Can We Guess What Bottled Water This Ice Is From?

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Today, we're seeing if we can match the ice cube to the water FROM WHENCE IT CAME! Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 2046

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Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 5 gün önce
ThatKnifeKid 14 gün önce
Where was the Nestle pure life that's some of the best water and Fiji isn't as good as everyone says for real though
deloreanfan81 23 gün önce
I don't care what ppl say Dasani has a taste to it and it's not a good one,Aquafina is about the same,give me Fiji or Evian
Ooy 24 gün önce
Canned water..... wow.... really....
TBear Aylar önce
The ice tasted like Josh...they were tasting josh.... 🤫
Ben Bates
Ben Bates Aylar önce
Was expecting waaaaaay more milkshake talk here.
LadyAurian Aylar önce
Okay but why are Americans importing water from Fiji? Drink your own water, help control global warming xD
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan Aylar önce
Dasani isn't real water.
TheyCallMeJoey Aylar önce
i will never understand why peoplw think desani is good. like it literally has SALT as an ingredient
E Meyers
E Meyers Aylar önce
Ice cubes that are not clear are “cloudy.”
Scooter Campbell
Scooter Campbell Aylar önce
6:26 And then Link gets a call from HR...
deathXsharpee Aylar önce
My favorite moment is R using the choco shake as a palate cleanser for the ice/water taste test. So dang funny
Chosen1One Aylar önce
Baking soda
BlackPiano Aylar önce
“They’re trying to preserve them by putting nasty on them.” - Link 2021
kphoenix128 Aylar önce
Rhett & Link in GMM: *Tries shakes from McDonald's...like it* Me: Wow, so relatable R&L in More: "I've been in Fiji drinking Fiji water." Me: Nevermind 😂
Ty Los
Ty Los Aylar önce
If theres ever another animated episodw this clip has to be in “i think someone breathed on this ice
Joseph Carter
Joseph Carter Aylar önce
Bro arrowhead is the best water I’m offended 😂
10nazz Aylar önce
"Ladders make boys men, but slides don't make men boys."
Hailey LaCombe
Hailey LaCombe Aylar önce
im sorry did they just say dasani ISNT THAT BAD?!?!?!
FoxHound SF
FoxHound SF Aylar önce
Dasani has salt in it so it makes you thirsty after you drink it.
Chris Chen
Chris Chen Aylar önce
Who else spent 16mins watching two men sucking on ice
notta chance
notta chance Aylar önce
Someone's never had a tree house lol!
Jason C
Jason C Aylar önce
Want good ice? Try directional freezing.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Aylar önce
empire looks incredible from rim of the world highway thank you very much!
April Moak
April Moak Aylar önce
I think they're trying to preserve it by putting nasty on it 🤣
Luke Mariano
Luke Mariano Aylar önce
Good Mythical More is so much more calm and chill compared to Good Mythical Morning
Jennifer Collier
Jennifer Collier Aylar önce
8:37😂 I swear……😁 Rhett does or says the most awkward things at times😂
Taylor Aylar önce
In addition to "freezer flavors" on the ice, some of thee waters have trace minerals from springs. When water freezers, the minerals don't freeze inside the ice but are pushed to the outside. So you end with a weird layer of mineral taste, which can sometimes be sulfur-y or fishy in flavor.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Aylar önce
All the most liked comments are so on point, you are all too funny. Just adding my comment for the algorithm lol
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Aylar önce
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro Aylar önce
Now we all know Mythical Refrigerator needs some deep cleaning
Elisha Peck
Elisha Peck Aylar önce
Pretty sure that if you don't wash your ice trays before making your cubes, you'll get that nasty taste. Especially with silicone ice trays.
Rik Reichert
Rik Reichert Aylar önce
How funny would it be if all the ice cubes just tasted like Tony chachere's? LOL
Carmen Orrico
Carmen Orrico Aylar önce
Denial lained
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Aylar önce
“Dasani was good water” ( ) Truth (X) Doubt
Emily Kuske
Emily Kuske Aylar önce
“Dasani is good water” 😂
The Finch Outdoors
The Finch Outdoors Aylar önce
Anyone ever tried to freeze seltzer water. Wonder what it taste like.
May Aylar önce
essentia is the best imo
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Aylar önce
So close on that 10 word story, still may be one of their best.
Babyloveheartsmith Aylar önce
I greatly dislike when ice has a freezer flavor 😩
doormat9 Aylar önce
So, no Ozarka in California?
Rae Peronneau
Rae Peronneau Aylar önce
The main lesson from this video… clean your freezer!
Leadman1989 Aylar önce
Pro tip: Freeze your ice in an insulated container like a cooler. It freezes slower and directionally (bottom to top) which pushes all of the impurities to the top. Discard the top and enjoy crystal clear ice.
Jessica Stinks
Jessica Stinks Aylar önce
All the most liked comments are so on point, you are all too funny. Just adding my comment for the algorithm lol
Helle Farbe
Helle Farbe Aylar önce
Can't complete the video with all the noises 😬
Meowijuana Aylar önce
Rise up, Dasani haters. Its our time to shine
Jake Evans
Jake Evans Aylar önce
Ice definitely absorbs the flavors of whatever is in the freezer Unless it is sealed, like with a silicon mold
Heather Collard
Heather Collard Aylar önce
I live in the Inland Empire and I've never been to Lake Arrowhead
ChokeAnd Poke
ChokeAnd Poke Aylar önce
“Dasani was good water” ( ) Truth (X) Doubt
Jeremazing Aylar önce
It's in a 10 word story instead of using the word but why don't they use the word Unless
Jeremazing Aylar önce
They need to get some Poland Spring water it is the best water I have ever tasted
Josh Reimann
Josh Reimann Aylar önce
Those aren’t air bubbles, those are dissolved minerals
C C Aylar önce
1-2 punch today, bravo
Marion Peebles
Marion Peebles Aylar önce
I like mountain valley spring water it tastes slightly sweet to me. I also like ozarka but it’s not bottled in the ozarks but mountain valley is
A.J. John
A.J. John Aylar önce
Lake arrowhead has a great Mexican restaurant and the October fest up there is a lot of fun. Highly recommend it if you enjoy small mountain towns.
