Can you guess why people aren't riding BART? New survey results here 

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Could we lose the entire BART system if we don't fill the current financial hole? Here's what the Bay Area Council says about the transit agency's issues and reasons why riders haven't come back, per a new survey. abc7ne.ws/41hW6VL
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8 May 2023




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mrcpaddler 4 aylar önce
Anybody living in the Bay Area knows that BART is unsafe, and that there are peak hours and segments where crime and violence are very high. For the criminals, hoping onto BART is a prime feeding ground. They'll also follow passengers after they leave the station and attack them as they're getting into their cars or when they arrive home. Remember, the local courts handle assaults just like they do shoplifting. Criminals know that there are no repercussions.
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Xavier Diaz Mcguire
Xavier Diaz Mcguire 3 aylar önce
Scabies 2024
Jiliane Morales
Jiliane Morales 2 aylar önce
Vote Democrat pa more
DRM600 4 aylar önce
Safety concerns are real. The last time I rode BART, I was almost robbed at the Powell St. Station. The robber knew that I knew what was up and he changed his mind at the last moment. Things would have ended really badly for him if he initiated the robbery of me and my girlfriend. He chose wisely.
Terrakinetic 4 aylar önce
And the idea that if you defend yourself you could be arrested like that security guard is sickening.
New Trailers
New Trailers 4 aylar önce
@Terrakinetic That security guard Blake Moh or Gavin Boston was never arrested.
R. William Comm
R. William Comm 3 aylar önce
From the 1970s through the early 1990s anytime someone went to NYC ppl who knew the city would tell them “Don’t make eye contact w/anyone & no matter what happens to another person, don’t get involved.” The new decay of the cities will continue until they return to heavy police presence to deter crime.
Spanky Harland
Spanky Harland 3 aylar önce
it is always good to flash your machete at someone who intends to rob you as a sign that you will ginzu him if he attempts to do anything to you....glad nothing happened to you !
Covfefe is for Closers
You must be with the Vipers
Gifted Green
Gifted Green 4 aylar önce
BART is a homeless rollercoaster.
[光学-s]M3KH 4 aylar önce
at night riding through oakland you spitting facts XD
joecaragoog 4 aylar önce
P Gaven
P Gaven 4 aylar önce
James Carter
James Carter 4 aylar önce
mark99k 4 aylar önce
What a shock that people don't want to ride a system where you can be harassed, robbed, injured, or killed, and the people in charge -- paid a comfortable 6 figure salary -- do NOTHING about it.
Dallas DART is just right behind. Took the DART train from the airport to a location about 1 hr & 45 min away. Scariest ride ever. Their officials must be pocketing the money too 🙃
Al B 🗽
Al B 🗽 4 aylar önce
You can’t let criminals and the mentally ill run rampant and still expect people to climb into a metal box with them. A free society depends on accountability and trust. And so does mass transit. Don’t be shocked at the results of bad choices.
Tom Mitchell
Tom Mitchell 4 aylar önce
They do in AIRLINERS every frikkin hour on the hour bro😊
Al B 🗽
Al B 🗽 4 aylar önce
@Tom Mitchell and criminals get arrested for crimes committed on planes, as they should. They should go on a no fly list. And there are people in charge on passenger aircraft. Not so in a subway car.
Tom Mitchell
Tom Mitchell 4 aylar önce
@Al B 🗽 So BART POLIZI don't exist? Ask OSCAR GRANT
Al B 🗽
Al B 🗽 4 aylar önce
@Tom Mitchell that would be relevant if we were living in 2009.
safe and effective lol
@Tom Mitchell Subways were pretty safe in 1930. What's your point?
anonymous 4 aylar önce
I miss the 70's and 80's (and even the 90's) when I would ride BART and the thought of being assaulted and becoming a victim of crime would never cross my mind. I would take BART to work or school, to attend events, go to the airport and even shop. But the never ending thought of being robbed and assaulted plays a huge role in how I feel about taking public transit. Many of us are aware that a lot of people carry guns and knives and will not hesitate to use them against others.
Norwegian Blue
Norwegian Blue 3 aylar önce
Back in the early 80s I used to ride BART by myself into the city when I was 12 years old. It was clean and safe. My dad would also take it into the city daily for work, dressed in a nice suit and tie.
Truthseeker Aylar önce
Oh I came to the USA 2018 and was so excited to be able to ride the Call Train and Bart system around San Francisco , I thought it was a good option to get around the Bay Area as a student. Now 5 years later I cant believe what happened in the USA :( I think a lot has to do with the pandemic and politicians. I am on neither side, but I hope it will get better soon and back to how its used to be, such a lovely area :(
Lipps1991 4 aylar önce
BART has never done enough to make riders feel safe. Their safety measures are laughable. Hopefully, now they will get it.
Al B 🗽
Al B 🗽 4 aylar önce
If this were a private system and I were running it, I would just require everyone to be identified as they enter the system. And ban them if harass others or commit a crime. Anonymity enables crime.
you6382tube 3 aylar önce
@Al B 🗽 Yes it does.
