Can We Recover This Frozen Stuck UTV Without Ripping It In Half? (plus HUGE SURPRISE) 

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4 Şub 2023




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@HeavyDSparks Yıl önce
BRONCO GIVEAWAY! For a very limited time you can get 15x ENTRIES to win this brand new Bronco right now by clicking here: bit.ly/3HVqkXh This means that every 1 giveaway entry is worth 15 entries if you enter this giveaway right now during the first week!
@jaybraddock2350 Yıl önce
I need that bronco. But only need the Trax if my family gets stuck or something like that. I enjoy all yalls videos. Watching yall go recover heavy equipment for people to trying to find people missing. Yall are the best even helping the farmer with hay. Thank yall guys for everything you do. Stay safe and God bless.
@0adrian0o Yıl önce
do they ever announce the winners of these trucks?
@debijo5288 Yıl önce
I need it. I want it , I gotta have need it !!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
@MaverickBlue42 Yıl önce
Man, did I just get duped into watching an infomercial? Feck me.....
On your recovery vehicles might be handy to have a Foot/Spike that comes down & Anchors it to the Ground? Probably wouldn't be that difficult to do!
@RMKtanner Yıl önce
As someone who rides down that trail quite often, I appreciate you guys taking the time to fill the hole back up with snow! It helps keep everyone riding down that trail safe.
@random22026 Yıl önce
Best parts: Al and Bud, racking their brains to come up with something NICE to say about each other; and Chauffer Sparks at the end: 'Wizard Stuff' 🤣🤣😎😎...
@bgkmedia5711 Yıl önce
Hahahahah hands down best
@michaelm7217 Yıl önce
Alan gave a amazing speech, shout out to everyone behind the scenes. 👍
@briencrotty2322 Yıl önce
LOVE that you filled in the hole after extraction. You guys are great at making sure that the environment is left better after you leave. Major props!
@oneforall549 Yıl önce
Everyone needs an Alan! Dude has a work ethic that's 2nd to none! He fits into the crew prefect! Alan is an awesome guy and makes this channel and team even better! ALAN FOR PRESIDENT!!
@manjisaipoe517 Yıl önce
I was very impressed with Allen pulling that Bronco back up to the UTV, had no idea just how strong the wizard was!! ;-)
Prolly down hill... 🤭
@jasonlaw1074 Yıl önce
Got to see the wizards work first hand
@Benoit83B Yıl önce
A well produced 25 minutes Ad! Well done guys!
@trxcummins7388 Yıl önce
I feel that way about most of his videos.. in fact I wouldn't be surprised if that razor was staged there just to do the video/ad
@andrewwhite1305 Yıl önce
Hans is a good support guy for Dave, and he does ads well, seamless transition into selling us stuff.
Thank you!
@Dirtsquirt95 Yıl önce
I don’t think anyone give Hans the credit he deserves! He sacrifices a lot and is what keeps things going!
@maxnaz47 Yıl önce
@@hanspetersonSMCO Hans, for the love of God, DO NOT READ THESE COMMENTS!!! They will pull and tear at you in so many different directions that you won't know which way is up! TRvid comments are cancer!
@notforuse3001 Yıl önce
@@hanspetersonSMCO y’all need to put buds ranger on tracks!!!
@tallpaull9367 Yıl önce
Many, many years ago Man invented a snow shovel. Should have started shovelling right away
You have the best automotive channel on TRvid. Absolutely love your content. It's real and no one else does it like you.
@Funkyjonkey Yıl önce
What ever you’re paying Alan, its not enough. He carries this team on his wizard shoulders! 🤩
@Madison.Cruz. Yıl önce
@robinculkin2286 Yıl önce
Hey Dave , this is amazing watching you guys in the snow working with how it reacts and how beautiful it is , I’m in my 60’s in Australia and I’ve never seen snow and ice it’s amazing. Watching you guys drive in it very technical in consideration to what I drive in , one day i hope to a least see some beautiful snow, incidentally I absolutely love ❤️ your shows, your team, the Wizard, Diesel and of course You man, thank you so much Aussie Rob
@joec4871 Yıl önce
Perfect example of sharing the love. Sparks knows his blessings and he constantly shares his blessings. The whole world should be that way. I am, but no way near that scale. I bless other people within my means.
