Casanova Turns himself into the FBI. FBI reveals they got 6 wiretaps & surveillance evidence on him

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DJ Akademiks Speaks on Casanova Turning himself into the FBI. FBI reveals they got 6 wiretaps & surveillance evidence on him

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4 Dec 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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ashy knuckles
ashy knuckles 5 saatler önce
Sounds like he ready to snitch
J Shaw
J Shaw 10 gün önce
Its all a setup..most american rappers now are built up have money thrown at them but when you dig a little deeper most ain't what they claim..you really think a rapper who claims to have killed 2 people (cassanova) gonna say he has on a huge song the one he done with fabulous...he probably getting himself setup on a nothing charge to keep his image going and certain other people will be involved too
Daniel Printup
Daniel Printup 18 gün önce
Free bro
Nino F
Nino F 23 gün önce
so wait you rap about drugs and selling it and now hes innocent lol good job
money mayhem
money mayhem 23 gün önce
Message to the world from Killuminati mob trvid.com/video/video-z8N5YX5glTc.html
Chim Hamusankwa
Chim Hamusankwa 25 gün önce
Why Ak sound like Chris Rock
Moochie Baby
Moochie Baby 26 gün önce
Both times he went to jail was because he was running his Big Mouth.. I fuck wit Cas But He Do too much clout chasing
Marquis Blakemore
Marquis Blakemore 27 gün önce
I love Cass but I hate to hear that hurt in his voice & what he going through.
Banks Banksftp
Banks Banksftp 27 gün önce
It is easier to get drugs in penitentiaries in jails then it is on the streets what do you mean academics that would be his last time taking a shot of Henny and hitting some weed he's going to be smoking up and drinking Henny in the pain cuz it's so easy to get stop lying bro
victor d.
victor d. Aylar önce
Ak gonna be a rip soon
Angelo Bovara
Angelo Bovara Aylar önce
Run! Run where? His life is here. Feds do what they want. BS.
Jacob Fletcher
Jacob Fletcher Aylar önce
P.O.P holding it down....momma I luuuve you
De'Mario's Reef aquarium
We must remember they wiretaped Dr kings phone , so its a pattern with the feds towards black folks.
J G 23 gün önce
Alot of whites get in trouble with the FEDs too, it just doesnt make the headlines, my relative did ten years in a federal prison. The problem with the rappers is that they self promote their troubles instead of being like the mafia that stayed out of the limelight like Carlos Gambino who died of old age, the Feds wanted him and even wiretapped his place but he even knew not to talk in his house and just shook his head if someone needed to get taken out. It was people like John Gotti that ruined the Mafia because he let everyone know his business.
Nancy Drew
Nancy Drew Aylar önce
Wait is he in the waiting or interrogation room so you get to do a video for social media smh.
john doe
john doe Aylar önce
Real gangsters move in silence, Casanova talk too much.
john doe
john doe Aylar önce
It's not about him being in a gang it's about him being able to fund the gang activity without him being physically present.
DdBeats Aylar önce
Sounds like some the wire serie shit
OJ OJCMUSIC Aylar önce
That's why I am the one man gang
Greg Floyd
Greg Floyd Aylar önce
They called an SR71 on this nigga
Im So Focused
Im So Focused Aylar önce
Troy Ave probably laughing at Cas and Taxstone now.
Billy Eggers
Billy Eggers Aylar önce
I think Casanova Loves the inside of the prison system man. He needs to get off that bullshit and stay straight, good luck my dude.
Daniel Segura
Daniel Segura Aylar önce
Damn he snitched on himself before they could get him XD all falling after 69
Dennis TEK Marino
Dennis TEK Marino Aylar önce
Woooow he make him sound so bad..brings his situation more to light .police see this there ganna co sign this video like no other...fuck yo this internet now adays fuckin shame
FBF Joe2x
FBF Joe2x Aylar önce
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JD Aylar önce
I'm Stressed
liamdor Aylar önce
This guys a really good artist as well
A G Aylar önce
U deserve everything u rap about.
2Stroke Tyson
2Stroke Tyson Aylar önce
2Stroke Tyson
2Stroke Tyson Aylar önce
Bidens new law say if Judge say u facing 20 years & you get found guilty u do 20 years! not 15 & parole not 10 for good behavior you face 20 & lose u do 20 u face 10 & lose u do 10 ext ext Cmon Man!