Winter Ross Charlton
Winter Ross Charlton 4 aylar önce
I was just at the Concord Station a few hours ago, a man had to be restrained by medical personnel and Concord Police as well as BART police for attacking people on the train. A woman I talked to who as attacked said she doesn’t ride to the end of the line anymore because people lurk on the train and wait until everyone else is off and whoever is at the last stop gets attacked and viscously beaten.
Teton 4 aylar önce
Sound about right
safe and effective lol
sounds racist of her
TwoDeeEcks 4 aylar önce
Bart is now the New York City Subway of the 1970s-80s.
Hurricaneplays 4 aylar önce
sounds like Thunderdome: 20 people enter, one man leaves
Al B 🗽
Al B 🗽 4 aylar önce
@TwoDeeEcks and NYC DID fix that for the 90s thru 2020. So we know it can be done.
bellagirl girl
bellagirl girl 4 aylar önce
I used to ride BART to S.F. in the 1990s, and even then I had safety concerns. During the commute hours it was O.K. but if I worked late, I'd see people on the trains that looked "questionable." Even kids were riding the trains trying to sell candy bars. With public behavior getting worse since Covid, I bet that there are more instances of questionable people riding the trains, looking for $$ hand-outs or looking to steal phones, etc from riders or just being mentally unbalanced -- none of these behaviors make people want to ride BART.
Noe Berengena
Noe Berengena 2 aylar önce
Amen to that.
Martha Tang
Martha Tang 15 gün önce
fixing BART: 1. Get a high door where passengers can only enter with tickets or card 2. Change all the chairs and touched areas into stainless steel surfaces and clean it (and the floor) at night everyday 3. People with bad behavior will be bared from riding BART for 5 years (enforced)
Noe Berengena
Noe Berengena 15 gün önce
@Martha Tang Barring regular offenders from entering the BART system sounds great, but how does BART identify those people? Does everyone have to show an ID?
Andrew Pagan
Andrew Pagan 4 aylar önce
Last week when I was taking BART from Oakland to Berryessa, there was a guy tweaking in front of me, sitting down, rocking back and forth. Then, he decided to lay down on 2 sets of seats (so 4 seats total). Two people patrolling the cars (not officers) with BART clothing woke the guy up, asked if he needed any services and if he was okay. He said he was fine. I expected them to take him off since he obviously wasn't okay. They let him stay on and continue to tweak. This does not make me or anyone else feel more safe. Not the worst I've seen on BART (people smoking meth takes the cake on that), but it's low hanging fruit. Start checking people's tickets, and if they didn't pay kick them off. I'm sure the statistics show that most violence comes from those who did not pay to get on BART. Also, lower your prices. A 20% cut would do wonders.
Al B 🗽
Al B 🗽 4 aylar önce
There are tickets on BART?
Andrew Pagan
Andrew Pagan 4 aylar önce
@Al B 🗽 I can't even jock this comment.
James Dalton
James Dalton 4 aylar önce
FYI... There are people who have Parkinson's disease and move around looking like they are tweaking. Maybe that's why the Bart cops didn't take him away?
Andrew Pagan
Andrew Pagan 4 aylar önce
@James Dalton No he was definitely homeless with his blanket, fast food, and milk shake split on the floor.
Raul Maldonado
Raul Maldonado 4 aylar önce
@Al B 🗽 There are no tickets on BART. Most likely doesn't ride it, in the first place, and borrowed this story from somewhere else.
Andre Chandon
Andre Chandon 4 aylar önce
Wait. What? BART is unsafe? I'm glad BART was able to finance a new survey to find out what everyone else in the Bay Area already knew.
Robert Elcock
Robert Elcock 2 aylar önce
Our tax dollars are at work 😂
Al B 🗽
Al B 🗽 Aylar önce
That way they can claim they’re doing something to justify their ridiculous scam pensions.
Celina Xiong
Celina Xiong 4 aylar önce
I used to take BART to SF before COVID because I hated driving in SF, but now I feel that both SF and BART are dangerous. I rarely go to SF anymore, maybe only twice in the last three years. As for BART, I don't even bother using it anymore. I used to ride it to get to SF, Berkeley, Oakland Airport, and SF Airport. Even before the pandemic, there were always sketchy people on BART or at the BART stations.
Noe Berengena
Noe Berengena 2 aylar önce
Sketchy people... You are too kind. I remember my days on BART years ago. There were times when someone would get on and clearly it would be someone with the vibe of a wild animal. It is easy to pick up on that and it is definitely a frightening experience. Regular riders can sense the danger easily because it manifests right away.
Mocheen 2 aylar önce
The homeless ride Bart to stay warm. It is no longer safe. I resorted to buying cars for both of my kids so they do not have to take Bart.
Noe Berengena
Noe Berengena 2 aylar önce
@Mocheen When mass transportation systems were first built there was an idealistic notion that they would eliminate traffic congestion and move people about safely. No one saw the fly in the ointment... or in this case the "flies in the ointment" (scuzzy characters who'd move in to claim their space).
bomicbon 4 aylar önce
My little brother rode the BART just a couple months ago to SFSU. A few gang members jumped on the bus at Fruitvale and blew smoke at my brother's face. That's when we knew - we'd never ride BART again.
P Gaven
P Gaven 4 aylar önce
Thst reminds me of a scene in the 1979 film The Warriors....its just lawlessness...