@0FlyingSwede0 Yıl önce
Ok but can we take a second to call him out? His nowadays his whole video is a sneaky advertisement, and then he has the audacity to put a stupid amount of youtube ads too!! Im done watching his videos
@@0FlyingSwede0 Good bye, take your complaining and take it else where, don't need toxic trash, from pure trash.
@joec4871 Yıl önce
@@0FlyingSwede0 Alot of TRvid channels have ads. And the more subscribers the more ads. He's constantly helping people. How would he be able to do that if he didn't generate income? He doesn't have anymore ads than ABC, NBC, CBS and they give you nothing. Yes the ads are annoying. I respect your position but I don't think he's any worse than other channels with a similar amount of subscribers.
@blegner85 Yıl önce
Just recently found your channel and can't say enough about the work you guys do. Can tell you guys are in for all the right reasons and I've enjoyed watching everything you guys have done. Keep up the incredible work, you guys have an amazing team. The Bronco is absolutely insane, great build!
@D.D.D.L. Yıl önce
You should watch his video on established titles and then see how ya feel about him
@emjay6828 Yıl önce
@@D.D.D.L. If he annoys you so much why you watching? Get over it already.
@D.D.D.L. Yıl önce
@@emjay6828 can't help recommendations fool 🤦🏻, guess you didn't think that answer over while gargling haven't D 🥜 😂. Also I was a fan since the start, so yeah I can give my two cents cause I gave years of me watching and supporting the channel and not being some simple minded fan boy which it seems your rocking that flavor on a triple scoop, but you do you and I'll do me, but I won't take the look of a simp fan boy I'll take the look of someone with half a brain to what's being put infront of them and calling the bull💩
@cjeam9199 Yıl önce
​@@D.D.D.L. why what was the issue with it?
By far, this video and the video before it have been the best videos I have ever seen on TRvid PERIOD!!! Seeing you guys get stuck, facing horrendously bad odds, has been why entertaining ever. You brought frustration to a much higher level but demonstrated huge determination and reluctance to throw in the towel. You added comedy, suspense, hopelessness, and success. I applaud you extremely high, your crew, Robbie and his crew. You guys have completely provided entertainment to the highest degree possible. I absolutely loved every minute.
@trxcummins7388 Yıl önce
These vehicles are stuck on purpose to produce a 25-minute ad
@kodyelison25 Yıl önce
It's the little things I appreciate about this team, like filling in the whole after the successful recovery!
@fiendeng Yıl önce
Seems appropriate, they dug the hole
@matthiku Yıl önce
But why didn't they used the shovels to remove most of the snow around the stuck vehicle? Since the most resistance came from the snow.
@dylanlowe8859 Yıl önce
Yep, they're doing it to make a good for themselves, anyone would have finished the recovery within 15 min cause they're not trying to make a video out of it, and also no one would fill back in the snow cause it's gonna melt anyway, heavy d has become a fraud.
@MrBIGBUBBZ Yıl önce
You guys are so awesome. Thank you for helping others. I’m new to your channel so I’m trying to catch up on all the older vlogs. God Bless and stay safe!!!
I like when you asked them to say something nice about each other ...also your editing is top notch....and your whole team is some really hard workers... you are amazing and do so many amazing things I have put you on my list of role models along with Upchurch and a few other close friends! Keep sending it!
@djjohnny8149 Yıl önce
I'm just the driver of this vessel, my captain does wizardly stuff. LOL You guys do great work, may God keep leading you.
Thanks Dave for an Entertaining & Informative Rescue. It was Most Enjoyable. You have an "Amazing Brain on you when it comes to Recoveries of all sorts. Well done. Keep up the Good Work & producing these epic videos for us to enjoy. From Me in SA 🇿🇦
@hjc4552 Yıl önce
Little tip, when in a pinch and you need to pull something up and out, take the spare off the back door and stand it up and put a rope over it and attach to your 2 vehicles. Drive forward and it lifts up and out.
