Can the Tracked Raptor Survive the Sahara Desert? (It Failed)

Westen Champlin
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Can the Tracked Raptor Survive the Sahara Desert? ( It Failed)
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21 Oca 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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LunarOutlaw’s Garage
Oh man 2 this week your spoiling us 🤙
Zancrus Yıl önce
I feel like traveling with Westen must make his friends go "Hell yeah this is gonna be fun......Until he breaks something and we have to fix it in the dark in the middle of nowhere."
The Wheel Dave
The Wheel Dave Yıl önce
That was epic. I love how nothing scares you. Most people wouldn’t think of even giving that a go. Thank you for sharing your adventures. Peace
Thomas Bailey
Thomas Bailey Yıl önce
Westen is just a big kid playing with his new toy in the sandbox! So much fun watching him!
slowride55 Yıl önce
Matt’s Off-road Recovery: “So we got a call....”
OntarioRedneXXX Yıl önce
Must be so cool to be a TRvid, you go out, have fun, break stuff, and thats ok, because it makes good content that’s likely to pay for the damage and then some. I always love seeing a Westin video pop up, you’re a riot dude
Alex Gaugh
Alex Gaugh Yıl önce
Is a tracked raptor technically a “tracktor”?
Maryann Naczi
Maryann Naczi Yıl önce
Always an adventure with you guys. Never knew we had a Little Sahara here. Interesting that the sand is cold. Great editing. Keep up the great videos. Love ya. God Bless.
Yippee Skippy
Yippee Skippy Yıl önce
Speed limit on those tracks is 40 mph. I wonder if exceeding that has revealed a weakness in the driver side front track's adjustment?
Rayzor28 Yıl önce
Congrats on 1M subs Westen. I've been watching your videos for a while now and your content has come a long way. The smoke Stang came out badass.
Ghost 533
Ghost 533 Yıl önce
Maybe this is bad but these videos are so much more fun when things go wrong and y’all have to fix on the fly. Keep up the great work guys.
B Martin
B Martin Yıl önce
Awesome video young man, your content is always amazing. I love all these projects you built.
Newporg Yıl önce
I was not expecting the rzr damage... that really made me laugh.
Someone is gonna get a nice gently “used” raptor soon
Thunder Owl
Thunder Owl Yıl önce
This seems like it would have been a great opportunity to take Big Blue on a road trip unless I missed something.
Kyle’s junk and projects
Westen always has the most fun and the best attitude!
Delta049 Yıl önce
This man is gonna walk into a Ford dealer on Monday with a Raptor on tracks, then on Tuesday he's gonna walk in with a Mustang with a Cummins.
OJ Yıl önce
Felt bad for ya when the track came off you looked kinda depressed Westin, but great job for getting it fixed out there!!!
redbuick Yıl önce
The tracks are cool and unusual. I miss the tires. But it's absolutely an awesome project.
Road 9Ten
Road 9Ten Yıl önce
That’s pretty much the way every trip to the dunes goes. Something breaks half way through your fun. It is a blast breaking stuff there though!!
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