Jonathan Fong
Jonathan Fong 2 aylar önce
Say hello to my AP rounds.
Robert Elcock
Robert Elcock 2 aylar önce
@P GavenI thought the same thing. BART sounding more and more like a Michael Jackson video 😅
Mark Troxler
Mark Troxler 4 aylar önce
I commuted on the BART for 20 years (I'm now retired). It is both unsafe & unclean, but even if it were there's another issue. In my experience, and this is not an exaggeration, the BART was actually on time about once every two years. If you had travel connections to make, think about that - the trains were never on time. BART has terrible service, the trains and stations are dirty, riders have to deal with homeless insane drug addicts and gang members, they can't even maintain their own schedules, they cut maintenance and custodial personnel while giving the top executives bonuses and raises (one of the executives at BART had no actual job duties). All the time they have posters in the cars that say "Voted #1 transit agency". Voted by who? Guess they voted for themself, and were the only one in the contest. If they go out of business it isn't because of the riders, it will be because of bad management.
P Gaven
P Gaven 4 aylar önce
And the few custodians they keep on staff take advantage and get six figure incomes for "overtime"...yet you'd never know the stations were "cleaned" by inspecting them. I used to work as a custodian at a hospital and ill bet that you'd find all manner of germs and diseases on bart seats...on the station floors and car floors...not to mention the straps and handles everywhere.
Deepak Mohanty
Deepak Mohanty 3 aylar önce
In January of this year, a friend and I took a cab from Sausalito to Civic Center BART station in SF. There are some one-way roads around the station. The driver had to drop us a block away from the entrance. It was about 8 PM. What I saw was unthinkable till then - about 200 drug addicts were on the pavement. A drug peddler approached me nonchalantly and wanted to sell me something. They seemed to mind their own business, but the scene was straight out of a horror movie for me. We did not see a single cop.
Bobby Pesos
Bobby Pesos 4 aylar önce
The last time I was on Bart was more than fifteen YEARS ago. There I was witness to an armed robbery it was the scariest thing I had experienced. We all jumped down on the floor with my mother covering me. After that experience, we knew we would never set foot on BART again. City of San Francisco Police Department does not keep us safe they cater to the criminals. IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE!
Max Baba
Max Baba 3 aylar önce
They don’t cater to criminals. Their hands are tied behind their backs. Blame the politicians.
Chris PNW
Chris PNW 4 aylar önce
1) I was returning from a trip with heavy luggage and went to the elevator. When the door opened, a person was standing in the cab and would not exit the cab. With reservation, I entered the cab with my luggage. It was one of the BART survey takers but he never identified himself. Would you want to be in a tight enclosed slow moving elevator with someone ill-intentioned? 2) Once I got to the platform. a man with clear mental issues was standing in front of a mother with two babies in a stroller. He was speaking incoherently to her and the mother was speaking to the person in a what to not 'trigger him'. John Grubb: Are you suggesting people like this mother should have to deal with people in the subway system with mental health issues? I saw this same person on the surface wandering around and I avoided him when he was beckoning. BART (like the Mayor) has no solution to deal with the homeless and mentally challenged people who congregate around public transit stations. Decades of not dealing with this problem is having a long-term impact on consumers. No campaign will change this until you get at the root cause.
Al B 🗽
Al B 🗽 4 aylar önce
A BART car is an unpadded cell in an asylum.
Johnny Botts
Johnny Botts 3 aylar önce
I'm sure someone at BART is currently working on a plan to 're-imagine' what BART can be in the future....
Jan Brittenson
Jan Brittenson 4 aylar önce
Allow me to suggest what's happening is more middle-class (i.e. professionals, managers) work remotely, which gets people off the freeways. As the freeways become accessible, people prefer to drive instead of riding BART, and this causes a shift from BART to freeways. It's not directly about remote workers abandoning BART as much as it taking pressure of all modes of transportation. With the pressure off the choice is no longer between "90 min driving or 45 on BART" - it's 45 min driving or 45 min on BART, and it's no surprise people would rather sit in their nice, quiet comfy car seat listening to the radio instead of wondering if that screaming lunatic at the end of the car staring people down is actually dangerous.
anonymous 4 aylar önce
That's part of it, but the threat of becoming a crime victim is very, very real. And the homeless and criminal problem here has exploded.
Alan Snyder
Alan Snyder 3 aylar önce
It is also wondering if you defend yourself on BART will the wacko DA charge YOU instead of the person that attacked you.
Johnny Botts
Johnny Botts 3 aylar önce
@Alan Snyder That right there is reason enough to never ride BART.
Mei 3 aylar önce
During covid, 50 youth and or young adults jumped on a Bart train from an Oakland stop, flooded the train, and robbed everyone. Not sure if anyone was beaten up, but all the riders were completely helpless. Was terrifying.
Cyrus992 4 aylar önce
The same politicians who make the transit unsafe are the same who wants to use transit to save the Earth! 🤣
Muni Math by Peter Felton
BART's "loss of ridership" is propelled by all those fare evaders jumping the gates. You don't count as a rider if you deliberately don't pay your fare share. Time to electrify those out-of-date BART fare gates that are long overdue for replacement so that those fare evaders can learn firsthand (literally, upon placing their hands on multiple fare gates in order to jump over them) how "electrifying" an experience riding BART really is!