Boi Wonder
Boi Wonder Aylar önce
69 wore the wire
Fendii Ronn
Fendii Ronn Aylar önce
That man know he bouta be get bail and gon be sitting and waiting for the unknown. Just walked away from endless fun and comfort. I could never. Some niqqas is really strong minded i guess.
A Mitch
A Mitch Aylar önce
Goin in Love you like cooked food Whole gangsta out here See you soon I love you like cooked food☹️🥺 He made a whole hook out chea.
A Mitch
A Mitch Aylar önce
Cooked food. 🥺🥺 will be missed.
urbanoutlaw Aylar önce
rappers make them selves targets pretending to be gangstas u gotta chose dumb asses
Facts Only
Facts Only Aylar önce
They got close to him cuz they got somebody that’s close to him setting him up... Feds have a 97% conviction rate because people are scared to go to trial. A lot of that fear comes from the fact that they will most likely will already have a mountain of evidence against you before they send the cuffs due to informants... At least that’s what they want you to think... Stay woke.. Fight for your life! Take it to trial and don’t give them an easy out..
John Blase
John Blase Aylar önce
He saw what happened to Tr3yway,He should have took a trip to Ghana!
NorthernOne Aylar önce
2 or more is a criminal organization, so don't become friends with anyone i guess. Mailman, garbage man, nobody
Carlos The Boss
Carlos The Boss Aylar önce
Keep on thinking its cool to live this lifestyle. They got a box for you, its your choice.
Boe PaynePill
Boe PaynePill Aylar önce
FBi was lead buy a gay white dude..They caught j Edger Hoover playing in his ass to a Martin Luther King home ameture x movie when the FBi had him under investigation and surveillance😂 He so nasty he put cameras and phone tap on Black men to pleasure his self 🌈 like all FBi Agents...Facts
Joe Aylar önce
Alfredo album of The year
Mutlu Aylar önce
Sad he should have stayed back in Nigeria.
Drew Whitfield
Drew Whitfield Aylar önce
He finished
Troublesum1980 FromCincinnati
Man... prison is a dirty ass place to begin with. I would NOT want to go back right now in these Plague Times for real. I’ll never forget having to sleep with a blanket covering my entire body to catch the pigeon shit at night. That’s something I never wanna go back to. Now this was almost 20 years ago when I was a young buck, I’m 40 now and don’t wanna go back for that reason alone.
Hustle Game22
Hustle Game22 Aylar önce
Still haven't learned.... STAY AWAY FROM THE CAMERAS!!! STUPID...
Caezar Aylar önce
6ix9ine eating some cereal in his slippers, low key smiling right now. Smh
Cease TV
Cease TV Aylar önce
Subscribe to @ceasetv for a chance to win a free Xbox series x and PS5
dave trent
dave trent Aylar önce
He love cat while on the street but love pnes in prison.
dave trent
dave trent Aylar önce
That's what he get with his wannabe tuff ass.
Thy Kingdom Come
Thy Kingdom Come Aylar önce
He said rappers aree a target man please you rap about drugging and killing you made your self a target. GTFO
Jordan D
Jordan D Aylar önce
Ak is the police!
Big Smokeweiler
Big Smokeweiler Aylar önce
They ain't after all rappers! They after people who do dumb ish! Cas big dumb these last few years! Got rich and didn't do the right thing to keep that life! So it's his own fault that's just facts
Sniperyeti Aylar önce
can't help but think of that 50 line "I am not gang gang I do not gang bang"
R Rogers
R Rogers Aylar önce
So they did him like the wire .
Chris Kellyson
Chris Kellyson Aylar önce
Black gangs no luck
Chris Kellyson
Chris Kellyson Aylar önce
Trump and his gang only get away with it
Calvin Hicks
Calvin Hicks Aylar önce
They’re cleaning up NYC. GS9, Nine Trey and now Gorilla Stones. And let’s not forget about the Mafia trials of the 80’s and 90’s. The rest of them better pay real close attention.
greg rossler
greg rossler Aylar önce
Yee Dey jammin u up
Just Fit
Just Fit Aylar önce
Deuces bro I guess ur karma hasn’t been paid in full
Albert Junior
Albert Junior Aylar önce
I bet Akademiks consults with the feds on how to handle cases involving rappers on a round table.
Albert Junior
Albert Junior Aylar önce
You would think by now these rappers would know how to move and avoid these things...you have to dumb if you can't understand how these things work by now.
Mitch Lamping
Mitch Lamping Aylar önce
That’s what happened when you get too comfortable on vladtv
Ste Flo
Ste Flo Aylar önce
“Courtesy of DjAkademiks”
Darius Evans
Darius Evans Aylar önce
Why is the government so evil? This is crazy 😂
FatNinjaFlipDoesPokemon !
