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During early fall when the seasons are changing and the weather is still transitioning from late summer to fall. The water temperatures in the lake aren’t very stable due to the colder weather approaching. During this period of the year, catching a catfish can be rough! One thing that always helps me entice the catfish to bite is exploring other bait options! Shrimp can be an excellent catfish bait especially for channel cats, so I decided to pick up some shrimp at the grocery store and give it a try! In my opinion, catfishing with shrimp is defiantly more sufficient for channel catfish but I’d recommend at least giving it a try once before you knock it! Also, there will always be other great bait options to go with as well! For the most part, shrimp can be a great addition to include in your bait arsenal when it’s time to go catfishing!

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Fishing Locations: Santa Fe Lake (Augusta, Kansas)
Lake Afton (Goddard, Kansas)
KDOT East Lake (Wichita, Kansas)

Rods, Reels, Gear & Tackle Used in Video:

Tangling with Catfish Whisker Whip Series Hi-Viz Green Rod (Medium Casting 7’6”) - tanglingwithcatfish.com/Onlin...

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6500 C3 Classic Round Baitcast Reel - www.cabelas.com/shop/en/abu-g...

(Main Line) Berkley Trilene Big Game Mono Line (20lb Test) Color: Solar

Whisker Seeker Tackle - Catfish Rod | GFX Rod Model - 7'6" MH 1P

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6500 C3 Baitcast Reel (Catfish Special)

(Main Line) Whisker Seeker Tackle - High Vis Sunburst Orange Fishing Line | Mono (30lb test)

(Leader Line) Zebco Omniflex Mono Fishing Line (30 - 50 lb test) - www.walmart.com/ip/Zebco-Omni...

(Leader Line) Whisker Seeker Tackle Catfish Leader Line Mono (60 lb test) - whiskerseeker.com/catfish-lea...

Mustad Demon Offset Circle Hooks (Size #7/0 - #8/0) - mustad-fishing.com/product/39...

Whisker Seeker Tackle - Catfish Hybrid Circle Hooks | TripleThreat (size #6/0 & #8/0) - whiskerseeker.com/catfish-hyb...

CRAZY SHARK Stainless Steel Fish Lip Grabber Gripper Grip Tool - www.amazon.com/CRAZY-SHARK-St...

Nite Ize Gear Tie 12" Twist Tie, Neon Yellow, 2 Pack - www.walmart.com/ip/Nite-Ize-G...

Hills Rod Holders - www.hillsrodholders.com/en/9-...
(Ebay Store) - www.ebay.com/itm/Rod-Holders-...

