Cave Exploring Gone WRONG | The Veryovkina Cave Incidents

Scary Interesting
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6 Haz 2022




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Scary Interesting
Scary Interesting 7 aylar önce
Previous video in the series - trvid.com/video/video-1AgHqJ_oekg.html Hey everyone! Thank you all so much for watching! As a quick FYI, the image at 15:58 is not a real image. Also, hello to all of the new subscribers! Glad to have you here and that you're enjoying the content! *Edit* According to RS Stewart of the Jamaican Caves Organisation who posted down in the comments, the decomposing bodies may not give off deadly gases after all. Here is the link to his channel - trvid.com/show-UCW_O6s9ShR9lIFLJNSmRKOg - He's got some very cool videos of the caves in that area
Georgiy Potulov
Georgiy Potulov Aylar önce
Georgiy Potulov
Georgiy Potulov Aylar önce
I don’t understand, if his wife and kids were in so she and knew that he was going to go down the cave, why did they not called authorities and let them know to go and rescue him?
Andy Capp
Andy Capp Aylar önce
ah that answer my Q "What are the pots and sticks for,surely he didn't lug those with him?". It is ancient indian etc.
Gear Sounds
Gear Sounds Aylar önce
@Mein Schmerz Bro, America is the most powerful nation on earth. We decide what you use. Now learn the american system lol. If you want to conquer the world you can decide what measurement system to use.
Mein Schmerz
Mein Schmerz Aylar önce
PLEASE use the metric system and...if you must freedom units. Its annoying that i have to calculate that all the time just because americans think they are alone on this planet. yeah but i like the video and your style. keep up the good work.
Wayne Tendo
Wayne Tendo Aylar önce
i cannot even begin to fathom the mind of that man. he hiked up a mountain in the Caucuses in the winter to the worlds deepest cave, by himself, without telling anyone where he was going. then went down into the cave for days in total solitude and darkness. it's utterly brainless how he went about it but the sheer confidence and willpower he had is just incredible to me.
Facky Na Xicht
Facky Na Xicht 19 gün önce
You cannot comprehend minds of advanced people, being weakling consumer little ape with smartphone in one hand and hamburger in other, chilling in your parents household. Its natural. But you cant even do pullup
PavéRider 28 gün önce
@Jo Ro in the big hole in the ground.. Imagine waiting to hear it hit the bottom 😂😂
Jo Ro
Jo Ro 29 gün önce
@meka erwin One more reason not to enter a cave then. Because there could be human s...t anywhere & everywhere. lmao.
meka erwin
meka erwin 29 gün önce
@Jo Ro Wherever he pleased.
Jo Ro
Jo Ro Aylar önce
Where did he s**t by the way?
Shar Aylar önce
Honestly, what do you think is in a cave that's so worth exploring, especially on your own, that you'd leave your wife and kids behind and not tell anyone where you were going? I was always told as a kid, if I ever decide to go ANYWHERE, tell people where you're going, so they can find you.
nathan 19 gün önce
@z000mbful then go caving alone and if you get injured your chaces of dying are even higher idc
z000mbful 19 gün önce
@nathan You know that a cavers are super rare species ? its not like you got friends who also do it, they are mostly alone at their hobby
Dinner-fork tongue🇷🇺
The folly of thinking they're a video game protagonist.
nathan Aylar önce
@Society true, but i feel like you should always have at least 1 person with you when doing stuff like that just incase anything happens
Society Aylar önce
"Honestly, what do you think is in a cave that's so worth exploring" Adventure
Benjamin Birch
Benjamin Birch Aylar önce
I like your style. No click bait or phycho flashing scenes. Just a story told clearly and well. Liked and subscribed!
Miroslav Milan
Miroslav Milan Aylar önce
This is insane. I never realized caves can grow vertically like this. In my naive perspective of a regular visitor, I always perceived them as predominantly horizontal affairs. 😅
Rusken 7 aylar önce
How fascinating. I can't imagine finding a deep hole in a mountain range and thinking "You know what? I'm going down there."
Julio Ranji
Julio Ranji Gün önce
What about you find a very sexy but abnormal tall woman in the mountain range . Wouldn’t you think “You know I’m going down in this deep cave “?
Kathy in Wonderland L.A.
@Johnny 😂great one
hora thama
hora thama 12 gün önce
good we will have a another story soon
HM 13 gün önce
Nope... Not me. I will never think that way. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I love my life. Im really fine not knowing how deep something is.
Richard Landrio
Richard Landrio 15 gün önce
Not to mention a lake no one knows what lurks inside it ! That would prevent me from sleeping down there..lol
CaptainAlliance Aylar önce
*Damn, this is the only time I've seen one of these "Cave exploring goes wrong" videos where most people end up getting out alive and intact.*
Perinne Aylar önce
captainalliance I suggest watch a 13 part series called _What on earth happened_ by Ewaranon to learn that the earth is not a globe. I got it in my about tab.
James Richard Wiley
Why people want to crawl into these deep holes and risk getting lost or trapped in the dark is beyond my understanding. It is fascinating to watch other people take the risk.
Anxious Neck Games
Anxious Neck Games Aylar önce
Your ability to narrate these stories is quite impressive. I wish you great success in the future. You deserve it.
