celebrities need to STOP creating beauty brands!

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10 Ağu 2022




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Chuuzus Aylar önce
i think the funniest is when celebrities who are millionaires and have already great skin, decide to open a skincare brand like as if it’s their product that is the reason why their skin glows
Mia Gün önce
Agreed soo true, they have money for procedures and stuff, but we do not
Deangirl4eva 7 gün önce
@diamondcentury We know that they are getting treatment that would be too expensive to use in a skin care brand. As an ordinary girl I recommend snail mucus it's a South Korean cream it is really good very affordable.
Deangirl4eva 7 gün önce
Lunabyes 11 gün önce
@Cloudy Scope **cough** Millie Bobby Brown **cough**
xunvenile 11 gün önce
The only brand I understand, like and care is Selena's Gomez brand. The other ones nah
mqest Aylar önce
I feel proud about the younger people not trusting celebrities anymore. It was a fresh breath of air inside all of this info. Thank You!
Jordan Levitt
Jordan Levitt 2 gün önce
@Productive Elf I didn't say 26 year olds aren't young adults. Ofc they are. You don't even understand what I said.
Productive Elf
Productive Elf 9 gün önce
Unfortunately people have replaced celebrities with influencers, so nothing really changed.
Productive Elf
Productive Elf 9 gün önce
@Jordan Levitt I mean, about there being 26 year old Gen Zs. You're still wrong on thinking 26 doesn't qualify as a young adult.
Productive Elf
Productive Elf 9 gün önce
@Jordan Levitt I was gonna say there's no way but you're tight.
Your local dyke
Your local dyke Aylar önce
i feel like fenty has sort of grown beyond rihanna. like it's now a legitimate makeup brand like mac or estee lauder and not just a celebrity owned makeup brand
Isabelle T
Isabelle T Gün önce
@Imani - it actually belongs to LVMH who own tons of brands...
Jessica Kay
Jessica Kay Gün önce
@Johanna I tried it and the quality was TERRIBLE
God Is With You.
God Is With You. 3 gün önce
@Johanna dude savage x fentys drop broke my heart. I remember refreshing the website over and over again and when I finally got in, it was early access to buy a MEMBERSHIP…. That was what the early access hype was. Give us your email and we’ll give you an opportunity to give us 59.99🥰✨😍😆♥️ like… what I thought it’d let me look at the products and maybe purchase something? But you want me to get a membership FIRST? What? Why would I need a membership for intimates that I can buy literally anywhere else?
r2kmoon2 3 gün önce
@Suyama cole ... You're probably fun at parties. None is worshipping her in this comment thread. Lol Didn't you just compliment Selena Gomez's company?
Sh J
Sh J 5 gün önce
Bad, misinformed take. Estee Lauder is a corporation with roughly 20% of the market share in makeup, skincare, fragrance, and many other related areas. Fenty Beauty has a 0.7% market share. Rihanna also doesn't own Fenty or any Fenty branches. She's a minority shareholder, the company is not hers. She is a minority owner, holding 49.99% of shares.
Tessa Aylar önce
I have to say, as someone with Lupus who gets arthritis in their hands, Rare beauty's bottles are FAR easier to open than other beauty brands products. Being able to put concealer on while I look and feel terrible is a godsend. So I am definitely grateful for the accessibility that Selena has built into her products! It's not something brands typically think about.
Sunshine Pretzel
Sunshine Pretzel Gün önce
Can someone please explain how the rare beauty bottles are easier to open?
Miren Summers
Miren Summers 14 gün önce
@Maria Ipsum don't give medical advice if you're not a doctor
ྀS ྀB
ྀS ྀB 15 gün önce
Selena has Lupus too 😲
Ello 16 gün önce
Right, I also adore that her brand has well-thought meaning behind it! it’s lightweight so you basically just enhance what’s already there, and a percentage of the profit goes into her mental health charity fund ☹️💕
Maria Ipsum
Maria Ipsum Aylar önce
Check Medical Medium for lupus, it can help you
Bernice Rachelle
Bernice Rachelle Aylar önce
Like someone said; "Skincare, holistic health and beauty is becoming like fast fashion."
TL 5 gün önce
More like fast food - not only fast fashion, but no nutrients at all and the value for the actual function is zero
Bernice Rachelle
Bernice Rachelle 14 gün önce
@rose wishes With fast fashion, some people genuinely have income and size inclusion restrictions, so that may be more convenient. Of course being sustainable and buying more ethically made clothing that has lower impact on the planet is ideal but there are so many more elements to consider. The issue is people who overconsume and have a throw away attitude. As well as these companies exploiting workers and the environment with their power. Skincare like fast fashion has became accessible to many people, especially essentials like sunscreen. But some are always after the newest products or hypes and trends. A similar model to the fashion industry in general. The rise of influencer culture has made matters worse as they are used to promote products constantly. All in all, it has become a vicious cycle and as many have mentioned in the comment section, there have been advantages, but more effects on socio economic factors. Wow, didn't realize so many people reasonate with this statement
TrueGamerVed 23 gün önce
Became, became
consent club
consent club 25 gün önce
tasneem ather
tasneem ather Aylar önce
Yeah I think it was Liah Yoo..
Mohd Afiq Mat Razai
Fenty Beauty and Rare Beauty are two of the best, and I feel like they're moving towards making the brands more than just the celebs behind the names. Also kudos to FB for doing the most for those from different backgrounds and ethnicities.
Hed Hed
Hed Hed 14 saatler önce
@Tiffany L Try Rare beauty if you can. They really do have super nice products. The only one I don't like is the mascara but to be fair that works differently on everyone
Viabat 3 gün önce
And I love how inclusive they are in their shades
Prangya nayak
Prangya nayak 10 gün önce
Honest beauty too
@Tiffany L Yeah, the lipglosses are so sticky for me personally 😭
Tiffany L
Tiffany L 21 gün önce
I wanted to love the foundation for the color range but the formula isn't good. The best thing about Fenty is the highlighters.
Kara R
Kara R Aylar önce
I appreciate Honest Beauty for one reason: they're the only brand I can find with a body moisturizer approved by the National Eczema Association that puts flowers on their bottle. Why do the flowers matter, you ask? It means my 4yo daughter with eczema will actually willingly let me put it on her. If the bottle isn't "pretty," we fight to the death. So...I find myself extremely grateful to Jessica Alba despite not being able to name a single movie (show? She's an actress, right?) she's been in.😆 Edit: Y'all, please read the whole thread before replying. Four people giving the same unsolicited suggestion in a thread with only 22 comments is probably overkill.
the proust effect
the proust effect 2 gün önce
@Mordecai is sad She's a very intelligent woman and I definitely think she's more fulfilled running a successful business than being treated like a sex object. Good for her.