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Brand Heat
Brand Heat 6 saatler önce
leave the head on next time it works better with the head on
Kevin Pritchard
Kevin Pritchard 7 gün önce
Love cat fishing use to bass fish a lot then night bank fishing is my fav so lay back just chill and listen for fish alarms
Veekta Her
Veekta Her 8 gün önce
Know what I like about this dude? He’s chill and doesn’t over sell. Got yourself a sub mate! Will check out your vids!
black guy
black guy 8 gün önce
Would have a short trip for me. 😂 I’d have to charge that knife to the game.
ZJ ZJ Big Fish Catches!
It's better to catch something then not catch nothing on bad day's when they ain't biting in the spot you fishing but at least you caught a lil Catfish with a snake trying to run off with your knife!! 👍😄😁
Richard Perron
Richard Perron 10 gün önce
Love your channel, why didn't you give the snake a shrimp? he was honestly just being himself.
garypenyakable 11 gün önce
we use chicken livers up here in washington state sir, maybe give it a try down south.
Kenneth Dry
Kenneth Dry 11 gün önce
Hey just checking out your channel, I've been using shrimp for years it's my favorite catfish bait, but you got to set that hook before you start reeling bro
Daryl Scott
Daryl Scott 6 gün önce
He uses circle hooks. No need to set the hook with then
TeamSnagginWhiskers 14 gün önce
I’m a big fan of shrimp. Just hook set ya.
Dirk van der Merwe
Dirk van der Merwe 15 gün önce
Dem serpent wannet te rob you yo wit yo own bait knife...
Evangaline Frost
Evangaline Frost 19 gün önce
Hello fellow fisherman ! I'm a Fisher lady ) new to your channel 🤗.l think you need to down side at least one of your Hooks .So you want mis So many fish. keep up the hunt Bro. *Fisherlady Evangaline Fish on😁💯
GetMotivatedFishin 21 gün önce
Straight chillin 😎
GetMotivatedFishin 20 gün önce
@Sling N' Baits ain’t finish yet !
Sling N' Baits
Sling N' Baits 20 gün önce
Yesssurrr! 👍 Good vibes and catfishing! 😎 Thanks for watching dawg appreciate ya!!
Jimmie Epperson
Jimmie Epperson 21 gün önce
I notice when I’m watching your videos, you be getting bites when your not looking a lot of the times. My name is Jimmie Epperson. I’m from Humboldt, Tn. Most people around this area, use fishing bells. You clamp a bell at the top of your rod, so when your not paying attention or looking off, when the catfish do bite, the bell will “ ting - ting “, to let you know your getting a bite.
Jimmie Epperson
Jimmie Epperson 20 gün önce
@Sling N' Baits Thank you bro!! Keep Slinging N Baits!!
Sling N' Baits
Sling N' Baits 20 gün önce
Thank you Mr. Epperson, appreciate the tip! I still do miss a lot of bites often while fishing so ima definitely look into getting some of those bells soon! 👍 Thanks for watching Jimmie truly appreciate ya support sir!!
Big Mike
Big Mike 21 gün önce
Hey brother you need to put your slip bobber on the same line as your hook not on the mainline
Sling N' Baits
Sling N' Baits 20 gün önce
Appreciate the tip brotha, you must be referring to that 3-Way rig I tied? I sometimes attach the peg float to my mainline whenever I’m using a short leader line attached to my hook. Thanks for watching Big Mike, appreciate ya brotha! 🤛👊
Tyler Baker
Tyler Baker 25 gün önce
Nice bro keep up the good work I love your videos man, I also love to fish too.
Tom buchanan
Tom buchanan 26 gün önce
you dont have to buy t v bait at 36 bucks a box, go to krogers and get their shrimp for 6 bucks, raw with heads and tails, , i use it pay laking and catch tons
Fishing/lottery 28 gün önce
Imma about to get a rock..!🤣🤣🤣🤣🔝😎👍🏽💪🏽
Adrian Baryuz
Adrian Baryuz 28 gün önce
OMG! This is "Thug Life Meme" candidate of the year! Fkng Hilarious that snake!
Jay Gib
Jay Gib 29 gün önce
You’re not setting the hook bro bro hit it wit that Cornelius
Some Where Fishin’ In Texas
Nice video man..
Corie Anderson
Corie Anderson Aylar önce
Well like how you do you videos clean organized and definitely explain what your using and how your set up on each rod but think the problem is the fish are to small for the hook probably why you kept missing them my opinion but keep it up bro nice work
Elder David Small
Elder David Small 3 gün önce
Worms work the best for catfishing....
Try some grass shrimp next time
Rudy Aragon
Rudy Aragon Aylar önce
That TV Shrimp!!
Theo Kempter
Theo Kempter Aylar önce
TV shrimp works great caught a 25lb channel at my pond with it
Theo Kempter
Theo Kempter Aylar önce
TV shrimp works great caught a 25lb channel at my pond with it
ohShucks Aylar önce
Definition of thinking out loud
Brother work on your hook set.. My God
smokeyvalley1 Aylar önce
Fish just north of you by 80 miles....use both TV shrimp and cut shad.....seems like each day has it's own best bait...one day shrimp, the other shad....got to try a variety! Good video.
Homer Thomas
Homer Thomas Aylar önce
I'm a catfish hunting I enjoy your videos I like to see more about
Mark Willhardt
Mark Willhardt Aylar önce
Versuchs mal mit einem kleineren Hagen du Sonntagsangler sonst wirst du nie einen größeren Fisch fangen 👎🤣🇩🇪
Larry Arnold
Larry Arnold Aylar önce