John Doyle
John Doyle Aylar önce
Thanks, I have been down a few pothole in UK, but this would freak me out. I think the gap in explorations was possibly the first Chechen war, and access to the area would be difficult. I climbed Elbrus in 1995, and we were one of the last groups to get into the area, even then it was full of Russian troops, it was many years before you could get in there again. I was amazed at the time seeing Russians climbing in the Caucasus, with very limited equipment, and we heard of one missing party, we had 2 weeks of climbing in the Caucasus, and saw many Russian teams.
Laser Fuse
Laser Fuse Aylar önce
Hi, you did a great job with this video. I knew nothing about these incidents and your story telling drew me in. It was really intense wondering about how the stories would end. Dying in a cave is the same fate as being buried alive in my opinion.
David Coleman
David Coleman 2 aylar önce
After some amateur caving, when I was a student, I can appreciate what expeditions of this kind must be like. The isolation and simply the impossibility of getting out quickly means this is like going to another planet. The planning and equipment must be extraordinary.
Perinne Aylar önce
davannaleah I suggest watch a 13 part series called _What on earth happened_ by Ewaranon to learn that the earth is not a globe. I got it in my about tab.
Rick Beall
Rick Beall Aylar önce
Descending into a cave like that gives me stress, just watching the presentation! It gives me claustrophobia I did not even know I had! Great presentation!
Alpha Eligon
Alpha Eligon Aylar önce
As much as I love the outdoors, cave exploring should never be done alone! So sad!
High Rise Media
High Rise Media Aylar önce
I never realized how dangerous cave exploring is. A single rainstorm could drown everyone. Worth dying just to see a dark hole? Nah.
It's Me Billy
It's Me Billy 2 aylar önce
There are three very important things that can be learned from Sergei's unfortunately death. 1: You should always tell someone where you're going if you're exploring someplace remote, no matter how experienced of an outdoorsman you are. 2. Always make sure you pack the right equipment for the trip to ensure your survival, do your research. 3. Perhaps the most important, never and I mean NEVER go on a cave expedition alone! I can't even begin to imagine how horrible it'd be to die like that; cold, alone and in pitch black darkness so cut off from the rest of the world. Just imagine how many people have died like this and have never been found.
Tally P.
Tally P. 21 gün önce
Remember listening to a guided canyon tour by Aron Rolston (real guy "127 Hours" movie was based on) and he said #1 was his biggest take: he made sure to ALWAYS tell someone how to reach him or where he would be when he went hiking or climbing after that terrible ordeal. And he stresses that to everyone he gives talks to who get interested in hiking and exploring, because had he let people know what he was doing, he might have been found before he had to give himself surgery.
Rizwan Noor
Rizwan Noor 28 gün önce
yep thats terrible
Son Of Sanguinius
Son Of Sanguinius 28 gün önce
In a sense he kinda brought it upon himself, like you are right my dude but if you are that under-prepared AND not telling anyone AND alone with no help what so ever, welp you know you have it coming when you get stuck
Lashonda Miller
Lashonda Miller Aylar önce
@Haywood Jablowme u just did
Travel South Africa
you would be amazed how many stupid people have done stupid things and got away with it , sometimes your luck just runs out
R.O.B Aylar önce
could you just imagine that moment Sergie realized he forgot the ascenders...Really feel bad for him, not a great decision to go alone. But seems hardly deserving of a Darwin award. Too bad he couldn't figure out a rope cinch for his feet, to use as a makeshift ascender, or at least , a drop stop kinda slipknot to rest feet on while ascending.
Robert Fan
Robert Fan Aylar önce
I know it's easy for me to say from the comfort of home and having never gone cave exploring, btw this video was compelling and watchable good narration and music, but I'd never risk it to do this. After seeing that YT called 'Buried Alive: The Nutty Putty Cave Incident' in which it shows how 26 year old John Edward Jones took a wrong turn in one of the extremely narrow passages and got stuck upside down for 23 hours with rescue efforts all around him and they still couldn't get him out. What a miserable way to go with all of that time to think of what you will lose he had a beautiful wife and baby daughter. The passages were 10 inches wide so he had to crawl and squeeze hard to get through some areas. And for what? They ended up sealing that cave up permanently so that no one would attempt it again risking the lives of rescuers. And he's still in there.
Mr Pendent
Mr Pendent 7 aylar önce
The biggest irony here is that to get into the cave, you have to go up a 7500 foot mountain--which means that even once you are at the deepest point of the cave, you are still higher up than when you started.
Because Entropy
Because Entropy 13 gün önce
@Stephen Bain 😂😂
Silvesby 26 gün önce
"...even in his lowest swoop the mountain eagle is still higher than other birds upon the plain."
Rizwan Noor
Rizwan Noor 28 gün önce
Trinlu27 Aylar önce
It's just Goonies for adults!
connor hill
connor hill Aylar önce
False. Its 7500 feet above sea level. The cave goes down to sea level. The elevation of the area is far above sea level
Terabit Aylar önce
I hope that your story is true ! Otherwise your video was excellent !
