Can This 1000 Piece Model Plane Fly 22 Miles!? | Toy Story Special

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23 Oca 2023




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B-A-L 2 aylar önce
I loved the remark by the little girl at around 57:39 when the kids realised the model pilot was James May and she said 'I know who that guy is from Top Gear, he's the really stupid one!' and I love how James May didn't have that edited out!
Pauluk James
Pauluk James Aylar önce
@JP dJ I am sure that was a set up they had a film crew with sound probably all pre planned .
RJ Nash
RJ Nash Aylar önce
@INSANE COMMANDER You did not just say the words "nob head"... **sigh**
DrVesuvius70 Aylar önce
The thing that always gets me rewatching this is the look of utter joy on the face of the chase pilot. I mean the dude is actually flying a helicopter in real life, a significant feat of real world aviation and engineering. Yet the inner child looks at the toy glider soaring free and feels the magic of flight. "This is so cool." It's a sense of wonder we should all strive never to lose.
James Ordway: Ultralight Pilot
This is my life
Lord Ginger
Lord Ginger Aylar önce
I thought the same thing. He looked so happy to be there and be a part the glider flight.
Nicolas Alvargonzalez
He probably never ever got to experiment the helicopter limits, 9900 feet up, heck of a trip.
SiliconValleySky Aylar önce
Seeing things Air to Air is always special, whether it it be birds, or other aircraft
Potvin Suks
Potvin Suks Aylar önce
Very well said!
Kieran Beswick
Kieran Beswick Aylar önce
The beautiful thing about this is... James' enthusiasm and joy is 100% real! making this video so much more wholesome and lovely.
George Hassman
George Hassman Aylar önce
What a beautiful sight to see. And what an achievement! As someone who fixed helicopters in the US Army and has loved aviation all my life I say well done!
Gryxder Aylar önce
I fixed them for the US Coast Guard, and as one mech to another, I agree with your comment 100%.
Si Hopebgood
Si Hopebgood Aylar önce
Our British government can be as corrupt as hell but bonkers Englishmen like James May can still make me smile 😀 See?
Mine craft
Mine craft Aylar önce
I honestly love how passionate James always gets. Having someone who is this invested as a presenter makes the whole thing so enjoyable to watch.
jimkonst Aylar önce
@FOOL ON THE HILL Plus, he really had skin in the game!
Plus he's a PILOT so he knows his sheeeit..
Avery the Cuban-American
Not everyone likes the trio, but such genuine enthusiasm from James cannot be faked. A superb effort and fantastic aerial filming. Wonderful! The spirit of wonder, childhood dreams realized as an adult, and waking that from all of us as we watch is infectious. Believe it or not, back in August 2003, a model aircraft actually made a Transatlantic crossing! Called TAM-5 or The Spirit of Butts' Farm, it flew from Cape Spear in Newfoundland to Clifden, Ireland in 38 hours, 52 minutes, and 19 seconds! The aircraft was built by a team led by Maynard Hill, a retired metallurgist. Before this feat, Hill had previously set 25 model airplane records and was inducted into the Model Aviation Hall of Fame in 1977. Simply put, anything is possible if you still believe!
Bon Bin
Bon Bin Aylar önce
I swear you are everywhere
bmused55 Aylar önce
The most mind blowing part about this was the paper aircraft and darts found in the old school. The one James May found and flew had been sat there for at least 100 years, flown by a child long since dead and he casually flies it again. Just think about that for a moment. It had the same design we ourselves used. Decades before planes would look anything remotely like that. Potentially even a century or more. What a mind blowing moment.
about the metal
about the metal Aylar önce
@Dirk Van Dijk Love the reply .
Jon Rudolf
Jon Rudolf Aylar önce
@Austin528 gum.
Lamster 66
Lamster 66 Aylar önce
@James Sveinsson It's "OUR" designs. If you want your mind blow Read te previous comments!
James Sveinsson
James Sveinsson Aylar önce
That absolutely blew my mind as a child in third grade making paper airplanes are designs haven’t changed at all and that just blew by bite also that The paper dart plane was Decades ahead of its time
Lamster 66
Lamster 66 Aylar önce
@Dirk Van Dijk Summer child? No, more like born at the end of January
GRAHAMAUS Aylar önce
@2:50 G-WACG, the plane I went solo in, about 24 years ago! A little later, I flew the channel in a slightly bigger Cessna, and while uneventful, it certainly made me appreciate the bravery of Bleriot and other early pioneers. This is almost the perfect TV show, for me. Please make more James!
