Can you drive across GTA 5 if you can't see the car?

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I created an invisible-car mod. Can I drive without hitting anything?

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About DougDoug:
Doug is a sentient bell pepper who was hired by the FBI to crack gaming challenges and also talk about things with food



22 Eyl 2021




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yousuf haidari
yousuf haidari Saatler önce
Love the persona music
The MattBat999
The MattBat999 23 saatler önce
I love Doug's ability to turn the dumbest of challenges into an extremely emotional journey that changes me as a person, even in just a slight way.
Oliver Perez
Oliver Perez 23 saatler önce
Life will change just blasting in the background made me hype up
The Chosen One
The Chosen One Gün önce
9:25 music?
GalaxyGamer22 2 gün önce
Alternate title: Can I drive in GTA5 while being in the Mario Kart Wii intro?
TheAdvertisement 2 gün önce
Honestly props to Dougdoug's chat for starting the whole marriage counseling thing on their own. It just took one guy donating about it, and Dougdoug giving a funny reaction, before the chat organized itself to donate about marriage counseling.
TheAdvertisement 2 gün önce
The way "has" was cut off, it feels like the intro was rushed and Dougdoug just wanted to get straight to the video lol.
Christian Lewis
Christian Lewis 2 gün önce
Awesome dude lol
Awesome dude lol 3 gün önce
You hit something right before you landed in the water.
Awesome dude lol
Awesome dude lol 2 gün önce
@TheAdvertisement He did. When he passed the bar just before the open spot to jump into the ocean he hit a potted plant.
TheAdvertisement 2 gün önce
No he didn't.
jacob norris
jacob norris 4 gün önce
Holy shit these driving skills are so good. That final run was insane.
Sentessa 5 gün önce
He needs to make a playlist of the music he uses!!
fish 2
fish 2 5 gün önce
Damn the wedding steps are almost as broken as my marriage
ThatCyanAtom 6 gün önce
56.6% of your views are divorced? Dang, I too want to be divorced.
MuffinGoneWiId 7 gün önce
im so glad i subscribes to to Doug XD made me Laugh so hard :D
Peppy Goddamn Hare
Peppy Goddamn Hare 7 gün önce
I feel genuinely validated from the climactic victory having Xenoblade X music in the background. Perfectly synchronized too. Us Xenoblade X fans have such blue balls.
Nixoth 7 gün önce
Wow haha i needed this. Im really going thru a horrible divorce and a kid is involved. Ex is keeping my kid away just cause shes mad and its been rough. In a strange way you spoke to me Doug
Fugent 8 gün önce
This video really helps with my depression from the divorce.
SGT_Weber 8 gün önce
ya know. no matter how often you use it.. i am always impressed that you actualy dare to use god damn Xenoblade X(thus nintendo) music
Mark Oliver Walsh
Mark Oliver Walsh 8 gün önce
Didn't Doug release a similar video a while back?
zixxie 8 gün önce
The persona music had me so hyped 😭
K1tty Bot
K1tty Bot 8 gün önce
Ok but can we take a moment to appreciate how PERFECTLY the car hitting the ground and turning synced up with the music at 8:17
Elijah Curtis
Elijah Curtis 9 gün önce
He should do this challenge with the flying traffic mod.
That’s Pretty_Brazzy Smith
Technically he stopped at the end so part 2 confirmed
e e
e e 9 gün önce
you should do this but form the docks to paleto bay
ID:N/A 9 gün önce
Love these Doug Doug challenge vids, been saving up for a better pc so I can have a go at these challenges. These videos helpme a lot during this challeging divorce im going through
ffen 10 gün önce
Better not average 500k by the end of the year
The Washingmachine
The Washingmachine 10 gün önce
The Washingmachine
The Washingmachine 10 gün önce
The Washingmachine
The Washingmachine 10 gün önce
The Washingmachine
The Washingmachine 10 gün önce
The Washingmachine
The Washingmachine 10 gün önce
The Washingmachine
The Washingmachine 10 gün önce
Barack Obama
Barack Obama 10 gün önce
I am so glad for the frequent uploads, I'm so happy that you're back
Tal Grossman
Tal Grossman 10 gün önce
Basically it is a challenge to never crush into anything so you can crush into the water while being invisible and with a changing car and while always moving.