Valeria Rios
Valeria Rios 6 gün önce
I love Honest its like the only celebrity owned brand i kinda trust
Cassidy M
Cassidy M 11 gün önce
@Kara R I love this idea! I use CeraVe, too, but the bottle does look pretty medicinal lol
Mel 12 gün önce
Eczema sufferer here (born with it), can relate to your daughter and my older sister (10 years older), often talks about I was a pain in the ass when it comes to applying moisturisers and she had to find a pretty looking container with cream which smells nice to entice me to put on the cream. My sister often spoke about what happens if she tries to substitute non related cream stuff and tries to trick me, I can tell and if a kid can tell, then other kids can tell, better not loses a kid's trust in the context of something so important when monitoring their condition.
Kara R
Kara R 17 gün önce
@Rebecca Smith Please say your trolling. If you are, it's a good one. If not...😬
Brigitte Santos
Brigitte Santos Aylar önce
As someone from the 3rd world, I must say: most of the world's plastic waste (single-use plastics) is sent in sealed containers which are opened in Latin America countries or even insular Asian countries. That's how this trash "disappears". If by any reason this traffic doesn't get to its "original destination", then trash is thrown in the middle of the ocean, on international waters.
valentinalaurart 17 gün önce
That happens in my country Chile!!! And with the fashion industry too, they use our places as trash lands :(
s 27 gün önce
ayanfe vese
ayanfe vese 29 gün önce
It happens in African countries too
Ava L
Ava L Aylar önce
It's really irritating to me to see straight men being praised so heavily for wearing makeup while queer and/or alternative men have been doing it for DECADES and still get shit for it. Let's acknowledge and praise the men who paved the way for people like Harry Styles before we put them on pedestals for "creating gender neutral makeup" 🙄 I have to admit I didn't think I would be very interested in this video just from the subject matter, but as usual you branched out into different aspects of the conversation and kept me totally engaged! Well done as always Mina 💕
송윤수 2 gün önce
@hama sara There is a men's section here in Korea , kind of. Korean men are not self conscious about taking care of their skin or putting on sunscreen though. Makeup if noticeable can be bit of a nono but with male kpop idols it's a whole different world, we do not think of it as emasculating generally. Hate hearing stuff like "gaypop".
the proust effect
the proust effect 2 gün önce
I agree, but there is something to be said about straight men wearing makeup. Many queer men are gender-nonconforming anyway, and we've come to expect that. It's still not at all expected or socially acceptable for straight men to make themselves up, unless it's Halloween.
Ace ♤
Ace ♤ 4 gün önce
@RIARO gender expression ≠ sexuality. It’s basic knowledge.
Um stop putting ppl down
J B 7 gün önce
@Mina Carroll like rock music isnt? You see what I did there?
Maiah Aylar önce
THANK YOU SO MUCH MINA FOR DISCUSSING THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. That was the most prevalent thought in my mind while you were discussing all of these beauty brands. They create so much waste with single use makeup products that are packaged in plastic. As well as the overall excessive amount of these products that already exist and continue to be manufactured. There are so many brands out there for these products, we don't need anymore!!! It's time for the beauty industry to start putting quality ingredients in products that are safe for the environment and our bodies! We are putting things are our faces after all! As well as packaging them differently in a way that is sustainable long term and isn't hurting the Earth.
Hasini Kotinadhuni
Hasini Kotinadhuni Aylar önce
I think rare beauty and fenty are actually good products. Fenty has a lot of inclusivity in their shades and rare beauty also has some great products too, and the money she makes will be donated. Also, I don't think there are other materials to package beauty products in other than plastic, but feel free to let me know if there are!
Sebum Post Mortem
Sebum Post Mortem Aylar önce
One moment of recognition, please, for the goddess *IMAN* who created her own brand in 1994 due to the lack of darker shades. 🧛🏻‍♀️🖤
EVANS 13 gün önce
I wore imans line. Yep. I'm old
Remi Ogunsanya
Remi Ogunsanya 18 gün önce
And now Fenty followed in her footsteps.
stxrstrxck mxteo
stxrstrxck mxteo 27 gün önce
OMG? Loveee her sm had no idea?
Soph 7 gün önce
The most hilarious thing about Harry Styles's stupid cosmetic line (besides the name) is that it's like 40 bucks for the most piss poor excuse of a yellow nailpolish you have ever seen. Nothing about this is Pleasing, Harold
F S Gün önce
I feel like it's more of a "look how diverse and inclusive we are" thing than a cosmetics brand that actually wants to sell unique and beautiful products. In their Instagram photos, the actual nail polish itself is barely noticeable and the nails aren't even the focus a lot of the time (plus it's basic creme nail polish you can get anywhere for way cheaper). The focus is more on the models' body & identity it seems.
Rhyienne Fowler
Rhyienne Fowler Aylar önce
Wow. The environmental impact should be enough to have everyone absolutely outraged. I didn’t even know any of those statistics before watching this vid. Plastic production needs to become illegal. I just wish I knew how to make that happen.
Ducklingscap 5 gün önce
@Jon, it hurts They would't just simply solve all problems though. Almost nothing biodegrades in a landfill, and hemp microplastics could still cause problems when introduced to the oceans. Biodegradable plastics need to be sent to commercial composting facilities and how many people (and countries) will try to recycle that correctly ? Also hemp is labor intensive (normal plastic is not making it way cheaper). Another drawback is that hemp requires significant fertilizer in some soils, and also has relatively high water requirements. It's better than normal plastic but no save all solution.
mdml 18 gün önce
@Jon, it hurts if hemp plastic was really 100% biodegradable then it would not be able to hold a liquid product for the minimum required shelf life and still be safe and stable for consumer use. Just sayin.
Claudia X
Claudia X Aylar önce
I’m just thinking about how environmentally unsustainable this overproduction of beauty products is…
Mia Gün önce
think about the fast fashion too, where clothes are just wasted, and here in some parts of the world, poverty still exists
Clooz 2 gün önce
@MOVE you are right that the current "green," electricity is horrible and not green. And the same with peoe sueing water projects etc for "environmental reasons." Then what they do...is sue..get the money..and then not use the money for the reason they sued. It is a grift
Jolly Jokress
Jolly Jokress 4 gün önce
Yeah, and actually none of them bother to make silicone and microplastic particles free make-up. so sad. I don't buy that sh*t anyway.