Jastor Aylar önce
This has to be one of the most beautiful, heartwarming, and inspiring films I've ever seen. Hats off to everyone who had a hand in making the record attempt possible, and the creators who produced this wonderful story!
smidsyonfire Aylar önce
That is not a toy glider... That is a piece of aviation history. Respect! Next step is to fit it with a prop and paint it with PV paint. Over to you James for another first...!
thejudgemeister Aylar önce
This was just so cool to watch. It looked so beautiful in flight. Imagine how much further it could've gone had it not needed to set down on land. :)
Simon Reeves
Simon Reeves Aylar önce
It's great to see the nostalgia that James May's show brings back to viewers of similar ages who also played with similar toys. The episode is enjoyed by many, particularly the Meccano bike.
Oh yeah manccano loved that and brings up a lot ofgood memories..
Grenadeo 2 aylar önce
james may really is just a big child. he embodies what all want to be, younger again. even though this was a full decade ago, and he’s older, more dulled down, it’s amazing to see a time where he was accomplishing what every young kid wanted to do, and i think everyone can smile at a grown man, being excited about an oversized children’s toy.
Muhammad Giri
Muhammad Giri Aylar önce
Goddam it is a decade ago, geez time really flies like the Swallow
Jere Lull
Jere Lull Aylar önce
As friends of mine maintain:"It's never too late to have a happy childhood."😇
MawTrust Aylar önce
we all are big children
Ivan Březina
Ivan Březina Aylar önce
Why should someone give up his dreams? Sometimes you need master degree in mechanical engineering to fulfill your child dreams.
noisefuljoy Aylar önce
To be able to recapture exquisite joy as in youth is a rare thing. I last felt it as I rode my new motorcycle home. I certainly did share in his joy, seeing the beauty of a boy's dream in flight.
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un Aylar önce
In my teens I attended a plane modeling club where we built balsa wood models ourselves, from scratch. And I do mean from scratch because every bit, maybe apart from the fuselage we had to sand down to proper size, dimensions. Build wings etc. from that. Then cover them with special fabric. And those models weren't only for show. We attended and competed in events across the country on old airfield hauling the models up in the air, letting go of the line at a specific moment and then the judges would count the time it stayed in the air. Great memories and that show brought it all back. Thanks! As the Supreme Leader, thankful you said, “This is so British!” That’s exactly what I was thinking. Then, somehow, the uncooperative French made this video even MORE British! 😂😂😂 “Liberté! Fraternité! Absurdité!”
SamM6945 Aylar önce
i watched this ten years ago when it was first shown, and found myself, once again, lumpy-throated and utterly joyful. It was the 'victory laps' that ultimately got me. Wonderful, wonderful television, and bravo to the producers for, presumably, greenlighting a budget-exploding gamble so that last flight was possible. i can't wait to show this episode to my infant son one day.
the craptain
the craptain Aylar önce
i can just tell you are good people. i too hope to show my young daughter such wholesome things one day.
silentsushix3 Aylar önce
I will never get tired of seeing how excited James get's when things go correctly, like when the test plane drops successfully.
SomeUserInternet Aylar önce
Absolutely beautiful. A dream of any child 10 to 100 years old :) Also - if you never been on a glider - do it! It is amazing being in the sky without any noise.
It's on my bucket list just done a tandem skydive and it was a experience I'll never ever forget..
JW Smythe
JW Smythe Aylar önce
That was an awesome video. It really got me invested. I'm so glad you were able to do the final flight, that really was beautiful. I generally prefer aircraft that have their own thrust, but that was really beautiful. The church find was really amazing. I just assumed that the paper airplane design was made by children mimicking aircraft. I never imagined that it was the other way around. I guess there's just something embedded in humans, that lets us see how to do particular things. Instinctual things making us want to fly.
