Catching Catfish Under Bridges - Bottom Bumping

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Folk's today, we will be Catfishing Under Bridges using a Technique called Bottom Bumping. I explain how to Bottom Bump for catfish, go over my Catfish fishing rig / setup, and catch some nice cats as well! I hope you enjoy the video!

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20 Eyl 2019




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Theyon Greyjoy
Theyon Greyjoy 4 aylar önce
tell elmo dogs eat catfish
Ryan Hill
Ryan Hill 4 aylar önce
I love knowing that the fishing machine still gets so excited fishing. Richard Gene & Fishing= Second to none
Roy Arnold
Roy Arnold 5 aylar önce
Thanks so much for all you do!
Deborah Maultsby
Deborah Maultsby 6 aylar önce
Awesome 👌
CH Brock
CH Brock 6 aylar önce
Richard!!!!.......don't let that agiranlin get to you Man!!! And remember!!! Love you man!
Robert Gower Jr.
Robert Gower Jr. 8 aylar önce
We all love ya Richard!!! Thanks for all the videos and giving us a glimpse of your passion.
Brock Goodwin
Brock Goodwin 8 aylar önce
I wasn't catching anything over a pound and I tried the 3 shad shuffle, via Richard gene. Pinned about a ten pound channel within 5 minutes. Thanks for the fishing secrets, fishing machine.
Jacob Baynham
Jacob Baynham 9 aylar önce
Awesome videos!! I believe I have watched every one of them. If you would please do a video explaining your cast net and how you catch bait blue back herring, skipjack, and gizzard shad etc thank you
Preston Russell
Preston Russell 10 aylar önce
Very informative video and as always entertaining !
O O 10 aylar önce
Mr. Gene how do I order your merchandise? Love the video's, keep it up. It's good for you!
Montell Williams
Montell Williams 11 aylar önce
Hey , " ELMO " do you ever fish ? Great video guys 👍👌👈
Evan Slaton
Evan Slaton 11 aylar önce
Shoutout to Gadsden, AL! I used to live there lol. WOO
Papi C
Papi C 11 aylar önce
)I’m new to fishing( why not use cut shad???
Papi C
Papi C 11 aylar önce
I see now... to maximize size
Tim Mckelvey
Tim Mckelvey Yıl önce
Brandon E
Brandon E Yıl önce
Fishing is the best thing ever always will be I live for it I want to die fishing
Robert Parker
Robert Parker Yıl önce
i want to go fishing with you!
Joe Davidson
Joe Davidson Yıl önce
Richard Gene! What kind of boat you using? I am looking for something small but safe to use on the Snake River. Great video's, keep them coming.
youtube commentator
Excellent video, new sub
John Miller
John Miller Yıl önce
Congratulations, you are a awesome fisherman. I would be honored to meet you in person one day. I live in Cartersville. Ga. You are a close neighbor. I have enjoyed your channel for a long time. I will be 59 years old and have been fishing since I was 5 years old . I still learn great tips from watching your channel....... Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
Guts Yıl önce
When it comes to fishing, I'm left or right handed, depending on whichever side the handle for the reel comes on. Lol
Brandon Gaulf
Brandon Gaulf Yıl önce
Richard that is nice catfishing that's ambidextrous by the way I'm ambidextrous myself
Arizona Outdoor Man
Richard what’s the biggest channel you have caught? And on what bait? Thanks. New to your channel and I’m loving it ! Thanks !
Adam Albert
Adam Albert Yıl önce
Nice! Out in California we bottom bounce for rock cod, and lings, never heard of doing it for catfish. Enjoyed the video Richard, fun and informative!
Darell Fryar
Darell Fryar Yıl önce
09:33 02:13 01:17
nostra stevis
nostra stevis Yıl önce
Best fishing channel on youtube!
James Fresh
James Fresh Yıl önce
I bet I’m the only person that uses 30 pound test for fishing off a dock. I like to yank em lol
Jesus Martinez
Jesus Martinez Yıl önce
This is my first time watching you
monmixer Yıl önce
Perfect eatin size. 24 to 30"
Gardenhill Yıl önce
Bottom bumping with earthworms on the Choctawhatchee River in the Florida panhandle is how I fish for red ears. Lot of fun.