Tduxxx 4 gün önce
Cringe don’t buy a smartphone then
Aliyah Meltz
Aliyah Meltz 15 gün önce
I think that rare Beauty and Fenty have grown beyond their celebrities and are actually quality make up brands because I literally used them on the daily and there’s amazing
Bruna Dotto
Bruna Dotto Aylar önce
What pisses me off is that these celebrities are out there pretending they use their own product and straight-up lying to young consumers. I love that when people praised Jhene Aiko on her flawless skin she went like "oh thanks but that's the facial I got". It's so simple, yet honest. I understand some influencers like MUA creating their brand because they - supposedly - understand what is good and not, but celebrities? Most of them don't even know the products they're using because they don't need to, they have a team for it. Also, most of their products are cheaply made, with bad ingredients, and in terrible work conditions, they don't want these types of things in their face. plus: the taste in loving shinee
Everything. Everything.
Before I even watch this video imma say this. If there's one celebrity brand I will always rep, it's Fenty Beauty. Period. Rihanna changed the game, and made it possible for me and so many other black people to ACTUALLY find complexion products that matches our skin. Before her, hardly any brands made products for the wide range of black skin. So to me, Fenty isn't just a celebrity makeup brand, but a real authentic one. After she launched her foundation range, suddenly all these other OLD and established brands suddenly, wanna cater to black people skin tones. Trust and believe that wouldn't have been the case, if it weren't for Rihanna. We would still be stuck with the same FEW brands, that made products that we MIGHT be able to use. So Fenty is THE makeup brand, and they revolutionized the game.
Everything. Everything.
@Aisha Lee We ride hard for Fenty in this household! ✨
Aisha Lee
Aisha Lee 29 gün önce
Audrey Marie
Audrey Marie Aylar önce
I was JUST talking to my friend about how fed up we are with celeb beauty brands. Every time I see a new one I'm like "please stop!" The only brands I actually like are Fenty and Rare beauty (also heard some good things about the honest company). When saw the Rare beauty bottle tops I almost cried. My sister had severe rheumatoid arthritis since she was in elementary and struggled with caps/tops, so seeing something like that was really touching.
Oyasumi Nana
Oyasumi Nana Aylar önce
Celebs need to stop creating beauty brands Celebs need to stop creating beauty Celebs need to stop creating Celebs need to stop
TL 5 gün önce
Cele Celery Celery is better than beauty products
Armyblink Catpop
Armyblink Catpop Aylar önce
Well it’s their choice if they want to create a makeup brand or not, it’s not like they hate makeup and are just doing it for money, I’ve seen that they loved putty makeup on and of course makeup gives you confidence and that’s why I love it too
Hasini Kotinadhuni
Hasini Kotinadhuni Aylar önce
I feel like there are some good celebrity brands, so i wouldn't say all celebrities, but definitely a few that are not good products
Entertainment Aylar önce
@oritsela That's not true
Mazal M
Mazal M Aylar önce
fenty and rare beauty are great and im glad these specific celebrities came out with beauty lines. but after rare, literally any other beauty line I ignore lmao. Even JLO, like youre telling me that olive oil did that to your skin and youre gonna release a whole product line?? its so funny these celebs think we're dumb its just annoying and lowkey insulting lol
No Name
No Name Aylar önce
I like Fenty, Flower, Rare and Honest. I feel like there was a vision with those brands.
the proust effect
the proust effect 2 gün önce
Yep. Fenty = inclusivity Flower = good quality, affordable Rare = more disability-friendly Honest = natural, sensitive skin-friendly, afforable
Jennifer Brigitte
Jennifer Brigitte 19 gün önce
That's why they're the best brands. Jessica Alba left acting to successfully create Honest.
Maria Guadalupe
Maria Guadalupe 7 gün önce
I love Fenty so much. Absolutely has grown past being just “Rihanna’s makeup line.” I see it more as just a makeup brand!
candy apple
candy apple Aylar önce
as an 18 year old girl i have purchased products from a small handful of celebrity brands. though the only ones i continue buying from are rare beauty and sometimes fenty. if selena gomez decided to walk away from being the face of rare beauty today, i would still love the brand just as much. buy stuff that genuinely makes you happy. just like lorde said, your favs don't need your money!
Brittany S
Brittany S Aylar önce
fr they don't need it but they still do cash grabs cuz they are greddy and WANT it.
Chuuzus Aylar önce
i feel like celebrities saw that the beauty brand worked so well for Rihanna and then they all decided to start opening their own make up brands
keshan 2 gün önce
Suyama cole
Suyama cole 20 gün önce
Its kylie who started this massive beauty brand business
María Macarena Villalpando Vargas
Baby Mac cosmetics collab with celebrities years ago Kylie don’t start it definitely
cluter cluter
cluter cluter Aylar önce
@whatever_ImAGirl but she was the major give her merits when needed
cluter cluter
cluter cluter Aylar önce
@Spongebob yea it Kylie who put all us through it 🥹
Handmade Darcy
Handmade Darcy 9 gün önce
Specific industry issues aside, when it comes right down to it, it's a matter of personal integrity - not only the money-grubbing and preying on insecurity as a business model, but - more importantly, imo - these people are taking credit for the work of others. I understand that the Kardashians and Jenners, and other grifter-celebrities have no experience of actually making anything, so they can't understand what it takes. But I don't understand how musicians, or actors, or anyone who has actually had an idea and created it out of nothing, with their own hands (no, "making" money doesn't count) justify it to themselves. Endorsing a product, "branding" a product, choosing which product to market, no matter how many samples you get to judge along the way, is not making a product - so it's not yours to claim credit for.
kaitlynhc Aylar önce
As someone who works in a large online beauty retailers warehouse, the sheer amount of waste that is produced by a single brand in 1 pallet of stock is enough to have made me a full nihilist on these companies ever changing or helping the environment. I promise you, even the brands pretending to be ‘green’ or low waste are sending excessive amounts of cardboard and paper in their boxes. Not to mention all the tiny plastic gifts with purchase and sample sizes. The pallets are all wrapped with soft plastics, some of which can’t be recycled at all. L’Oreal will send single products in huge boxes, Korean companies often fill boxes full of plastic air bubbles, it goes on. We are doomed as it is with just what my workplace produces, never mind how many millions of other beauty warehouses turn over the same amount of waste in just a day.
Veronica Mc
Veronica Mc Aylar önce
Honestly I prefer my makeup in glass or cardboard 💁‍♀️. I understand not everyone can keep them from being broken (clumsy, kids, travel, etc.) but their better for the environment. Bring back the cardboard pallets, metal lip balms, and glass foundations, and for the LOVE OF GOD stop the UNNECESSARY PR packaging! Just give these “influencers” and pretty colored cardboard box period!