Michael McLaren
Michael McLaren Aylar önce
This is my favorite video he’s ever done - because he made every little/grown boy who’s ever made a model plane (or flown RC) come true. Ticked every box.❤
Felice Aylar önce
Some girls, too. :P
jupitorman Aylar önce
I had a glider and one day found an autopilot on eBay for rc glider so we set it up got the glider realy high then turned the rc radio off and watched the glider fly on its own it was mindblowing it went out of sight to my horror but a few seconds later it flew over me circled then landed great memories
Rockin' Rocketman
Rockin' Rocketman Aylar önce
You said it dude
salemcripple Aylar önce
I love how the "cool guy" helicopter pilot even was rooting for it. You know damn well he had the same dream we all did as kids.
Jasper Aylar önce
@plamenpeychev as is customary in the UK. They use a hybrid method of metric and Imperial. It’s odd, but most men of James’ age will still measure in imperial.
ShiftedGames Aylar önce
An honest, fun and great feat of engineering - Well done boys! I'm sure all involved were just as thrilled! Great maiden flight!
Dandahermit Seals
Dandahermit Seals Aylar önce
I'm so glad I didn't go back outside when it hit the water. I downloaded. On a bleak depressing day I'm so glad I stumbled onto this presentation. Thank you all everyone for your shared adventure and kudos for the chopper guys for managing to return to git it done next day. I was interested then intent then nervous and finally elated. Great job all you guys. You really made my day. Have a good life Kudos from a dreary snow bound day up in the Washington state mountains. Dandahermit
Gordon Kachuk
Gordon Kachuk Aylar önce
Fantastic. As an ex Multi-IFR aviator I almost got a bit teary eyed. Well done James and crew.
Gordon Kachuk
Gordon Kachuk Aylar önce
@Jere Lull Thank you Jere, I do believe you are right. I'm 72 now and kinda stopped flying after I sold my Cessna 310., due to a move from Belgium to Canada's West coast. Thought of a floatplane but that never materialized. Although I am almost about 20 years out of it I could still easily pass my medical (daily 5km runner), I should perhaps take your advice and drop the "ex".
Jere Lull
Jere Lull Aylar önce
Hey, I sympathize: You're a Multi-IFR aviator who just hasn't exercised that license lately. I'm about 40 years out of bi-annual medical or flight currency, but still am a pilot at heart.
jim Parr
jim Parr Aylar önce
Seemingly trivial, (and costly) - but such a GREAT achievement. I loved this video. Also much of the photography both of the aircraft and from the aircraft was beautifully compiled. And yes - for those of us who have echoed J.M.'s boyhood pleasures and dreams, you have encapsulated a few joyfully reminiscent moments, around the globe, for your like-minded brethren. WELL DONE TEAM!
Jagath Jayasekera
Jagath Jayasekera Aylar önce
This video took me back to my childhood memories and I watched the full video like a kid hanging on to a chocolate bar. I watched James May go on a U2 spy plane and that was thrilling to watch. But when I watch this video, the U2 spy plane became a toy and this glider became a hero! Thanks so much for creating such an inspiring video!
JU5TINPDX 2 aylar önce
4:13 😂 the sound of the helicopter crashing into the hangar as James turns and walks away had me laughing for a solid 2 minutes 😂 the fact that is was off screen, and unacknowledged by James, made it even funnier…
Kevin Prior
Kevin Prior Aylar önce
I wonder if the remote controlled plane was the same one Richard Hammond used in planning the Reliant Robin Rocket Launch.
Friday Californiaa
Friday Californiaa Aylar önce
NGL, I almost cried in laughter too 😂😂
BladeScraper Aylar önce
@Sam Holdsworth Neither of those were really toys. First was a Blade 120SR, which while old is a hobby grade model from Blade/Horizon Hobby, and the plane was a Parkzone Ultra Micro J-3 Cub, also a hobby grade micro RC. The radio was a (also old) E-Flite DSM radio, and certainly can connect to both of those DSM models and actually came with the Ready to Fly combos for both of them. Funnily I actually had both of those models myself back when I first got into RC in 2011-2012. If you scroll back far enough you can see the 120SR in the first video I ever posted on TRvid.