Human Person
Human Person Aylar önce
I would love to explore a cave one day. Just not one of them ones you barely fit through. That stuff is terrifying
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith Aylar önce
For whatever reason hearing that it was 7,000ft deep didn't sound too bad to me. Then when I heard you say immediately afterwards that you need thousands of feet of rope to descend it that's when it hit me.
L Mc
L Mc Aylar önce
Caving seems like a social thing, I couldnt think of anything less appealing than doing it solo
John DoDo Doe
John DoDo Doe Aylar önce
So, is there a transportation system that cavers and miners can install behind them for quick transport of equipment, supplies and samples without having couriers climbing up and down?
Ernesto Chang
Ernesto Chang Aylar önce
The more important question is why would you want to go that far deep into the rabbit hole where certain death awaits if your gear gives out
TiredAllTheTime 3 aylar önce
I can’t imagine the fear he felt before he went to sleep for the last time. He was wet and freezing unable to get himself back up to the camp likely knowing he wasn’t going to get back out of that cave. He probably thought of his family who would never know what happened to him or where to even begin looking for him. I hope he didn’t suffer for long.
Texas Taurus
Texas Taurus 22 gün önce
cocaine is a hell of a drug
Jason Schmidt
Jason Schmidt 27 gün önce
He definitely suffered long
Ang 29 gün önce
@TiredAllTheTime I don't think he thought of his family at all bc he didn't initially think of them before setting out to do this foolishness. You don't maverick this type of thing and if he had any common sense, he'd have some sort of idea of the risks. He shouldn't have done it knowing he had a family to get back to. That being said I wouldn't have wanted this outcome for him.
Dinner-fork tongue🇷🇺
His maverickness caught up with him.
ImNotFeelingIt Aylar önce
@Shadow Of The Lone Wolf wrong tht shit starts to hurt and you feel like you're being stabbed all over it was actually said burning is a better way then freezing to death
Bob1934 3 aylar önce
In Sergei's case you might want to read Jon Krackauer's book "Into the Wild". The guy in the book was much like Sergei. Would do solo trips for extended periods. When he died in Alaska he had refused to bring maps. If he had, he would have known that there was a Ranger Station not far from him and he would have survived. The thing is people get into a mindset of "I got away with it this time, I can do it again." Read Laurence Gonzales book "Deep Survival: Who lives, Who dies, and why." Had a guy talking about doing a long hike, handed him this book and told him to read it. Mindset kills faster than the equipment you have or don't have.
Dangerous Days
Dangerous Days 17 gün önce
Back in the 70s I survived food poisoning and thought I was invincible for nearly a year. Then a drug deal went bad and I realized I wasn't as invincible as I thought I was.
cosmic kitty
cosmic kitty 26 gün önce
@Lester Chan yep that's him 🤡
A Groovin Black Sheep
A Groovin Black Sheep 28 gün önce
based and truthpilled
Lester Chan
Lester Chan Aylar önce
Isn't Krackauer the guy who shat on the rescue effort of Anatoli Boukreev on Everest in a book, after being rescued by Boukreev and sleeping in a tent through the exact same situation..?
Mohenjo Daro
Mohenjo Daro Aylar önce
One thing people overlook in Christopher McCandless' case is he died from eating poisonous plants, but the survival books he had said the plants were safe to eat. And they were for part of the year. They just happen to be out of season and toxic when he was eating them which the books he had failed to mention. It was stupid of him to go alone without telling anyone, but that didn't cost him his life. Incorrect information did. Not sure if the map would have saved him after eating the plants, either, but he definitely would have had a better shot.
koko nana
koko nana 7 aylar önce
Mad respect to the Russian guy who managed to carry a stove and other equipments through that torrential whirlpool of water and emerged at the other end without any scratch. Such a badass!
Anna 5 gün önce
@Kimberly Walker That's a good point.
Kimberly Walker
Kimberly Walker 6 gün önce
@Anna Yes, when the temperature is low enough to potentially bring on hypothermia and youve just climbed through water and mud? That stove was beyond essential! The man saved lives.
Mar Hawkman
Mar Hawkman 2 aylar önce
@Andrew Browner One man was used to doing this and had months of practice... if not years... the other.. did not. :p
Andrew Browner
Andrew Browner 2 aylar önce
I found it comical that the russian guy carried 20+lbs of gear worth a few hundred dollars while the American left behind a few lbs of gear worth over ten thousand.. and the americans had atleast an hours head start
TheGreatMoonFrog 2 aylar önce
Of course, without stove, how would they make celebratory tea when they all survive?
Clint's Tech Tips
Clint's Tech Tips 3 aylar önce
I've been stuck in a flooding cave before. We came back to a pitch that was probably a 10m single rope upclimb but was completely dry when we climbed down. Single rope climbing gear is designed so that once you're on the rope, the only way is up. Thankfully my climbing lead at the time was a level headed person and stopped one of my team's panicking caver from clipping himself onto the rope and attempting to climb a waterfall. He explained that two weeks before, two people died doing exactly the same thing after the first person started drowning halfway up on the rope - the second caver died after attempting to help the first one. They were both recovered still hanging halfway up the rope/pitch a few days later when the water receded. We had to take an alternative route and waited it out on the highest part of the cave. But we saw that the water mark went all the way up to the ceiling. We had to brave it and get the heck out of there through an alternative section which included us having to duck our heads almost completely underwater only with our noses and torches sticking out to get to the next chamber. We had to do this a few times as it was a series of chambers. The water was still rising at this point and the last time I had to duck my head under I had to hold my breath for what felt like a very long time. Basically if we stayed and waited it out and it rained any much stronger I would not be here. Those hours were the longest in my life, felt like I was stuck in that dark hole for a year. Fuck caving and rain.