@Diazjake Yıl önce
Easiest way to pull out and up at the same time is to stand the spare tyre under the winch rope close to the ATV at let it roll as the winch line pulls in.
I keep meaning to suggest to you guys a 2 pole lifting arrangement. You just need 2 sturdy sections of pipe, RHS or even wood, as long as it can stand a few tons of compression without buckling and collapsing. Have a hinge arrangement so they're attached strongly together but can allow or be made to allow the 2 poles to be spread. Length will determine how high you can lift and how far you can move something as well BUT, the longer obviously better but the longer they are the bigger the RHS size to avoid buckling and the more weight so it might be best if your hinge/joint is detachable but either way, it won't take up much area but will need to have the length to deal with. Set up example: You spread the poles apart, ideally far enough apart to allow the vehicle to run between them, you plant the bases with or on whatever's needed stop them sinking under load, you place their bases say, 4 feet in front of the vehicle (it could be more or less, you'd vary that to suit the situation) and anchor them as best you can, you run your winch line over the top/through a hanger you've made for it near the top and wrap it or lock it in place so the rope can't slide over it, you either prop it so it's sits there around vertical to leaning a bit over the thing if it needs more vertical than anything then you wind in and boom! It goes up then back without major effort. So many times I see ones that either the whole thing or even just at 1 point needs lifting more than pulling and most need some lifting to get started if not pure lift and pack under bit by bit where this could be ideal too. I hope one of you reads this and understands what I mean. It works. It's just utilizing geometry and physics to achieve something that you'd usually need something like your excavator except this just needs some length to carry and adds a bit more weight which mostly wouldn't be any issue for you guys. Those legs 'could' be sectioned to shorten it but, ideally you don't want that but it is an option.
@Yammienoob864 Yıl önce
ʟᴇᴛ’s ᴛᴀʟᴋ ᴛʜᴀɴᴋs ғᴏʀ ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜɪɴɢ...
@harleyclark3161 10 aylar önce
Hi guys I just discovered your channel and I've been so depressed for a while my wife of 38 plus ten years before that ,I'm 61 years old by the way,and it's been a year since my son jumped off a bridge in front of me before I could stop him ,he lived by God's good grace for me but the sight of him going into the darkness of night and the helpless feeling is making me feel like I want to join my late wife. I've met a woman in Vegas and was going to be with her but my physical mind and body from my son's incident and worried every day if it will happen again is making me too sick to work. But I must say watching your channel has given me a chance to distract my heart for a while and I just want to say hello and thank you for letting me watch it. God bless you and your family and friends. I'm Harley from Ohio and thanks again for your time. God bless you all.
@jamesmorton8431 Yıl önce
Alan & Bud remind me of my two stoner friends riding in the back of my S10 Blazer in High School 😂
@lonhoschar1943 Yıl önce
Great recovery of the worst frozen in UTV I've seen yet!! That one took a tremendous about of shovel work just to get the tracks dug loose... Nice job!!!
@fasterfrogg Yıl önce
Love the Bronco. Never thought I would see one on tracks and playing in the snow. Awesome.
@YaYa2Kase Yıl önce
You guys are so much fun to watch! Thank you for continuing to help people get out of incredible predicaments!!
@ronsavacool14 Yıl önce
Everyone wants to bust on Hans but he’s a really solid dude and helps Dave with everything and anything!
@duncanandcarrie Yıl önce
That product placement was smooth, Hans.
@jontur422 Yıl önce
Someone once said that the more capable the vehicle is, the more it is stuck once it gets stuck. Once again it was proved 😅
@Morpheen999 Yıl önce
Yes Tanks are very capable but can still get stuck.. and once they're stuck.. It takes incredible means to get them out
@LambentLark Yıl önce
I live in Alaska. That rig would be a literal life saver where I live. There are weeks I can't leave my place in the winter. That is the Bronco of my dreams.