Bobby Frost
Bobby Frost Yıl önce
I like your videos very informative, why do you use a heavier pound test line on the leader seems like you would want the lighter test on the leader so if you get hung up you just lose the hook.
Billy Whitehorn
Billy Whitehorn Yıl önce
rich do more fishing and less talking
S schraeder
S schraeder Yıl önce
Awesome video. I got my boy into fishing. Great times. Thanks again
David Lindstrom
David Lindstrom Yıl önce
Little nets going to break lmao
P S Yıl önce
Not that big of a first to him is my best day of fishing ever!! Thats why i love fishing 🎣
Norseman Yıl önce
Can you tell what kinda of boat you are using on this video? Thanks!!!
Paul Cricket
Paul Cricket Yıl önce
Love listening to Richard. Very informative, clean cut and entertaining and a great fisherman. Like his comic relief too.
Mjd *
Mjd * Yıl önce
I learn something new everytime I watch one of your videos.
Yvon Mack
Yvon Mack Yıl önce
Start keeping fish little or big
Lane Johnson
Lane Johnson Yıl önce
@richard gene fishin machine I would kill to go fishing with u just once much love from the 502
Tony Diablo
Tony Diablo Yıl önce
Nice video. Do you have one on how to tie that rig up? What kind of knots and how far apart? Thank you.
GangstacheemsYT Yıl önce
Anybody gonna tell him about walking catfish??
Michael Hazelwood
What kind of motor?
Cameron Campbell
Cameron Campbell Yıl önce
What lake is he at
Paul Pruett
Paul Pruett Yıl önce
I love your boat. Easy to clean, nothing to fade and replace or repair. Smart man.
Wheelman Josh
Wheelman Josh Yıl önce
I like your aluminum boat, what is it?
Doyle Wright
Doyle Wright Yıl önce
You're guffy but very cool videos great fishing 😆
Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas Yıl önce
Not gonna lie, thumbnail looked like someone pissing into the water from a boat!
The Foraging Peasant
Thanks for sharing your passion and knowledge with us Mr Gene!
ndspeedster Yıl önce
what lake is this?
Stephen Furr
Stephen Furr Yıl önce
Pray you get 1 million subs
Robert Mount
Robert Mount Yıl önce
So why not a drop shot ?
ambidextrous lol
sickb2200 Yıl önce
He was peein' 'er somthin' another.
Randy Perfecto
Randy Perfecto Yıl önce
Good stuff sir although hog hunting is right up there Hua!!! Continued success and happiness sir!
Aydin Andre
Aydin Andre Yıl önce
How ironic that as soon as I start working with Alabama folks I start coming across more Alabama folks haha. Great video
Ginger Holguin
Ginger Holguin Yıl önce
Lol you a bit of a goober but enjoy you videos
Old Man Fred
Old Man Fred Yıl önce
He knocked the far Al love it! Endeavor to Persevere! Go own back in nair big ‘Ol thang! I love that down home talking.
Laxman Patil
Laxman Patil Yıl önce
Best fisherman all times...
slagletoby Yıl önce
Don’t they taste like mud?
Brian Malone
Brian Malone Yıl önce
Man loved the video!! Good job
GSXRoyce Yıl önce
Once again you’ve proved to be the man Richard.
Bucket Mouth Inc
Bucket Mouth Inc Yıl önce
12:53 golden showers on yer shoe
Cody England
Cody England Yıl önce
When i watch you i feelnloke im with daddy and my brother best fiching channel yet!!!!! Keep it up
Glenn Smith
Glenn Smith Yıl önce
it look like bait here MN.
Adrin Woods
Adrin Woods Yıl önce
Look hard.what type bait use fishing.👍
Mark Rumfola
Mark Rumfola Yıl önce
Having fun watching
Dusty Yıl önce
i like fried catfish :)
Losing on Lotto
Losing on Lotto Yıl önce
Catch and release in some peanut oil in a cast iron skillet
There's absolutely one bait on planet Earth that will catch every fish in the ocean or in a lake guaranteed 100% drum roll and that is!!!!!!! Bacon!!!!