Mark Spooner
Mark Spooner 4 aylar önce
Cam someone translate this Boomer gibberish?
Carlos Flores
Carlos Flores 4 aylar önce
I haven't paid for Bart in 5 years and have saved close to $18,000.
P Gaven
P Gaven 4 aylar önce
Lol 😂😂😂😂😂 stun gun gates!!!!!!😂😂😂 no train system in the world has those.
P Gaven
P Gaven 4 aylar önce
Mirror Spock: Your agonizer, please.
Eric k
Eric k 3 aylar önce
As a out of state visitor who has taken BART over the last 40 years..... I can tell you this. No, two years ago I did feel unsafe on the BART train. Homeless people were riding the train more. In addition the restrooms seemed to always be out of order and there were no station agents to be found. I had to call BART police to get me out of a station because my card got demagnetized. This never happened before. The stations and trains looked filthy which I never found it that way in the past.
Noe Berengena
Noe Berengena 2 aylar önce
Filthy BART -- I remember the times that I'd bring a newspaper with me to put between my clean clothes and one of the upholstered seats. It's a terrible feeling when you have to come in contact with surfaces that have who-knows-what on them. Sometimes it has soaked into the seat fabric.
Al B 🗽
Al B 🗽 Aylar önce
They’re sleeping in a back room somewhere. It’s hard working overtime if can’t sleep through most of it.
zhaneranger 3 aylar önce
I stopped riding for safety. Even time I rode I was always looking over my shoulder worried I would get pushed into the tracks by a crazy or get mugged. And after watching the NY incident… no one’s going to come to your aid cuz criminals have all the rights these days
Nihongo Benkyo Shimasu
BART should put real doors at the entrance of the station to avoid people from jumping above the fence. And then those people are the one creating problems, not the one who paid their ride.
MarkF 2 aylar önce
I think low ridership is due to a mix of different factors, main reasons are: people working from home, cost, health and safety concerns. For me, I'm never going back to bart. I got tired of the fare hikes, parking fees, full trains, full parking, safety issues. I started doing casual carpool before the pandemic but that meant I still ride bart going back to the east bay. During the pandemic I learned how to ride a motorcycle and that got me free of bart completely. Shorter commute time even in heavy traffic, and much lower daily cost.
iworkout 4 aylar önce
A few years ago as a new employed worker going downtown, I saw a guy with a knife chase off the car a guy who had just asked him to please clear a row of seats he was sleeping on during rush hour. Never saw what happened after that, but the poor man in a suit ran for his life to get away. Not a good introduction to public transit for a young guy to see.
Ruben Borjas Jr
Ruben Borjas Jr 3 aylar önce
Bart is history. People are leaving San Fran and the Bay Area thanks to oppressive laws and California taxation, drug addiction and homelessness.
propblast82nd 4 aylar önce
BART is a mental institution on rails 😩😩😩
olga lugovaya
olga lugovaya 3 aylar önce
I just rode it today . It’s not as bad as Seattle subway .
TohaBgood2 3 aylar önce
Actually, adding cops and fare inspectors to patrol the actual trains and stations has really helped. But they're only there during the commute and daylight hours. So BART is completely fine when I take it to work and in the evening when I come back. But it's still crazy and dangerous basically any time it's dark out, either in the early morning or at night. Even more surprisingly, the BART cops now show up withing 2-5 minutes of reporting anything on the BART Watch App. If you're truly concerned about your safety on BART then I strongly recommend installing that app. It genuinely works. And yes, I'm as surprised at that as you are!
Johnny Botts
Johnny Botts 3 aylar önce
@TohaBgood2 Unless you get robbed on BART and your phone is stolen.
Chase Martin
Chase Martin 3 aylar önce
From my experience, BART in the East Bay is a lot less sketchy than one would expect given the media coverage these days, but passing through San Francisco the system seems to be facing many of the same problems as the city above. Yes, there are people "sleeping" in the back of the train who are clearly under the influence of something, but if you ask me, we need to crack down on behaviors which actually create a significant nuisance / danger for other riders (e.g. threatening everyone with a meat cleaver) while not worrying about someone drinking coffee or just minding their own business.
GSR 01
GSR 01 4 aylar önce
The exorbitant pricing and it’s extremely dangerous ?
Megan 4 aylar önce
J. Pejoro
J. Pejoro 4 aylar önce
The fare is so high. Not good especially for minimum wage earners.
Gary Smith
Gary Smith 4 aylar önce
The biggest problem is that too many passengers are leaving the station than with more money than they entered with
Robert Elcock
Robert Elcock 2 aylar önce
New York’s subway system is so much cheaper
Ben Shore
Ben Shore 2 aylar önce
I remember riding Bart in the late 70s as a teen and it seemed futuristic, very clean and overall good time. I like when you are headed to sf from Oakland the train gets ready to go under the bay and it feels like you are going under water love it. 🎉
EUGENIO CURVATI 3 aylar önce
The funny thing is that they never show on TV what riders have to go thru ! I wish someone from a news Chanel will make a video on riding Bart to work and show it for what it is. Unsafe , dirty , outdated , scary
Brent Summers
Brent Summers 4 aylar önce
Has to be hurting tourism too. Some people do a lot of research on a city's train, bus, and light rail systems before they decide on where to go for a vacation.