Southern Gal
Southern Gal 7 gün önce
So glad you made it out alive I can’t imagine how scary that was 😬
ImportedFromSerbia 9 gün önce
@Lawrence Talbot What do you meant with "...most of us got out....."?!
Joshua Constable
Joshua Constable 11 gün önce
Holy cow
Default 16 gün önce
I am going to watch few sunny videos to recover
Morgan Riley Hayz
Morgan Riley Hayz Aylar önce
Glad you got out
brun Aylar önce
i just came home from a caving trip in slovenia. my Colleg broke his arm 100meter under ground and around 400meters inside. Was a hard time getting him out, trough the tunnels where you just can crawl on all four and a lot of acsends
OugaBoogaShockwave Aylar önce
amazing, the depths people will go through to explores boggles my mind ! Love the video🎯🎯👍👍
OugaBoogaShockwave 28 gün önce
@Perinne i know it's not a globe but it's hard to snap out of cause of school
Perinne Aylar önce
ougaboogashockwave I suggest watch a 13 part series called _What on earth happened_ by Ewaranon to learn that the earth is not a globe. I got it in my about tab.
Mary Patten
Mary Patten Aylar önce
Thank you for this very informative video. Lesson learned. Cave divongis likeskin diving. Never dive alone. God bless
Perinne Aylar önce
marypatten I suggest watch a 13 part series called _What on earth happened_ by Ewaranon to learn that the earth is not a globe. I got it in my about tab.
jayjay duque
jayjay duque 7 aylar önce
Ah, yes. The fear of heights and claustrophobia, all in one.
Solomon 12 gün önce
And drowning
Andy MJ
Andy MJ Aylar önce
The Gospel is 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 👇 trvid.com/video/video-lbb4xwYj19g.html Dispensational Truth, Or God's Plan and Purpose in the Ages Book from Clarence Larkin
Adrian Aylar önce
Ad Saion got buffed
Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band
@Anthony Cucci Pantophobia. Fear of everything. Lucy in Peanuts on a holiday special.
Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band
@nkw160 That was a "Far Side" joke many years ago.
Kensu Aylar önce
As dangerous as this is I have a very morbid curiosity of the cave now. I think it would be really cool to visit the very bottom of this cave.
Royal Kingdom Commando
That entrance is enough for me to say, nope. I'll just imagine going down there.
7thSlugLord Aylar önce
i feel like the fact that it was sandy where they set up camp was a good indication that water was no stranger to that area, thats how the sand got there in the first place.
Spiderthenics Aylar önce
It would be good to show measures in other metric systems as well.Not all your audience is familiar or interested converting feet - inches - gallons - miles etc
Xanthe Freeman
Xanthe Freeman 5 aylar önce
Listening to the "main story" of the original cave explorers with the water gushing in was HORRIFYING!!! I was so worried for them the entire time and the fact they made it out alive was AMAZING, especially the guy carrying 4 sleeping bags and half a kitchen - after the ordeal he just sat and had a cup of tea and was LAUGHING?!!! MANIAC!
HM 13 gün önce
His presence of mind id AMAZING. If he did not carry all of those, where will they sleep and how will they eat? Just WOW.
SirSir-TheSird 16 gün önce
The most Russian man you'll ever hear of haha
loll 20 gün önce
laughing is a response to everything tbh😭 i broke my leg and I started laughing… then crying shortly after. same with my sister, tripped over a chain and hyper extended her knee and she started laughing and crying at the same time and pulled out her phone to take pictures and record 😂
They are russians bro its normal
Jennifer Ashford
Jennifer Ashford 25 gün önce
@Everything's Alright oh yes know this feeling all to.well having CPTSD. People say I'm a maniac for laughing after seemingly traumatic events😳
Stephen West
Stephen West Aylar önce
So it's a cave that's well over a mile deep, inside a mountain that's essentially the same height? So you keep descending into a massive well that's bottom is 50 stories above the beginning of your climb? I don't know why that feels like it takes away from the sense of descending into the earth, but it does.
venumspyder Aylar önce
You fear to go into those caves. The Dwarves dug too greedily and too deep. You know what they awoke in the darkness of The Veryovkina Cave
James Demos
James Demos Aylar önce
What do they call the fear of Caves? Well that's definitely my phobia. I find this story fascinating and frightening all at once. The narrator and the echoes from the music make it even more intensely riveting. Goosebumps all the way!!! Great video! Thanks for sharing this.
bweber02 Aylar önce
Speluncaphobia (really)
lauren renee
lauren renee Aylar önce
honestly love the use of the same song in all of these videos. so haunting
james friel
james friel Aylar önce
imagine the initial explorers that mapped down Old perovo branch in 86 100 or so meters down. Then hey! there is another branch i wonder how far down that one goes...oh, just another 2000+ m
andrew barlow
andrew barlow Aylar önce
I enjoyed the video. When I was a boy I liked to explore caves. At my age it's insane. Now I like to explore a fine meal with iced Tea.
