Can You Find Her in This Video? • Hidden in Plain Sight #19

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Hidden in Plain Sight is back! Who will be hiding from the boss? Can Jamie find them and put them back to work before the day is over?
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23 Eki 2021




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Selina Liddon
Selina Liddon 6 saatler önce
When u said I just figured it out a Nintendo add came up
Ok 6 saatler önce
I found her in the Thumbnail
Penguanzo 18 saatler önce
Haven't watched a vat19 vid in so long then this popped up. I'm happy
Daniel Lumowa
Daniel Lumowa 18 saatler önce
that song is firee
Mya R
Mya R 21 saatler önce
Would always be better when it was with danny
Green light tine Kayla
Call Sloan
Bunny Bubbles
Bunny Bubbles Gün önce
Make more pls this is my favorite series
Omar Elmorsy
Omar Elmorsy Gün önce
Where is episode 20
DiabloScar0 Gün önce
Who even is this girl? Ain't no one want her where's Danny?
W. J. Stock
W. J. Stock Gün önce
Jamie: sorry slone this is going to be a short vid Me:then whys the vid 14 minutes long
G.m MeMes
G.m MeMes Gün önce
I wanna cry.
Ngozi Obioha
Ngozi Obioha 2 gün önce
He is running for you Sloane in the werehouse and looking for you better run👆🚼🚻🚺😜😍😛😝😣😗😘😳😁😔😂😰
RickyTheRatKing 2 gün önce
Me seeing the boxes and thinking about the snails, blob fish key chain, and graby hands I got
Frekwense 2 gün önce
I thought at first that was Sloane at the front desk is it?
Kristi Weems
Kristi Weems 2 gün önce
It’s number 19 right but this is vat19
Danika do Rosario
Danika do Rosario 2 gün önce
What happened to Hidden In Plain Depot?!
Catherina Singh
Catherina Singh 2 gün önce
Epic Nick
Epic Nick 2 gün önce
How dare you stand where he stood
16Bitboy 2 gün önce
It’s just not the same
FruityPIE 2 gün önce
one of the cards should have been a rick-roll
Alexis Rae
Alexis Rae 3 gün önce
At 1:25 behind the desk it looks like that’s sloane
sunstone gaming
sunstone gaming 3 gün önce
Normal people :this is a great video The Fortnite kids : ITS DR SLONE FROM FORTNITE
Hello Hi hi hi
Hello Hi hi hi 3 gün önce
Do an episode where all the employees have to find Jamie to get there paycheque
Hello Hi hi hi
Hello Hi hi hi 3 gün önce
Sloan is the best employee
Jeremy Lacey
Jeremy Lacey 3 gün önce
I'm Watching From Ottawa, Canada And Have Seen All 18 Episodes A Million Times And Never Get Tired Of Them. NOW That U Have The 19th Episode, When Will #20 Come Out?
The Newbie
The Newbie 4 gün önce
Whats the music in the background? Its on every hidden in plain sight episode.
Juneamazing13 4 gün önce
You just look at thee cluessss
Kevin ray
Kevin ray 4 gün önce
When's the next episode?
Bruzify 4 gün önce
Keep up the eps
Cap_merica111 4 gün önce
Nice miter saw
Adam94 4 gün önce
This makes me sick leave this series alone without Danny it's dead and should remain as such
FrosStudioLover5 4 gün önce
What happened to they would still work while hiding?
Trilly the potato
Trilly the potato 4 gün önce
8:51 is so funny when he flicks his head lol
Elliott Smith
Elliott Smith 5 gün önce
What state do you live in? How is it possibly cold in october?
John Servano
John Servano 5 gün önce
It's definitely not the same without Danny...but this-- THIS is quality 'hiding'! This was a great episode!
AJ 5 gün önce
The only way he found her was because he said turn off the music and they didn’t
Harry Kehoe
Harry Kehoe 5 gün önce
Judah Dinsmore
Judah Dinsmore 5 gün önce
Hey, haven’t watched in a while BUT I’m back I’ve always loved these vids, keep it up! ❤️
breanna foster
breanna foster 5 gün önce
Really happy to see this come back. It won’t b the same wo Danny but I love the colas efforts of the whole office.😙🤌🏻💜
Nathan W
Nathan W 5 gün önce
i wish you never found her
Fearless Shadow
Fearless Shadow 5 gün önce
Now here’s the debate, who does Jamie think is more annoying in hidden in plain sight. #danny or #sloan
Artuitous 5 gün önce
Can I get those songs??? They boppin.
Iveta Marquez
Iveta Marquez 5 gün önce
I think why they made this video is because we are sad that hidden in plain sight 18 was the last one
Grady Richie
Grady Richie 5 gün önce
Swift 6 gün önce
Don’t get me wrong, I love that the series is back, but it just isn’t the same without Jamie.
Lazy Icy
Lazy Icy 6 gün önce
Did he take the 20?
Just Sherise
Just Sherise 6 gün önce
Just Sherise
Just Sherise 6 gün önce
i dont gotta work work work skng is actually good thoo btw i keep rewatching hidden in plain sight vids bc whenever jamie realises where the person is is just too entertaining
Lonewolf22493 6 gün önce
I'm glad they are thinking of reviving this series
adeline anderson
adeline anderson 6 gün önce
6:51 I just noted a microphone on Jamie's lapel. Is this how Sloane knows where he's going?