Sam Holdsworth
Sam Holdsworth Aylar önce
@Jimmy Whitlow yeah, but not these toys 😂 I am very well-versed with building RC aircraft. And anyone who is would know that you couldn't fly two toy RC with one toy RC controller...just saying
Jimmy Whitlow
Jimmy Whitlow Aylar önce
@Sam Holdsworth you can program controllers to operate many rc craft or vehicles.
noist30 Aylar önce
The combination of the music, the clear skies, the toy glider gliding and Tom saying so cool at 51:56 made me cry for the first time in a long time, leaving me wondering if there is anything I'm doing wrong with my life.
noist30 4 gün önce
@DirtySleazy huehue
DirtySleazy 8 gün önce
Noist? More like moist!
Me Not U
Me Not U 7 gün önce
WOW! Simply loved it! As a modeler myself this was monumental, and I am glad you were able to get that second chance. Life is full of surprises and you sir have made a big one!!! Thank you.
Chow_Hound Aylar önce
I am so impressed. Totally riveting and exciting. Cheering from desk as it flew. Awesome how everyone comes together again to pull off an incredible feat.
Christian Boerner
Christian Boerner Aylar önce
A fantastic idea in this time where not everything is peaceful that comes from the sky. Anyone could have had this idea, but you guys rocked it. Awesome. I think the idea is what makes this video great, but also the professional execution and enthusiasm of all the people are involved. I didn't skip anything in the video, because every moment is a delight. Too bad the French didn't play along. Thanks guys, for this brilliant video, you deserve an award. ...Christian / Berlin
joanna knowles
joanna knowles Aylar önce
That is an amazing achivement 😮 People may say its a toy, But for those of us who fly model aircraft, that was briliant!!
Rob Ashton
Rob Ashton 2 aylar önce
What an utterly utterly wonderful programme. I'm sitting here both crying and cheering with joy at the same time. We are all big kids at heart. Look at that glider go! Go on glider, you can do it.....
Jere Lull
Jere Lull Aylar önce
The little glider that could -- and DID
Rob Ashton
Rob Ashton Aylar önce
@Sian Warwick definitely
Victory Works
Victory Works Aylar önce
Completely, I found myself really emotional as the failure of the cloudy day turned into a second attempt with clear skies.. not something I was expecting
Sian Warwick
Sian Warwick Aylar önce
The shots of the glider just flying on its lonesome over the water are wonderful. That is some good good shooting and editing
Joe 27 gün önce
Seeing James's inner child spark was beautiful, the sheer passion from himself and those involved and the music, the journey was all just incredible and emotional to watch, I felt like part of it, thank you team.
HB9HAL Aylar önce
Congratulations to you and your team behind to do this outstanding effort. The Idea to release the glider with a Helicopter is simply brilliant!👍
khor11 Aylar önce
Hands down my favourite video from "Toy stories" and one of the best videos I've ever seen. Educational, inspiring and fun. Well done Mr. May! Superb job!
SirLorcha Aylar önce
This is absolutely spectacular! Way much better than the Baumgartner space jump. Kudos to all who made this wonderful experience. 👍
Frerk Meyer
Frerk Meyer Aylar önce
I built a balsa glider myself when I was 12. After weeks of building and painting I trough it in the air and it crashed badly. I never built another one. So, thank you for this video. I was with you the whole time.
SadSky TristeCiel
SadSky TristeCiel 2 aylar önce
This was a dream to watch. So much dedication and ingenuity. Congratulations to all the team. Wonderful.
Atheist Orphan
Atheist Orphan Aylar önce
@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ - No.
leighton westbury
leighton westbury Aylar önce
@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ And the need or context of your comment here, was of no relevance
TermlessGHM 2 aylar önce
In my teens I attended a plane modeling club where we built balsa wood models ourselves, from scratch. And I do mean from scratch because every bit, maybe apart from the fuselage we had to sand down to proper size, dimensions. Build wings etc from that. Then cover them with special fabric. And those models weren't only for show. We attended and competed in events across the country on old airfield hauling the models up in the air, letting go of the line at a specific moment and then the judges would count the time it stayed in the air. Great memories and that show brought it all back. Thanks👍
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭19‬:‭14‬ ‭NIV‬‬ h
Cromagen Aylar önce
Crazy how beautiful I found this, fantastic film work, and great engineering effort from everyone! This was a great watch!