Izzat So
Izzat So Aylar önce
The problems on BART are also the problems the SF Bay Area is experiencing. As the Survey Says, safety is #1. Ridership before the pandemic also included tourists and convention/conference attendees. We also have much less of those two groups. BART is essential in our infrastructure.
Thomas Dinan
Thomas Dinan 3 aylar önce
Well, I think it's hard to reduce your carbon footprint when you're afraid of using public transport. Sounds like BART needs a lot more transit cops roaming through the cars; but the management seems to have a hard time understanding that or implementing that. The management probably avoids riding BART like the plague.
CrackerJacksAeg 4 aylar önce
Public transport across CA is failing as a whole. They are simply mobile homeless shelters where mental health crises and hard drug use complete with OD occurrences are frequent.
Noe Berengena
Noe Berengena 2 aylar önce
I was on the Metro in L.A. and a teenage girl was trying to intimidate me with her tough talk. I think she thought I'd cower at the possibility that she'd become violent. I stayed calm and spoke to her in a normal tone and within seconds she backed off. She gave me a smile like "Bro, you're all right. You may be older and better off than me but that's okay."
Invisableme39 4 aylar önce
Additional problems with Bart is excessive employee pay, retirement benefits and pensions. Bart is a joke, it’s not safe. And the trains are ancient compared to the transportation trains in Europe.
Zen 3 aylar önce
The system is corrupt to the core & until this problem is addressed, then things are only going to get worse. Bart is dangerous.
JerryKantrell 2 aylar önce
I am pretty sure this 'survey' was designed by the geniuses that run the BART. One thing to note is that people like me who HAD to use the BART are long gone from California. What a glorious feeling that was!
Toya Jackson
Toya Jackson 4 aylar önce
It is also incredibly unreliable. They cancel trains when ridership is down, why would people continue to pay for that, risk your safety & then be inconvenienced by all these cancelled trains passing you by.
P Gaven
P Gaven 4 aylar önce
Based on that survey I'll bet most bart riders would prefer a train system like that of Dubai. Dubai's train system is devoid of the homeless, mentally ill...and the filfth. You won't find officers on the fully automated system there though...but seeing signs for fines for chewing gum it may be a tad too much for us to swallow. But the ejection of riders for violating passenger conduct is something I'd be down for. That alone would potentially garner more ridership if it was enforced.
Alan Snyder
Alan Snyder 3 aylar önce
Singapore is nice also for the same reason.
Bobby Kiefer
Bobby Kiefer 4 aylar önce
Pubic transit is dangerous nowadays everywhere in the US with violent people cruisin' for a bruisin' etc. so getting into an altercation is a real possibility.
gary Aylar önce
We lived at Avalon Dublin station when it opened. It slowly filled with section 8 from Oakland and all had free BART passes. I was the only one paying. It turned into a 24 hour madhouse because nobody worked except us. Failure of society.
David Anderson
David Anderson 4 aylar önce
I used to ride BART daily when I lived in the city from 1990 to 2001. I never felt unsafe or threatened, and the trains were reasonably clean. What the H happened? 🙁
IndigoStarrAz 2 aylar önce
Yeah it was good!
Ebony Smith
Ebony Smith 4 aylar önce
I snapped at an addict for openly "shooting-up" in front of a group of elderly passengers. He exclaimed BART was the SAFEST PLACE for this ILLICIT activity: free, warm, comfortable, never to be ejected and fairly quick assistance should he OD!
Tom Mitchell
Tom Mitchell 4 aylar önce
At least he was TRUTHFUL 😊
Andrew Hensley
Andrew Hensley 4 aylar önce
@Tom Mitchell That's like saying someone fully admitted that they killed your family and why, but at least they were truthful. STOP MAKING EXCUSES AND ENABLING THIS BEHAVIOR. I'm way way over this idiotic toxic positivity. It's a trend that obviously does not work - it only perpetuates problems you ignore.
D Aylar önce
I think one of the problems isn't just inside Bart but when you ride Bart and look out the windows and what you see is the deterioration of society and that scares people so much thst when you ride Bart you have to see what's happening that might be enough to not ride Bart in and of itself
Emanuel Ulloa
Emanuel Ulloa 4 aylar önce
BART is insanely expensive. In NYC and LA the fare is under $3 and you can take the metros to anywhere in the system and they’re just as extensive as BART.
J. Pejoro
J. Pejoro 4 aylar önce
Correct, way too expensive.
P Gaven
P Gaven 4 aylar önce
Exactly....Bart should have been...or should be...Flat rate...but that would also mean that we would have a tax from that..I still would gladly fork over some of my paycheck for taxes if I knew that wouldn't have to be nickled and dimed every time I rode the bart.
TohaBgood2 4 aylar önce
BART is _not_ a subway! BART is an S-bahn system that goes very far into the suburbs. All the systems of this type are always priced about the same in all countries. They are never cheap or flat-rate.
P Gaven
P Gaven 4 aylar önce
@TohaBgood2 nope...I disagree. Been to other places and bart is no autobahn by any stretch of the imagination. Comparing bart to autobahn is like comparing a homeless mentally ill person to Mr. Rodgers.