Ted CFH Yıl önce
He aint all thar...and i love it
Jay F
Jay F Yıl önce
Smoking California weed got me here
Ernest Brown
Ernest Brown Yıl önce
Good looking fish good eaten
Josh Day
Josh Day Yıl önce
This guy knows some good fishing spots but where he messed up and they are not being catfish in the main they are more in the back water of lake guntersville I caught a 100lbs out of Morgan's cove which is the back water
The car parts guy!
They call me left cuz I sure is ain't right..
Hunter laird
Hunter laird Yıl önce
Stephen Price
Stephen Price Yıl önce
Love your fishing vids. Very informative and you keep it entertaining. That ending was everything!!! WOOOOO! love that energy. Cant wait til I get a boat and hit some open waters
awy1977 Yıl önce
Daggum Richard Gene I'd like to go fishin with you. Might turn my luck around! I grew up in west KY by Barkley Lake, love to catch and eat crappie...but now I'm living up in northern IL. People fish for Northern, Walleye and muskie up here! I just want to catch some good pan fish all day long!
Brandon Moss
Brandon Moss Yıl önce
Why can't I be out doing what your doing right now lol
hardyhandshake Yıl önce
Great video but why did you mount your screen directly in front of your steering wheel?
Devin Cook
Devin Cook Yıl önce
That z reel doesn't have a spool slaved winder? Not sure I like those, I kinda like it when the line stays neat and tidy reeling and casting. The no bearing concept (if that's the reel I'm thinking of) is cool but..
GA BOY Yıl önce
take me fishing richard gene, i love big ole kitties like dat, sub'd
Triston Villnave
Triston Villnave Yıl önce
Damn good video amd damn good fisherman!!!
Kerson Perez
Kerson Perez Yıl önce
Dad Gone It!!
Rog Rambo
Rog Rambo Yıl önce
I came across this by accident, and I wanna fish with this guy! I really enjoyed the video and am going to look up more of his stuff. We go deep sea fishing almost every weekend during the summer as we live in Freeport Tx. But I LOVE catching catfish and its one of my favorite fish! Great video. Tight lines!!
mohunter68 Yıl önce
Great technique, I've got just the place to try that out. Thanks for the video!
Mike Acosta
Mike Acosta Yıl önce
Thanks for the informative video! Az angler gonna hit the Colorado and try this soon!!
Swampy Pancakes
Swampy Pancakes Yıl önce
I would like to buy one of the shirts but the website is down and I could not find another place to purchase
frank applegate
frank applegate Yıl önce
here lately i have settled on watching Richard Gene most of the time. i've learned a lot and can't wait for winter to break. Crappie and Bass seem to be the main focus for me. My wife loves to Catfish and will enjoy trying your methods. Thanks for everything.
Montell Williams
Montell Williams 11 aylar önce
Say , what's the best bait for the big cats
Sue Callahan
Sue Callahan Yıl önce
Hello. I'm a new subscriber! Love your fishing videos. In your opinion what us the best eating, flathead, blue or channel cats? Thank you sir.
jgh6979 Yıl önce
Love all your videos! Roll Tide and go fishing
Old Southern Country Boy
This is the kind of "bottom bumping" I can still enjoy at my age.
Kyle Shebilske
Kyle Shebilske Yıl önce
Got That Stank Bait On a Tampon! Yee-Haw M.F.
Felix Valdez
Felix Valdez Yıl önce
I honestly watch every minute of his vids💯🔥
Lol your AMBIDEXTROUS HAHA your just full of al kinds of skills elmer
Maynard 59
Maynard 59 Yıl önce
Woo. Woo There he is I love this channel
Marchelle Boulware
Hello Mr. Richard. I love watching your videos. Thank you for all the great tips.
TheFatYaker Yıl önce
Nice video!
Tankk Leggett
Tankk Leggett Yıl önce
Not only a great fishermen but a great guy and definitely a great entertainer!
Lake Ratatouille
Lake Ratatouille 2 yıl önce
Dog gone dad Blane durn! What a great victory chant. I love this channel. Thanks for all these videos
Tim Weng
Tim Weng 2 yıl önce
Fishing is not a matter of life and death, it’s more serious than that!
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