Eller Ikke
Eller Ikke 24 gün önce
I don't mind plastic, the problem is we made the packaging diposable and unique for each brand, when in reality we should standardize make up parlettes, so you can just buy one and fill out with your favourite products(work only for dry panproducts and loose powders), with liquids products, there is containmation issues with reusing packaging, even glassware.
stxrstrxck mxteo
stxrstrxck mxteo 27 gün önce
@Brittany S omygod yes i forgot about that but ITS SO WASTEFULLL ACk as cute and “aEstHeTicALLy” pleasing as they may be they are literally all for show. Purposely meant to post on your Instagram story. yet it’s just gonna end up in the trash :/
Veronica Mc
Veronica Mc Aylar önce
@Brittany S I don’t understand why they can’t advertise their brands online or email about sponsorships. Although people do trust influencers (not as much as they used to but still a lot) these brands already have good reputations to the point that if a celebrity was to “like” the product it would not matter 🤷🏻‍♀️. And plus with the rise sponsorship and PR culture, people are gonna eventually get tired of it.
Brittany S
Brittany S Aylar önce
the whole idea of free PR gift boxes is so dumb like if these celebs are big enough to make products then don't try getting other people's brands involved(you're selling yourself so then why have a possible competitor sell you), put on your big adult pants and do it yourself. And they won't even give to regular people who will actually get better usage and loyalty.
J. J.
J. J. 22 gün önce
I agree about Rihanna’s brand. It was definitely needed. As a dark skinned black woman, in the past so many brands overlooked people my skin tone and darker until Fenty. After Fenty, the companies that used to ignore us finally increased shade range. As if we just came into existence.
Brisilla Aylar önce
the most disappointing thing about this trend is that most of the time there is no transparency regarding the production of these products
@Nicole Mora Sandoval actually you have pretty much a good point. I have watched one independent journalist TRvidr Katya Konosova who did investigation against well known beauty brand fem fatal in Russia at the end she managed to win over the case against that brand. And during the process it was revealed that almost all celebrities have their beauty products just be mixed and combined and packaged in their "marketed" country, and make them labelled MADE IN US/EUROPE and other trustworthy countries while the raw materials are made in CHINA itself. Making it most of the celeb cosmetics having pretty much same raw materials used in them. Also one other beauty blogger who is quite famous for her transparency did the comparison of most famous celeb cosmetics such as rare beauty or fenty. And results were not good as one could expect. I lost any trust in those cosmetic brand and now can only stick to my less known self made brands.
Learning a Thing or two
Tinayé Aylar önce
And most of them contain Mica, which is obtained in cruel ways and involves child labor.
dog Aylar önce
@Nicole Mora Sandoval discriminating against china (and other asian countries along w/ most of the global south) and buying products made in those countries actually isn't contradictory at all. the products are made in sweat shops under incredibly inhumane conditions, and the workers only make pennies a day, hence why the products are so cheap. it is specifically BECAUSE of the discrimination against and disregard for these countries that the rest of the world buys products produced there. they don't care about those countries, so they can contribute to the suffering and exploitation in those countries without guilt.
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat Aylar önce
I appreciate rare beauty for having actual undertone range for their lightest shades. I’m a 120, the third lightest shade with cool undertones and it matches me like no other concealer has ever done before. Also the way the cap clicks when you finish screwing it back on us really nice.
F. G
F. G 12 gün önce
Hasn’t Flower Beauty been around for while now ? I remember it was meant to be affordable and I think only at Walmart at first. I think that was cool to make a brand affordable .
Nellie C
Nellie C Aylar önce
For a long while, Fenty Beauty was the ONLY brand I could find where I loved the formula and it matched my skin perfectly. I have medium skin that is neutral toned (you can imagine how difficult it is to match that color) and have never found anything else that has that “my-skin-in-a-bottle”/stick color like Fenty does. It’s the only influencer brand I use.
Sebum Post Mortem
Sebum Post Mortem Aylar önce
Everything existed in MAC more than 30 years ago (I' EXTREAMLY olive, almost greenish) but MAC' s quality and ethics are disgusting 🤦🏻‍♀️ As soon as somebody offered me a better alternative, I ran to Riri' s arms. 🧛🏻‍♀️🖤
Frank Is Not
Frank Is Not 21 gün önce
I feel like Goop is really an oddity along the examples you listed, because i genuinely can't think of another brand that has had so many controversies regarding medical advice. Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop are insane rabbit holes when it comes to researching them, lemme tell ya lmao
vip3r Aylar önce
when fenty beauty hit the scene the world literally blew tf up. it was groundbreaking. and then after that every celeb wanted fenty beauty success. that's what started the celeb makeup epidemic. it's getting tired now, especially since not one of them have had fenty beauty impact or quality.
Gayatri Anguloori
Gayatri Anguloori 16 gün önce
Jessica alba’s honest brand is the real deal. She put so much effort into her company and you can tell it’s fueled by her vision for sustainability and clean products. These other celebrities are not even close and they don’t have any passion! Just cash grabs
Zeebee Aylar önce
One of the recent examples of celebrity collaboration that really stood out to me is zayn malik's collaboration with eyewear brand called Arnette. He designed his own range of products with influences from his own interests, made them unisex and bio-friendly. The brand was already known to use sustainable material in their products and packaging. Its an all round good movement with regards to a celebrity using their influence for business and it definitely managed to appeal his fanbase in an authentic way.
America Sanders
America Sanders 19 gün önce
I stopped wearing makeup all together since 2018-19. Honestly, makeup made me more insecure of my imperfections than without it. And ever since I stopped wearing makeup, I find my appearance better looking without all that clown junk caked on my face. 💅🏼
Melissa Isais Valencia
Rare & Fenty beauty are borderline interchangeable when it comes to foundation/concealers but they’re both high quality, with beautiful packaging that makes me feel luxurious. Every other celebrity brand I’ve seen come out seems chalky, cheap or derivative.
CerealKilla420 Aylar önce
@Tired actually that was more of a coincidence.
aku happy
aku happy Aylar önce
@mald rare beauty explained that the design is just a coincidence, not purposely design by their company for that intention. It just peoples assumption and false. But they are happy that the coincidence is help people lifes better.
aku happy
aku happy Aylar önce
@Tired selena explained that they did not make the design for disable peoples intention. It just a happy coincidence. They explained that it just peoples asumption and false. But they are happy that the result makes peoples life better
Tired Aylar önce
@mald np!
mald Aylar önce
@Tired thank for explaining! I didnt realise the ball shape could help!
Natalya Cervantes
Natalya Cervantes Aylar önce
The only celebrity makeup brand that felt “new” and “different” was About Face for me and that’s because of how unique the products are and how colorful everything is…..
yoshita Aylar önce
@✨Dubaddu wari wari ✨ i mean, a brand flopping doesn't mean that their products aren't unique?
aku happy
aku happy Aylar önce
@✨Dubaddu wari wari ✨ really? No one buy it?