When that fish hit your line Jack on that pole so that hook will stick in him and then real it in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Blue Line Fishing
Blue Line Fishing Aylar önce
When my dad and i were cat fishing back in the early 1990’s thats all we used was T.V. Bait shrimp. They loved it in Oklahoma, channels and blues. That stuff does get stinky, smells just like the woman’s restroom 😂🤣
Oscar Vasquez
Oscar Vasquez 20 gün önce
Elias Poncho
Elias Poncho Aylar önce
15:40 I've never seen someone whistle to a snake 🤣😭
Phrank Edwards
Phrank Edwards Aylar önce
Man, set your hook and stop just picking your reel up and winding!! You'll catch more fish!!
Didell Robinson
Didell Robinson Aylar önce
Didell Robinson
Didell Robinson Aylar önce
Robert Suter
Robert Suter Aylar önce
Lmao you grab a rock,snakes like ooh ya let me grab this shank.
j Brown
j Brown Aylar önce
Andrew Mata
Andrew Mata Aylar önce
To that fucking snake is a menace bruh he was boutta run up on someone with the knife he said lemme borrow this real quick 😂😂
MrMemphisTn901 Aylar önce
Good vid fam. Loosen that drag up a little bit, and let them run then slowly reel to tighten the line,and set the hook.
Shrimp is a great substitute for crawdad as bait
Aliehs Galactic Emissary
Damn snake takin the knife, that is nuts!!!! Boom!
blue coilz
blue coilz Aylar önce
1st time watcher and man stop with the words on the screen every 2 second that shit annoying af
Joseph Davis
Joseph Davis Aylar önce
In Eastern Colorado we used T.V. brand bait shrimp with a night crawler on top, sometimes we'd inject the shrimp with anise oil worked Everytime then Kansas stole our lake ( Bonny resivor) and were SOL for a fishing hole.:(
Rita Lewis
Rita Lewis Aylar önce
Like the way you take us from one lake to another. Check it out people. Thank you and blessings.
Catfish 4 life
Catfish 4 life Aylar önce
Brother were you get those nice packs shads
Marshall Neal
Marshall Neal Aylar önce
My mother and father in law just came over. I threw on your videos and that old man's been telling me old fishing stories through the whole videos. Yes surrrrr. Good stuff. Been missing ya cuz time but good to see your still knockin it out.
MrLGstone Aylar önce
I just subbed. Like what your showing. Southern fishing is way different than up here in northern lower Michigan
Ekim Relyt
Ekim Relyt Aylar önce
I have a fishing boat on the gulf of Mexico and would like to hire you to rig up lines and bait hooks and if you do a good job you can be promoted to master baiter,!
htib Aylar önce
Is no one going to talk about the snake learning how to use deadly weapons?
Sammy off the Hook
Sammy off the Hook Aylar önce
What type of computer you use to edit ,yo videos 🔥🔥 bro keep sling n baits 💪🏿💯💯
Tj Dawkins12
Tj Dawkins12 Aylar önce
You kept snatching the hook out his mouth
focus365365 Aylar önce
Also try Triple S blood or cheese dip bait for channel catfish, you will catch much more fish using dip bait or Magic Bait crawfish chicken blood balls. Going to give you a great recipe, take Magic Bait crawfish blood balls and mix with a can of pink salmon and mix with four until it makes a dough ball that works every time.
focus365365 Aylar önce
Bro Bro Bro!! You need to set your hook my brother! You just keep picking up the pole and reeling. Once you set that bite you need to snatch the rod and set the hook before reeling. I know, I know you’re using circle hooks and they supposedly set themselves. As you can clearly see from this video that is not the case most of the time. Set the hooking by snatching the rod, then reel. You will have a much better hookup ratio than what you are having trust me on that. I’ve caught tens of thousands of catfish during my lifetime. From the size catfish you’re catching in this video you only need about a 2/0 octopus circle hook. I’ve landed 30-40 lb fish on 2/0 octopus circle hooks. Try Gamakatsu hooks, that Mustad hook your using is much to thick. Just give it a try.
Kirk Niles
Kirk Niles Aylar önce
Shrimp is great bait…I just buy the jumbo raw shrimp from Walmart
Kirk Niles
Kirk Niles Aylar önce
Hook size might be a smidge to big the the eaters
Michael Ross
Michael Ross Aylar önce
You putting the shrimp on wrong. The hood can’t set like that. Go half way through and out. Expose a bit more hook.
Cameron Manley
Cameron Manley Aylar önce
Set your hook big dawg!!! You got em on the line. when the pole start bending, reel in real slow to tighten your line and when you feel him tug the line set the hell out the hook💪🏾🎣
Patrick Jackson
Patrick Jackson Aylar önce
@PLASTICSONLY BASS BOSS .... ...............
NG49 Aylar önce
That's why I don't use circle hooks.
Everything you said was right Cameron Manley. But I believe he said he was using circle hooks. So the best thing to do is let them take it for a few seconds then reel as fast as you can.
Steven Caple
Steven Caple Aylar önce
Find u a Vietnamese grocery where u live and see if u can't get a big old box of shrimp with heads on about 120 for $ 20 put on a nite crawler first then take that head off and squeeze them orange guts on that piece of shrimp ( and u don't have to use the whole shrimp ) you'll catch channels all day
