho is awesome. Watching him and Prime talk trash to each other is HILARIOUS.
Rich DLC
Rich DLC 23 gün önce
Dayyyummm love this man 🙌🏻 Yes we all make bad choices at times because we are all human caught up at the moment but as long as you understand your wrong and do everything with in your power to correct it plus your heart is in the right place, that’s all that matters. We will always be a student of life 👊🏻
FreetoliveinFire 3 gün önce
I like how Shannon calls him out when he says something extravagant 😂 Ocho: I can play today! Shannon: No, you can't! Ocho: I can join a band, I play the saxophone. Shannon: You don't even carry "sax" of groceries. 😅😅😂😂😂😂😂
Nino Brown
Nino Brown Aylar önce
CHAD is a good example of how you can win in life BEING YOURSELF! Most people emulating someone else trying to impress other people
Phindile Ngobese
Phindile Ngobese Aylar önce
dytrick welch
dytrick welch Aylar önce
Kidd Prose
Kidd Prose Aylar önce
Nikk Dunlap
Nikk Dunlap Aylar önce
Underrated comment 🙌🫰
Shawn Gibson
Shawn Gibson 18 gün önce
This dude is dope!! Straight Alabama boy. I can hear it all through his conversation with Shannon. So much wisdom. He has a lot in him he could be a coach.
Aleksey Kruglikov
Aleksey Kruglikov 27 gün önce
i’ve always loved this man and his infectious personality
Filipe Silva
Filipe Silva Aylar önce
Listen this may be the best interview I have EVER heard/seen!!!! So much wisdom in 2 successful man, respect ✊🏽
Kunio119 Aylar önce
Best wishes for Shannon finding someone, life is to short to be lonely.
immyimmy100 26 gün önce
Imagine if everyone shared his mindset. How strong we would be, mentally strong, physically strong, and financially sound.
Samuel Robinson
Samuel Robinson Aylar önce
Ocho is the breath of fresh air and grown up perspective the worlds been missing..keeping it 1000%
Ya Muthaaa
Ya Muthaaa Aylar önce
Yea but is he keepin it 10,000%?
Jesse Locke
Jesse Locke 6 gün önce
The first 30 MINUTES, at least, of this interview is GOLD.
This information needs to be given to all and not just athletes. This will help so many people. I understand that everyone isn't going to listen, but if you reach one individual, you have done great. Chad, keep doing what you are doing.
Tommy 3 gün önce
One of the best OHCHO CINCO interviews EVER!!!! Great job SHAY
Ryan Moore
Ryan Moore Aylar önce
Yo this man’s fiscal mindset is legendary!!! I absolutely love it.
Patrice Fisher
Patrice Fisher Aylar önce
THIS INTERVIEW WAS EVERYTHING! I loved how open and candid both of you were! I PRAY that GOD continues to elevate you both in everything you do and say!!! GOD BLESS!!!!
Cornell Alvarez
Cornell Alvarez Aylar önce
“I’m not raising models I don’t care how fine you are can you run the 40?” This man Chad is crazy ash 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
La Jo
La Jo Aylar önce
@shaabo Squeezy it was the 90's lol
Perronica Arnold
Perronica Arnold Aylar önce
Exactly!!! I’m so glad he didn’t get the gold digger Evelyn pregnant. This was a great interview.
shaabo Squeezy
shaabo Squeezy Aylar önce
@La Jo he might have 😂😂😂 Brodie was on a mission "Platform shoes"👈🏿🤣🤣🤣
bryan mcdonald
bryan mcdonald Aylar önce
Cornell Alvarez
Cornell Alvarez Aylar önce
@shaabo Squeezy IM WEAK 🤣
Life of a detailer
Life of a detailer Aylar önce
How can you not LOVE this man !!!
Jeremy V
Jeremy V Aylar önce
Shannon ask great questions & he always has guests that keep it live! I love this show!!
Infinite Source
Infinite Source Aylar önce
This is Shannon at his best. His interview/conversation skills are very good. This is his element not debating redundant topics with Skip Bayless.
Stella Anderson
Stella Anderson Aylar önce
Loved every minute of this interview Shay Shay! I’m a fan of Ocho 😎
John Boy
John Boy Aylar önce
Love ocho, as a teenager he appealed to me because of his skillset, the quips and the one liners, as a man, I appreciate just hearing his world view. Favourite edition of the show.
Mike Brown
Mike Brown Aylar önce
Chad is a good example of how to manage your finances.