:o 10 gün önce
I don't know Doug doug will see this but I had an idea where twitch chat needs to beat a single veteran bot in call of duty
Schultesacc 10 gün önce
Gregory Fitzpatrick
Gregory Fitzpatrick 11 gün önce
T Loin
T Loin 11 gün önce
GTA 5 but explained with a divorce
Anix Prophet
Anix Prophet 11 gün önce
What OST is that last song from? Sounds like Hiroyuki Sawano
ianated 12 gün önce
Daniel Dunkum
Daniel Dunkum 12 gün önce
Hey Doug do you think it’d be possible to do one of these challenges with your voice, but instead of “forward” and “back” it’s “ya!” To go and “woah” to stop. Then you flip left and right voice commands
Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II " Warthog "
Bots are coming to DougDoug. God save ua
TheWelshExperience 12 gün önce
Doug and his community are so wholesome. All we do is make memes. There is basically no toxicity in this community. Which is extremely rare.
ostrich 13 gün önce
twitch chat vs pvz "123456789" could be used to pick a plant. "place" could be used to pick up the sun. "up down left right" should be used to go up down left and right. cancel should be used to place the plant.
CCuppy 13 gün önce
This was one of your best videos yet, they’re so so fun to watch
G_Boy 13 gün önce
the video braught a smile on my face just like my ex-wife used to
G_Boy 13 gün önce
click fat albert
jazmeowne 14 gün önce
the added depression of the divorced couples just made this more enjoyable :)
Xwisdom 14 gün önce
I heard that the ai deliberately crashes into you.
The Washingmachine
The Washingmachine 14 gün önce
"Let's drive into the distance like Paul Walker." *Proceeds to hit tree
Eclipsed Horizon
Eclipsed Horizon 14 gün önce
Soooo much respect for the xenoblade X music, big nerd moment for me
Chaotic Kitchen
Chaotic Kitchen 14 gün önce
D: NURSE! N: what is it doctor? D: he’s dying! N: well what does he need? Me: *wakes from coma* I need... D: what is it son? Me: I need Doug Doug to post more. D: I’m sorry son it’s not possible, his main platform is twitch. Me: Why cruel world?! *expires*
Toritorer 14 gün önce
Uncle Paul
Uncle Paul 15 gün önce
Enough Divorceing, Killing Your Wife is Killing Your Marriage!
The_MaddestLad 15 gün önce
man i got divorced before i even got a gf how does that work
Thomas Mosterman
Thomas Mosterman 15 gün önce
Can you do a Mario kart with your voice
DEATHFLAME376 15 gün önce
Unrelated but I just got my covid vaccine and my arm hurts like all hell
Mr Plastik
Mr Plastik 15 gün önce
Thank you doug, for fixing my marriage
megolegablock 15 gün önce
Xenoblade music Fuck Yeah
Tired.idiot. on.the.internet
Fun fact: if you watch this video, you are officially divorced.
RED SPARTAN 656 15 gün önce
Damn twitch chat is sad, like my ex wife which is probably why she left me.
Oliver J.