@andrewwhite1305 Yıl önce
Hans is great at slipping into smaller spaces, he's a handy dude to have around when your big and full of beef like Dave
Needed a tractor rim to put in front of the UTV and have the winch line go over so it would be pulling up to lift it out as well as forward at the same time!
@Andrew_kiwi_AF Yıl önce
Love it how dave drops his vids into his sponsors adds, always times it perfectly
Bucked up bronco truck! That’d keep me out of trouble at work! Love what you fellas do! God bless from Aus! 🔨
@mrwilson7617 Yıl önce
I think I saw Matt (Matt's Off Road) use a trick where they run the winch line over the top of a tire so it pulls up. Neat tick.
I have watched a video of this technique for pulling stumps. Not Matt's idea.
@markroper9269 Yıl önce
Great video! Love the snow!! Vertical lifting capacity and a pulley....lift, backfill, repeat. Good job gang!!
@DakotaHarris321 Yıl önce
Love the beginning of the video we're Hans is doing the intro with Dave's face Classic . Another great video keep up the good work.
@ljh45s Yıl önce
Best show on TRvid'' love the give aways' you all due a great job on every show you due 'a lot of work but that's why your shows all so good, I have not seen Deisel on were Is he at one of my favorite on the show, you all take care up there,
I live in West Virginia we had less than 8 inches of snow this winter a couple of days in the teens but 30-55F most of the winter keep up the great work be safe.. Steve
Awesome video as always . Great job getting that UTV out , sooooo much work when in deep snow . Your team is fantastic, you guys have the best job in the world !!
Always awesome content helping people. I love that so much. I love your channel brother. So happy to see many uploads. You’re crew and you are the best!!
@kelligant5226 Yıl önce
Tell Diesel Dave I said congratulations I'm sure his baby will be beautiful. You guys are really cool. I don’t know how y'all stand being in a short sleeve shirts in the snow or Diesel Dave in shorts. It's really cool that y'all help so many people. Oh and the Bronco is pretty cool .
@neilmoore3856 8 aylar önce
We had that same scenario with a tracked utv with one side burried. We went 90° to the high side with the winch high on the roll cage to lift the low side up quite a bit. When the low side was up we packed snow under the tracks. It drove right out after that.
@co1etrain849 Yıl önce
That is AWESOME to see a Bronco on tracks. I've got a '22 Badlands and i can't imagine how much fun that thing is
@JookerSK Yıl önce
That Ford looks amazing .. color, accessories, snow tracks :)
OMG, I would love to see their warehouse and work for them.....they have so much fun, but they work hard. I'm definitely not ready to retire so these guys would be a blast to work for.
@cuttersidwell Yıl önce
These are my favorite videos. Love the recovery aspect of it. Makes the video for me. Thanks for posting such a banger video guys. I needed this.
@charlesweru7787 Yıl önce
Always enjoy your videos 😍, the struggle continues heavy D sparks verses the snow, ❄️ recovery in progress,men at work business as usual. Great job 👍
Love how Hans always gets the good jobs and he dose it so well who would of thort it was gonna give you the much trouble but if there is a will then there is a way and they will find that way lol well done guys
@17madracki17 Yıl önce
Allan riding Donny at the end. Haha such a great group of people. You guys are awesome
that bronco is awesome, when I was younger I was on a fire dept, we had an older bronco that we went to searches for injured people It would climb a mountain like a goat. By far my all time favorite vehicle, I liked it better than our fire truck. great video
@henriknordeng Yıl önce
Love the Bronco. I wish we had what you guys do in Sweden. My old Jeep is nice but your builds are over the top.