Bernadine Lunsford
Bernadine Lunsford Aylar önce
WOW!!!! GREAT Advice👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Our name is bigger than any brand! Why are we wast money on designer clothes.
Dray_3000 Aylar önce
@P-Smooth a way everyone should feel life would be better
Jonathanasb Aylar önce
Great guy is understatement he’s a gem 💯
Jonathanasb Aylar önce
All around solid guy
RM Thomas
RM Thomas Aylar önce
This the interview I been waiting on! Good talks! Ocho...u need ur own podcast! U would do well too!
Yo Chad had me very lock into this interview and I'm not even into sports heavy glad to see this man doing great.
Damien Aylar önce
This was probably my favorite episode of Club Shay Shay!!! Enjoyed it so much!!!
abc abc
abc abc Aylar önce
Christopher Balico
Christopher Balico Aylar önce
This was one of the most insightful best episodes I’ve ever seen! Props uncle shay !!!
TheRealDiehl Aylar önce
I don’t even really watch football, but watching these two professionals have a genuine conversation as they share valuable life experiences was a real treat.
Ervin Allen
Ervin Allen Aylar önce
your comment is amazing ,thanks!
Elle Cee
Elle Cee Aylar önce
I see and hear the growth in Chad. Best wishes to him and the Mrs.
Vegeta's Ego
Vegeta's Ego Aylar önce
Sharpe has some amazing interviews, Deion, Chad, and now Rickey Smiley, they have good chemistry, especially Prime and Shannon
Phatalphd 2 gün önce
This guy is amazing to listen to. Very inspiring to hear the stuff he's talking about
Dion Ashurst
Dion Ashurst Aylar önce
I am blown away by 85 !!! He thinks like I do! Great interview!! Respect Ocho - Cinco !!!
Anthony Vaccaro
Anthony Vaccaro Aylar önce
This was too good, I never wanted it to end
Marvin Cooke
Marvin Cooke Aylar önce
Shannon, this interview more than any you have done demonstrates your significance in the sports media space. Ocho Cinco has NEVER been humanized as much in his media depictions as you have done with this interview. You have found your niche. Keep up the good work.
D’Markus McClinton
@Ilz yeah but even on his podcast he seemed so much larger than life…maybe it’s because Shannon has the same effect with his charisma but this interview is the first time I’ve looked at Ocho and been led to believe he may be a mere mortal
AH Aylar önce
Precisely. ✨✨✨
CeeWorld Aylar önce
I’m your 69th like! YES!!!
Ilz Aylar önce
ocho been on multiple podcasts including his own with IAmAthlete for a bit. This aint his first time on a platform like this.
Latoya Nicole
Latoya Nicole Aylar önce
I love this interview, just two grown men choppin it up. You can tell they have definitely learned from past experiences.
jesse chilton
jesse chilton Aylar önce
I did not think I would give this interview more than fifteen minutes. I am seriously loving this. Great interview. Great mentalities.
Dean Gilmore
Dean Gilmore Aylar önce
Chad is one of my favorite athletes of all time. One of the realest ever 🙌. So much respect for him 🙏
Jim Baptista
Jim Baptista 21 gün önce
This man is amazing. He has his priorities right. A smart realist. All the best to you.
nookie192003 19 saatler önce
I don't even know this football player, but as a human being this entire conversation was holesome and educational! I don't watch football but I enjoyed the entire video!
J Marie
J Marie Aylar önce
Chad is so humble and smart...Love that he's a great father to his kids.
PokeManWyman Aylar önce
For me Chad Johnson means the world to me, he’s my Kobe for The NFL meaning I loved Kobe and he was the reason I became a Laker so young, growing up Chad caught my eye quick, people seemed to hate the guy for having fun and loving what he was doing! It’s a game at the end of the day and Chad brought that to life! He was a walking Show! Thank you Chad for all you’ve done for the Bengals and for what you continue to do! Your an unbelievable man on the field and even better off the field! Such a unique mind and man speaks his mind always!
Lewis Weakland
Lewis Weakland 27 gün önce
Wow, this guy seemed like such a flake when he was in the limelight in his playing days but in actuality he was one of the most sensible, grounded and smart guys to ever play the game! Great interview!!
Stephanie A. Wynn
Stephanie A. Wynn Aylar önce
Shannon & Chad super proud of you both. Stay strong God got you both ❤❤
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A Football Life Chad Johnson
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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon on "Air"