Snarkman Aylar önce
Hang on a minute….. you said this cave is 7000 feet deep, but you need to climb 7500 feet to get to the entrance of it. So even at the bottom of the cave you are still 500 feet above ground level. Am I missing something here……
Dick Morningwood
Dick Morningwood Aylar önce
My big question is this: If you’re all the way down at Cave 6, what happens if your flashlights and backups run out of juice? There’s no natural light that far down, only artificial. So you would be stuck thousands of feet underground and keep in mind this cave system is not just vertical it’s horizontal and also winding. You wouldn’t be able to see your hand just inches from your face. How would you get out? Answer #1 You wouldn’t make it out. Answer #2 You better pray someone finds you before you die. My reason for posting this is I see nothing nice or glorifying about being a caver. Also when exploring caves you have to worry about the caves being low in oxygen and possibly filled with pockets of dangerous gases like Carbon Monoxide. So if you ever think about being a caver, please remember what I’ve said, and consider the consequences.
Perinne Aylar önce
I wondered about the air, is it breathable for those cave climbers or do they have to bring air tanks or what? At what point or depth does the air get unbreathable or what I don't know anything about that.
Perinne Aylar önce
morningwood I suggest watch a 13 part series called _What on earth happened_ by Ewaranon to learn that the earth is not a globe. I got it in my about tab.
BlackArro Cartoons
BlackArro Cartoons Aylar önce
Going into a deep cave of the earth is daring like Frodo going into the Mines of Moria in Lord of the Rings.
DukeOnkled Aylar önce
At a glance, it looked for a second like the thumbnail said "Deepest Dave on Earth". Which got me thinking: Who IS the deepest Dave on earth?
David Buller
David Buller Aylar önce
Never go it alone and always be safe, very good video 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Perinne Aylar önce
davidbuller I suggest watch a 13 part series called _What on earth happened_ by Ewaranon to learn that the earth is not a globe. I got it in my about tab.
Secave Aylar önce
The first part of the story was interesting. The quick thinking of the whole team was neat. The sergei guy on the other hand, what a dumbass xD. What a stupid way to die.
Luke Grim
Luke Grim 7 aylar önce
That must be one of the most terrifying death experiences. Being alone in the cold darkness slowly realizing that you're going to either starve to death or have to commit suicide. Imagine the frustration, panic, and despair when he was trying to climb back out but his feet kept slipping... no one deserves that regardless of how stupid it was to go in.
Zugzug Zugzugson
Zugzug Zugzugson Aylar önce
@BaSiC47 its not a race thing, its a nationality thing. all americans (of all races) are generally dumber than people from Europe (of all races).
Semone Aylar önce
The worse would be in the dark all alone and the cave keep flooding knowing the you would drown...scary
BaSiC47 Aylar önce
@Zugzug Zugzugson It’s a race thing. Just compare Asia to Africa
Zugzug Zugzugson
Zugzug Zugzugson Aylar önce
@BaSiC47 it so is a nationality thing. you don't see the same sort of retardation coming out of countries like Japan for example - because people that live there are educated.. in fact, they are some of the most educated people in the world.
Bam Bambi
Bam Bambi Aylar önce
Finally a comment that shows empathy
Smokey420Greenleaf Aylar önce
good stuff. keep it up!
Nakajima Kuro
Nakajima Kuro Aylar önce
As someone who likes solo expeditions, I will rule out cave diving.
Antonio Hinojos
Antonio Hinojos Aylar önce
Serious question, what do they do with all the human shit in these places? There has to be some sort of system or retrival process, right?
S Aylar önce
I cannot fathom a cave that takes 4 days to traverse!
yyz 6 aylar önce
The fact that Sergei had researched and planned out this trip for a year and didn’t bring stirrups for his ascenders is mind boggling
Ohoto 11 gün önce
@The Real James Pickering Then threw half his shotgun shells in the river once he landed, just because. What a lad that guy was.
Анастасио Сомоса
Он год планировал поход, а жена не знала, куда же это он пошёл с рюкзаком, альпинистским снаряжением и двумя километрами троса...
Kurtis Garner
Kurtis Garner Aylar önce
I've done something similar. Had a big job to do and stressed out over a period of time trying to make sure I have every tool, every single thing I'd ever need. I wanted to have everything to the smallest detail right. And all that thinking made me forget the most basic tool I needed that threw a wrench into the entire project.
L A Aylar önce
Any why would Sergei go down there by himself?? He should have brought at least 2 other people with him.
Lisa Hinton
Lisa Hinton Aylar önce
@yyz It's so nice to finally meet a perfect person. I knew that there had to be at least ONE out of the eight-billion of us that are on the planet. Finally, if only over the Internet, I have found a perfect person, @yyz! How wonderful!
Neil Marsh
Neil Marsh Aylar önce
"The deepest cave on earth." How about the deepest KNOWN cave?
ImNotFeelingIt Aylar önce
Mad I mean mad respect for that man to go in alone like that fucking amazing but sad af
Haddock Aylar önce
How shocking, amateurs playing with their lives.