✨Dubaddu wari wari ✨
It literally flopped.People are barely only now talking about it because of the eye paints but only because of tik Tok😂
nomm fourteen
nomm fourteen Aylar önce
As someone who was part of Millie's 'fandom' back when Florence launched, I can say it was marketed as a brand that had accessible and fun products for teenagers to use (nothing too full coverage, fun masks, etc...), and Millie seemed to be really at the head of the brand. It reflected her personality, what she stood for, etc... So it made sense.
PatchNoir Aylar önce
i can see that
brianna pontani
brianna pontani Aylar önce
i’ve worked in a popular makeup store for 7 years and i’ve seen the absolute trash that these brands release for a quick money grab, i’ve also experienced the amount of waste and it’s disgusting. personally as a consumer i look for quality and those celebrity collaborations are uncreative and cheap.
StudioStyx 7 gün önce
The only celeb skincare brand I ever bought and genuinely felt was the real thing was Nuance by Salma Hayek, which sold at CVS I believe. She was involved in every step of the process, was in the lab working alongside specialists to craft all the formulas, and many of them came from her grandmother who was an aesthetician back in Mexico. Hayek was upfront about absolutely using her own Nuance products AND the higher-end rich person stuff, which only made me trust her more. Some of the creams and serums were the best I ever used. I was so sad when the line was discontinued.
BiologicalClock Aylar önce
The other thing with Rihanna is that Fenty beauty was clearly a passion project for her; she sought out to make an inclusive beauty line to address the issues with bias against dark-skinned people. The other celebrity brands are obvious cash grabs that bring nothing innovative or exciting.
Isabelle T
Isabelle T Gün önce
Fenty belongs to LVMH....
Sabrina Rodrigues
Sabrina Rodrigues 20 gün önce
I fact Iman has been doing this decades ago.
Taegan 20 gün önce
@Damilola Adedamola But the fact that her brand (both makeup and lingerie are extremely unethical leads me to believe it was mostly a cash grab. If she truly wanted to make these brand for the greater good she would not be using sweatshops, slave labor, and making poor quality products in the cause of savage x Fenty all to cheapen the cost of production and then charging a pretty penny to actually buy the products. It’s a cash grab.
Damilola Adedamola
Damilola Adedamola 28 gün önce
@Jo I have to disagree, not everything has to be a donation to make a change. Creating space and even talking or improving service for darker skinned women to have broader ranges creates a change. In fact now, makeup brands realize that darker skinned women are equally as important and should be catered to.
xrrxy vvoi
xrrxy vvoi Aylar önce
Kylie cosmetics feels like Kylie merch. I absolutely love fenty beauty and rare beauty. They are so authentic and inclusive to everyone. Selena and riri are doing amazing!
Eliana Pérez
Eliana Pérez Aylar önce
Fenty, Honest Beauty & about-face are quite innovative. The rest can go. So glad you included info. on packaging, too. That's a big prob/needs major improvement!
creg Aylar önce
Rare Beauty too
Liquid Snake Probably
I will say as britneyologist, she does actually wear Fantasy quite often. Even after she released multiple other flankers and new ones, she really only reaches for the original fantasy, even though a lot of people arent huge on that specific one. Because its Brit's favorable perfume its now one of the only ones that is sent to stores in bulk.
tkpl 14 gün önce
Fenty, Rare, Honest and about face are my favs, especially About face for how fun the make up is!
Keeli Siyaka
Keeli Siyaka Aylar önce
I see more relevancy to Rihanna and Selena Gomez’s brands bc they started with a goal of inclusivity. Rihanna saw a need for more skin tones represented in makeup and Selena made packaging that is easier for people with arthritis or other dexterity issues.
Easy Vegan Foodie
Easy Vegan Foodie 22 gün önce
@Jay D it’s not false. She may not have created Rare beauty with that in mind, but she has lupus and made the packaging so it would be easy for her to use personally. Which happens to then really benefit others with lupus and arthritis. So it may not have been the original goal but it was the result.
Vibe2G4L 29 gün önce
@AwesomeGirl26 interesting how you single Rihanna out as if Selena Gomez and all these other celebs don’t have a whole team behind them either so what tf is your point. It’s still her vision her ideas at the end of the day.
egadh Aylar önce
Not to even mention the fact that they actually came out with great products that a lot of people love
Leanna Aylar önce
@CerealKilla420 It's just a fact that she got massive backlash from her fans and the public when she announce Rare Beauty, you can read the many articles written about it still, I personally haven't seen a bigger backlash over a celeb makeup brand announcement but I don't see everything on the internet so if you have an example, I'm all ears. Also, like IMO it's a good thing if people on the internet occasionally are proven wrong and are less likely to be mean about something in the future, and if me saying that Selena proving Rare Beauty was actually a good brand and possibly changing how people reacted to celebrity brands in the future is victimizing her, so be it.
Emmanè The Created
@CerealKilla420 I'm a stan or neither so I'm not saying it to defend her or argue, but I definitely believe Ari is a bigger celeb than Selena with how hard her music popped during Thank U, Next.
Jenna War
Jenna War Aylar önce
Fenty really did something and I enjoy Rare Beauty and Flower Beauty (a celebrity drugstore option is practically unheard of!) But everything else is so much Like I love Ariana grandes voice but her makeup line has me indifferent because the market is over saturated
aT3s2 Aylar önce
Environmental impact is such a huge topic, I always remember whenever I see someone releasing general merchandise as well. And companies and websites are making it very simple and easy, practically any TRvidr can have multiple shirts and sweaters or whatever to choose from, but do we seriously need that much more clothes?
Rosie Xx
Rosie Xx Aylar önce
Completely agree with the exception of Fenty beauty's foundation shade range; I have extremely pale skin so I cannot tell you the amount of money I wasted on foundations that were claiming to be "fair", "pale" and my favourite lie "porcelain"! Since her brand came out with their foundation I was sceptical but it turned out to be one of the best decisions ever, it's the only foundation I have found that goes pale enough for me and isn't ridiculously expensive.
Daniela Sarmiento
Daniela Sarmiento Aylar önce
Really fair and really deep skin tones always seem to have the hardest time! I'm fair, usually always buy the lightest shade a brand offers (preferably with a neutral undertone, why do they insist on making them so yellow?), half the time it is too deep for me. And I'm not the absolute fairest the skin ranges go! A nightmare!
Elizabeth Ashe
Elizabeth Ashe Aylar önce
I love rare beauty so much, it's the only line that has ever had a good foundation match for me but I definitely agree the market is oversaturated
The Sunny Show
The Sunny Show Aylar önce
As an aspiring graphic designer/artist, but also a person with limited mobility in my hands, celebrity packaging is what gets me. Remove the logos and you’d be hard pressed to tell them apart. It’s either sleek white or oddly shaped & difficult to hold. PLEASE, give me color or give me nothing.
The Sunny Show
The Sunny Show Aylar önce
I understand that! I honestly don’t know much about the line, and probably won’t buy it as I don’t really support them. I just heard a one off thing about refills.