TohaBgood2 4 aylar önce
@P Gaven Autobahn is the German word for highway. BART is an S-Bahn (Schnellbahn) style system. The French call this RER (Réseau Express Régional ). An S-bahn is a souped up commuter train that has some features of a subway but the service pattern of a commuter train. They generally have level boarding, like a subway, and they have high frequencies of 10-15 minutes. They may or may not run all day at that high frequency, but most don't. At the same time, these types of systems extend from the city centers all the way out into the far-flung suburbs of the metro area. They may run in multiple cities or jurisdiction. This is also why these systems are not flat-priced or cheap. They're just too expensive to run and build for that to be financially feasible.
Andrew Hensley
Andrew Hensley 4 aylar önce
Not just if they FEEL safe, but that they ARE safe.
Abey Lopez
Abey Lopez 4 aylar önce
Lots of people have moved away from the Bay Area. Big Tech often brought in a lot of contractors or had people on sponsor visas who've also had to move back. Downtown SF needs to bounce back or else this isn't going to get better.
IndigoStarrAz 2 aylar önce
Reading through these comments is alarming. Back in the late eighties through the early 2000's BART was pretty dang good. The infrastructure is solid just need to make it safe.
Sandman 4 aylar önce
Typical Bart. Wasting time, money, and effort on a survey when the facts are glaring and in front of their faces. Fare evasion is the root cause. Most problem-causers do not pay their fare. Fix one and the other will resolve itself. Maybe they deserve to fail for doing everything BUT the solution.
William Joyce
William Joyce 4 aylar önce
I might be going way out on a limb with this one guys but I’m gonna say it’s because the overwhelming majority have noticed… patterns.
P Gaven
P Gaven 4 aylar önce
Patterns of puke on the seats...patterns of rats marching up and down the tracks...patterns of "medical emergencies" causing daily delays.
travel nomad
travel nomad 3 aylar önce
We had a choice to ride the bart from the airport to the cruise terminal but because of safety concerns, we eventually decided to uber.
Emmanuel Vacakis
Emmanuel Vacakis 4 aylar önce
Safety is an issue. People smoke pot and it’s not being stopped. But safety is a concern everywhere. It’s not just the Bart. The freeways aren’t safe either.
Robert Lin
Robert Lin 4 aylar önce
I could've told you that safety is the #1 reason without doing that survey at all, it's a no brainer. I don't understand these politicians or government officials who totally lack common sense.
casienwhey 3 aylar önce
Focus on the massive fare evasion. That would be a good place to start if you want to increase revenue.
Z Jones
Z Jones Aylar önce
As somebody who used to make a living robbing people on BART this is very frustrating. Most of the people riding these days aren't worth stealing from. And before you call me a drug addict, no I don't do drugs. I don't even drink or smoke. Robbing people is a full time job and if ridership never returns to normal I don't know what I will do.
_AC_ 3 aylar önce
working from home collapsed the whole Bay Area especially SF. no reason to risk you life on a dangerous thing like Bart
Christopher Concept
Christopher Concept 3 aylar önce
It’s not just the Bart trains, it’s the Bart station. It’s a homeless hotel. I see them rummaging through trash by tipping and emptying out the trash bags, doing god knows what in the bathrooms and outside of the bathrooms, cause a disturbance that constantly delays Bart, I only ride bart out of necessity. It’s never going to be back to what it was because SF is no longer the draw it once was.
joecaragoog 4 aylar önce
These overpaid Bart officials know they job is on the line, their gravy train is over. Did they need a study to figure out Bart is too danagerous?
TohaBgood2 4 aylar önce
This was done by an outside group. They're not directly affiliated with BART. They're trying to convince the BART board to take action.
Me 3 aylar önce
I recently rode BART for the first time in _decades._ It was a lousy experience. I heard metal on metal screeching all the way from SFO to downtown. The cars are still the ones from 1973, right?
Matt 3 aylar önce
they are in the process of murdering all the screechy retro trains. They got rid of the cars from the 90s first because they were the most unreliable.
Fourthgirl 3 aylar önce
BART wants to blame the low ridership on the pandemic and working from home. Ridership was on the decline before 2020. Safety was #1. People allowed to jump gates, live on the trains, beg for money, assaults and murders. Let's add less than helpful, but over-compensated station agents and police. But the real blow came during the pandemic. Service workers still had to go to work. My son worked security at 5th & Townsend swing shift. He was off at 11:00pm and BART cut service at 9pm. He would have to walk to the transit station or VanNess & Market to take a bus back over the bridge to Oakland. Because of social distancing , only a few people could get on the bus at a time. He would arrive at home around 3am. I started driving from Richmond to SF to pick him up and then SF to Oakland and back to Richmond. Five days a week 60 miles roundtrip. That is what was done to folks who relied on BART and AC Transit. AC tried to adjust for pandemic traffic, but BART just found more reasons to cut service that affected those who were still physically going to work at airports, security, hospitals, restaurants, etc. After a year of mom-transit, he learned to drive and bought a car. This is what mis-management does. BART and AC Transit need to join forces, reduce the number of overpaid directors, hiring people with transit backgrounds for future planning.
