Canelo & Billy Joe Saunders Exchange Words At Final Press Conference

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May 6th, 2021 -- Canelo vs. Saunders Press Conference

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6 May 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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12w0 24 gün önce
Gustavo 28 gün önce
Who’s here after the fight still looking for the gypsy magic?😂😂😂
Caesar Augustos
Caesar Augustos Aylar önce
raqstar m
raqstar m Aylar önce
Saunders dad just woke up with a coffee trying to sell his caravan 😂😂😂😂
AJ V Aylar önce
Too slow Saunders.
Gaby Soto
Gaby Soto Aylar önce
When they just stare at each other, I would’ve lost it 😂😂😂
walter jhon woodhams
Did he put that jumper on in a power cut 😂🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
mugenBCK Aylar önce
billy joe jims son?
Smack 2
Smack 2 Aylar önce
Sure is sunny in that press conference.
eliot111222 Aylar önce
wow, this is boring. No wonder boxing is failing hard
David Gaxiola
David Gaxiola Aylar önce
Last smile from?C.A.N.E.L.O.? IN YOU DREAMS NO YET HAATEER!! CANELO He is a humble he dont5 like5 to talk5 trash to the people Check this out when they5 ask about 2 more boxers who5 the5 favorite to him "he Answer Both" that Canelo style. Guffy'$ ask which woman's like more the black ô the white easy he can Answer incluyed if5the woman's are blue ö green ö purpura he can Answer ---(ALL)---THE WOMENS
stoke bloke
stoke bloke Aylar önce
whats up with billys hand. beadles about
Tyler Bell
Tyler Bell Aylar önce
Win bjs so what did you quit for 🤒🤕😦😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴
SouthWest Carp Hunter
Eddie Hearn looks like a 70s birthday present
TuffGong Don
TuffGong Don Aylar önce
billy love his knacker back ground dont he,well he can keep it !
anonymous anonymous
How did that work out for y'all😂
fixichika88 Aylar önce
The translator did not translate at 100% how sad
J A Aylar önce
_All that 💩 saunders was spewing went out the window_ 🤔 😁
Nima Scolari
Nima Scolari Aylar önce
Be humble in case you lose. I won big $$ on this fight. Had Canelo stopping him in 8. He literally broke Saunders. Be humble. Connor learned the hard way. Now Saunders has.
bilij pdan
bilij pdan Aylar önce
No matter how expensive BJS suit was, it was always going to be undermined by his Dads sandals and tourist legs.
Edgar Covarrubias
Edgar Covarrubias Aylar önce
It’s funny when he said “there’s a time when you get tested” he scratched his eye. Superb foreshadowing LOL
Damar López
Damar López Aylar önce
70 thousands people they are proud of that then Covid will be attacking them as hard as it is attacking India.
Lauranntinia Levi
Lauranntinia Levi Aylar önce
never count your chickens before they hatch Billy.
Neal Speeddemon
Neal Speeddemon Aylar önce
What is Eddie and Billy's dad wearing 🤔
Ed Mu
Ed Mu Aylar önce
He said iq. Billy billy billy
sannio komi
sannio komi Aylar önce
Canelo will make the British famous. Seremos victoriosos una vez mas... viva méxico!!!🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🍻🍻🍺
Jesse Garcia
Jesse Garcia Aylar önce
Imagine Billy's father ordering flex seal for his fishing boat ..🤣
Michael Townley
Michael Townley Aylar önce
If you looked up a tourist BJS dad would be the image an English abroad haha
clearviewmind Aylar önce
Country boy breaks the gypsy spell
Ed Mu
Ed Mu Aylar önce
wrong bullsh4tt billy billy. what a man billy
sannio komi
sannio komi Aylar önce
The confidence..but last night..the jaws..
Maria Trinidad Reyes de Santana
The translation is not accurate.....
Hamish Leslie
Hamish Leslie Aylar önce
Dont cast "Gypsy spells"
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy Aylar önce
No matter how expensive BJS suit was, it was always going to be undermined by his Dads sandals and tourist legs.