Emma O
Emma O Aylar önce
@The Sunny Show To me Kims SKKN brand being sustainable just seems like greenwashing, it's more like you are buying a reusable case to put a normal product inside rather than something that actually reduces the amount of plastic used. The plastic, for the refills of the five products that come in a pump bottle, doesn't seem any thinner than a standard pump bottle and then you just slot it into another plastic container. I haven't seen them in person though so I could be wrong.
yoshita Aylar önce
@Jada “Entanglement” Pinkett is my GOD i don't think it started from nowhere, tbh. selena gomez has a rabid fanbase and PR
The Sunny Show
The Sunny Show Aylar önce
I mean, it’s very much Kim’s style, just not mine. I believe you can buy refills which I like because it reduces packaging waste. A point I feel like I didn’t make clear in my first comment is that I dislike the basic packaging because it’s everywhere. You walk into Sephora or Ulta and there’s no color, and I’m a color gal. It’s not because I necessarily find them ugly, I just want something new & interesting.
aku happy
aku happy Aylar önce
Hey how about that kim k design for her skin care skkn? I want to know your point of view as a graphic designer because i noticed the subdue color and design in that brand and want to know if it works or not for your preference?
alice souza
alice souza Aylar önce
one interesting thing about celebrity fragrances is how most of them are dupes of otherwise inaccessible higher-end perfumes. ariana grande's cloud (which retails around 30-60 bucks), for example, is known as an almost perfect dupe for baccarat rouge 540 (which costs around 400 dollars). while i don't know for sure if ariana herself uses her fragrance, it's a nice way for people without as much acquisitive power (be it her fans or just fragrance aficionados) to smell something so unique without having to spend so much money.
gongtangjeu Aylar önce
omg i didnt know that THAT much celebs have their own beauty/skincare brands i was kinda shocked lmao
Catherine Ebunilo
Catherine Ebunilo Aylar önce
“Celebrities own that star power but they definitely no longer hold that mystery.” Paraphrased. I agree
Goa Way
Goa Way 11 gün önce
Yeah, Fenty is big due to: 1)Rhianna's huge & loyal fan base, and 2) because Fenty offered something that was really needed(foundation colors for darker skinned women) that was not really available. If anyone with a company does number 2), they will be extremely successful too.
Isa Lewis
Isa Lewis Aylar önce
They especially need to stop with skincare
L T 10 gün önce
@Adele Aslan how about people learn to do proper quality check in what suits them instead. Some of these products are actually good and improved.
YMC_JaY TV Aylar önce
@Flrnc Lrnc yea.
Flrnc Lrnc
Flrnc Lrnc Aylar önce
@YMC_JaY TV best skincare ever tbh
YMC_JaY TV Aylar önce
I agree, I use to be obsessed with wanting to get that cool skincare stuff. Now I just go do the basics: wash cloth, soap, and water lol.
jhope’s wife ♡
jhope’s wife ♡ Aylar önce
@MOVE you’re everywhere in the comments defending celebs. Also, I don’t think anyone is going to take someone with a Dream pfp seriously. move along
Langying Aylar önce
I personally just love rare beauty… the prices aren’t THAT expensive when ur saying the quality and concept ngl
Vikki Pink
Vikki Pink 2 gün önce
Great video! I’ve been having beauty product fatigue in general. On one hand it’s nice to have such a wide range of choices at all different price points and I think the quality products especially the more inexpensive stuff has dramatically improved compared to back in even the early to mid 2010s. The drawback however is that there is so many options that it gets overwhelming and if your on a budget that adds more pressure to try to make the best decision. I’m glad you added that part about the environmental impact. I hadn’t considered that aspect of it. I’m surprised a celebrity has made a collection around that issue like using most environmentally friendly packaging, ingredients, and manufacturing. I’m sure some have already engaged in some green washing but I’m surprised there has been someone who really tried to do that.
Jessica Wong
Jessica Wong 8 gün önce
Oh gosh I remember when I used to watch beauty TRvidrs and they would get these massive, gaudy, ridiculous PR packages because brands were trying to show off and be the "wow" factor. Or brands who would send an entire foundation range when in reality, each TRvidrs could only match with a few shades max. It was honestly off-putting because I could just see the waste and how it was all going to be garbage. It was so over the top for no reason.
Ry f
Ry f Aylar önce
i think fenty and about face are genuinely good beauty brands that have a certain set of standards and a reasoning behind the products they choose to release. as someone who’s very much into skincare it’s strange to see so many people release the same peptide moisturizer and some sort of serum over and over
faith Aylar önce
i absolutely LOATHE when a celebrity gets plastic surgery and then tries to sell a product that claims to correct an area they corrected with surgery. like when celebrities get a shit ton of lip filler and then try to tell us how well their "lip plumping" gloss works, or get botox and try to tell us it was their skincare cream that made their skin smooth.
Quackity The Asker
Quackity The Asker Aylar önce
@Cathlyn Dolera her brand is cute and funky and it's also a part of the fact that "I have such a massive fandom, I can just make easy 🤑💰" lmfao
Quackity The Asker
Quackity The Asker Aylar önce
Quackity The Asker
Quackity The Asker Aylar önce
@kerri a tiny little makeup is almost always used while promoting skincare or primer like products, that's still fine if you're doing filters or editing any features/imperfections.
Trisha Aylar önce
Not only make up , all these Internet celebs get their body done ( liposuction , buttlift etc) and come up with their own fitness supplement line/ gym wear line like as if you work out for that BOD
Leah Asakevich
Leah Asakevich Aylar önce
I think that's a reason why celebrities won't admit to the work they've had done, because if they admitted that, then everyone would for sure know, and they wouldn't buy the products the celebrities are claiming made them look the way they do. Like a lot of us speculate and lose trust in their products, but imagine if someone actually admitted to their plastic surgery or other procedures, then even more people wouldn't trust their products, and they wouldn't make money
Leya Nicole
Leya Nicole 25 gün önce
Fenty line is the ONLY makeup brand that catered to us BLACK WOMEN with every shade and color . SO SHE SHOULD KEEP CREATING HER BEAUTY BRAND BECAUSE WITHOUT her change these other makeup brands would of never added darker skin completions to their brand and "WE " would still be mixing shades just to match OUR SKIN COLOR . so thats all I have to say regarding Fenty beauty . Fenty beauty was such a POSITIVE impact within the black community
Lia'sLife 11 gün önce
I really like fenty bc they have this one highlight that’s mica free, and as someone with a mica allergy, it’s good to know that’s an option (although it’s way out of my broke teenage price range)
fernandAaAaAa Aylar önce
the only celebrity makeup brands that i actually love with my entire soul are fenty beauty, rare beauty and about face
Sebum Post Mortem
Sebum Post Mortem Aylar önce
*FENTY BEAUTY* is the *MAC* of the XXIst century. Riri was clever enough to get the inspo from _All ages, all genders, all races_ removing all the negative issues that have lead MAC to agony and reproach. Her passion, self implication, make up knowledge and skills, quality improvement, ethics, smart packaging and BEST MARKETING CAMPAING EVER made people forget that MAC clear Lip Glass was shinnier than Gloss Bomb and that NW55 was darker than 490 foundation 30 years ago. MAC was dead and Riri just buried it. It will be studied at the university in the future as a marketing and socio-anthropological phenomenon. 🧛🏻‍♀️🖤
creg Aylar önce
Happy to see all the love that Rare and Fenty are getting in the comment section. Couldn't care less about all the other celebrity makeup brands.