S.A 4 aylar önce
I don't even have to watch the video I already know it's still homeless and it's dangerous.
P Gaven
P Gaven 4 aylar önce
The video is homeless and dangerous?😂
stry 
stry  2 aylar önce
I love how they try to play it off like they are improving safety. They claim to have more Bart police, but the odds of me seeing one is extremely rare if at all.
Jack Chen
Jack Chen 4 aylar önce
During the pandemic, San Francisco Bay Area enforced a total lock down which encouraged a work-from-home culture. The lack of commuter and demand for office space is a natural unintended consequence that everyone foresaw except those who encouraged such lockdown policy.
P Gaven
P Gaven 4 aylar önce
People who were just taking bart to take bart simply realized that they no longer wanted to put up with the headache: the mentally ill, delayed service, the uncleanness of the trains and stations, rats...etc.
Marc Pagan
Marc Pagan Aylar önce
Thanks to the Supreme Court's Bruen decision, all riders should apply for a gun carry permit, and of course, then carry a gun on BART. Remember: More legally carried guns always means more safety, and less crime.
Douglas Gould
Douglas Gould Aylar önce
There is one transportation service in the Bay Area that does not appear to have the problems that Bart and some bus services have. That would be the ferry services.
peter ponce de leon
peter ponce de leon 4 aylar önce
If people think they will be targeted by criminals while on Bart, then people will not ride. Get tough on crime (local and state government) things might turn around.
Svtcobra Blkmamba
Svtcobra Blkmamba 4 aylar önce
I was waiting at 1 o’clock in the morning at the end of the line on the inside of the gate in the bar. Police told me to leave the bart because they were closed and stand outside with all the homeless people. I refused because my Uber ride was going to be there within five minutes. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible! Bart is horrible horrible. Like I said, the only time you see Bart police is when the rounding up the homeless people all they do is sit in their little huts and do nothing. They should not be paid, but they’re being paid. Also Barth Board of Directors needs to be fired for the unethical use of money employees getting paid and not even showing up for work! Bart needs to be overhauled have a whole new Board of Directors and have ethical behavior like I said I cannot wait till I never have to ride that stupid horrible drug infested bad customer service BART train again.
Lee Bross
Lee Bross 4 aylar önce
I would have said "Officer do you know how much paperwork you're going to have to fill out after they rob, rape and kill me? I cannot leave and do that to you."
Jay Jo
Jay Jo 4 aylar önce
I just can’t understand how the Bart government can be so clueless.. there should be officers on Bart. There shouldnt be homeless and mentally ill sleeping on the Bart. I don’t get it why they can’t understand that the Bart isn’t safe feeling. I’m a man and even I don’t feel safe.
Tom Stephens
Tom Stephens 3 aylar önce
The policy makers build public transit, but then make sure violence on public transit has as few consequences as possible. They end up with rolling arenas where you might end up on the card.
Mars Sartori
Mars Sartori 4 aylar önce
Dirty, dangerous (I know from first-hand experience), last train ends too early, trains can take up to 20 minutes, not as many lines/stops which oftentimes makes driving easier...I could go on.
Alberto Negrete
Alberto Negrete Aylar önce
I think it’s the opposite, more passengers isn’t going to benefit the area one bit. You need to give them a good reason to go there in the first place other than work. With a lot of stores closing in sf, why even bother going ?
Michal Filip Kowalik
Michal Filip Kowalik 2 aylar önce
Anyone surprised? I'm a huge fan of trains, always used SFO-Market BART (sorry Uber) despite the fact how dumpy, dangerous and hard-to-get-to (tap in tap put anyone???). Last 12 months were a pure downhill with drugs, homelessness and unreliable service. It feels like you will have to close the shop and reinvent from scratch
kohort 2 aylar önce
If events like Oscar Robertson didn't happen in the first place we would have more trust, respect and law and order. We wouldn't need to lean into all these alternate programs. Law enforcement needs to go harder but also "righter".
John Corwin
John Corwin Aylar önce
Last time I was on BART this kid with a skateboard got in my face and said, "EAT MY SHORTS!" and then laughed in my face. I was so embarassed. I said, "I'm in danger." Then I started crying and my girlfriend broke up with me and rode away on the skateboard with him.
Paul Aylar önce
That kid needs to fill a chalkboard with " I will not make people cry"
Yasmeen Nasir
Yasmeen Nasir 4 aylar önce
When i went home recently i noticed people openly using drugs , riding the bart from sfo_ south bay, etc its wild
Donald Schacht
Donald Schacht 3 aylar önce
Does the survey include the fare evaders in their results? If they made sure that only people that have paid or have an exemption to ride BART are on the system it will be in my opinion a safe system, it is that easy.....ALL of the problem is the riders that did not pay to ride, and you can watch them enter and leave without any interaction from anybody. SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE !
Han Solo
Han Solo 4 aylar önce
There needs to be a nationwide ban on anyone with a violent conviction from riding any public transportation.
P Gaven
P Gaven 4 aylar önce
Lol 😂😂😂 I don't agree with that. But I do believe that there should be stricter enforcement of the code of standards for riders on the trains and stations. Things like eating, smoking and loud music...basic quality of life things should get someone a fine or ejection.