Dontrae Baker
Dontrae Baker Aylar önce
But love your content
Dontrae Baker
Dontrae Baker Aylar önce
To be honest your rigs have to much going on catfishing is easy and simple
mike hudson
mike hudson Aylar önce
Maybe fishing is your thing
WildKajun Aylar önce
Y'all rig strange lol
WildKajun Aylar önce
Just subscribe to your channel! We use shrimp for catfish all the time over here on the Bayou. Reppin Thibodaux La. 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘👊👊👊👊👊
christopher rubright
I've never had luck with that shrimp i got a few boxes and never caught anything on it
Brodriguezdank Aylar önce
Chicken liver with a big treble hook with spring on it wrap the liver around it catfish love it
Jamar Mckay
Jamar Mckay Aylar önce
Look into so hooks called Trapper hook get a 5/0 I guarantee you won’t loose them anymore I don’t
Lyle Utley
Lyle Utley Aylar önce
Hell nah Can't even fish the devil using serpent's to cut people now. I'd of busted him with a rock to
Killer Llama
Killer Llama Aylar önce
Snakes are good eating too
Sapp's Fishing and Hunting Channel
I love it bro!!!
Greg Bourne
Greg Bourne Aylar önce
Used that same brand of shrimp all the time growing up in Texas it was 🔥
Tom N
Tom N Aylar önce
The shrimp head on helps. Especially with striper.
Kansas Independent
Kansas Independent Aylar önce
I just found your channel this evening I'm going to try my best to stay tuned in Yesssurrr! 🙂
ardy moon
ardy moon Aylar önce
Been using shrimp for 3 yrs , catches fast. Most fish are close not far or in channels, learned that fron a 12 yr old kid. Big fish need cold water. Ever wonder why they bring guns down south ,snskes. My set up,sinergy med heavy openface reel, 20 lb birkly big game line. Use size 2 wide gap hook , 1 oz slip sinker buckshot stopper , orvis knot for hook. Ususlly night fish 9pm to 2am , shrimp rule. Check that hook set technice, circle hooks are different. Knowledge verse pretty tackel, good luck and don't forget a comfortable chair bug repelent . know the fish you are chasing. Good luck and enjoy the day. Check out, river certified , knowledge is the key , we can all learn something from each other.
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez Aylar önce
Amaizing videos , been using ur way of fishing it’s been really great. We don’t have fish like that here in Tucson Arizona but we catching them.Which rods and reels you use?
Aaron Fofana
Aaron Fofana Aylar önce
You should've used the 🐍 as live bait, tough guy with the rock. Lol
Shinichi Rex
Shinichi Rex Aylar önce
Keyzer Soze
Keyzer Soze 2 aylar önce
Michael Raymond
Michael Raymond 2 aylar önce
Go buy the shrimp at dollor tree it's only a dollor for 9 pieces and it's a good way to save money
abm karai
abm karai 2 aylar önce
1 u need bells kuz u not paying attention to see the bite on time...2nd when the pole bend forward u pull up but backwards to set the hook you’ll get the fish everytime....no lie it was frustrating me 😂😂😂 I’m going fishing tomorrow
Kay P
Kay P 2 aylar önce
bro what you be doing to miss all these bites sheesh lol
spiritual fish
spiritual fish 2 aylar önce
Peace 😺🐟
LuckyB 2 aylar önce
Always use shrimp with the head on . Far as I beleve form experance.
Demaurio Oates
Demaurio Oates 2 aylar önce
Tammy1982 2 aylar önce
I woulda used the snake for bait 😂😂😂😂 dope vid bro, new subscriber*** 👍🏽💪🏽
187 fishing
187 fishing 2 aylar önce
Bill Dance him that was Perfect
ImHere 2 aylar önce
Yo the wife got a 35 pound flatty last night all on her own. It was awesome.
Slammed121 2 aylar önce
Cecil you were supposed to get that big rock and bust his head to the white meat, that way you could continue to fish in peace.
Von Vomit
Von Vomit 2 aylar önce
You had better quit arming the wild life!! Can you imagine if that snake would have mugged you for your shrimp?? Total mayhem....🤣🤣🤣
504Bootcamp 2 aylar önce
Invest in some snake boots bruh. Them shorts and sneakers ain't gone cut it out there from what I see .
Dunbar Brown
Dunbar Brown 2 aylar önce
TV box shrimp has been my number one bait of the summer after cut shad
joe schmoe
joe schmoe 2 aylar önce
What size rods do you use?
jr seay
jr seay 2 aylar önce
dude deservs 200k subs
Moe Moreno
Moe Moreno 2 aylar önce
I got the same reel on my whisker seeker rod and I love it, how do you like it
Will Hapeman
Will Hapeman 2 aylar önce
I do not know just how bad this neighborhood is, but if the snakes use knives there, it is too tough for me.
Luis E Flores
Luis E Flores 2 aylar önce
Yesssurrr! 👌👍
B Crunk
B Crunk 2 aylar önce
It's a bad neighborhood when the snakes got knives.
Patrick Griffith
Patrick Griffith 2 aylar önce
Do you sharpen your hooks? Unless I know im fishing for 6lb or greater, 3/0 usually gets me a better hook up ratio. Maybe 5/0.
jevon daniel
jevon daniel 2 aylar önce
Set the hook first bro !!!!!
Jesus Reyes
Jesus Reyes 2 aylar önce
rodney guyton
rodney guyton 2 aylar önce
On a challenge do not walk away from your Pole everything in the water loves shrimp you'll learn that you almost made me walk through my wall when you walk away from them Pole
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