Capt. Cheesecake
Capt. Cheesecake 4 gün önce
This is so terrifyingly amazing, as someone with a huge fear of heights, I can't imagine what it's like hanging from a rope while being meters underground 'seeing' the massive depths of the caves.
Ryan Walsh
Ryan Walsh 7 aylar önce
I can only imagine the unparalleled fear hearing then seeing the water pouring/flooding down, WHEN YOURE ALREADY 6,800 FEET DOWN A CAVE. The fact that people even went 7,200 feet underground in a CAVE is mental. Then again, we literally have been on the moon. Humans are nuts.
Solohelion 3 aylar önce
@Deez Boyeed These might not be conspiracy theorists. They might be shell accounts of state actors fomenting mutual disgust. This is the global internet.
A 3 aylar önce
@taleandclaw rock not necessarily so when it comes to engineering and manufacturing especially for aerospace components you can actually loose the tools and people who knew how to arrange those said tools in order for the project or item to be manufactured/completed
Deez Boyeed
Deez Boyeed 3 aylar önce
@ZP conspiracy theorist rely on 'I can't understand there for its not true' mindset
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 4 aylar önce
The only hole I like to go in is in a woman
Peter Burton
Peter Burton 4 aylar önce
There's an interview of Stanley Kubrick admitting he filmed the moon landing in a sound stage. NASA is run by freemasons that lie. The world is truly a stage.
Major Blitz
Major Blitz Aylar önce
If there is a lake at the bottom, truthfully they do not know the depth unless they go diving. Perhaps it goes much deeper under water.
Wayne Wood
Wayne Wood Aylar önce
You ignorantly say to yourself I'd like to do that BUT since watching a number of these cave expeditions you quickly gain a deep [excuse the pun] and profound respect and fear [well I did] NEVER to venture into something like that alone. I went on a guided tour of the Jenolan Caves New South Wales Australia and when we arrived at a certain area with a lot of warning they switched of the lights...... I never want to experience that again. The darkness is deafening and frightening.
DRTY D Aylar önce
would never catch me going down in caves like that! you have to be crazy!
DRTY D Aylar önce
@Perinne already seen it. but what made you comment that, when i mentioned nothing about flat earth?
Perinne Aylar önce
drtydawg I suggest watch a 13 part series called _What on earth happened_ by Ewaranon to learn that the earth is not a globe. I got it in my about tab.
mal ka
mal ka 3 aylar önce
The moment you mentioned that 5 more lights could be seen was the first time I teared up from relief while watching your videos, the entire team is amazing for how they dealt with the situation and it's great to know that everyone made it out.
Ryan Shah
Ryan Shah Aylar önce
and that last Russian carried a stove and a bunch of sleeping bags. what a friggin boss!
Opinian 5 aylar önce
Thank you for being one of the only disaster/tragedy channels with actual dynamic narrative ability. Seriously. Some drone on almost unbearably, thinking their voices have to sound as grim as the content. Others get caught in the same inflection loops through the whole video. Narration really is a talent. Thanks for having it. Cheers!
Deena Kingery
Deena Kingery 13 gün önce
@Drew I agree as I never knew what it was called. This is where the narrator speaks with an increase in tone and then starts all over after so many words??
Ricky&Ricardo 17 gün önce
This is so true! I've seen some vids where the narrator spends the entire vid sounding like Vincent Price in Thriller. It became a matter of endurance to watch until the end.
Opinian 21 gün önce
@merelyanillusion I've watched a bunch of coffeehouse. I like him!
Opinian 21 gün önce
@Stonefox I've watched many of his
Justin Carter
Justin Carter 24 gün önce
Right!!! Hate the ones that are just a loop of up and down
Jordan Quinlisk
Jordan Quinlisk Aylar önce
The way you slowly revealed the cave map was great, very anxiety and wonder inducing
Spotted Slash
Spotted Slash Aylar önce
I was feeling uncomfortable when it was going down, but when it turned right and went Deeper. No, Never.
Ginkoman2 Aylar önce
and using 2 different maps one with metric and with idiotic units was definitly not confusing at all
Jordan Quinlisk
Jordan Quinlisk Aylar önce
@Perinne absolutely not. It's impossible. I suggest you get sourced from anywhere but TRvid. Let's imagine for a sec i believe the same thing. It would be impossibly expensive to run a global team to keep people from finding out. You'd need to spend so many resources faking moon travel, satellites and all the telescopes in the world. etc Keep an open mind but not so open your brain spills out. Hope you learn the real problem in this reality and that under our laws of physics in this universe.
Perinne Aylar önce
jordanquinlisk I suggest watch a 13 part series called _What on earth happened_ by Ewaranon to learn that the earth is not a globe. I got it in my about tab.
SiggeVibes Aylar önce
I just exclaimed WTF as the rest of the cave was revealed
Mike Scudder
Mike Scudder 2 aylar önce
Sergei was a man with some serious balls to go down by himself!
Mike Scudder
Mike Scudder Aylar önce
@Perinne Jesus, you think the earth is flat??? Just look at the moon ffs.