L K 6 gün önce
What is Jamie supposed to be doing?
Anton Guthrie
Anton Guthrie 6 gün önce
What a throwback I haven’t seen vat19 in like 4 years
Joe’s Variety Channel
Sloane missed the opportunity to do a parody of You’re No Good by Linda Ronstadt. Here’s how it would’ve gone. 🎼You’re no good. You’re no good. You’re no good. Jamie, you’re no good. You’re not too bright at this game. You’re no good. You’re no good. You’re no good. Jamie, you’re no good. 🎶🎵
Yea Nah
Yea Nah 6 gün önce
Yes, I missed this series
Lee Taylor
Lee Taylor 6 gün önce
This was so scripted
Lane Livingston Surf Team Filmer
This lady just isn’t it. She isn’t Danny. He was so much better When him and John left everything changed it it just made the place boring and not entertaining
Tanneika Grant
Tanneika Grant 7 gün önce
he said it's going to be a very short video and its 14:31
Clara McNeillis-Wilson
you need clues so much
DoritoDiamond 7 gün önce
Jamie : this is going to be a short video Also jamie : takes 14 minutes to find sloane
Jon Campli
Jon Campli 7 gün önce
Can you do 20
Aidan Morrow
Aidan Morrow 7 gün önce
Idea: hiding in plain sight #20. But, Jamie hides and if the crew can find him, they don’t have to come in to work the next day, but if they can’t find him, then they must come in to work the next day.
•Finn-mint• 7 gün önce
No danny... No hidden in plain sight .
Ashley Glover
Ashley Glover 7 gün önce
Hidden in plane depo don't sleep on it lol
CreeperFoxBoy 7 gün önce
What 😯
All about Emily
All about Emily 7 gün önce
Jamie:I’ve played 18 times before I don’t need clues Me:ok you’ve played but have you won
SCP Foundation
SCP Foundation 8 gün önce
Where's danny
emily todd
emily todd 8 gün önce
Is it just me or was it better with Danny??
Tyler Niciporek
Tyler Niciporek 8 gün önce
Entertaining! But, danny will be missed!
Jennifer Cline
Jennifer Cline 8 gün önce
I am so glad you brought this back!!
As YR 8 gün önce
Genius hide and seek😂🤣😍👍🎉💖💐
seaun atchison
seaun atchison 8 gün önce
When's the next episode?! I can't wait any longer
karen stevenson
karen stevenson 8 gün önce
I missed this series so much!
Jedan Thornton
Jedan Thornton 8 gün önce
plz keep them coming
Jedan Thornton
Jedan Thornton 8 gün önce
Greg 8 gün önce
Bring Danny back
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf 8 gün önce
Not the same without Danny
Gipsy Avenger
Gipsy Avenger 8 gün önce
Just A. Commenter
Just A. Commenter 8 gün önce
Do you think that a Fiesty Pet would make a good pet substitute? 🤔
Frogsarelife 8 gün önce
No, no, it’s hidden in plain *depot* sloane Btw this video is awesome, sloane is the perfect fit for this
Tia☀️ 8 gün önce
Nobody’s name
Nobody’s name 9 gün önce
At 1:26, who is that in the background
Danecca world 🇵🇭
In 8:51 jamie is like a child lol
Sharon Anderson
Sharon Anderson 9 gün önce
That was freaking clever
Drdoom86 Li
Drdoom86 Li 9 gün önce
It’s been a month we need more
emma champion
emma champion 9 gün önce
does she like stranger things
Randy-Shannon Swan
Randy-Shannon Swan 9 gün önce
You should fire them if they annoy you
Just A. Commenter
Just A. Commenter 9 gün önce
Although this was nice, there should be a 'hidden in plain sight' with either Daley, Leslie, Davey, or Alison! 😃 The original 'hidden in plain sights' with Danny were funny, but it would have been cooler if they were with Jon or Joey! 😃
TheGamingDoughnut 9 gün önce
Did anyone hear him mumble ‘shit’ i thought this is a family friendly channel
G John the DM
G John the DM 9 gün önce
Sloan my favorite you should do a DND or fantasy video one time
First name Last name
I thought he just wanted to find her in peace
Abdallah khawaja
Abdallah khawaja 9 gün önce
I missed this so much
Eugene Lim
Eugene Lim 9 gün önce
Oh god if they're all in on it doesn't that mean they'll all leave vat-19
LemonDumpling~ 9 gün önce
This series should be called my employes play hide and seek for a day
Krypto 9 gün önce
Found her
Tricky 10 gün önce
7:05 what was that flash
Marc Miller
Marc Miller 10 gün önce
Didn't you see the light's flik
Luvxsummer 10 gün önce
I was watching this video so focused and then i dropped my ipad so hard on the ground Edit: Yes its true-
Ty Cyzick
Ty Cyzick 10 gün önce
I’m mad they kinda ruined it for me and I feel like slone is trying to much to be like Danny
Amity is precious
Amity is precious 10 gün önce
kinda annoying seeing him ignore clues tbh
Basic? 10 gün önce
im so happy this is on my reccomendations. happy to be back
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