Why would you tell everything you have done to some random white dude.....lol I can't with these people sometimes 😆
praise the most high
maybe his woman should of advised him about the I'm a whole gangsta comment
Jon Doe
Jon Doe Aylar önce
Come on man nigga said when u don’t got nothing to do with nothing they still get u jammed up but you in videos claiming blood. That’s why the mafia worked for so long. Cuz they literally acted like it didn’t exist. Pride can be a bad thing
2enchant Aylar önce
This is sad. I am glad the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is not here to see this. This would break the dear apostles heart.
Vegas Gang Ent.
Vegas Gang Ent. Aylar önce
6ix9ine rubbing his hands like Dr. Evil .
Selfish Stockton
Selfish Stockton Aylar önce
He has nothing to do with this, nerd
Selfmade DC
Selfmade DC Aylar önce
Cass been had that jailhouse vibe forever
JCMthebrand Aylar önce
I don’t like Vlad. AT all. But any of y’all blaming him for what dudes let fly out their mouf is super duper goofy. His past is what made yall believe in him as fans. All the above is super goofy as humans.
G-NETICS Aylar önce
Tekashi ratted on 2x
Giovanni R
Giovanni R Aylar önce
You just now see rappers are targets
T Rock
T Rock Aylar önce
Tekashi2.0 When you have money and begin to enjoy it...going to prison is much different
Garcia 713
Garcia 713 Aylar önce
Everyone gangsta until fbi starts pulling out the wiretap
Alex Pearn
Alex Pearn Aylar önce
NoBoss tv
NoBoss tv Aylar önce
You a snitch
NoBoss tv
NoBoss tv Aylar önce
You a female cuz
NoBoss tv
NoBoss tv Aylar önce
Age ish is perpetuating the bs
NoBoss tv
NoBoss tv Aylar önce
Man stop the bullshit
Miguel Osorio
Miguel Osorio Aylar önce
bro i would have been half way down to mexico on god,
Esteban Versace
Esteban Versace Aylar önce
Homie bout to get life sorry for this rappers
jagman938 Aylar önce
I read the court documents and the prosecutor mention that he admitted to robbery’s and other crimes on a interview...I can almost bet it was the vlad interview
Rayandrea Pittman
Rayandrea Pittman Aylar önce
Well said. They gonna bankrupt him debrief him and still imprison him! Sad!
Cbo Loco
Cbo Loco Aylar önce
*Exclusive content* 😈 trvid.com/video/video-AoUFjXdJ-f8.html
Rey Eloso
Rey Eloso Aylar önce
Boy jammed hisself up
Rado Black
Rado Black Aylar önce
Message 👑 trvid.com/video/video-QheZSMvm4IQ.html 💯
Ch E
Ch E Aylar önce
If u dont think there can be rich idiots out there, just look at rappers
Ezekiel Doyle
Ezekiel Doyle Aylar önce
I'm convinced Ak is a FBI mascot
Sabrina Johnson
Sabrina Johnson Aylar önce
I hope he wasn't as sloppy and this is when you're fall guys come in handy and when you need roc nation to call some of their connects
SHAWN LION 'I' Aylar önce
6lackwater Magic
6lackwater Magic Aylar önce
They want on him cause he supported Tory
Jus SauceY!!
Jus SauceY!! Aylar önce
That’s tuff
reynard person
reynard person Aylar önce
Son sound mad hurt YO!
Mr. FourtyOz
Mr. FourtyOz Aylar önce
Lets see who starts snitching on everyone else...
Monsta Krillz
Monsta Krillz Aylar önce
Your boy 69 snitched on him
Michael Knight
Michael Knight Aylar önce
Casanova here’s a life lesson: never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut!
Michael Knight
Michael Knight Aylar önce
He sounds super nervous,like he got a lump in his throat,he knows it’s a wrap! Might as well just go in and lay down,he probably gonna sleep for three days straight!
jon 79jw
jon 79jw Aylar önce
Stop making videos and doing dumb shit wit people you think are ur homies or bros, cause they aint..grown men taking orders from a even bigger looser
Bro Brah
Bro Brah Aylar önce
man that ain't shit, he be out by next week man TRUST
mrdievirus Aylar önce
- don’t say I don’t give a fu** cuz tha FBI eyes everywhere ..👀🗣
But how does bitcoin actually work?
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