Perinne Aylar önce
mikescudder I suggest watch a 13 part series called _What on earth happened_ by Ewaranon to learn that the earth is not a globe. I got it in my about tab.
Gina Jalovec
Gina Jalovec Aylar önce
Dude, nope. JUST NOPE!!!! EXTREMELY interesting... BUT NOPE!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Thank u for such great coverage and content! Subscribed and Liked for sure! 👍
Perinne Aylar önce
ginajalovec I suggest watch a 13 part series called _What on earth happened_ by Ewaranon to learn that the earth is not a globe. I got it in my about tab.
Connie McAninch
Connie McAninch Aylar önce
I thought everyone that's experienced in hiking ect. Knows do not go alone its like # 1 rule
Leah 7 aylar önce
Sadly a few years later the groups leader Pavel Demidov died in another cave in the same area I forget it’s name but he had gone back to get some more rope for him and his caving partner and his buddy noticed he had been away longer than normal so he went back and saw that some rocks fell on Pavel and killed him. He was a very knowledgeable brave cave spelunker.😞
Андрій Сивик
Nope, not sadly.
Ashes Zone
Ashes Zone Aylar önce
So why he put his life in danger again he died coz of his own mistakes
Calsalitra Aylar önce
@M00SE Is this really the time and place for this?
Marko Kraguljac
Marko Kraguljac Aylar önce
@Scary Interesting Why is image on 5:35 blurred heavily?
donald smith
donald smith 2 aylar önce
Damn that sucks, these men were really true adventurous and legends! Lord please bless them and their families!! Amen
TruePickle Aylar önce
This cave could go even deeper, but I would guess a cave under the ocean would be deeper, and when I mean deep, I mean the moment you leave the sub, you get crushed
Matt Begin
Matt Begin Aylar önce
I’m beyond set on caving…..almost a nightmare to em as I’m cloister phobic
Roran27 Aylar önce
1:18 "...over 7000 feet. It's like stacking 23 statues of liberty". I think I'm not the only foreign dude who's flinching his eyebrows, hearing that.
Poppa_Badger's CannaCave
OK, that almost gave me an anxiety attack, quite literally!!!😳 Very intense story. Maybe a bit too intense for someone with a very sharp imagination. The visuals I was imagining during this story, were absolutely horrifying. I noticed my body had tensed and my heart was beating faster than usual. GOOD JOB, especially if you're trying to tell stories that cause physical reactions. It worked.😬👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Paul McFadden
Paul McFadden Aylar önce
He stayed at the first camp for a week? Is that not odd? Or is there a logical reason for doing that?
Marie Salcido
Marie Salcido Aylar önce
Some of the rock formation looked like faces.
P3RP NZ Aylar önce
Those ambient sounds are hypnotic b careful u may poke your own eyes out
Adhiraj Singh
Adhiraj Singh Aylar önce
Scary interesting indeed.
Perebynis 5 aylar önce
So the russian team members saved Jeff´s and Robbie´s lives as they let the less experienced climbers go ahead while they stayed back down in the rising flood. These guys are incredibly brave.
Fredrik Sjöblom
Fredrik Sjöblom Aylar önce
@Protoman I've never taken a leadership course, unless you'd count the boyscouts as such. But i have lead, and i have certainly been foolish! I've marched on, thinking stupidly that a leader leads with his feet and that a man would admit weakness in front of his peers before actually breaking down. Turns out they generally dont. They march on to the point where you have to pick up their backpacks in order for them to even keep going at any rate. And if you haven't tried carrying double packs on a hike, i swear to god it taught me to be more attentive real quick cause that shit sucks!
Angry Cheetos
Angry Cheetos Aylar önce
@Repent Sinner I sound like a coward because I should be responsible for your stupid mistakes? You sound like a Boomer who mommy and daddy forgot to teach responsibility too. You can't blame everybody for your shortcomings in mind someday you'll grow up and realize this. You can't blame everybody for your shortcomings in life. Someday you'll grow up and realize this.
Repent Sinner
Repent Sinner Aylar önce
@Angry Cheetos you sound like a coward I wouldn't want to be in a life or death situation with
Do it dan
Do it dan Aylar önce
@Deivis Wst America is the evil out of the Ukraine war. They invade the Middle East but shit scared to go after Russia.
Labas Labas
Labas Labas Aylar önce
As I understand that's not exactly the situation. There was a time gap between those two groups.
Bryan Wither
Bryan Wither Aylar önce
Someone tipped me off on this type of video by telling me about the Nutty Putty cave death. this has become my True Crime thing
David Handley
David Handley 3 aylar önce
That really is the most incredible cave I have ever seen. I especially loved the way you slowly revealed the depth. It just kept going and going!
aiya 3 aylar önce
Yeesh. I feel so bad for the family of the man that died for having to receive him back in pieces, and also the people who had to dismember him to send him home. Traumatizing all around.
bwvids Aylar önce
18:30 Had ascenders but not stirups for his feet??? He didn’t have additional webbing or cordage to attach to the ascenders for his feet???
bwvids Aylar önce
@Perinne looked into it, didn’t sound logical 🤷‍♂️
Perinne Aylar önce
BTW bthemedia I suggest watch a 13 part series called _What on earth happened_ by Ewaranon to learn that the earth is not a globe. I got it in my about tab.