Anika Joy
Anika Joy Aylar önce
I think its hilarious when celebs launch an "eco friendly" brand even tho it can't possibly be sustainable because there are already SO MANY PRODUCTS!
Natalie 25 gün önce
the only beauty brands i will stand by is fenty and rare beauty, there more affordable when it comes to high end makeup, and both brands are actually amazing. i’ve bought many products from both brands and neither have disappointed.
ハリス - snoozy A113
I feel like About Face, Fenty, and Rare beauty have been only the really ones I’ve seen try to separate themselves with unique products and more thought goes into it on creativity and quality. I’ve bought from most and I’ve loved everything I have. I’m interested in Honest beauty because I do like Alba! As for something like Kylie you’re just buying the name, not the product.
Fred Stone
Fred Stone Aylar önce
It's baffling that people look up to the Kardashians as a great example of beauty standards when every one of them has had plastic surgery multiple times
YMC_JaY TV Aylar önce
When I was at least 13, I was jealous and felt insecure seeing such beauty. But after finding out about them having plastic surgery I felt so much better about myself for some odd reason. Glad I saw your comment! 😁
darcey brennan
darcey brennan Aylar önce
@Deedee Dan ...does your back hurt from that reach? Yea some of their features have definitely changed like Kim doesnt have her armenian nose anymore but to say they have whole new faces is beyond a bit of a stretch, Khloe looks the most different the other two do not
Deedee Dan
Deedee Dan Aylar önce
@darcey brennan They have had entirely new faces and bodies constructed. It doesnt matter what they looked like before, their current "beauty" is entirely manufactured. If you want to compare them from now to then you might as well just pick out a random person in the crowd cause theyll have just as much in common with them as their old faces
reikun86 Aylar önce
@Lov ely I just don't get the hype over dark hair, contour, falsies, and nude lips. That's been their m/o for over a decade now.
lilag10 26 gün önce
Your content is GOLD! Love all the research you did for this. Thank you
Haley Hauser
Haley Hauser Aylar önce
I'm so glad that you touched on the environmental impact of the beauty industry; so much more could be done to revolutionize the packaging, shipping, and quality of low-waste products to make them more accessible
Forgetmenot 27 gün önce
I’ve never bought a celebrity beauty product and I’m proud of that
Meg M
Meg M Aylar önce
I like Rare Beauty and Fenty Beauty. A few of the products are some of my all time favs, and the packaging/marketing is so pretty. Even if they weren't from celebs, I'd still buy them.
T M Aylar önce
I think there is a niche for influencer brands being worthwhile. The best example that comes to mind is Christine's Holo Taco. She had been painting her nails forever, and she set out to make nail polish that eliminated all of the frustrations she had with other nail polish brands. Holo Taco is genuinely the best polish I've used, and it's also decently priced. I appreciate the occasional situation where an influencer creates a brand that THEY genuinely believe in. It helps me cut through an insanely oversaturated market and find the product that actually works well.
SunB Aylar önce
There's also a girl who launched a purse brand; but like actual usable (drink/laptop sleeves etc. etc.) and convertible purses, they seem amazing but sooo expensive
Sebum Post Mortem
Sebum Post Mortem Aylar önce
One/Size from Patrick Starrr has the best contour for actual ebony skin, for instance. Kinda like the case of Riri. Or the Lunar shadows from Manny. Completely another story than putting your name on something that you don' t even know😅
mila Aylar önce
that's different to what mina's talking about because christine's entire brand is built around nails. the weird thing is when someone not known for skincare drops a product line out of nowhere
GraceDcastle Aylar önce
@Maddie J the scholarship's purpose is not that, it's a great scholarship anyway, but it's not "to help less fortunate students attend university"
Nicola Aylar önce
yes, i love christine! i never used her products because im not a fan of painting my own nails, but it was refreshing to see an influencer who acc took the time to make a good product.
Carmella Puccetti
Carmella Puccetti Aylar önce
Literally, I was at ulta beauty the other day and wondered why so many celebrities have so many brands in the beauty industry. It can get overwhelming by how many small and big brands there are.
Bre Is an artist
Bre Is an artist Aylar önce
I love About face, they constantly lower prices and everything feels like art supplies. The markers STAY ON without staining and genuinely my new favorite way of putting on eyeshadow
Annie Elisa S
Annie Elisa S 10 gün önce
Wow I never knew Fenty Beauty was Rhianna’s make up brand, I just heard that it was a really good trust worthy brand, I guess that really says something!
Hiromi Minatozaki
Hiromi Minatozaki Aylar önce
The only makeup brand i trust is Fenty beauty and rare beauty ❤️
SweetHime Aylar önce
Rhianna making Fenty Beauty back in 2017 was the peak of celeb makeup/beauty for me. The only other celeb brand I think is worth it is Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez but other that that every other celeb brand has fallen flat for me. Now celeb perfumes? That’s where it’s at for me 😌
EALPACA F. Aylar önce
@aku happy oh Arianna Grande. The make up line doesn't seem to have the best reviews tho.
aku happy
aku happy Aylar önce
@EALPACA F. from?
EALPACA F. Aylar önce
For celeb perfume. REM seems good. Apparently a lot of people like it.
xoangel Aylar önce
@kippylily I don’t think it looks ugly at all…sure, I would never buy the products from her because it’s simply overpriced asf and nothing for my sensitive skin but a lot of people like that clean minimalistic look. If the products were with good ingredients and way more affordable I would definitely consider buying it.
aku happy
aku happy Aylar önce
@kippylily did you really think kim kardashian skincare packaging design was ugly and lazy? I have found comment that likes the design. I'm just really curious
Remi Ogunsanya
Remi Ogunsanya 18 gün önce
I think it’s important to remember that before Fenty, expansive shade ranges, especially on the darker end, *were not a thing* because beauty brands didn’t think it was profitable. Fenty changed that. The only reason why I can walk to into a drug store and find my Maybelline shade is because Fenty proved that black girls buy makeup.
dami <3
dami <3 5 gün önce
Clara. N
Clara. N Aylar önce
The funniest is celebrities with young audiences who sell their products as if teens had enough money to buy a primer at 20+ dollars with harmful and unnecessary ingredients
mendychii15 Aylar önce
Just came across this video, but I want to say thank you so much for giving me insights into the beauty industry.