Esteban Aldama
Esteban Aldama Aylar önce
All that money in the room and the interpreter is trash. Come on
Jesus Carrillo
Jesus Carrillo Aylar önce
The only thing a like about England is the Beatles and Rollin Stones this guy is just another punching bag thank you very much
ariel becerra
ariel becerra Aylar önce
Billy Joe's trainer was an idiot to say he was going to win, hahahahhahahah. Canelo is the Best cabrones
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy Aylar önce
The cast is going to be on his face after tonight!!!
Rodrigo Diaz
Rodrigo Diaz Aylar önce
“For everyone after the Mexicans” Well, Canelo did all the talking in the ring
Rodrigo Diaz
Rodrigo Diaz Aylar önce
The ☀️ must be bright indoors
rich allen
rich allen Aylar önce
Terrific job Canelo, you are #1. As for billy, arrogance never supplants talent and hard training !
Suman Kc
Suman Kc Aylar önce
6:14 Well that gypsy magic spell didn't worked out F T.T
Ultra Lyrics
Ultra Lyrics Aylar önce
Just seeing a huge crowd like this really gives me a warm feeling of normalcy
Hudnut197 Aylar önce
Billy Joe sanders 🤣
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops Aylar önce
Can imagine Billy's dad driving round an outdoor swimming pool in Spain on a disability scooter..
Israel Rosiles
Israel Rosiles Aylar önce
stolen comment
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy Aylar önce
Canelo will make the British famous. Seremos victoriosos una vez mas... viva méxico!!!🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🍻🍻🍺
George Wangwe
George Wangwe Aylar önce
The confidence..but last night..the jaws..
Ar1240 Ch
Ar1240 Ch Aylar önce
A Gypsie spell is being cast 😂😂😂
Alayas Mahmood
Alayas Mahmood Aylar önce
It was all fair you got beaten by the best fighter around in that division
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy Aylar önce
Billy Joe’s dad looks like he’d be racing NASCAR if he lived in Florida
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops Aylar önce
Hearn’s shirt 👚 is disturbing.
Jay Rob
Jay Rob Aylar önce
RIP Gypsie magic! Billy needed some more eagle eggs lol
Jamie Knight
Jamie Knight Aylar önce
Where did he get that jumper that’s sore mate
Omaticdream Aylar önce
9:49 wow... it’s like he felt the punch days before it happened. Down to the exact spot. Eye am sorry Saunders... 🤕 wish you a speedy recovery
Lily Quiroz
Lily Quiroz Aylar önce
The cast is going to be on his face after tonight!!!
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy Aylar önce
Sooo nobody going to mention Eddie's jumper 🤪
marco201ful Aylar önce
That right eye though! Hope he doesn't have to retire from boxing cause of it.
Gulch Aylar önce
Canelo vs. GGG III is the right fight.
Youngster1626 Aylar önce
Well well well what did we learn today guys no matter if it’s the gypsy king King Kong or Burger King anybody can get it when it comes to canelo
Snappy Aylar önce
This didn’t age well
King KitKay
King KitKay Aylar önce
Who’s here after the fight ? 🤣
Jayne Hinds
Jayne Hinds Aylar önce
I’m backing Billie Joe the gypsy laddie,🤟🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🙏
TMT 1 Aylar önce
Canello record is wild 55-1 with wins over Sergey and Tripple G! Going up in weight. Only loss is to the greatest and have more wins then him now with being way younger and only losing to him young in his career. Very impressive. When it’s all said and done he’s going to finish with a ridiculous amount of wins.
Jason Garza
Jason Garza Aylar önce
In Mexico there’s a saying “perro que ladra no muerde”. That means a dog that barks doesn’t bite. And I see a lot of barking from BJS. It’s the quiet canelo that will attack with strength, endurance and discipline.
Zero Zerg
Zero Zerg Aylar önce
Jajajajaj look at the guy tryin to copy McGregor
تونسي في نيويورك
Hearn’s shirt 👚 is disturbing.
Kaos Kennels
Kaos Kennels Aylar önce
Too confident Billy ... pride has fall..canaelo is not push over
The Universe Doesn't Care
Saunders is a scumbag out of the ring.... I hope he gets a real lesson.
