Casually Explained: Rock Climbing 

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Great to see ya'll again, sorry I haven't made more vids but we all know that posting more than once a year is clearly aid
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28 Mar 2023




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Man just bursts out of nowhere and starts talking about rock climbing. Truly the youtuber of all time
Been a climber for a few years. I was cackling about how spot on all of this was. Pure class, 11/10 beanies
I remember thinking, “Rock climbing seems like a fun and affordable way to stay in shape.”
he literally hasn't made a video in so long that his voice has gotten noticeably deeper from aging
Being gone for a year and then coming back to talk about rock climbing is the most TRvidr thing ever
I was laughing so hard all throughout but that 'synergy of yoga pants and harness' had me dead because it's so true
This guy spent a year actually rock climbing so he can give us the best explanation. Truly dedicated.
The nail joke was gold. Gonna have to tell my wife she’s now a “thoughtful lesbian.” Great to see you back Casul.
Like a true introvert he just shows up after about 63 weeks of no contact to talk about some random subject
The most awkward part of gym climbing is inevitable question, “Which college do you go to?” … “I’m a construction worker” and the looks that follow.
After a year of rock climbing,he decided to do a TRvid video on it,what a legend
I love how this man can just sell you the entire community in a 7 minute video
you can tell that he's been rock climbing this entire year, some of the little details were simply too spot-on
As a rock climber, this video is literal perfection
How you managed to avoid doing even one Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson joke is a display of self discipline that you really only find in rock climbers.
Great video and glad you are back!
I truly believe there is a perfect gaussian relationship between climbing skill and the amount of climbing branded clothing someone wears, centred perfectly on a patagonia P-6 and a pair of prAnas/BD Notions. The absolute beasts at any gym are the ones who turn up in pyjama bottoms.
Seeing him dissapear for one year just to come back to recap on the most hilarious climbing facts is truely one of the best self explainations of what he was doing the last months.
I like to imagine the real reason for the hiatus is that jamie is now above a 7 due to rock climbing, and hasn’t been able to come up with as much self deprecating humor as he used to.
This just killed me 😂.