Idai Makaya Publications
This is the type of TV programme we need to see more of. There's currently too much garbage on TV because it's a quantity over quality game. And of the ex Top Gear trio, James by far does the best solo programmes and TRvid videos. Always authentic.
Vincent Riebroek
Vincent Riebroek Aylar önce
This video put a huge smile on my face, it is indeed exactly the thing every young child thinks about when making your first model plane
DJMovit Aylar önce
This was fun to watch! Brought back those days of those toy planes. Awesome! Thanks for the great memories and great project.
bluesimon13ify Aylar önce
That was fantastic, you couldn't do anything more rewarding, well done to everybody involved
RoboDad_ 2 aylar önce
This is the British spirit so many have lost over the years. Amazing to see it coming back
B-A-L Aylar önce
@Stu b The only French spirit that exists is Cognac!
Epic Aylar önce
@Rob Ashton but it does nullify the "see it coming back" of the original comment.
Stu b
Stu b Aylar önce
And that was the French spirit, still in tact.
Rob Ashton
Rob Ashton Aylar önce
@Epic that doesn't matter! It's still just so brilliant!
Epic Aylar önce
This episode is over a decade old.
Hendrik de Bruin
Hendrik de Bruin Aylar önce
At last - James has grown up. It is about time. Kudos to the build team. May they prosper in their chosen field and reach great heights. We need all the young people like these we can get to ensure the ongoing survival of society.
Mike Brannon
Mike Brannon 19 gün önce
Maybe my 2 favorite things on this are: the prototype got its own flight on the test of the "coffin" and did beautifully (almost flying back to their feet) and the pilot Tom's honest reactions when he was tracking and releasing the glider. We all turned back into little boys throughout this episode. Thank you.
NorthPaul Aylar önce
There are very few people making 1 hour videos like this. There are even fewer people that can hold my attention on a video like this for more than 10-15. But James May is one of those very rare people. I don´t even really care about model planes, but somehow he keeps me entertained and my interest peaked all the way through.
xav8orx Aylar önce
This was a fantastic watch! Very uplifting bright spot and a real triumph! Thank you for creating and sharing something like this that we can all, at least vicariously, experience the joy, wonder and thrill of well earned accomplishment. I'm really grateful to have borne witness and been on the journey!
Deebemc Aylar önce
Could not imagine Clarkson having the patience, or let’s face it, the technical ability to present this. Well done, Mr May…..and technical team.
Cristi Neagu
Cristi Neagu 2 aylar önce
It's heart-warming to see James' genuine delight with all these old toys, things that children these days don't care about. I think I'd have a lot of things to talk about with Mr. May, even though there's quite a few decades between us.
Jim Startup
Jim Startup Aylar önce
@fraggsta yeah but a plane can be a toy, a car can be a toy etc
fraggsta Aylar önce
@Jim Startup Whatever its purpose was, it has wings, it flies. It' s a plane.
Jim Startup
Jim Startup Aylar önce
@fraggsta did it serve any purpose other than for a bit of fun? Sure it might be advanced, but it's a toy all the same.. adults can have toys too you know! 😉
Sian Warwick
Sian Warwick Aylar önce
@Formes bordem?
Sian Warwick
Sian Warwick Aylar önce
@beebo my Dad took my brother and I to see Gliders in flight. They were stunning. Agree that if you want to see how the magic works, you have to see the full-size gliders in flight
Mirko Milic
Mirko Milic Aylar önce
Great , just beautiful to se James and crew doing this things about flight . Childhood dreams and innovation all together.
Seek Truth
Seek Truth Aylar önce
Powered flight, gliders, flying models always makes my heart beat faster. Thanks for the video!
Francisco André Gonçalves
So many like me who see all the dreams we had in childhood. So emotional! Tears in my face... James represents so well those emotions and feeling from those who know what pionneerism and aviation is all about. That planes from children made back 150 years ago. Man! Shivers... This video is amazing. One of best things I have seen so far...
DG3ACM Aylar önce
A M A Z I N G! Big thanks for one hour with a big smile on my face to you and your great team!
Lukas Raath
Lukas Raath Aylar önce
Wow guys. What a film. I actually applauded when it landed! It's not just a toy glider! It's victory!