Dollar tree water is the best
Lucy's Silver Lining
I just have to comment to support your channel. Love you guys xxx
Andie N
Andie N Aylar önce
The bad taste probably comes from all the salt/minerals getting pushed to the outside of the cube as the water freezes.
Whit W
Whit W Aylar önce
episode idea: what else was in the freezer while this water was freezing?
Blueberryymuffin Aylar önce
What about Sierra Springs? Monk’s water?
acegeek Aylar önce
Guys, you need to buy the Mythical Kitchen a new freezer where only good foods go.
Nick Moore
Nick Moore Aylar önce
“Soft taste of solid rock, I like soft rock”😂
Monk Farmer
Monk Farmer Aylar önce
I'm watching 2 guys taste Ice. 🤔
Cliff Fogle
Cliff Fogle Aylar önce
Most awkward for staff episodes.
Not a Proverb**
Joey de Koning
Joey de Koning Aylar önce
6:20 Ohh nooo, this soundbite is gonna get fanfict'd
Chris Moon
Chris Moon Aylar önce
There's a movie called "Superstar" where there's a gal called "Evian" where Molly Shannon says "Go drink a bottle of yourself." Part of the movie that stuck in my head lol
gray’s kinda blue
Denial backwards is “lained” 🤘
gray’s kinda blue
Lol 1:40 made me think of Get Smart where he goes, “missed it by *that* much!”
Kevin McFadden
Kevin McFadden Aylar önce
Next on Mythical Kitchen: Does Baking Soda in the freezer really get rid of bad taste on ice?
BossJosh Aylar önce
Look into Fiji water! The Resnicks are crazy evil. I work at an almond farm.
Mary Harper
Mary Harper Aylar önce
Soak the ice cubes in water real quick and you won’t taste the freezer
Made by Dimi aka GreekMachine
That is not true all water that we use has molecules that have been thru a dinosaurs and many people before us .
Tristan_ mvp
Tristan_ mvp Aylar önce
Arrowhead is spring water btw
Made by Dimi aka GreekMachine
I cannot believe they think Aquafina is good and arrowhead is bad hahahah
Dog.Eared88 Aylar önce
Real question-where did y’all get the ice cube trays for these cubes? I have been looking for a nice cube and those look great lol
Mixeddrinks Aylar önce
Crystal Geyser is actually REALLY good if you use it for coffee. Something about the mixture of minerals they put in.
Dustin Huiting
Dustin Huiting Aylar önce
Why is the 6 so small
Fierce Krypton
Fierce Krypton Aylar önce
Links palette was on point this day.
Mackraft Aylar önce
is spring water like Zephyrhills not as common in Cali or do people just not think of it as a big water brand?? genuine question lmao
vortex 17 gün önce
where do you get zephyrhills? i’ve never heard of that (not in california though - missouri)
RatKeeperDude Aylar önce
I'm in California and have never heard of that. It's probably a local brand.
Glow! Aylar önce
“You know what denial spelled backwards is?” “I don’t know, you tell me”
Shelley Gossett
Shelley Gossett Aylar önce
1:05 this should definitely be on a fortune cookie
Killerbro Gaming
Killerbro Gaming Aylar önce
Water in Oregon taste very similar to Fiji
David Lavoie
David Lavoie Aylar önce
They should play a game where they freeze ice in a freezer with something else and they have to guess what it is
aMkinfinity Aylar önce
I lost it at link’s “sshhyooots and lyadders” 1:30
erin 🌻
erin 🌻 Aylar önce
Excuse me, why is the 6 so tiny?
Jennifer Walden
Jennifer Walden Aylar önce
Can’t drink Dasani without getting a headache.
Jennifer Walden
Jennifer Walden Aylar önce
I like soft rock to Link. Fiji is my fav.
Crystal S
Crystal S Aylar önce
May I request a redo without tainted cubes. Yes I said taint (LOL)
SARAH. Aylar önce
when they said dasani isn’t that bad i ran to the comments
Bryson Aylar önce
Where that Deer Park at y’all? Cant represent right
James Buze
James Buze Aylar önce
"Dasani ain't that bad" 😂
CameronsFace Aylar önce
In here, making implications that the Inland Empire is trash, but you guys haven't had the opportunity to live here and experience it. Yes, it absolutely is bad, don't move here if you want a good experience in California. I'm not mad or disagreeing, I'm jealous of the outside experience they have.
Unchain America
Unchain America Aylar önce
I was waiting for "Nicole, what did you do to our ice cube???!?"
chet karwat
chet karwat Aylar önce
The water in Fuji is so polluted you can't even drink it without filtering it and cleaning it with chemicals
2ALeft Aylar önce
Get rid of link already.
lovecraft5878 Aylar önce
I tend to grab life water if I'm going to drink bottle water.
“incredible view of the inland empire” the view is sick but lmaoooo
Fanning The Brave
Fanning The Brave Aylar önce
Aquafina is literally the best water
Derpy Pugs
Derpy Pugs Aylar önce
Why is this one of the most serious mores they’ve had in a while😂
Sparkling Serenity
Sparkling Serenity Aylar önce
Link is super fiesty today....
abstrusePaladin Aylar önce
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