Garrett Jackson
Garrett Jackson Aylar önce
How are they supposed to get around when they get out of prison and turn their life around?
P Gaven
P Gaven Aylar önce
@Garrett Jackson hmmm
Johnny Botts
Johnny Botts 3 aylar önce
Have any of the BART Board of Directors been laid off due to the decrease in ridership and revenue? If not, why not?
Vbn 2 aylar önce
Even BART employees don’t want to use the system.
andrew hsu
andrew hsu 2 aylar önce
I saw a woman get her phone stolen because she didn’t give money to a homeless woman on the bart. A group riders and I had to go save her.
zhongman zhang
zhongman zhang 3 aylar önce
In my opition, cut the bart opearating hours to save cost. It is too dangerous outside rush hours. During those time people will choose other transportations anyway.
neckarsulme 3 aylar önce
interesting how a transit agency has an entirely dedicated police force that prior to the story never actually rode on the trains they are paid to police...wow
Jamel Ling
Jamel Ling 4 aylar önce
Bart, like Liberals will never address the elephant in the room. High cost of gasoline keeping workers at home. Violence on the cars. Bart management whether that be upper or lower is incompetent. As an employee of the company safety for employees sucks too. We also encounter erratic behavior from the public at our work yards and I'm not even a Station Agent, T.O., or Utility person. Talking about the hidden safety issues.
Marcus Arline
Marcus Arline 3 aylar önce
You can't make everyone do what you want to do BART.
DT SH 4 aylar önce
Did they survey why the sun rises in the east and sunsets in the west? Why water is wet🤷‍♂️?
Michael Last Name
Michael Last Name Aylar önce
Yep, and they outlawed reality, too.
Jonathan Fong
Jonathan Fong 2 aylar önce
Will BART let riders bring their own tools for self protection? Nope, they want riders to depend on the nanny state while not protecting the riders.
Roofed Asian
Roofed Asian 4 aylar önce
Because they value their life
KongSunWu 3 aylar önce
BART gets a huge amount of $$ from tax payers as a result they could carless about their customers. The solution is to stop giving taxpayer money to BART
chibba 4 aylar önce
Lol I am giving up on dates in SF simply because bart is crappy - I have been to so many SF dates before pandemic because I worked in SF but now I work remotely, I will not bart to go on my dates unless I have to go for work (Or that date is promising lol), so I gave up a lot of opportunities but my life is more important than dating lmao. I don't want to get injured by a random stranger or start a fight. I took bart once during the pandemic after sleeping over at my date's place and I got sick the next day. I saw a goddam homeless wondering around different train, so in order for me to take bart again, I have to make sure there is no stabbing, most people wearing masks, and no homeless dirty thugs. Though there is no mask required but a lot of these homeless does not even have the vaccine, so they can still spread covid.
Brittney Krall
Brittney Krall 4 aylar önce
Bro I can 100% tell if someone is nodding off or if they’re smoking dope under a coat. There needs to be an attendant to kick these fools out the BART station or something
P Gaven
P Gaven 4 aylar önce
Maybe there was back in 1975.....😂
Doug InOrlando
Doug InOrlando 2 aylar önce
Munich subway trains ran everywhere at 3 minute intervals. You never had to walk far or wait long. BART was the opposite
M C Hammer
M C Hammer 3 aylar önce
Many Major cities have the same problem , Not just San Francisco All bus systems after rush hour are just free transportation for homeless and criminals The worst part is the US is dictating to other countries what to do , While our House is burning Freaking embarrassing !!!!!
S Aylar önce
BART has demonstrated for decades that it's riders are a low concern. They won't be able to undue that no matter how many billion dollar bond issues they try and float.
Fido 4 aylar önce
I’ll be so sad if BART shuts down. We’ll never know what we lost until it’s gone.
BlacksRuinEverything 4 aylar önce
Buy a car.
Be Still, bub?
Be Still, bub? 4 aylar önce
True but whose fault is that? If crime isn't controlled, then why bother riding? MTA is next but I doubt it
Muni Math by Peter Felton
Nobody wants BART to shut down, even the non-riders. But the average, everyday rider deserves to have a safe, efficient, financially affordable commute. So until the drug users, homeless, fare gate jumpers, and overall unsanitary elements of BART are permanently done away with, ridership will continue to dwindle. It's the people's way of saying "enough is enough"--rightly so.
[光学-s]M3KH 4 aylar önce
@BlacksRuinEverything nah not if it's just to drive around san fran XD
Apparently haven’t seen how filthy it is when some kind of not stable characters are casting passengers trying to ride bar station whether that’s on the outside of BART station trying to get in or in the BART station itself And when riders witness some violent crimes, it doesn’t just affect the person the violence was against it affects everybody who witnessed it, and spreading the word that the city does nothing about violent crimes . Are the cities locks hands off policy on a certain group of individuals has caused this problem? Now it is too late to repair the damage
Panda Cub
Panda Cub 3 aylar önce
Do not let homeless or addicts into BART, do not let them loiter inside the station, have police Inside BART train, Inside the facility, and outside the facility. Only then, will passengers feel safe.
the problem is lots of people want to fare evade
Jonathan Fong
Jonathan Fong 2 aylar önce
Even if riders feel physical safety in the future the fares will scare the chit out of them.