My Orchestral Journey
My Orchestral Journey 2 aylar önce
Been a real 'fan' of Captain Slow for ... well damn, decades, at this point. One of the smartest and most 'interesting' of all the Top Gear/The Grand Tour presenters. His choice of 'off season' shows, has always been very watchable, informative and fun. I hope he bounces back once again after Jeremy (once again) kills off yet another top/popular series.
Minecraft God
Minecraft God Aylar önce
@RocketVlogs well, obviously, if he was a well-known known celebrity with a huge voice, then no one would care as much 😂 that's obvious. Amazon is looking at it from a business perspective, and Jeremy's of the cusp remarks can be extremely damaging to the shows and how people view amazon. Some may view amazon as in support of what Jeremy said if they had not acted. Any time someone has a large platform, it is obvious that their voice will be heard more and, therefore, silenced more. This is just logical.
leeedsonetwo Aylar önce
@Rocket Vlogs I think most sane people would have had a problem with it.
Kevin Prior
Kevin Prior Aylar önce
Jim Startup
Jim Startup Aylar önce
@steamsearcher indeed.. but so did Brexit. In the end it's quite apparent Jeremy is a bit of an arse. Sure he can be funny but he tries sooo hard to be. His humour is still very much at a schoolyard level
Sian Warwick
Sian Warwick Aylar önce
@robducky they are going to dump the Farm series? It's probably ready to air. Going on air Feb 10
Abid Ali
Abid Ali Aylar önce
Patience suspense,Thrill, A flight full of fantasy i enjoyed every moment of this video Hats off to you James A New World Record 👍👍👍❤️❤️
Twelve Wing Productions
A wonderful piece of engineering for those students as well. The guidance system worked wonderfully. Well done all!
Robert Hatfull
Robert Hatfull Aylar önce
What an awesome feat of model aviation and james mays kidlike wonder makes it totaly watchable and somehow magical 🤘
Spotty Aylar önce
I loved his bit of commentary about being a kid at the top of a very tall hill because it's so relatable. I loved riding down the biggest hill when I was a kid with my sister and friends and you always wanted one just a little taller.
m16owner Aylar önce
Amazing video, and even though none of my finger bits were stuck to that glider, i got quite emotional too when i saw it soar gracefully over that island. Thank you mr. May
David Gibbings
David Gibbings Aylar önce
Can you imagine clarkson and Hammond achieving this , I don’t think so , may has always been in my book thee intellectual one ❤
UK Dash Cam'z
UK Dash Cam'z 16 gün önce
To be fair clarksons farm show is extremely educational as well and fun, they were still the best team together.
Tr4newreck Aylar önce
clarkson and hammond would of done it in half the time, and be far more entertaining, while doing it...failure or otherwise
Jere Lull
Jere Lull Aylar önce
True, but he tends to overthink things, which is part of the gag.
Nige O' Blisco
Nige O' Blisco Aylar önce
An incredible achievement. Well done everyone involved.
Zytronium Aylar önce
Your RC helicopter at 4:08 reminded me of how I got into aviation in the first place. My first RC aircraft looks a lot like that toy helicopter. It worked for a few weeks and then the motor overheated :( It was so fun while it lasted. Then A while later I got a small (like size of your hand small) RC plane, but it worked better as a glider, especially once one of the microscopic motors gave out. Then I got a bit larger plane (a little bigger than your red piper) and it crashed into a few trees before the elevator rod fell out, making it impossible to control pitch, and therefore couldn't fly, but it lasted much MUCH longer and I'd buy it again if it wasn't for the next one I got. So far, these were all just actual toy aircraft that could fly in your back yard and only in less than 5 mph wind, but then I got an actual large RC trainer plane that hobbyists like me fly. Takes up the entire trunk of the car on the way to the airfield that you legally have to fly at. (well, almost. There's lots of legal restrictions on where it can fly and stuff, like not around crowded areas or above 400 ft or in airspace around airports, etc.) Now I'm on my way to getting a pilots license eventually.
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un Aylar önce
I'm not even British and even I knew about the White Cliffs of Dover! For those wondering, the cliffs are white because they're made of chalk. Chalk is made of the remains of coccoliths. These tiny planktonic green algae once floated in the sea. How did the cliffs form? The White Cliffs date back over 136 million years, having formed during the Cretaceous period in the Mesozoic era. When the algae I mentioned died, their remains sank to the bottom of the ocean where it combined with the remains of other creatures. Over millions of years, the seabed became exposed and is now above sea level, forming the White Cliffs of Dover you see today. Such an iconic natural wonder that I hope to visit one day
Edz 7 gün önce
acshually it is the remains of seagulldroppings that make up the contents of the cliff
DirtySleazy 8 gün önce
Do you even leave your country?