Oliver J. 15 gün önce
trongamer56 16 gün önce
I'm 80% sure I could do this. But it is quite good
Thái Đỗ Quốc
Thái Đỗ Quốc 16 gün önce
wonderDougDoug the movie leak
Moctar Johnson
Moctar Johnson 16 gün önce
You're running out of ideas and mk8 music it's constructive criticism 😔
Galve The Iron Dragon
Galve The Iron Dragon 17 gün önce
At 9:26, Waluigi started dancing at the climax, as if he was celebrating you wanting to rekindle your spark with Amanda
Loren Garms
Loren Garms 17 gün önce
I absolutely adore how every single time without fail, a normal challenge turns into some ridiculous metaphor and becomes exceedingly dramatic
Flashback Time
Flashback Time 17 gün önce
Did he really just say paul walker dead in the distance
Romeo Arryn
Romeo Arryn 18 gün önce
Now that I've actually played Persona 5... did I hear P5 music?
Taxf 18 gün önce
I hear life will change
Stardust Phantasm
Stardust Phantasm 18 gün önce
That's the only time trauma dumping is hilarious.
Prince_jdxx 18 gün önce
I’m glad I found this video
Tyler Herr
Tyler Herr 18 gün önce
i dare you to do this again but make all the cars invisible like my wife after she left me
Arjay3822 18 gün önce
welp I guess im divorced now
Holdin Tisdikk
Holdin Tisdikk 18 gün önce
This helped me in this trying time
legacy_gacha234.k 18 gün önce
So when is our next period/video Doug? I loved our lesson today!
PyrozPlayground 19 gün önce
They're like landmines! I don't know what to do! lol Just by chance this video got suggested to me, and now I'm gonna subscribe!
Avery 19 gün önce
so lucky I got to see this live! gg (I know you hit that plant btw, CANT HIDE IT)
mæs 19 gün önce
How is this man?
Boostman 19 gün önce
Love the persona music
Vince Candy
Vince Candy 19 gün önce
maki 19 gün önce
I need to know the name of the epic music at the very end
Judospoopdog 19 gün önce
6:35 I hear that P5 music, Doug
Darren Lal
Darren Lal 19 gün önce
I miss the explained with food series..
CST667 19 gün önce
I can’t believe you decided to count the invisible cars.
CST667 19 gün önce
Man, I wanna watch a stream but I have no idea when they’re happening.
Christian L. E.L
Christian L. E.L 19 gün önce
*FKNG BEAUTIFUL, TOTALLY* Big thanks to the divorced dude, hugs, amazing person!
anamaamator T
anamaamator T 19 gün önce
He hit a plant at the end
Acorn 20 gün önce
Half of the time these videos derail because of chat, and i am here for it
Glacier Heart
Glacier Heart 20 gün önce
"They took my wife in the divorce"
Glacier Heart
Glacier Heart 20 gün önce
I remember this happening in SWTOR
A 20 gün önce
hell naw, crazy frog
Irish_EnderMan 20 gün önce
6:31 is that Life will Change instrumental from Persona 5????
Shock Jockey1
Shock Jockey1 20 gün önce
I got an ad about a law firm dealing with divorce immediately after the video ended
WisdomMax 20 gün önce
crazy frog
GojiraUltimaGaming 20 gün önce
explain the modern doom games with tacos.
Chrisdonian 20 gün önce
Whatever you have done, no matter how bad you life is, there is hope. Jesus died in our place, that all our sins could be forgiven. He saved me from lustful video, depression and hate and has given me new life, a new heart. He can do the same for you, only if you believe and become saved by his grace not your own works(since we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God).
Creeper 20 gün önce
That’ll be hard
LOAYٌ 20 gün önce
This video was so good that I am watching it fully again
plixplop 20 gün önce
The way this tied back into the chat nonsense in the end was freaking hilarious
Gamingwithddawg 21 gün önce
Crazy frog be like….
UmamiNoodles 21 gün önce
Doug makes funni videos and then suddenly becomes a marriage counselor
Arrrdor 21 gün önce
DougDoug, where the hell did your food explanation videos go? I want you to keep making them, and stop leaving them in the dust
Ido Sarue
Ido Sarue 21 gün önce
Love you videos! Can you make a video about how you mod gta with python??
Joe Kenyon
Joe Kenyon 21 gün önce
This was amazing. Thank you.
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