@loki3loki969 Yıl önce
I have always been a 100% Chevy/GMC feller but after watching this channel this last year I've broadened my horizons. I now see all makes have great Vehicles, especially after dave and his crew are thru with them. Looks amazing
@rpalmer274 Yıl önce
Same here always a chevy guy but definitely other nice ones out there
@StroDshiesty1 Yıl önce
Alan never disappoints 🤣🤣
@chrisprattt Yıl önce
What do you do for a living part was excellent🤣🤣🤣🙌💯🥰 Wizard stuff😎
I love Alan, he's so genuine
@goodfriendg Yıl önce
You could have put the spare tire in front of the UTV and then run your rope over it. That way you are pulling up on the front while going forward. Shoveling out around the tracks would have helped too. Love watching these adventures.
love the truck and its recovery - and it all looks good - and I like the remark how did that one get struck !!!!
@aaronscott2278 Yıl önce
Wow guys unbelievable keep up the amazing content seriously appreciate all you guys do for the community 🙏
@brizadv763 Yıl önce
I have been binge watching for 2 weeks straight.. after work till I fall asleep.. my dad had a old school bronco.. I'm in need of a new vehicle bad. My Camry has 310k miles on it. Bought it brand new in 05... I don't need a fancy new car.. a 1500 beater would make my dreams come true and that sad to say . But I love the vids. Idk how you guys have all this energy.. A1?
@chevygun Yıl önce
Great job guys I love seeing all these recovery
@Timmybenoit5086 Yıl önce
I love that bronco the look of it just speechless. I have a fj cruiser but love watching this learn alot from Dave keep up the good work
@Yammienoob864 Yıl önce
ʟᴇᴛ’s ᴛᴀʟᴋ ᴛʜᴀɴᴋs ғᴏʀ ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜɪɴɢ.
@nightmare5087 Yıl önce
I love what you did with the Bronco it is really cool and it looks like a lot of fun.
@onelife2live4 Yıl önce
Heavy d that's an amazing rig I can only dream of having something that nice before I die. I don't think it'll be in this lifetime but maybe the next things will be different. Keep up doing what you do I love to watch the content brother. Just don't start tearing up stuff every job on purpose and you'll be good
@gaelenecole4053 Yıl önce
Fantastic build …loving ❤️ the Bronco As I’m watching down here in New Zealand , good luck to everyone who’s in the draw 😊
@maxnaz47 Yıl önce
Here in Oz, thought i would do a bit of research, none of their giveaways have been open to anyone other than US residents, even though the products are sold internationally. I wonder why they don't advertise that their 'giveaways' are US only...
@tinaann3323 Yıl önce
I like Allen! He’s always jumping in to help. Little awkward but a nice guy. And that Bronco is growing on me! I’m sure it’s the way you guys built it. I’d have to do some fast talking around my friends. Lol
He’s the best addition to their team. It all started because he has a lot of old shit vehicles and stuff and Dave did a video on it. He’s been around ever since…
@austinhunt1283 Yıl önce
I saw your truck and trailer driving on Main Street in Logan and instantly knew it was you. Great video
This is freaking awesome. I have been wanting to try Bucked Up!! This gave me a great reason to try them. Thank you for the great content fellas.
Love your show we spend weekend just watching your guys's show and all the recovery's you do and your vehicles you build love that little bronco
@helenkelley8788 Yıl önce
Good recovery...nice cleanup...the Bronco looks absolutely amazing...love it...the "Wizard Stuff"...is Classic!! Video was great..
@waitemc Yıl önce
Allen is like the onion in Shrek analogy there's many layers to this genius. Lol
@87bones87 Yıl önce
That bronco would be nice to have for sure! Could use that on ground search and rescue calls!!! Or just helping people when it's bad out
Hans and his dry sense of humor! 😂
@saulGjr Yıl önce
I had to do this before. Next time try running the entire winch line under the utv and connect it to the back hitch and then pull it forward. It will lift the front of the utv off the ground while pulling from the back end out.
Take a Lil time and start with shovels. Remove the stopping snow and make ramps to climb out. Enough hands, make quick work. Great job.
Good moring, I wanted to tell you that here in New York when we get into a situation in the snow, we use a torch with propane. The torch is intended to lay rubber membrane on roofs. we use it toi melt the sonw. save on shoveling. I haven't seen diesel is he okay. when are you gentleman coming to NYC.