Leo Biebuyck
Leo Biebuyck Aylar önce
So uplifiting. Really keeps the dreams alive. Thank you James and all of the production team.
The thing that amazes me the most about flight is that something like a hang glider is literally 4 long poles, a bit of rope and some canvas and yet this simple arrangement eluded early pioneers for centuries.
TwoSquids 2 aylar önce
How happy the helicopter pilot is getting to do this really makes me happy
He looks like he's just turned 16yo..
TermlessGHM 2 aylar önce
I think he was the spotter, not the actual pilot but nevertheless his excitement was clearly visible.
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭19‬:‭14‬ ‭NIV‬‬ ht
Salve Legio
Salve Legio Aylar önce
This is an amazing achievement!!! Love to J and to the lads.
lameandboard Aylar önce
I always enjoy watching you fly... most people don't say anything and just enjoy watching. I never commented before, keep it up your entertaining and your flying speaks for itself.
Cara Moore
Cara Moore Aylar önce
I loved rubber and then nitro powered Guillows kits...I did not expect to see a hundred year old paper airplane fly...again. Fantastic production.
LA X Aylar önce
Really enjoyed that, well done James and team, excellent viewing, excellent achievement.
Senator Joseph McCarthy
Thank you for airing this marvelous adventure and record 🏆 setting flight success. Congratulations to you all.
Krimke 2 aylar önce
for once, a re-publising on another channel, doesn't mess up the audio. Absolutely perfect guys!
Apenza Aylar önce
As gliders rely on thermals to keep altitude I wonder if the glider can be fitted with sensors to detect the thermals, fly into them to gain height and then continue on to the destination.
boiledelephant Aylar önce
I imagine the problem there would be control - once you get into a thermal you have to do some rather measured and skilled corkscrewing to gain height, which relies a lot on feel. You could probably program a flight controller to do it, but it'd be a heck of a piece of software.
Scott Craven
Scott Craven Aylar önce
Bravo! An uplifting (pun intended) story w a good ending! Well done James May....anyone that has even built a balsa plane before understands your excitement! This would have been a great high school science project.
computerjantje Aylar önce
Fantastic video. Gives so many positive feelings. The narration is also so good. The Idea, the comments, the fun the helicopter pilot is having, the build up of the video, the music., it is all a perfect match and perfect editing. I LOVE IT ALL. Thank you all for the hard work to create this.
James Wingrove
James Wingrove Aylar önce
I’m actually staggered. And also found myself willing the glider on. I couldn’t help but smile when it made it to Lundy. Fantastic.
Oliver Hooper
Oliver Hooper 11 gün önce
33:22 "it's just remarkable, I thought I'd rang up the telly" How James goes about phrasing certain things gets me every time
B Aylar önce
The thing that changed my rc plane experience over the years more than anything else is ammonia. Yes the chemical that burns your nose. With a little bit of ammonia you can warp, twist ,bend balsa into any shape you want without it snapping. It's like magic. The number of designs I could never make without adding glue weight jumped by multiple orders of magnitude after discovering that one thing.
B Aylar önce
@Potvin Suks well window cleaner works.
stanhauser Aylar önce
Hot water does the trick too
Potvin Suks
Potvin Suks Aylar önce
This is VERY intriguimg to me as, someone who hasn't built an RC Plane for a few decades but have been thinking to get back in. What percentage of Ammonia are we talking about? Like, Windex amount (3-4%) or Jewelers Ammonia (25-28%)? Very interesting, thanks!
Ron Hardie
Ron Hardie Aylar önce
This is a cracking video and well done James and the crew ,what an achievement !!love seeing the enthusiasm of the Brunel guys and it just shows despite the underfunding of aviation that innovation is still alive and well ,great job !!
Alistair Clark RC Slope Gliders
Could have done some slope soaring above those cliffs before landing, could have extended the distance flown by who knows. 😉 Regardless this is an awesome video, a fantastic idea and execution!