Cyn Rez
Cyn Rez Aylar önce
GIRLLLL I learned so much in this video!!! Thank you for speaking on this + the Environmental portion which is not acknowledged or talked about enough! This encourages me to speak also and do more research
nina Aylar önce
The only celeb makeup brands I like and use are Fenty and Rare Beauty. These are the only two that are actually unique in their own ways and have a certain product that stands out. Fenty's variety of shades and her contour sticks are the best. Rare Beauty's blush is so freaking good and her products are actually worth the price. Both have a purpose and meaning behind the makeup brands. Rihanna with her inclusion of shades and Selena Gomez promotes natural beauty with her light coverage foundation and mental health with her rare impact fund. Both are good quality and have good ingredients too. These are the only ones worth it tbh...other celeb makeups are all the same and just cash grabs.
Larn 16 gün önce
@CerealKilla420 of course you can see rare beauty as nothing special but Selena’s message of rare beauty has always been consistent from its initial introductions, it’s dedicated donations , it’s rare impact funds and it’s appeals to introduce mental health as a subjects. You can say a lot but claiming ‘it’s constantly changing and she doesn’t even know’ is just plain hate without base As for t show I think we can all agree it had uts negatives but once again citing fake testimony’s by Selena doesn’t make your Stan any more believable. Selena never labeled the show an ‘inconvenience’ and jnfact till this day she and her mother still stand by ur for opening discussions about mental health~ both of which are stances i dint agree with and shows they didn’t really didn’t take in its flaws Saying the show didn’t help anyone is also a lie as it did ultimately circulate discussion but it was extremely mishandled As for risk warnings/ they are placed for a reason. Every trigger and addiction tells you it’s importance. The world isn’t going to cater to you , you have to be able to manage yourself and your are ultimately responsible. The internet never changes, just last summer they were all discussing euphoria despite its problematic themes. Waiting for the world to change is a waste of time. You owe it to yourself to mange your triggers and listen to warning
CerealKilla420 24 gün önce
@Larn rare beauty is not any different (that is not to say its bad) No one ever needed to be "fully covered" with makeup. and her message with rare beauty and its purpose always changes as if she herself doesn't even know. And you didn't read something very important that I said. We don't need to ban all media that show triggering notions. It's that THAT SHOW SPECIFICALLY led to nearly a 30% increase in suicides and she had no intention of stopping the show. One kid was supposedly inspired by the show to put out tapes like Hannah and they too killed themselves. Selena knew about it and apparently labeled it as an "inconvenience". Looking at it now, the show didn't help anyone. It was at the end of the day entertainment for the viewers and money for her. And also risk warnings and disclaimers rarely have any effect especially when every single person everywhere on the internet was talking about the show. They would've been exposed to it some way.
mae.123 Aylar önce
Shane Querubin
Shane Querubin 15 gün önce
Thank you so much for talking about the environmental impacts that the beauty industry has. It’s so hard to show people how horrible these numbers actually are.
Froot the proot
Froot the proot 15 gün önce
absolutely love your content, Mina ! I could listen to you for hours. Great research, always, great visuals. I hope you got well since you posted this. Cheers !
nematoad Aylar önce
I really appreciate the plastic free metal packaging with mirror of the cream blush and lip color in one made by Honest Company. The only thing like that at drugstores in my area. Adorable old fashioned packaging and minimalistic.
Alice Grilli
Alice Grilli Aylar önce
i am honestly more interested in people who use them, for example the rare beauty blush is very well appreciated by many people so i am more "pushed" to buy it because of that and not only because i love and support selena.
stick shift steph
stick shift steph Aylar önce
Fenty really set the standard for what a good foundation range should look like and that's super important in the industry. I also like what Halsey did with About Face because 1) shes always been into makeup and had a lot of fun looks before launching the brand and 2) she made products that reflected her style and weren't super common on the market, like the eye paints.
Laur Aylar önce
Thank you so much for talking about the environmental impact of the beauty industry! I encourage anyone who lives in a medium or large city to seek out "zero waste" stores for their beauty and household products. They even make face washes, deodorant, and toners at my local zero waste store! I also encourage everyone to switch to bar soap, and even try bar hair care products.
Claudia l
Claudia l Aylar önce
I feel like there's a space but it has to be different in a way and with some passion: Fenty was all about diversity and inclusive and large range. Rare has mental health, natural beauty and accessible packaging (easier to open for people woth arthritis like Selena) About Face is this really artistic take on makeup and it really matches Halsey's painting/artistic side Holo Taco matches Cristine/SimplyNailLogical has been involved with a lot of nail polishes and reviews so it makes sense Kylie lip kits even though they're now out of fashion really made sense at the time. there's others where you van see there's passion behind the brand and it makes sense. For Rihanna I will say that Fenty is way better than Savage x Fenty, she's supposed to released a fragrance soon so we'll see how that goes 🤷
Evyfied Aylar önce
Mina, this was such an amazing & informative essay! As someone who works in the beauty industry I'm very happy to hear you talk about this string of subjects and your energy during the whole video was incredibly fun and enjoyable to watch x
GlowingButterfly Aylar önce
Fenty, Rare, and Flower Beauty are actually really good and quite high quality. Especially with Flower Beauty being an affordable brand with good products.
CerealKilla420 Aylar önce
@Natalia Ramirez where are our free products? the main point was to make money. and her message she said several times. And it makes no sense and is contradictory . And only 1 percent of the money goes.
CerealKilla420 Aylar önce
@B B can't say for Rihanna but people just like Selena.
Abby Bush
Abby Bush Aylar önce
@B B I haven't seen it at my local Walmart. I know CVS usually carries it but I don't venture in there often
B B Aylar önce
@Abby Bush have you tried going to Walmart ? I usually see Flower Beauty there.
Janice A Chan
Janice A Chan Aylar önce
This was so well researched, thank you!
snthbt 24 gün önce
Honestly, the environmental impact of my purchases plays a huge factor in the things I buy and hearing about how most products aren't made with recyclable plastics is disappointing to say the least. It's definitely why I'll purchase what I need from those I support that do come in recyclable packages. Great video btw!
Isabel Mata
Isabel Mata Aylar önce
I wish there was a way to have sustainable makeup brands :(
Shanthini Devan
Shanthini Devan 8 gün önce
I love Rare Beauty. It’s the only makeup brand that’s been good for my skin and I like that it stands for mental health awareness. ❤️
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