@deannalemburg10 Yıl önce
Love how there is never an opportunity lost to have some fun
@SpaceTech54 Yıl önce
This is Absolutely COOL - I have a 2022 Outer Banks - and who ever wins is going to LOVE it!!! - you need to be a part of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@aboveaverage007 Yıl önce
Well, good start with the new company!! Good luck and keep the superior content coming to the fan base!!!
@stangm33 Yıl önce
You guys are awesome, keep up the great content, and stay safe out there. Many blessings!!!
@fyfo1432 Yıl önce
i live in snow country canada and that bronco would be appreciated a lot over here .have a nice day.
@ragdump Yıl önce
Yeah I could use that ! Snow up here in the Sierra's of Calif. where I live in the middle of no where is deep and soft My Samurai with 15.5 in. wide tires and lockers won't make it for the first time I'm kinda stuck but I'm ready
@peytonhorn2833 Yıl önce
Love the crew! Keep up the good work men
@boopednose2241 Yıl önce
That Bronco is WICKED. Man that UTV looks like it got swallowed. God bless you all! keep up the great vids!
Another technical piece of recovery! Great work as always.
@miketyler4536 Yıl önce
Way to go Bucked Up Guys. Well Done Kaleb and folks, digging this
@sawzallmanken253 3 aylar önce
Fulcrum lift for winch -etc -- steel triangle that stands up when pulled - different size different height of lift -- backfill drive away ----
@joezeppe8078 Yıl önce
Am I the only one that saw the frame/bumper bend when Dave was Winching? It's by far the nicest bumpers I've seen on a Bronco, but the flex was scary: even Alan took a step back when it flexed down.
@bwillan Yıl önce
That takes some real talent to bury a UTV with tracks.
@colton5bucks Yıl önce
It's a lot easier than you think
@atodaso1668 Yıl önce
Not really. Its easy to bury a snowmobile which is far lighter
@EndroEndro Yıl önce
its feel like a ad, it looks like a ad and it is probably an ad even spot where that vehicle was buried looks weird lowered. Its feel like a cap but at least he's trying to make a lot of content to repay for that bs with established titles not counting that ad of course
@specforged5651 Yıl önce
Not if you actually want to have fun in it.
@Elite_Hunter Yıl önce
%100 staged for ad
@nailbeaterCAD Yıl önce
Possible using the spare tire under the tow rope to add upwards movement would have assisted. Great work
@blackheart30518 Yıl önce
Awe man that bronco would literally change my life. Total game changer !!!
@RMC2021 Yıl önce
I’ve always found that pulling out the way the vehicle went in proves to be a better method. In other words, use the tracks the vehicle already made into the snow as an advantage to pulling it out. Makes for an easier recovery with less damage to the vehicle.
@kenkotula9883 Yıl önce
That was a great recovery glad the guys were able to help out with options
@crazythayne 11 aylar önce
Nice work on the Bronco guys. Looks fantastic!
@justpain365 Yıl önce
I don't think you had one but a pulley or a snatch block (could add one to the trail bag) off a alt vehicle off to the side woulda helped that odd angle w/that hole imo, However y'all rocked it and took care of business. That track was driven in there pretty far lol
@SirNightmann 8 aylar önce
WOW, that is the most insane sick bronco I have ever seen man.
@Arnold7221 Yıl önce
Yes the distinguished sophisticated in many numbers crew, using the advanced state of the art "Shovels" works pretty good. Great Video keep em comin.
@jimwhite8789 Yıl önce
These videos have turned into giant infomercials. Loved the videos in the beginning. I remember Dave Sparks saying he would never sell out and do commercials. Well that changed and so has the content. Seems like huge sales pitches anymore. I keep watching but its not the same at all. I also know things change and the company has to grow.
@Yammienoob864 Yıl önce
ʟᴇᴛ’s ᴛᴀʟᴋ ᴛʜᴀɴᴋs ғᴏʀ ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜɪɴɢ.
@peeeeeeet Yıl önce
Makes me wanna unsubscribe. He hasn’t eventalked about the Established Titles video.
Wow amazing moment 😜
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