Andrei Toma
Andrei Toma Aylar önce
aviation has no boundaries. well done James.
Paul Duker Jr.
Paul Duker Jr. Aylar önce
I wish my grandfather could see this! He grew up building his own RC airplanes in Indiana, USA back in the 1940s. We have a very cool news paper clipping from his local town showing him, at 14, holding a flying saucer RC plane that he built and which had been spotted by the people in town who of course freaked out, took photos, and even got the local police to chase and monitor it. Imagine their surprise when the saucer lands like a normal airplane (because it basically is) and a 14 year old boy with some radio equipment is the "alien pilot" who was flying it!
Andrew Ince
Andrew Ince Aylar önce
My grandfather used to build, fly and absolutely obliterated model aircraft. The excitement of watching that glider clear over 35km and land safely reminds me of the excitement I used to feel taking model planes up to Westbury and Heddington to fly them and occasionally get involved in a demolition Derby dogfight. Just a shame we never made the machine guns a reality (he even had an airsoft gun he planned to modify before he died, absolute madman).
iTeerRex 2 aylar önce
It wasn’t to France, across the channel, but what an awesome record breaking maiden voyage, ending with the emotional words of James May 🍻
iTeerRex Aylar önce
@chibani Often when we say such things, we’re not talking about the good people of the country.
lass kinn
lass kinn Aylar önce
@Sian Warwick he could get a guinness placard already for this if he just paid them to accept the made up category as externally verified. a lot of the records on guinness are like that now, single entry category purely novelty records that you can't try to break. see "business marketing solutions" on their site.
Sian Warwick
Sian Warwick Aylar önce
Oh he could fo it again maybe, and get it in the Guinness Book for fun
lass kinn
lass kinn Aylar önce
@Grey Hunter the "record" exists in the episode for the drama story arc to have some stakes and odds in it, but they change the odds like 5 times.
Vegatermik Aylar önce
Who said that age of the exsentrics has over? The same emotions accompanied me when I watched a film dedicated to the first rises of the creators of the British Solar One...solar powered glider. The situation presented here is also unique especially for lovers of modeling!
Cambone13 Aylar önce
11:37 im seriously impressed how well it flew
Peter Harold Janak Jr
That was just bloody cool! A boys dream realized. I found they 100-150 year old delta wing paper airplane absolutely astonishing! sometimes wish I was born with a british accent. Always fantastic for story telling.
Curundu Aylar önce
Second time watching and it hit home this time. Such a good job done my May and crew.
James M
James M Aylar önce
Loved this. The spirit of flight is alive and well.
Sek101 2 aylar önce
James May's passion for flight is palpable!
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Jayden Lawson
Jayden Lawson Aylar önce
40:38 it's impressive how quickly that plane stabilised
kh40yr Aylar önce
The Boeing Museum of Flight in Seattle, Wa has a hobby scale model that flew across the Atlantic by itself. I can't remember the exact specifics, but I believe it was one of the first flights guided by GPS completely.
Neo Aylar önce
LMFAO...this is just brilliant!! There is only one person on this planet who can make films like these,. Cheers to you James May :)
Deplorable Dave
Deplorable Dave Aylar önce
I see a TOTALLY new side of James May when he is on his own. I LOVE his videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whit Wilson
Whit Wilson Aylar önce
Congrats to James and the Team. Awesome accomplishment! Now, fresh paint, a new "pilot," and an anonymous trip to Calais!!! Cheers from Texas.
Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов 2 aylar önce
This was amazing to watch. The whole crew did great job. The episode is such a great thing to watch, especially when you used to build and make planes with someone, you loved so much and you miss so much these days. Thanks James!
ajl9791 Aylar önce
That’s amazing… I love this , thanks for the ride James
CallMeNanta Aylar önce
Man even tho I’m only 19 years old but I used to build gliders and rubber band powered gliders a lot. When he talked about how he felt when his plane glide majestically through the air, I felt that too. I miss the days when I wasn’t busy with the university all the time. Seeing his plane made me miss my old planes so so much. Good old james may. Love this man so much.
Bass Ops
Bass Ops Aylar önce
Awesome video! You took me back to being a kid again and my fascination with flight and RC Aircraft.
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