Perinne Aylar önce
I don't know anything about cave climbing but wow that's a great idea attaching a piece of rope to the hand ascender so you can use your legs in addition to hands to push yourself up.
Swaggaccino 7 aylar önce
Can we take a moment to realize that this cave is so deep, complex, and isolated, that if any explorer's light source were to go out, it would mean guaranteed death.
C J 4 aylar önce
@jof more lights lol
Gats 4 aylar önce
LaFireTeam PLX
LaFireTeam PLX 4 aylar önce
@G Genocide he also had a cat
Âlchëmy Funtîmë
Âlchëmy Funtîmë 4 aylar önce
@moviemaker2011z Them Lyin Ass Mother-F-ers @'Big-Battery'... Spending Their I'll-Gotten Gains On Propaganda Campaigns That Make Me Believe Untrue Things!!
ys2slick 4 aylar önce
@censored that’s actually a really good point😂
Alex Khoury
Alex Khoury Aylar önce
That was SCARY... and pretty interesting
Perinne Aylar önce
alexkhoury I suggest watch a 13 part series called _What on earth happened_ by Ewaranon to learn that the earth is not a globe. I got it in my about tab.
Gwynne Leavitt
Gwynne Leavitt Aylar önce
Andrew Hand
Andrew Hand 17 gün önce
Love your channel, I've watched every cave and diving video you've released. This is probably my favorite one, though the diving ones giving me a lot of adrenaline due to my fear of deep water. You're a very talented narrator, and your voice along with the tone and emphasis you use is top quality, and ultimately what keeps me coming back and replaying these stories. Speaking of which, which video is the one with a bunch of guys diving one at a time following each other in a cave when it collapsed, separating them? I can't find it anywhere now.
Pink fox boi
Pink fox boi Aylar önce
The cavers really do be playing irl Spelunky 💀
Awesome Bro365
Awesome Bro365 Aylar önce
For those who uses the metric system, like me, the cave is 2,200 metres.
Salocin Aylar önce
small correction at 6:25 one millimeter of water over a square kilometer is actually a million liters and not just a thousand
FortAwesome1974 Aylar önce
No thanks!! I don't mind walking into a big ass cave like the Jenolan Caves in NSW Australia, but I'm not going on ropes or tight spaces or water in one thanks!!
Sulev Türnpuu
Sulev Türnpuu Aylar önce
'For reasons unclear there are no more expeditions until year 2000...' The unclear reasons like Soviet Union fallin appart, Abhasia region revolting against Georgia rule, Russian troops moving in and helping to establish unrecognised state? Yeah, dunno why nobody tried to go there, it would have been as simple as in North Korea.
Brian Johnston
Brian Johnston Aylar önce
Absolutely riveting
Sheldon Dillon
Sheldon Dillon 24 gün önce
I have been caving in Alberta Canada and I understand the COMPLETE DARKNESS. It must have been terrifying for that man all alone in a gigantic cave with only the empty quiet and spiders for company. That's a hell of a way to go.
go away
go away Aylar önce
"Wow! This cave is VERY ovkina!" -cartographer guy
Perinne Aylar önce
goaway I suggest watch a 13 part series called _What on earth happened_ by Ewaranon to learn that the earth is not a globe. I got it in my about tab.
Anna Loye
Anna Loye 4 aylar önce
I found your channel today- wow! this was such a scary and amazing retelling. I can't wait to hear more. Thank you for taking the time to put it all together. We have some stunning caves in New Zealand, but nothing like this.
Cheese loving man
Cheese loving man Aylar önce
Watching this made me horrified and nauseous, but in a good way
Perinne Aylar önce
cheeselovingman I suggest watch a 13 part series called _What on earth happened_ by Ewaranon to learn that the earth is not a globe. I got it in my about tab.
Alexander Adavar
Alexander Adavar 7 aylar önce
I found a skeleton when I was young while caving in Ireland, I reported it and never heard anymore about it after showing them where it was, it had clearly been there a very long time, but it was still haunting to imagine a person sitting down for the final time in this dark pocket in the earth
MrCh0o 3 aylar önce
​@Marco Pena Wow, you've really provoked an entire circus here, it seems
Confused AF
Confused AF 3 aylar önce
@twizzm I hope Ireland discovers wheels some day!!
Feelincrispy 4 aylar önce
@ElvinGearMaster Irma ah ah ahhh it was obvious trolling and if you can’t recognise that you’re going to have re-sit your internet surfing license
ElvinGearMaster Irma
ElvinGearMaster Irma 4 aylar önce
@Feelincrispy Or people struggle to get that tone across text. A medium famously known for being difficult to get tone across
Alessia Giaquinto🌊
Alessia Giaquinto🌊 4 aylar önce
Yes and I don't understand people like you , to go in this hell ,its my nigtmare and my phobia!!!! You are suicidal to go down here, just dont go..... its a masochist. shit...
Ed K
Ed K Aylar önce
stick to one unit sytem (preferably the metric system) or at least show both. Its super anoying having to find out what a given unit relates to in the other system... otherwise good and interresting vid.
John Smith
John Smith Aylar önce
Nope! I will stick to hiking at ground level. 😁
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