Soy Tu Amigo Hompanera
Im mexican and i respect this fighter he has heart
D Army
D Army Aylar önce
Sooo nobody going to mention Eddie's jumper 🤪
Boxing Sage
Boxing Sage Aylar önce
100 percent these 2 are the best skilled boxers around. Great match up and may the best man win.
kirt121 Aylar önce
Why is everyone online just a hater?
Kebe D
Kebe D Aylar önce
Canelo P4P 😂🤣😂 he fights bums, and has refs in his back pocket. Fight outcome is already written, fixed.
-kc•99 Aylar önce
The only thing that's fixed is BJs eye after surgery last night
Draco85 Aylar önce
Billy joe Sanders 😅
Daithe de paore
Daithe de paore Aylar önce
lets say how much bjs is saying tomorrow
Paul Hansard
Paul Hansard Aylar önce
Bill Joe 🇮🇪
Catherine Earnshaw
Catherine Earnshaw Aylar önce
Is Eddie's jumper meant to be a distraction...
Mr Everybody
Mr Everybody Aylar önce
Who is this kernel sanders he mentioned I wonder.
Gavin Sverdloff
Gavin Sverdloff Aylar önce
There is no losers here, for the 3 of them. 🤑😁
yash & stuff
yash & stuff Aylar önce
70000???? Thats crazy!!!
Sleepysam K
Sleepysam K Aylar önce
That’s what happened to the curtains I donated to charity!
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Aylar önce
the Rifleman
the Rifleman Aylar önce
Lol !bjs going to lose that belt !!against CANELO!just another belt to his collection.I 👍
zenath 312
zenath 312 Aylar önce
now this is a real boxing fight
butcher5041 Aylar önce
Saunders you’re getting KO’d 2nd round
Toma 1234
Toma 1234 Aylar önce
The way BJS holds the mic is funny
VK Aylar önce
That last look on on Canelo’s face 😏
your mom
your mom Aylar önce
Canelo ez w
bacha yadev
bacha yadev Aylar önce
I don't see anyone can beat Canelo... for the time being.....No one...
Hazed upman
Hazed upman Aylar önce
does canelo understand English but cant speak it ?
Alexander R
Alexander R Aylar önce
Billy’s Dad probably thought that Miami Beach was somewhere in Texas....😂🤣😂🤣😂
Darinel Soto
Darinel Soto Aylar önce
Sounders seems nervous !!
Harry Arteza
Harry Arteza Aylar önce
1:10 can't even get his name right...
Albert Bitcoin
Albert Bitcoin Aylar önce
Great promotion. Sounds exciting. However there is a reason to be concerned about this large crowd drawing event. over 17,000 people is a potential buffet for covid 19 to have fun. So what measures are they taking in order to comply with CDC guidelines and other state rules regarding covid 19 and large crowd events? you don't want people getting sick at these sports events. don't forget that we are still in the middle of a deadly pandemic that has injured and killed millions.
Sawyer Maitland
Sawyer Maitland Aylar önce
D-A-Zone 🤪
Marcos Martinez
Marcos Martinez Aylar önce
Canelo Canelo Canelo!! Another win for the Red Headed Mexican....
WardeN Aylar önce
Canelo looks like an absolute tool sat there in designer gear. 100% not about boxing and more about the image.
foe frosty
foe frosty Aylar önce
Dis finna be a close match but canelo taking dis dub
Mikey92 Aylar önce
Billy Joe Sanders? Can't even get his name right fool
Kieron Aylar önce
K.o him billy mate. Uk support
Marta Ziolkowska
Marta Ziolkowska Aylar önce
bjs dad is definitely not John fury is he !!!!!!
adam c
adam c Aylar önce
Gu on.bill looking fresh brother 💙💙
Nathan Rogers
Nathan Rogers Aylar önce
Eddie hearns jumper looks like a portal to another dimension
weta Aylar önce
I think I'd like to be a gypsy.
Archer 88
Archer 88 Aylar önce
I remember those tops being popular in the 80s Eddie
Madrose XX3
Madrose XX3 Aylar önce
Really wanting billy boy to win here... By order of the peaky blinders....
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